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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 3, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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eagles fans are getting ready to take flight, they are headed, to minnesota for the big game, we will take to you philadelphia international where several flights to minneapolis are soon departing plus the eagles are making
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their final preparations for game day hear what is on the agenda for today. we are waking up to chilly conditions. this is a live look from our parkway central library camera , coming up what you can expect to feel like stepping outside today plus chance for rain or snow on game day. today is saturday february g everyone, i'm jan carabao lets start off with the forecast with meteorologist chelsea in gram with eyewitness weather , good saturday morning , very cold out there today. >> it is so cold would you think groundhog totally right in his prediction six more weeks in winter. absolutely 100 percent feels like wint they are morning and in a lot of spots it feels like the single digits. one of those spots is bethlehem feeling very chilly starting out your saturday morning taking a live look but a dry start, quiet start and new we will go to center city, same kind of situation, feeling very, very cold, but you can see that sky line is glowing in green this morning.
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temperatures are in the teens, 18 in philadelphia, 15 in wilmington, 12 in millville, down the shore in the mid to upper teens, 19 degrees there in wildwood but feels colder when you factor in that wind coming from the west at five to 10 miles an hour, feels more like five in philadelphia , three in allentown, eight in reading, feels like 12 degrees below zero in the poconos. throughout the day-to-day, we will see the actual air temperature, rise to go around 29 degrees by noon time still a good amount of sunshine, late day cloud filtering in this afternoon with a high of 34 but jan, would i plan for to it feel more like the upper teens and lower 20's pretty much all day. i'll have more coming up in your full forecast, for now, back to you. 6:02. time to check road lets go over to matthew workmister in the traffic center, good morning, matthew today we are starting off cold and someplaces having wet spots
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now turning to ice we are taking a live look at montgomery county at route 23 hallow road, see dark spot watch out for ice and slippery spots. secondary road, bridges off ramps are more susceptible. turning to philadelphia we are looking live at 95 at cottman avenue. we have light traffic this morning. we have no issues to report in philadelphia on the blue route , schuylkill, 95, 2020 and pennsylvania turnpike. we have no delays in new jersey on the 42 freeway, 295, new jersey turnpike, atlantic city expressway, route 73 or route 70. mass transit is honor close to schedule. live from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm matthew workmister jan, back to you. here we go, eagles fans, with tickets to super bowl lii are heading to minneapolis this morning where they will be in very good company. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live at philly international airport with a look at conditions there, it was very busy there, anita,
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how is it looking now. >> good morning, jan activity here as definitely slowed down but energy and excitement surrounding the super bowl and the eagles, will, that is still picking up. take a look at this video from just about an hour ago when this entire corridor near security line at the airport was just packed with people, there was a licensing line and many of those fans were heading to minneapolis, decked out in their eagles green ready to go to the game, so many fans say they are so excited they have made a whole experience of this weekend whether it is a father/son duo or just one person who is entire family surprised him with tickets to go to the game , and these fans say it is just so special, to be able to see the bird play in the super bowl especially in person after 13 years. >> me and my mom got season tickets. we won lottery. we decided to go back in october we book the tickets abe everything because we had a feeling we would be here. >> look i want the health of
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may family to be excellent but other than that there is nothing else would i rather have a super bowl win. >> these eagles fans are just supremely confident that the bird will bring home that trophy this weekend, and again here at the airport activity has slowed down but energy has not. we are live this morning anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" priorities, anita, family and the eagles. that is great. >> eagles fans leaving philly international this morning will feel right at home when they join other eagles fans already in minneapolis. people from all over the philadelphia area have one thing in common they are all upbeat about the bird chances tomorrow. >> absolutely this is our year all that has gone on we will do it, this is our year, repeat and we will win it. >> so is what your gut for sunday. >> win. it is a win. >> reporter: what do you think about all this. >> it is so much fun. so great. whole season has been just amazing.
