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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  January 6, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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phone: yeah- let's just go ahead- phone: oh alright- the award-winning geico app. download it today. >> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> ♪ >> right now at 6 o'clock a memorial marking the loss of a fallen firefighter. this scene outside the springfield fire department memorializes lieutenant matthew let one letourneau one of two lives lost. the philadelphia fire department also a north philadelphia family are in mourning. lieutenant letourneau and is civilian died. alycia nieves is live at temple university hospital with this very tragic story. alycia. >> reporter: that civilian who hasn't been identified was pronounced dead at the scene
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of the fire. while the firefighter was taken to temple hospital and was unfortunately pronounced dead here. outside this hospital tonight it is very quiet, a very different scene than what it was like just a few hours ago as firefighters and emergency responders from over the city filed in and at the time were hoping for a very different news. the emergency room at temple hospital in north philadelphia filled this afternoon with heavy hearted firefighters and emergency responders. some of the bravest men and women in our city heartbroken over the loss of one of their own, philadelphia firefighter and lieutenant, matthew letourneau. >> at 11:07 this morning it was declared dead. and we are without words. >> reporter: fire department commissioner adam thiel choked back emotions outside of the hospital as he explained. his lieutenant was fighting this early morning two alarm fire along north colorado
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street in north philadelphia. at some point while he was inside the smoke filled row home, it was a collapse and the lieutenant was trapped. >> he was never alone. the rescue efforts started almost immediately. every firefighter and every medic on the scene quickly went into rescue mode and did everything they possibly could to remove lieutenant letourneau from thing building. >> reporter: despite all the efforts of all 100 plus firefighters on the scene it took 30 minutes to get the trapped lieutenant out. >> due to the degree of the structural collapse and the fact that he was actually pinned under the debris. >> reporter: the lieutenant was rushed to temple hospital with two other less severely injured firefighters. they are doing okay but doctors could not save the 42-year-old and 11 year veteran of the philadelphia fire department. >> we will be there for his family forever and we just are saddened and our hearts are broken. he's one of the best, if not the best that we've had in the
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city of philadelphia. he knew his job inside and out. >> reporter: and that will fallen lieutenant so committed to being a firefighter and saving lives that he was not only one in this city of philadelphia but he was also one in his hometown of springfield, pennsylvania in delaware county. now, that community certainly grieving tonight and mourning with so many in this city. reporting live in north philadelphia, outside temple hospital, alycia nieves cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> alycia thank you so much. our thoughts are with both families tonight. the bone chilling cold meantime it is continuing this weekend with a wind chill advisory now in effect until tomorrow morning. meteorologist lauren casey is here to tell us when we could see record challenging low temperatures and also how soon it will be until seasonable air finally returns to the area. hey, lauren. >> hey, natasha. i finally have some good news to disseminate and a warmup is on the way but it definitely ain't here yet. 14 degrees right now in philadelphia. it's zero in mount pocono. 12 in allentown we're at
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13 degrees in atlantic city. just crazy cold conditions and we're dealing with these wind chills as well. feeling right now like one below in philadelphia. we still have a long overnight to get through. feeling like 21 below in mount pocono, feeling like four below in wilmington, five below in reading and we do have this wind chill advisory in effect for the entire delaware valley for the poconos a wind chill warning where we will have dangerous wind chill values overnight tonight and through our sunday morning. that could be down towards 25 even 30 below in the higher elevations up towards the lehigh valley, berks county possibly to 20 below. in and around philadelphia, south jersey wind chill values early tomorrow morning as low as 15 below and down the shore could see those wind chill values down to about 10 below. our actual air temperatures will likely break a record in philadelphia overnight tonight. we'll talk more about that and when you can expect some 40's and when you can expect some 50's in our full "eyewitness news" forecast coming up in
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just a few natasha. >> that sounds so much better. thank you so much lauren. the city of philadelphia's code blue does remain in effect right now. that means city officials are taking special measures to keep those without homes safe in these brutal conditions. inside a fairmount homeless shelter students from villanova are taking the lead to help people stay warm. and they are also working to open a pet friendly shelter. that means a lot to those who need the help. >> what you want when you come home, a hot meal and a decent place to lay your head and that's what she has given us. >> during the code blue the city is allowing homeless citizens to stay inside emergency housing throughout the day. the bitter blast contributed to another water main break in philadelphia this morning. this latest rupture happened on the 1100 block of up saul street east mount airy. crews spread salt across the street to make sure the water didn't turn to ice. a gas leak briefly forced people out of their houses in into the bitter cold in cobbs
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creek this morning. the evacuation happened on the 100 block of hobart street about 3 o'clock. septa sent buses so neighbors could stay warm and no one was hurt. the gas leak is now repaired and fixed. police are investigating a deadly crash meantime in delaware county. they say two cars collided in upper darby overnight killing one person and sending another to the hospital. it happened at township line road and lansdowne avenue just before 1:30 this morning. police say the victim is a 46-year-old man. the surviving driver is in critical condition. remembering a pioneer in space travel tonight. nasa says one of our country's new moon walkers has passed away. john young died this morning from pneumonia. last night actually in houston. his career was filled with firsts. young was on the first gemini mission. he commanded the first space shuttle flight and he was the first astronaut to fly in space six times.
