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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 18, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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how long it sticks around coming up. this individual knew the people that he wanted to go shoot this wasn't a random act of violence where person went out indiscriminately and shooting people up. >> reporter: shooting spree spanning two states, three murdered in maryland, two others wounded, another man shot in wilmington. tonight the manhunt is on for the suspect gunman. police say that the suspect might be anywhere, and they are searching, right here in our area good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer, jessica dean is on assignment. here's what we necessity right now in maryland gunman showed up for work at advanced granite solutions and opened fire on co-workers, shooting five people, of them were killed, two remain in critical condition. police say suspect then went to wilmington for a second targeted shooting and there police say suspect shot a man multiple times.
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"eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is tracking developments and joins us from the police department in wilmington with the very latest, joe. >> reporter: nicole, ukee, good evening. every once in a while wilmington police pull out of here, lights, sirens on. this place tonight is on high alert as for good reason. stern warning coming from the chief of police, just two hours ago, anybody out there who may be assisting this suspected killer, should think twice. armed, dangerous and desperate , radee prince tracked down his victims police say each was targeted by the 37 year-old. carnage began this morning outside baltimore at a counter business. five were shot three killed. his movements took him north to this wilmington business where another man was shot, same gun believed to be behind those shootings. >> these were targeted shootings where for whatever reason this person his mote turf shoot these individual
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including the person where he drove up to 28th at northeast boulevard and shot that victim they have a past history together. >> reporter: police briefly chased prince before he got away. he was last seen at 30th and market streets in wilmington, close friends of the man shot in the 2800 block of northeastern boulevard where distraught with word of the shooting. he is expected to survive. >> he is going in to surgery. he told the daughter that he love her. >> reporter: police have since gone on high alert, schools, locked down out of precaution, police have searched and cleared homes. investigators have spent much of the day tracking down old relationships and following lead. >> i do know that the individual he shot at 28th and northeast boulevard, they have a past history together and they have had beefs, and they have had history together. >> reporter: right now police are also trying to figure out if anybody else could be in
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this guy's so-called line of fire. they are going through ballistics trying to match the weapon, believed to be behind the shooting here in wilmington to the same weapon believed to be responsible for the shooting in maryland. once again this man considered armed, dangerous, and desperate, and warnings about be on the look out of stretched north into pennsylvania, police asking people to keep their eyes opened for this man. if they see anything suspicious and they recognize that photo to call 911. that is very latest from wilmington delaware, i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, thank you. pennsylvania judge rejected jerry sandusky's appeal for a new trial on child sex abuse charges. in a 60 page ruling the judge set a bulk of sandusky's claims lack merit and upheld his 2012 conviction. former penn state assistant football coach argued did he not get adequate representation during his trial. despite legal setbacks sandusky's lawyer says he will
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continue to fight for his client's freedom. >> we're in it for as long as it will take, we will scrap and we will keep scrapping until we get what we need and we think ultimately we will prevail because what happened here was too wrong. just too wrong. >> sandusky's currently serving 30 to 60 year sentence he has 30 days to appeal a judge's decision to superior court. coatsville area school district in chester county is investigating a picture of possible coatsville high school students posing behind pumpkins with hateful symbols, carved into them. this is a picture posted on social media that sparked outrage, swastika and letters kkk were carved into two of the pumpkins. district says students in the photo may face disciplinary action even though it appears to have been taken outside of school hours, and not on school property. the school superintendent released a statement that read in part we are extremely disappointed that any of our students would display this kind of hatred and vial bear behavior, it is rip
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prehensible and intolerable and this causes deep sadness and concern. installation of security cameras is underway on philadelphia's schuylkill river trail. "eyewitness news" was on hand near locust street entrance as first of some 21 cameras was put into place. cameras will cover eight entrances from arch street to just north of the south street bridge. >> we know we will not eliminate, right, all sorts of crime along the trail but this is a step in the right direction because no incidents should be taking place on the trail at all. >> cameras are being installed at a cost of $150,000. philadelphia raised the bar and set attendance record but nfl draft will not be returning to the city next year. instead the event is headed to dallas. "eyewitness news" reporter henry rossoff joins us from art museum. eagles made a strong bid but it was not enough, um. >> reporter: it is really disappointed we won't see stage here next april like we did this past april a big blow
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to fans and city leaders because we put on such a good show this pennsylvania year. >> no way i thought they were coming back next year. >> reporter: frustrating draft news echoed through the philadelphia sports community this afternoon. >> i think to take it away from frustrates is partially insulting and slightly embarrassing that they would do that. >> reporter: most thought after last april's party on the parkway with a quarter million fans celebrating the nfl draft outdoors for the first time that philly earned an encore, instead, dallas was selected for 2018 draft as owners meeting is today that sucks. >> that makes it worse, extra slap in the face. >> better here in philly. >> reporter: nfl says it hopes to bring draft to new and different places in the years ahead but chicago got two years in a row before philly. >> i think we should have had another chance. >> reporter: city leaders say they are disappoint budd not discouraged. >> city of philadelphia is the great is city in america and obviously we were the best host when we held the draft.
