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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 8, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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goal end globes, we have the winners, historic honor, and how the stars embraced the me too movement. >> well, today is monday, january 8th. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and pat keeping an eye on things this morning, morning, guys. >> you guys won't believe this , but we have more water main breaks in the area. i know. crazy, we've had so many over the last week or so due to the colds, but, i see 60 on that seven day, so that excites me. >> eventually finally going to warm up, even as early as today. but now crossing the border of freezing, and we will hover awfully close to it, with storm coming it does mean we ends up with some very very tricky travel later in the day your morning drive is not affected at least by the weather. other than these water main breaks obviously caused by the weather. but we are going to finally start to rebound here, it is not as harsh, as yesterday, but still levels off to the teens this hour, so it is cold , so if this were to be here right now, this storm system, it would be strictly cold. but by the time it reaches us, finally rebounds to go right
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around that freezing mark, that's where the problems come n so winter weather advisory goes into effect as early as 1:00 p.m., it will last until 9:00 p.m. for most of you. but, as late as, say, midnight out near the shore points specially. as it all moves in, basically, from west to east. as the day goes on. here's where we currently stand, as i mentioned, generally in the teens currently. a lot more consistency, mount pocono actually on par with philly, wilmington, trenton right now. and with the wind flow out of the south, too, that will help us finally rebound. we ends up around 34 for official high. notice what happens by 5:00 p.m. or so. you're hovering at 32, so that's where these problem really come into play with new system moving in, it really is going to be that mixed bag, where you've got snow, sleet, even some freezing rain out there. and even though it is at the moment looks as though the precipitation will generally be light, i don't expect to you ends one more than say half inch to inch of snow, where it will fall, which we get to. it doesn't take much when it comes to ice, pat. just little glaze obviously,
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all you need for major problems. >> and i'm glad you brought that up. this camera shows that. now not sure what exactly caused this car to spin out but you can imagine when it is 20 degrees outside problems, this guy spunked out, 23rd st. , so it does appear cars are getting by, but again, slow down. tap the brakes. there is some ice out there. some icy spots throughout the area. definitely here, over in new jersey, yet another water main bake we just told you about, right lane closed route 73 near cooper road. again, icy conditions, throughout the area, lot of water main breaks, slow it on down, they're slow, through here on route 73 another water main break in philly west 54th a dealing wits own problems, southbound trains are bypassing susquehanna dauphin because of a water main break that's slowing underground. then we've got the market frank forwards line, no skipped stops with themment then that fire, north holly street between brown street and parish, which we have an
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update on, rahel? >> pat, thank you, let he is get back to the breaking news, philadelphia firefighters on the scene of yet another deadly house foyer. >> this one happened earlier this morning in the belmont section of of west philadelphia, the latest from "eyewitness news" reporter tran dough live at the scene, good morning, trang. >> reporter: well, good morning, jim, rahel, just a week into 2018 this is the third fire death in the city if you remember just saturday morning in north philadelphia civilian and lieutenant matt letourneau died in a house fire there. show you the scene here in west philadelphia, see the home where this fire started. firefighters as well as investigators in this home, which is just completely burned out on the inside, and here is a video of the scene, from earlier this morning, right after 3:30 a.m. this morning on the 800 block of north holly street. firefighters arrived to find heavy smoke on the first and second floors, once here, firefighters got the fire out in about 20 minute. but, have sadly confirmed that
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one person has died in this fire. there was no neighbors on either side t appears late notification to the fire department could have been a factor in this. and that also weather conditions were less than ideal. >> well, it is brutal. i mean, the footing still brutal. you know, firefighters are have to deal with slippery conditions on ladders, hoses freeze, hydrants freeze, but i want to thank our partners the water department, red cross, red paw's, l & i, all assisting agencies who come out and help us have real had i to endure the same brutal conditions that we've had to. did a tremendous job. >> and right now, fire officials are not releasing anything further about that the the idea of it person who has died in the house fire, also not sure at this point if there were working smoke detectors inside the home, but they really emphasize that everyone should have an escape plan, for in case something like this happens. but for now, liver in west philadelphia, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." jim, rahel, back to you.
