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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 16, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> acierates roads to start your day, during the evening rush, may be causing even more trouble this morning. >> firefighters rich to burning house in south jersey. congressional republicans release a final version of their tax bill. i'm weijia jiang on capitol hill with a look at the highlights. >> today is saturday, december o , let's get a check on the forecast with chelsey ingram. >> good morning to you. some of the roads definitely come pro miles dollars out there because of the snow that fell yesterday. we received couple of inches actually right here in philadelphia.
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we will take you to live look now at the city. you can see the skyline lit up there in the background. yesterday evening, you could hardly even see the skyline because of the reduced visibility, snow coming down at very fast clip. in fact at times around 1 inch per hour. but you can see, completely different story right now on storm scan3, much quieter, although, leading into the afternoon, evening, we could still see snow shower making its way into the poconos and the lehigh valley. i'll be showing you snow totals throughout the show this morning. look at the totals in delaware from yesterday, marshall tonight 3.2 inches, price's corner, 3 inches, just under two and a half in newark, and hokessing around 2 inches, and in smyrna, little bit over 1 inch there. temperatures right now, in the teens, and 20's, 30 degrees actually in wildwood. but his is where we have the problem. love that snow that fell, it did ice over, as we moved into the overnight hours, tonight, and that's why a lot of the roads are compromised. it is 21 degrees in philadelphia. right around 12 degrees in
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millville believe it or not. 23 degrees in atlantic city. we will be on the rise as we head into the noon hour, temperatures rise above freezing, we should get some melting by the latter part of the afternoon, with a high of 41, it will be a brisk one, but see some sunshine, as well also, warm up headed our way, details in in your full forecast, jan, back to you. >> sounds good, thank you, chelsey. 5:02, snow left over from yesterday, causing problems this morning. that's after temperatures drastically plummet today overnight causing those roads to freeze. "eyewitness news" reporter, natasha brown, caught up with some people navigating the tricky roads. >> i've been out here for the last six hours. >> mike wilson, private connecticut tractor. >> i just couldn't get around the sit. >> i he had to cancel several appointment balls of the gridlock he met during the height of the snowfall seemingly at every turn. >> i was on 95. i was on 76. it was -- it was as bad as i've ever seen it. >> a nightmare-ish commute from the city to the suburbs,
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as the heaviest snow began to fall, right as drivers were getting on the roads. a sea of brake lights here along 76 friday evening, as drivers inch every along at a snail pace. >> blue route, took us about an hour and a half. and just to get up to city line avenue, with another hour and a half. yes, it was really bad. >> cheryle's trek home included a spin out and lots of slow traffic. bumper to bumper. bumper to bumper cars of the earlier it was -- everybody was sliding. it was crazy, like we literally had to take your time, i had my hazard lights on, i had to get home. >> it led to inoperable city light from 17th to jfk and 15th and 16th and the parkway, it snarled traffic even more in these areas. police officers helped to keep the flow of traffic moving, as smoothly as possible. >> it has been very very long day. >> natasha brown, cbs-3, " eyewitness news". >> now, to our developing story, this morning,
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firefighters rush to a huge fire in cumberland county, new jersey, flames broke out inside of this home on the 500 block cedar ville. we're told the fire grew to three alarms there. officials are trying to figure out with a sparked the flames of the at last check, no injuries. >> fire forced evacuation after retirement community in newtown square. chopper three over dunn woody village west chester pike. >> this call came in about 9:30 last night, flames there were under control in just about half hour. officials evaculated the village, because of smokey conditions there, but there are no reports of any injuries so far, no word on what caused that fire. in other news today, grand jury is calling on penn state university to change greek life culture on its campus. this comes after the drinking death of 19 year old fraternity pledge, timothy piazza, in may. "eyewitness news" reporter sean with more on the grand
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jury recommendation. >> the grand jury, frankly, was appalled to the extent of the bold necessary of the hazing that happened in that house. >> center county district attorney stacey clarks-miller talking about the release of the grand jury report on the fraternity culture at penn state university. the 144-page document out lines the grand jury's conclusions and recommendations since the deadly hazing of 19 year old timothy piazza. the sophomore died on may 5th after a night of heavy drinking while pledging at the fraternity house of beta theta pi. thomas kline, the attorney for tim piazza's parents passed the grand jury report. >> they're whole heart educationally committed, whole heart educationally, with every ounce of their energy, in to seeing that another son or daughter doesn't come home in a coffin. >> the grand jury found that hazing was in the greek community at penn state is quote rampid and pervasive. the report makes 12 recommendations.
