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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 4, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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e-a-g-l-e-s, eag also. >> the big day is finally here , in just over 12 hours, now the eagles will take the field at u.s. bank stadium in hopes of making history in super bowl lii. "eyewitness news" has complete coverage as the birds get for one more win. back here at home a bus driver and life long eagles fan embarks on a journey he will never for get. he is on his way to the super bowl thanks to the surprise from the community that he served. and a live look at storm scan three, be prepared for a soggy some cases slushy souper bowl sunday, meteorologist chelsea ingram, timing out when heavy rain arrives and
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where it can start as a wintry mix. it is sunday february 4th good morning, i'm jan carabao, let's start off with the forecast, here's meet role goodies chelsea ingram with eyewitness weather. good sunday morning. finally here the big day. >> i know, such an exciting day, exciting morning, we are however going to be dealing with precipitation heading our way and for some, it is going to start out as a wintry mix, or just plane old snow before we all change over to that rain later on today and, of course, we will talk about that. let me start off with a live look, you can see city off in the distance, as we are taking a look at live neighborhood network across the river eagles nation lit up in green and ready for the big game later on tonight. storm scan three shows us that we still have a couple returns , it looks like snow has been moving through portions of the delaware valley but i can tell you after looking at observations it doesn't even look like this is hitting the ground just yet but as we will zoom out we will see is what heading our way to the south and west.
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we have moisture that will be moving on in, as we head throughout the day-to-day and some of it as i mentioned will start off as a wintry mix for a little snow and winter weather advisories have been posted for areas thaw see on the screen there in purple. so, lancaster, berks county starting out at 10:00 a.m. to through 10:00 p.m. and lehigh valley and poconos can see wintry weather before things begin to change over a little bit. 32 degrees in philadelphia 30 in wilmington. we have 29 in reading. thirty in lancaster. we will see those temperatures on the rise though in the 40's throughout the day and that is thanks to that wind out of the south, so, that is going to help with the rain when it moves in. so, a snow or a mix north and west to start and then change over to rain, heaviest rain arriving later on sunday afternoon and evening and ends tonight, i'll time it all out coming up in a bit but for now back to you. chelsea, thank you.
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you are looking at u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis where super bowl lii happens in just a few hours, the philadelphia eagles are going for their first vince lombardi trophy and their first nfl champion ship since 1960. new england patriots are going for their sixth champion ship and their in the past four years when kick off takes place at 6:30 tonight more than 66,000 people will be there, despite minnesota chill , below freezing temperatures, the roof, partially made of a special plastic film will keep fans at a comfortable temperature right around 70 degrees. our pat gallen will be live from here at 7:00 o'clock. the eagles have had a walk through yesterday afternoon inside, u.s. bank stadium and owner jeffery lurie joined the team during a half hour obsession eagles coach doug pederson says the eagles are ready to go, probably three players did deal with illness in the past week but they are doing just fine now. now that the practices and
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press conferences are over and the big day is here, what can the fans expect for super bowl lii? meg oliver has very latest on the eagles, patriots and super star entertainers gearing up for a huge night in minneapolis. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> reporter: eagles fans are hoping today's the day their team finally, takes home the super bowl trophy. >> it would mean everything for the team and city. >> reporter: what is the prediction. >> eagles by two touchdowns. >> reporter: eagles by two touchdowns. >> yes. >> reporter: even up against tommy. >> tommy should be worried about eagles defense. >> reporter: philly has their work cut out for them facing powerful patriots. reigns champs are making their tenth super bowl appearance. this couple, traveled here from australia for the big game. >> you have been a patriots fan for 15 years. does this ever get old. >> no, never, why not. >> you have to win. >> reporter: super bowl sunday brings much more than just
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football. >> ♪ >> reporter: two youth choir where is chosen to join tony and grammy award winning performer leslie odom, junior were the game to sing america the beautiful. >> i just can't imagine being on the field, with the stadium being filled with people, i mean, it is just going to be such a rush just walking outside on that field. >> reporter: coin toss before the game will be very special, 15 medal of honor recipients will participate including a hero from world war two's iwa jima. pink has been battling the flu but will sing the national anthem and half time, superstar important singer justin timberlake takes center stage. >> i actually texted tom before the conference champion ship game and said i'm going to the super bowl, are you going to the super bowl but just to get him fired up. >> reporter: about 65,000 fans in u.s. bank stadium, and millions more at home will watch, when super bowl lii kicks off, later today.