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we are so happy to be here. >> reporter: what are you predicting for sunday how do you think sunday will go. >> eagles are going to win. >> we're excited, we can't wait. it has been a long time. we were there in jacksonville. we didn't get it done. but this time we will get it done. we will bring home that trophy >> reporter: one more day to one more win. this eagles will hold a half an hour walk through at u.s. bank stadium where they will go head to head with the new england patriots tomorrow night. sports director don bell, he is following players. >> what a time to be alive eagles set for super bowl lii they had their final walk through today at the stadium, that is a 30 minute session, now yesterday they had their final friday practice as they typically do, and it was an hour and 20 minute session and defensive tackle tim journigan was a full participant previous session with an undisclosed illness. this team was 13-three during the regular season and at that one point they started to feel like this was going to be a
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special one. >> we just understand that talking about, you know, a super bowl before you get there is a waste of time, energy, we wanted all of our attention to be on our task right here, right now but i think earlier in the season i feel like we all realized we had exactly what we needed, which is why the mantra we all we got we all we need came, we recognized early that we have everything that we need to accomplish our goals, let's just stay in that moment, week after week. >> once again eagles get set to play their third straight game as under dogs new england is favored by four. with the team in bloomington minnesota i'm don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". with the eagles anticipation celebrations philadelphia is imposing parking restrictions so starting tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 o'clock there will be no parking on broad street from arch to pine and all around city hall. also, from dickinson street from oregon avenue that
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includes both side of the street there as well as the median, the restrictions run until monday at 3:00 a.m. "eyewitness news" continues its super bowl coverage throughout the weekend, tonight at 11:35 we will have a special saturday addition of jeep sports zone live from minneapolis and then tomorrow morning at 11:30 a.m. we are back with chevy sunday kick off, also live from minneapolis, plus, tomorrow night, once the game end we will be live right here on cbs-3 bringing you post game comments from coach doug pederson and players alike, we will have a front row seat as fans react throughout the philadelphia area, it is eagles and "eyewitness news" sunday night right here on cbs-3. and still ahead here on "eyewitness news" this saturday morning, the state worker blamed for sending a false missle alert in hawaii is defending himself. why he said he sent that out and how he is fighting back against officials blaming him
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for the entire mess. plus we will take you behind the scenes of the musical see how a hip-hop artist is telling true store of the slave who went through great pain to obtain his freedom, we will be right back
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back now an arizona man who sold ammunition to the gun man in the deadly las vegas shooting is charged with manufacturing arm or piercing bullets, the criminal complaint says unfired armored
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piercing bullets found inside las vegas help tell room had fingerprints of ammunition dealer douglas hague. he did not have a license to manufacture that ammunition but charges have nothing to do with the shooting in las vegas former hawaii work shore sent a false missle alert last month says he was 100 percent sure that the attack was real, now fired emergency worker says he is devastated about causing a panic january 13th and he says on duty call that came in did not sound like a drill, now former worker has hired an attorney and may sue the state for defamation. >> never pressed the wrong button. he pressed the button he wanted to press because the way it came out he thinks we are in danger 20 some minutes we may in the be here any more >> state officials say other workers clearly heard the word exercise repeated several times. well, house intelligence committee release aid previously classified memo on
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the russia investigation. four page document created by republican staffers on that committee alleged misconduct by senior fbi officials investigating the trump presidential campaign that says justice department obtain multiple warrants to track, trump campaign official carter page, and based on information compiled by democrats. president trump authorized the memo's release. >> i think it is a disgrace what is happening in our country and when you look at that and you see that and some of the other things what is going on, a lot of people should be ashamed of themselves and much worse then that. >> now democrats on the intelligence committee says they have a rebuttal to the memorandume they want released and that is expect to happen next week. well, a montgomery county family is remembering, a long time eagles fan, take a look at this, rich braidman turned his basement of his mapel
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glenn home in the ultimate eagles fan cave and it is filled with memorabilia including seats from the old veterans stadium to watch the games. now rich passed a way a few years ago so his wife and children have maintained that fan cave. they hope eagles can win the super bowl for him tomorrow. >> it really did want a super bowl, anything, more than anything, he is the epitome of an eagles fan. he is biggest fan and we always feel like he is here with us for sure. >> now braidman family has had eagles season tickets since 1962. of course we want to see your eagles fan caves and your parties tomorrow, send us photos of your super bowl set up and you may see them on "eyewitness news". use #cbs-3 on facebook, twit ter, instagram, lieutenant of funnies happening tomorrow, chelsea but we have bad weather, rain coming through our area. >> we do but a lot of us will
