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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  February 4, 2018 7:00am-8:01am EST

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it all comes down to this super bowl sunday is here. and in just a few hours now the philadelphia eagles will take on new england patriots
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in super bowl lii. today is february 4th, good morning everyone i'm jan carabao, we have so much to cover today and that includes wet weather so lets get over to meteorologist chelsea in gram with the eyewitness weather forecast. good sunday morning. you're tracking rain and wintry mix as well. >> i have a feeling we will be wearing rain gear on our way to those super bowl parties later this evening and then tonight, we will start off with a live look from across the river at our live neighborhood network camera you can see eagles nation but we have cloud over eagles nation as we start off this morning, sun beginning to rise , official sunrise time in philadelphia right around 7:06 this morning. storm scan three shows we have seen a couple returns moving through you might say it looks like we have a little bit of snow, earlier, well, that didn't actually hit the ground right now we are dry and dealing with the cloud but as i zoom out you can see what is heading our way, look at the moisture located, down to the
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south and west, some of us because temperatures are very close to freezing, are going to be starting off with a little bit of snow or wintry mix and that is points north and west and that is where we have winter weather advisory for lancaster, berks counties as well as rehigh valley and poconos. it wouldn't surprise me if portions office northern chester county upper bucks, do tap into a couple of wet snowflakes, before change to go all rain. thirty-three in philadelphia. thirty-one wilmington. we will time out precipitation , when it will move through your neighborhood and what type of precipitation to expect in a bit. for now, back to you. we are following breaking news this morning, at least two people are dead and 70 others were injured after an amtrak train slammed into a freight train near columbia, south carolina. >> now a crash happened just after 2:30 this morning that amtrak train was headed from new york to miami, it was carrying eight crew members
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and 139 passengers, the extent of the injuries is still unknown we will keep you up to date all morning long. we have gone from counting the days to counting the hours , until super bowl, 52, much of the eagles nation is now in minneapolis to witness what they hope is a victory over the new england patriots. our pat gallen is live outside u.s. bank stadium this morning , take a walk through yesterday, good to see you, good morning. >> good to see you, jan, good morning. >> this is what eagles fans have been waiting for all year and for last 13 years it is super bowl sunday in minneapolis where it is 4 degrees with the wind chill of minus 20 but that matters not because they are playing inside behind us at u.s. bank stadium, as eagles look up to end tom brady and new england patriots keeping them from their sixth title under brady and belichick. they did go through that walk through yesterday.
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it was 30 minutes or so, just to get those final preparations underway, because everything that can be said, has been pretty much said by the coaches, by the players and the media. brief walk through, and then, before that walk through actually doug pederson's old teammate brett favre addressed the team. fewer beat them in 1996. he necessary the situation. here's pederson on how they will feel tonight. >> i necessity they will be anxious and ready to go, know, sunday is a long day. we just have to, you just got to control, it is hard but you control you're motions. you just tell them listen you are ready to go. just go cut it loose, play like you have been all season long and we will see what happens on sunday afternoon. >> reporter: a few players had illnesses throughout the week timmy journigan, ronald darby and nelson agholor but they
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are all fine, everybody ready to go and what is crazy is throughout the city of minneapolis every single eagles fan we have talked to believes that they are going to win, it is confidence like i have never seen out of eagles fans before. we will see what happens, tonight, super bowl lii happens behind us. live from downtown minneapolis i'm pat gallen for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jan, we will get warm it is freezing out here. >> you have a long day, pace yourself, my friend we will see you again. eagles fans are taking minnesota by storm flocking to the cold north to watch eagles take on patriots or should i say watch eagles beat the patriots. "eyewitness news" is in minneapolis where eagles pride is at an all time high, we caught up with dozens of bird fans and as pat mention there had was not one not a single person in the flock, that wasn't confident in an eagles win tonight. >> it is going to be 14-10 eagles. >> twenty-eight-21 eagles. mark that down.