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in minneapolis, meg oliver for cbs-3 eyewitness news. and we cannot wait, and afternoon snowfall yesterday could not dampen the spirits of the eagles fans who are in minneapolis for that big game, "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen talk to some folks who have complete confidence in the bird is a built to get that one last win tonight. >> reporter: ten years ago saturday was one of the biggest moments in super bowl history, 10 years ago with the david tyre helmet catch as giants took down patriots in the 2007 football. eagles fans are hoping that on sunday they will see something similar patriots team go down big. they are not hoping they will see it, they necessity they will see it. eagles fans, travel well, and they have made the trek to the snowy north from across the country for super bowl lii. >> it is surreal but you know what, why not us. >> i just think eagles will
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win this thing, yes report report while floyd traveled solo to minneapolis he is hardly alone. many birds fans are with the whole family. >> this is my daughter payton. she's seven. my wife brittany, and my boy paxson he is one. >> our parents were from pennsylvania and my dad had season tickets since the 60's and -- >> reporter: held on to them. >> we have taken him over since he has passed away so we are honoring him, as well as we're here today. >> reporter: we drove here. >> we drove here, we are from perkasie, pennsylvania picked him up outside of pittsburgh and we made it here last night around 7:00. >> reporter: one thing stands out every eagles fan is supremely confident in a win or sunday night. >> hundred percent 28-21 eagles. report report we have not heard one eagles fan say otherwise. >> we think we will win. we think it is our year. >> eagles win probably 27-14.
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>> reporter: twenty-seven-14. >> thirty-20 we're taking it home, taking trophy home. >> i love it. >> i got 3027. >> twenty-four-17. >> it is going to be 14-10 eagles. >> reporter: what do you think >> twenty-four-21 but eagles last time in the like last super bowl when we lost. >> reporter: you can tell they are ready to rock. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> reporter: i have spoken to hundreds of eagles fans over past week in minneapolis and i cannonsly say not one eagles fan had picked against them. not one, against tom brady and new england patriots. inside mall of america in minneapolis i'm pat gallen for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". of course not i would be shocked if you did find one who didn't pick the eagles. updating a story eyewitness news covered a few days ago. south jersey school bus driver a favorite of the students and adults alike is heading to the big game after neighbors gave him and his wife, tickets.
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"eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live outside the know of care complex in south philadelphia this morning where the couple got a very big send off to minneapolis, what a great story, anita, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, mr. g resident and somebody who loves the eagles says this is i dream come true, fairy tail and just before you came to us the buses left for the airport bringing mr. gary, his wife, and a whole other crowd of people, to the airport so that they can get to minneapolis, for the super bowl but as you mentioned this is an update to a story we first brought you earlier in the week. look at this video from monday on mr. gary's last bus stop on the day, about 60 students and their families, were waiting for him with signs, cheering, and surprised him with two tickets to the super bowl, airfare and personalized jerseys for him and his wife. they did a contributions that
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he has made to the community are even less and even students from decade ago who r ode his bus 20 plus years ago came out or donated. they have raised five you this dollars, and now mr. gary explains what this trip means to him. >> just taking in the moment, taking in the moment, and looking to bring home that eagles victory. >> i'm just so grateful for everybody who put this together. everybody has been so wonderful, so kind, so generous. >> reporter: so they are heading to the super bowl a dream come true for both, mr. gary said he had initially planned to retire possibly at end of the year but now he may be convince todd stay. live, from the novacare complex, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> definitely a trip of the lifetime, thanks. the attention briefly shifted from the super bowl to the pro football hall of fame
