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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 4, 2018 2:05am-2:36am EST

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philadelphia eagles to have an opportunity to win the first championship since 1960 and that's huge. that goes above anything that i can think about besides being able to now call myself a a hall of famer. >> tonight add 11:00 o'clock on the eve of super bowl lii two former eagles are honored by the nfl. good evening everyone i'm natasha brown. thank you for joining us eagles ready is ready to fly before the eagles take on the patriots the nfl honored two eagles alumni by
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inducting them into the pro football he was of fame. don bell has that story from the mall of america in bloomington, minnesota to, 90 don, this exciting a announcement just happened couple hours ago, rig right? >> yeah, this is a great night. it's a great night if you're eagles fan. if you're a fan of this ball club, two of its all-time greats going in. terrell owens was only there for a year and change talk about him in moment but we want to focus on web weapon x brian dawkins into the hall on his second try. dawkins spent 13 seasons with the birds overall he was a nine-time pro bowler really revolution knifed the way they played that safety position. when talking about his election night hall he wanted to give prop to pair of eagles coaches that really helped him along the way. >> jim is dell one of those individuals so when emmitt brought this dude out of me that i thought i can be more than what i thought i was which i was becoming, i owned that
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individual. jim got that guy. so he got that individual that was ready to do any and all things possible with these things that god had given me. without those two individuals in my life there's no way i'm here. emmitt bringing it out of me and then jim unleashing it on the nfl. >> so props for emmitt thomas and jim johnson. and also terrell owens into the hall on his third try. he is one of the most prolific wide receivers in the history of the game. how appropriate that both of those guys going into the hall on the night before the eagles play in the super bowl. with the team in minneapolis, don bell, cbs3 "eyewitness sports". >> congratulations to both of them. thank you so much, don. we appreciate that. now afternoon snowfall couldn't dampen the spirits of the eagles fans who are in minneapolis right now for the big game. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen talk to some folks who have complete confidence in the birds ability to get that one last win.
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>> 10 years ago saturday was one of the biggest moments in super bowl history. 10 years ago was the the giant took down the patriots in the 2007 super bowl 17-14. eagles fans are hoping on sunday they see something similar patriots team go down big. they're not hoping they see it. they know they'll see it. >> eagles fans travel well and they've made the trek to the snowy north from across the country for super bowl lii. >> it's surreal but you know what, why not us? >> eagles we'll win this thing. >> yeah. >> probably about seven or ten. >> floyd solo to minneapolis he's hardly alone. many birds fans are with the whole familiarly. >> my daughter peyton. >> hold is peyton. >> she's seven. my wife brittany and my boy >> our parents were from pennsylvania and my dad had season tickets since the '60's
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and -- >> held on to them. >> we've taken them over. >> we've taken them over since he passed away so we are honoring him as well as we're here today. >> we drove here and left perkasie, pennsylvania, on thursday. pick him up outside of pittsburgh. and we made it here last night around 7:00 o'clock. >> one thing stands out. every eagles fan is supremely confident in a win on sunday night. >> 100%. 28-21. eagles. >> mark that down. >> we have not heard one eagles fan otherwise. everyone thinks they're going to to win. >> we think it's our year. >> eagles win probably 27-14. >> 27-14. what do you think. >> 30-20 we're take it home. we're taking the trophy home. >> i love it. >> i got 30-27. >> 30-27. >> 24-17. >> 14-ten. eagles. >> 14-ten. low scoring. >> what do you think. 24-21 eagles this time. not like the last super bowl when we lost. flipping it on them. >> you can tell they're ready to
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rock. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! whoo! >> having spoken with hundreds of eagles fans over the past week here in minneapolis, i can honestly say not one eagles fan has picked against them. not one against tom brady and the new england patriots. inside the mall of america in minneapolis i'm pat gallen for cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> more of eagles nation is on the way. tons of eagles fans flew out to minute miss today to make sure that philadelphia's presence is truly felt. "eyewitness news" caught the excitement philadelphia international airport earlier today. the check in lines were filled with people sporting their green eagles gear and they are banging on the eagles making history tomorrow. >> the city is so electric right now. imagine how it's going to be after this game. they win this thing. just play with your hearts, bo boys. leave it all out on the field and we going to bring a super bowl home for the city. >> even the airline stuff was
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showing love fort underdogs take a look a this main filled with excited eagles fans. many of the fans saying behind are certainly busy planning those super bowl parties. and what would game day celebration be without great food, of course. "eyewitness news" reporter alicia nieves live at wegmans in cherry hill tonight where last minute shoppers are still grabbing up those snacks. right alicia? >> reporter: they sure are natasha. you can actually hear some of the beeping going on in here coming from the registers. those last minute super bowl party shoppers are still being rung out. now this wegmans actually deci decided to stay open late. stay hope until about midnight for all those last minute shoppers to get everything they need to enjoy watching tomorrow's big game. >> one day away from the super bowl. and supermarkets are packed. >> we have to get like chips and dips and basically like cupcakes and just a bunch of fun comfy party food report roar this wegmans in cherry hill is just one example of all the last minute shopping going on.