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>> brutal conditions to have to deal with this, thank you, trang. now the number now 11. >> that's the number of broken water mains in, if in just the last two days, what has happened overnight at 54th and race streets in west philadelphia. the temperatures still in the teens, the water quickly turned to ice. philadelphia's water department says it likely will not sends crews to fix broken mains until later this morning , unless there is property damage: on water main at 19th and west portland in logan sent at least a inch of watt near one man's basement. >> this is rough. you know, the whole basement, we were working on finishing it, we got carpet in every room. and now i got to rip everything out. start fresh again. sheet lock and everything, tear it all down, start all over. >> crews work into the night to fix another broken main, 8- inch main broke on larchwood avenue in west fill. >> i this morning, man and his dog are safe after becoming stranded on an icy creek in wilmington, delaware. first responders were called to the brandywine creek near south park drive in south market street.
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just before 10:00 last night. a man who was attempt to go save the strands the dog became trapped on the creek after a frozen patch of ice broke off. after nearly an hour-long rescue operation, both were pulled to safety. >> it is difficult in general, just trying to rescue a dog out of any situation there, very timid, very scared usually, unknown person approaching them, especially with wearing different type of clothing and equipment. then you put in that the hazards every ice, slipping there, and then just just the hazards of being cold and wet. >> fortunately, neither the manor the dog ever actually went into the water. officials say both are doing fine. >> chester police are investigating a drive by shoot that injured a teenager. officer say 14 year old boy was shot yesterday. in the sun village section of chester, told police car driving by when he heard gunshot. graze in the foot, treated happen reason leased from the hospital if any information, chester police want to hear from you. >> president trump will spends a good part of the day talking up his administration's plans
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to boost economic development in rural communities. hena doba reports much of washington still talking about a new book that criticizes the president, and his staff. >> president trump is back at the white house, after huddling with republican leaders, at camp david over the weekend. they were scrugs the gop's legislative agenda for 2018. while much of washington was still talking about fire and fury, a new book, that is harshly critical of the trump administration. >> the book is best understood as a work of very poorly written fiction. >> allies took to the airwaves to dispute one of the book's kia is her seans, that most white house staffers have doubt about the president's intelligence, and fitness for the john. >> i can tell you,'s got the wherewithall to do things no politician has been able to do , and in a good way. >> storm err chief strategist steve bannonequoted extensively in the book, used the word treasonous and un patriotic when talking about
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the connection was rush a sunday he released statement taking back some of what he said. bannon also reaffirmed his support is un waivering for the president, and his agenda. some democrats dismissed the idea that the book is a work of fiction. >> i don't think there is anyone in congress frankly of either party who does not concur at least privately with those observations and concerns. >> the president is moving on. today he'll be in nashville to speak at farmers convention. tonight i'll go to atlanta to watch georgia play alabama for the college football championship. hena doba, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> hollywood honors the best in film and television at the annual golden globe awards. >> three billboards, outside evan missouri. >> well the film took home four awards including best drama and oprah winfrey became the first african-american woman to receive the prestigious awards for her contributions to television and film. >> and before the show began, the red carpet was a sea of
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black. nearly every celebrity wore black in support of times up, a legal defends fence found for sexual harrassment victims co-host, gale king, also walked the carpet, wearing a black dress. >> so much bigger than dress, as you know, this is such a very porno case. and it is celebrator, but it also has a very specific message and very specific meaning. >> we'll have more on the golden globe winners and memorable moments in a full report at 6:30. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, already kay the being scene at new york jfk airport intensifies when water main break, where things look this morning with delays and cancellation action >> plus: dozens every people are missing off the coast of china after an oil tanker collides with a freighter. find out about the environmental danger crews are now dealing with. >> while we deal with bitter cold, australia is dealing with near record heat. you won't believe just how hot it is there. we will tell you about it coming up next. cbs eye on the community... presented by target.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. with jim donovan. rahel solomon. >> katie fehlinger, and meisha johnson. well, new york's jfk international airport is warning of more delays today because of the wetter. >> so call your airline, give yourselves extra time. port authorities of new york and new jersey also launching an investigation into water pipe break-in side airport terminal and floods dollars the baggage claim area, passengers who went through custom, had to leave the airport without their bags. >> the initial flood that took place was quite severe t wound up with 3 inches of water on
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the southern two thirds of the terminal floor arrives area, the water cascaded out into the -- on to the frontage, into the inner roadway, with the freezing temperatures, that meant that eye formed. >> water main break was responsible for 143 cancelled flights. >> that's not the only storm related problem at jfk. video taken by one traveler shows sea, get a load of this, unclaimed suitcase that is are piling up. some people say they've been waiting for hours for their luggage to arrive. room was running out in the baggage claim area, as new flights continued to pour in. >> well, turning to the other side of the equator, where heatwave is roasting parts of australia. >> yesterday temperatures in sydney hit almost 80 year high of 117 degrees. trip ill digit, blistering heat expected to continue into tuesday, with temperatures hovering around 104 degrees.