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yesterday and two former eagles are among its new members. sports director don bell, has the story from bloomington. >> reporter: two former eagles get the call to the hall, let's start with weapon x, brian dawkins, you know this guy, one of the best of all time. dawkins, 13 seasons in philadelphia, overall, nine pro bowl appearances, the way jim johnson used him he revolutionized the position, no one had ever played safety like him and only a few guys have been able to do it the way he did ever since. he talk about the coaches who influenced his career. >> jim's one of those individual so when he brought this dude out of me where i thought i could be more than what i thought i was and becoming i owned that individual, jim got that guy. he got that individual that was ready to do any and all things possible with these things that god has given me. so without those two
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individual in my life there is no way, i'm here emmitt bringing it out of me and jim, unleashing it on the nfl. >> reporter: dawkins goes in the hall with t-o yes, terrell owens now in the hall of fame on his third try. with the team in minneapolis, i'm don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". of course, our eagles coverage continues on cbs-3 this morning. we will join the crew in minnesota live at 11:30 a.m. for chevy sunday kick off show , and then second game end s tonight we will be live right here on cbs-3 bringing you live powe game comments from coach pederson and the players, and we will have a front row seat as fans react at locations all across the philadelphia region. it is the eagles and "eyewitness news" later tonight. our super bowl coverage continues next on cbs this "eyewitness news" next this sunday morning. we will have a sneak peak at super bowl commercials you will see during tonight's big game. watch the most talked about at
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back on "eyewitness news" president trump says he is vindicated after release of the g.o.p. memo on the russia investigation but house minority leader nancy pelosi says it should not have been declassify and its release could cause a constitutional crisis. laura podesta has more on the fall out. >> reporter: president trump praised release of the controversial four page memo
6:16 am
compiled by republican staff ers on the house intelligence committee tweet ing saturday this memo totally vindicates trump in probe but the russia witch huntings on and on, there was no collusion and there was no obstruction. the memo claims that fbi agents relied primarily on a politically motivated does i a compiled by former british spy christopher steel when they sought permission to survey trump campaign policy advisor carter page just before the 2016 election. >> it is about a distorted memo that the republicans decided to put forth. >> reporter: democrats like house minority leader nancy pelosi should note that the corresponding memo written by democrats was in the released in conjunction with the republican one, and if it were pelosi says the public would get the truth. >> what is false in their memo , what is a miss representation in their memo, where they just are cherry picking in terms of the facts.
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>> reporter: pelosi calls republican decision to release the document dangerous and reckless and could result in the constitutional crisis. laura podesta for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right. big day, big game, and bit of weather to talk about today. >> that is right, radar will be a little green today. >> that is kind of good, though don't you think. >> is it coincidence, good luck but it could cause a wet drive if you are on your way to any super bowl party or going to watch the game anywhere. keep that in mine. we will start off with a live look at eagles nation, look at those green buildings, the city is just lit up in green, just something really special feeling about this morning and today, here in philadelphia, where it is 32 degrees. we have win coming from the south at 12 miles per hour, and it does feel just a little bit more chilly, it feels like 23 degrees out there, feels much cold inner minnesota, i can tell thaw, more like 10 or
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20 below there. we can't complain bit feeling like 23 degrees here. temperatures right new we have 31 in wilmington, 32 millville , down the shore temperatures checking in the low to mid 30's. temperatures are key today because where we're dealing with temperatures at freezing or very close to freezing, as moisture moves in we will see this locations starting off with a little snow, wintry mix , but then we are dealing with rain and a lot of that rain is going to be heavy at times. here's a testament to the changing temperature that we are dealing w we are 14 degrees warmer compared to this time yesterday and you will net that is stepping outside this morning. 15 degrees warmer in wilmington. fifteen in allentown. that is courtesy of number one the cloud that we have had overnight and also this one direction, coming from the south. that will allow temperatures to rise, into the 40's and that is why a lot of us are just going to be dealing with rain as we head into the rest of the day to day, or much of the day to day i should say.