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people picking up the chips and soda wings and all the super bowl party must haves. >> lunch meat, rolls, especially little bit of wine and little bit of beer and all the refreshments that what makes a happy, happy eagles game. >> reporter: it's clear at this supermarket at least that people today are not only getting what they need to enjoy tomorrow's big game -- >> fly, eagles, fly. >> reporter: but doing it with clear bird gang pride. >> ready. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! [ applause ] >> i think eagles are going to win. >> pull through. >> take it all the way. >> they're going to win. believe me they are. >> reporter: it is so crazy to me. i mean you can go anywhere in this region from outside lincoln financial field to a supermarket here in cherry hill without bumping into eagles nation so many people just filled with
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eagles pride so excited to watch the philadelphia eagles in tomorrow's super bowl. reporting live in cherry hill, alicia nieves, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right. exciting times. thank you so much alicia. our eagles coverage meantime it does continue all weekend long for you. keep the right here following tonight's broadcast for a special saturday edition of sports zone live from minnesota. and then tomorrow morning we'll join the crew in minnesota live at 11:30 am for our chevy kick off show and then sunday night the second to the game ends we'll be live on the air right here on cbs3. bringing you live post game comments from coach pederson and the players as well. and we will have front row seat as fans react at locations all throughout the philadelphia area. it's the eagles "eyewitness news" news sunday night. not going to want to miss it. we are following a developing story out of gloucester township tonight. camden county police say a car ran off of cross keys road at occursly road before landing in
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ditch just after 9:00 p.m. the driver of that car was trapped inside for just a bit but rescue crews were able to reach the person. no one on that -- no word yet on that person's condition. at least not at this hour. the driver was transported to the hospital via helicopter. meantime now in washington, president trump is claim complete vindication from congressional memo alleging wrongdoing in the russia investigation. tonight the president tweeted, after a year of looking there is no collusion. now the memo claims fbi agents relied primarily on a politically motivated dossier when they sought permission to surveil a trump campaign staff. democrats say the memo is misleading. >> it's about a distorted memo. what is false in their memo, what is a misrepresentation in their memo, where they just are cherry picking in terms of the facts. >> the democrats rei bulled to do memo is expected to be released next week. also tonight, hollywood producer harvey weinstein facing new allegations of sexual
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assault in britain. london police say a woman came to them in november claiming weinstein assaulted her twice. she said the incidents happened in 2010 and 2011. the first alleged assault happened outside of britain. this woman adds her name to lengthy list of dozens who have now accused of weinstein of sexual assault. uma thurman has also spoken out now about experiences with harvey weinstein. the actress claims weinstein made unwanted sexual advances toward her in the 1990's. weinstein's representative says the producer acknowledges making a pass at thurman. weinstein denies physically assaulting her. well stay with us everyone. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight you'll never forget this diehard eagles fan. she went viral. >> did i miss the super bowl. >> no, no new york city. >> oh, my god. >> no. >> how haley from rutgers university here managed to woo the philadelphia eagles with her heartfelt comments and how they responded.
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plus a local police department sending a strong message to tom brady and the new england patriots. how they got their k9s in on a little facebook fun. lauren? soggy and in some cases slow slushy soup sunday in store. the heaviest rain and where we could see a wintry mix in your full eyewitness forecast coming up. eagles! >> very nice as we head to break now that was a quick shout out to the birds from the schmitz at schneider girotti elementary school in bristol. stay with us everyone. we've got more eagles fun when we come back. ♪
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well, we are just hours away from the hottest rematch in football. the eagles and patriots go head to head in minnesota in just about 19 hours or so. it's been a long road but the birds have made it to the super bowl. we couldn't be more excited. just one more win. now from oral surgery to the super bowl rutgers student haley parks and her dad headed to the big name in minneapolis this weekend courtesy of the eagles. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan caught up with the girl that went viral after professing her love for the team under a heavy dose of anesthesia. >> did i miss the super bowl? >> no, no, no. >> oh, my god. >> no you didn't. >> with her eyes wide and mouthful of gauze haley parks
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from williamstown woke up from wisdom teeth surgery earlier this week terrified that she missed the super bowl. as her daughter came out of anesthesia her mom recorded the conversation. >> i want the girls to win so bad. >> mom recording reveal the true and hilarious nature of haley's love for the eagles. >> i love the eagles. >> okay. i know. they lofty. >> they're like my sisters. >> but they're men. how could they be your sister. >> like my brothers. >> thanks to social media the eagles got the message and in response to the viral video on friday, the team offered haley two tickets to the super bowl. >> at first i was like oh my god everyone will see this. i'll never hear the end of it once i get back to scooch once i have super bowl tickets i'm not complaining that's awesome. >> he's bringing her dad bob. they've been scrambling to make arrangements to go to minneapolis. >> we've been long time fans through thick and thick it's a great gesture they saw that and recognized true fan with true emotions and did something like that. i think it was great.
