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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  October 19, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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well, facing a judge, man accused of gunning down six people in maryland and delaware gets ready to face the judge this morning. also, the candidates vying for governor chris christie's seat face off, we will have the big moments from last night's debate. and big day is here how several cities including philadelphia plan to land amazon's future headquarters. today is thursday, october m jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. all that plus changes coming to the schuylkill river trail in philadelphia but first lets check the forecast with katie and road with meisha. >> gateway to the weekend, welcome back, rahel. hopefully you are feeling better. we have construction. everyone loving weather, nice try roadways, katie.
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>> it is so nice to see it feels nice in the sunshine. jim's just a beacon of light. >> halleluiah. >> isn't there a song title there. >> you are the light up my life. >> she's singing already. >> 4:31. i can start singing whenever i want. we have bright sunshine expect yet again today another beautiful day coming up here with high pressure in control and still looks like this pattern will hold out, if you look really closely you can see these speckles of green on the radar. do not worry about that. sometimes they show that are not precipitation and that is what this is. little bit of ground clutter, we will not find any issues today. nothing but full sunshine is the spectation. here's other piece of good news, forgo winter coat, in this case here and break out more light fall jacket. we are at 53 in the airport. forty's every where else, and so it is still cool, granted just not as chilly as last few mornings have been and we will expect to rebound further in
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full sunshine low to mid 70's from the shore to the city, meisha. >> just so nice, thanks very much. very good morning to all of you. still very early, very dark out there we are looking at a lot of construction. schuylkill westbound between south street and vine we have right lane that is still closed and our crews are still out there plus off ramp to 30th street is closed. that will be closed until 5:00 . head up on. that then schuylkill westbound between belmont avenue and conshohocken left lane compromise there had and schuylkill eastbound between henderson road and blue route right lane is compromised there construction blue route southbound off ramp to schuylkill one lane is block. crews are out there. cones in the roadway and also 95 southbound between allegheny and girard avenue, left lane is closed there. we have got construction on the betsy ross bridge, betsy ross bridge westbound two lanes blocked there, still of course showing all green, rahel, over to you. man accused in the deadly two state shooting spree is expected to peer before a judge in wilmington this morning. >> police arrested 37 year-old
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radee prince in newark after's ledgely killed three co workers in maryland. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live outside the wilmington police department. good morning, frank. >> good morning, jim and rahel this is where radee prince is being held since being taken in cuss toyed around 7:00 p.m. last night this man was armed, dangerous with 15 felonies under his record, so obviously a lot of relief from communities, from here all the way to maryland but take a look at this video of the scene last night. "eyewitness news" cameras rolled as police arrested prince in newark, delaware. prince is accused of going on a rampage shooting six people he knew across six states. crimes began just before 9:00 a.m. at his job advanced granite solutionness edgewood maryland. he opened fire on five co-workers killing three of them. wilmington police chief robert christie said he grew a black gmc into wilmington where he shot a sixth person. there ways sign at 5:30 when someone spotted the suv, and
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called police. hour and a half later after a short foot chase near school three, atf agents took prince into custody. now once prince appears before a judge this morning we are told he will be extradited to maryland to face those murder charges. but for now we are outside wilmington police department i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". rahel and jim, back to you. >> thank do, thank you. former neighbor says he gets chills when he thinks of what unfolded yesterday. >> he said suspect talk about wanting to move on with his life. robert hases lived next door to prince for several years. he moved off that street a year ago. prince would sometimes join him for a beer late at night and he remembers prince saying he wanted to turn his life around. >> he said he made some mistakes in life, you know, he was just trying to be quiet and trying to work and dot right thing in life. i'm still getting chills, i just could not imagine like if i just picture him and i