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be dealing with just plane old rain. as far as travel issues we will not be dealing with wintry weather or freezing rain but some locations will tap into some snow and we will talk about that. let me start off with a look at our eyewitness weather watcher photos here's phil's shot out of philadelphia who says it is a cold, dark start, in chestnut hill, and that neighborhood there, also a look with those mostly clear skies, ed took a great shot there of the moon about two minutes ago, really cool shot but man, talk about cool, how about cold, it is extremely cold across the region right now. john in tabernacle says 10 degrees in his backyard, barbara in willow grove, 14 in her neighborhood, ed says 13, phil at 13. a are the of weather watchers checking in with temperatures in the teens and then charles, and, in bath says it is 9 degrees where he lives and feels colder when we factor in
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the wind. let me show you a live look courtesy of our live neighborhood network from across the river there and that sky line is just, a glowing in green out ahead of the big game tomorrow. it is 18 degrees right now in philadelphia, 14 in wilmington down the shore, we are in the teens at 16 in atlantic city, 19 wildwood and 5 degrees total in the poconos and feels colder when you factor in the wind and that is the case throughout the day-to-day. we are at noon time feeling like 19 degrees in the city, 17 millville, 8 degrees in the poconos heading in the ladder part of the afternoon feeling like the lower 20's along i-95 , wilmington, 22 in did he ever. you can expect it to feel like upper teens and lower 20's pretty much all day, even though our high temperature, the high will be cold in itself, 34 degrees but feel much colder. we will have some sunshine good amount today and then we will see high cloud filtering in later on. storm scan three shows we are quite ate credits the east
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coast and mid-atlantic, looks like those cloud moving in later today and also, tonight, during the storm system out to the west that is bringing us our next chance for some precipitation on, sunday. so some area will start off with snow, far north and west of philadelphia and then everyone changes to rain, heaviest rain will occur during the super bowl and temperatures at least will be warming in the letter 40's. here's how things pan out on future weather, net is we are dry all the way through the day today couple high cloud filtering in turning mostly cloudy overnight cloudy skies as we wake up sunday morning a snow shower up in the poconos, most folks stay dry during the first part of the day. watch what happens at noon time we will see that moisture on the approach toward the delaware valley. some areas north and west, northern berks county, lehigh valley starting off as snow and then see change over to rain and then some of the heaviest rain will occur as we
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head in the late afternoon, early evening, and then it looks like things will taper off by 10 or 11:00 at night we will see things drying out. as far as expectation and type mainly rain for these locations here in the green but you can see an inch of snow in the lehigh valley, that will be quickly changed over to rain and that rain will completely wash away the snow and up in the poconos two to 4 inches as a possibility and that could transition to a wintry mix, from time to time as that warm air noses its way in. if you have super bowl plans, you will be dealing with period of the rain, rainy, wet at kick off and post game rain tapering off and hopefully we will be celebrate to go get outside a little bit. eyewitness weather seven day forecast 43 on sunday. thirty-six on monday. chilly sunshine. it will feel colder. mostly cloudy on thursday and then jan, another chance for some rain moves in as we head into wednesday. >> chelsea, thank you.
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6:18. philadelphia hip-hop artist men for his collaboration with the legendary roots is taking his talent to the stage in honor of black history month. as cherri gregg explains he is star, creator of a musical about the true story of a virginia man who shipped himself to freedom in a wooden box. >> i feel there is a lot of stories that are just in the told. >> reporter: karl jenkins no stranger to the stage he has performed with the roots and had a successful solo career but now he is using his skills as a star in box a hip-hop musical. >> ♪ my name is henry, henry henry box brown ♪ >> reporter: tells a story of henry box brown, he was 33 when his three children and pregnant wife were sold pushing him to escape. his plan to ship himself in philadelphia in a 3-foot wooden box. >> here's a box that he would
6:20 am
fit into. >> reporter: he is same height of brown, taking creative license, using this box. >> i'm in in this box for theater reasons. >> reporter: humans of the narrative and music is real. >> a slave didn't have a full wardrobe. >> what about the story of henry box brown that struck you. >> he was a slave, yes, but he sang in the church choir, he went to church every sunday. >> reporter: director philip brown wrote the narrative he said, he spent 27 hearst in excruciating pain all for freedom. >> to me, the story speaks of deep faith perseverance and will to live. >> reporter: freedom theater the original venue is crested because of flooding so the play will run through february t community college of philadelphia with proceeding to go freedom's repair. dice says his goal, it is to change the view of slavery. >> even in these hard times you have heroes. >> reporter: like box.
