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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 2, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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every your morning commute. >> today is friday february 2nd, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. the friday before the super bowl. we have serious case of eagles fever. first, meisha, outside of us bank stadium in minneapolis. good morning. >> reporter: well, very good morning to all of you being back in philly right now, yes, i'm down ton minneapolis, standing outside the us bank stadium where super bowl lii is kicking off sunday. we can't say it enough. everyone is so excited because now the real countdown begins but i just hope everyone coming in now, yesterday, today, are prepared for the cold. because katie, i don't know what it feels like in philly today, but it is frigid cold in minneapolis, probably the coldest day that i've felt so far. i've been here for a week now. >> easily, yes. because you actually have this reinforcement, that's been coming in here from the depth of the arctic.
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will actually get reinforced again before said and done. very chilly out that way. it is moderate here, cold, but key piece of information that goes along with the forecast with this front that's crossing through, you are in the g how things are turning over, the temperatures dropping, the colder air wrapping in, as is it does that, you will see the change- over and transition from rain to snow. now i am not expecting a lot of accumulation out of this, places cents like toby hanna, up in the poconos, has been seeing inch and a half, precipitation obviously done there, but the big issue is that the temperature will be falling, so currently in the 30's, if the sit, atlantic city, as well. but out in mount pocono already in the teens. and the temperatures will only drop off from here. so take to you future temperatures in the next few hours, even as early as 8:00 a.m., we could be few degrees below freezing in the city. so, even though the precipitation is gone, any damp roads, any puddles left over, will likely freeze back over. so, you're going to have to account for that here. even though wet weather is done.
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now, moving forward, we only continue that decline on the thermometer, through the rest of the day and evening, and come 11:00, kate going on the air for "eyewitness news" at 11:00, 19 about where we're be or there about. so only getting colder. meantime at least skies will start it clear with time, the wind also picking up. but, yes, it will be even chillier as the day goes on. kind of the opposite of what we normally experience here obviously, guys? >> thank you, katie. taking a look at the cameras, accident on p six westbound, right before the blue route, 476, the right lane blocked, there there is cents no word on any injuries, and of course things are slowing down in that area, so keep your eyes open. >> and the eagles are looking for just one more win to bring home the franchise first ever vince lombardi trophy. >> eagles work owe university of minnesota yesterday, all of the eagles were on the practice field except defensive tackle tim journigan , out with undisclosed illness.
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coach pederson said i'll be ready to go for sunday's big game. and nick foles talked about the night before a game as big as the super bowl. >> i'm no different than anyone else, these games, i mean, your body feels different things, you'll feel all of these emotions, these butterflies, that doesn't change. i think the big thing is you try to just simplify what's going on in your mind and slow it all down and that's just the main thing you do. if you can slow everything down and just have simple thoughts and just see everything more clearly, you make better decisions cents, you play faster, and for me, i'm just a much better player in those situations, and you know the word that comes is chill. laid back. that's just when i'm at ease, just playing, i'm in the zone. >> defensive ends chris long is the winner of this year's byron wiz whizer white community. he donated his salary to salaries throughout season.
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>> super bowl sunday, who better to be thereto greet then our own minnesotan, hey, meisha. >> oh, yes, you bet you, don't you know, jim. here i am. standing in minnesota. and i got to tell you guys, what is so cool about where i am right now, is we are downtown in the heart of downtown minneapolis, the us bank stadium right behind me. i don't know if you guys know this, but the us bank stadium has the largest transparent roof of any other stadium. and it is so that the fans will feel like they're inside or outside rather but then they'll be inside, probably, around 70 degrees temperature, something like, that it will be nice, toasty, warm in there but it is designed just so they feel like they're outside , thank goodness they won't be. speaking speaking every outside, all of the eagles fans flying in to the minneapolis st. paul airport are in for rude awakening in because of the cold. that does not seem to phase them. aid minute yet to chat with them as they were flying in by
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the airplane loads, and this is what they said. take a look. >> who do you predict is going to win the super bowl? >> oh, come on, would i come all the way from pennsylvania to here in the snow, the cold weather? eagles. >> the green invasion has gun. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> the guys on the plane with, i think it is time their dynasty is over, ours are going to start. >> flight from philly pouring in to the minneapolis st. paul international airport. >> eagles! >> and philly fans have not disappointed. >> being out here is got to be emotional thing, bringing him along, we are not only here just to represent e-a-g-l-e-s fans, this is for the town every cinnaminson, my uncles, ambassadors, all of eagles nation back at home. >> there have been some surprising predictions.