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storm scan three is picking up on a couple returns here and there but this isn't hitting the ground we're dry, in philadelphia, we are dealing with the cloudy conditions as well but as they zoom out, look at this batch of moisture located to the south and west, that is what we have to contend with as we head into the remaining day to day, so lets track all of this for you , notice by 10:00 a.m. winter weather advisory for atlantic, berks, lehigh valley , poconos at this time we will see that edge of snow looking into portions of those area, by about noon time, we could still be dry right here in philadelphia, but the edge of the moisture is going to be really approaching us really quickly. notice how these areas north and west then change over to a mixture to rain, later on this afternoon while we're just dealing with light rain here in philadelphia the heaviest rain is going to occur as you are on your way to your super bowl parties and also during the game so it will be a wet, soaking rain, later on this evening, and then things start to dry out after the game,
6:20 am
hopefully we're celebrating, things drying out, here we are at 10:00 p.m. and everybody drying out at about midnight. this is going to get out of here fairly quickly, that is the good news but slowinge, slushy sunday for some of us. around two to 4 inches of snow in the poconos. that translates into a mix, rain in the lehigh valley, very slushy to coating to 2 inches, snow possible, and rain, that rain will wash all that snow away, anything that does accumulate, a few flakes possible in the city, i wouldn't be surprised by that we will be dealing with some rain. so for your sunday rainy afternoon and evening in philadelphia, down the shore, rainy afternoon and evening, some snow up in the poconos and then some mixing later on, tonight, you're witness weather seven day forecast 35 on monday, we're cold, blustery, 43 on tuesday, a couple more chances for rain in the forecast, jan, that arrives on wednesday and also saturday, back to you. >> chelsea, thank you.
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6:20. it is not just football, pre game or half time performance that has everybody tuning into today's super bowl game 302nd commercials are costing five million-dollar a piece, during the super bowl this year and as maggie lake reports, advertisers are hoping to cash in. >> ♪ >> reporter: game of thrones star peter, channeling his inner buster rhymes. >> and morgan freeman getting his freak on promoting doritos and mountain dew, their battle is a teaser for one of the high priced ads to come on america's most watched sporting event of the year, super bowl sunday. most brands are holding off big surprises for super bowl sunday but star studded mini previews create almost as much buzz as the game it self. >> amazon alexa who her voice
6:22 am
this morning. >> reporter: amazon ceo jeff b ezos reveals that the digital assistant device is getting a new voice, it shows them scrambling to replace her lost voice with hilarious alternatives. >> thirty-two years of age, don't act like a grilled cheese sandwich. >> reporter: amazon paid millions for ad space and one of the many big spenders. >> lower, lower. >> reporter: chris pratt is head lining spot for low calorie ultra beer. >> sometimes i wish i was human. >> wow, look at me, i'm human. >> reporter: m and m hired danny devito to highlight their signature check late candy. >> reporter: budweiser's ad tugs at the heart string promoting cot's effort to send water to areas hard hit in natural disasters in the u.s.
6:23 am
while the tones may differ most will stay far away from anything that could lead to controversy. >> this year, for that first time people are backing off political kind of like, social cause-related kind of stuff because of the election, people are ready to pound on commercials and say i don't like that, it is offensive. >> reporter: they have to have a careful line between charming and politically charged the big brands spend big on super bowl sunday for one reason, if it is anything like last year more than 100 million people will be watching. >> that was maggie lake reporting. i always love watching commercials so we will have a lot to watch tonight. our count down to super bowl lii continues next with an update to this video that went viral, lets take a look. >> did i miss the super bowl. oh, my god. >> poor lady, still ahead this devoted eagles fan doesn't to have worry about missing the
6:24 am
big game anymore how her post surgery viral video earned her tickets to the big game we will show you comin
6:25 am
6:26 am
they will play on sunday, okay. >> the answer is now, yes, haley parks is going to the super bowl after the philadelphia eagles saw her post wisdom tooth profession of love for the team and gave them two tickets to the big game. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan caught up with the
6:27 am
rutgers student now on her way to minneapolis this weekend. >> did i miss the super bowl. oh, my god. >> reporter: with her eyes wide and mouthful of gauze haley parks from williamstown woke up from wisdom teeth surgery terrified that she missed the super bowl. as her daughter came out of anesthesia her mom recorded the conversation. mom's recording revealed true, hilarious nature of haley's love for the eagles. >> i love the eagles. >> okay, i do too. >> but they are men how can they be your sisters. >> my brothers. >> reporter: thanks to social media eagles got message in response to the viral video on friday team offered haley two tickets to the super bowl. >> at first i was like my god i will never hear the end of this but now that i have super bowl tickets i'm in the complaining, that is awesome. >> reporter: haley's bringing her dad bob and they have been scrambling to make
6:28 am
arrangements. >> we have been long time fans through thick and thin, i think it is a great gesture and they saw that and recognized true fan with true emotions and something like that, it was great. >> reporter: if you have not seen the whole video it it is three minutes that will make you laugh and cry as an eagles fan. >> thank you to everyone to help spread it and so nice supporting me along the way. >> reporter: what are their predictions. >> thirty-one-27 bird victory. >> i got 27-24 eagles super bowl champs. >> go bird. >> reporter: in williamstown, cleve bryan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank goodness there wasn't that kind of cell phone technology when i got my wisdom teeth taken out but they got tickets to the super bowl, all is good. coming up next on "eyewitness news". >> it is a tail of two quarterbacks i'm meg oliver in minneapolis with the super bowl match up between the minneapolis with the super bowl match up between the legend and the hey, what are you guys doing here? minneapolis with the super bowl match up between the legend and the we're voya.