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>> pretty warm today, when you go in the water -- >> had to be the guys saying i'm on fire. people pack beaches in sydney to cool off, and at times so crowded it was barely any room to move. >> party. >> it is hot. >> a bit. bit warm. slightly. >> i don't know, that's more of british, i don't know what accent we're doing here. >> leave me alone. >> fresh off your trip. >> well, ding owe do some strange things in 117 degrees. >> don't we small. >> well, blown away by people running down the boardwalk, there. >> craze. >> i in 100 blues degrees heat nuts. let's take a look at storm scan, i mean, i wouldn't be running out in this kinds of colds either. but we know there are diehards , and going to be out on kelly drive regardless of the ice and snow that's even still left out there and the chill. this mess comes through into the afternoon, so your morning looks fine. it is into the afternoon that things really go downhill as this whole mess gets here. and because we're finley going
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to reach freezing and even exceed it here today, it comes with a trade offer unfortunately. you can ends up with a variety pack of precipitation type. that's what will happen. you're far enough north, you don't even have winter weather advisory, it is not worth it. >> hid dollars to up 80 for example, it is a variable mixed bag every snow, sleet, freezing rain in the whole pink shaded area. my biggest concern is absolutely the icing, yes, it may be just rain, in wildwood, or into cape may, for example. but, it will freeze on contact and that's the concern because it has been so coal. so you have to worry about icing, it only takes really thin glaze for there to be major problems, we may only end up with upward after tent after inch, which doesn't sound like much, but ice is heavier, that could lead to maybe even some small tree limbs coming down. the problem here at least what we don't have as a problem is the wind. that's not an issue out of this. with time, we will continue the warming trend. but off to enough after cold
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start. do rebounds to just that level where it does become a threat here later on today. so pm drive not looking good. very quiet at the onset pleasant valley and middle high school in broads heads ville, the snow still yet to melt. you will have the opportunity to see that happen in the days ahead. colds 15 degrees, but ball any by comparison to the nectar tori you have been sitting in in the last up elf mornings. look what happens from here. not only do you rebound, you sky rocket. forty-four tomorrow. in the sunshine. that will feel like the summertime here. by friday, it is even warmer, 60 degrees, and there is a trade off, more rain on the way, but it will really feel like spring time by then. >> should i break out the shorts? >> well -- >> show the. >> have you born bronzed recently? i don't look like a bronze beauty already? what are you talking about? >> work on the spray tan, then we will talk. >> whatever, katie, whatever. this is the talcony palmyra. it was up. it is now back down. just moments ago it, went back down, so traffic should be flowing through new jersey in just couple every minutes.
6:18 am
but there will be some delays here, some backups. we now have this on our hands, in the vine street expressway, eastbound, 23rd street off ramp is now block because of car that spun out. now we have moved on from that we move over to new jersey, 73 , near cooper road, the right lane is blocked because every yes another water main break in areament one lane getting by. we also have the broad street line of septa. the subway was experiencing some flooding because after water main break, above grounds, it flowed below grounds. so trains are bypassing sus question hand, a dauphin, market frankford, no skipped stop here. trains will be stopping at all stations, we have this fire as well, we've been telling but, trang do live on the scene, north holly street between brought street -- brown street and west parish, then over night schuylkill expressway, between 202 and city avenue. starting at 9:00 p.m., we have construction that will be going on here, jim, over to you. >> thank you, pat. new video in as russian oil
6:19 am
tanker burst into flames after colliding with a freighter off of china's coast. it is now at risk of exploding and singing the fiery collision happened saturday night, authority from three different countries are still working to find the tanker's 32 missing crew members, also trying to contain oil spewing from the blazing wreck. >> three, two, one. >> lift off. >> space x launch satellite into orbit. we don't know much her to than that, because the us government says it is a classified mission. the falcon nine rocket took the zoomer spacecraft in cape canaveral role florida into an undisclosed orbit. >> little different. with all of the wild fires throughout california, construction company offering new option for homeowners. >> shipping containers. >> marking these homes as nearly fireproof and practically indestructible. builds the homes using containers at port. not only can you liver in one,
6:20 am
but can also be used in disaster situation. >> things are designed to be in hurricane level forces and winds, and environments, for 50 years, as a standards manufactured box. >> containers come in multiple sizes, prices starting at $55,000. >> for shipping container. >> that's a home apparently. >> well, wounded military personnel swam with dolphin fins, capping off another successful soldier ride cycling event. >> the soldiers and supporters got tonight err act with dolphins at marathon dolphin research center, shared kisses and high nice, soul err ride participant pedaled almost 100 o key west. >> dunkin' donuts making -- changing the way it makes its donutment find out what will be missing coming up. >> plus, david letterman returns to dv this week, with his first guest, we'll tell you who it is next.