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>> by the way if you haven't seen the whole video three minutes that will make you laugh and cry as eagles fan. >> thank you to everyone who helped spread it it's been so nice and supporting me along the watt the way. >> 31-27 birds victory. >> i got 27-24 eagles. super bowl champ. >> go, birds. >> go, birds. >> in williamstown, cleve bryan, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right. the most important team at the super bowl tomorrow may likely be a massive multi agency security team that have all gathered customs and border protections aviation and marine units flying six helicopter hels over downtown minneapolis giving a birds eye view to officers below. super bowl is categorized by the department of homeland security as a level one special event meaning it has the highest threat to public safety. in all, more than 60 police agencies and 1700 federal agents are supporting minneapolis police. back here at home there are
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eagles fever is all over the place on the ice in south jersey, camden county host add pep rally in cooper river park today. some of the fans were wearing their eagles green at the winter fest ice rink. former eagle hollis thomas was out there. he was signing autographs for fans. and car lovers also at the philadelphia auto show are overcome with eagles fever. take look at what happened there. it was a green out today as eagles fans took over the showroom. green pom poms, signs all could be seen inside the pennsylvania convention center. they also just wanted to send love to minneapolis. the philadelphia auto show wraps up tomorrow. and we're loving the fan shots that "eyewitness news" viewers are sharing with us right now. this is the crew from raffle barbershop in glenside they're sporting their philly philly pride ahead of the big game. nice job games. java, let's take a look at java the underdog pumped for her undogs to bring home a super
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bowl win. she's got her jersey, hat and football. guess what, java isn't the only pooch ready for some football. berk system sporting cbs3 "eyewitness news" under dog cape. i got to get one of those. thank you to george stauffer from mullica hill new jersey for sporting the birds and also sending us that shot. that's adorable. >> i need one. >> me too much sharing photos with us it's easy guys. we want to see how you're supporting your team before they hit the field tomorrow night. just use the cbs cbs3 hash tag n your facebook, twitterth, instagram posts and you just might see them pop up right here on the air. >> i'm loving that cape. >> i need that cape. my dogs need that cape. >> yes, your doing. your dogs have so much paraphernalia. >> they'll be decked out tomorrow. i have a green dress. i don't know if i can actually wear it. >> aren't you going to disappe disappear. >> i might disappear because we have a green screen. just like a -- like your dress color. >> yeah. >> is it going to -- if i do
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over there right now would i disappear. >> why don't i test. >> for you later. >> it will be an experiment tomorrow. >> if you don't see me in green tomorrow it didn't work. green in center city philadelphia of course in the green. >> pretty little chilly. 30 degrees right now. warmed up over the last hour but that breeze it's up around 13 miles per hour. so feeling more like 20 at this hour. a cold night before the super bowl. mount pocono 20 degrees. 29 in allentown. 27 in millville. 28 degrees in atlantic city. we still do have a biting breeze especially along the coast winds up around 18 miles an hour in cape may and that is impacting our feels like temperature feeling like low 20s right now at the coast. feeling like 20 in wilmington teens in the lehigh valley and single digits in the poconos. but it could be worse for all the birds fans in minneapolis right now, feeling like three below a wind chill advisory in effect for the minneapolis area through midday tomorrow. wind chill values could drop as cold as 20 below tomorrow
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morning but that still not going to discourage birds fans of course. overnight tonight mostly cloudy a breeze down to 26 degrees and for our day tomorrow, sewing good one. periods of rain pretty steady during the afternoon and evening hours some of that rain heavy at time. hyphen cher 44 degrees. storm can three showing us generally quiet conditions looking more ominous than what's hitting the surface because not much of this is. maybe a couple of flurries towards lancaster, berks county and lehigh valley. flu flurries in our western suburbs over the next couple of hours. an association with a system that moved through minute miss earlier until day bringing snowfall there. now moisture is moving off to the east so well get a taste of this moisture and energy and also a secondary system that's going to pass right by the gulf of mexico scoop up some of that gulf moisture and bring it to us as we head into the day tomorrow. so it is going to be little bit of a soaker pre-game periods of rain temperatures in the low 40s. temperatures stay pretty stable throughout the game. but especially right around kickoff, rain steady and heavy
