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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 27, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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father, veteran..., but most of all, he's a fighter. chris brown has never been afraid to take on the big fights. that's why he stood up to republicans and democrats alike to fight the north jersey casinos and the takeover of atlantic city. chris brown is fighting to protect jobs in our region... a true champion for the working men and women of atlantic county. on november 7th, let's keep him fighting for us. chris brown for state senate, he's on our side. >> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> katie and meisha will be along in a moment. but first to start your day in the morning minute. today is friday, october 27th. >> new developments in the murder every two teens. >> this is avenue changing situation.
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police are looking for that person of interest, who lives on this block, where shots were fired early this morning. >> almost 54 years after president kennedy assassination, some 2800 previously secret documents, are now public. >> about expert say it could could take days if not weeks to make sense of it all. >> we can be the generation that ends the opioid epidemic. >> declaring opioid addiction a public health emergency. >> not lying if i say it is the best city in the worlds. >> a homecoming for m. night shyamalon and bruce willis who grew up in pennsgrove salem county new jersey. >> i like philadelphia a lot. i have friends here. and making movies ...
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>> head for the the hole. >> one of the best professional golfers, on the late late show with james cord on. >> and eighth of -- ace after forecast today, but then going downhill this weekend. >> yes. >> isn't jordan spieth a local guy, too, from the lehigh valley? >> i know twit letter tell fuss we're not sure. >> we'll finds out in 30 seconds. >> we are everywhere. we, delaware variance. >> yes, bruce willis, i found out today he's from new jersey >> i didn't know that either. >> yes. >> so cool. so cool. >> all kind of people. >> and us, of course. >> of course. >> we bring it from this area. >> except for jim, and meisha. okay. women, that's okay. >> we've adopted them. >> of course. well, do you have some very pleasant fall weather to enjoy here today, off to chilly start even between the break there i decided worthy of the
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scarf. nice clear sky. just cold outside. and specific to some areas, you're going toned up with some frost this morning, too, so we take you out to storm scan, not going to find any stormy weather. all clear. so there is frost advisory because of the clear sky and the winds eased un, in all of the counties shaded in the corn flour blue, so mainly the outlying sum. from just away from the shore and urban corridor. currently 45 in the city, heck of a lot cool near mount pocono, down to 33 this morning. we expect nothing but sunshine , so you can probably already guess the grade we will give for the day. solid a. yep, it is chilly, but it is late october, nothing new here , so lilo literation, sunglasses and sweatshirts are smart accessories to pack along today for yourself and the kids, but it looks like nice breitbart sunny day, meisha. so very nice fall weather >> blue route baltimore pike, looking right now, heads lights moving in the southbound direction looks
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like starting to heat up little bit right now actually both directions so blue route, maybe over the next 20, 30 minutes, factor in extra for your commute. headlights northbound direction, around the airport, looking real nice, although starting to see more of your friends and neighbors jump out on the roadway for this area, as well. vine near 95 i would say the vine around 59 actually looking okay. >> talking about an accident investigation in galloway township, pomona road closed between liebig avenue and moss hill road. looking around, there still seeing green on your majors, but i would still say if you can avoid the area you certainly want to do so, if you cannot avoid the area them want to make give yourself some extra time. jan, jim, back to you. >> thank you shall meisha. classified files on president f kennedy is fueling more
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conspiracy theories. >> there are certainly a lot out there. this after president trump decided to withhold some files because of security concerns. more on the story, good morning, jan. >> reporter: rahel, jim, good morning, national archives in washington responsible for releasing these documents but experts say it will take days if not weeks to fully make sense of it all. >> it is the day historians and conspiracy their orest haves been waiting around five decades for. the national air caves has released more than 2800 records related to the jfk assassination, the government required by 1992 law to make them public by thursday. so far we're finding it it is a picture every things we already new, some rumors, some inneundo. >> among the details printed in black and white, 25 minute before kennedy was shot, london reporter had received an anonymous tip, to call the us embassy, quote, for some big news. the fbi discussed lee harvey