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>> welcome back. looking ahead already, to our upcoming weekend, very important forecast coming up here in south philly, of course, for our eagles, and it looks like there may be some rain in the area. at least still quite mild that day. but there is trade off coming again, as much colder air works its way in, by sunday. guys? >> all right, katie, thank you ment now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> in the burlington county times firefighters endured sub freezing temperatures, while battling three alarm house fire in shamong township. massive fire engulfed large plastics unlimited building, dozens every firefighters responded from fire companies and departments in several surrounding towns. from the courier post, camden school district is trying to help students who have come from hurricane ravaged puerto rico. some with little more than the clothes on their backs. the district is coping with a influx of at least six a
6:25 am
students from 28 families, who have left the idea land. >> in the times herald after taking a year off, first baptist church of norristown is once again collecting and offering free prom dress toss student throughout the area. the event formerly known as prom dress give away is back, and going by new name, dress palooza. donations are accepted through march 17. >> and that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> well, the newest talk show host on netflix needs no introduction. >> david letterman is headed back to the small screen. here is the just released trailer, the former cbs host will host 61-hour episodes this year, the title of the show my next guest, needs no introduction with david letterman, a list of guesses include george clooney, howard stern, and tina fay. former president barack obama will be the first guess, the first show is available friday >> well, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news ," an update on the breaking news, deadly fire in west philadelphia. we will tell you what fire officials are saying on the
6:26 am
scene. >> plus, weather problems across the nation, winter keeps its icy grip on the midwest. but folks out west dealing with a different issuement pat >> rush hour is certainly underway. this is a look at i-95, we've got an accident blocking the right lane, we will tell you exactly where this is, plus, some water main breaks across our area, and much more coming up in traffic. here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news " this morning. iand i like these award-winning cheddar puffs. first place. both events? booyah! we're an awards family.
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>> good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel sole plan, just about 630, what you need to start your day in the morning minute. today is january 8, 2018. >> another tragedy here in the city of philadelphia. >> firefighters on the scene of faith al house fire in west
6:30 am
philadelphia. >> just a week into 2018. this is the third fire death in the city. >> this is what's headed our way. so, as early as just after lunchtime, this mess moves in. a mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain. today's water department says if there are more water main break will not send crews in this morning unless there is cents property damage. >> a man and his dog are safe after becoming stranded on an icy creek in wilmington, delaware. >> we seem to be in good spirits once it came up from the river banks. >> so i want all of the girls watching here and now to know that a new day is on the horizon. >> it will be because of a lot a lot of magnificant women, fighting hard to make sure that nobody ever has to say me too.
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again. >> today's morning minute is sponsored by the robert proton therapy center at penn medicine cancer center there it looks like oprah brow the floor to their feet. excepting the award, and more including a look at last night 's winners from the goal end globes coming up. >> meanwhile we send it over to kate way check of the weather, and some wintery mess headed our way. >> police got whole mixed bag for you, too, welcome back. we've got some ice on the way. yes, it is primarily a pm issue though, hopefully you'll be in bed. go to bed what 2:00 p.m. or so so you will be just fine. yes, looks lick this will be moving in shortly after lunch time, we mentioned in the morning minute, storm scan still clear. only couple of clouds still out there. we zoom it out, it as mess, look at this, we have every single color available to you in terms of precipitation. so you have got some ice willing, some snow, and rain, all of it will be an impact here, because we're finally rebounding past freezing. this is your temperature change.
