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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  October 20, 2017 12:00pm-12:32pm EDT

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did.shed trs he has known at lee one allegation against weins since 1995. hollywood actor tom hanks is speaking out against weinstein telling bbc during an interview that the allegations against movie mogul has created a watershed moment for the film industry. >> this is, this is a change, ink hisecome a noul an g now at noon time a show have unity, students at coatsville high school are coming together today to just days after students received posing with racist symbols on, moniker for state of being, social media. for which there is a before and a after. the disturbing image caught attention of the >> more than 40 women have come forward with accusations administrators and police in of rape, sexual harassment or chester county g afternoon i'm jim donovan. assault. both lapd and nypd every i'm rahel solomon. investigating separate sexual "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live at campus assaults in allegations where students gathered for a involving wwitness news",atuum f stand begins hate, david. >> reporter: rahel and jim, it is a difficult day outside coatsville area senior high at the project they have been working on for weeks.
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school, 200 students walk out of class in a unity message to plus, mind machines, scientists are working on ways really tell people they will to operate complex machines not stan up for these racist messages. with nothing but brain power it started a few days ago and it is working, we will pictures posted on social with nothing but brain power and it is working, we will fran grenier. media of students off campus new jersey born and raised. that carved racist messageness pumpkins. now we know that profanity was like his father before him, he served our country with honor in the navy. used, kkk symbols, was came home and worked his way up particular as, other from floor technician to supervisor derogatory symbols were carved in the pumpkins this happened at the salem power plant. off school so students were not disciplined or arrested as a husband and father, but it caused a lot of grenier knows how families struggle to make ends meet. uprising here on campus. now the view from chopper that's why he'll fight to cut our taxes, three shows those 200 plus and stand up to career politicians students, outside of the school today, they have like steve sweeney. decided to walk out a little if we want to change trenton, bit after 9:00 this morning there's only one way. and they want to do to it get their message across. fran grenier. i spoke to a student, female student, an 11th grader who was very emotional today. she was not allowed to speak to us on campus she had to leave to talk to us but she said a week or so ago there was a doll found in the cross country locker room, a dark skinned doll that was hang to go a locker tied by its neck. lets take a listen.
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>> honestly, the pumpkins didn't really bother me, simply because they were off school property, and it is freedom of speech however they want to put it. what bothered me was the dog, and the dog wasn't like the pumpkins because there was no administrative action being taken to stop that kind of stuff, so a lot of people felt comfortable within their opinion. >> reporter: now, we are waiting to hear from administrators on camera. we did get a statement from michelle snider the principal, i'll read it to you. without question this kind of violent threats against our students will not be tolerated there noise place for hate in our schools or in our community and we simply will not accept this. we will prosecute any threats of violence to the fullest extent of the law in order to protect our students and staff now this situation is a little sticky because i'm told these threats, the threat happened on campus being investigated but pumpkin threats did not happen on campus. you're danny? i'm steve. we are waiting to speak to the joseph, i'm steve. how are you? nice to meet you sir. no different from everyone else. superintendent, superintendent krasner, we're told that the they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity.
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superintendent will come meet us off campus. steve called fairly frantic. we tried to go on campus about a half an hour ago when we you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just arrived but we were told we not welcomed and not allowed been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. to shoot video of the student or talk to them on campus. lauren brought out the best in me. they have to speak to us off she made me a different person. campus property. lauren's the spark that started the fire. we will stay on this, bring you very latest later. the goal is keep places like this open so all people, reporting live outside coatsville area senior high school, david spunt for cbs-3 regardless of disability, "eyewitness news". police officers were have an opportunity for employment. assigned to washington township high school today after racist text message there ishaonmedia, sparked fighg students. district held an emergency meeting for parents and students to discuss the issue. conflict started earlier this week when some students confronted those involved in a group text that contained profanity and racial slurs. some students say that the teachers were aware of the how is this for an idea controlling a machine with only your mind. property -- problem but failed >> well, it sounds like something out of the movie, to act. scientistness switzerland are trying to do just that. purpose of the project called mental work. volunteers will be trained to move a piece of steel unaudible. >> you have somebody and we're machinery by only using their thoughts. here's how it is supposed to