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oswald prior to the assassination, he was part of pro fidel castro group that was on it radar plus the cuban leader met with us government officials and insisted neither he in nor his government had anything to do with the president's death. many who have investigated the assassination hoping to find more information about a mysterious week oswald spent in mexico city where he met with cuban and soviet spice as well as expert in assassinations. >> doesn't the cia know much more what was going on with oswald in mexico city? didn't they suspect he was much bigger threat? why didn't they washington wash of that at the time? >> other details unsealed include the cia discussed effort to assassinate castro, and even forge ties with the mob to possibly help. and the fbi received a call at its dallas office, threatening oswald's life the night before he was shot and killed by jack ruby. >> still, not all files were released. roughly 300 documents, are
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being classified at least for now out of concern for us national security. in a memo, president trump directed agencies that requested re dabbing sean to reconsider their reasons over the next five months, jim, rahel, important to note most historians do believe there was one shooter and no conspiracy. aren't expecting any bombshells here, so we'll glee so a lot of people still interested. thank you, jan, appreciate t time 5:37 in business news this morning, oh, oh, potential shortage of iphone pens. >> that's how i i want to spend a thousand dollars, jim. diane king hall joins us live from the new york took stock exchanges with that and more, good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, and jim, you guys are too cute. start from wall street, mixed finish fosh stocks, the dow gained 71 points, the nasdaq fell seven. iphone pen sales begin today. talking about pre-orders. the it is expected to be high but supplies low. multiple reports have indicate
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that a.m. sell having production problems with i had newest device, smart phones lands on store shelves november 3rd. >> flying high in the u.s., expected to soon be toppled by china, the international transport association predict that china will be the world's biggest air travel market in the next five years, all told nearly 4 billion people expected to fly the friendly skies this year, and by 2036 that figure is expected to almost double and headed to space if you want to find a great place to work one of the best employers, google, tezsla , also tops the list, notably missing from the top ten, amazon and uber. >> suber had quite the year. >> exactly. they've had a rocky year. >> sure have. with the eo and all of those
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allegations and the reports amazon was really competitive and intense environment, they had to fight back for that. >> remember the new york times big bombshell report about that, yes. sends kind of culture there. >> not like the culture around here, diane. >> we love cbs, diane, we love >> take care. well, take a look at this, do you like this? >> i like. >> yes, welshing un name telephone bidder paid 17.8 million bucks for it yesterday. do you like it that much? >> get out of town. >> yes, sotheby's new york but the rolex daytona once owned by actor newman, the highest ever paid for wrist watch at auction, not the records for a watch because the 1933 pocket watch made by a swiss watch maker went for 24 million a couple of years ago. >> i'll sit with my watch- watch and my hundred dollar watches that i buy on cruise ships, they work, up to
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five years you they look very nice. >> even at a discount, thank you. up next, bruce willis is the guest of honor in philly last night. >> we'll hit the red carpet with him coming up next. plus this. >> i'm kevin frazier, coming up george clooney direct his good butted i mark damon. >> and we're looking ahead to weekends that's true split. where we end up with some sun, but also some drenching rain and wind. i'll time out the latest frontal boundery for you, also the halloween forecast, first, your cure auto insurance travel forecast. >> mandy?
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>> george clooney, the cohen brothers and matt damian team up for new movie opening this weaken. here is entertainment tonight kevin frazier with a preview. >> i'm kevin frazier there is week, george clooney stays
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behind the scenes, directing his good buddy mate matt damian. >> i have to make decisions like what's best for the family. >> you what look for is talent , leadership. and whether you can't get that , you get mad. >> a follower. >> a follower. >> that's why he likes me, i'm very direct. >> good buddies who enjoy giving each other a hard time. george both directed and co- wrote, which is peaceful, eye deed i can, in the 50's, that has dark under belly of betrayal, deceit, and violence . >> we laughed every single day >> yes. >> and not, which is not to say, we didn't do our work, kind of creating this environment of like freedom. it was really nice. and but we just had fun.