6:32 am
you might bling and think that these are the actual air temperatures, actually pretty close to the actual air temperatures, but we've now had surplus of 13, 14, 16 degrees, since this same time yesterday. and as that translates to the thermometer, you're into the teens, pretty much across the bore, a lot of consistency even in the mountains with more of southerly wind flow, helping to usher in the miler air, allows us to rebounds, but here is the issue, even though quiet for now, we have the green light, come lunchtime the signs of life on the radar already being seen in central pa all moves east basically through the course of the day, because the temperature so marginal with freezing across the region, we are lick throw have to deal with all of this freezing rain , sleet, snow, snow is primarily going to be confined to the north most suburbs, where it is cents a little bit colder, but that's where you'll also see maybe the half inch coating upward of inch of snow out of it, so poconos what you can expect. meanwhile at the shore in here in philly, i wore a lot about ice out of this. thirty-four again very marginal temperature obviously
6:33 am
with the freezing mark, and all it takes, pat, as you know , is that thin little glaze to cause major problems. >> no doubt about it. that will give us some problems. but for right now, we have this on our hands. this is i-95 southbound at route 413, we've got accident, now has both lanes block, not only that but goes through construction zone, there are massive delays, again, try to avoid this area, 95 northbound , at route 413, they've got these lanes blocked. so it is going to stretch way back, pack the patience if you are headed out this morning, 95 south bound at girard starting to see brake lights as we head toward the vine street expressway, minor delays here, then another water main break over in new jersey, route 73, near cooper road, has the right lane block , just left getting by. and another problem with these constant water main breaks, another one here, broad street line, septa, dealing with one as well, the southbound trains bypassing susquehanna, market frankford, no skip on that line, then we've got toll
6:34 am
increase of course we do, the pennsylvania turnpike going up 6%. but just make note of that on your monthly bill. rahel? >> pat, thank you. more now on breaking news this morning, another deadly house fire in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" on the scene earlier this morning, on the 800 block of north holly street in west philadelphia. firefighters manage to quickly put out the flames, but not fast enough to save person inside. there is no word yet on the victim's identity, now, this is the city's third fatal fire just so far this year. following the death of philadelphia firefighter, and civilian in north philadelphia on saturday. >> well, philadelphia's water department is now fixed 11 broken water mains in the past two days. >> overnight they shut off the water line at 54th and race street in west philly. temperatures in the teens, turned some of the watt near ice, as the scene too many people in and around philadelphia haves been accustomed to this winter, since the bitter blast moved into the region. the water department says if more mains break it will send crews only if there is property damage. >> well, it has been brutal
6:35 am
new year so far for millions of americans. when it comes to weather. several states are blanketed with snow, low temperatures, while california is in fear of rain. here's news correspondent john loyer ends. >> the monster storm that dumped more than 12 inches of snow across ten states is now bringing strong winds and frigid air to much of the country. the cold weather causing havoc at new york jfk airport, the water pipe exploded sunday flooding terminal. hundreds of flights were delayed, dozens were cancel. port authority officials saying weather appears to be a factor. >> we will thoroughly investigate why this pipe burst, we will thoroughly investigate why it was not adequately protected. >> new york senator chuck schumer says officials at jfk weren't ready for the storm. >> they should have been much, much better prepared, plane and simple. jfk has to follow the boyscouts motto. be prepared. they weren't. >> part of north georgia are
6:36 am
expected to get harsh blast of winter weather including possible ice monday. the same night, city of atlanta host the college football national championship the georgia department of transportation has treated the roads around the metro area, many schools and state offices throughout north georgia are also closed monday. meanwhile, california homeowners aren't worried about snow or ice, but rather, heavy rain. around storms are expected in the orange county area which was recently ravaged with wild fires. >> with this post fire burn scar area, these are thousand cents of acres that are prone to mudslides and debris bri flow, heavy rains come our way >> we're already keeping a watchful eye on the weather forecast. we do have crews that will work around the clock, once the rain does start falling. >> john loyer ends, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." meanwhile in chicago sub freezing temperatures and massive water leak resulted in the icicles to end all icicles