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young was also one of only 12 people to walk on the moon. in later years, he was a relentless advocate for flight safety. john young was 87 years old. today we also remember comedian and actor jerry van dyk, the famed younger brother of dick van dyk died yesterday. jerry made his acting debut on the dick van dyk show and also appeared to the ed sullivan show before becoming a regular on the judy garland show. his best known role was in the abc sitcom coach which earned him four emmy nominations. van dyk was 86 years old. o.j. simpson threatening to sue a high end las vegas hotel for $100 million. simpson's legal team says the cosmopolitan of las vegas acted with malice and racial prejudice when it banned him from that hotel in november. cosmo staffers are accused of falsely claiming simpson was banned because he was drunk and disruptive. the alleged incident happened
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shortly after simpson was released from prison back in october. now ambitious agenda announced from camp david. president trump outlined his plans for 2018 during a news conference today. the president also answered more questions about a controversial white house tell-all book. cbs news correspondent laura podesta has more. >> reporter: president trump says his track record proves he is a stable genius despite accusations in the book "fire and fury" claiming he's mentally unstitched for office. >> very excellent student, came out and made billions and billions of dollars. >> reporter: the president along with members of his cabinet and top republican leaders held meetings at camp david to lay out the framework for their 2018 agenda saturday. in the book, michael wolff portrays the president's mental fitness as child like and the white house as a place of dysfunction and chaos. >> i have recordings, i have
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notes. i am certainly and absolutely in every way comfortable with everything i've reported in this book. >> reporter: mr. trump blamed former chief white house strategist steve bannon for allowing wolff access to white house staffers. >> i guess sloppy steve brought him into the white house quite a bit and it was one of those things. that's why sloppy steve is now looking for a job. >> reporter: wolff is standing by his book and believes the revelations in it could be the downfall of mr. trump's presidency. >> the story that i've told seems to present this presidency in such a way that it says he can't do this job. the emperor has no clothes and suddenly everywhere people are going, oh, my god, it's true, he has no clothes. mr. trump calls the book a work of fiction. laura podesta for cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, david letterman has lined up former president barack obama to be the first guest on his new talk show on
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netflix. it's called my next guest needs no introduction with david letterman. obama will join letterman on january 12th for the launch of the once a month show. future guests include george clooney jay-z tina fey and howard stern. letterman stepped down from cbs's late show in 2015. coming up, florida may be feeling the chill but things are heating up at a convenience store down there. also ahead we're going to take you to the town where a jackpot winning lottery ticket was sold. how much the winner will walk away with and what experts say he or she should do first with all that cash. plus, a first of its kind. beer at a delaware brewery. why this brew comes with a swiss army knife. that's all next on "eyewitness ne
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>> welcome back everyone. we do have a winner, a single ticket matched all six numbers in last night's mega millions drawing and that means some someone out there who purchased a ticket at this 7-eleven in port richey florida will soon be $450 million richer. if the winner takes the one- time lump sum payment they'll $281.2 million. they have 180 days to claim the prize. a lawyer who has represented 10 past powerball winners warns winners to keep quiet and avoid lottery photo ops. >> what good could come out of telling everybody that you won $500 million? i think there's nothing. with $500 million, shame on you if you don't get a cpa, shame on you if you don't get a financial planner and shame on you if you don't get a lawyer. >> that same advice can be
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applied to the winner of tonight's powerball drawing as well if there is one. that jackpot stands at $570 million. good luck if you play. now, if you are ever worried meantime about getting stuck on a deserted island somewhere there's a new beer you can include in your survivalist kit. dog fish head brewery in milton delaware has unveiled the end of the wort. it's made from a complex mix of nutrient packed super foods resulting in the ultimate end. definitive survival beer. the beer is deep purple hazy in color. it will be released on january 27th. had to do a double take. >> try that one. >> all right, lauren, okay, so, when in the world -- i walked in today, i was like lauren, i was freezing to death this week. that's all i have to say. i got no words. >> i was out and about in the city last night and i was just laughing 'cause the wind is just hitting you and it's ridiculous. >> brutal.