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>> the film also co-stars julianne moore, and oscar isaac. >> this has a bunch of of little red flags. >> originally slated for george, and glad. >> i gave it up to guess the oscar on boards. >> listen tax great part, honestly if you can get oscar isaac for anything, take it, you can pretty much elevate anything. >> i could have you killed in mo time. >> i could kill you, too. >> the idea, you got to sort of entertain people and walk away, talking about things great, if they don't at least they got to see matt damian get punched in the face. >> that hurt. >> we all flinched at that one >> what do you call it, your money maker? >> will the forecast hurt? >> depend on how you look at it, i mean, we're in at least abnormally dry period right now. we're just starting to make
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our appearance known on the us drought monitor right now, so, you know, can always use the rain. what stinks, though, it is on a sunday, eagles game day, a lot of fall festivals going on , people want to get out. i get it. the time willing not change, amazing all day sunday. prepare for t if you really want to get out, there i know the diehard eagles fans will, be ready. this is where we come n we want to help you get prepare for all of that. taking a look outside, spot this morning outside hotel bethlehem where you might encounter little bit every frost, that you need to be thawing off your windshield before go anywhere. temperatures have been dropping pretty easily here this morning, and you have also got pretty light wind. so those two things in tandem will lead to perfect ingredient, good set up for us to see frost form, tough to tell if there is any actually forming right now, but again, at least one of the spots that's prone to see that. we check in with the eyewitness weather watchers, they, too, reporting chill in the air. look at this. you've got temperatures at least or at most really into the upper 30's, the best we've
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seen so far. looks like it is 39 degrees, see, from bill, just next-door to philly in cart inning ton, pretty clear sky for him right now. but yes, turning very chilly. the colds he is spot, most likely areas where you will see some frost, are down through south interior new jersey take a look, 32 degrees , where john jenkins is reporting in perkasie, with the clear sky do you have allow for that. actually had little light frost on his windshield. frost advisory in those vehicles sections of those area, philadelphia prom err and the flanked cities along i95, basically you won't have to contend with that. around the corner, things in focus at this point, high pressure briefly in control for us. here is your system starting to gather pretty nice organization, this is the frontal boundery that will maurice, and eventually, join up with a batch of tropical moisture, which at the moment isn't even visible on this map so, let's take to you spot where it in fact is.
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that's down across parts of the caribbean here, where it is this batch of tropical moisture again, starting to lift north, and that's got 50- 50 shot of developing into something larger, this will march north this will maurice, two gwen and bamm you have yourself a big heavy duty storm system, and that specially will be a problem, i think, for new england, but we , too, are likely to see some pretty gusty winds out of this, and certainly some drenching rainout of it. we will take t even though it is an all day event. it looks like it is here on sunday basically throughout the day. maybe moving in as early as overnight saturday. rain amounts could total up to couple of inches. winds gust, winds swept rain, make no mistake, as high as 30 , 40 miles per hour. but jump it up to tuesday. looks like great halloween forecast, cool granted but for the standards, nothing atypical at all. >> yes, really can't complain about 60 on halloween, i would take it, thanks so much. and very good morning to all of you. thanks for waking up with us. looking outside at the boulevard, really starting to heat up now. >> this kind of gorgeous, kind of cool shot here.
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but the boulevard you can see how many headlights are out there as you're all headed toward the schuylkill. if you jump on the schuylkill westbound around city avenue, that's where we are starting to look pretty busy. so the boulevard certainly starting to heat up right now, pushing in the southbound direction, vine, kind of the same story here, we can expect it now, that we're poaching the 6:00 hour, so, westbound jump around on the schuylkill, tapping brake lights little bit. eastbound, heating up all morning long, same stormy, 42 northbound at creek road, take it to 295 see how many headlight are out there. accident investigation underway, galloway township, you will have to use alternate , jimmy leads road and wrangleboro road your best bet. pa turn peak weekend closure between bensalem and delaware valley. overnight to saturday 6:00 a.m. then saturday, 11:00 p.m. overnight, to sunday at 5:00 a.m. jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank you shall meisha. new jersey native bruce willis gets big award at the 26th annual philadelphia film festival.
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>> director m. night shyamalon was there, as well. two celebrated last night at the ben franklin house. willis received award for his passion, for film making as art form and growing industry here in philadelphia. shyamalon by the way won the same award last year. the duo currently film m night 's, and have been spotted throughout philadelphia, willis grew up in pennsgrove salem county not far from the city. >> (talking quietly) >> he said similar things happens when he goes to new york, you go to film there and you fall in the lover with the sit. he lovers philadelphia. nice to hear bruce willis, and he stars in m night's glass set to be released in early 2019. >> looking for something to do this weekend, weaver a spooky suggestion. >> coming up: i'll take to you this year's boo at the zoo final few days to see it.