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>> twenty-six to 17. >> i'm optimistic but not quite as optimistic as my son. i do think we win. >> yes. >> i think we win by a touchdown. >> blow out. twenty-eight-23, birds. go birds, babe. >> i i think we win, but it will be a tight game. i say like 30, 21-30. >> what do you think will happen sunday? >> go eagles, we'll win. >> yep. of course, you guys, it wasn't just the eagles fans there we saw a lot of patriots fans there, as well, they they were walking by us doing the interviews, the patriots could not zip it. of course, they had to start spewing and doing their whole chant. but the eagles just got louder and louder. it was really cool to see. and speaking of, you cannot miss the security around that airport. it is every 5 feet. there is officers, squads of them, everywhere, with their big german shepherds, the dogs everywhere, one of the police officers actually told me, not only is this the most height ends security they've every
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seen in a state, but they also said that the dogs never stop working. so when they are walking alongside a police officer, or a security personnel, even though they look like they're just walking, they're working, they're smelling every single person's hands, and shoes, and bags, it was quite a site to see. but those eagles, man, are they excited coming off those airplanes. >> aren't we all. all right, meisha, thank you. >> okeydokey. the ultimate eagles pep rally going down at the wells fargo certainly err right now. >> thousands of hyped up fans preparing for 26 wing bowl, where we find "eyewitness news " reporter trang do, trang having a good time out there. and things are about to get real messy out there, what's happening? >> reporter: rahel, jim, things are ramming up here, the wip morning show is broadcasting now, you can totally here it all around me, fans are really packing this venue. take a look here. and pretty much all of them have on that eagles green. again, as we've been saying,
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this is the biggest eagles pep rally ever. you can feel the energy in the room. now talking about what people are wearing. now, it is always a scene, so look at what people are wearing at wing bowl. but i ran into this gentleman that i showed you, in our 5:00 . now, he's getting jim donovan a run for his money in his eagles suit. take a listen to what he had to say. >> about three weeks ago, i got up at 1:00 this morning, driver to up washington, d.c. eagles fans, took off from work, got the suit, all laid out, ready to go for sunday. next week, winning the big game. >> i have to talk to you, our main anchor at our station he has the same suit and he wears it after every eagles game. so we got to do it who wore it better. >> that's what it is, my brother from another mother. >> really crazy and loud in here. lots going on. so i send it back to you
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before something crazy happens >> we put it out to the twitter verse who wore it better. trang, thank you. >> i think he did. he had accessories, the tie, the hat. well, "eyewitness news" is celebrating the eagles and getting ready for the big game join us today cbs-3 for big one more win line upstart withing special edition every "eyewitness news" at 4:00 followed by "eyewitness news" at five and 6:00. then a special one more win fanfest edition of "eyewitness news" at 7:00. >> and then on sunday night the minute the game ends we'll be live here on cbs-3, live postgame reaction from coach doug pederson and the players, also front row seat at fans react in philadelphia, and the entire tri-state region. it is the eagles and " eyewitness news" on super bowl sunday all here on cbs-3. >> we have more eagles coverage coming up. >> plus that classified gop memo may be released today. find out why it is so controversial. >> we've been talking about the flu outbreak for weeks, and officials say the season hasn't even peaked yet. what we can expect to hear today from the cdc. that's coming up next.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> now, looking at your screen , wondering what am i looking at? it is groundhog day, you're looking live at gobblers knob. we of course hoping for early spring. but we'll hear from punxsutawney phil fill coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> welcome back everyone, president trump reportedly plans to okay the release after classified memo about the russia investigation. the four page document authorized by house intelligence mayor, kevin news end, outlines while looking into possible ties between the trump campaign and russia. >> i pray to the good lord that the president or his administration does not move on bob mueller, does not try to remove him in way shape or form. >> what is not is that indictment on our institution of our justice system, it is not indictment of the fbi, of the department of justice. >> and the fbi and justice department lobbied the president to stop the release it, claims the memo would mislead the public, and harm national security. >> later today cdc will release new flu numbers, the worse flu season in recent years, currently the flu widespread in 49 states and 37 children have already died.
