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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  February 3, 2018 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> game faces on. now at 7 o'clock, the eagles are fired up on this last day before super bowl lii. a little snowfall outside of the stadium could not dampen the spirits of this team. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thank you so much for joining us. we are now less than 24 hours away from kickoff and it's hard to tell who is more excited at this point the fans at home or the fans who made the journey to minneapolis. we have team three coverage for you all over the map tonight. let's head right to sports director don bell in minneapolis with some breaking sports news. don we just learned that eagles legend brian dawkins was tapped for the pro football hall of fame. >> yeah, weapon x gets the call to the hall. spent 13 seasons in
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philadelphia. he was a nine time pro bowler over all and when he played in the super bowl back in 2005, he played with terrell owens and t.o. is in as well on his third time of eligibility. we hope have some sound from those guys later on as the night goes on, again the announcement was made not too long ago. we hope to get some reaction. now let's tell you what was a theme a little earlier today on the red carpet. yes, we're talking about the red carpet at the nfl honors ceremony here at the university of minnesota. and we had an opportunity catch up with some rivals of the eagles, some familiar faces and get their perspective on super bowl lii. >> i think the eagles have a chance. i want tom to win. it's hard to go for the eagles. the eagles can get after it. they got a great defense obviously playing them twice a year knowing what they're capable of and if they can get after that front four they'll have a chance. >> reporter: keeping the right lane retrue definitely not going for the eagles.
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>> go patriots. >> foles all the way. he's my guy. you know, i think he's playing really well. great things happen to great people and he's an even better person than he is a football player. >> reporter: now, as for the eagles, the team -- here's what they did today. they had a 30 minute walk through at u.s. bank stadium and before they hit the walk through hall of famer brett farve came down to give them a little speech. now, let's check in with pat gallen who at the mall of america checking in with fans. pat, what's the deal? >> reporter: well, don, 10 years ago today was one of the greatest moments in super bowl history. 10 years ago today, was the helmet catch by david tyree as the giants took down the undefeated patriots 17-14 in the super bowl back in 2007. eagles fans here are obviously hoping to see something similar happen taking down the new england patriots tomorrow. now, they're not hoping, they know it.
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eagles fans travel well and they've made the trek to the snowy north from across the country for super bowl lii. >> it's surreal but you know what, why not us? >> i think the eagles will win this time. i think probably about seven to 10. >> reporter: while floyd traveled solo to minneapolis, he's hardly alone. many birds fans are with the whole family. >> this is my daughter peyton. >> reporter: how old is peyton. >> she's seven. >> reporter: okay. >> my wife, brittany and my boy, paxon, he's one. >> our parents were from pennsylvania and my dad had season tickets since the 60's and yeah -- held onto them. >> we've taken them over. >> yeah, we've taken them over since he's passed away so we are honoring him as well as we're here today. >> we drove here. we left perkasie pennsylvania picked him up outside of pittsburgh. >> reporter: every eagles fans is supremely confident in a win on sunday night.
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>> hundred percent. 28-21. >> reporter: eagles. >> mark that down. >> reporter: we have not heard one eagles fan say otherwise. >> we think we're going to win. it's our year. >> the eagles win probably 27 to 14. >> reporter: 27-14, what do you think. >> 30-20. we're taking it home. we're taking the trophy home. >> i got 30-27. >> reporter: 30-27. >> 24-17. >> it's going to be 14 to 10 eagles. >> reporter: low score. what do you think. >> i think 24-21 but the eagles. like the last super bowl when we lost but flipping it on them. >> reporter: you can tell they're ready to rock. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> whew! >> reporter: as someone who grew up in philadelphia, i know the feeling of being letdown by this team in the biggest moments but you can throw all that away. i have never seen the fan base this confident in the team and that's big heading into super bowl lii tomorrow. live inside the mall of
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america in minneapolis, i'm pat gallen for cbs3 "eyewitness news." natasha, back to you. >> all right, so much excitement. thank you so much, pat. we appreciate that. we will of course take you inside philadelphia international airport now. the lines were extremely long this morning, a fresh flock of eagles fans headed to minnesota as "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh shows us many folks felt the wait was well worth it for a chance to witness history. >> go eagles, e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> reporter: it's the chant seemingly heard around the world as the bird gang flocked to minneapolis for super bowl lii. >> my kids actually surprised me with a plane ticket. >> reporter: life long philadelphian troy little beliefs the eagles have taken flight this season and will make history this weekend. >> that whole game changer. it changes everything. you know, the city so electric right now, imagine how it's going to be after this game. they win this thing. >> reporter: at times the