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>> twenty-four-21 but eagles this time. >> eagles win probably 27-14. >> twenty-seven-14. >> thirty-20 we are taking it home, taking the trophy home. >> that is right if you can believe it eagles fans are still making their way to minnesota this morning flights from philly international airport to minneapolis are still selling out. well, a school bus driver from south jersey's now on his way to the super bowl thanks to the kindness of his neighbors. this morning gary kelmer his wife lorraine and bus load of eagles fans left the novacare complex for philadelphia international airport and a flight to minneapolis. last monday more than 60 neighbors surprised him with game day tickets. airfare and personalized eagles jerseys. >> taking the sites, just taking in the moment, taking in the moment and looking to bring home that eagles victory >> i am just so grateful for everybody who has put this together everybody has been so
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wonderful, so kind, so generous. >> enjoy it, you guys. neighbors say his contributions to the community over the years are endless, ke lmer was thinking about retiring at the end of the school year but now he is thinking he might just stick around. the attention in minneapolis briefly shifted from the super bowl, to the pro football hall of fame yesterday and two former eagles who are now among its new members. sports director don bell has the store friday bloomington. >> reporter: two former eagles get the fall today to the hall lets start with weapon x, brian dawkins, you know this guy he is one of the best from all time, dawkins 13 seasons in philadelphia, overall, nine pro bowl appearances. the way jim johnson used him he revolutionized the position , no one had ever played safety like him and only a fall guys have been able to do it the way he did it ever since. he talk about the coaches who influenced his career. >> jimmies one of those
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individual so when emmitt brought this dude out of me that i thought i could be more than what i thought i was and what i was becoming, i owned that individual. jim got that guy. so he got that individual that was ready to do any and all things possible with these things that god has given me. so without those two individual in my life there is no way i am here emmitt bringing it out of me and then jim unleashing it on the nfl. >> reporter: dawkins goes into the hall with t-o yes, terrell owens now in the hall of fame on his third try. with the team in minneapolis, i'm don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness news". what a weekend for eagles fans. if you are heading to the super bowl party, be careful you might run into an un invited guest we are talking about the flu. we will tell you three things that makes super bowl parties the perfect place for the flu to spread and what you can do to avoid getting sick today. there is more than just eagles pride at stake tonight,
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we will tell you about a wager between two scholarly organizations, putting price less pieces of history on the line, we will be right back.
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pat robert son founder of the christian broadcasting network is reportedly recovering from the stroke. network released a statement yesterday saying that the 87 year-old televangelist was rushed to the hospital on friday after a family member net ised warning signs.
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his sonnies encouraging the public to be aware of stroke symptoms and to know where the nearest stroke center is located. robert sonnies expect to make a full recovery. in other news president trump says he is vindicated after release of the g.o.p. memo on the russian investigation but house minority leader nancy pelosi says document should not have been declassified and its release could cause a constitutional crisis. laura podesta has more on this fall out. >> reporter: president trump praised release of the controversial four page memo, compiled by republican staff ers on the house intelligence committee tweet ing saturday that this memo totally vindicates trump in probe but the russian witch huntings on and on. there was no collusion and there was no obstruction. the memo claimed that fbi agents relied primarily on a politically motivated dossier compiled by former british spy christopher steel when they sought permission to survey
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trump campaign policy advisor carter page just before the 2016 election. >> it is about a distorted memo that the republicans decided to put forth. >> reporter: democrats like house minority leader nancy pelosi says the american people should know that a corresponding memo written by democrats was not released in conjunction with the republican one, if it were pelosi says the public would get the truth. >> what is false in their memo what is a miss representation in their memo, where they just are cherry pick nothing terms of the facts. >> reporter: pelosi called republican's decision to release document dangerous and reckless and could result in a constitutional crisis. laura podesta for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". house speaker paul ryan has deleted his tweet about the g.o.p. tax reform after facing backlash, he mentioned a news report about a secretary in lancaster who gets an extra dollar 50 a week because of those tax cuts.