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so far this season there have been more than 35,000 cases cents of flu, just here in pennsylvania. more than 7,000 in new jersey, and nervily 1300 in delaware. doctors say it is not too late to get the flu vaccine. >> and if you are taking the patco high-speed line into work today, you can catch a ride for free. patco is offering free travel between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m. to make up for the travel headaches caused by monday's crash in camden that we've been reporting on all week. service returned to normal yesterday afternoon. >> it is groundhog day. and punxsutawney phil getting ready to make his appearance. >> live picture right now of the festivities around gobblers knob. jefferson county, western pennsylvania, about 290 miles from here, phil expected to make his annual winter weather prediction at sunrise which is a little after 7:00 this will morning, about 45 minute from now. if phil fill sees his shad so that means six more weeks of winter f not, that means, early spring. so we will check in little later as prediction time gets close closer. if maybe you don't place your
6:16 am
trust in a rodent, we also have very esteemed meteorologist, at our service every monday through friday from 430 to 7:00. >> so couple of things about there is first of all, notice there were some flurries flying in the live picture, the same disturbance crossing our area, leading to some minor lake enhanced flurries. but, i never thought that i would see an uglier outfit than jim's suit. >> meisha? >> do not jinx the eagles suit on this weekend every all times. >> i'll put up with it, for obvious reasons. >> tolerate it. >> you know how much i love your suit, jim. >> okay, let's talk groundhog day. so you guys already reiterated it, talking historic stuff that goes on, with this legend now overwhelmingly, punxsutawney phil fill has predicted six more weeks every winter. for some reason he lovers the coal. but there have been 18 times where he has not seen his shadow. that indicate nearly spring. and we saw flurries and clouds out in punxsutawney there. were exactly nine years that there was no record that came
6:17 am
through, because it was late 1800s for whatever reason they didn't smith a record. but here is punxsutawney way out in western pa, flurries flying through right north of them on i80, loud every clouds out there, too, same disturbance northwest wind kicking in, what is leaving our area right now. notice there is a change- overtaking place to some snow. we've had seen report of school closings and delays up in the lehigh valley for example. so you want to check our website for. that will but look ahead to the weekend in minneapolis, if you are still taking flights out to see the birds, it is going to get dramatically colder even than it currently is, to the point, there are still windchill advisories posted north of minneapolis for dangerous cold. talking about frostbite set ting in here, in as little as is 30 minute, with the casino every windchill that will be with you, so if you are going out, there be smart about this cold. now, looking forward, in our local forecast, we've got our own fair share of action going on. come sunday, super bowl sunday , looks pretty wet, snow showers turn over to rain as temperature climbs, another
6:18 am
round every rain headed our way on the warmest day of the bunch wednesday, guys? >> when we win the super bowl, baby, no maybe's, we're going crazy all the haters what? the eagles are the best, baby, baby. ya. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> one again, monte g is hooking us up with one more eagles rap as we help into super bowl weekend. >> we have one more chance to chat with the voice of the eagles on our sister station 94wip the one and only merrill reese. merle, good morning, we know you were up extra early to talk with us live from minnesota. we appreciate it the. >> oh, happy, great, great to be out here to have this game getting closer. this is the longest we zero week in history i think. i just can't wait for sunday to get here. >> so merrill, the eagles have been in minnesota for about a week now, how do they seem to you? >> they seem fine.