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among them, establish ago hazing hotline, strengthening the law for furnishing to minors, and strengthening penn state's hazing policy. since piazza's death the university has already adopted a 15-point plan, mend to -- meant to address hazing misconduct, and i will legal consumption of alcohol. it also imposed spot check team to patrol for safety regulations, they argue they shouldn't be held criminally responsible for piazza's death , because they claim their clients didn't force piazza to drink the alcohol. and in a statement red allowed by tom kline decline, tim piazza's parents dis a grow. >> tim will not be with us this coming christmas day due to the failures at penn state and the criminal activity of those charged. >> and the university released a statement today reading in part the penn state community continues to mourn the death of timothy piazza and all victims of hazing across the
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nation. the university will not forget these tragic deaths, as we continue our efforts to change the greek life culture. since timothe piazza's death, the school has bands his fraternity. cbs-3, "eyewitness news." delaware officials have agreed pay more than seven and a half million dollars to settle a lawsuit over a prison stand-off that left a guard there dead. six inmates were charged with first degree murder and assault in the death of steven floyd, the stand-off as you may remember happened at the james t vaughn correctional, 11 plaintiffs, including six department of correction employees, and floyd's relatives, will share the money. and an investigation is now underway, after stand sayings worker was caught on camera appearing to steel someone's package. a woman posted this surveillance video to facebook thursday night. after her neighbor asked about a package he was expecting.
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this happened 2100 block of oklahoma dale street in the kensington neighborhood. now the video reportedly shows sanitation worker taking a package off someone's stoop, then throwing it into the back of the the gang ban truck, but before it can be crushed the driver appears to remove it, the city now investigating. temple university police now have a person of interest after several racist flyers were posted around the school 's campus. the flyer seen here, appeared to blame african-americans for bernie sanders, not winning the presidency. a racial slur was written on it in large letters. campus police have released surveillance photos showing the person they suspect of posting the flyers. they're asking anyone with helpful information to come forward. >> president trump may get his tax reform bill passed in time for christmas. after last minute negotiations , and revising the massive overhaul american your it, looks like the gop is nearing a deal. weijia jiang takes a look.
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>> republicans cans may be on the verge every reforming the nation's tax system. >> it has been 31 years in the making. >> texas congressman, kevin brady, is the chairman of the house committee in charge of writing tax bills. >> one of the reasons we're going have very strong middle class tax relief, but also going to have tax relieve for families who live in the high tax states. >> friday two potential hold out signal may intends to support the bill, including tennessee senator, bob corker, who voted against the senate version. and senator marco rubio was won over by last minute deal to increase the refundable child tax zero tax credit to $1,400. >> working families raising children, people making 20, 30 , 40, $50,000, are going to be able to keep more of their monday. >> i other highlight of the bill, standard deductions will double, and the corporate tax rate goes down from 35 to 21%. democrats lashed out immediately after the final version of the bill was released. senate minority leader, chuck chummier, says the new plan is
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the opposite of what america needs. in a statement, schumer said, under this bill the working class, middle class, and upper middle class get scured while the rich and wealthy cover ration cents make out like bandits. law make letters have the weekends to read the bill before voting on it next week. there is still concern about republicans, john mccain, and that cochran, battling illnesses. but both are expected to vote yes. weijia jiang, for cbs-3, " eyewitness news". meantime, president trump lashed out again at the fbi claiming it reputation is in tatters on his way to the fbi training academy the president vowed to rebuild the bureau, he seized on this week's revelation that an f.b.i. agent involved in the russian investigation sent text messages disparaging trump while he was a candidate. special council robert mueller fired that agent. >> everybody, not me, want everybody, the level of anger, as what they've been witnessing with respect to the
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f.b.i. is certainly very sad. >> now, democrats accuse the president every trying to shut down mueller's investigation. the workplace gets a new referee. coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news," how a 1990's icon, in a battle against sexual harrassment is playing a new role. plus, where she'll start that new gig. >> the philly fan at sick called in to help a holiday mission. how he and a motorcade of dozens of cars are putting the drive in food drive. and hogan's heroes, how this toy drive helps children and their families all around the region during the holidays. that's whether "eyewitness news" continues, we'll be right back.