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ryan took fire from people who accused him of being out of touch. in addition to retweeting ryan california lieutenant governor gavin newsome tweeted someone told him he shouldn't go around, praising himself forgiving a working person an extra 1.50 a week. in other news, with all of the super bowl hype you may have forgot been this the flu, this has been deemed one of the war flu seasons and super bowl parties can be the perfect place to spread germs. parties provide opportunities to cheer on your favorite team with family and friends but huddling in small spaces, sharing that food and high five's are risky while the flu runs rampant, luckily there are ways to keep your super bowl festivities flu free. >> it is always your best bet if you are feeling sick, to think about just staying home from a gathering because we don't want to spread the flu as much as we have to. number one thing i can tell you is just wash your hands as much as possible. >> red cross recommend washing
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your hands for up to 20 seconds with sanitizing, other recommendations including using tongue toss get your chips and avoiding hand towels in the guest bathroom go for disposable won instead. speaking of the flu pink's super bowl performance of the star spangled banner might than off, maybe not, she's awesome, because she's battling the flu. doyletown, pennsylvania native announced the untimely news on her instagram yesterday, placing the blame on her two young children, the post features the picture of herself practicing and trying to practice the flu away. flu or no flu she will be great and people will get to the super bowl party. >> that is exactly right, your reminder don't double dip. >> absolutely not. >> whether you have a flu or not, not a good idea. super bowl sunday, a lot of us will be dealing with rain on our way to those parties. 43 degrees.
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we will hit our high during the super bowl so during the game. some of that rain will come down moderate to heavy at times, especially right along i-95 corridor and post game rain will be coming to an end and we will be able to celebrate with some dry conditions, outside, and i think that could be the cases specially by 10 or 11:00 o'clock tonight. we will talk about that. notice cloud over eagles nation this morning. lots of cloud as we start out the day but we are dry for now , that is all going to change. current temperature right around 33 degrees. we have wind southwest at 5 miles an hour, so it feels like 29 degrees, out there, it is 31 in wilmington down the shore in the low to mid 30's, poconos right around 20 degrees, any moisture that starts out up here that is, of course, all snow, and even points north and west we could start off with snow before we see that change over to a mix and then rain, rain will be occurring for majority of us so we will talk about that. look at this flow from the south, it will be that flow
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that brings in the moisture and it is also going to bring in milder temperatures compared to yesterday, where we will make it in the 40's and that is a huge reason why we are just going to be dealing with that plane rain. even with a little bit of the breeze out there it does feel a little bit colder, 22 degrees in wilmington. more like 24 in reading, 24 in lancaster but we cannot complain about the cold here because where pat gallen is, he told you it was cold earlier this morning, it feels like 15 below and, and, we have echoes moving through from time to time this moisture has in the been hitting the ground, what will be hitting the ground, is this batch of moisture to the south and west, that is moving, in throughout the day-to-day. lets track it out here on future weather and show you how things are panning out. by 10:00 a.m. winter weather advisory for lancaster berks county and lehigh valley and poconos starting out as a little bit of snow in these
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locations. we are dry still in philadelphia but that moisture is on the doorstep as we head in the moon time hour, by the afternoon we will see locations north and west changing over to a wintry mix or just rain we are dealing with rain here in philadelphia , heaviest moving in right during the super bowl and watch how things dry out later this evening, tonight here we are at 10:00 o'clock by midnight, it will be dry. about two to 4 inches of snow possible in the poconos. slushy coat to go one in the lehigh valley and ran wash that he is away. we could see a few flakes but then all rain here at home. rain developing about midday, at 45 degrees. that is our high temperature likely reaching that later this evening. couple more chances for rain, jan, wednesday and saturday, new back to you. >> chelsea, thank you. time 7:18. time to see how traffic is moving out there with matthew workmister in the cbs-3 traffic center, good morning, matthew. >> good morning, jan we will start off in east caln
