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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 19, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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here's what you need to know on thursday, october 19th the manhunt, end. >> i thank everybody for their efforts, i'm very sad day. >> suspect wanted for multiple shoot initial maryland and delaware is now sitting in jail. >> he killed three people, shot six all together. >> oh, man. >> former neighbor is shocked. >> i just picture him and i sitting there chatting. >> unaudible. >> the gloves come off as republican kim guadagno and
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phil murphy face off on stage. >> we stand for free community college. >> look around this room, everyone in new jersey going to pay for it. >> university of florida bracing itself as white supremacist arrives on campus today. >> it is like-being in a real storm. >> bringing halloween to patients at children's hospital. >> we don't feel like normal but we can feel somewhat normal again. >> nice day, spirit halloween set up shop at chop. >> patients take the customs, pumpkins all paid for by local donors. lets get out to katie. the weather, if it stays like this for halloween it would be perfect for the kids. >> you wouldn't to have worry about buying right side because you need a sweat shirt to put underneath, all that stuff. i am pretty sure i was a princess one year, i don't remember how oldy was but it was so cold that night on halloween. we're talking a couple decade
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ago. hade to put a heavy coat on over my costume and i was the most bummed little princess on the block. it it was such a bummer. we will keep you posted as to how weather looks for halloween and as we get closer but for now, current pattern is nice, quiet, warm, throughout the afternoon, definitely a chill in the air but not quite as harsh as yesterday's morning before, especially. storm scan quiet all and all, stray included, gathering across the early morning sky, 52 at the airport. mid 40's around a good chunk, we are at 50 degrees in wildwood and wind flow is generally out of the southwest it looks good, just have the kid dress in layers, pack a pair of shade, ball cap and they will be fine to deal with the sun glare but the ride home they are up to 74 degrees all those after school field hockey, soccer practices are looking incredibly not just comfortable but really, really nice outside under that full sunshine so really looks good. now our area headlines are that we continue this stretch of sunshine for many days down the road, the warm up also
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continues, it is modest but it continues, and we will actually stay dry through at lee the weekend. entry though meisha this pattern does to have turn and i will let you know when i expect next round of rain to move in later on. >> katie, thank you so much for all that and very good morning to you, happy gateway to the weekend. looking outside schuylkill eastbound pushing in the eastbound direction toward center city looking good, westbound side, starting to heat up now we are starting to take shifts just a little bit construction still out here on the blue route southbound one lane is still block there and plus we have this disabled vehicle out here as well 95 north past route 413 near pennsylvania turnpike lots of flashing lights. we are starting to tap on your brakes and get a gaper delay traveling by pennsylvaniaed this disabled vehicle. just a head up on. that plus, this will make people happy, new boulevard direct, bus route, it starts on sunday, it will be quicker, frankford transportation center to neshaminy mall only eight stops and this graphic is showing you what it will
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take how it will take to save time. this is new route car will take you approximately 26 minutes, verse the 34 minutes, little bit more on the route but then the old route which is still in place, by the way, it is just older route, slower route, 47 minutes, verse the 34. like i said it will make people happy. i will tweet that out as well. accident, at bambury drive head up if this is your, neighborhood i would say you don't need to give yourself a couple extra minutes here right new but this could be a place where we are starting to slow down if that is near you, i would say give yourself a couple extra minutes. construction as well we will talk about this coming up in the next 10 minutes, rahel, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. see you then. manhunt is over and now suspect accused of shooting six people in two different states is expected to appear before a judge in wilmington, delaware this morning. "eyewitness news" was there when police arrested radee prince in newark near glasgow high school last night. prince is accused of shooting five co-workers at a office
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park in maryland last morning. three died. prince then fled to delaware and shot another man at used car dealership in wilmington. >> he knew what he wanted the people that he shot and he had some type of a relationship and they knew him. >> prince does have a long criminal history but at this point police have not commented on the motive for shootings. photo showing coatsville high school students posing with racist symbols is causing some outrage this morning, now school district says that those students may pay a price this is picture that was shared on social media a swastika and the letters kkk were carved into two pumpkins in the photo. it appears to have been taken outside school hours and not on school property however, district said it may take disciplinary action against the students. >> this will not define us, because coatsville area school district will stand together in unity against any type of racism or racial insensitive. >> district attorney's office is not investigating saying it