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>> hollywood is cracking down on sexual misconduct, aimed at tackling the problem, entertainment executives, made that announcement yesterday. called commission on sexual harrassment and quality if the workplace, plans to foster culture of respect and human dignity throughout the industry. now, hill puckly accused u.s. supreme court justice clarence thomas of sexual harrassment, back in 1991. >> republican roy moore, who dismissed sexual miss misconduct allegations against him, still hasn't conceded to democrat doug jones. jones beat him in alabama senate race on tuesday, moore sent out e-mail yesterday, asking his supporters to crib to his election integrity
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funds. he also asked them to come forward with any problems they had at the polls. >> well, those long lines at the check out counter may soon be shortened. starting in april, few credit card companies will let you skip signing your name for in- store purchases, including american express, mastercard and discover. so far, visa has not said whether it will do the same. meantime, the oxford dictionary has pickets words of the year. you ma have i heard it before. it is youth-quake. it is defined as a significant cultural, political or social change, a rising from the actions or influence of young people. youth-quake was coined almost 50 years ago by vote vogue editor. oxford says use of the term increased five times. between 2,016 and this year. well, dozens every toyota tundras rumble through philadelphia with one mission in minds, delivers meals to the hungry. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos was at citizens bank park, as the toyota tub
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dray food drive received its largest donation ever, 170 tons of food. >> this may look like a construction site, but it is actually a massive food drive. toyota's hall away hunger campaign, with philabundance, is underway. the philly phanatic directing traffic. >> we have 7800 down here today. >> line of tundra trucks makes its way into south philly friday. >> our 11th annual hall away tundra food drive. >> loaded with thousands every pounds every donated food. >> which feeds up teen amount of people in philadelphia. >> the 11th year of the association hall away hunger campaign. >> we started out with five trucks, couple of dealers got involved with it. >> paul mueller the association president, and says the donation drive has been growing ever since. >> we are doing the best we can to help as many people as we can. >> all of this food, enough to
5:17 am
feed 350,000 people in our region, is being trucked back to philabundance headquarters. >> the problem, response from people like toyota and the partners here keeps getting bigger. >> the executive director says the hunger problem is growing. and any help is welcome. >> this hunger year around, we see it in the nine count that's we operate in with the other partners that we work with. this is everywhere. >> for the lip, they are the companies that donate money for food. the pick up tricks that transport them to south philly and the forklift operators who donate their time. >> twenty-four, 25 guys, and we will be here about six, seven hours. >> all to get a hot meal to someone who is hungry. in south philly, greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". always a great event, and chelsey, you saw, they were all bundled up out there, too, it is cold. >> it is cold, do you have bundle up this morning, as
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well, watch for some of the compromised roadways. let me show you what you can expect throughout the day today. you have to watch for the slick spot, also, on driveways , sidewalks, anything that was untreated yesterday, because a lot of that snow did ice over, as we moved into the overnight hours tonight, and also into this morning. we will see some sun and clouds mix later on this afternoon, it will be brisk, but at least get some melting as temperatures rise above freezing, but windchills are going to be in the 20's, 30's, today. so yes indeed, bundle up. pretty much all day. here is a live look right now at center city, where we have current temperature right around 21 degrees. you can see, some of the sheen on the roadway, still have the fresh snow, that fell yesterday, on some of the grassy areas, and pretty much anywhere that wasn't cleared on off. i'll show you some snow totals across pennsylvania, levittown , right around 3.2 inches. and media, around 3.1 inches of snow fell. and chaddsford, around 2.8, 2.3 in king of prussia. and then in philadelphia, right around 2.2 inches of
5:19 am
snow at the airport, so that bridges our grand total for december, officially, to around 7.7 inches. now, you nare to our average yearly snowfall, of 22.4, the numbers are certainly adding up, and winter has not even officially arrived yet. we received that 7.7 inches all within one week. 21 degrees right now in philadelphia. it is 19 in millville. twenty-three in atlantic city. definitely chilly start to your saturday morning. twenty in trenton. we're at 19 in allentown, 17 mount pocono, 23 in reading, we're in the teens also in lancaster, but it feels even cold nerve some spots. you factor in the wind, when temperatures are already this cold, only takes a little bit of winds to make it feel much colder. it feels more like 12 in philadelphia, actually, single digits up in the poconos, around in allentown, feels like 11 degrees in millville. when you factor in the windchill. temperatures well beyond the rise by lunchtime at 36 degrees, so above freezing, we get some good melting going