6:37 am
, the fire escape became encase in the ice after sprinkler pipe burst on one of the upper floors of the building, the cascading water froze as it hit the coal air. road below was shut down due to the threat of falling ice. >> back here at home, flags are at half staff at firehouses in north philadelphia and in springfield, delaware county. to mourn the death of one of their firefighters, matthew letourneau was killed while battling row home fire, the man who lives inside the home also died, lieutenant letourneau was 11 year veteran of the fire department, alongside volunteer in his hometown every springfield, the loss is difficult for neighbors in both communities. >> like the true he is sense after neighbor, good neighbor, like the kind of person that has a real hole in our lives. >> hits home. i've been involved in a lot of line duty deaths but not within 1 degree of me. so this was a huge hit. >> funeral arrangements have not yet been announced, the at
6:38 am
f is assisting in the investigation into what caused the fire. meantime, fire fighters williams town, gloucester country asking for donations after a member of the local fire company lost their home. crews are responds today this house fire early yesterday morning, only to realize that it belongs to woman who works for their department. the woman and her family got out safely, but the house was destroyed. >> well, many of philadelphia 's homeless are getting helping hand from a local group. >> group of bicyclists are delivering some hot food in the bone chilling conditions, the group's monthly outreach called the tma bike ride, positive mental attitude, they're delivering pizzas from rose's french pizza in west philly and cacia's bakery in south philly to anyone hungry they finds on the street. organizer joe cox started the effort about a year and a half ago. >> most people that are out there, they get peanut butter and jelly, or just the sandwich, which is good when that happens. but this is more after treat, i think, for everybody, but specially the people that are out living on the street.
6:39 am
>> and so far the group has handed out more than 12,000 pizzas, and they've kept up with the deliveries to the single digit temperatures and dangerous road conditions. the a job well done by everyone. >> coming up next: dunkin' donuts eliminates an ingredient that's used for years in its donuts. >> and oprah makes history at the golden globes. >> new day is on the horizon. >> the award oprah received and her speech that has everyone talking. plus, a look at the big winners, pat? >> i wish coy do my tease like oprah. the eagles, they'll battle on saturday. doesn't wobble -- work that way. eagles-falcons, how do the birds match up with the range nfc champs? we have john bartrum strut and elliot from with takes that will heat your morning coffee coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> freeze frame freeze frame ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> all right, i'm so glad that we sort of wide tends shot. because earlier we were showing you the frozen waters of the delaware river. but it was adel rare river, because of all of that ice, along penn's landing, so needless to say it is a chilly morning, yet again. katie, there is a change coming. >> we'll explain exactly what's coming, and what exactly we're in store for coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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in america last year. we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain.
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addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you. >> if you didn't know this, it is philly lovers bowie week, how you can celebrate with a donut and help the children's hospital all at once. details coming up. >> hollywood award season in high gear. >> golden globe awards honor the best of film, and
6:44 am
television, unlike in mere just years, celebrities? year walk the reds carpet in black in solidarity against sexual has asment. here is more from cruz martin z- three billboards. >> the film won four golden globe awards, supporting actor , actress, francis. >> apply daughter angela with a murder -- >> three billboards, about mother's fight for justice. >> lady birds is that your given name? >> yes. >> won for guess picture, musical, and for actress. hbo big little lies, taking home best tv movie or limited series. actress natalee noted the lack of women. >> here are the all male nominees. >> host seth meyer kicked offer the dress addressing hollywood sexual harrassment allegation. >> good evening ladies and remaining gentlemen.