6:21 am
>> my name is henry, henry brown. >> reporter: cherri gregg for kyw naus radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead today here's food forethought one nutritionist says pizza may make for a better breakfast then your bowl of cereals a nutrition, hear why coming up
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welcome back, they say breakfast is most important meal of the day and if you think that bell of serial is anythings you will want to listen to this they say skip frosted flakes and eat pizza instead. our nicole brewer, explains. >> reporter: rolled, tossed
6:24 am
and topped with your favorites >> margarita, margarita. >> i like thick crust pizza, with the oil on the bottom like a greasy crust. >> hot and fresh or cold and left over, pizza is good anyway you slice it but is it good for you. >> no, it is not. >> i think so. >> reporter: imagine internet reaction when registered die tition told daily meal that pizza is a better breakfast than most cereals. >> really, i didn't know that. >> because of the sugar content in the cereals. >> pizza can be more balanced meal. >> reporter: chelsea is that dietition. >> it contain carbohydrates, protein and fat where sugar cereals just contains a lot of sugar and not a lot of other nutrients to balance it out. >> tomatoes are considered vegetables. >> sort of, kind of. >> reporter: aimer stopped short of calling the dough i delight health food but says
6:25 am
it has same calorie count as bowl of sugary cereals served with whole milk and piece of pie will keep you fuller, longer. >> we knew that because of the grease and cheese. >> we had to ask does it help if we add veggies. >> it definitely provides a few more vitamins and minerals but i'm not endorsing pizza as healthiest breakfast option out there. >> nicole brewer for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". so, low sugar cereals with protein and high fiber are certainly better options then your typical slice of pizza and well rounded breakfast according to that nutritionist would include protein high fiber carbohydrates and fat. bacon egg and veggie omelets with whole grain toast and a slice of fruit. i will take anything right about now i'm staving. >> eagles fans are flying to minneapolis to watch the bird take on patriots, anita. good morning, well, while activity at the airport is slowing down the energy and the excitement, surrounding the eagles and the super bowl,
6:26 am
continues to pick up, i'm anita oh at the airport coming up hear from fans who explain what this special trip means to them. and philadelphia police have spent the entire week getting ready for potential post game celebrations, hear how they have been preparing for sunday and how they are planning to keep fans off of philadelphia's light poles, i have a feeling i necessity how , all that when "eyewitness news" continues we will be right when you combine the best internet with the best shows you get the best of both worlds. with the fastest internet available you will enjoy virtually seamless streaming for only $79.99 a month online with a two year agreement, and your netflix is on us for one year. and with the gigabit connection on the 100% fiber-optic network, you can stream on up to 100 devices at once.
