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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 3, 2018 3:07am-3:38am EST

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on me. >> that influence has been an undeniable presence throughout justin's biggest hits. ♪ this is what it sounds like when the doves cry ♪ ♪ you don't have to be rich to be my girl ♪ ♪ don't be so quick to walk away ♪ >> in in his new video "man of the woods -- snoetd. >> jessica takes the lead as his biggest influence. ♪ >> wearing a stunning backless white dress and justin lifts her up on the dance floor, "man of the woods" is the meaning of their three-year-old son's name. now the justin superbowl fashion, here is a look at the stella mccarthy designed sketches he will rock during the game. it will be over an organic cotton shirt, he will wear camel trousers made of repurposed wool. speaking of superbowl it is hard
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not to think about justin and this infamous wardrobe malfunction from his last halftime show. what are you expecting from justin timberlake? >> i still think janet jackson will make a surprise appearance. he is wearing breakaway pants and she's pulling them off him. >> al roker was bundled up reporting for the "today" show and tackling local traditions here in minnesota like ice fishing. as for the recent turmoil on "today," roker told me he's a hupg fan of new host coda kotb. >> she's like a fine wine. but she gets better. >> hoda replaced in november. >> have you had a chance to talk to matt, are you keeping in touch with him. >> we are all a family. we send our thoughts and prayers to everybody involved in this and hope everybody gets to move forward. >> well, moving forward to selena gomez. yesterday we showed selena out
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with justin bieber. it had been a while since we saw them together. now we know why. selena was back in treatment. ♪ >> i don't like regrets. i mean i've made mistakes, but i mean everything happens for a reason. >> depression and anxiety, that's why selena put herself into a two-week on site treatment center in new york. we're told, "this most recent stint was preventive. she hasn't relapsed and she's not in a bad place. our source calls it ongoing maintenance instead of waiting for something bad to happen. >> there have been ups and downs in my life and my career. there have been days where it is so hard and i get in my head and i don't want to leave my room ♪ >> yesterday selena was seen out shopping, two different outfits in one day, a big smile on her face. the 25-year-old has been to rehab twice in the past, but this was a check-in where she reportedly focused on therapy, eating healthy meals cooked by a chef, pilates and meditation.
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unlike her last treatment where no cellphones were allowed, she got to keep her phone and come and go whenever she wanted. ♪ >> so what about justin? we're told he had nothing to do with him. he's supportive as selena reground after the busy holiday. we're told, it is not recovery. it is a way of life. she's not afraid to take a step back and ask for help like she was in the past. ♪ >> listen, taking care of that mental health is very important. happy for selena let's talk about kelly clarkson. remember that line in her song, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger?" kell ca kelly put that line to test after going day drinking with seth myers. >> with they both downing mixed drinks and matching each other shot for shot. >> oh. >> you knew kelly's late night segment, which we're told shot last friday inside new york's hotel downtown. >> i'm drunk. >> was going to get messy.
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>> here you say, this is! >> no acting here. she and seth were actually both very drunk after the two-hour shoot. >> you said wine is necessary as a mama. >> yes, or in life. >> mom or not. >> was into it too, y'all. >> want more proof clarkson's game for anything? she also joined a slew of stars taking on the als pepper challenge. >> oh, my tongue is on fire! oh, no! >> and while the fearless 35-year-old is going to take the stage superbowl sunday at two pregame events, she's also not afraid to one-up her fellow voice coaches. ♪ >> in this ad airing during the big game -- ♪ >> it was shot in l.a. last fall with 120 extras, many psyched to see kelly. she's still on a high from meeting meryl streep at the globe. >> and it was this cheek, girl.