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is up to the school district to decide disciplinary action. time 5:35. in business news this morning another record day on wall street. >> money watch's dianne king hall joins us live from the new york stock exchange with that and more, good morning, dianne. >> good morning, rahel and jim here on wall street dow jones begins this morning sit ago above 23,000 for the first time, all major averages logged record. dow jones rallied 160 points, nasdaq finished slightly higher. meantime today marks 30th anniversary of black monday, so putting this in perspective day is notable in recording the biggest, one day drop, in market history, and, a 19 car at pink diamond that was once part of the french crown jewels will be auctioned next month in geneva. lebron ring once belonged to king louie the 14th, napoleon bone part and other french rulers and last sold in 1887. christie's puts the presale
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value at six and $9 million and if you have champagne taste the neiman marcus christmas book is out, among this years extravagant gifts a private new years eve party, for 300 of your closest friend s at a hotel overlooking times square. that will set you back 1.6 million-dollar. or just shy of a million, two hand crafted rolls royces with hand zone leather interiors. >> well, dianne, jim has champagne taste, i have champagne taste and wine cooler's wallet. >> do we have a beer budget, that is right. >> yes, i will get to kohl's with my kohl's cash. >> kohl's cash. >> take care, check in with you tomorrow morning, dianne. well, deadline is here, today is last day amazon is, accepting bid for cities across the country. >> yes, they are compete to go host on line retailers next corporate headquarters. several placeness our area submitting bid, they including
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philadelphia, bensalem, lehigh valley and delaware county. in new jersey camden and newark are throwing their names in the hat n delaware wilmington is entering the race. cnbc reporting that more than 100 cities have shown interest in amazon's second headquarters but more cities could actually be submitting their pitches because or keeping their pitches, secret. cities outside the u.s. are also apparently interested, they include ottawa, toronto, canada amazon is expect to make a decision next year as 50,000 jobs and 5 billion-dollar investment are on the line, philadelphia got its work done early, city submitted its proposal on tuesday night. delaware county and chester city are recommending two locations for amazon's second headquarters, officials made big announcement at a press conference yesterday. one possible spot is on the chester waterfront, other is a more suburban location, middletown township. amazon says its new headquarters will take up at lee 8 million square feet of space. well, a new round of crash
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tests is paying attention to the safety of front passengers as well as, drivers. cbs news correspondent nicki batiste has results of the 13 mid sized cars. >> reporter: the ford fusion is one of the 10 cars that earned good marks from the insurance institute for highway safety. in new passenger side crash tests. >> overall we're seeing much improved performance in these mid sized cars compared to some of our research test that is we have did. >> reporter: in the tests cars crashed just 25 percent of the vehicles frontend in to a barrier while traveling at 40 miles an hour. the ford fusion, honda accord, lincoln mk z, subaru legacy and out back, hyundai sonata, nissan altima, maxima and 2018 toyota camry all earned good marks but three others did not volkswagen jet a received an acceptable rating and passat and chevy malibu both received , marginal ratings. researchers say that the main problem is their restraint
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system. >> for these vehicles the passengers head slid off the frontal air bag, came close to or contact the dash which we consider to be a risk for passenger head. >> reporter: group is calling on manufacturers to improve passenger air bags and safety belts in those cars. all vehicles tested previously received good ratings for similar tests on the driver side. nicki batiste for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". top two candidates looking to replace new jersey governor chris christie faced off in their final debate last night. democrat phil murphy and republican lieutenant governor kim guadagno clashed for an hour. it happened at william paterson university in passaic county. they argued over various topics including state's property tax and immigration, "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean was a moderator who tried to press for some answers. >> would you do that knowing new jersey is then at risk of losing millions of dollars in federal aid. >> we will be probably in court for every single day of
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our time with an attorney jena long side who will have a steel backbone fighting for every dollar. >> sanctuary state will harbor criminals, it will impact and challenge law enforcement officers and as you said already it will put at risk millions of dollar of funding. >> those testiness continued after the debate when both candidates were asked to say a few last word. >> phil murphy is a fraud, he kept making promise after promise after promise to fund, project after project after project and yet he has no plan to pay for it. >> i don't think my opponent put a sliver of daylight between herself and the governor on the one hand and on our side i think we have got, we made the points that we need to make which is we have to get this economy going again. we need change. we need new leadership with new priorities. >> president obama will be in newark to rail support for phil murphy. election day is tuesday november 7th.