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work. participants will be told to think, just think of opening here. >> we will told students that or closing their hands while were involved in the exchange wearing helmets and read brain of racist messages have been activity. suspended for 10 days. once the machine learns those brain signals scientists say police are investigating a it will be ready to use. two vehicle crash on 242 north >> with the development of that sent a car in the wood these brain machine interfaces and snarled traffic during we think we are at the morning rush. chopper three over the scene beginning of a moment in time, this morning this happened around 7:45 near coals road in where man will be the center gloucester township. police say woman was trap in of all this technology. the overturn vehicle. his brain activity is going to she was later transported to a interact with the typical local hospital with world around him in ways that undisclosed injuries. we can hardly imagine today. well, republican senators show unity last night in >> project begins in passing a 4 trillion-dollar switzerland next friday and is expected to continue in san budget. francisco and boston next year >> fifty-one-49 vote paves way for tax reform later this year what are you doing, jim. >> i'm trying to start any correspondent seth lemon breaks down details from capitol hill. laundry, my washing machine from here. it will be folded by the time >> yes are 51, the no's are 49 i get home. >> next year. >> randy brassnick and joe a >> senate cast a mostly party cola took part in another line vote to approve a space walk at international space station. 4 trillion-dollar budget plan on thursday night. astronauts ventured out earlier today to conduct president trump praised the vote on twitter. maintenance on the station's this now allows for passage of robotic arm while the space the large scale tax cuts and station orbited more than 250
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reform which will be the miles above earth this was biggest in the history of our third space walk in two weeks country. >> we have a once in a for the space station's u.s. lifetime opportunity to scientists as they try to deal replace a failing tax code, with the complex repair to the that holds americans back with robotic arm which was one that actually works for installed 15 years ago. >> let me know later if your them. >> reporter: this budget makes washing machinist working. room for a tax reform plan >> i'm telling you, extra that would add one and a half softener in there, right now. trillion dollars to the federal deficit over 10 years, >> well, still ahead on "eyewitness news", letter on and it will allow senate board titanic survived trip to republicans to pass tax reform the bottom of the ocean, we , without a democratic will tell you how much it is filibuster, meaning they need selling for. just 51 votes instead of the season two of superior doughnuts is coming up fast. usual 60. sal benefitsy that the g.o.p. sneak peak is coming up. what a week of perfect wealthiest americans the most. weather all and all, we will >> essentially it green lights justin that trend, right here tax breaks forhe into and through the entire weekend, sunny skies for your th countryexpense both saturday and sunday. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan told cbs this daytime highs well in the morning that they will upper 70's and that isn't introduce a new tax bracket where it even wraps up, we designed to keep tax cuts from will keep that theme going but for how long? benefiting the top 1 percent. there is rain in the forecast. >> once we get that budget i'll let you resolution that tells us how our numbers will work and then we will introduce bill which will have that fourth bracket designed to make sure we have
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no drop in income tax rates for high income people. >> reporter: ryan says his goal, to get a tax reform bill out of the house in early november. >> mr. alexander. >> reporter: giving senate several weeks to consider and pass it before the end of the year. seth lemon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". california officials now getting a clearer picture of just how much damage was caused by this devastating wild fires. officials say early estimates show fires have cost the stay a little more than $1 billion. authorities raised number of homes, businesses destroyed in the fires to nearly 7,000. >> these are big numbers, very early. given a number of the challenges that people are having, you know, with getting into areas, and also given the enormous scope of these fires would i anticipate these numbers will rise significant ly. >> loss of life due to those fires also significant, 42 people have died, making it the deadliest series of fires in california's history. fbi is involved in the
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investigation into the deaths of four u.s. service member in the african country of niger. law enforcement official tells cnn that the investigators are on the ground, providing technical assistance and gathering, evaluating evidence related to this months attack. pentagon opened up an investigation to determine why dozens of ice ace fill eighth ed fighters were able to ambush a 12 man green beret led team, and also why the team did not have enough support to ward off the attack oscar winning actress le pitaluongo is latest person to identify herself as a victim of harvey weinstein. she recalls meeting weinstein as a student at yale school of drama her story is similar to other actresses who accused weinstein of acting prg claim that weinstein as massage. film director quenton tarantino is admitting he knew harvey weinstein was doing for years, now he is apologizing for staying>nt weinstein said e
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new yewed well, hit comedy series superior doughnuts returns to cbs for its second season on monday october 30th. lets take a look. >> good morning. what can i get >> what are le do say i'm a exquisite set of choke bones. >> i bet they do but i was talking about the doughnuts. >> right, right, we're a doughnut shop. i know just the one. mapel cream for the lady. >> you know, i recently spoke with the stars of the show jermaine fouler and nas about their new season and comedy tour that is coming to
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philadelphia. >> well, you've got a great cast, obviously there is some veterans that most people are familiar with and then there air lot of new folks, as well, what is best part of the working. i'm assuming different types of comedy as far as is what going on behind the scenes of that set. >> the best part of the working with the cast i is fan . i have watched all of these like guys, comedy. it has been very cool, and beyond that they arere work wit. >> tell us about this comedy tour, where are you heading. >> first stop we are going to new york. that will be, really fun. then we're going to philadelphia. >> philly. >> we are going to you, man. i'm doing a promo, your town. you are going down, you are going down, baby we are coming out and we did some stand up together, that happens to be four stand ups on the show me, jermaine, david kicknor and we