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sitting there chatting in the 2:00 o'clock in the morning just about, life. >> hotessayed did he in the know him to have any children and prince almost never had any visitors. in other news, no word on what led to a shooting that killed a 17 year-old boy in west oak lane. chopper three over the 6700 block of north 16th street last night, where police say victim was shot in the head. so far no arrests have been made and police have not identified the victim. new jersey's top two gubernatorial candidates faced off in their second and final debate. democrat phil murphy and republican lieutenant governor kim guadagno clashed for an her last night at william paterson new jersey in passaic county. they argued overtop innings including the state's property tax and immigration, "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean was one of the moderators who pressed for answers. >> would you do that knowing that new jersey is then at risk of losing millions of dollars in federal aid. >> we're going to be probably in court for every single day,
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of our time with an attorney jena long side who will steel backbone fighting for every dollar. >> sanctuary state will harbor criminals, it will impact and challenge law enforcement officers and as you said already, it will put at risk millions of dollars of funding >> a william paterson university student also asked about student loans, murphy suggested a public bank and loan forgiveness. >> there is no one magic bullet that gets you solved here, but number one we stand for free community college. >> my opponent said whether you can afford it or not you get a free college education and you know what who will pay for it? look at this room everyone in new jersey will pay for it. >> today president obama joins campaign and will join murphy at an event in newark. election day is tuesday, november 7th. lasalle university will hoe a debate between candidates for philadelphia district attorney. debate starts at 6:00 tonight at founders hall on the lasalle campus in olney. democrat larry krasner and
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republican beth grossman are running to replace seth williams who was quick of corruption earlier this year. williams faces sentencing next week. today is bid day, cities across the country are submit ting their pitch toes amazon and they are hoping to snag on line retailer's next corporate headquarters. >> several places are submitting bid, they include philadelphia, bensalem, lehigh valley, and delaware county. new jersey, camden, newark are submitting their bid, and in delaware, wilmington is also submitting a bid. cnbc report ago this more than 100 cities have expressed interest in amazon's second headquarters but there could actually be more cities submitting pitches because or keeping their pitches secret. cities outside u.s. are also apparently interested, may include ottawa, toronto, and, amazon is next year, and 50,000 jobs and 5 billion-dollar investment are on the line. philadelphia apparently not waiting to submit its bid, we have learned city submitted
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its proposal on tuesday night. good luck to the cities. delaware county, chester county, endorsing two locations for amazon's second headquarters. officials announced their picks at a press conference yesterday. within possible spot is on the chester waterfront, the other is a more suburban location and middletown township. county officials say they have what amazon is looking for. >> we believe we have a successful and unique proposal , and we are the clear choice for an optimal location which would transform chester, and our entire community. >> amazon says it need 8 million square feet of space for its second headquarters, its first is in seattle. somewhat of a surprise decision the nfl says 2018 draft will take place in dallas and will not return to philadelphia. it will be held in at&t stadium where cowboys play, 2017 draft here in philadelphia set attendance record and was the first to be held outdoors. now nfl officials say philly
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made a strong bid but they wanted to continue the events evolution in dallas. >> the city of philadelphia, the greatest city in america and obviously we were the best host when we held the nfl draft. we did a great, fantastic job. we missed out this year but my encouragement will be to the administration lets try it again. >> the nfl and philadelphia visitors bureau estimate last years draft had a 95 million-dollar economic impact , so this is a big financial loss for the city. some good news for people use the schuylkill river trail in philadelphia. security cameras are being installed, "eyewitness news" near logan street entrance on the trail as first of some 21 cameras was put in position. cameras will cover eight entrances from arch street to just north of the south street bridge. officials hope this will deter crime while also helping in their investigation. coming up, university of florida is bracing itself as a white supremacist gets set to give a speech on campus today.