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6:32 am
we will talk about what is going on right now on storm scan three we have seen a couple echos moving through this morning and it looks like snow, and it wasn't hitting the ground, as we zoom out you will see what will be hitting the ground later on today just look to the south and west, quite a bit of moisture will be heading our way and for a lot of us we are dealing with just plane old rain and some of that rain will be on the heavier side of things but north and west we could actually start off as a wintry mix or even some slushy snow before we begin to see that change over later on today, for that reasons we have a winter weather advisory issued for those locations you see in purple including lancaster county as well as berks county and lehigh valley and also the poconos. that is going to last through 10:00 p.m. tonight. temperatures right now very close to freezing but with winds coming in mainly out of the south today, we will be tapping into some warmer air, and that is going to allow
6:33 am
things to warm up, actually, believe it or not in the 40's. so by 9:00 lots of cloud, we are dry through the morning hours so this is time you want to get those last minute food items at the grocery store for your super bowl party. by noon time that rain develops across the region and then later on this afternoon and early evening it could be heavier at times. we will time it out in a bit, new back to you. chelsea, thank you. we are only 12 hours away now from kick off of super super bowl lii. this is u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis where eagles battle patriots for vince lombardi trophy tonight. more than 66,000 people will watch from the stadium there in a climate controlled atmosphere that will make them forget about the below freezing degrees outside, the rest of the eagles nation well , we will be watching on tv's right here at home many at super bowl watch parties. our pat gallen will be live from u.s. bank stadium in the next half an hour.
6:34 am
well, most important team at this super bowl will not be eagles or patriots but massive multi agency security team, jamie yukkas has more on their game plan. >> reporter: downtown minneapolis, wowed super bowl crowds, another aerial operation worked to keep them safe. michael fuller business customs and boarder protection , aviation and marine unit its flying six helicopter giving birds eye view to officers below. >> we hope to be there as a deterrent, obviously and help everybody feel better but in the end we need to be prepared just in case something doing happen. >> reporter: super bowl is categorized by department of home land security as a level one special event meaning it has highest threat to publish safety. adding to the risk u.s. bank stadium sits smack dab in the middle of downtown minneapolis , in all, more than 60 police agencies and 1700 federal agents are here, supporting minneapolis police.