6:19 am
>> this team doesn't seem any different than they seemed week three, four, of the regular season, guys enjoying it, out of practice every day, they come back, they seem loose. this team is not frightened in the least. >> that's good to hear. you know of course everybody concerned tom brady watch dot eagles knee to do to stap the hall of famer and defending champion? >> well, the biggest thing is the pass rush. they have to pick him up and rush him from the time he arrivals at the parking lot basically, and i think the eagles have the kind of defense to do. that will defense has been outstanding. and if they get tom brady and fletcher cox collapse into the pocket, he's going to have to throw quickly, then bang him around, let him realize these are not the 2004 eagles, these are the 2017 eagles. >> merrill, we want to let you get back to sleep. one more question before we let you go. we cannot let go without asking: what's your prediction? >> well, i don't usually make predictions. i can't give you a score. but i will put it this way. i feel very, very good about
6:20 am
this team's chances cents. i think they are the right frame of minds. they have done everything they can to prepare. they have a coach that's meticulous, who has answered almost every aspect of this game in preparation. i feel very, very good about the chances. >> okay, vote of confidence from the one and only merrill reese joining us live from minneapolis this morning, we do appreciate it, thank you. >> thank you, and have a great weekend. >> you too, merrill. >> we've been asking to send in your pictures of your eagles spirit. we're loving what we see. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ (rocky theme music). >> pretty good contenders, hashtag your pictures to cbs-3 , could you see them on the air. we will be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> huge weekends for our birds , snow, folds by rain, as the temperature climbs into the 40's here. we start the weaken on quieter err note. temperatures will rebounds from the 30's to the 40's through the span of the weekends, guys. >> thank you, now for look at newspaper headlines. >> from the press of atlantic city, pleasantville guidance counselor pleaded guilty in his role in a fraud scheme. thirty-nine year old michael pullotti of williamstown the 13th person to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud.
6:25 am
they say the scheme involved teachers, firefighters, police officers, and state troopers. >> and the bucks county courier times, bensalem residents concerned about ferrell cats can now learn on website called bensalem cats. working with the bridge clinic and woman's humane society in pursuing trap, neuter release efforts. >> if you shopped at the aldi in montgomery county economic your bank and credit card statements. police there recovered skimming devices cents attached to credit cards machines inside the aldi locations in limerick and lower pots grover. >> that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> some of the youngest and smallest e-a-g-l-e-s fans gathered for for a pep rally. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> adorn l. "eyewitness news" at holy rye redeemer hospital the babies in the nicu certainly dressed for the occasion, wearing eagles onesies and knit hats. >> you know, when i knew she was coming, this week, and i said she's going to be super bowl baby. so i think she is a good luck
6:26 am
charm for our birds. >> if they win, they deserve it, they wait add long time. i like to see them win. >> they sure do. well, not everyone in the nicu is rooting for the eagles, we found one baby sporting some patriots gear. poor baby. doesn't know better. >> so young. >> we have to call division every youth and family services cents on those parent , what's going on there? we can't get enough of eagles spirit today. coming up we'll check in with meisha, she in minnesota. >> and our jan has more on how philly is showing its pride. jan? >> that's right. we're all showing our eagles pride this morning in our eagles green. i'm jan carabeo, reporting on top of the art museum steps on a very windy morning. coming up: we're going to show you how philadelphia is preparing for the big super bowl game. and inside city hall what the mayor has now done that's now gone viral. all coming up after the
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>> good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. what you need to start your day in the morning minute this february the second, 2018. >> the ultimate eagles pep rally going down at the wells fargo center right now. >> thousands of hyped up fans are preparing for wip's 26th wing bowl. >> let's have a party to get us going, for the super bowl championship then part for like a week after they win it. >> i'm no different than anyone else. these games, i mean, your body feels different things. you will feel all every these emotions, butterflies. >> quarterback nick foles talks about his game in the head as the big game approaches. >> big thing, try to simplify what's going on in your minds, slow it all down. >> don't you know, jim, here i am, standing in minnesota.