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township where we have overturn vehicle on boot road and clover mill road this cause sod delays. we have good news roadway is opened and delays have dissipated. moving to new jersey on the 42 freeway there was police activity on the shoulder. it was not causing traffic disruption and scene is clear. traffic light. in delays. any majors in philadelphia or new jersey. mass transit is close operator on schedule. turning to philadelphia beautiful shot of the sunrise over broad street and pattison avenue. there will be no parking on broad street, in both directions, between arch street and pine street near city hall and little further south between south street and oregon avenue this includes both side of the street and median. this will be in effect until 2:00 p.m., starting 2:59 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. monday. live from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm matthew workmister back to you. there are a lot of wagers going on over this game between eagles and patriots but we want to tell but one you have not heard about, as "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt explains the two side have put up priceless
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pieces of history on the line. >> we thought it was time for franklin to lend his support to the cause. >> sitting on his perch a american philosophical society in old sit it is clear where he stand. >> ben franklin if he were alive would be rooting on eagles. >> reporter: patrick sparrow is librarian and said while he was born in boston he add his sites on our sit friday a young age. >> we found boston far too restrictive and he left for philadelphia, where he made his home. >> reporter: inside the society thinks vault, behind the door, page after page, of doctor franklin's personal notes and correspondence, to make things more interesting for the game, sparrow and his team at the society made a little bet with the team of the american academy of arts, sciences in boston. if the eagles win the academy in boston will send doctor franklin's personal manuscript s outlining his
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experiments with electricity something that we don't have in philadelphia. >> we don't have anything by franklin. we have 70 percent of his writing, but or his papers but why not more. >> reporter: if the patriots win, they will send over john adams personal copy of a book he wrote called the defense of constitution. adams even wrote this letter to doctor franklin and sent it with the book. >> he said ben, would you contribute this to the american philosophical society 's library. >> reporter: david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". when eagles take the field at u.s. bank stadium tonight a new jersey community is root ing for one player in particular. >> i have no doubt that they will win the game and i have no doubt that this team will be part of why they won the game. >> hear the remarkable story of corry clement's rise from star high school athlete to the hometown hero, playing on the biggest stage in sports.
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one of the eagles running backs did not to have go far from home when he played professional football, corry clement is a graduate of the glassboro high school and as "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan shows us the school holds a special place in the player's heart. >> good morning. >> reporter: in the small school wherever one knows each other they have a saying glassboro breed champions and there is a trophy case full of state titled football to back
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it up. it was here eagles running back corry clement's dream began to sore. >> i'm going to give and get a d1 scholarship and going to the nfl and i will win a super bowl by the time i'm 30. >> assistant principal cynthia boden has a special relationship with corry. >> he calls me his school mom. >> reporter: clement put this pink post it note on the note. that is corry spelled backward symbolic in the name of his un orthodox road to stardom. after a solid career at university of wisconsin he was passed over in the nfl draft signing as a free agent with the hometown eagles, hoping to make the roster. >> i said corry, just make it hard for them. if you make it hard for them to get rid of you then you have done your job. >> he said this will push me. now i got a chip on my shoulder and something to prove. >> that did he leading eagles with rushing touchdowns were four carries into the end zone
7:26 am
now he is one win from reaching that super bowl dream ahead of schedule. >> i have no doubt that they will win the game and i have no doubt that he is going to be a part of why they won the game. >> reporter: who knows, maybe the lombardi trophy will make a guest appearance in that trophy case. >> he is still a bull dog at heart, he is an eagle but always a bull dog. >> reporter: cleve bryan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we are just a few hours from kick off, pat gallen is live in minneapolis, pat? good morning, jan yeah just a few hours away from super bowl lii eagles and patriots and coming up we will hear from annex patriot now an eagle who will tell us the best way to beat the patriots just
