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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  January 5, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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♪ tonight -- ♪ baby don't you >> justin timberlake's new music is sexy. it's filthy. ♪ your hands all over me >> why sit confusing some fans. then, "e.t." at the golden globes. find out about the must-have accessory reese witherspoon is passing out. >> everyone hates us. >> the battle for cutest couple in hollywood is on. >> i'm not trying to get thrown off the balcony. >> this is us july wed justin hartley. versus meghan trainor. don't mess with khloe kardashian. >> how she's firing back. we take fred savage down memory lane. >> i've been talking to
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"entertainment tonight" for a long time. >> flashing back to his "wonder years." >> i'm pretty much a kid. this is "entertainment tonight." >> hur to be the most talked about golden globes in hollywood history. >> welcome to "entertainment tonight" on location outside the beverly hilton hotel. in about 48 hours, the the biggest stars in the world will be walking on that red carpet. >> the stages are going up right now. thus, all the noise. we'll talk manager tart globes in a bit. first, new music from justin timberlake. >> everyone is talking about his new music and video for "filthy." here's what wlerned, at this stage in the game, justin is all about revolution and reinvention. ♪ hey >> reporter: that's j.t. channeling steve jobs in his new music video. ♪ haters gonna play it safe >> reporter: he introduces a dancing robot.
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♪ put your filthy hands all over me ♪ >> reporter: the song? ♪ come on, break it down >> reporter: filthy is fun and funky. the theme is a surprise. considering the album's title, "man of the woods." and the promo that showed a down to earth justin in the great outdoors. he says the new album is about rediscovering his roots. >> this album is inspired by my son. my wife, my family. but more so than any other album i've written, where i'm from. and it's personal. >> reporter: he holds his son and kisses his wife, jessica biel, the couple is poised for a block bhuser year. ♪ i don't want to lose you now looking right at the other half of me ♪ >> reporter: they'll be at the globes on sunday. j.t. supporting jessica. nominated for her role in "the sinner." >> i don't want a lawyer. i'm sorry. >> reporter: last year, she was
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at his side when he was up for best original song. ♪ can't stop the feeling >> the golden globes is always, blets honest. it's always the most fun. >> it is. >> reporter: his new album drops two days before he performs at the super bowl, just a month away. >> your husband said he put you in charge of all the tickets. he put that on you. >> oh, he did sni didn't know. someone saps in trouble. and all the tickets will be gone. i'll be handing them out. >> justin plans to release an adishlg song every week starting january 18th. >> can't wait. he'll be here at the globes on sunday. and, so will be these newly announced presenters. jennifer aniston. angelina jolie. reese wither spon. >> viola davis. octavia spencer. and the rock. there will be a lot to tuck about with them on the carpet. >> the biggest statement of all will be the star pss' collective show of solidarity.
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>> i'm saving my dress. >> sit black? >> yes, it's black. ♪ >> reporter: behind the scenes of what will be the biggest fashion statement in golden globe wristry. a-list designers have been racing the clock to completely redeis zin cust tom couture for clients. >> my collections are colorful. to redo it in black. and with all the labels. put in 30, 40, 50 people on a dress and to get it done within a couple of weeks. it's definitely possible. it's a huge challenge though. >> reporter: christina hendrix was originally fitted for the hand-made trophy-esque stunner. >> having the chiffon cape in the back is very important. hen she walks a shroud of black. it makes a huge statement. >> reporter: today, we were with kelly clarkson's stylist, candace lambert, who says kelly's edgy personality will be
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incorporated. >> there's a special note in her dress. for her and her style. she stands behind anti-harassment. she's proudly wearing black that day. >> reporter: the champagne will flow. the roizs on the table. outside, the scene much more somber. today, banner that says, we awe newel, was installed just outside the limo dropoff. "e.t." has learned times up coalition founders eva longoria and reese witherspoon are expected to walk the carpet together in an act of solidarity. reese commissioned these foins be worn by nominees and prernts. last night, newly blonde game of tloens star and presenter e mill ya clark told carly she's embracing the night. >> such a topical issue. how do you think things will be different? >> think that it's -- um -- i think it's about time. >> and so many people saying no
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doubt about that. this is us start justin hartley and his wife, christelle staus will be here. >> how are you getting ready? >> now that we're married, we can do it together. >> how many chases can you go that your husband is nominated? no matter outcome. i'll be the happiest person on the planet. i'm so proud of him. >> mr. and mrs. hartley gave us's update of their marital bliss. >> do you call each other wyche and husband? >> you to. that's the fun part. >> you're at a party and you're like, yo, wife, we out. >> no, not like that. i'm not trying to get thrown off the balcony. >> reporter: from married couple to the newly engaged. paris hilt. 's new $2 million ring comes with a bad guard. >> will you marry me?