6:31 am
>> we're here to take super bowl party to the next level. eagles are underdogs this year , so i created a underdog hotdog bar. >> then you have the chilly. now you almost have two bars because you can use the toppings for both. i added some sriracha. >> oh, sriracha, hey. >> today's morning minute, sponsored by pen medicine's abramson cancer center. the number one cancer center in the region. >> that was our vittoria woodill. she talks about party planner for secrets to heat up the super bowl party. >> turning to the forecast, katie, speaking of super bowl parties, probably want to keep them indoors sunday? it will be kind of messy? >> i would say so, it is february after all. i think a lot of people would not expect that they would be partying outside on super bowl sunday anyway. but adding to the fact, you've got new disturbance moving in, we are tracking rain and snow, on super bowl sunday. we'll have a lot more on the
6:32 am
detail there, a little later in the show. but, i have to get you out the door with. >> this so notice, our frontal boundery still making it exit. pretty clear cut edge to the cloud point, even if the pre zip that's has ended and it has here in philly, might see stray flurry here and there, we are left now, with the aftermath issue of potential re re refreezing, icy slick travel out there. so i want you to be extra cautious in the next couple of hours, temperatures tell the story very well. boards err line freezing, everyone seeing the temperature drop over the span of time here today. so, this is the warmest it will be for the rest of the day. even when we went on the air, at 4:30 a.m. this morning, still 37, 38 degrees, so these temperatures are starting to drop and they will do so into the 20's, before the rest of the day here even despite clearing sky. the wind also picking up with time. so, just the extra cautious with the travel even into the early afternoon until this totally dries up, i worry
6:33 am
about minor icing, if it looks wet, assume it is ice, and meantime, we will be tracking that next disturbance come sunday, and it is cents a pattern that actually stays active in the longer term, guys. more detail a little later on. >> in traffic, let's take a look at the camera shot. accident on 76 westbound, before the blue route, now clear. all the lanes are open. but as you can see, traffic is jammed past gladwynn. delays are over one hour long. you can see 80 minute right now, so you may want to find alternate route. >> the eagles need just one more win in this magical season to claim the city's first ever super bowl championship. eagles are working out at the university of minnesota, ahead of super sunday. august. all the eagles were working out sense for tim journigan, out with a illness, but coach pederson he will be on the field for the big game. birds were checked out by the training ers for lingering
6:34 am
issues, but told they're also okay, looks like the eagles are ready to go super bowl lii >> same goes forpet. worked out yesterday including tight ends rob, in the nfl's concussion protocol since a hit at the afc title game. but doctors have now pronounced him fit to play in the super bowl. >> dynamic player. he's means a ton to our offense. he really has since he got to our team. >> i just was going through the protocol, whatever the standards were, whatever they had me do throughout the week. i would say more on the cautious side. >> and the eagles pride is on full display here in philadelphia, boathouse row is adorned in breitbart green lights. take a look at the skyline all lit up in beautiful eagles green. >> our jan carabeo live at the art museum now, she has a look at what else the city doing to prepare for super bowl lii. january, looking also very nice in your green, good morning. >> rahel, jim, good morning, got to show the eagles pride right?