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ah, i missed it. mother-in-law. i'll call her back. don't tell her i told you that. you'll like them both but love our price. award-winning little journey baby essentials from aldi. simply smarter shopping. today is february 4th, super bowl sunday, it is finally here, good morning, everybody i'm jan carabao. meteorologist chelsea ingram live on the sky deck with eyewitness weather tracking rain and probably a wintry mix , good morning, chelsea. >> that is right, good morning to you and to you at home, it is dry outside right now but we have lots of clouds over eagles nation as we start off this super bowl sunday morning let me show you what is heading our way. we're also dry, on radar we have a couple echoes moving
7:30 am
through this morning but most of that not hitting the ground down to the south and west is where we will find bulk of the moisture that will be climbing through the mid-atlantic as we head into the afternoon hours, today and we can tap into some moderate, even heavier rainfall, some areas will be cold enough to start off as a wintry mix or even all snow, and an example in the poconos, where we have a winter wet are advisory in effect at 10:00 a.m. this morning. also, for lancaster, berks counties at 10:00 o'clock and then lehigh valley as well as those areas could start off briefly with snow before they transition to a wintry mix and then plane rain. 33 degrees right now in philadelphia, 31 wilmington, 33 in millville. you can see locations north and west are chillier and that is why those areas will see that wintry mix but through the day today lots of cloud to start, running to the grocery store for those last minute foot items do it earlier in the day, by noon time we will
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see rain developing right along i-95, 48 degrees by three, rainy, wet, heaviest rain arriving during the game and shortly before so you are sporting rain gear on your way to the super bowl party. speaking of the super bowl it is very cold outside the dome in minneapolis for all of our friends out there today, 1 degree is what the actual air temperatures will be at the time of the game, of course, it will feel colder when we factor in the win. we will talk more about that rain heading our way and wintry mix for some coming up in the full forecast, but for now, back to you. we continue to follow breaking news this morning at least two people are dead and 70 others are injured after an amtrak train, crashed near columbia, south carolina new that train is traveling in insuring to my mom a when it slam in the freight train. this happened after 2:30 this morning. eight crew members and 139 passengers were aboard that amtrak train, no word just yet
7:32 am
on what caused this crash. count down to super bowl lii is down to less than 11 hours. eagles nation has been waiting longer then that for the teams first vince lombardi trophy so will the team be able to beat the patriots? our pat gallen is live at u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis. the fans are certainly confident, pat, good morning. >> reporter: do you feel it? do you feel the nerves, do you feel excitement? i know philadelphia eagles fans across the delaware valley and nation are certainly feeling it and they were here in minneapolis as they arrived yesterday in droves and they are here to see eagles finally win that illusive super bowl title, and keep patriots from winning, yet again, tom brady and bill belichick looking for their sixth title together, a dynasty no doubt. two players on the eagles chris long and lagarrette blount they are used to this sort of thing.
7:33 am
they played on the patriots champion ship team last year, blount has won two super bowl rings with the patriots, won in 2014 and another last year over falcons. he has seen first hand two of the greatest games in super bowl history. he knows first hand how hard it is to beat this dine stay. >> you have to play your very best game in order to beat this team. you have to get out there and play as close to a perfect game you can possibly play because they are never out of it, no matter what the score it is or quarter it is, they ever never out of it. it is a team you have to play for the full 60 minutes if you want to get the win. >> reporter: so super bowl lii is just a few hours away and excitement level as i mentioned was at a fever pitch yesterday as a lot of fans came to town. fly eagles fly chance popping up every where. we were in the parking garage
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and group of eagles fans decided to dit right there. they are ready. they are prepared for tonight, and it will happen, right in this building behind us, u.s. bank stadium in downtown minneapolis. from minneapolis i'm pat gallen for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jan back to you. we cannot wait, thanks, pat, appreciate it. >> of course our coverage continues on all day licensing as soon as the game ends we will be live right here on the air right here on cbs-3, three bringing you live powe game comments from coach pederson and players and we will have reaction from fans from fail and throughout the region, it all happens tonight right here on cbs-3. in other news they are making hoagies for hope for fourth year in a row hundreds of volunteers in south jersey are spending their super bowl sunday assembling hoagies for a good cause. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live with more on this very popular fundraiser, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jan
7:35 am
