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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  January 16, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". well here we go again. another round of snow is working its way across the area. snow is already on the ground in reading, berks county and more is expected to pile up. taking a life look now at our camera in bethlehem. snow has already fallen winter weather advisory is in effect in the bethlehem area until 6am tomorrow. you can see the snow very clearly on storm scan3. it's moving in from the west and will impact the philadelphia area later on tonight. this system could impact tomorrow morning' commute. good afternoon i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. how much can we expect from this system and when will it start?
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more specifically here in philadelphia. core the answers let's turn to meteorologist katie fehlinger she is tracking the snow from the cbs3 weather center. hi, katie good guys, it's all about location, location, locate with this one. we ended up with snow earlier this morning which we'll discuss in more detail later in the show. but i do want to take you back in time. start things off with just a time lapse and take you wack back before the sun came up obviously this is outside witness feel elementary school and you'll notice it's tough to tell you can tell nonetheless that at least under the street lamps no snow has fallen. let's put things into motion though and just for the span avenue few hours look at the winter wonder lapped left behi the snow has stopped for now. some of it's even start to go melt away. however, we've got more on the way and that's going to really help beef up the totals. in places like berks county where this camera shot was taken from. now looking at the localized zoom on storm sanity in the last three hours not much isening haf the counties here in the
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delaware valley up to the lehigh valley poke poe know region a few flurries the bulk of this will return and move into the area later tonight. so we've even seen some sun trying to break out it's actually not that all bad of a start to an afternoon but we mention that winter weather advisory you'll notice philly is not included in that winter weather advisory. we are expecting snow to accumulate but not enough to meet the criteria for an advisory. however far north and west you i don't feel got this in place and you will expect to see little bit more in total with this disturbance moving through. we currently stand actually warming up mid 40s even in atlantic city. in philadelphia we're currently at 38. expecting to actually end up at a relatively seasonal level here the temperature hovers around 40 both at the shore certainly here in the city with more clouds than anything for not with the snow moving in later in tonight you guys said it tomorrow morning's commute is not looking ideal by any stretch. so we'll talk totals a little bit later on. >> all right. katie, thank you. it certainly not our first
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snow event of the season but stores that stock supplies like shovels and salt are expecting a wave of activity. >> "eyewitness news" reporter a leisha nieves life at fairmount hardware where shelves are sto stock. >> jim an rahel fairmount hardware star had to tap into warehouse supply to stock up the store today. you can see just down here pallets, salt pallets that just came in they're still being unloaded out here to head on the shelves signed the store. now this location has already started to see a flurry of activity with customers this morning. people coming in getting salt and getting shovels. also preparing for y, another round of snowfall. now many parts of region are expected to get about once to 3-inches soon and this feels like deja jew that's really because it is. this season we have seen one snow system come through the region after another since december throughout the region. we've had 11 days of snowfall six of those days areas some measurable snowfall about an inch to 4-inches on average but you'll recall just two weeks ago the shore got about a foot of
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snow. all this certainly keeping salt crews and hardware stores like this one here very busy this season. >> surprised of one. mother nature can't be beat. so we have to be prepared for her. >> reporter: some parts of the region are expected to be under a winter weather advisory in just a few hours. here in philadelphia, though, we aren't expecting any snowfall till right about midnight and in jersey more likely tomorrow early tomorrow morning. so that's plenty of time to get your saul and get your shovels and get prepared if you already aren't. reporting live in fairmount, leisha nieves, cbs3 white news. >> alicia, thank you. ice jams on the delaware river still causing flooding concerns this noon. chopper three over route 29 in trenton just a short timing a the new jersey department of transportation says the southbound memorial drive and market street exits are closed because of flooding. close by us coast guard ice breaker could be seen cutting its way through the frozen delaware. flood warning in that area has expired. drivers are still urged to use caution. as we continue to deal with
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winter weather our morning team we'll be up extra early tomorrow mo this latest round of snow. we hope to see you at 4am tomorrow morning right here on cbs3. if you're still looking for a seat for sunday game you'll have to buy it from a third party reseller. eye tickets for the eagles vickings game went on sale at sn minutes. the eagles are still the under dogs in the game if you trust the stats. the odds makers give the birds a to 45% chance of winning and making it to the super bowls. if the birds get that far they have a 13% chance of winning it all. the jaguars have a 10%hance. patriots have the best shot at 45%. inauguration day for new jersey's governor phil murphy taken the oath. live like inside the swearing in mony hell at the theater at memorial in