6:35 am
>> philadelphia and new england coaches, they have done the x's and o's, they have developed their game plan and it will soon be the players job to execute that plan. in law enforcement, it is same thing, we planned, we have train, game time for us, we are ready. >> reporter: 65,000 fans are expected for the game itself. armored national guard humvees and roadblocks protect pedestrian from vehicle attack every car and truck is x-rays, and police in a high tech incidents center are looking for trouble on hundreds of cameras both inside and outside of the stadium. accompany providing security for super bowl live this outdoor festival has been replaced because of in sufficient background checks on its employees. so far no problems have been reported. jamie yuccas, cbs news, indianapolis. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> wow. >> as we have been telling you eagles fans are taking minnesota by strong flocking to the cold north to watch
6:36 am
eagles take on patriots today or watch the eagles beat the patriots, right. our pat gallen spoke to dozens of eagles fans in minneapolis yesterday, and there was in the one single person who did not have complete confidence in the bird ability to get that one last win, go eagles, indeed. more eagles nation on the way to minneapolis, "eyewitness news", caught excitement at philadelphia international airport yesterday. check in lines were filled with fans sporting their green bird gear and eagles pride was unmistakable. >> you know, the city, it is so electric right now, mchow it is going to be after this game, if they win this thing? >> just play with your hearts, boys, leave it all in the field and we will bring a super bowl home for city. >> even airline staff there was showing some love for the under dogs, take a look at this place filled with excited eagles fans. as for the match up on the field both teams have quarterbacks playing at the
6:37 am
top of their game. meg oliver has the store friday minneapolis. >> tom accomplished a great deal. >> reporter: is there plenty of sports radio chatter about tom brady at the super bowl. the patriots star already has five championship rings and many consider him the best quarterback in nfl history. >> brady will do what he does and what you want to have brady with the ball in his hands down. >> reporter: not everybody is a brady fan. >> only thing good about brady is the minnesota connection, his mother grew up in minute so the a i just think that they are, i don't know. >> reporter: still don't like him. >> no. >> reporter: a lot of people don't like him. >> love him or hate him. >> reporter: nick foles is the man for eagles, qb spent most of the season on the bench but has come off, very strong. >> i mean how often does a backup quarterback get a chance to take a team to the super bowl, it would be a
6:38 am
great cinderella story right alongside that. >> reporter: while foles is in his first super bowl brady's getting ready for his eighth appearance and, he will not call it quits anytime soon. >> why does everyone want me to retire so bad? i don't get it. i'm having fun. team's doing good. >> reporter: foles was only 13 when brady played in his first super bowl, he doesn't remember the game but followed brady's legendary career. >> you want to watch and learn from them. >> reporter: most of the sports radio journal wrist we spoke with said journalist will be tough to beat but fate like a football is men to take a funny bounce or two. in minneapolis, meg oliver for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i think it is some one else's turn last minute shoppers, directing eagles green, packed wegmans in cherry hill one of the many place toss get food, drinks,
6:39 am
snacks for those super bowl watch parties. supermarkets tried to keep up with the supply, demand there for eagles fans, planning a celebration, there are lots of items on the check list. >> all kinds of lunchmeat meet , rolls and a little bit of wine, beer and all of the refreshments that will make a happy, happy, eagles game. >> i'm so excited. i just can't even wait. i'm so excited. school was crazy. everybody was so excited. >> we have to get chips, dips, and basically cup cakes, and just a bunch of fun party food s. >> do love super bowl food. one item you won't have trouble finding anywhere eagles pride, every shopper "eyewitness news" talked toys keeping the faith and thinking the birds will win this one. if you are not shopping for food to make it home you are likely going out to a restaurant or bar to cho down on super bowl best and as
6:40 am
nicki batiste reports businesses are getting ready for hungry and thirsty fans. >> reporter: sunday marks the super bowl of food at buffalo wild wings. >> super bowl, we are preparing, weeks in advance. >> reporter: this franchise owner james, says place will be packed with plenty of hungry, thirsty fans. how many wings do you think you'll sell on sunday. >> approximately 14 million wings nation wood. >> reporter: a lot of wings. >> people love wings. >> reporter: americans eat more food on super bowl sunday then any other day except thanksgiving, and chicken wings are a football fan's favorite. are wings a must have on super bowl sunday. >> yes. >> reporter: national chicken council expects americans will eat 1.3 billion chicken wings this weekend, enough to circle the globe three times. don't forget the quacamole, during super bowl week it is believed americans will eat nearly 135 million-pounds of
6:41 am
avocados, many of the calories we drink on sunday will come from beer, americans are expected to drink $1.3 billion worth. and there will be plenty of trips to the grocery store, last year americans spent nearly a billion dollars on soft drinks, potato egg ports potato chip sales a half billion combined and 39 million-dollar was shelled out for dip. pizza's always popular on game day, domino is a loan expects to sell more than 13 million slices but for many, the game plan will call for wings. how many wings do you think you'll consume on sunday. >> fifty. >> reporter: a super amount of food. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: for football's biggest day, nicki batista for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we have plenty more coverage coming up for you right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", it is super bowl sunday from here to minneapolis, we are covering all things eagles.