clearview regional is home of the pioneers and four years ago they have pioneered a way to halt those touched by cancer and other medical issues. joining me is christine, a teacher here for almost 17 years, what are you guys doing today today we're coming together as a school community and parents from within the community and help others, we will make around 2,000 hoagies , italian, ham, cheese, turkey but bigger purpose is to provide support financially and emotionally for families within our community. >> reporter: four years ago you raised about $10,000, last year you more than doubled that. what is your gel this year. >> this year our goalies 25,000. >> reporter: i think you will exceed that probably, hopefully and where will this money go for four people will benefit from it. >> we have one of our middle school student with kidney disease who goes for dialysis once a week and then we have a student from our partnering industry, kings way, nearby and our competitor in sports but they have a five-year old
7:36 am
too, within their community, recently diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. we have a staff member from our high school and from one of the elementary schools with the district. they don't know if they are recipients at this point. >> reporter: we have a very exciting day. students are in an assembly but 400 of them will be here making hoagies and we will bring you more updates but live, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". always a great event, thanks, we will see you soon. we will be right back with more on super b
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welcome back all week long we have been talking about how cold it is in minneapolis right new but while many people, might choose to spend their time inside with the heat, naturally the super bowl host committee decided to embrace cold. many activities offered to fans this week have been held outside, and there are also ice sculptures beautiful ones around the twin city. members of the host committee say bootal minnesota cold is a great opportunity to show off their state. >> this is authentic, we do live outdoors 365 days a year, we celebrate winter sports, we celebrate the cold weather so getting the chance to showcase that to the world that we are 365 day a year community, we do not hibernate, it is a great opportunity. >> it is hot, sticky and mosquitoes. this time of the year we have no mosquito. >> they have a sky walk if you
7:40 am
don't wanting to outside. temperature inside u.s. bank stadium will be in the 70- degree range but outside wind chills will make it feel sub zero. i think pat said it felt like negative 20 out there this morning. >> yeah, and the latest, measurement, observation taken at minneapolis st. paul was 15 below zero. that is what it felt like with the wind chills. certainly minnesota cold, it is a real thing. it is chilly here at home as well, but nothing like our friends are dwelling today in minneapolis. our weather watchers checking in bright and early, with temperatures in the upper 20's and 30's. we have ed in chesterfield around 30 in his back yard. general any cherry hill at 33. phil in philadelphia at 31 degrees where he lives. note that is number very close to freezing from philadelphia, especially points north and west as moisture moves in, we can start off with a wintry mix. maybe some wet snowflakes before changing over to rain and, of course, we will talk about that.
7:41 am
delores in newark says it is 28 degrees in her backyard. eileen in gilbertsville at 28. lynn in cherry hill around 31. other results coming in this morning in the 20's and the 30-. let me take to you a live look now at center city. we have got cloud over us this morning, but as we head into the rest of the day to day, we will start to see some rain, falling on this camera. our current temperature at philadelphia international airport, that is 33 degrees, we have winds coming out of the southwest at 5 miles per hour, so it feels slightly colder and into the upper 20's , so again, nothing like, what our friendness minneapolis are dealing w dealing with this morning. 31 degrees right now in reading, 32 in lancaster. right around 30 in allentown. 20 degrees in the poconos. as moisture moves in the poconos, folks up there will be dealing with all snow for much of the day to day and then a very brief transition over to a mixture and then maybe even some rain by the end of the event.
7:42 am
kind speed coming from the south, that south wind is going to help our temperature, pump on up, in the 40's and we will be either changing over to rain today or dealing with all rain. temperature change, 14 degrees warmer compared to this time yesterday. that is courtesy of the cloud we had overnight and also that south wind, 22 degrees warmer in millville. so throughout the day-to-day if you still got to run to the grocery store and get last minute food items do it in the morning. rain moving in later this afternoon. it is rainy and wet, as we head into the ladder part of the day to day. storm scan three shows we are dry right now, perhaps a couple snowflakes in lancaster county but mostly still dry, bulk of the moisture that is moving in, from our south and west, it is traveling up into the mid-atlantic later today bringing us quite a bit of rain, some areas will receive a half inch with this system as it moves through. future weather will track this , notice by 10, winter weather advisory for counties
7:43 am