5:20 am
on as temperatures rise above freezing, plus, the sunshine to help us out with that, as well. it will be brisk afternoon. by 3:00 high temperature right around 41 degrees. storm scan3 painting much quieter picture compared to what we dealt with yesterday evening. and it is going to be rather quiet throughout the day today how much, we could see snow shower moving through the poconos, also into allentown, later on this afternoon and evening, quiet sunday, then sunday night with a warmfront we could see snow shower around, even brief minks before we dry out, heading into monday, and very quiet week is actually going to be setting up along with a warm up. so that dip in the jet stream that brought thaws challenging colds for several days in a row, that's finally exiting off to the north and east, jet stream lift north, and that's going to allow some more comfortable weather to head our way by monday, by tuesday, talking high temperatures in the 50's, and i'll show that you in the seven day forecast. brisk with sun and clouds today, high right around 41 degrees, as we head into tonight. overnight low temperature around 30. partly cloudy, still chilly,
5:21 am
not as cold as we were last night. your eyewitness weather, 40 sunday, for cbs-3 toyfest, drop off those unwrapped toys, 48 degrees on monday, and very mild, by tuesday, with well above average temperatures, 56 , winter officially arrives, jan , on thursday. >> yes, thank you, chelsey. 5:21 now, toy drive started by two children is sending thousands of toys to the children's hospital of philadelphia. helpers load add truck as part of hero's third annual toy drive. drive started by young young siblings who lost their cousin holden to traumatic brain injury. holden's aunt tells " eyewitness news" the toy drive is both about the kids, and their parents. >> colton was in the hospital during the holidays. we realized how opinion it is just to give these par ain't little something just a moment of somebody is thinking about us, somebody driving to make our life little easier, trying to make the holidays little nicer for the kids. >> houlton's heroes is dedicate today supporting parents whose children have
5:22 am
suffered traumatic brain injuries early in life. >> and reminder, you can take part in our "joy of sharing" toyfest. we will be collecting toys all day long, on monday, starting at 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. in the evening right here at our cbs studios 15 a 455 hamilton street. we hope you can stop basilica of saints peter and paul, say hello, drop off new un road topped -- toy. >> still ahead, the latest star wars film packs theatres. >> entertainment tonight, coming up, the force is strong , star wars the last is jedi,
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>> welcome back, the force is with star wars fans at the river view plaza theatre in
5:25 am
south philadelphia. excited fans returned to check out star wars the last jedi. the old charge remembers back, along with some new ones. previews actually began thursday night, and the last jedi has already earned $45 million. that's the second largest gross for a thursday. the film has star studded cast including daisy ridley, who returns as ray. here is entertainment tonight, kevin frazier. >> in theatres this weekends, the star wars saga continues, with daisy ridley back as ray, she's deep in jedi training with none other than luke sky walker. >> something inside me has always been, i was awake and i need help. >> we pick upright where we left off. what's great is the audience is with her the whole way. like they're seeing her journey as key's experiencing it. >> i've seen this only once before. it can didn't scare me enough then.
5:26 am
it does now. >> it is so thrilling. i mean, it is a project like no other. i mean, it has end gender such passion amongst the fans. >> john and oscar ice rick back fighting the evil empire in star wars, the last jedi. lord joins the cast as new leader of the resistance. >> she had very different strategy of what the resistance should be doing, and it rubs po the wrong way. >> daisy ridley shares her memories of kerry fisher's final performance as princess leia. >> the first time around there was a behind the scenes release where he and i were dancing between takes, this time i think hopefully it captured eude us singing between takes, so it was probably that, just joy shah she brought to the set. >> for entertainment tonight,
5:27 am
i'm kevin frazier. >> and coming up in the next half hour, right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news": the main roads and highways are doing okay this morning after a snow causes trouble on the way home yesterday, but black ice is the concern right now as you step out the door. we will take a look. >> and, after the death after penn state pledge, a grand jury tells the university what it needs to do to reform its fraternity culture. "eyewitness news" continues at