6:42 am
this northeast philadelphia parish is ring nothing eagles spirit and they have a special sunday plan i'm joe holden and songs will have an eagles theme. plus, how a local police department uses the eagles as under dogs, to poke a little fun at tom brady, i like this one. and wet weather is moving into our region when some of the heaviest rain arrives and where a winter weather advisory will soon be in effect, we will be back in a
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welcome back, a northeast philadelphia, is special super bowl sunday, so parishioners can do more than, just say a prayer for the home team. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden has the story. >> we're eagles all the way, i told you, god's on our side. >> reporter: english gothic church is imposing, second to the soccer eagles spirit at resurrection of our lord paris on sunday. >> everybody has high spirits. great time to be in philadelphia and to be a philadelphian so catching that spirit at mass is important and praying that spirit is always good. >> reporter: there are green lights, and the standard green vestmentsments this time of the year. >> yes, here we go eagles green right there. >> reporter: for far too long eagles have been in the shadows, dashed by loss, from these pews they will be praying. it seems like the city is racing them off to shine, shall we say like the sun, on the wings of song and prayer. >> we will do songs.
6:46 am
>> reporter: why in the crank out an eagles chant, you could call it my hidden talent. >> ♪ i hear resurrection will be doing a whole bunch of other eagles related songs. >> music director she rewrote halleluiah to the melody of the fight song. you kind of knew but didn't know at first. >> reporter: all good intentions mass for the eag also that got start with the social media post. >> it went crazy, went viral, and as my grand mom would say virus. >> reporter: blessing throats at mass so you can scream louder at your tv. >> i said get your throat blessed and you can cheer and scream louder so your throat won't hurt monday morning. >> reporter: joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that joe holden a man of many talents. he loves playing a organ like his second job, yes, indeed. >> hi, chelsea.
6:47 am
>> reporter: we are starting off very cloudy in many locations, for instance, take a look at our ocean city camera. you can see the clouds. sun beginning to rise. hint of pink on the horizon. we will go high atop place one apartments, you can see overcast skies, here, as well, we will deal with the cloud, first today, and then moisture will be moving on in, and temperatures right now are very close to freezing, and across the region, and right around freezing, actually in philadelphia, 31 degrees in wilmington. thirty in reading, 30 in lancaster, and these winds coming from the south we will see those temperatures on the rise, actually into the 40's and throughout the day today and many locations are either going to be dealing with plane old rain or switch over very quickly, to plane old rain, and some folks will start with a lit built of the wintry mix, maybe even some snow, we will talk about that, and it feels more like 23 degrees with the slight breeze in philadelphia, 21 in wilmington. we really cannot complain
6:48 am
about that 23 though, our friends up in minneapolis, it feels like 19 degrees below zero there this morning. here's that wind flow coming from the south, winds at 12 miles an hour in philadelphia, as well as wilmington but that southerly flow will bring in the moisture, also going to bring in warmer air. storm scan three shows we have had a couple echoes that moved through earlier this morning but that didn't hit the ground what it will do is zoom out and show you the moisture that will be hitting the ground down to the south and west this big chunk of rain, that is moving our direction as we head into the rest of the day to day. so lets talk about what you can expect here on future weather. notice by 10:00 a.m. we have winter weather advisories for areas north and west, lancaster, berks, in the poconos starting to see that edge of snow moving into those locations, and that continues for a couple hours, meanwhile we will stay dry in philadelphia until about noon time and then that shield of rain starts to make its way
6:49 am
towards the north ande and then notice places likely high valley, berks county beginning to change over to the wintry mix or just plane old rain and that rain could be heavier at times right along i-95 corridor as you are on your way to the super bowl party and enduring super bowl we will see heaviest rain moving through but afterward while we are celebrating by 10 or 11:00 o dry out everyone will be dry by about midnight. so, as far as precipitation heights here's what you can expect up in the poconos we will be dealing with mainly snow for much of the day and that will transition to a little bit and probably rain mix nothing there later this evening. and that will transition very quickly and then all rain for rest of the day and remain rain for all locations you see there in the green that includes northern wilmington, new castle county and south jersey. afternoon rain moving in,
6:50 am