6:35 am
you mention from boathouse row , to the city skyline, we're looking fantastic in our eagles green. i want to show you around a little bit this morning. from the center from the eagles flying across the screen, to peco green scrolling letters atop it building and the green rooftops on the apartments all along the ben franklin parkway , philadelphia is ready for super bowl sunday. so is the mairin side city hall. he says this city no more superstitious than any other, but still not taking any chances. >> oh, no, no. >> mayor jim kenney proven he doesn't want it jinx the eagles. >> remember, he refused to put jersey on the william penn statue atop city hall? now he is stepping up his game a notch. in a now viral video posted to snap chat, mayor kenney shows he's going to great lengths for his part in helping the eagles pull off the w come sunday. >> from salt over the shoulder to burning sage and stopping people from opening umbrellas indoors, the mayor is on top
6:36 am
of it. >> i didn't pick up all of the segments of the video, but it was fun doing it, especially the sage stick, smelled for an hour after this. >> meantime, the entire city is getting in on the action. the philly skyline bleeds eagles green. technology, and for only the second time in his 87 year history, so do the light atop of historic philadelphia saving funds society building. >> when we converted we pulled all of the neon tubes out of the channels, and replaced it with the led drivers. >> that conversion happened in 2016 to the tune of $250,000. psfs decked out in green could now be seen 20 miles away, historic building now home to the lowe's hotel, and hotel's managing director says the decision to change from red to green was an easy one. >> the vie ambulance i of the city right now, everyone feeling great about the eagles we want to support the city. >> when the eagles win, we'll definitely keep this sign green for few more days, then we will convert back to the
6:37 am
original red. >> and not a moment too soon. there it is, the lights psft shining brightly in eagles green this morning. and of course, as you mentioned, rahel, jim, so are we, not taking off the green until sunday and i have a good feeling about this one through next week, as well. reporting live on top of the art museum steps this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, " eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> thanks so much, jan. of course yes, all about football this sunday, but many people looking forward to the game's annual half time show. >> well, meisha is at the place where it will all be happening, at the building in minnesota. good morning, meisha. >> hi, guys, good morning. over 100 million viewers are expected to watch the big super bowl lii this sunday on their tv set. but it is not just football. some people are actual real excited to see the half time show as well. >> this year, justin timberlake will be taking the main stage.
6:38 am
recently he talked to the media and meg oliver. >> the super bowl half time show has long been one of the world's biggest stages. this sunday's headline is her justin timberlake t already his third performance at the big game, record for a major artist. >> so i got this phonecall, right? and they were like would you come into the half time show? and i was like ya. timmendequas beer lake's lasts trip to the super bowl was 2004, one of the most infamous months, the wardrobe malfunction involving him and janet jackson. answering reporters questions thursday, timberlake said there will be no repeat, sweltering rumors jackson might join him on stage. >> i had a ton every grand ideas about special guests. i think vaguest has cents a lot of odds on it, i heard. you know, from n'sync to the chris stapleton to janet. my band, tennessee kids, i feel like they're my special
6:39 am
guests. >> when timberlake was asked about his son, he bragged about but thoughts about playing football. >> he will never play football no, no. i mean, ya, it is kind of like that thing where my main objective is that he become a great person. timmendequas beer lake says he has one goal for the game. to get people dancing. meg oliver, cbs news, minneapolis. and of course, everyone is so excited for this half time show you guys, looking behind me at the us bank stadium actually what you are looking at. i can tell you as he is excited as they are about the half time time it, does not trump the football game. everyone most excited to see that and it will be cold. speaking of the cold for anyone visiting there is a lot of stuff going downtown minneapolis putting on and it restaurants getting in on the action, too, one local favorite here in minneapolis is actually doing something really special, you guys, so they're actually making their
6:40 am
bars into some ice sculptures ment take a look particulars this sushi bar in downtown minneapolis has created a winter wonderland, their roof top is icy lounge, furniture made from ice sculptures, even ice fishing experience. and if the cold temperatures have visitors craving something warm, of course, the restaurant will be serving hot drinks, and food, as well. so this is kind of the theme around downtown minneapolis. not really just about football or half time, also welcome to minnesota, and kind of showing everyone what they've got going onto be honest with you to try to stay warm and out of the cold here in minneapolis. so if you're coming into minnesota, come to downtown minneapolis, looking for something fun to do, this is one of the better restaurant in town, amazing, i think display will be something really cool for all of the visitors to try out. >> i guess the more you drink the warmer you feel? >> all right, meisha, thank you. >> coming up: we'll show you