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>> how law enforcement is making sure violence that happens in charlottesville does not happen there. and dramatic video captures moment a food cart explode we will tell what you an employee did moments before that spark the
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cbs presented by target.... urban agriculture and community greening are helping cities become more sustainable for the future. and that's why target has partnered with the nonprofit greensgrow in philadelphia. the novel idea was... can we put a farm in the heart of the city and really put food directly accessible to the people that were eating it. i think it's very important for us to come outside of target and really be inside of peoples' communities, as well. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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back on "eyewitness news" a group of coatsville high school students could face punishment after a photo shows them posing behind racist jack lanterns this picture was shared on social media swastika and letters kkk were carved in two pumpkins that were taken outside on school hours and not on school property. district may take disciplinary action against the students. >> this will not define us because the school district will stand together in unity against any type of racism or racial inn sensitivity. >> the district attorney's office is not investigating,
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saying it is up to the school district to decide disciplinary action. security concerns growing in gainsville, florida where a white national list plans to give a speech today. richard spencer is scheduled to talk at the university of florida this afternoon, spencer led that march in august in charlottesville virginia that sparked violent protests. federal and local officials are teaming up to prevent and deescalate any potential violence at today's event. florida's governor declared a state of emergency ahead of speech. >> by the governor signing the declaration, emergency it has allowed us to have other units and things that we might need readily available at our disposal. >> half million-dollar is being spent on security for spencer's speech. caught on camera a food cart explode in downtown port land, oregon injuring several people. lets take a look. the flames quickly spread to destroy two food carts and 10 cars parked in that area fire
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officials say an employee at within of the carts spilled gasoline, and the winds blew fuel toward the heat source igniting the blaze. eyewitnesses say people nearby tried to douse flames but the fire spread too quickly. >> large explosion and just pushed a few different cars each way so didn't know what to think. i was hoping everybody was okay. >> good news here no one was seriously injured. time is 4:44. katie's here with another check of the forecast. >> apparently warming up. >> indeed it is we will see temperatures trend from five to 10 degrees above average in the next couple days here and high pressure just continues to be our main driving force though, totally quiet across vast majority of the continental united states here little blip there over northern plains don't worry about that. high pressure is our main driving force so it means very pleasant weather here in our area taking a look at how things will shake out in the next few days, not much change , there is a dry front lifting in here today but
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overall just all about high pressure. that means more and more sunshine with temperatures having the opportunity then to justin to warm up. you'll still start off cool but technically for this time of the year, we will be trending five to 10 above average with the dry weather prevailing with high pressure keeping that sunshine around. it just looks absolutely beautiful yet again today. seventy-four your daytime high normal high in the mid 60's. we are 8 degrees above average with that day time high but we still got enough of the strong solar sun angle here to allow to it feel so much milder in that direct sunlight. so i was sitting out on the deck yesterday and tank top and shorts and it felt amazing you will be able to do that again today but still walk out the door with that light jacket at least, later in the day and of course pull off that extra layer. staying clear tonight not quite as cool dropping down to 55 degrees. just more of the same from here on out through sunday. monies all and all looking g should be another warm day in advance of the new front.
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i would say enjoy it now because next mid week looks a lot more unsettled, meisha. >> good advice, thanks very much, katie. good morning. happy gateway to our weekend. we are looking outside right now we have police activity. we have a disabled vehicle. ninety-five north near pennsylvania turnpike you can see, flashing lights, not slowing you down too much. wanted to call it to your attention and that is what it is if you are traveling by. schuylkill westbound between belmont and conshohocken left lane still closed for those cones, construction project going on that should be clearing hopefully in the next 15 to 20 minutes or so. blue route southbound off ramp to the schuylkill one lane block here. also, we have got some more construction, where are we, here we get by schuylkill. i would say right new this overnight construction projects that we are start to go look at, they will be remedied and they will be clearing out of the way, they usually do right around 5:00 o'clock is what we're hoping crossing our fingers for today probably won't be as busy as earlier parts of the
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week. we will see what happens. betsy ross bridge construction still out there westbound two lanes blocked there, jim and rahel, back to you. just in time for halloween a haunted sports bar. >> don't believe it? take a lot this video shows chairs mysteriously falling over by themselves. hear what customers to have say when we come right
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4:49. time for a check of money news >> dianne king hall joins us from the new york stock exchange. good morning, dianne. stocks continue to be at eye popping levels on wall street but how long can this bull run continuing, what are they saying. >> reporter: that is a good question, guys, the dow jones begins this morning sitting above 23,000 for the first time, so checking financial shares gained all three major indexes closed, dow jones rallied 160 points, nasdaq finished slightly higher, and actually right now it looks
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like stocks may start lower this morning but you know things can change by the time we get toward the opening bell meantime from wall street to washington federal reserve chair janet yellin is set to meet with president trump. the president is weighing whether to keep yellin in the post for a second term. the fed is responsible for managing economic policy and trump was critical of yellin during his campaign, her term end in february, jim and rahel switching to neilson i understand the company says it will be able to measure everything that is watched on netflix. what is this all about? >> reporter: that is right, well, previously the viewing measurable company was only able to track for streaming programs from studios and networks that opted in. now neilson can measure all netflix content including originals whether or not a studio wants it, and it plans to expand next year to include amazon and hulu programming. so big brother is watching? >> um-hmm, interesting. more complete picture of what
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people are watching on tv, on air. >> reporter: yes, this is true >> yes. >> reporter: media has changed so much. >> um-hmm, indeed. >> very interesting. thank you. well, a california sports bar say their favorite hang out, spot might be haunted. >> oh, my. owner's security video might just prove it. look at a bar stool that just tips over. watch this. there it goes. that was caught on tape after hours at krone an's a bar in ventura, there was even strange movement during business hours. regular crowd is taking tonight stride. >> it is just funny, interesting. >> i'm okay until it is my chair that moves. >> it is just weird. we have been here 27 years. nothing weird like this has ever happened. >> after a few drinks you never know what will happen. co-owner says maybe spirits of former patrons. >> i don't think would i go back there. i don't like messing around with spirits and anything like that. in thank you.