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trenton governor elect is speaking as we can see l litz listen for a moment. >> -- tom kean and john i congratulate you on having the support and confidence of your caucuses i look forward to working with you and all members in your respective houses in true partnership to accomplish great things for our state and its people. in particular -- >> we will have much more on new jersey's new governor later did on "eyewitness news" starting at 5:00. in other news the doctor who oversaw president trump's first formal physical will reveal the results in a news conference at the white house later this afternoon. the president was scammed last week at walter reed medical center in maryland. a brief statement after conducting the physical white house physician dr. ronnie jackson said that the 71-year-old commander in chief was in quote excellent health. once the details of the president's scam are released we'll have them later today on "eyewitness news" and on
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former white house steve strategist back on capitol hill being interviewed by the house intelligence committee over the slaw investigation. new york times now reporting bannon was subpoenaed last week to testify before a grand jury in special counsel robert mueller's probe into possible links between the trump campaign and russia. meantime michael wolf the author of fire and fury is com coming to philadelphia this evening. he will will be at the parkway central library at 7:30 to talk bout book which debuted at the top of the new york times best seller list. it portrays the president as leader confidence is questioned by his aids. the president calls the book fiction. investigators in california are looking into a horrific discover reach 13 monthly nourished people allegedly held captive by their parents. >> reporter: people living near this southern california home had no idea what was going on inside. >> i can't believe this.
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it's so sad. >> reporter: david and louis turpin are being held on $9 million bail each accused of holding their 13 children captive in their home. police were tipped off after a 17-year-old daughter managed to escape. investigators found 12 children several shackled to their beds with chains and padlocks. authorities said they claimed to be starving and describe the surroundings as dark and foul smelling. the children range in age from two to 29 but neighbors say most of them appeared younger. >> the older kids, i thought they were like 12 because they looked so malnourish so pale. >> sheriffs investigators have not revealed what may have motivated the accused couple to treat their kids so poorly. neighbors say the children rarely went outside. >> i never knew that there was any kids living in that house especially not 13. >> reporter: state records show the children were home schooled and that the father was listed aspirin of a day school at the same address. the couple filed for bankruptcy
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twice. chris martinez for cbs3 white news. at this hour dozens of gymnast are reading victim impact statements in the sentencing a former usa gymnastics team doctor. in november larry nassar immediated guilty to sexually assaulting seven girls. his accused of assaulting more than 100 victims. just yesterday olympic gold medalist simone biles joined her teammates ali race man and gabbie douglas accusing nassar of abuse. other victims appeared in court this morning. >> after my parents confronted you, they brought you back to my house to speak with me. sitting on my living room couch i listened to you tell me no one should ever do that and if they do, you should tell someone. well, larry, i'm here. not to tell someone but to tell everyone. >> nassar is expected to be sentenced in this case on frid friday. he is already serving a 60 year prison sentence on federal child
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pornography charges. we're continuing to track the snow on its way. it's already on the ground in reading berks counsel tie and eventually snow will spread over to philadelphia and even into new jersey and will impact the morning commute. coming up we'll check back in with katie to see what we can expect when we wake up tomorrow. stay with us. ♪ cbs eye on the community... presented by target. there's nothing more rewarding than achieving a hard earned goal. that's why students run philly style, with the support of target, has created a movement in the philadelphia community that uses running as a powerful tool to transform lives. we work with kids from 12 to 18 all over the city of philadelphia to teach them the skills they need to achieve and set goals through marathon training. we're helping create a healthier philadelphia. we are also creating the next generation of leaders in this city. with target's partnership,
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it really demonstrates to the community that we're all supporting each other to reach important goals. giving back has been part of our dna, so, the more we stay involved, the more we're being true to ourselves as a corporate partner. all of the lessons they learn, the confidence they build, those are things that they take with them. it's just incredible. cbs eye on the community is sponsored by target.