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airport has felt more like the linc considering how many fans are decked out in eagles green. many fans are confident the birds can bring home a win and the trophy. >> leave it out on the field and we'll bring a super bowl home from the city. >> reporter: from the birds low go to the green flag fans had no shortage of team spirit at the airport. >> there's nothing else i'd rather have than a super bowl win. >> reporter: and even the sole patriots fan we found. >> well, it's jinx. i'm the only one. >> reporter: has a great shot at the trophy. >> i'm not talking about it. if philadelphia wins i'll be happy for them. >> reporter: at the philadelphia international airport, anita oh cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> all right, of course parties are another popular way to celebrate super bowl sunday. snacks and paper goods are just flying off store shelves tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter
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alycia nieves is live at wegmans. i should have given you my list. >> reporter: you should have. a lot of people are down here doing their last minute super bowl watch party shopping. i mean, just take a look. we have every register here opened. most of the registers have a line and on the belt it is everything you need for a serious super bowl spread. in less than 24 hours most of us will be chomping on chips and sipping on soda or other drinks as we watch the big final game of this football season. that game, the philadelphia eagles faking on the new england patriots -- taking on the new england patriots in this year's super bowl. >> i'm so excited. i can't even wait. i'm so excited. >> they're going to win. believe me they are. >> reporter: right now many eagles fans in the region like evelyn are spending today preparing for that potential moment. so many supermarkets are
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packed like this one in cherry hill. fans are loading up for all the dietary necessities for a good watch party to enjoy the big game. >> all kinds of lunch meat, all kinds of rolls and especially a little bit of wine, a little bit of beer and all the refreshments, that's what makes a happy happy eagles game. >> reporter: yeah, that's the kind of watch party i want to be at. sounds like a good time. so many people are out here shopping for their last minute super bowl watch parties that this wegmans is actually having extended hours today. they're opening until midnight so that everyone has everything they need to enjoy the big game. reporting live in cherry hill, alycia nieves cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> our countdown to super bowl lii continues in just a few minutes. still ahead, numb with excitement. >> the devoted eagles fan from this now viral video is super
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bowl bound. how her post oral surgery stupor earned her some tickets to the big game. lauren. >> and we do have a soggy and slushy super bowl sunday in store. we'll break down the timing of the rain and where it could start. your full "eyewitnes
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>> ♪ >> well, back now on "eyewitness news." eagles fever on the ice in south jersey. camden county hosted a pep rally in cooper river park today. some fans were wearing their eagles green at the winter fest ice rink. former eagles hollis thomas was also there signing autographs for the fans.
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from oral surgery quite the week for a rutgers student from south jersey after she professed her love for the eagles while coming after the anesthesia. the team thanked her for that with a pair of tickets. cleve bryan has the story. >> did i miss the super bowl. >> no, no, no. >> oh, my god. >> no, you didn't. >> reporter: with her eyes wide and mouthful of gauze haley parks from williamstown woke up from wisdom teeth surgery earlier this week terrified she missed the super bowl. as her daughter came out of anesthesia her mom recorded the conversation. >> so bad. >> reporter: mom's recording revealed the true and hilarious nature of haley's love for the eagles. >> i love the eagles. >> okay, i know. i love them, too. >> they're like my sisters. >> they're men. how can they be your sisters. >> reporter: thanks to social media the eagles got the message. in response to the viral video on friday the team offered haley two tickets to the super bowl. >> at first i was like oh my god everyone is going to see
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this. i'm never going to hear the end of it after i get back to school. now that i got super bowl tickets. >> reporter: they've been scrambling to get to minneapolis. >> we've been long time fans through thick and thin and i think it's a great gesture that they saw that and recognized a true fan with true emotions and did something like that i think it was great. if you haven't seen the whole video it's three minutes that will make you laugh and cry as an eagles fan. >> thank you to everyone that helped spread it and so nice in supporting me along the way. >> reporter: what are their super bowl predictions. >> i'm feeling a 31-27 birds victory. >> i got 27-24 eagles super bowl champs. >> go birds. >> go birdsism williamstown, cleve bryan, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> "eyewitness news" has you covered for all things eagles tonight after "eyewitness news" at 11:00 be sure to stay with us for a special saturday edition of sports zone live from minneapolis and then tomorrow morning at 11:30
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we'll join the crew in minnesota live for our chevy kickoff show and tomorrow night more coverage the second the game ends we'll be live on the air right here on cbs3 bringing you live postgame comments from coach pederson and the players and we'll have a front row seat as fans react at locations all throughout the philadelphia area and the entire region. it's the eagles and "eyewitness news" tonight tomorrow morning and of course tomorrow night. all right, lauren, lots of excitement here in the city. >> it is. >> with people everywhere today. >> i know. >> in center city, they were -- i could barely even get to work. >> it's so exciting. you feel it in the air. everyone is very excite is there. nervous already. >> i know. i was bundled up today but maybe i can -- tomorrow not so much. >> tomorrow a little bit better. you'll have to switch things out. raincoat, umbrella, you know, you can head to those super bowl parties maybe a little early if you want to avoid the rain. why not it's a sunday. get that party started. 29 degrees as we get a live look at center city philadelphia lit up in eagles green.