6:45 am
>> before the show began red carpet was a sea of black, nearly every celebrity wore black in support of times up, legal defense fund for sexual harrassment victims. meryl streep and amy polar were among several actresses to bring activists as their guests, including tennis great , billie jean king, and the founder of the me too movement. >> it feels powerful. it feels like a collective. >> that a new day is on the horizon. >> oprah winfrey became the first black woman honored with award for her contribution for tv and film. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. >> what a powerful night, the founder of the me too movement , has local connections here to fill, was, there but i got to say when oprah speaks, the whole worlds listens, she preaches. >> now on twitter you know everyone talking about oprah for president, so, you know, we've heard that before. we'll see. >> that was really powerful night. >> but turning to the forecast , we showed you the view from the camera in
6:46 am
bellmawr, new jersey, a lot during last week's snowstorm, even when we weren't on the air, the camera death rolling, caught pretty amazing scene. surfers catching waves in the blizzard, 16 degrees weather. do you see them throughout? i see them. small little spec there, proved, surfers are a rare breed, specially in new jersey >> crazy people. that's what i like to call them, crazy. >> 16 degrees normally send me as far away from the water as possible. >> to each their own. >> whatever floats your boat. >> you won't catch me out there. >> i feel like the water has got to be what boiling warm for me to actually walk into it, because i go ankle deep in like 67 degrees water, but cold. but regardless, yes, not going to be rebounding from the temperatures that are in the 30's in the open ocean water any time soon, but finally rebounding on the the air temperature. still cold. don't get me wrong. eyewitness weather watchers reporting generally teens across the board, few outline ers, still, being reported as down into the single digit, at
6:47 am
11 degrees, just couple of clouds currently, quiet beginning to the morning all things considered, 17 degrees in levittown, so there is a trend up many of you have rebounded at least 10 degrees, since this same time yesterday , let's be honest, from sub zero levels as of yesterday. so, not going to take much for it to start to feel little less harsh to us, the storm that we are talking about, you have all of the pretty colors available on storm scan, showing up, with this storm, because this is as the warmth is moving in, the temperatures are rebounding, the change- over from rain to sleet to ice to snow is as a result taking place. >> this doesn't get here until later in the day, note your time stamp, 1:00 p.m., maybe as early as noontime. so around lunchtime generally when it start to move if from west to east essentially, but notice, the pink moves across philly. even though this is light precipitation, that's icing, sleet or rain that freezes on contact that could trip you up to the pm drive.
6:48 am
so this pans out. this is a model but at least good representation how things move through from west to east even if it is not precipitating everywhere could have been damage left behind as you're trying to hit the road late err today. so everybody get in on something, it will be true mixed bag here in the city, you could see snowflakes, ends up with straight up icing and easily rain freezes on contact , too, how much ice are we talking? not enough to bring down power lines perhaps. since it might only be maybe few hundreds every an inch. but enough it leaves the glaze , that's the key, so need to worry about that more than anything. take a look at the region, what you can face, upward every inch every snow up the southern north you go, but it will be a mix everywhere else, quickly checking the seven day , big warm upcoming our way here, pat, by eagles game day, kick off temperatures are probably in the mid to upper 40's. >> this we do not like, 59, southbound at route 413. we have an accident blocking
6:49 am
the right lane t had block both. now one getting by, but causing some massive backups, as you can see. right here, 37 minutes from new jersey, all the way down to woodhaven road. also, have a water main break yet again. route 73, near cooper road in new jersey, this has been a problem throughout the area. as you know, 20 plus per day is what they are saying throughout the philadelphia region, it is a lot to keep up with. there is no doubt about that. also, we've got an accident in collegeville. it is route 29 at route 422, that's always fun. also, can you click over for me, having little trouble here we've got an accident route one baltimore pike atwood chuck way. so, the rush hour certainly underway. but, flipping through the philadelphia eagles, we now know the eagles opponent in the divisional rounds on saturday. and it is of course the six seeded atlanta falcons, took down the rams over the weekend , don't be fooled, the
6:50 am
range nfc champs, so to discuss the match up we have the tag team de owe of john of 94wip bleeding green nation and elliot of gentlemen, welcome. >> morning. >> how are we all feeling? the falcons are two and a half point favorite. are you at all surprised and what sort of stuff does atlanta bring to the table? >> lot of different things. you know, always you're going to talk about who freeman, talk about coleman, that's hanging out in the backfield there. and offensively, it is little bit scattered. they haven't.same since shanahan left, been a little bit of up and down, defense likes to play fast on the other side of the ball, with true fun probably being one of the most underrated corners in the fl. they play fast. looks like see eight elf doom, 2013, 2014, but i still kind of like where the eagles chances are here in the
6:51 am
trenches. >> here is the thing, that's great breakdown of the falcons , all true, if carson wentz was quarterback, eagles from probably -- i mean, nick foles is the reason the team is aunt dog right now, the pressure will absolutely be on him. matt ryan, local guy, didn't have great regular season, but we saw him this game, why he is in the elite quarterback, going on beating the rams. nick foles will have to play at much higher level than he has if they even have a chance >> exactly, what does very to do to beat the falcons? these last two games have been brutal. >> how much time do we have? we have 30 seconds thon with you gwen. >> far more accurate, make better decisions and i think what he really has to do is take care of the ball. i they has one interception, which is good, but put the ball in harms way. they can't give this falcons offense even though they weren't the team they were in 2016, can't give the falcons offense more chance to the ball. specially the way eagles have strucked. >> knowing those offensive issues with nick foles, what does the defense have to do to make up for that? >> they just have to put enough pressure on matt ryan.