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i know she was probably like, somebody get her some medication, but i don't care because i love her. >> oh, i love her. >> so good. someone else we love? let's talk about her, meghan markle yesterday rocking the men's wear chic in an awards ceremony inside london. >> inside she charmed the brits even more after coming to the rescue of a fellow presenter. >> i'm truly privileged to be here. >> the future royal was a polished pro at the endeavor fund awards for injured veterans. her fellow presenter had an oscar flub moment. his papers were shuffled up. we have different notes. >> i have mine. let's see this one. >> meghan remained poised while helping sort out the snaf urk. must be her acting training. >> this is it. here we go. thank you. >> dame helen mirren has rave reviews for meghan. the oscar winning for "the queen" is starring as an heiress
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living in a mansion filled with ghosts in manchester. she thinks meghan will fit into her role splendidly. >> i think she's naturallily got what it takes. i think she is a wonderful addition to the royal family and she is beloved in england. >> yes, by the queen. a special compliment. >> exactly. coming up. >> a surprising spice girl reunion. what they're saying about working together again. >> then only we're inside the big brother house. the big changes the show is making to cater to stars. >> oh, they stepped it up. >> and behind the scenes of "the bachelors's first winter came, 26 singles shacking up from all over the world. what could go wrong? >> are you excited to meet chris harrison. >> captain america? no, it is chris harrison. >> behind the scene's of this week's "snl" host natalie portman's new movie "annihilation." >> tell me about your character. >> she is part of a team of scientists who go into an area that people go in and don't come
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out. >> one of her teammates, ""jane the virgin"" gina rodriguez required a dramatic. >> get the gina. >> onset in england for nearly three months, these women seriously bonded.
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♪ robert wagner is now being called a person of interest in natalie wood's mysterious death. on
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♪ that is everything. there they are, all five spice girls reunited at last. listen to what they said. the time now feels right to explore some incredible new opportunities. together we all agree that there are many exciting possibilities that will once again embrace the original essence of the spice girls while reinforcing our message of female empowerment for future generations. i'm dead.
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pick me up off the floor. i'm so excited. >> are you going to be all right? >> no. >> we're going to move along. here we go. while we wait for that, 11 other celebrities are together locked inside the ""big brother" house. host julie chen gave me an exclusive look around. >> come on in. welcome to the "celebrity big brother house." >> wow, i love this. >> a little more fancy. >> it is a little bit more fancy. >> we want the celebrities to walk in and feel like, oh, they stepped it up, it is different. so we did. >> the upgraded digs now include an indoor gym, a speak easy, a glam room and, you know, a porsch hanging on the wall. >> this is great >> this is a working car. not right now. >> another perk. >> first-ever espresso machine in the big brother house. >> a normal season is three months, but these 11 celebs only have to shack up together for just two-and-a-half weeks.
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>> no celebrities being asked to share a bed. >> we have closets now. >> that's a first. >> but we have to make them small enough so, again, two people couldn't go in there secretly and have a conversation that we are not privy to. >> by yourself. >> it is one person only. >> with 100 microphones listening and 87 cameras rolling 24/7, julie says there was a big bathroom deal breaker for stars considering the show. >> we had to say, all right, for the first time ever we're taking the cameras out of the water closets. >> and there's one more bathroom bonus. >> you may notice we have a brand-new real wall between the two showers, in the past it was just a shower curtain. our ladies want to really feel like they can keep their privates private. >> not unreasonable, right? one thing the celebs won't be able to avoid, eating slop. the mix of oats and water will be served as a punishment. on a keto diet, that will be
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tricky, kelsey. >> no, thank you. still ahead forget the olympics. why we can't wait for this season's most dramatic competition. the bachelor winter games. >> our superbowl countdown continues. >> the biggest show in america. >> the evolution of the halftime show. before these big acts, you won't believe who performed. plus, the one thing i did with jenny mccarthy that even donnie hasn't. >> uh-oh. closed captioning provided by --
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first kiss? >> ready. >> here we go. >> by the second kiss can, every parent is
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♪ i don't want to give anything away, but it is big. >> oh, and we are not ready. the "this is us" will be nothing short of epic. randy moore sharing this shot writing, "watch the superbowl episode last night, but the cast and i am still not okay." kevin frazier may not be okay for a different reason, right,
