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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 7, 2018 2:05am-2:36am EST

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matt letourneau of engine company 45 joins to hot of heroes. our hearts are breaking. the philadelphia fire department is mourning the loss of one of its own. the house fire in north philadelphia claims his life and a civilian. good evening everyone, i'm nam natasha brown. thank you so much for joining us that fire broke out just before 9:00 a.m. on north colorado avenue. lieutenant letourneau died while inside the burning home when part of the structure collapsed. "eyewitness news" reporter alicia nieves is live in springfield where his career first began. alicia. >> reporter: natasha, that fallen firefighter is from here springfield and he not only served in the philadelphia fire department for 11 years, but he did also serve here at this springfield fire company as a volunteer firefighter for 25
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plus years. since he was a teenager. you can see outside the firehouse there is black bunting put up by his fellow firefight firefighters here. now in his memory. today grief grips some of the bravest men and women in our region as they mourn the loss of one much their firefighter matt letourneau. >> 11:07 this morning, he was declared dead. and we are without words. >> reporter: philadelphia fire commissioner adam thiel trying to hold it together outside temple university hospital where the fallen firefighter was pronounced dead. lieutenant letourneau called with fellow philadelphia firefighters 8:00 in the morning to battle this blaze on north colorado avenue in north philadelphia. as he was inside the smoke filled row home, there was a collapse and he was trapped. >> he was never alone. the rescue effort started almost immediately. >> reporter: for half an hour more than 100 firefighters
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trying to get one of their own out and they did but the 11-year veteran of philadelphia's engine company 45 had injuries too severe to survive. >> he was absolutely a leader, and just a super knowledgeable firefighter. i mean the guy was new his stuff and you know he'll be sadly missed. >> reporter: lawsuit letourneau's death is not only being felt in philadelphia but delaware county. that's where the fallen firefighter was from and where he spent more than 25 years being a volunteer firefighter with springfield fire company. he was also an active struck instructor with delaware county's emergency services training center. >> to say matt died doing what he loved is hard but i'm also very proud of matt. he led people and today he led a group of firefighters trying to save someone's life and paid the ultimate sacrifice.
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>> reporter: so many who knew the fallen lawsuit say his dream was always to become a paid firefighter with the philadelphia fire department and they are findin finding some cot tonight knowing he was at least able to live that dream for 11 years. the fallen lieutenant is survived by his mother, other relatives, many friends and many fellow firefighters. reporting live in springfield, alicia nieves, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> alicia, thank you so much. also knew tonight, detectives are investigating a deadly shooting in west philadelphia. right now, they are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a driver stopped at a traffic light. it happened girard and marion around 6:00 o'clock tonight. a second person in the car was also shot. she's in critical condition. no word on what led to the shooting. we can very well see record low temperatures tonight and firms are reminding people that this extreme cold is extremely dangerous. photographer michael, admitted
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that he took a risk trying to get these close up photos of the frozen delaware bay. meantime lower township police issued a warning reminding people that walking on ice is never safe. meteorologist lauren case so in the weather center tracking wind chills as low as neglect tough 15 but also an eventual warmup. that's good news, right, lauren. >> good news finally the end is so close. it's there. but we'll have to wait a couple of days and today was definitely not the day we set a record cold high temperature today. it om climbed to 16 degrees in philadelphia breaking the previous record of 18 degrees set back in 1942. we also set record cold high temperatures in atlantic city in wilmington and in reading today as well. now temperatures have fallen off to 11 degrees in philly. we're at seven in allentown. nine in atlantic city. are we in the delaware vally? three below right now air temperature in mount pocono. check out some of these feels like temperatures. feeling like 23 below the
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poconos. eight below in allentown. three below in philly. four below in atlantic city. of course we have this wind chill advisory in he can for the entire area expires 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning wind chill warning in effect for carbon and monroe counties. potentially late tonight early to tomorrow morning to 30 below. philadelphia, south jersey northern delaware 15 below and down the shore delaware beaches could see wind chill values as low as ten below early tomorrow morning, yes, we do have a warmup in sight. i'll let you know to look forward to high temperature in the 50's in just a couple of minutes. >> sounds really good right now. thank you so much lauren. we'll neck with you soon again. the city of fold code blue does remain in effect. that means city officials are taking special measures to keep those without homes safe in these brutal conditions. inside fairmount homeless shelter students from villanova taking the lead to help people
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stay warm and they are also working to open a pet friendly shelter as well. that all means so much to those who need it most. >> what you want when you come home arc mott meal and a decent play to play your head and that's what they've given us. >> during the code blue the city is allowing homeless citizens to stay inside emergency housing always throughout the day. the bitter blast contributed to another water main break in philadelphia this morning. this rupture happened on the 1100 block of up sal street in east mt. airy. crews spread salt across the street to make sure the water did not turn into ice. all service has been since been restore. a gas leak forced folks out of their houses and into the bitter cold in cobbs creek this morning. the evacuation happened on the 100 block of hobart street about 3:00 o'clock. september to sent buses so neighbors could stay warm. no one was hurt and gas leak is now fix the. well police are investigating a deadly crash in delaware county. they say two cars collided in upper darby early this morning.