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south wind around 8 miles per hour so that feels-like temperature, yes, that's chilly, feels like 21 degrees right now and temperatures are cold all across the region. we're at 30 in allentown, 27 degrees in wilmington. 20's down the shore and at 20 in mount pocono right now. we don't -- do have a bit of a breeze as well especially closer to the coast out of the west-northwest at around 18 miles per hour so that is impacting that feels-like temperature, feeling more like 21 right now in wildwood, 20 in ac, feels like teens in wilmington and feeling like teens in dover as well and feels, yeah, even worse for all the eagles fans out in minneapolis. feeling like two above but a wind chill advisory is in effect overnight tonight for parts of the twin cities. wind chill temperatures overnight tonight could drop down to about 30 below for all the eagles fans waiting on the super bowl tomorrow. but overnight tonight, we're chilly here. 26 degrees. clouds increasing. otherwise pretty quiet but then things get active as we head into the day tomorrow. rain developing especially as we head into the afternoon and
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it will start as some snow and some mixing north and west of the city. high temperature tomorrow at 44 degrees, so not quite as cold. storm scan3 showing us generally quiet conditions right now. snow showers well off to our west but did have some snow in portions of minneapolis today. the system now moving off to the east. see a little bit of energy and moisture from this system enhancing our precipitation tomorrow but mainly we're going to be dealing with this system, an area of low pressure that's pulling out of the gulf of mexico and that's why we are going to see the threat of maybe some periods of heavy rain especially right around kickoff time. rain developing as we head especially into the afternoon hours. periods of heavy rain by kickoff and then postgame though the rain starting to end just in time. i think mother nature is already forecasting maybe an eagles win so we can all get out and celebrate but it will start as some snowfall especially in the poconos, mainly snow for you. then turning to sleet late in the day, two to 4 inches of accumulation. lehigh valley maybe a coating to 2-inches of slush.