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>> it isn't really a laughing matter. dangerous cold especially the poconos and up towards the lehigh valley but it's just absurd. it's 14 degrees right now in philadelphia. west winds up around 15 miles an hour. it feels like one below. the sun didn't set that long ago. we still have to get through the entire overnight period. our high temperature today, 16 degrees. our low temperature this morning, seven, near a record low. the record low four set back in the 1800s and, yes, this cold air remaining entrenched at least for now. we are going to start to warm things up, though, but it's zero in the poconos, 10 in reading and this cold arctic air has engulfed the eastern half of the united states. our temperature right now in florida jacksonville, it's 39. it's 30 in charleston, 34 in atlanta. just unbelievable temperatures and checking in live on our neighborhood met work kutztown eight above, sinking springs nine above, milford at 10 degrees right now and our overnight low the forecast two, that's it, one, two and that would break the record
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low temperature of four set back in 2014. and yes, dealing with this dangerous cold, frost bite is possible on exposed skin in as little as 30 minutes so be aware of that if you are out and about on this saturday night, be aware of stinging, numb skin and or redskin, even pale skin and remember alcohol intake causes the body to lose heat. it also makes you feel warmer than you actually are so take it ooh essie on the adult beverages if you're heading out into the cold. snow fall this season up almost 13-inches inly if, about 8-inches above our to date average and we don't have snow in the forecast. we do have a wintry mix as we head into monday. that could present its own problems. storm scan3 showing us, though, quiet conditions right now but you notice how this cloud cover is developing as this air moves over the ocean. that's because the ocean at around freezing is warmer than the air. so, we get this condensation and these clouds to form whenever you see that kind of visual on the satellite
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imagery that indicates it's very cold and we know that. so, looking forward into monday we do start to warm temperatures up, right around freezing and they're going to hover around freezing as we head throughout the evening and overnight period. we could see freezing rain developing kind of patchy in nature especially during the evening hours. at this point timing looks like after the commute. could see periods of snow mixing in and maybe light accumulation possible. when it comes to ice even if you have a little bit of ice accumulating that will create slick conditions. going to be snow as it moves into the poconos and lehigh valley. again dealing with areas of precipitation, maybe not too widespread, fairly light in intensity but watching out for this band of possibly freezing rain as we head into the late evening hours on monday monday night and into early tuesday. looks like down the shore we'll see mainly rain but we could see some times of light freezing rain during the overnight before that clears out as we head into tuesday morning. the timing not looking too bad but of course still can generate some very slick
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conditions. stay tuned to that evolving forecast. overnight mostly clear, record cold, down to 2 degrees. our high temperature tomorrow, 19 degrees. plenty of sunshine. less wind. but check that out, 33 on monday. heat wave. 44 on tuesday. we're at 40 near average on wednesday. yes, average is 40 degrees. and as we look ahead towards thursday, that says 52 degrees. >> 58 on friday with rain looking likely. >> wow. >> and the eagles playoff forecast, whew, challenging, front is going through on that day. will it drop through early or later in the day? it will depend on whether it's going to be cold or wet. >> make sure it's early. >> yeah. >> lesley's got a request. >> just putting it out there. >> thank. >> all right lesley speaking of sports. >> the flyers season has been a bit of a seesaw. lose 10 in a row, win six straight. they played the blues one of the best teams out west.