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kev? >> let me tell you a little story. i was at the grammys, i run into jenny mccarthy. she said, hey, we're going to do a shoot together at the superbowl. i didn't quite understand what she was talking about. ♪ >> we're going to zipline across the mall of america. >> what! >> it wasn't my idea, swear to god. >> why? >> at least we're with each other. >> jenny, if we die together it doesn't matter. >> so to say i was a little nervous about this is an understatement. >> we got this, i swear. you're shaking, you're literally shaking. >> i'm nervous. all right. let's get the harnesses on. >> yeah, there's nothing but the harness keeping me and jenny off the ground 60 feet below, but the worst part was climbing up the stairs to take that 810-foot round trip. >> how's it going climbing up the steps? >> it is a little tricky. >> try to freak him out as much as possible. oh, my god. i shouldn't have had that cheeseburger. oh, my god! >> and then the moment of truth. >> jenny, i want to tell you --
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>> that's the one i wanted. see you on the other side. >> i'll see you on the other side. >> oh, my god. >> oh, god. yeah! that was amazing. >> you did it! >> that was fun. >> it was so much fun. i'm never doing it again, but -- >> me either. >> diving for sharks tonight? >> no, i want to get a drink. >> jenny hosted her series xm radio show from the mall of america with hubby donnie wahlberg. that fear i had on the zipline, donnie brought it all back. >> you know what i did with your wife? woo-wee, that didn't sound right. no, no, i was talking about ziplining. it was one of the top five scary experiences going up the zipline ever. >> had i been there i would have told you every time she does something like that, some disaster occurs. >> i love jenny but i guarantee it never will happen again. justin timberlake's halftime performance and as we've seen in
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superbowl past there's always one shocking moment. just last year gaga made a spectacular arrival suspended from the stadium roof ♪ i want to hold them like they do in texas ♪ >> i've made a decision about a month ago that i was going to do it, and i went for it. ♪ i've got the eye of the tiger ♪ >> how excited are you to be doing the superbowl? >> it is amazingly overwhelming. >> katy perry had the most watched halftime show over, over 118 million viewers in 2015. ♪ baby, it's you >> in 2013 beyoncé's performance marked his long awaited reunion with destiny's child but they only sang one of these solo hits. ♪ i'm a single ladies >> it feels good to know that the hard work paid off. the biggest show in america, and there's so many things that could happen and god was on my side. ♪ >> a lot of fun here, a lot of
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fun. great time, great crowd whew! >> great crowd, great event. >> it is a great occasion. it is a great piece of americana. >> incredibly, for the first 24 years the halftime show was mainly marching bands and the review "up with people." but when competing networks started counterprogramming the game, the halftime show shifted to a-list pop stars. it was michael jackson in '93. in 2001 britney spears took the stage along with then-boyfriend justin timberlake and nsync. >> he called me up and asked me and i was like, oo. >> diana ross headlined in '96. her most memorable moment what her exit by helicopter. ♪ >> bruno mars has appeared twice, first headlining in 2014 and then joining beyoncé in her third appearance in 2016 when they performed with coldplay. ♪ want to get it together now
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>> how do you top this feeling? >> i don't think it is possible. >> cannot wait for sunday. here is a game bachelor nation is all in for, the first-ever bachelor winter games. here is everything you need to know ahead of its big premiere. >> "bachelor winter games," let the journey begin. >> i'm here to compete. >> no, sports just not my thing. >> i'm trying not to pull a hamstring or something. >> for the first-ever winter games, 12 familiar faces from "bachelor nation" will be joined by contestants from bachelor international. there are versions from 37 different countries. >> japan, sweden, germany, you name it and they have no idea what they're getting into. >> the singles shack up together at a villa in vermont and during the day compete in challenges like ice dancing and skiing. we've learned the men will face off against each other and so will the women. the winner of each contest gets a coveted date card. >> it will be less about the competition, more about the love. >> how will you handle differences in international love culture? >> there's going to be a
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language barrier. not everybody is going to speak perfect english. >> i think it is not me to find a husband, i think it is the husband who will find me. hallelujah. >> the average age of the contestants is 30, and like "bachelor in paradise" expect intense love triangles and tears. >> i am so confused. >> everyone is concerned about my tears and they have been. >> the series is just four two-hour ceremonies but there will be rose ceremonies and eliminations. >> will we see proposals? >> that would be the goal. >> are you excited to meet chris harrison. >> chris harrison. >> you mean captain america? no? who is chris harrison. >> chris harrison, the host of ""the bachelor" here. >> that is so good. things are actually pretty different on "the bachelor china." only one girl kissed the guy. >> wow, should have a different name here then. coming up, inside emily blount