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killing one person and sending another to the hospital. it happened at township line road and lansdowne avenue just before 1:30. police say the victim is a 46-year-old man the surviving driver is currently in critical condition. remembering a pioneer in space travel. nasa says one of our countri' us few moon walkers passed away. astronaut john young died from pneumonia last night at the age of 87. his career was full of firsts young was on the first gemini mission, expanded the first space shuttle flight and he was also the first astronaut to fly in space six times. young was also one of only 12 people to walk on the moon. and tonight we are also remembering comedian and actor jerai van dyke. the famed younger brother of dick van dyke died yesterday. jerry made his acting debut on the dick van dyke show also appeared on the ed sullivan show before becoming a regular on judy garland show. his best known role was in the
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abc sitcom coach which earned him four emmy nominations. january dike was 56 years old. ambitious agenda meantime announced from camp david. prem outline his plans for 2018 during a news conference earlier today. the president also answered more questions about a controversial white house tell all book. cbs news correspondent laura podesta has more. >> reporter: president trump says his track record proves he is a stabled genius despite accusations in the book fire and fury claiming he's mentally unfit for office. >> very excellent student came it made billions and billions of dollars became one of the top business people. >> reporter: the president along with members of his cabinet and top republican leaders held meetings at camp david to lay out the framework for their 2018 agenda saturday. in the book, michael wolff portrays the president's mental fitness as child look and the white house as a place of dysfunction and chaos. >> i have recordings, i have
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notes, um, i am certainly and absolutely in every way comfortable with everything i've reported in this book. >> reporter: mr. trump blamed former chief white house strategist steve bannon for allowing wolff access to white house staffs. >> i guess sloppy steve brought him into the white house quite a bit, there was one of those things. that's why sloppy steve is now looking for a job. >> reporter: wolff is standing by his book and believes the revelations in it could be the down fall of trauma's presidency. >> stories i told seems to present this presidency in such a way he can't do this day job. the emperor has no clothes and suddenly everywhere people are going, oh, my god, it's true. he has no clothes. >> reporter: mr. trump calls the book a work of fiction. laura podesta for cbs3 "eyewitness news". david letterman has lined up former president barrack obama
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to be first guest on new talk show on netflix it's called my next guest needs no introduction with david letterman. obama will join letterman on january 12th for the launch of once month show. future guests include george clooney, james seem tina fey and howard stern. letterman stepped from cbs the late show back in 2015. now oj simpson is threate threatening to sue a high-end las vegas hotel for $100 million. simpson's legal team says the cosmopolitan of las vegas acted quote with malice and racial prejudice when it banned him from that hotel in november. staffers are accused of falsely claiming simpson was banned because he was drunk and disruptive. the alleged incident happened shorshortly after simpson was released from prison back in october. stay with us everyone. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight, get your powerball tickets ready, everyone. we've got the numbers for you from tonight's big drawing. how much someone stands to win from one of the biggest powerball jackets ever.
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plus brood for survival. this locally made peer is the first of its kind. why it com we bark with big boom. series of planned explosions brought down the centennial tower in nashville today. it took only ten seconds for the 12-story building to transform into a pile of rubble and dust. the implosion makes way for brand new hotel. now in los angeles a purse snatching a tack captured on
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camera. take look at this video here. a woman walks into an apartment building holds the door open for someone behind her that person grabs the woman's purse. when she struggles the suspect throws her to the ground all of it again captured on video and all of it happened in broad daylight at 11:30 in the morning. now los angeles police are asking for the public's help to catch that suspect. all right. so get your lottery tickets out everyone the numbers for the $570 million powerball jackpot were drawn just moments ago. we've got the numbers for you. here they are. ready? 12, 29, 30, 33, 61 and the powerball is 26. you can see those numbers again on our website >> i wouldn't! [ laughter ] >> lauren claims she won. >> let's hold off meantime single ticket purchased at this 7eleven in port ritchie florida matched all six numbers in last mega millions drawing. that jackpot was
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what could could come out of telling everybody you won $500 million? i think there's nothing $500 million shame on you if you don't get a cpa. shame on if you don't get a financial planner and shame on if you don't get a lawyer. >> that same advice can be applied to the winner to have it in's powerball drawing as well. if you have ever worried about getting stuck on deserted island there's new beer that you can include in your survival kit. dock fish head brewery in milton delaware unveiled the end of the world as we know it beer. it's made from a complex mix of newt trent packed super foods resulting in the ultimate and definitive survival beer. the beer is deep purple, hazy in
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color it will be released on january 27th. hmm. all righty then. >> i definitely keep beer in my survival kit. >> you keep it. >> emergency kit. >> i guess a form of survival for some. >> you won the lottery, is that what i heard you chiming in about. >> i'll need to see that ticket. >> maybe next time. >> 1 degree tonight. 2 degrees? >> definitely not winning the weather lottery. >> nightmare. >> wind chill temperatures dropped subfreezing. all right. that happens normally one time we would be freaking out. we're used it to. >> whatever, man. >> we're getting heart eighty three as the days go on. >> clearly. >> right now wind chill temperature down three below in philadelphia. 11 degrees the air temperature right now. as we get live look at i think it's philadelphia although i feel like our latitude has moved much farther north. northwesterly winds around 10 miles an hour and induce egging feels like temperature.