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>> yes. >> reporter: paris and her fiance have hired round-the-clock security. we hear miss hilton's detail is all plain-clothed muscle. it's all about that surprise proposal. >> take a look that number one accessory. >> oh, my goodness. >> meghan trainor and her fiance, darryl, talked to our correspondent. >> it was a secret. i wanted it to be perfect. he said, let me have my moment to surprise you. he took his time and had his moment. >> reporter: the couple plans a long engagement and said kids are in the future. for meghan, it's match in heaven. >> he saved my life in every single way and taught me how to eat thelt thi. we work out together. we're the cute u.s. it's unreal. >> 3.7 million people tuned in
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to meghan's new show, "the four." it was beat by the highly anticipated return of "will & grace." and there's no stopping "the big bang theory." it came back to 16 million viewers. meanwhile, the "today" show is enjoying a ratings resurgence, thanks, in part, to the announcement that hoda kotb is replacing matt lauer. >> i love you. >> i'm so excite zplpd i love you. >> hoda's colleagues marked her first week as "today" co-anchor with a nearly five-minute highlight reel of her 20 years at nbc. >> you guys, thank you. that was really nice. >> reporter: of course matt lauer was not included. the staff is feeling energized without him. people at the show and the network are happy for hoda. she's very well liked behind the scenes. is there this has been a very hard time for this show that we love. and the people who put the show together. we care so much about.
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>> we made it through the first week. >> we did. >> reporter: no tribute is complete without kat lee lee. >> it's wine o'clock. >> what about rumors that kathie lee would want another drinking hour. >> if hoda cant continue, she maybe wants kris? >> her and my mom are best friends. >> i love you, gorgeous. >> those two together drunk in the morning would be epic. >> listen, psychiatrist too busy to go do tv. coming up, more with mom to be khloe. the beauty tip she just stole from j. lo. >> if j. lo can do something,ky do it, too. in a recording studio with ed sheeran. behind the scenes of his surprising new acting gig. >> it's been a pipe dream of mine. our "bachelor" date night exclusive. >> oh, my gosh. he's such a good kisser.
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"wrvegs" magazine ed store in chief and at
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♪ ♪ i've had my share of crazy flings but they all end up leaving ♪ that's a sneak peek of ed sheeran making a soulful guest appearance on sunday's episode of "the simpsons." >> it's always been a pipe dream to be in a "simpsons" episode. sounds great, lisa. really great. every day on the bus is a simpson's night. we'll go in the back and watch as many episodes as we can watch. you didn't applaud. nothing. here, i'll show you how it goes. >> thank you. no selfies. now to our "bachelor" date night exclusive. only we were invitded to arie's first one on one date. it came in the surprise of
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designer rachel zoe. >> today is all about you. >> okay. >> and i have a surprise for you. look over there. there she is. oh, my gosh. >> this is rachel zoe. >> i guess. >> hi, becca. >> the 27-year-old publicist got a private dress fitting. >> i feel like -- it's cliche. but i feel like cinderella. what girl doesn't like to dress up in beautiful gowns. >> arie passed time eating. >> i grabbed a big plate of chocolate and fruit. yeah, i ate a lot during the season. it was quite funny. >> reporter: rachel says he bought five gowns. this one alone is worth more than $1,000. >> i was trying to charm her. >> reporter: that's small change. he's worth a reported $4 million. his dad, who also raced in the i indy series is worth a reported
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$20 million. >> what do you think of their connection? >> the fact that they just met was bizarre. they seemed very connected. >> yep. our camera caught a lot of touching. hand holding. and lip locking. >> oh, my gosh. he's such a good kisser. ky see why he got that nickname, the kissing bandit. i want more. >> well, it is "the bachelor." that will probably happen. still ahead, two child star throw backes. >> i don't know how to explain it. >> fred savage remembers his days on "wonder years." this was at my house. and corey feldman's new movie about his alleged childhood abuse. >> we had all these kind of vultures around us. new baby. same khloe. why she's sell thing her sisters to shut up. >> i'm like, okay, take your own advice. closed captioning provided by --
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give me 20 minutes upstairs. >> behind that puppy filter is a pregnant khloe kardashian. she's taking heat for working out with baby on board. you'll hear about that in a minute. as keltie found out, the hustle doesn't stop even if you're a first time mom. >> i feel great that i feel so good. i think it's just all weird what is happening. you're growing a human. and you are firpd but it's such a beautiful thing. >> any advice from the sis? >> a lot. too much. >> like? >> i've gotten to the point i'm like, okay, shut up and take your own advice. >> that's why people love khloe. she just says what she thinks. when haters criticized her pregnancy work youts, she bounced right back. i could not believe the backlash for working out pregnant. >> i know. >> can we discuss that? >> it's bizarre to me. you would think people would be happy that i'm staying healthy