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good morning everyone it its cold out there, heading out the door early. meteorologist chelsea in grammys live on the sky deck with a look at eyewitness weather. >> you need it out here, feels like single digits, so people are waking up and saying i think the ground hog was right six more weeks of winter, well , no doubt bit, it is feeling like the dead of winter out here, let me show you these numbers across the region, of course, clear skies help us to cool down to 18 degrees in philadelphia, 15 in wilmington, 15 in allentown , five in the poconos , right around 15 in reading and 15 in lancaster. when we factor in the slight breeze out of the west it feels even colder. so feels like 5 degrees in philadelphia, cold air, just slaps you in the face when you walk outside three in
6:30 am
allentown, 12 degrees below zero in the poconos and throughout the day-to-day it is going to feel like upper teens and lower 20's, pretty much the entire day despite the rising numbers in the upper 20's by noon and then 34 . i don't think we can complain about this cold weather, just look at how cold it will be in minneapolis, this weekend, as we head in the overnight hours tonight in minneapolis, low temperatures, drop below zero, of course, feeling colder with maybe one to 3 inches of snow possible between today, tonight in minneapolis and then for super super bowl sunday that high of 6 degrees and game time, of course, game inside but outside the dome 1 degree at kick off. i will have more coming up in your full forecast for now back to you. >> chelsea, come tomorrow we will have a super bowl on top of that hat. >> that is right. >> see new a couple minutes, thanks. time to check the road. lets go to matthew workmister
6:31 am
in the cbs-3 traffic center, good morning, matthew. >> good morning, jan. we are looking at new jersey, 42 freeway traffic light but soon people will be waking up and traffic volume will be increasing. if you have somewhere to go now is best time to leave your house. all other majors are delay free. moving to fill at flyers are playing in a matinee at 1:00 p.m. at wells fargo center against senators. traffic might start to jam up around 11:00. it will jam up after the game around 4:00 p.m. as fans are leaving the game. staying with sports we are taking a live look at philadelphia sky line, it is a beautiful look of the philadelphia sky line. sky scrapers have eagles green showing their expert of the eagles with the super bowl only one day away. finally mass transit running honor close to schedule and that includes amtrak, dart, new jersey transit, patco and septa live from the traffic center i'm matthew workmister jan, back to you. matt, thank you. their dreams of seeing eagles in super bowl lii are
6:32 am
about to take flight, destination for eagles nation is of course minneapolis. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live at philly international airport this morning where fans are ready for a trip of the lifetime, i would say soy, hi there anita. >> at times airport felt more like the linc because so many people are deck out in their eagles green, i have seen one of those eagles neck pillows for those flying and heading out to minnesota for the super bowl. right now airport activity here has slowed down quite a bit but energy and excitement is still flying high. look at this video just about an hour ago where the line here at security line was wrapping around this corridor here, so many fans say that this is such an exciting experience after waiting 13 years to see bird in the super bowl they are finally getting their chance to head to minneapolis and see the eagles , play, in person against patriots tomorrow, listen to what these fans to have say about what this
6:33 am
experience means to them and we met one patriots fan had a slightly positive message for the team. >> i said happy if you won because i have to live here but it is in the my choice and i want to see brady make history. >> my kid actually surprised me with the plane ticket and saying i'm always doing something for someone else how about letting them do something for me, you know, the city is so electric right now imagine how it will be after this game, if they win this thing. >> reporter: absolutely electric. here live at the airport you can see plenty of people in their eagles green representing this team. they say that they are so excited to head to minnesota and see bird play in the super bowl and bring home that trophy, kick off tomorrow at 6:30 in the evening, we will of course be following the game and all these people heading to the super bowl, we have heard so many eagles chants this morning and i'm sure we will continue to hear that throughout the day and tomorrow. live at the airport anita oh
6:34 am
for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> can you believe people actually wear patriots gear through phl. i saw someone there yesterday doing the same thing. i would be nerve bus that. >> reporter: i saw one person who said she could only wear hat but she had to take off everything else and put on normal clothes because she could not make it through. >> right, exactly, that is brave or silly, thanks, anita, appreciate it. tough time to be a patriots fan in our area and that is true of ukee washington finds out you are a patriots fan. look at this. >> here we go, one, two, three , e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> let's go bird. >> of course, that is ukee washington there at ati north wilmington therapy a physical therapy clinic. molly with ukee you can see is only patriots fan there so naturally ukee reminded her that she's in eagles territory
6:35 am