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hour high temperature today only 16 degrees. setting a record our low this morning almost at a record seven. the record four set back in the 1800s that's a long time ago. temperatures right now 11 in philly. seven in allentown. three below in mount pocono. and this cold bitter arctic air has engulfed haver the country. plunges far south as the florida peninsula. 32 degrees right now in jackso jacksonville. 27 in atlanta. 24 in charlestown, south carolina. we have single digits on the board four in bethlehem. five in princeton currently 6 degrees in sinking spring when you wake up tomorrow morning it will be cold. thankfully it's sunday. hang in drink a hot cup you have coffee. seven below autopoint pocono. zero in allentown. one below in reading and millville. two in philadelphia. that would break a record low temperature. the previous record four set back in 2014. so heading down into record territory once again and with these type wind chills down around 15, 20, 25, even 30
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below, frost bite can form on exposed skin in as little as 30 minutes. so you still even though we've been dealing with this, now for the better part of a week and a half plus you really need to bundle up and prepare be aware of stinging, numbing skin those symptoms red skin and of course alcohol intake causes your body to lose heat and make you feel like you are warmer so take it easy on that survival beer if you're heading out and about tonight. snowfall so far this season in philadelphia over 12 and a half inches. or about 8-inches above our to date average. no snow right now clear sky conditions but that will induce the colder temperatures as we head throughout the overnight period. we have the potential for a wintry mix mainly in the form of freezing rain as we head into monday. temperatures rebound to near freezing 32 degrees but again that could cause some freezing rain in spots. maybe little bit of snow mix and light accumulation is possible when it comes to freezing rain, though even a very little bit can cause big problems on the
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roadways future weather showing us as we head into monday afternoon it will be mainly all snow light intensity poconos lehigh valley berks county as it nears the i-95 corridor we'll liking see freezing rain. some pocks of snow and then as it pushes towards south jersey the shore, freezing rain and then mainly rain along the immediate coastline as we head into the second half of the evening on monday and then all of this wraps up monday night and by our tuesday morning commute but stay tuned to that evolving forecast. mostly clear record told cold tonight down to 2 degrees. plenty of sunshine frigid once again the warming trend begins up to 44 degrees heat wave on tuesday. 40 on wednesday with a lot of sunshine. up to 52 degrees by thursday. making a run at 60 degrees by friday. looking wet and then saturday is the day to watch front will drop through eagles forecast still up in the air. >> leslie's perked up immediately. >> why can't we do 58 saturday. >> not going to happen. >> we have a lot of college action today.
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for the big five teams in act and titans making unbelievable come backs again the chiefs. claude girou
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last season claude giroux struggled never fully recovered from off season abdominal surgery. this season he's back to his usual self. second in the league in points after this afternoons game against st. louis. rookie making his nnl debut. check him out. no score in the first. tyrell with the check. lawn town picks up the buck and the flyers take a quick one to nothing lead. claude jr. row with the puck. off a blues player into the net. not pretty but effective. now two to nothing flyers. in the second vorachek with the pass to jordan he does all the rest. nice move and scores. three to nothing the orange and black later we have giroux aga again. this time nice pass to sean core tour eighty three who scores the
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first of his two goals of game. the flyers beat the blues six to three. to the eagles it's looking like they'll play the falcons next saturday at the linc right now late in the game, they are leading the rams 26-13. other wild card game action andy reid and the chiefs against the titans. big red had 18-point lead at the half. tennessee came back. everyone scrambled to find time, run, throws the tipped ball chiefs defender mariota. goes in for the score. unbelievable. fourth quarter chiefs up five. he drops back, hits eric decker for a 22-yard touchdown the titans within their play off game in 14 years. 22-done the final. we have that game over to basketball action we have villanova taking on marquette today. we'll get to game in just a second.