6:52 am
different quarterback specially out of the dome, make him feel as uncomfortable as possible, make sure that you don't have guys like tyler gabriel, anybody else sneak behind you, like you have, so it is trying to just contain them, being fast and aggressive at the same time. >> elliot, give me hot take. one quick key to victory. >> all right, one quick key. i don't know, they have to tackle. they have to tackle real well. >> but they have to tackle well. but again it, all comes down to the quarterback, that's harping on, that but if foles doesn't give you his a-plus game they won't win. i will say this, for the first time since carson wentz went downey thought maybe they have a chance for the superbowl again, you get the falcons, probably the match up you went if the eagles win, i think the falcons are tougher team than vikings. >> we have to move on. >> jim, rahel, back over to you. >> thanks, patrick. moving along here, dunkin'
6:53 am
donuts follow through to get healthier. removing artificial dies, however, some items using topping or decoration may still contain synthetic dice, and also plans to remove synthetic die from other menu item including frozen beverages, breakfast sandwiches and coffee flavoring. we may learn later today whether the u.s. supreme court will decide if it will hear a case involving a tree house. >> yep, this is no ordinary rowhouse, however. lynn tran and richard hazen built this two level 500 square foot tree house on beachfront in homes beach florida forget this $30,000. they say, the city initially told them, they didn't need a permit. but after they built it, officials changed their mind, and the couple cannot now get a permit. >> if this doesn't work out, then we don't even want to think about it yet, so hard to think about it. >> officially when we new we didn't do anything wrong.
6:54 am
>> if the supreme court doesn't decide to hear the case, the tree house has to go >> did you notice anything odd yesterday? maybe some riders no pant? >> before you judge your fellow philadelphians to harshly, you should know they weren't the only ones, 17th annual no pant subway ride was yesterday. new york city kicks off the pant-less party, once a year fellow transit riders all over the world stripped down to their underwear and ride the train. mind you it was bitter 17 degrees out yet yesterday. similar scene in boston, they boarded the train in only their underwear. panel less subway rides started as prank has grown into international celebration world free pant rides were scheduled in about 50 different cities. >> i'm glad i wasn't on public transportation yesterday. >> we will be right back. with three to go.
6:55 am
cbs presented by target.... there's nothing more rewarding than achieving a hard earned goal. that's why target supports students run philly style. we work with kids to teach them the skills they need to achieve and set goals through marathon training. giving back has been part of our dna, so, the more we stay involved, the more we're being true to ourselves as a corporate partner. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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>> here is three to go. >> firefighters on the scene every another deadly fire this morning, this one, in west philadelphia. the city's third fire death so far this year. the philadelphia firefighter and civilian were killed in a fire on saturday. >> there have been at least 11 water main breaks in the city of philadelphia in the past two days. that's not to mention other in south jersey, and the suburbs. >> and today is national clean off your desk day, your chance to tidy up, and get organized. >> okay, last check on weather and traffic. >> few people i know that really need that holiday.
6:59 am
>> you know what they say red sky morning, there you have it , we do have a system moving in. gorgeous shot outside in rehoboth. we have ice, snow, on the way, and it will impact the pm rush >> we have this issue on 95 southbound, route 413, one lane block for this construction zone causing a major back-up, and we have water main break, yes, another one, new jersey 73, this is near cooper road, one lane block here. >> oh, boy. >> well, philadelphia's celebrating philly loves bowie week with a list of great events, showing the city that david bowie loves, is loving him back. today would have been his 71 birthday. >> all of the event will benefit many of philly's most important charitable organizations, federal donuts is selling their famous donut today. >> oh, there go. >> yes, they'll go toward the children's hospital, chocolate glaze with stardust on top. sales from federal donut,
7:00 am
other bowie event through the. >> is that a good captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, january 8th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." hollywood's golden globes are dominated by women who make their strongest stand yet against sexual miscon duchlkt lifetime achieve meant nominee oprah winfrey says a new day is on the horizon. president trump and his top aides go on the defensive to denounce the new tell-all book about the white house. author michael wolff comes to studio 578 to defend his controversial bestseller. many parents say iphones are addictive. now two of apple's major investors urge the company to put controls on its devices to protect young


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