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we did a great fantastic job. we missed out this year. my encouragement will be to the administration let's try it again. >> reporter: let's in the forget about the economic loss here, the visitors boro estimates that philadelphia made 95 million-dollar because of the draft was here last year, that is money that we will in the see in the cough ers next year. i have live, i'm henley ross off for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we had a great time, good luck. and, well, eagles defensive end chris long has been putting in work on the field, lately. >> but it is his team off the field that has been making headlines this year. the three two-year old announced he will donate his checks from the final 10 games of the season to education fund nothing philadelphia, boston and st. louis. long said he wanted to give back to the cities that have given him the opportunity to play football. >> you know, it is kind of fun , i always wanted to play for a bigger purpose then just money, and what not. so i'm in my tenth year would
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i make this year more meaningful for myself and hopefully for others, you know , don't get me wrong, i am really excited to see some of the change that we can impact but at the end of the day, i wanted to play for something a little bit bigger then just football or money good stuff. >> long previously donated his first six checks for scholarship fund nothing his hometown of charlottesville, following the violence there in august. so that means he is playing for the bird this year, for free. >> nicely done big fella. >> nicely done. >> yes, indeed. >> for the win. >> for the win. that is awesome. >> don bell joins with us sports, and i am so excited to see this young talented, nba team known as the sixers, to start the season are you going to be report. >> i will be all right. >> it is next level. >> he has been looking forward to this for a long time. >> long time. >> yes, win or lose i'm ready.
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>> very long process. >> it is time it will be fun tonight, a 19 year-old rookie making his nba debut in front of the people necessity him best. less than an hour number one overall pim markelle fultz will have the experience of a lifetime. the sixers at shoot around this morning, and downtown d.c., they opened their season begins washington wizard tonight. fultz grew up a short drive a way in prince georges county. he will come off been watch friends, family watching his every move. >> first home game, and have your home crowd in front of you. not technically, because i'm playing for philly but being from where you were born, like i said, it is exciting. i will have a lot of family. i will be excited. >> those tickets cost money. >> markelle fultz, ben simmons , joel embiid, dario czar issuing on the court in d.c., tonight, we will all be processing, the process, including the eagles, who
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tweeted this, earlier today. >> he kay, you know what, i trust the process, we have to just trust my gut, trust my instinct and trust the process >> i still to have trust the process. >> i trust the process. >> we trust the process. >> the process. >> thank you guys. >> okay guys. >> thanks everyone. >> even the bird. >> i have heard it, yes. >> it is fantastic it is on. >> long time. >> it will be fun. >> thanks, appreciate it. also tonight new jersey voters are getting a chance to hear from the two candidates in the governor's race, republican lieutenant governor kim guadagno will face off against her democratic opponent former u.s. ambassador to germany phil murphy. >> that debate will be right here on cbs-3. "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean joins us from william paterson new jersey in wayne, new jersey where she will serve as a maryland rate or, hi there, jessica. >> reporter: hi ukee and nicole good evening from wayne new jersey, william paterson,
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new jersey, you can see people gathering since we last saw you around 5:00. we have a crowd. we're expecting about a thousand people here. they are here to hear from lieutenant governor kim guadagno the republican and former ambassador to germany phil murphy. guadagno of course, served as lieutenant governor under chris christie that allowed her to get some executive experience and get in front of voters. but she's very tied to christie. something for her to keep an eye on for her tonight how will she separate herself with a governor with very low approval ratings. on the other side we have phil murphy a former ambassador to germany and goldman sachs executive and his wealth and wall street background has also been a pint of attack, people are asking can he relate to the common new jersey voter? canadian help get finances on track in a statement that has pretty big issues when it comes to money. you're looking at one of the war if not the war funded pension systems in the country
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hundreds of millions of dollars they have to figure out where to find. that you have the highest property taxes in the country. we have schools. we have to fin figure out those funding formulas. there is serious issues these two candidates need to talk about tonight. they will do it right here. as you mentioned i will be one of the panel list asking these questions and we will be hearing from the whole state of new jersey, north, new jersey, south new jersey and asked people what they wanted to talk about. we did that on facebook a lot of you took part in that. we will incorporate some of those questions as well. what we are hoping is you walk away and know a little bit more about these two candidates before election day on november 7th, guys. >> issues are on the table, interesting, and exciting as well, jessica, have a great time, talk to you soon. >> thanks. >> once again there is less than an hour until the debate, watch it live right here on cbs-3 at 7:00 right here after the "cbs evening news". still to come on "eyewitness news" opposing views, democratic u.s. senator bob casey just one of the