north and west as i have been telling you 44 degrees is our high temperature and we will hit that during the super bowl , so bring the rain gear when you are on your way to your super bowl parties, 44 degrees at kick off and powe game, we have, warm in the 40's and drying out. you're witness weather seven day forecast next chance for rain arrives on wednesday and saturday. >> chelsea, thank you. 6:50. time to check road, lets go to matthew workmister in the traffic center. good morning, matthew. >> we are taking a live look at 42 freeway in new jersey we had a is in dry day to day will not be the case we will have wetness. remember bridges, side streets will get slippery first and we might have pockets of flooding so be careful in those areas. it looks look we have police activity on the shoulder here but not causing any issues for traffic. so crossing over to philadelphia we have an alert, there is no parking on broad street in both directions between arch street and pine
6:51 am
street near city hall and further south between south street and oregon avenue, this includes both sides of the street and median, this will be in effect from 2:00 p.m. today until 3:00 a.m. monday. finally we will look live at 95 at cottman avenue traffic is light and there are in delays to report in philadelphia or new jersey. major roadways. mass transit is also not seeing any delays and running honor close to schedule. live from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm matthew workmister, now jan, back to you. aston township police department has a message for tom brady and new england patriots, lets take a look. >> sir, sir, don't do that. i don't recommend that. the dogs are hungry. they are coming for you. >> so in a tongue and cheek type video produced by off-duty officers there a highly padded tom brady gets reprimanded for theft of jewelry and stolen air before taking off running but they get him before he gets too far >> i told you the dogs were
6:52 am
coming. >> yep, they are coming for you. funny video posted on the department's facebook page friday afternoon and has already been shared, more than 11,000 times you guys. we are waiting to see something like this today, we will be back with sports after a
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
bird going for their first title new englanding forgo record tying sixth lombardi trophy. sports director don bell has more from minute so the. nfl handing out hardware, three award i want to tell but , one tom brady takes home nfl, mvp award, third time in his career. two, eagles were given an award for their offensive line play, that is right best in the business, and three, they got at ward for the best celebration all season long, it was, the electric slide. today is finally the day, super bowl lii. don't forget to keep it locked here on cbs three, we will have full coverage throughout the day and, of course, your post game coverage right here. with the team in minneapolis i'm don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". flyers in the matinee with the senators. orange and black going in the contest with the three game losing streak. second period flyers down two to nothing, radko gudas with the pass to sean couturier who
6:56 am
scores his 27th goal, flyers down by one. third period flyers back down by two, brandon manning shoots , scott loudon with the deflects and that deficit is new back to one. eight and a half left, flyers win the face off shayne gostisbehere shoots and then noland patrick comes up big knocking home a rebound, we are tied up this game will go into a shoot-out and mike hoffman skates in, and beats michal neuvirth flyers lose four-three. in a heart breaker. sixers back on the road with the pacers, first time in his career joel embiid has played in back to back games. and couple of eagles fans, checking out the action in indianapolis, and those third quarter sixers down by three, joe joe with the ball at top of the key his jumper is good. jell had 24 points, 10 boards. fourth quarter, pacers put the game away, lance stevenson with the three, and pacers up by six. lance with 14 points and nine board.
6:57 am
later on we have indy up by 12 , and vick for oldipo hits the jumper over joel and pacers win 100-92. college hoops saint guess at lasalle second half, new kirk pulled up the three and good and game is tied. he led the team with 33. the hawk is excited. later explorers, bj calvin gets the ball and the dunk. he led them with 25 points. late in the game tied at 72 lasalle's jameer, hits the three pointer, and they will beat st. joes, 81-78. that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal have a great day, go bird. of course our big story is super bowl but you have to watch out for the flu, soup ebb bowl parties make perfect place for flu to spread, what you can do to avoid getting sick while cheering on the bird is today, plus this. >> schools are getting so excited for eagles pep rallies and spirit week but one school in particular is going over
6:58 am
the top as they hope that within of their very ownby comes a super bowl champion. i'm cleve bryan, coming up the story behind corry clement's this is so exciting, dave! hey gus, meet tucker... . awwww... whoaaaa !! ...and axle, angie, frank, charlie, millie, ralph, henry, audrey and duke... yep...ten times the fun. sorta like this... ahhh, ten times the bucks. it's one of the new times the bucks games from the pennsylvania lottery. with millions in prizes! hot diggity dog! keep on scratchin'!
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it all comes down to this super bowl sunday is here. and in just a few hours now the philadelphia eag


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