we are hoping for an eagles victory come tomorrow night and if that happens philadelphia will surely celebrate and police are ready "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden tells us how they have been preparing all week. >> reporter: if you had are among 30,000 fans partying in the mayfair streets come sunday night and there will be more officers, exactly how many police are not saying. >> anything of that nature with sporting events, it is the place to be. >> reporter: captain anthony l uka's district covers frankford and cottman where philly blows off the roof when celebrating just about anything. only cbs-3 was there as police met with bar, business owners in preparation for sunday night. >> we are anticipating if they win probably triple amount of people, and if that is the case then we have to increase our manpower as well. >> reporter: after nfc champion ship game there were an estimated 12,000 eagles fans here, there were no significant issues. >> when i was at frankford and cottman i was out there and there were already thousands of folks with the time i went
6:36 am
up two flights of steps like people magically appeared. >> reporter: there will be checkpoints, police will be looking for bottles and weapons and those high loving thrill seeking pole climbers. >> we will be doing some other things relative to to trying to keep people off certain objects. >> reporter: commissioner tells us crisco wasn't slick enough to keep bird fans down. >> i just would suspect some of them will be far more difficult then they were with the crisco attempt. >> reporter: social media went stirring, people waxing about lubricant alternative, baby oil, products we cannot even mention, along with i can't believe it is not butter. >> during these cases people invariably want to climb poles for some reason, i don't particularly understand that but that is just something that happens. >> reporter: joe holden, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". of course, super bowl coverage on cbs-3 continues throughout the weekend, tonight at 11:35 we will have a special saturday addition of jeep sports zone live from
6:37 am
minneapolis and then tomorrow morning at 11:30 a.m. we are back with chevy sunday kick off, also live from minneapolis. then of course the second the game ends tomorrow night we are live right here on cbs-3 with live post game comments from coach doug pederson and players and we will have a front row seat as fans react throughout the philadelphia region. it is eagles and "eyewitness news" tomorrow night right here on cbs-3. in other news today a republican memo that claims to show anti trump bias by fbi and department of justice is new public. as moa lenghi reports the fbi and democrats objected to the release, saying that the memo only tells part of the story. >> reporter: president trump headed to florida friday after declassifying a four page g.o.p. memo that alleged early stage of the fbi russia investigation were tainted by political motivation. >> i think it is terrible, i think it is a disgrace.
6:38 am
>> reporter: memo claims fbi agents obtain multiple warrants from the fisa court to monitor trump campaign official carter page. it says it was based on a does i a performed by christopher steel but says fbi did not mention steel was working on behalf of and paid by dnc and clinton campaign to the tune of about $160,000. intelligence chair devon nunez authorized the memo. >> i have an obligation to the american people, when we see f isa abuse. american citizens represented before this court have to be protected. >> reporter: chairman nunez said he did not coordinate with the white house or president trump lawyers in anyway on the release of the memo. democrats say the memo is a partisan effort to damage the credibility of the fbi and under mine special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. intelligence committee's top democrat says fbi revealed steel's political ties this wasn't about oversight, this is about telling the political
6:39 am
story that is helpful to the president. >> reporter: democrats had a counter memo the white house indicated it would be willing to work with congress for that document's release. moa lenghi for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". wall street has seen its war week in two years after the markets takes a triple digit hit fears of inflation scared investors yesterday and that led to the broad sell off , even with the drop though the major u.s. indexes are still up more than 3 percent so far this year. still at the close dow jones lost 665 to end at 25,520, the nasdaq dropped more than 144 points, s and p 500 finished down nearly 50 points. well, still to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning a class pet manages to escape leaving officials to shut down an entire school. see what kind of animal prompt ed this drastic action, and where the missing creature was finally found. historic sign atop lowes
6:40 am
hotel is glowing in green in support of the eagles see why changing color marks is a break in tradition for decade old sign we will be right back
6:41 am
6:42 am
welcome back. check this out a class petties back in the proper home after enjoying a few hours of freedom at a high school. somehow bo a 8-foot long constrictor squeezed through a gap in the cage at brentwood high school's science lab when
6:43 am
an initial search turned up nothing the superintendent says they sent students home early. animal control found bo unhurt >> them and our facilities teamworking with them they found where it was likely and they tore up part of the floor and bo, the name of the snake, she was, hiding underneath their wrapped around a pipe. >> she just wanted some freedom, the superintendent says there was no immediate danger there and he sent students home out of an abundance of caution and to make search easier with students in the building. well, people are seeing green just about every where, in philadelphia, these days, and as "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos shows us even a towering philadelphia landmark is going green for only the second time in almost a century. >> west side and east side has individual controls.