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models differing a bit on that. you'll likely start as a wintry mix and then transition to rain, maybe a couple of wet flakes very early on in the city and suburbs. mostly all rain and then for the shore and southern delaware, it will be all rain through the day tomorrow and some of that will be heavy at times. future weather showing us this particular model bringing the rain in even before lunchtime. snowfall for the poconos, lehigh valley and maybe even our far northwestern suburbs. this has a rain-snow line a little further north and west in the early afternoon hours than do other models. they have it a little bit closer to the city for some of our western suburbs but as we head throughout the day we're going to see that big time changeover to all liquid precipitation for most of us across the delaware valley. look at that potential for some heavy rainfall. you really want to get to those super bowl parties early in the day so you don't have to commute in that. by 11 o'clock, look at that, the moisture moving out and then it stays out as we head into tomorrow night and starting things off with a lot of sunshine as we head into monday morning. rainfall accumulations, this is going to be a significant
7:19 pm
event as far as rainfall is that concerned certainly in february. well over an inch estimated by the nam, over an inch for the rpm. significant fantastic rainfall totals. you'll have to deal with ponding on the roads and you'll need that umbrella tomorrow. 34 degrees on monday colder on the backside of the system, blustery and another rain chance as we head into wednesday but hey, at least we won't be dealing with snow. as we head into thursday, 38 degrees, colder and quiet. altogether a chilly week ahead but the main thing is the rain that we're going to be dealing with, some heavy, reducing visibilities as people take to the roads to head to their super bowl destinations. >> once they're inside they're not going to care about the rain. >> they're not going to care. >> let's get to the snacks and the games. thanks lauren. we appreciate that. this evening sports cast starts in minneapolis tonight where the pro football hall of fame inductees were just announced a short time ago. sports director don bell is live in minneapolis with some very exciting news. don. >> reporter: hey, natasha, they made it officially
7:20 pm
literally just a few minutes ago, brian dawkins just crossed the stage along with ray louis brian erlacher and randy moss to name a few for this 2018 class, terrell owens also in as we mentioned earlier in the show. there was a red carpet for the honors ceremony here at the university of minnesota and it had an -- i had an opportunity to talk to a former -- a couple of former greats about this class. >> t.o. is second in almost every statistical category. t.o. should have been in two years ago. we shouldn't even be having this conversation. >> b. dawk did a great job for philly. the impact he had on this game is legendary and him being a fellow floridian, from jacksonville, have a rooting interest in. it's a very nervous time right now for those guys and hopefully we'll know here in
7:21 pm
the next night minutes if he was able to get in. >> reporter: we expect to talk to brian dawkins one-on-one again that ceremony ending just moments ago when he was on the stage. he looked like he was choking back tears. we all know how emotional b. dawk is and this is a great night for him and could be an even better weekend if the eagles can come through with their first ever super bowl championship tomorrow against the patriots. now back to lesley on the desk. >> thanks so much don. and well, he certainly deserves that. well, the flyers this afternoon playing the ottawa senators. orange and black going into the contest with a three game losing streak. to the second period, the flyers down two to nothing. gudas with the pass to sean couturier. third period flyers down by two. scott laughton with the deflection past anderson. deficit back to one. eight and half seconds left shayne gostisbehere shoots and anderson makes the save
7:22 pm
patrick knocking in the rebound we are all tied up so this game is going into a shootout. mike hoffman kateing in and beats michal neuvirth the flyers lose a heartbreaker four to three. sixers and pacers just under way in indianapolis. joel embiid in the lineup. he's playing in his first back to back game of his career. last night the sixers almost blue another double digit fourth quarter lead but held on to beat the heat 103-97. newkirk pulled it up for three. the game is tied. newkirk led the hawks with 30 points. hawks very excited there. later the explorers bj johnson gets the ball and the dunk. lasalle regains the lead. johnson with 25 points. late in the game tied at 72. moultrie hits the 3-pointer to give them the win. a presidential take on that declassified memo that's
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>> ♪ >> we are back now with that timeless theme song of course heard in delaware county today and all throughout the region fans of all ages came out this afternoon for an eagles pride parade in media. state street was electric as folks cheered the birds on to victory. meantime in washington, in other news now, president trump is claiming complete vindication from a congressional memo alleging wrongdoing in the russia investigation. the declassified memo was released yesterday by the republican majority on the house intelligence committee. it says the fbi abused its surveillance powers during the probe into the trump campaign's possible ties to russia. the democrats say the memo is misleading. their rebuttal to this memo is
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expected to be released next week. we're back in a
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>> well, it's a greenout tonight at the philadelphia auto show as eagles fans take over the showroom. check this out, guys. green pom poms and signs could be seen inside the pennsylvania convention center. the auto show said it just wanted to send some love to minneapolis. i said yesterday the city is oozing with eagles pride don't you think. >> absolutely.
7:30 pm
>> that's "eyewitness news" tonight. i'm natasha brown for lesley lauren all of us here thanks for joining us. we'll see you tonight at >> a father's rage. lunging at the doctor who molested his three daughters. then, the er nurse's viral flu rant. >> wash your stinking hands. >> it sounds like you just needed to vent. >> and, super bowl hotel horrors. down and dirty rooms. priced sky high for the big game. then, the las vegas concert massacre, the forgotten victims. >> it is just a constant reminder. >> as this courageous woman reveals her terrible injury. and ... >> get off my back. >> actress


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