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>> they will not hurt you. >> um-hmm, no chances. >> well, we have had no shortage of sunshine this week >> katie, apparently we're getting more sunshine. >> another day that features absolutely gorgeous conditions and still trend that will last us for the bulk of our seven day forecast but there is a big pal earn change that does wait in the wings and i will let you know when that
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welcome back everyone as we overlook main street in bethlehem, things are very, very quiet, the moon's barely visible right now and you should see a lot of stars out there but even just like clear skies shouldn't have too much moon lit sky out there but just in the shadow right now. what we will fine throughout the day is bright, brilliant sunshine really nice weather coming up throughout the course of not just today but majority of this forecast but there is eventually going to be a pattern change which we will get to in the seven day
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but for now it is all good nice, quiet on storm scan, staying that way again throughout the day. likely to see not much more than a couple patchy cloud. thinks your 24 hour temperature change. everybody is at the surplus, pretty minimal one for many of you but enough that it does not feel quite as chilly as it has in recent mornings but your 7 degrees milder in trenton. in philadelphia it is four plus. as that translates to the thermometer we are now in the 50's here at our airports. forty-eight is temperature in mount pocono and 50 in atlantic city. wind is calm and will stay that way. another just picturesque day and that sunshine continues to be wall to wall right through weekend. perfect timing. even monday doesn't look bad at all n fact we should see more sun then anything initially but we will warm up to 78 degrees, and notice however that the cloud begin to make a return to these icon s because there is a front that will head our way bringing in the possibility of precipitation in the form of showers as early as monday night right now and then especially into tuesday and wednesday, it is looking pretty damp.
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notice temperature drop off as well, deep trough, scheduled to drop in here, the movement of that is still something that need to be ironed out but regardless we expect that we will get wet weather out of it , showers, and steady rain, come tuesday or wednesday. meisha? >> enjoy it, wheel we have it. >> for sure. >> thanks, very much. very good morning to you, we are looking outside, just lots of construction, overall things are looking good. construction is clearing here schuylkill westbound between south street and vine, right lane compromise there had but crews are moving out of the way. off ramp to 30th street still close that had should lift around 5:00 a.m. i will confirm when it does. construction near blue route southbound off ramp to the schuylkill. you can see those canes and that the road are still light as we approach the 5:00 o'clock hour. disabled vehicle here that is why we have flashing light 95 north, this is pass past routed 413 near pennsylvania turnpike, pulled off to the far left. this is an area that is slowing down right now. but it is certainly can be an
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area that gets busy. would i say moving deeper in the 5:00 o'clock hour on a thursday when we start to see levels pick up a little bit. quick peak of the bridge, pushing in the westbound direction into center city, looking great, looking just, as it should, my friend, betsy ross bridge construction crews out here westbound, two lanes are blocked, but we're always looking at that green looking for green letting us know we are traveling around at posted speed. we are still looking good there. construction on 295 southbound between 168, route 42, two lanes blocked there, route 168 the ramp to 295 southbound those have now reopened, jim, now back over to you. thanks, meisha. coming up next on "eyewitness news" trusting the process, pat's here to break down last night's sixers opener in washington. also ahead we have results of some brand new crashing tests just out overnight we will tell you which mid sized cars earn passing marks. a chicken controversy at this restaurant forces its own tore explain herself, we will have details when we come back in the top of the hour.
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they have their man, this morning suspect accused of going on a multi state shooting rampage hoed to court , we are live with the details on how authorities finally caught up with the suspect. president trump rejects claims that he disrespected a grieving military family, as a florida congress woman stands by her account of what happened, i'm seth lemon in new york with more coming up. live look at center city where you may want to grab a sweat shirt this morning but by the afternoon it is sun glass weather, katie's here with more on this late week warm up. today is thursday october 19th , good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this thursday morning.


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