north and west, we will see some snow, making its way in those area. meanwhile we're dry in philadelphia at noon time we will start to see that wall of precipitation getting very close to the city but then by ladder part of the afternoon suburbs change over to the mix or just plane old rain we are dealing with rain here in philadelphia south ande as well as into south jersey, heaviest of that rain will be arriving right as you are on your way to your super bowl party and during the super bowl but we will dry out by 10 or 11:00 at night, everybody dry by midnight so as we are celebrating we will be dealing with these dry conditions. snow to a mix up in the poconos areas in the pink including allentown, reading, brief snow, mixture to start and then transition to go rain and everybody else dealing with that plane old rain. you're witness weather seven day forecast, five, cold, blustery on monday behind this system. it will be feeling like winter out there and and a few more chance for rain, that is wednesday and saturday, back
7:44 am
to you. >> thank you. time 7:43. time to check road and highways. lets get over to matthew work mister in the cbs-3 traffic center, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jan we are league at 95 in philadelphia, there was a major delays as two right lanes were blocked for a time but they have clean up the scene from the accident, and traffic is back to normal, as well. all of the majors in new jersey, philadelphia are delay free and mass transit is honor close to schedule. staying in philadelphia we have a new report of a fire on north ninth street near west wyoming avenue. crews are just get together scene and asking people to avoid the area if possible. as we go to the tacony palmyra bridge there was an opening and they have reopened bridge and traffic is flowing normally again f we hear of another opening we will bring that as soon as possible. live from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm matthew workmister back to you. steaks are high for both eagles and patriots going in to tonight's super bowl match up and in the only just because of vince lombardi
7:45 am
trophy's on the line. here's leslie van arsdal with "eyewitness sports". we are less than 24 hours away from super bowl lii, eagles/patriots. bird going for their first title, new england going for a record tying sixth trophy. sports director don bell has more in minnesota. >> reporter: nfl handing out some hardware yesterday, three award i want to tell burks one tom brady takes home nfl, mvp award, third time in his career. two, eagles were given an award for their offensive line play, that is right, the best in the business, and then three they got at ward for the best celebration all season long, it was the electric slide. now lets tell you how they were prepared for this game yesterday, on saturday, of course, they go through their walk through 30 minute obsession their last time to prepare, before the biggest game of their lives, doug pederson talked about what they might be feeling the night before the big game. >> i know they will be anxious , ready to go, sunday
7:46 am
is a long day, and we just have to, you just got to control, you control you're motions, you just tell them, listen, you are ready to go, just go cut it loose play loose like you have been all season long and we will see what happens sunday afternoon. >> reporter: today is finally the day, super bowl lii don't forget to keep it will be here on cbs-3 we will have full coverage throughout the day and of course all of your powe game coverage right here. with the team in minneapolis i'm don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". flyers have a mad nate with the senators, orange and black going in the contest with a three game losing streak. flyers down two to nothing gudas with the pass to sean couturier who scores his 27th goal, of the year, flyers down by one. flyers back down by two, brandon manning shoots, saw lawton with the deflects past craig anderson and now the
7:47 am
deficit back to one. eight seconds left flyers win the face off shayne gos fear shoots, anderson makes the save but noland patrick comes up big knocking down a rebound we are all tied up this game will go in the shoot-out and mike hoffman skates in and beats michal neuvirth. the flyers lose a heart break er four-three. now to the hoops sixers back on the road against pacers. this is the first time in his career joel embiid played in back to back games. and couple of eagles fans checking out the action in indianapolis, and those third quarter sixers down by three joe joe with the ball at top of the key his jumper good, joel with 24 points, 10 boards fourth quarter pacers put game away lance stevenson with the three, and pacers up by six, lance with 14 points and nine boards. later on we have indy up by 12 , victory oledipo will hit it over joel and pacers win
7:48 am
192. college hoops, st. joes at lasalle second half newkirk pulled up three it is good, he led them with 30 points. hawk is excited. later explorers bj johnson gets the ball and dunk. he led lasalle with 25 points. late in the game tied at 72 he hits a three-point tore give explorers the lead for good and they will beat st. joes 81 -78. that is all for sports i'm leslie van arsdal have a great day, get bird. still to come on "eyewitness news" the cbs-3 pet project, animal advocate carroll erickson is back this week talking about the special connection between emotional support animals and their own, we will be right back.