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did a couple shows out in l.a. people showed up. >> yeah, they showed up, man. >> we thought lets take this on the road. we are coming to philly. >> well, you will have your chance to see jermaine fouler and cast of superior doughnuts live at punch line comedy club next friday october 27th and if you go to c chance teeriormo. >> i don't know for sure but just watching that little guess they are exited to come to philly. >> yes. >> coffee with their doughnuts >> yes. >> wired for sound. >> yes. >> caffeinated. >> yes, no kidding. >> well, how do you like the weather, guys. >> love it. >> i love having elevator conversations when weather is like this because people are thanking me for days like this i will take credit, so cool, and it stays this way all weekend even into next week but then, pattern does change. >> yeah. >> here comes bad news. >> yes, exactly. at some point i have to cut
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you off from this. you can only have so much of a good thing. >> exactly. >> it looks nice up until that point. the time is on our side. we have sunshine for the rest of the day as well as through weekend and even into machine when you are not so excited about having to head back to work and school. it is still quiet. then things go downhill. lets start with the good news. we will get you outside and show you is what going on with storm scan which isn't heck of a lot. we have in the seen much going on in the last few days and we will not through the weekend either. let's move on. i will show you this wide zoom first. we have started to see moisture getting drawn from the gulf of mexico across eastern texas, dallas, houston getting hit with that but no storm really showing any sign of any organization just yet. that will change certainly in the days ahead but high pressure is still anchored overhead for us, anywheree of the mississippi, it is completely quiet for now. that really means that you've got just gorgeous conditions, outside, when we go to any of our different cameras in the feel. sixty-seven is the temperature at kutztown area middle school right now, not one cloud, to be found in that sky line, here, early this afternoon and
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that will be how it is rest of the day. all right, we are in the low to mid 70's, and handful of spots, still flirting with it in allentown and trenton. sixty-nine in lancaster. seventy even at the airport and we think we have got four more degrees up our sleeve before the afternoon is said and done. grove, doyletown, mount holly, list goes on where it is just comfortable outside. so hopefully, we will have the forthought if you have already been outside to walk out the door with the spare layer but now it is afternoon progresses you will be able to shed that and you will notice win beginning to pick up, too. that is something that is worth, just touching on real quickly here. it is not a major risk but for the eastern half of our area because we have low relative humidity and we have more noticeable breeze be smart about tossing cigarette butts, if you go to maybe the grill out here this evening don't leave the grill unattend. be smart since that fire risk is a little elevated. dropping down to 52 tonight under all clear sky and that theme continues for us as we mentioned looking ahead to the weekend. if you are watching this
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forecast and about ready to hit the road to head out to 322 and on your way to happy valley, it is looking good for that big game against michigan here on saturday evening. 60 degrees. you could not ask for more per football weather at end of october no less in center county. it looks really good. meanwhile union have their last home match in chester and that tall on energy stadium. it will be lit up in that full sunshine for yet another day, perfect weather, all weekend long whether we are going to any of those games or hanging out in the back deck, why not, mid up toker 70's right through weekend with that sunshine lasting us even right through monday and then we have monday night football to talk b so this is where we will start to see atmosphere shift somewhat. monday night i think we will be primarily seeing cloud building. we should stay d for football game but tuesday, well, time to dust off umbrella it not jusy heavy rounds of rain coming along and it could happen at anytime. >> enjoy the weekend. >> indeed.
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>> thanks, katie. letter written on the titanic, day before the ship sank in april of 1912 is being sold at auction. >> only letter to go down with the ship and survive as one of the last known letters to have been written on the titanic, it is expected to sell, how about this for more than $80,000. letter was written day before the disaster by a american businessman oscar halverson only letter before going in the water. it is bearing no scars from that immersion in the cold northern atlantic. >> now letter was written but never sent, and he was among 1500 who die the shipsa recovered with the letter his wife mary survived the sinking >> sad story there. >> really sad story but you love whenike that are discovered because now we can talk bit. >> now we can talk about it. >> if you say so, we will be
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later today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 new hope for cancer patients who have run out of options. health reporter stephanie stahl will show us how a new type of gene therapy is attacking most aggressive form of lymphoma today at 5:00. then tonight at 6:00 haircuts for the homeless one man's mission is being challenged by eventual cooler weather, that is why a business is stepping up to help them fight through colder moths for the greater good. see how tonight at 6:00. well, jim, finally this noon you don't to have board a
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station to travel through space because google, nasa can take through from your living room. >> google and nasa are offering free virtual space explorations. >> my gosh, it was released on thursday. technology simulates walking on the red planet and close-up discoveries made by curiosity rover. view it on computer, phone, through virtual reality headset just visit cbs philly .com for linc. >> we will all catch up on our sleep this week. we know how you feel. really cool thing going on tonight as well, weather will be nice, clear, and it is when the orionids meet your shower will peak. you will see about 20 plus meteors an hour ife night sky. >> looking forward to it. that is "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. for katie and all of us here, thanks for watching. we will see you on monday. >> you chris brown:
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a fighter for the working men and women of atlantic county. brown fought for what's right he fought to protect jobs in our region and to defeat the north jersey casinos. and now brown is working to keep atlantic county affordable for families and retirees. s keep chris brown fighting for us. chris brown for state senate, he's on our side.
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