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news " this morning. good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. a cold and possibly icy start if you're headed out the door early today. let's get right out to meteorologist, chelsey ingram on the cbs-3 skydeck with a big coat in tow, thank you, kelly. >> good morning to you, good morning to you at home. all it takes is a little bit every winds to make it feel even colder outside, right, especially when temperatures are in the 20's, as we start out your saturday. let me take to you our graphics now. show you a look at storm scan3 , you can see, much quieter picture, compared to what we dealt with yesterday evening and last night. we still see snow shower passing through the lehigh valley and poconos later this afternoon and evening, but otherwise quiet across the rest of the delaware valley. we talk snowfall totals now. this is for new jersey, and berlin, around 3.6 inches of snow fell, that's one of the
5:31 am
higher winters there. in toms river, around 3.5 inches every snow, and florence, around three. two and a half inches fell in mt. holly, hammonton around two and a half inches as well. current temperatures are checking in in the teens and 20's, and it is 21 degrees right now in philadelphia, but it feels more like the teens even when you factor in just that little bit every wind. nineteen right now in allentown, 20 in trenton, 12 degrees in millville, we're in the 20's and 30's, down the shore. 23 degrees right now in atlantic city. so across the region today, looking at high temperature around 41 in philadelphia, we should get some melting going on later this afternoon, the sunshine should help with that down the shore, 44 degrees, partly sunny, breezy, then mostly cloud which few snowflakes maybe snow shower in the poconos, with a high of 29 degrees. we will talk about a slight warm up headed our way and your full forecast coming up. jan? >> i'll take any warm up, thank you, chelsey. 5:31 now, yesterday's snow is creating a slippery start for drivers this morning. temperatures dropped below
5:32 am
freezing overnight, turning some spots on the roads to ice "eyewitness news" reporter anita o live in media this morning, where some areas saw over 3 inches of snow. good morning, anita. how does it look there? >> reporter: good morning, jan , i will say say it is cold outside, but major loads are looking just fine, how much, the secondary streets that we've been driving through this morning, still slushy, some of them still coated and they do have some slick and slippery spots. and these are, of course, all of the remnants of a very messy evening commute. during rush hour. >> nightmare-ish gridlock. >> i was on 95, i was on 76. it was as bad as i've ever seen it. >> during the evening commute, snow began to fall across the region. >> blue route took us about an hour and a half. and just to get up to city line avenue, was another hour and a half. yes, it was really bad. >> cheryle's trek home included a spin-out she says and plenty of slow traffic.
5:33 am
>> bumper to bumper, bumper to bumper cars. earlier it was everybody sliding, crazy, we literally had to take our time. i had my traffic lights on. >> traffic snarled in center city 15th and 17th and yfk boulevard and 15th and 16th and the parkway, due to inch offer recall traffic lights. >> it has been a very long day >> in south philly penndot could be seen preparing salt trucks, across the bridge in camden county, crews say they're red. >> i we're ready to go. our guys are always ready to go, 24 hours, couchee brewing, and i'm ready to hit the road. >> and we're already seeing some more activity, as people wake up, head out the door this morning, but it is definately while the major roads are look okay, some of the secondary streets are slippery, and do have some of those icy spots, so as always, in these types of situations, use caution. for now live in media, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." yes, still slippery in my neighborhood this morning. thanks, anita, good advice.
5:34 am
in other news today, grand jury has issued a skating report on hazing and fraternity culture at penn state university. it is in response of course to the alcohol fueled death of pledge timothy piazza. center county district attorney, stacey parks-miller announced the found action yesterday n may the grand jury recommended criminal charges after intoxicated piazza fell and died inside of the beta theta pi howls, the report criticized the fact that fraternities are not overseen by the university, but by students through through an inter fraternal council. >> what did we learn? the ifc self-regulation was a joke and a catastrophy. the grand jury, frankly, was appalled to the extent of the boldness of the haze that happened in that house. >> since piazza's death, penn state has permanently banned his fraternity. the university says it will not forget piazza, as it continues effort to change the greek life culture there.