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time for the cbs-3 pet project with animal advocate carroll erickson and spca and small's adoptable we have ever haddon our show indego, one of the cutest too, my goodness, my hearties melting. >> mine too, this is a little three month-old puppy, available for adoption at pennsylvania spca. he also has a sister and this is a little mix breed dog who is an angel. look at that face. so he is ready to go into a wonderful loving home he will not be at shelter today he will be back there tomorrow
7:52 am
but people will want to check him out. also, check this out these are the great jerseys, both bet house sports donated 30 of them to the pennsylvania spca animals to stay nice, warm with their sleep but also for your pets can get one if you get them through february 8th, get to the pennsylvania spca .org, web site and you will see split for $75 stay right on the front page if if you donate that to our under dog campaign. it has 52 for 52 super bowl, go bird, if you donate $75 and put your animal size on it in the comment box by thursday, you will be helping animals and helping your own animals, supports eagles and just stay nice and warm. >> it has got some weight to it. >> it does. >> this doggies sitting on my lap and i'm feeling, always feel calm with you. >> of course. >> but we are talking about emotional support animals. everybody this week saw that
7:53 am
video. i want to show it to you again on the outside chance you didn't of the woman who tried to get peacock on board, up at newark and try to fly across country with this giant board hoist ane motional support animal as you can see them right now. she even bought a seat for this thing but they weren't let here motional support animal on the plane. let's talk aboute motional support animals. there is no legal requirement of what they are, it only is that they provide relief to the people, that they are with so, again no legal requirements. let me show you video of great animals out there that get that human animal bond. the one i'm getting right now. i love that bull dog right there. now emotional support animals do not have to perform any kind of function like a service dog, all they have to do is make somebody feel better through the affection and the comfort that they provide. they can fly in the cabin without paying addictional
7:54 am
fees. this is under some government acts that allow that. so they do have to wear a special vest, card, tag but hopefully people are not abuse ago this to fly free because it does ruin it for people who need emotional support animals they are for people with anxiety, depression, pan ache tack, fears, ptsd, some people with mental conditions as well , and they can be anything from a dog, cat, miniature horse, pot belly pigs, they have all flown on the planes as well. we have seen a whole plane full of eagles fly without a problem to minnesota. >> true. >> but that one peacock could not get on. it is important to recognize don't stigmatized somebody who need an animal because you have a cat, when i'm sure you are done, i'm going home to see him your riley will provide the support thaw need. before we get too much further on, emotional support, i'm feeling it right now. let me show you two other animals that we have at the
7:55 am
pennsylvania spca and they are also sporting these wonderful jerseys thaw can get by donating $75 to the pennsylvania spca. we have lloyd, love this dog about the sweetest dog thaw could ever find ready to go in any house, not a big fan of cats but loves kids, seniors and everybody else and he has that special jersey on. stove top we have seen this dog before but this 11 month-old rot we will inner this next video we want to make sure that this guy gets in the great home, he came into a stray in the lancaster center. very, very smart dogs. he knows his commands. he needs an active household to keep him nice and happy. back on the emotional support any living creature that provides that kind of comfort can be considered ane motional support animal but you have to also remember animals have emotional need of their own. they can't just be given to you, you have to give back to them, you have to make sure that they have got needs that
7:56 am
need to be met this little puppy right now he needs structure he is not house broken he needs somebody patient, calm to understand there are likely to be a few accidents along the way and then he will be ane motional support animal for somebody and you will be his emotional support as well. >> emotional support comes from all shapes and sizes, it is, it knits eye of the behold er. you can't say who is, if that peacock that is woman's that is what it is,. >> indego could be yours. >> pick him up tomorrow at pennsylvania spca. >> for any of the other animals visit the erie avenue headquarters at 350 erie avenue saturday and sunday 10 to five. monday through friday, one to 8:00a veilable tomorrow, people don't to have rush to get him. >> dogs great emotional support animals. we have had a long, thousands office years history with dogs , they get us and we get them. >> absolutely. >> thanks, carroll. thanks, indego. >> that is it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00 here's what we
7:57 am
have at 8:00. we are coming to you live from minneapolis for a preview of the super bowl, of course, pat gallen is standing by live with the very latest on what to expect as the birds get ready to take the field tonight. we will have a look at the massive multi agency security team in place to keep everyone safe at the super bowl. plus we will take you along to see the weather, to make sure you take your umbrella as we head out tour super bowl viewing party, chelsea ingram will be back to show us latest on this rain moving in our region when "eyewitness news" continues, we will be right back.
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8:00 am
e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> that is right, big day is finally here in just about 12 hours now the eagles will take the field at u.s. bank stadium in hopes of make history in super bowl lii. "eyewitness news" has complete coverage as birds get for one more win. and back here at home, a bus driver and life long eagles fan embarks on a journey he will never forget on his way to the super bowl and that is thanks to a special surprise from the community, he serves. and breaking, how local families are live, that is a live picture this morning, in south jersey, where, students are up early, on this s


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