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and fit. my doctor wants me to work out every day. i'm doing doctor's orders. it leads for a better delivery. i feel great. i would feel horrible if i was just sitting around, overeating all day. i feel like my, i don't have swollen feet. a lot of things. because i'm staying to active. >> her commitment to fitness is helping others make over their bodies and mind. the second season of revenge body is back. >> i want to give you your life back. i want to show people you can go through hell and high water and still come out and have a beautiful, positive, happy life. jennifer lopez sleeps only on her back and she has pill lowe's around her. a flawless neck for j. lo is sleep surrounded by pill lowe's. >> if j. lo can do that,ky. >> i don't ralz the sleeping on your face thing. >> i had to learn, too. i was always like, what the hell are the lines on the side of my
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neck. i'm too young for this. what is this? aging sup and down. when cow have lines on the side of your neck, it's from side sleeping. moving on to long-time jeopardy host alex trebek revealed he had surgery to remove blood clots from his brain in december. >> the prognosis is excellent. and i expect to be back in the studio taping more jeopardy programs very, very soon. >> and we're thankful for that. whel, child star fred savage getting into the game show world. he hosts ab krrs's child support premiering tonight. he takes us inside his new wonderful gig. >> oh, my god! i really enjoy interacting with people. and so this a great chance. >> on the show, contestants are asked a series of questions. if they get stuck, ricky gervais and his panel of precocious kids are there to help.
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>> i know. >> you do? >> it's grapes. >> it is grapes. >> fred married his childhood friend 13 years ago. >> being a dad has given me insights into the wisdom of children. >> candy canes. >> candy kans, yay! >> i think too often, we look at them. they're small. but they're in school every day. a lot more than i am. ♪ i'm not going to lie from both sides now ♪ >> reporter: fred himself was a smart kid back in the day. >> shut up, wayne. >> reporter: we talked to him as an 11-year-old. >> it would be great if it became a hit. this was at my house. this is in illinois. i recognize the couch. that's amazing. "entertainment tonight," i have been talk to them for many, many years. >> reporter: indeed you have, fred. all the way up to now, as a41-year-old. >> when i was a kid, starting out doing dmeshls chicago. every new chapter of my career i
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have just approached it like this new adventure. [ bell rings ] i feel very fortunate. i want to keep going until someone finds me out. >> fred is one of the nicest people in hollywood. and also a child star who did really well. now to a couple who didn't. corey feldman and the late corey haim. their dark and troubled story is getting the lifetime movie treatment. only "e.t." was exclusively on the set of "a tale of two corys." >> we were kids that had vul churs around us that were trying to feed us full of bad things. >> reporter: the two coreys, ha sh im and feldman first met on the set of "lost boys." >> does your brother know who the vampire is. >> reporter: the dark side of drugs and sexual abuse. >> corey and i were going down the path at the same time as well because he had people around him that were doing the exact samg thing. >> reporter: feldman wrote about
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that painful time in his him worry. and it's the subject of a new film, a tale of two corys. debuting tomorrow. >> want to let you in on a secret. you want to be in the boys club, don't you? >> you can't be as graphic as the things we had to incur, thank god. because i don't think anybody wants to see that. i think it will open people's eyes to the fact to that like, look, these are just innocent kids. >> did you tell anyone? >> he said if i did, my career would be over. >> it's just what you do, you know? >> what who does? >> hollywood. >> reporter: haim died in 2010. just 38 years old. >> there's no way to describe the feeling when you wake up and find out your best sfrend gone. >> you continue down the room, you'll throw it all away. >> i used to feel the same all the time. every day you wake up, there's still hope. as long as somebody is still
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breathing, there's a chance for them to get better. >> holly swood a tough place grow up in. >> it's off the place to be an tult, too. >> amen on that. new year. new david letterman. his new netflix start date is coming up next.
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and twitter. >> what? >> entertainment begins and ens with "e.t." proe mow considerations provided by -- before we go, tfr news to talk about. we have an official title and an official start date for david letterman's netflix series. it's called, my next guest needs no introduction. with david letterman. it premieres january 12th. first guest, former president barack obama. he's right. he doesn't need an introduction. wait until this sunday to catch new episodes of star trek
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discovery. keltie was just with the star, sonequa martin green. >> who would you rather have protecting you? walking dead or star trek you? >> i would say michael. >> he's bad ass. zblt that nerve pinch. it will get you every time. >> i would go with the real life sonequa. >> shooers fooers, foop. >> she i
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