5:35 am
>> a bucks county judge has ordinary man charged in the death of his two year old son to stand trial. back in october, police say, christopher coon caused a crash while running from police, after stealing from a walmart in tullytown. authorities say coon's son was in that vehicle, and died from injuries in that crash. they say coon abandoned the toddler and fled the scene. coon is scheduled for trial on march 26th. the united nations security councils sill focusing its attention on north korea and its recent missile tests. yesterday secretary every state rex tillerson represented the us. backing away from a proposal to start talks. here is cbs news correspondent laura. >> reporter: secretary every state, rex tillerson, addressed the un security council on what calls the greatest threat to us national security. north korea. >> our message today is one that this body has heard before and one that we will continue to repeat. the united states will not allow the regime to hold the
5:36 am
world hostage. >> last month, panning yank launched missile into waters near japan, but experts say it had the capacity to reach anywhere in the u.s. it was one of at least 20 balistic missile launches north korea conducted over the past year. >> we believe that more can and must be done beyond enforcing the minimum requirements of the security council resolutions. >> tillerson called on both russia and china to put pressure on north korea. he says, that russia is helping to pay for north korea 's nuclear program, and china is providing the country with oil. earlier this week, tillerson said the us would be willing to start diplomatic talks with north korea without preconditions, but the white house dismissed the offer, saying, talks can only take place after north korea stopped provoking its neighbors, and takes sincere and meaningful steps toward the de nuclear is agents, tillerson contradicted himself >> i said earlier this week, cessation of north korea threat edge behavior must
5:37 am
occur can you before talks can begin. >> north korea ambassador said his company is a responsible public, peace loving state, and the us terrified by its countries incredible might. cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> after a day of arm twisting , it does look like the gop is on the bring every passing president trump's tax reform plan. two potential held-outs signal they intends to vote for the bill. florida senator marco rubio won over by a last minute deal to increase the refundable child tax credit to $1,400. tennessee senator bob corker is also voting yes. democrats say the tax cuts largely benefit the rich, a final vote is expected next week. effort to keep health insurance for thousands every pennsylvania children could be fruitless if congress doesn't act. pennsylvania governor, tom wolf, was at children's hospital of philadelphia. he re-signed chip, the children's health insurance program. however, federal funding for
5:38 am
that program ran out in september, after congress failed to re-authorize it. now the governor says, he's too long work with congress on a bill. >> and i stand ready to help anybody in washington who wants to understanded how we can get some bipartisan work to refund this really important piece of legislation >> now the governor says about 180,000 children are currently enrolled in chip, right here in pennsylvania, 9 million children are enrolled all across the country. philadelphia officials are trying to keep kids safe from firearms, with a gun law give away. sheriff deputies handed out free gun locks at broad and chestnut streets in center city, according to research by the children's hospital of philadelphia. nearly 2 million children in the u.s. live in homes with unlock guns. at least three accidental shootings in philadelphia involving children, between august and november of this year. we still have so much more
5:39 am
to cover right here on cbs-3 " eyewitness news" this saturday morning. first, she said yes. now they're setting the date for when they say i do. coming up: where and when harry and megan plan to tie the knot not. and the search for life in another worlds leaves nasa to a startling discovery in outer space. find out what they've learned from light years away. >> and watch your stuff this morning, the snow has stopped falling, but the slush has now turned to ice. chelsey ingram's eyewitness weather forecast is just minutes away. stay with us.
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>> precious harry and his fiancee meghan markle have set a date to get married. the they'll exchange viewers on may 19th of next year. they'll tie the knot in front of, get this, 800 of their closest friends and family, and you know people watching all around the worlds, too, prince harry and markle took the worlds by storm last month when they announced their engagement after meeting on a blind data year ago. >> nasa is celebrating after ground breaking artificial intelligence helped discover a new planet. researchers used advanced machine learning technology from google to find a planet thousands of light years away. michelle miller explains how the new technology could impact the search for alien life and another hanible planet. >> in the never-ending search for life beyond planet earth,
5:43 am
nasa scientists have uncovered the only other eight planet solar system they know of that circles a sun. with help from google, and their machine learning computer software, scientists analyzed thousands of data points captured from this nasa planet hunting space telescope , the kepler. that data helped researchers discover this new planet, kepl er90i. >> having all of this data coming from kepler from scientists is like trying to drink from a fire host. >> derrick pits say the way the new planet was discovered that has scientists buzzing. and makes their jobs easier. >> the google ai system has been able to search through that pile of information much faster than humans have been able to dig through it. you think about the analogy of the number of stars in the galaxy, like the number every sands grains on beach, it is as if we've been asked to search through all of the sand grains on the beach to find just the red sand grains.