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a wall of white storm scan3 is tracking a cold front that will bring measurable noel to parts of our area overnight noon tomorrow. katie will be back with her wintry forecast in just a about five minutes. meanwhile nasa making plans for its next mission to mars by building a next generation explorer. >> it's new rover had a that has major up grades including water that search for water beneath the planet's surface. they reveal fossils or other signs of life from the planet's past. >> we expect to find rocks that were deposited billions of years ago. around the time when we think life was first beginning to emerge on earth. >> nasa scientists hope to one day collect the rock samples and remotely rocket them to earth. well britain's royal romance being turned into a lifetime tv movie. the film will focus on the love story between britain's prince harry an meghan markelle. no word on air official air date lifetime officials say the movie
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should debut before the royal wedding said set for may 19th. actress jane fonda sharing a cancer scare. the 80-year-old posted this photo instagram with the caption with lilly in new york i found a clever way to disguise my lip bandages from removal of cancer. lilly tomlin of course co-star on grace and frankie. fonda told howard stern in an interview doctors performed biopsy on her lower lip and she's going to be fine. glad to hear that. air jordan is a throw back with a twist. the limited edition are made from denim so hot people are camping out yesterday in san francisco some jordan fans drove from san diego to make sure they got their kicks only few stores are selling the shoes and it is first come first serve. if you do get your hands on them they will set you back about $225. well, cold and flu season is here still on "eyewitness news", the safest way get this to sneeze. >> you'll hear the incredible story of what happened to one man when he sneezed the wrong
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way. katie? >> my goodness. well we are looking ahead to very important weekend here in the delaware valley with a very important eagles game. that we're looking ahead to as well. it looks like the warming trend is back underway by this point. so we are liking to be around 5f for the birds and also the potential may be for few showers into early next week fall all this is looking like a pretty decent weekend with some sunshine. we're coming right back. ♪
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katie back in the wept center toiling away. [ laughter ] >> forecasting weather. >> exact. this is how i toil. >> half laugh. >> i know what you mean. it's been busy day for sure.
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we had some snow that came in early this morning. it wasn't necessarily something that you could spot on the radar. so we to rely strictly on ground confirmation. so thank you to all of our "eyewitness weather" watchers. it's not too late to shine up. shameless plug. we'll get you all signed up. the snow is actually still falling in some places like the poconos for example. we'll start things off by going outside take you on a little tour here around handful of cameras this is actually a shot from place one apartments over mid-county to the highways things are looking quite right now. we did actually see a little bit of very light snow move in around this region. didn't have chance to stick or accumulate necessarily but this is one spot that will certainly be impacted by the snow tomorrow. all of us will be. it's just you see more in some places rather than others. so let's get next to our pocono camera where folks are making the most of this. it is still snowing. if you look closely you can see over at at leave the darkened
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trees the flakes flying with lots of people hitting the slopes here into the afternoon with some fresh powder. but the snowfall totals so far are not all that impressive they'll get more impressive with time. that first little round that came through hamburg in berks county half an inch. even at phl airport just a trace but again not much at least initially that will start to total up little bit later on tonight into early tomorrow especially. here's the latest couple of hours loop. actually look back at six hours past on this radar. so take look. you'll see this edge lead in as far east as parts of chester, montgomery and buck county. right. that's the furthest it gets and that was early this morning. but it was actually snowing and leaving behind a dusting in new castle county, delco, parts of philadelphia county, so it was actually falling and not showing up on the radar. it was very light precipitation. the cloud layer was very very thin it didn't have a lot of moisture with it so sometimes that happens. we're things are falling from