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brayden schenn's first game back in philly after being traded to the blues in the off season. no score in the first t. claude giroux with the puck skates on in. his pass will go off a blues player and into the net. not pretty but very effective. the lead now two-nothing. to the second voracek with a pass to jordan weal. he does the rest. nice move there. score is three-nothing orange and black. giroux with the nice pass to sean couturier who scored the first of his two goals in the game. the flyers give saint louis the blues. julius erving released from the hospital. he was taken there after he felt ill while watching last night's sixers game against the pistons. just as a precaution. his management team released this statement on twitter. mr. erving has been released from the hospital after a comprehensive medical examination. he's expected to make a full recovery and sincerely thanks all of his friends and fans for their well wishes and
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prayers. to college hoops third ranked villanova back in action after a week off tonight against marquette. the cats 13 game winning streak was snapped by butler losing by eight. the last time these teams played the golden eagles came from seven points down to beat the wildcats by two. tom gola arena taking on vcu. explorers down by seven. powell with the ball drives and makes the layup. three-point play. he led the explorers with 24 points but the rams respond. jenkins drives down and hits the finger roll. he led vcu: vcu comes back from a 15-point deficit winning 80-74. ivy league action penn against princeton. quakers lead in the second pass to rothschild making the layup. under a minute left penn up by two, in the paint, a couple moves sticks the hook.
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penn beats princeton 76 to 70. eagles had the weekend off. most will be watching the wild card weekend. whoever that opponent is the birds offense must play better. in the last two games they've scored just 13 points and converterred just three out of 25 on third downs and nick foles knows they must stay out of third and long situations. >> first and second down you want to have positive plays for sure. third down and the long we still have to execute and make plays happen and make smart decisions. put the ball in place and give guys the opportunity to get the first down. if not we can get yards and flip the field and stuff like that. first and second down are huge and we'll work on that. >> all right. they're working on it. >> all right, lesley thank you so much. well, the eagles one of the winningest teams. let's hear it for one of the losing evident teams in football. we're heading to
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>> welcome back everyone. this season the cleveland browns accomplished something only one other team in nfl history has ever done. that's worth celebrating, right? [cheers and applause] browns fans held an ironically named perfect season parade outside of the first nrg stadium in cleveland this afternoon. the browns went zero and 16 for the season, a feat only ever achieved by the detroit lions back in 08. twenty eight frigid temperatures that hovered about 10 degrees there, it was a great turnout. pretty proud of that record. i don't think eagles fans would be so proud. we'll be right
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>> finally tonight a terminally ill veteran got an out of the world surprise for one of his last days on earth. a group of mostly strangers dressed up as "star wars" characters to visit him at his home in san antonio texas. his wife says his love for "star wars" stems from a nickname he was given years and years ago. he says he was an air force pilot and when he got into a plane one day his co-pilot said to him i feel like han solo and you're like chewbacca. there's no better team. that's "eyewitness news" tonight i'm natasha brown lesley lauren all of us here thanks for joining us. we're always on and we're back with you at
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10:00. ooh. on the cw philly and back here at 11:00. stay warm if you're going to be out captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: how low will it go? temperatures keep dropping as arctic air blasts the midwest and northeast. from washington, d.c. to new hampshire's mount washington, it feels far below vary. >> it's like being in a refrigerator. >> ninan: also tonight, president trump declares himself a very stable genius, lashing out at critics questioning his mental health. and the bombshell book everyone's talking about. >> i consider it a work of fiction. >> ninan: the national flu outbreak. emergency rooms are overcrowded with patients. a fiery collision on the tarmac sends air passengers scrambling down the emergency chute. and she's a yoga inst


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