5:44 am
>> like earth, kepler90i is the thirds planet from it sun in a eight planet system. but, unlike earth? >> the temperature on the surface of this plan set about 800 degrees fahrenheit, which is far too hot for the possible development of life as we know it, it is about 2500 light years away. that means, even traveling at the speed of light, it would take us 2,500 years just to get there. >> michelle miller, cbs news, new york. pretty cool. some of the flyers took a break from the ice to visit some kids at the children's hospital of philadelphia. and they did not come empty handed. players came armed with holiday goodies for the children there. they played around a rounds every bingo or two with the kids, even showed off their arts and crafts skills. >> let's take a look at the weather forecast, chelsey, another cold one out there today. >> another cold one, by the way, going to my first flyers game in january, real excited about that. take a live look at our live neighborhood network. looking at boards walk plaza in rehoboth, actually i'll be
5:45 am
traveling down this way later today for a little off-see on beach time. but see nice coating of snow on the board from yesterday's system. that moved on through. snow totals in pennsylvania, pretty interesting n levittown pennsylvania around 3.2 inches every snow fell, in media, around 3.1, just under three in chaddsford, and king of prussia we saw 2.3 inches. then, philadelphia, right around 2.2 fell. that bridges grand total for this past week, and so far this season, to 7.7 inches. our average yearly snowfall in philadelphia is 22.4 inches. so already more than a third of the way through that. very interesting, the numbers are starting to add up. even with the small little systems that move on through. and, winter hasn't even officially started yet by the way. 21 degrees right now in philadelphia, 21 in wilmington we're at 23 in reading. down the shore, in the 20's, 30's, it is 23 in atlantic sit , right around 30 degrees in wildwood. but, when you factor in even just a little bit of wind,
5:46 am
when temperatures are this cold, it feels much colder when you factor in the windchill. feels more like 12 degrees in philadelphia, 20 degrees in trenton, feels more like the teens in atlantic city, as well as wildwood. feels more like 11 degrees right now in millville. headed into the afternoon, we will get some melting underway as temperatures rise above freezing. finally, right? by noon hour, in the mid 30's, mix every sunday and clouds, going to be brisk afternoon, by 3:00 we top out around 41 degrees, feel more like the 20's and 30's when the factor in the wind, but at least the sunshine and temperatures on the rise above freezing, we will get some melting going on , and make the roads little less compromised than they already are, some of the secondary roads, especially, but the main roads so far looking pretty good this morning, the krause did great job yesterday. storm scan3, paints completely different picture, we had a mess after system that moved through, at just the wrong time yesterday afternoon, and evening. causing major headaches for the evening commute. it is a completely different story out there right now. we stay dry throughout the day
5:47 am
today with the exception of a snow shower up into the poconos, even the lehigh valley, as we head into the afternoon and evening. we're quiet sunday. then warmfront could nose in bring brief snow shower even little bit of rain-snow mix, maybe even freezing rain sunday night, keep our eyes closely on that, doesn't look to be widespread, dry out as we head into monday. beyond there, temperatures are actually going to be on the rise. 48 degrees as we head into monday. we warm up to 56 on tuesday. all thanks to the jet stream pushing up to the north. so we can look forward, temperatures finally, making it above average for a change. we are having sun and clouds, 41 degrees. tonight overnight low of 30, partly cloudy, chilly. then your your eyewitness weather seven day forecast looks like this, 40 degrees sunday, up to 48 by monday, miler, still plenty of clouds around. on tuesday, above average into the mid 50's, and we're at 47 wednesday, jan, winter over i shallly arriving on thursday with a quiet start. >> chelsey, thank you.
5:48 am
5:47 now. visiting saint is a holiday tradition, right, probably one on the agenda for many of this weekend, it is exciting for lots of children, but for some , a trip to see the jolly old elf can result in tears and screams. health reporter stephanie stahl has some advice for parents in this morning's einstein healthcare science center report. >> for many kids, a visit to santa is an exciting holiday ritual. the jolly old elf with his list who have has been naughty and nice is popular, mainly because he's in charge of big gift deliveries on christmas eve. >> you want a tool set? >> but plenty of youngsters are apprehensive. who is this strange looking man, and some are down ride scared. >> it is okay. >> expert say there are a number of reasons why children are afraid of santa. >> he is an unusual looking stranger, and what's up with him knowing everything? >> have you been good this year? santa's been watching. >> if a child appears reluctant, encouraging the child to give it a try is
5:49 am
always important to try things we're a little afraid of. but if they're really hesitant , force willing g them won't help. >> doctors say it is not good to say don't be silly. it is important to respect a child's fear. better to go slow, especially on the first visit. >> maybe show the child a picture whatever they can expect to see, you know, asking them what they would like to talk to santa b and trying to frame it in a positive light. >> and parent should keep in mind that most children are told about stranger-danger to keep them safe. so even though santa is a friendly character, he is still a stranger. >> and experts say, some kids will never warm up to santa, which is fine, parent shouldn't force the issue. and they add, it is important to remember visiting saint nick is supposed to be a fun holiday experience. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." still ahead, right here on cbs-3, "eyewitness news" this saturday morning: the sixers and the thunder go into triple over time. the suspense-filled outcome is
5:50 am
next in eyewitness sports. >> and some of the food that makes the festival of lights more festive. vittoria woodill making hanukkah donuts, that's when " eyewitness news" continues, stay with us.