6:44 am
>> reporter: some 34 stories in the air. >> brand new led technology. >> reporter: proudly sits a tribute to the philadelphia eagles. >> this is it. you are on top of the roof. >> reporter: historic philadelphia saving fund society building now lowes hotel is shining eagles green, putting a stop of sorts on it's conn i can red for only second time ever, in its 87 year history. >> when we converted we pulled all of the neon tubes out of channels and replaced it with led drivers. >> reporter: that conversion happened in 2016. >> we had to match color as close to the red as possible to make sure for the city of philadelphia we stayed with the historical look. >> reporter: danny smith, director of engineering for the building, says everything is control through these two electronic panels. >> we can have multiple colors or all uniform. >> reporter: to convert the lights cost $250,000, as for letters themselves, these guys can be seen some 20 miles away , and get this, they are
6:45 am
27 feet tall. >> since the building opened in 1932 the light has been its own original color of red. >> reporter: scott, the hotel 's managing director says decision to change history was an easy one. >> vibrancy of the city right now everybody is feeling great about the eagles. we want to support the city. >> reporter: even its staff thrilled for sunday. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. go birds. >> reporter: everyone proud to bend tradition in order to support the birds. >> when eagles win we will keep this sign green for a few more days and then we will convert back to the original red. >> reporter: on top of the psfs building, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> those lights will be green next week, trust me. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday. anthony mason and alex wagner join us live from new york with the preview, good morning , guys. >> hi, jan good morning. we will have the morning's headlines. >> can a club drug cure depression safely. we will go inside new research
6:46 am
giving hope to millions of americans desperate for a solution. you folks in philadelphia know it, it is super bowl weekend we will take to you minneapolis to preview the big game and show how city is trying to entertain fans in what may be the coldest super bowl, ever. it is coffee fit for combat we will introduce to you a special forces veteran whose company is brewing up a little bit of controversy all while aiming to help vets. all that plus your eye opener, the dish and music in our saturday session, that is just ahead on cbs this morning saturday. >> we cannot wait for super bowl sunday you guys but we will see you first. >> good luck. >> thank you. last night "eyewitness news" kick off super bowl weekend in the delaware val which our one more win fan fest special, lets take a look >> fly eagles fly on the road to victory. ♪ >> our own ukee washington got fun started singing the eagles
6:47 am
fight song with fans on the broad street line there and then off to chickie and pete's in south philadelphia, of course, everybody decked out in their eagles gear, some even had those under dogmas accounts on a lot of fun, excitement, chelsea in a little bit of rain. but we have capes too. >> people have to sport a cape tomorrow. >> why not, why not? well, we're starting out the day on a very cold note, people waking up saying that ground hog he was right because it feels like winter to day. i don't know we will see if he overall evens up being right but temperatures are cold, it is feeling like winter, take a look at this weather watcher checking in early this morning at 15 degrees in his backyard and this is kennett, he lives in willingboro, new jersey. another weather watcher checking in right around 10 degrees, this is dinoon out of west chester and we have a lot of chilly temperatures to show you this morning. 14 degrees for barbara in
6:48 am
willow grove. in chesterfield right around 12 degrees in his backyard, and in philadelphia, 13. mary in browns mills says it is 12 degrees. these temperatures are extremely cold. when we factor in the wind it feels even colder, and, let me take you right new to a live look at center city where the sun, that is rising, 18 degrees, winds out of the west at 12 miles an hour, so it is still feeling like 5 degrees, over this eagles green city this morning. 14 degrees right now in wilmington. ten in millville. down the shore, checking in the teens 16 atlantic city, 19 in wildwood and allentown right around 15 degrees, 5 degrees in the poconos but then we will factor in the wind and it will feel extremely cold pretty much all day. we are looking at wind chill values in the upper teens and lower 20's the entire day. here we are at 1:00 feeling like 20 degrees in philadelphia, 19 in wilmington sixteen in allentown. nine is what it will feel like
6:49 am
during early afternoon in the poconos and not much better by 5:00a p.m., 21 degrees in philadelphia so, across the region today forecasting a high temperature which in itself is very cold 34 degrees in the city, 33 down the shore mostly sunny skies, 23 in the poconos. but remember it is going to feel so much colder when it is factoring in that wind. storm scan three showing very quiet conditions across the mid-atlantic, across the eastern sea board, monitoring a storm to the west, bringing us our next chance for precipitation heading in to sunday. for some of us it will start off as maybe some snow for areas north and west of town. everybody changing over to rain. heaviest rain occurring during the super bowl game and then temperatures at lee will be warming in the lower 40's throughout the day tomorrow. so, here's how things pan out on future weather by 4:00 p.m. we are still dry, good amount of sunshine high cloud beginning to filter in i think we will see that increase in
6:50 am
the overnight hours tonight, cloudy skies to start your day on sunday, we're dry all the way through noon time but we will start to see this moisture on the approach. notice for areas north and west starting out as snow in the lehigh valley, maybe even portions of northern, berks county, starting out as a little snow tomorrow afternoon , and snow up in the poconos but everybody else, transitioning over to rain and we're dealing with plane old rain right here along i-95 corridor and, heavy to moderate rain will be possible as this system passes on through. even poconos could mix in with freezing rain and maybe some sleet but this clears out just after the game, we will be drying out, as we head in the overnight hours tonight. so, in the poconos anywhere from two to 4 inches of snow mixing with a wintry mix, and lehigh valley north and west about an inch of snow but rain will watch that away, city and suburbs a few flakes plane old rain and delaware into new jersey just a wet, rainy day, super bowl sunday, maybe you are heading out to a friends house, family's house to watch the big game you? will need rain gear.