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>> ♪ beginning to look a lot like christmas ♪ >> putting me in a panic. halloween isn't until next week. stepping out for christmas, beginning to look a lot like christmas in manayunk. you're right, katie fehlinger. where "eyewitness news" spotted snowflakes and garland , hanging, at least the weather is finally feeling a bit more seasonal. >> jim, i have good news for you, i've already created my christmas list for you. >> perfect. >> so i'll get it to you today >> you know you like to shop early. >> yes. >> we will talk about this, but we will be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> last chance to visit boo at the zoo. >> and there is plenty to do, like trick-or-treating, and of course seeing the animals. i went to check it out, got quite the square myself. >> if you dare to visit boo at the zoo, this weekend, they
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warn you're in for a scare. >> oh, wow. nailed it. good job, buddy. >> okay, okay. will probably be more cute than chilling. >> boo at the zoo is a philadelphia tradition, philadelphia zoo tradition to be sure. >> year after year the event bridges out young people, oftentimes thousands, many in costumes, for trick-or-treating and halloween theme fun with the animals. >> it is really one of our favorite weekends. >> there are bears, that's blue. >> blue. >> like in the jungle pool. >> yes, the bear from the jungle book. >> four year old and his love bird kayla were brought together two years ago to hopefully mate. they clearly love pumpkins. >> oh, he's going after the pumpkin in the back. >> their lizards, that look like snakes, by the way, terrified of snakes. >> sorry. >> , no no, no. >> when they're being chased by a preditor this can he can actual i drop their tail. it shatters into tons of little pieces. and that scares the preditor. not only do does it get them
5:56 am
off their tail it, scares the preditor because it is so surprising. >> there is a fascination with a bat. why do you think that is? >> well, bats are one of the animals everybody knows about them, they don't really know that much about them. they hear the cool things. you know, they're a mammal but they can fly. they use echo locations. >> i know people think they're spooky and scary, associated with halloween for that reason , but i think they're really cute. >> there are owls like mya who is from the wild. there are some very common misconceptions about owls. one, they sleep during the day not necessarily. people often also think they can turn their heads around all the way. not completely. they can go about 270 degrees. i'm saying, that's pretty impressive, not quite 360. so come, learn, tricks and treats. >> yes, much thanks to the people at the philadelphia zoo boo at the zoo is just the cost of the regular zoo add meg, but i had fun. i asked them because i was limb embarrased how old are people who come to boo at the
5:57 am
zoo? >> she said everyone comes to boo at the zoo. >> i had a lot of fun. >> on that note we will be right back. >> and the
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steve sweeney says a lot of things. but the truth is, he's not on our side. ah, here we go. 60 second rotini hi, honey! hey mom! are you eating well? umm...yeah i'm actually making something right now. new barilla ready pasta. deliciously al dente in just 60 seconds. simply add your favorite ingredients... that looks amazing! ...and enjoy. hey, there you go. i can almost smell it. new barilla ready pasta. 60 seconds to wonderful. um, elbow! oh, sorry mom! >> shot fired overnight. >> jnk files released but many remain sealed.
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we'll take a look what the we learned and what remains a mystery this morning. >> little bit of everything in the weekend forecast. katie lets us know whether we can get inside, and whether we may just want to stay inside. >> today is october 27th, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel sulliman. good morning, ladies. >> hey, well, you know, the in worlds of travel, not much going on. >> i know. >> the worse thing i can say, oh, a lot might be happening? right? actually looking really good this morning. >> that's why you say it, start knocking on anything that resembles wood, because do you have keep it real. and the forecast, still looking pretty good. at least i have the benefit of forecasting here where meisha has to roll with it, but dow know for sure today will be totally quiet. and tomorrow, as well, for the most part, really looking ahead to nice fall weather here today. off to chilly start. storm scan, empty. moving on. all right, taking a look at the far north and western suburbs, you get the idea.


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