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> the sixers are back home, oklahoma city, won 16 straight against the sixers, to the game, late fourth quarter, sixers down by seven. joel embiid, makes the basket, and is fouled, then he started jawing at carmello anthony.
5:53 am
under a minute left, the sixers down a basket, embiid finds ben simmons, goes in for the dunk, the game tide. this game will go into triple over time. game tide, russell westbrook with pass to andre robinson, makes the lay up. gives the thunder the lead for good. they beat the sixers 119 to 117. hard to believe it, phillies pitchers and catchers report to clear water in seven weeks, yesterday the fighting 's normally announced the signings every tommy hunter and pat near ac, and traded freddie galvis, dealt to the padres to make room for crawford to take over n return the phillies received minor league pitcher. >> phillies letters agreed three deal worth worth $06 million with free agent first baseman carlos santana, switch hitter, very god defensive first baseman, the former cleveland indian has averaged 24 homers, 98 walks a season.
5:54 am
phillies also have rhys hoskins, which means he'll likely move to left field. >> the eagles hell their final work out before they head to new york and take on the giants sunday. they had work in the bubble at the nova care complex for most of the week, but yesterday they braved the elements outside. now, the eagles playing for playoff position, the their first game without carson wentz, out for the rest of the season, but doug pederson doesn't want his players to overdo it. >> i want guys to go above and beyond what they've been doing to help us win games. they don't have to do anything more than just their job. and just their responsibility, and whatever their role is in the game plan. and, you know, that goes for nick, you know, been a while since he's been out there playing, and you don't want him to press. >> the flyers always very active in the community, we have shane, michael, and other players, visiting children's hospital in philadelphia. they came bearing gifts, and also, took part in a round of bingo. and helped out with arts and crafts, it was a great day for
5:55 am
the kids, great job thereby the flyers, orange and black host the stars tonight. that's all for sports, i'm lesley van arsdall, have a great day. >> hanukkah, the jewish festival of lights, continues. and our vittoria woodill learned how to make a tasty hanukkah treat. and sam philadelphia herself. >> reporter: it is time to celebratement and no sweeter way to honor the hanukkah season, than with the traditional donuts that is fried and filled with meaning. >> it is a jelly donut, and it is fried in oil, because of the miracle the oil lasting eight days instead of just one >> okay? >> and i'm going to show you how to do them. >> robert bennett, kosher bakery this cherry hill, shows us the bat is her quite simple the flour, go ahead. start grabbing. >> cool. >> sugar, salt, one
5:56 am
yeast, warm milk, and start warming up the glued glenn after a quick mix, soft ends but the is her added. >> give it five, six minutes to really develop the good glenn then 30 minutes topping. >> that really puffed up. >> oh, yes. >> so after you can perfectly fold, not punch. >> gently deflate t you don't want to punch it, it will rip away at the strand. treat it with respect. >> the dough then rolled out. >> one trick. i want to roll this out quarter inch thick. so, if you don't trust your judgement, buy quarter inch stick dolls. >> cut into round before taking dunk in hot oil. >> how long do you keep them in the oil? >> it will be a minute and a half each side. >> okay. >> you drain them. and when they're cool enough to touch, we will fill them with jelly and eat them. >> you can fill them with many things, but robert use as raspberry filling and a dusting on top of powdered sugar.
5:57 am
>> he just might convert. >> vittoria woodill, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> that's it for us here on " eyewitness news" at 5:00. and here's what we have coming up for you at 6:00. flames tear through a house in cumberland county, new jersey, we will bring you up to date on this three alarm fire. plus: measuring the snow of the this is time lapse video, from the cbs-3 studios, we've got the snow totals from around the region. >> and after cleaning up the car, a bit after warm you are is just around the corner, that's some good news, chelsey ingram eyewitness weather forecast coming up this saturday morning, we will see you at the top of the hour.
5:58 am
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. icy roads to start your day. the snow, which caused so many traffic headaches, during the evening rush, may be causing even more trouble this morning we will take a look. >> and, developing now, firefighters rush to a burning house in south jersey. we will have the latest on this three alarm err. >> congressional republicans released a final version of their tax bill. i'm weijia jiang, on capitol hill, with a look at the highlight. today is saturday, december 16th, good morning, everyone, many ' jan carabeo, and here's meteorologist, chelsey ingram with t


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