6:41 am
some more of your eagles spirit. >> trang live at the biggest eagles pep rally of them all, the wing bowl. >> reporter: yes, wing bowl 26 is well underway, and this year, it is way more than a competition, it is a big old party to celebrate the eagles going to the super bowl. >> oh, trang, she is handling that like a champ. i feel like wing bowl duty is a right of passage as is a reporter at cbs-3. we will find the next few days this continued active pattern. still dealing with the aftermath after frontal passage now. another system super bowl sunday, another one next week, so we will talk about all of the disturbances, what they mean for the impact here, that's coming up. :
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> the bulldog there named stella from havertown. >> how adorable. >> oh, the creative display support for our birds. katie, not so loverly out on the roads this morning? >> definitely not awesome. yes, we had front that moved
6:46 am
through last night it, has led to not just rain but also a turn-over to snow. even if the precipitation isn't technically falling, when you walk out the door this morning, i mean at least leave your umbrella hine, but you have the aftermath issues that come with the timing of a disturbance like. >> this now the eyewitness weather watch ers are all reporting some general consistency here. the mildest spot of the pack still at 36 degrees, that's coming in from peter clemente. he at this point just has a lot of clouds, bulk being of the precipitation exited stage east. but you are still going to find wet roads out there. you've got wet roads, wet sidewalks, as the temperature continues to drop off in his neighborhood with time, that's going to re-freeze over. so, that's a prime example of just making sure that you pay attention, and that you just assume that it will be a little bit slick out there. going further off to the north , take you into the lehigh valley, 30 degrees comes in from claudia, out this morning in riegelsville, just clouds for her. the other thing that comes
6:47 am
with this is the wind that's picking up, that's going to make it feel that much colder. she mentioned it is slick. i've heard some reports of couple of school concellations , delays, you want to check for the information there, most of the districts are further tort north where you had little snow come through, here is storm scan3 hour loop for you, yes, bulk is out of here, i don't think you'll see much accumulation from what's left of the snow at this point but the damage has been done if you will. so you've got to expect that it may be again little slick. now, they've got way worse than that regard in minneapolis. outside the dome at kick off, we will be hovering near zero, give or take degree or two, still a lot of windchill posted via twin cities. real cold air. getting re inch reinforced by another round of snow showers minneapolis saturday, gets here super bowl sunday. so the same will knock our
6:48 am
temperatures back, but it will be a situation sunday where you start with snow showers, temperature climbs to the 40's , stowe will end as rain before making it exit. and another disturbance is scheduled to come in here on wednesday, right now, it is expected to be just rain, guys >> thank, katiement good news for patco riders. patco offering free rides this morning until 9:00 a.m. to make up for the delays and over-crowding that we've been reporting on this week, during the last repairs, repairs completed yesterday. normal and back in place. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ (hands squeaking) >> ♪ >> ♪
6:49 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> that's different! >> i love that. how about a hand for bruce the hand man, and jim, jimmy hands tricks. the dynamic duo known as the four squeezeons fly eagles fly at the nine had wip studios. >> continues it is the year of the underdog, weaver these cool underdog capes made. pretty neat, right? yes, we will be giving them out today at chickie's and pete's' in south philly while we broadcast live at 4:00. they're clearly great. super bowl isn't the only bowl fans are excited for. >> wing bowl 26 is underway right now. trang do joins us live from inside the wells fargo center for the ultimate eagles pep rally. how are you doing there, trang >> i'm doing all right. i just heard the tail end that far. like i hope they're not going to mement then i heard you say wells fargo center, oh, that's me, so you just heard
6:50 am