6:51 am
periods of rain as you are on your way, rainy, wet during kick off, rain tapering off post game for those celebrations and a quick check of your seven day forecast 36 on monday with chilly sunshine our next chance for rain is on wednesday, jan. >> chelsea, thank you. 6:51. when the eagles and patriots face off in tomorrow's super bowl a north jersey community will cheer on one of their own , hazel sanchez is in east orange where family and friend s will call a young man hoist now wearing eagles green >> reporter: eighty-one year-old carleta williams is beaming with pride. >> i always have been proud. >> reporter: williams if year-old grandson ra cool douglas is a rookie cornerback for the fail eagles. >> intercepted by rookie douglas. >> reporter: this weekend number 32 is playing in the super bowl against new england patriots. >> playing in the super bowl in his first year, he deserves all of it. he has never been zazi, you know like some kid, um-hmm. >> reporter: rasul dug race
6:52 am
join was in the laid out an a well paved road his grandmother raised him and six siblings in the public housing complex, in east orange, new jersey, his fourth grade teacher says his life could have led him down the wrong path. >> just to see him now accomplishing something that all students would dream of being able to accomplish it is just awesome. >> reporter: mike davis met douglas when he was nine years old coaching him in little league baseball lacking a father figure david took on the role of mentor. >> i knew he was special because he was always a work horse. he always had that mentality that knew he would be something. >> reporter: merion bell saw something special about him too, he was dug last high school football coach during his four years playing for east orange campus jaguars. >> at 14 years old his energy was great. i saw athletism that could take him far. >> reporter: phenomenal enough to get him through new saw community college playing two years in west virginia university and then becoming a third round draft pick for the philadelphia eagles.
6:53 am
coach bell says he will be sitting in the stands in minneapolis on sunday. >> from east orange new jersey to minneapolis, minnesota in the super bowl, i don't think i will be able to stop smiling >> it it was rasul douglas, he made it happen, and he brought me in the story and i'm so glad to have been part of his life. >> reporter: not steady on her legs anymore, grand mom will watch from home with all of east orange cheering with her. in east orange, new jersey hazel sanchez for cbs-3 eyewitness news. >> what a great story, we will be watching and rooting him on coming up last check of the forecast when "eyewitness
6:54 am
6:55 am
welcome back, eagles pride can be seen, can be seen every
6:56 am
where right about now and eagles fans range from the youngest to the old's monk us, lets take a look. >> ♪ fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. ♪ >> fight, fight, fight. >> ♪ fly eagles fly, score a touchdown 123. ♪ >> 123. >> hit them low, hit them high , and watch our eagles fly fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> cute. that is caris and alexis, the daughters of one of our morning show writers, and car is and alexis went around center city to found a lot of fans to help, and it sounds like they are ready for game day and so are we. >> that is adorable, running up art museum steps.
6:57 am
>> start them early here in philadelphia. >> well, cold date on you there, jan, it will feel colder factoring in the wins. 34 degrees in philadelphia 33 down the shore. twenty-three in the poconos. we will see good sunshine across the entire region, maybe late day cloud filtering in, feeling like the upper teens and lower 20's. >> yes. layer up. >> yes. >> thanks, chelsea. thanks for watching us, on "eyewitness news" for new we may be signing off on tv but we are always on line cbs, cbs this morning saturday is up next, have a great weekend, everyone.
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