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pennsylvania representatives meeting with president trump about the new tax plan, what the senator has to say after sitting down with the president. and wait just a minute philadelphia a suburban county wants in on amazon, the big city neighbor that is also looking to land a tech giant, chelsea. high pressure is in control with even more sunshine, on tap, i'll let you know how long it sticks around in your full forecast coming up
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it's been on the decline with the closing of the refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children. steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back.
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bob casey met with president trum top day to discuss his tax reform bill. >> senator casey joined members of the senate finances committee at the white house. republicans and democrats said after the meeting that senators aired their stances on how tax reform should work but there was no indication of actual progress on the bipartisan effort. >> to give away to the rich and that is what i said to the president, the other problem i have with it is not only that it is a give away to the rich and doesn't give much of anything to the middle class
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is that it cuts or i should say budget resolution cuts a trillion and a half dollars from medicaid and medicaid. >> president trump says tax reform plan will lower taxes for the middle class, and businesses. well tomorrow is deadline for submissions, and delaware county and city of chester have joined growing list of locations around the nation competing for amazon's second headquarters today officials offered up two potential locations in the county, one on the waterfront in chester more suburban location in middletown township. delaware county officials say both provide amazon with the clean slate. >> we believe that we have a successful unique proposal wine we are the clear choice for an optimal location which would transform chester, and our entire community. >> amazon says it need 8 million square feet of space for its second headquarters and plans to spend $5 billion
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on creation and create 50,000 jobs. all right, then, we are joined by meteorologist chelsea ingram. i mean you could not have come on a better day. >> tons of sunshine and we will wrap up even more sunshine as we head in the rest of the week and also the weekend in the looking too shabby either. we will start off with a live look at ocean city, beautiful sunset there look at the colors in the sky, always like looking at sunsets this time of the year, lets go from one sunset to another sunset, this one in the kutztown area where we have got some, people, maybe some soccer practice going on, soccer scrimmage, temperatures new there in kutztown in the mid 60's, light southwest wind around 2 miles an hour. 69 degrees right now in philadelphia. 66 degrees in wilmington. official high today in philadelphia was 72, that is above average for this time of the year. we should be in the mid 60's. more above average weather heading out that way. sixty-six in millville. sixty-five in wildwood. sixty-six down the shore in
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atlantic city. sixty-six in allentown. sixty-two in mount pocono. 67 degrees currently in the reading area we are warmer compared to just 24 hours ago. look at these numbers. anywhere from about seven to a full 12 degrees warmer in lancaster. 7 degrees warmer in wilmington 12 degrees warmer in trenton. 10 degrees warmer in allentown that is courtesy of our change in wind direction. yesterday we had winds coming more out of the north and that has shifted as we can see more out of the west/southwest to help pull in these warmer air and we have even warmer air where that came from. we will head in the next several days. nice evening on tap in the meantime 63 degrees by 8:00 p.m. jacket needed heading out and about this evening. 59 degrees by 10:00 o'clock. mainly clear skies. file hugh cloudy moving in overnight. 57 degrees by midnight. high pressure is the name of the game. it is going to be totally controlling the forecast, throughout the rest of the week and also into the weekend that means dry conditions will
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prevail, and also temperatures eventually especially by the weekend could reach about 10 degrees above average for this time of the year maybe just slightly more. here's a sneak peak what you can expect as we head in the weekend. it will be a warm one. we are looking at cool mornings to start the day but by saturday afternoon 75, sunny warm, on sunday mostly sunny skies, look for high temperatures in the mid 70's, great weather, maybe go out to the pumpkin patch, go to pick some apple, just great weather for those fall festivities. here's your forecast for tonight a few high cloud moving in the average low temperature for this time of the year 47, little bit above that in the less we will not be as cold as we have been the past couple nights with the low of 52 degrees. down the shore to the poconos more sunshine on tap for tomorrow. 70 degrees down the shore. poconos 67. really nice hiking weather. in philadelphia high temperature forecast of 73. you're witness weather seven day forecast, looks like this.