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villanova had week to stew after dropping their first game of the season to butler. taking on marquette. in the first half jail lynn brunson draws into the paint draws defense drops sweet dime to round tree. wet of 12-point lead at the half. second half nice ball movement villanova jail lynn brunson n down the triple. the cats up by 13. jail lynn with 27 points. donte gets in on the fun. jay wright will win his 400th game at villanova, 100-90 the final. hawk hill st. joe's taking on st. bonaventure the hawk will never die. final seconds of the first half. st. joe up fie by five. hawks with seven-point half time lead. second half demure for three. he led the hawks with 24 points. they win 85-78. >> i've see league penn against princeton much second half quakers up by three. ryan bentley with the ball.
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hits tough shot in traffic. led penn with 21 points. the lead just two. aj a couple of moves hits the hook penn beats princeton 76-70. tom gola recent in a second half explorers down by seven. powell with the ball make the layup old-fashioned three-point play the lead the explorer with 24-point. rams respond. jenkins led with 20 points. final minutes powell with ball. short. bcu wins it 80-74. >> a lot going on. thanks you so much leslie. appreciate that. still ahead tonight, let's hear it for one of the lose see yesterday teams in football. >> why not. >> is he gracious. >> i've never seen a browns game sober. >> coming up next we're head to go cleveland browns fans aren't letting something like, oh, a 16
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well kill back. this season the cleveland browns accomplish something few teams in new jersey fl history ever accomplish much that's worth celebrating, right? well here they are. pretty happy browns fans holding ironic klee named perfect season parade outside the first energy stadium in cleveland this afternoon. the browns went zero-16 for the season. a feat only achieved by the detroit lions back in '08. despite frigid temperatures that hovered about 10 degrees or so, there was great turn out. >> everyone was able to have fun. we know we're not the greatest team but everyone is comin comit to support the city and have some good comradery at the end of the season. there's always next year. >> everyone is having a good time. no one got too crazy. it was a good event. fun times. >> they're finding glass half full scenario here. today's parade was partially
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funded by fan's gofundme campaign he started in late objection. i don't know. would eagles fans do that? >> no.
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finally tonight a man in south carolina is giving a whole new meaning to having a cold one. tim mccoy chose his beer by keeping it on top of his frozen pool. someone took a picture of him cooling down his drink of choice outside of his house in conway, south carolina. he says he came up with the idea because he was a little homesick he's from indiana and he loves ice fishing. i guess that's one way to do it. >> whatever works. >> the fridge would help, too. >> whatever works. >> that's "eyewitness news" everyone. i'm natasha brown. for leslie, lauren, all. us we appreciate you being with us and we're always on take care, everyone. stay warm. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ (exciting electronic music) - [voiceover] byron allen, coming to you from entertainment studios. and this is the american athlete. get ready to hang out with some of the world's greatest sports superstars.
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shaquille o'neal. - you know, you were doing well until you said, "better than byron allen." that's when you lost it. you were like on it then, i was with you. i don't know about all that. work back up there or something. - [voiceover] baseball legend, mike schmidt. - you know, babe ruth and i are buddies, never met him. (chuckles) - [voiceover] and laila ali. - i don't really remember. i mean, i don't remember at what age i realized that my father was the most famous man in the world. - shaq. - what's up, b, how you doing? - i'm doing great, how's it going? - i'm good, just chillin'. - [byron] what first drew you to the game of basketball? - what first drew me to the game of basketball was that my father taught me how to play each and every sport. football, baseball, basketball, but the thing that drew me to basketball the most
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was one day i'd seen dr. j, with his afro, fly to the hoop and slam it. ever since that day, i said to myself i wanted to be like dr. j. as i got older, my father encouraged me not to be like somebody else, but to be yourself. be better than your favorite person, and that's what i try to teach children. don't be like me, don't be like allen iverson, be better than us. - [byron] how has your mother influenced you? - my mother is very cool, calm and collected. that's where i get my cool and calmness from. my father is very, very ferocious, and that's where i get my ferocity on the basketball court from. - [byron] you set goals? - i've been setting goals ever since age of six years old. i always set goals. by the grace of god and by the blessing of my parents, i have been able to reach all my goals. - [byron] why is that important, setting goals? - because it's what i was taught. my parents taught me that a long time ago, i had to make an alphabet goal chart. which means, "a, i want a car. b, i want a basketball, "c, i want cool clothes." i had to set goals for myself,


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