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the a times and then why post game that game wrapping up just in time looks like towards the end of the game so mother nature she's like, yeah, i can feel that eagles win. i'll push this rain out of here but a soggy and a slushy sunday in some cases. poconos two to 4-inches of snow before turning to mix. lehigh valley maybe coat to go quick one to 2-incheinches of lh before turning to rain. wet flakes in the city and suburbs mainly all rain event for philly and all rain down the shore. some heavy at times for southern delaware as well. future weather showing us we start things off quiet but quickly that precipitation shield overtaking the area starting in berk county, lehigh valley as snowfall then trance ziggings over wintry mix i-95 corridor seeing that rain coming down for the 1:00 o'clock hour. still snow in the poconos transition to go all rain for most of us across the region as we head into the mid and late afternoon and then that heavy rain developing and moving through the area widespread in nature as we push through the evening hours. mid evening and then look by
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ten, 11:00 o'clock a lot of that moisture moving offshore. we're starring things off sunny and hopefully with the super bowl victory as we head into monday morning. rainfall totals on the significant side. were you three quarters of an inch to an inch of rainfall our models looking consistent you will need that umbrella through the day tomorrow. on monday 34 degrees. colder and blustery mostly cloudy. 42 on tuesday. another rain chance not too bad for february day on wednesday with a high temperature at 47 degrees. >> not bad at all. >> it's not going to matter about the weather tomorrow everybody will be inside watching the game any way. >> and eatin eating snacks. >> in the stadium it will be 70 degrees. they'll be okay. >> they'll be good. right. >> just getting there. >> there you go. leslie. >> the flyers making a dramatic come back but could they take care of the senators in shoot out? another poor
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all right. leslie i know we have other sports to talk about outside of the eagles. is there anything else going on?
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>> absolutely. we have the sixers and the fourth quarter such a problem for them. last night they almost blue a 26-point fourth quarter lead to the heat. won by just six. let's see what they did again pacers. end of third joel embiid makes the jumper. sixers trailing by one going into the fourth quarter. joe joe scoring 24 points in his first back to back game of his career. once again the sixers offense came to halt in the fourth quarter. pacers out scored them 24-17 and won this game 100-92. flyers matinee again the senators. orange and black with three game losing streak. eight-point seconds left. flyers down a cool. they win the face off. no one coming up big outre bound. we're tied this will go into shoot out. hoffman skates on and meets michael and the flyers lose a heartbreaker today, four-three. and coming up next in a special sports zone we'll preview tomorrow's huge game.
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don bell goes one-on-one with eagles newest member of the pro football hall of fame brian dawn kins. joe did he cam march rah will be stopping by with his thoughts on the game. >> i met him a long time ago. nicest guy ever. congratulations. a local police department having little bit of fun at the expense of the new england patriots. whwhy a heavily tom brady is beg taken down bite hounds. back in a moment.
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welcome back everyone. aston township police department has message for tom brady and new england patriots. >> sir, sir, don't do that. i don't recommend that. the dogs are hungry and they're going to be coming for you. >> in a tongue and cheek video produced by off duty officers, highly padded tom brady gets reprimanded for theft of some jewelry and stolen hair before
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taking off running but the k9 under dogs get to him before he gets too far. >> i told you the dogs were co coming. ♪ >> that's hilarious. the video was posted on the department' facebook page yesterday afternoon. it's already gotten 11,000 shares. stay with us. we've got more eagles fun when we come back much that's pretty clever, though, r
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welcome back. finally tonight philadelphia is the city of murals as we know and a new one in south philadelphia getting lots and lots of attention this week. let's show you why. this is the new birds of prey mural on the facade of the meg studio on became brynn street depicts eagle grabbing new england patriots player with his talons. the artist says the large scale tribute mural was fueled by the enthusiasm of the community it's just one of the many murals dreamed up by the sal lag man and her studio partners. very nice. that's white news to i'm natasha brown for don out in minneapol minnea a


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