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seventy-three on friday, as we head in the weekend we will look for highs making it in the mid 70's. tons of sunshine. we will begin to see an increasing cloud cover and that happens on monday that is out ahead of the next system that will bring south rain, but it looks like the rain will hopefully hold off until after the big game on monday. >> that is a big one too, that is a thanks so much. we have breaking news when it comes to the search for the suspect killer. >> that is right we want to go to joe holden live in wilmington, joe what do you know. >> nicole and ukee police have been issuing bulletins to be on the look out for radee prince all day following shoot initial maryland and right here in the wilmington. we can confirm through a sergeant with the wilmington city police department that they have located the 2008 gmc black acadia that prince was driving, police say after the shooting in maryland and following the shooting here, in the city of wilmington. last time officers had seen
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prince was at 30th and market street in the city, that was immediately following the beginnings of the investigation into the shooting over in the 2800 block of northeastern boulevard. that was right at that used auto place where one man sustained two gunshot wounds and taken to christiana medical center where he is expect to survive but breaking news right new police close nothing on this suspect killer as they fine the getaway vehicle that he was believed to have been traveling in from maryland to delaware. all of latest on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. live, joe holden, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". once again when we are not on the air get very latest at cbs >> we will
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don bell with your sports. process is like, big foot, it is this urban legend mythical thing that has been given in our mind's eye championship caliber team born out of
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record breaking ineptitude. tonight, we will get to see the lockness monster when the sixers open up their season in washington. ben simmons is technically a rook any this big foot scenario, he broke his foot last year and never played a single game, and about 35 minutes he makes his debut in washington. wizard, happen to have john wall, one of the best point guard in the league but ben is war big himself. >> just, the first game but to me, i just want to see my team do well. i'm not worried about the individual stats or anything like that or how well, i just want to make sure we play good basketball. >> ben believes. >> yes, he does. >> he knows he is good. he is just ready. >> he seems very confident. >> very confident man. >> wizard are a playoff caliber team so we will see a lot tonight. >> it will be fun. >> can't wait. >> thanks. >> take a short break we w
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new cover of mens health magazine reveals its new ultimate guy, he survives a struggle that he will nearly killed him to being the picture of health. i'm stephanie stahl with a cover guy's remarkable transformation coming up at 11:00. thanks, stay tuned for that i got to get to the gym. >> i thought that was you. >> please. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00, we will return at 10 on our sister station wpsg the cw fill and back here at 11:00.
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"cbs evening news" is next take care family we will see you captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: anatomy of an ambush. how terrorists in niger caught those four u.s. soldiers by surprise. >> no indication that this was going to occur. >> mason: and why help came too late to save them. also tonight, the president is accused of disrespecting one of those soalgers. -- soldiers. >> multiple people in the room believe the president was completely respectful. >> mason: a hotel security guard breaks his silence on the las vegas massacre. >> i was walking down. i heard rapid fire. >> mason: the n.f.l. commissioner on anthem protests. >> we believe that our players should stand. >> mason: and living stronger, the healing powers of these waters. >> i can tell an enormous difference


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