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candidates in the race for philadelphia district attorney face off tonight over lasalle university. debate starts at 6:00 at founders hall on lasalle campus in olney. larry krasner and republican bet gress man are running to replace seth williams who was quick of corruption earlier this year. williams by the way faces sentencing next week. coming up hollywood actor and director who got his start from harvey weinstein makes a big announcement, all details up next in got to tell you. we will tell you how playboy magazine plans to honor its founder hugh neff her inner who passed away at 91, katie. more sunshine is lasting for days on end we will let you know when i expect precipitation to make a return in the forecast but first here is your cure auto insurance travel forecast.
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cbs presented by target.... urban agriculture and community greening are helping cities become more sustainable for the future. and that's why target has partnered with the nonprofit greensgrow in philadelphia. the novel idea was... can we put a farm in the heart of the city and really put food directly accessible to the people that were eating it. i think it's very important for us to come outside of target and really be inside of peoples' communities, as well. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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kevin smith is late necessary hollywood to react to the harvey weinstein scandal. film maker said he will donate all residual from his his weinstein produced movies to the non-profit organization women in film. weinstein helped launch his career with the hit clerks and said if the weinstein company shuts down he will give non- profit group $2,000 a month for the rest of his life playboy honoring hugh hefner by putting him on the cover. this makes publisher first man ever to be on the cover without a female model. picture we're told was taken when hefner was 39 and in addition to the cover, first six pages of next month issue will be dedicated to the late publisher. i got to tell you it will be a special moment in next month's american music award when a motown legend accepts a prestigious honor. diana ross, looking gorgeous there, will receive the lifetime achievement award at ama's, ross has won seven in her career, and she will also perform live at the show on
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november 19th. i got to say, supreme honor for a supreme women well deserved, obviously. >> miss ross. >> do you like the supremes, do you like diana ross. >> that is old school. >> it is old school. she has had the most beautiful hair, long, flowy, curly, you just walk. have you ever seen diana walk it just moves. >> i like watching you do that , that is funny. >> congratulations to her. >> she's gorgeous. >> gorgeous weather. >> indeed it is. high pressure in place we are talking days on end of this. >> so, so nice outside and comfortable to. that is the thing. so often we have got to take some little variable of atmosphere and have to put a wrench into something but this is like your weather trifecta, everything perfect, we have got sunshine, warmth, low humidity. it all working for us. taking a live look from sky scan three over center sit
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philadelphia all lit up in pink in support of the breast cancer awareness month. its looking good. we don't have much of a moon to view right now so essentially includedless sky but it is also a dark sky but all clear, that said, and still cool, for the most part too. that is certainly reflected by our weather watcher report coming in this morning. they are not as cold as they were in recent mornings. we were in the mid 30's in a couple spots yesterday at this same time but we are still finding lower 40's. cold enough in some spots where nice heavy sweat shirt is, a smart move to walk outside the door with but we have got, lets see here 47 degrees from ed this morning. he has a nice clear sky in chesterfield, elsewhere we will take awe cross the river back into philadelphia where 43 comes in from bill, he too is seeing that nice clear sky overhead and at 43 degrees certainly sweat shirt at its finest. we will get to one more down in the delaware where it is 43 s morning all clear where he is. just consistency in that regard and when we look across
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the maps just in general same thing, and most of the united states is very, very calm right now, a very large over arching dome of high pressure is, just in place and dominat ing the scene, what that does mean is we will see fair weather and that will continue for days on even. now eventually a pretty potent trophies digging from the west and we have got time before that will take place. we have until at least early next week. meantime a chill in the air 39 at pleasant valley middle and high school at broad headville where there is no daylight just yet but we will see sun glare become a problem in that eastern facing view there. looking forward mid to upper 70's, normal high about mid 60 's right now so quite warm for the standard but still i would say feeling like fall, meisha. >> look at that even though cloud are rolling in on monday still 78, katie, so nice, thanks very much. very good morning to you. still dark, as you can see still early, we are pushing toward that 6:00 o'clock hour as it is time to see these