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the sky and the radar is not pick up on them but as we've been saying, this is a system that's strong way out all the way back to the lone star state in fact some snow falling right now. the winter alerts are very numerous. they extend all it way from maine straight back into texas whether it's winter storm warning or winter weather advisory like we have there's millions of people that are impacted by this one frontal bon degree. here's what it current feel like. 38 degrees in the airport feeling hike 42. very close to where the actual air temperature is. right. let me show you the cold coming in the wake of the front much can you tell where the frontal boundary has crossed through already? it is telling like 3 degrees currently in nashville by comparison and it actually feels colder in birmingham than it does here. so that tells you something. it is a very very stark contrast in the wake of the front we get in on some of that cold ourselves. let's walk you through this. here's the actual pattern. had little bit of snow early on here comes the frontal boundary late tonight and then into tomorrow morning. that we see the bulk of this come through it's not that
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impressive when it comes to snowfall totals in the city but you can end up with half a foot in the northwest corner of our area here. we'll get to the snow map in a minute. great at the time impacts from us definitely going to happen tomorrow morning simply because the timing is not great and even though it's not a major impact with the snowfall totals, with the timing that's coming in the morning, of course a lot of us trying to hit the road and get out the door that will linder you highest amounts will do to the north and west. so here it is. our exclusive eyewitness snowfall map. get a little hoping for a little slow down toward the shore points. one to three follow along i-95 and the immediate vicinity. but here's the sweet shot. three to 6-inches along that northwest half that's where you do have the winter weather advisories posted and you've already had some accumulation from earlier on. looking forward though i promised you some warming trend. didn't i take a look at this by friday back to where we should be low 40s but in the sunshine that sun will shine through the weekend. if you're like me and you have yet to take down your christmas decorations this could be really
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good weekend to do that. then of course the huge game at the linc on sunday. looks very mild. i'm not sure if that's good thing or bad thing when it comes to minnesota team but regardless, the weekend all in all looks pretty good. >> get to the weekend. >> you said it. >> thank you. tis the season for colds if you've ever held in sneeze listen to this. a recent medical journal highlighted the case of a britain man who actually suffered a neck injury by colding in powerful sneeze. >> the force sent irrelevant and matter crashing into the back of his throat calling a small tear in this trachea. he didn't need surgery but he was in the hospital for two weeks. >> jim didn't you hurt yourself once. >> i let the sneeze out. i throughout my back. i was like in pain for week. >> my gosh. >> cautionary tail. both avoid dust apparently. >> on that note, we're coming right
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coming up later today cold and flu means you may be giving your children cough officials. health officials are warning against one time of medication that could actually do more harm than good. we'll tell you more about it today at 5:00. >> meantime we are brace fog more snow. live picture from bethlehem northam couldn't county right now. some parts of the area could get 6-inches before this storm wraps up tomorrow. >> katie is here with final look at our wintry forecast. >> yeah it's really the northwest half that has the best shot to see up to 6-inches out of this. had little batch that moved through still snowing in the poconos right now. and for philly any way still a modest -- more modest at least one to 3-inches the expectation
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but because of its timing since it will be coming through the typical morning commute that will slow you down. my advice just set your alarm early give yourself extra ten minutes and you'll safe yourself the headache but we start to warm up from there. >> that will be nice. >> thanks katie. >> everyone knows that picture is worth a thousand words. >> missouri family was left speechless upon receiving their professionally taken portraits. this family says photographer contacted them about taking their picture. well eight months later $250 later the professional photog gave them these. faces appear like creepy cartoons they almost look like they're out of a horror movie. they asked for the originals back but not awry fun they say they think the pictures are funny. >> the picture are hilarious. when i saw this yesterday i was in tears. >> apparently the photographer was dealing with shading issues didn't know how to do -- >> what kind of shade. i got shade for him. [ laughter ] >> that's it for all of us here at cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> we'll see you tomorrow dark and early at 4:00 a.m. have a goo
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>> previously on "the young and the restless"... [ items clatter ] >> sharon: this is kathy and her two adorable kids. they're staying with us. >> devon: what is it? >> lily: a photobook of paris. it was a very special place for us. >> billy: whoa, hey, where are you going? i'm just about to order some food. >> cane: food can wait. i'm gonna go and get lily back! >> cane: 's'il vous plait, uh, uh, no, no, um, the seine or, uh, eiffel tower or the louvre. um, i need to see my wife. ma femme. i-i need to find her. i need to save my marriage.


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