e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles, right, as you guys were going to me. you know that this place, very unpredictable rowdy crowd. stay on me for the time being, but take a look at this video, we had number of competitors still coming in on those floats. with entourage, that's always an exciting time for all of the folks here to see. the different competitors coming down, who are just wing bowl 26. we had 23 competitors, and number every big names, including last year's winner, bob notorious blt. also molly skyler, who has won before. people are really putting their money on her. so i'm hearing a lot of people saying she likely to win. but just really exciting here. take a listen, though, i did talk to a former competitor, who casino every talked to us about why he went to retirement. take a listen. >> i put on couple of extra pounds. my wife is like wing bowl
6:51 am
isn't your cards any more. i listen, i listen because i am a good husband, i think. but a french mine from the area, he is in it this year, and he wanted to bring winga tron back from the dead. that's the theme this year. so here i am. >> now that is a very, very smart man. yes, listen to your wife. now there is wing bowl more than just about the competition. who ever can eat the most wings, the person who wins this wing bowl will actually get a car. and $5,000. so a lot here at steaks here guys at the wells fargo center live from wing bowl 26. trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> even that car, trang, you have to wonder is it all worth it? i don't know. >> we have to send trang to therapy after covering wing bowl. >> i need to hear your wing bowl names. you know my wing bowl name is trang train. so do you have come up with it >> oh, we'll work on that,
6:52 am
thanks, trang. so from wings to cheese steaks, we know nothing more philly right than a cheese steak? we also know that the nickname for the patriots is the paths. that puts pat's steaks in a predicament. but they fix that issue in honor of the birds, they're now eagles steaks. i like it. >> and a man in pennsylvania has a man cave fit for any diehard eagles fan. >> check it owl. phil trans forward his basement into an eagles theme man cave. went out decorating classic eagles memorabilia. he said he has his dad to thank for helping him make him the ultimate birds fan. >> i saw him that happen at this turned my love for the game even more. that's something we connected on. >> his dad passed away four years ago, he said that he promised that if the eagles got a chance to play in the super bowl. he would honor his dad by going to the game. and we will be right back.
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>> ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> everyone supporting the birds, we love to see your pictures and video, you can share them with us by using #cbs3. now here is three to go. >> eagles nation headed to minnesota two days now ahead of the super bowl. flights landing in minneapolis , and appears birds fans could outnumber patriots sunday. >> the crowd packed the wells fargo center for wing bowl 26. this year's winner has cents yet to be determined. >> it is groundhog day, punxsutawney phil will look for his shadow at at sunrise about 7:25 this morning, if he sees it he predict six more weeks every winter. that's three to go. >> countdown is on, phil. all right, well, we do have our own fair share of interesting wintery weather, nice coating of snow now, outside the boardwalk plaza in rehoboth where the precipitation still coming down pretty steadily. i guarantee it is slick inning up out there on the roads and
6:58 am
also the playground there, at whitfield elementary school. temperatures continuing to decline. take it easy out there, guys, wet roads, even now some snow issues, left over slick spots very possible even through the afternoon with temperatures dropping as the day goes on. we love to be in the upper 20s this afternoon, guys. >> from the professional meteorologist to the amateur, live picture of gobblers knob, in punxsutawney, where phil will make his winter weather prediction in the next half hour or so. >> as we just said, phil makes the call at sunrise little after 7:00 this morning, around 7:25. again, in case you didn't just hear me, if he sees his shadow six more weeks every winter if not early spring. >> phil isn't the only animal who is making predictions. >> other creatures are also having their say on the super bowl. in durham north carolina life and science the staff places staff on top of the picture, then they let the rescued skunk loose. darts for the eagles helmet,
6:59 am
choosing birds over the patriots. >> well the sting rays at moody gardens in galveston texas play their version, using shellings for footballs, they divide into two super bowl teams, when it is over it is looking like the eagles beat the patriots p to two, hopefully sign of good things to come. next on cbs this morning, report from both philadelphia and boston determine which one is a super city, as we head into the super bowl. >> we know the answer to that, also, looking live outside of our control room. we're clearly pumped for the big game. our producers, directors, everybody, vince, jim, steve, joe, everybody. wearing their eagles cape. let's go eaglesment bring home a victory. have a great day and wonderful weekends. we hope to see you on what's a very good happy monday morning >> go birds. >> watch out for my dog head. >> nice shirt, joe! >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
7:00 am
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