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and john's new home life. their victory collaboration is next. >> what seems to be the problem. >> just some cramps. >> hold on. say it is like stabbing knives. sometimes i have to call in sick. >> any pelvic pain. >> kind of. >> kind of? say it like something's hammering at my uterus even when not my period. >> painless sex? >> speak up. >> actually, it is all terrible. >> if you have painful periods, pelvic pain in between periods or pain with sex, ask your gynecologist if it could be endometriosis. one in ten women have it yet many don't know it. learn not at traveling 100 miles inland to breeding grounds except these to fellows. >> this time next year will be sitting on an egg. >> make a u turn. >> man, we're never going to breed. >> give it a second. >> you will arrive in 92 days. >> no, no, my
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a space that's gone on without her. >> travel consideration provided by -- whatever you do to stay healthy, you might be missing something. your eyes. that's why there's ocuvite. it helps replenish new tree ents your eyes lose as you age. ocuvite. be good to your eyes. ♪ monday on "e.t." the cast of "this is us" in mourning. >> oh, my god. >> just ask revealed. >> still a lot to learn. >> but is another shocker awaiting our favorite tv family? >> there will be tears. >> monday on "e.t." ♪ husband and wife john kris insky and emily blount starring in "a quiet place" which john directed. >> nice the see them working
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together on this. it is about a family that has to live in complete silence because of an unknown threat around them. >> the commercial will air during the superbowl, only we have john explaining why the movie will have you on the age of your seat. >> obviously living silently is an impossibility. they have to figure out which sounds are safe and which sounds aren't safe. this movie gets extremely scary and so emotional. it is a really intense experience. now, for some couples working in that kind of environment might not be a good idea, but for those two not worried about them. "a quiet place" opens april 6th bye, everybody. ♪ alex alex: kidnappings, family abductions, runaways. right now, we need
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your help to locate the many children and adults who are missing. [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc.] man: ♪ missing alex: thanks for joining us. i'm alex paen. you may not know this, but every day, thousands of individuals are reported missing. america's youth is especially vulnerable. more than ever, kids need information to help them better understand their surroundings and to better protect themselves. each week, this program works with the various law enforcement agencies across the country and the national center for missing and exploited children, spotlighting several missing cases, hoping someone, like you, might have information that will lead to finding these individuals. but we can't do it alone, so please pay close attention to these faces and stories.
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man: ♪ missing alex: last seen on july 12, 2010, mindy, briana, and tania ochoa are missing from grover beach, california. authorities suspect that the sisters were abducted by their non-custodial mother, mireya graciano, who may have taken the girls to tijuana, mexico. mindy ochoa is 12 years old, with brown hair and brown eyes. briana is 14 years old. her eyes are brown and her hair is brown. tania is 16 years old, with brown hair and brown eyes. she's 4'11" and weighs 130 pounds. their photos have been age-progressed to show what they may look like today. mireya graciano is 35 years old, with black eyes and black hair with brown highlights. she's 5'2" and weighs 180 pounds and has an m&m tattooed on her chest.
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missing since september 23, 2017, 16-year-old zia-lee torres was last seen near her home in north bergen, new jersey. zia-lee has brown eyes and and brown hair, which may be dyed light red. she's 5'2" and weighs about 130 pounds. zia-lee has piercings in her ears, tongue, and nose. please help us find her. girl: when i go to the mall, um, i always make sure that i bring a friend with me because you never know what can happen, and people can always start following you, and it's really, really unsafe. second girl: yeah, i usually go with my mom because, um, she can also help me pick out what i want, and she is a person that i trust to be with me, and i know that she'll protect me. boy: i agree. but suppose you do go alone. you know, make sure you have a--a phone so you can
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contact anyone and, uh, call to get picked up. alex: do you know what p911 means? it's a parent alert, a code that some kids use to let their friends know that their parent is watching. parents need to take the time to learn the terms, abbreviations, and acronyms commonly used in texting, instant messaging, and chat rooms. remember, computers and the internet are great tools for all of us, offering entertainment and educational resources. however, use them wisely and responsibly. thanks to you, either watching this program or seeing a photo and alerting authorities, several missing people have been found. check out our website,, for details. more missing individuals can be found, but only with your help. here are more cases. man: ♪ missing alex: rosa zaimudio is missing from los angeles. 14-year-old rosa was last seen on april 6, 2017.


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