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things heat up and pushing toward normal rush hour of the six and 7:00 o'clock hour when we will see things change. ninety-five south at betsy ross in the southbound direction would i start to see as we tip in the 6:00 o'clock hour give yourself a couple extra minutes there construction blue route southbound off ramp to the schuylkill one lane blocked there you can see crews, cones in the roadway and overall levels are holding pretty steady. boulevard as we travel southbound toward schuylkill starting to heat up but in the looking quite as busy as 95 pushing in the southbound direction just looking i would say typical and typical in the world of travel isn't a bad thing. jump on the schuylkill same story there. we have an accident out there allentown road at banbury drive and construction as well white horse pike between warwick road and evesham road, two right lanes each direction is block. this will be an area that will start to slow you down pushing deeper in the 6:00 o'clock hour. construction still out there on the pennsylvania turnpike as well pennsylvania turnpike
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eastbound past been sale them right lane compromised and crew is still out there, and in delaware, and, it is closed at route 13, and thinks long standing until november between the second. alternate route 58, or church man's road will be your best bet, we will do reminders of that today a little later as well, jim, back over to you >> i'll retweet it. october is national breast cancer awareness month and as always cbs-3, cw philly and komen philadelphia are joining force toss fight against breast cancer. we are doing it by turning our area pink. jefferson health cherry hill happies lit up with pink lights, lights are a reminder to schedule a mammogram and remain focused on defeating breast cancer. franklin institute also glowing in pink. by the way, this is 16th year for lights for the cure campaign. you can find out more information at cbs cure. >> those buildings are so beautiful. >> amazing, our sky line. up medication, m and m's
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skittles and more we will tell you which are most popular for trick or treaters in our area. erie eatery we will tell but a restaurant some say is haunted. we will be right
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5:55 on a thursday morning >> is what your favorite halloween candy. >> mine. >> yes. >> i like so many, i love kind let me think about that. >> does it match state where you live. >> according to candy store .com pennsylvania's most popular treat changed this year, m and m's edged out skit tles swedish fish, hershey number three in the state that calls it home, new jersey's mess popular changed as well, skitles are favorite knocking tootsie rolls back at number two and m and m's third there. as for delaware life savers are first in the first state. >> is what your favorite. >> i think they change the name it was $100,000 bar but now it is called -- >> would you like that candy. >> because you have very expensive refined taste. >> it is not expensivey like
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those little chocolate things. >> yes, i do like those too. >> good stuff. >> keeping up in the food, segment of show, southern california restaurant could be victim of a halloween prank. >> or it could be a case of paranormal activity, check it out, after hours security video from cronin's in ventura tipped chairs over for no reason. there were chairs moving during business hours. patrons who hang out said it is weird but they are cool with it. >> it is just funny, interesting. >> i'm okay until it is my chair that moves. >> it is just we are. we have been here 27 years. nothing weird like this has ever happened. >> it is california, maybe minor earthquake. owner says maybe it is the spirits of former patrons. >> spirits at that bar. no, i dent like my spirits, haunted. >> they will in the bother you coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" a second grader is rushed to the hospital because he could not stay away. what the doctors are saying about the illness that put him
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into a deep sleep for 11 days. >> wow. another record day on wall street we will talk to cbs news business analyst jill celester about what is behind the dow jones sharp rise to the 2,323,000 mark, next.
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paulsboro's a very with the closing of thee refineries and there's no jobs in the community. if there's no jobs, there's no education, there's no food on the table. what's important is the children.
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steve sweeney... he fought for 'em. this is where he's from. steve sweeney's been here since the beginning. steve spearheaded the whole project and really brought it to fruition. it would've never been done without steve. it was a pride in building this port and then knowing that we're coming back.
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happening today, man accused of going on a deadly shooting rampage in maryland and delaware will face a j we are live with how police finally caught up with the suspect. didn't say what that congress woman said, didn't say it at all. >> if he has proof, bring it on. but what he need to be doggies watching because this is his benghazi. >> well, it is case of he said , she said war of word heat up after a congress woman accuses president trump of disrespecting a grieving military family. in sports trusting the process, ben simmons makes his long awaited debut for new look sixers, see how did he in the season opener. it is thursday october 19th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning. >> today is my friday. >> you are off tomorrow. >> yes. >> so we're looking


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