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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  February 4, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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make a member of the gallery very happy then he's going to head back to the 18th tee. [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] gary woodland, 25 minutes ago -- yeah, there were possibilities but it was a real long shot that he was going to have to go back out and play. nick: it's amazing it ended up with just one man having a chance. phil had a half a chance. but it came down to the guys frittering it away down the last three or four holes and it came down to one man had a chance to tie him, finishing birdie-birdie and he did it. that was a good recovery after making the bogey on 16 but that was two, i think -- well, five very confident shots. the tee shot on 17, the lovely chip and then the three shots down 18. jim: keep waiting for chez to start heading in the direction of the teaf. nick: what's he, icing woodland?
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icing the kicker again? [laughter] jim: i think gary is going to be waiting for a while. somebody send that man a cart. in the final round, woodland on the second hole for birdie. nick: he did everything right all day. jim: into the eighth. nick: yeah, this one was -- jim: wasn't that some shot? went on and made that for birdie. nick: this was impressive. he went with a one-yard fade. watch that line and left of the flag was pretty darn rare and fantastic spot to putt from. jim: here's the birdie putt at 16. nick: this is tough because we've seen it just slide sideways. made a great 3 at 17.
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jim: at 18. nick: he hit a monstrous drive. a little chip but a nine-10-footer down the hill. just didn't quite hit it. jim: you said at the time, if he'd made it, it was going to be tournament over. nick: yeah, that was -- a hair more acceleration. jim: so he missed from close range and that was woodland's round of 64. this is reavie. eagle putt. look how close he was, just off the edge. that at the third hole. fifth hole. nick: it's a tough hole, the fifth. that's a really good birdie. jim: sixth hole, this was amazing. nick: this was the one he's going to remember. this for a par.
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jim: second at 17. nick: yeah, that was his tee shot. nicely judged. jim: he'll remember this one too. nick: absolutely. played it perfectly. 3-wood off the tee. solid wedge and a great read because that was a very straight putt. just outside left edge. jim: now he's on his way. nick: so last week we want -- he wanted james corden to circle the limos at the start of the grammys. what technical things can we do to delay the kickoff, jim? you would know. jim: listen, you're a powerful guy. send word to al michaels, send them back out to warm up again.
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nick: i'll just start talking golf tips to al michaels. that might really throw him off. jim: he play every day. i've had the pleasure of playing with him -- him a bunch. nick: meanwhile, the caddie is there waiting. visualizing, decision making. jim: a loud cry for a.s.u. reavie. slugger white to first quarter. >> great playing, chez. >> great playing. >> gary will pick first.
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good luck, guys. good luck, fellows. jim: back up those shadows a bit. nick: yeah, give them a couple of feet, please. well, decisions to make. gary going with driver again, so he's looking to fade it right off that right edge of the church p even ws bunker.
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field it back into the fairway. jim: in regulation he drove it so far he had only 92 yards to the hole. nick: that's very straight. very square face. hasn't got the fade. crashes in the sand, i think. jim: he better hope in the sand. we saw what happened with phil. nick: yeah, that's it. didn't quite off the little hold-off failed. peter: for chez, he hit 3-wood last time and i think unexpectedly got it to the bunker on the right so -- nick: well, with that little bit of adrenaline, hit it perfect. he hit it 293 last time, peter. but i love that play, that right-hand bunker. with a draw.
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he likes that. a little straighter. and that's safe as houses. love it. jim: he's driven it beautifully. he's out of that divot. he'll be playing the second shot first as the playoff is under way at the waste management phoenix open. ♪ compare the innovation. ♪ compare the consistency. ♪ compare the trust. ♪ compare the results. ♪ when you compare everything... there's just no comparison. performance speaks louder than words. ♪ performance speaks louder than words. when it comes to hitting prperfect drives,er. nobody does it better. he's also into oil painting.
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jim: reavie in the fairway, woodland in the bunker. peter kostis, what's the lie for gary look like? peter: pretty good. he's got 113 yards to the hole. the problem is he the a low-launch player and he's going to have to deal with that lip of the bunker and the long grass in front of him. nick: if you're going to go with a gap wedge and you try a little too hard with it then you mis-hit it and it will go nowhere. the ideal shot from there for me would be a nice chip with a wedge, just to trap it. but you can't trap it so he's going to release it, try and get it high. you use your wrist more and run the risk of hitting it a fraction fat. peter: the good news is he's on a slight upslope that will help things but it's a far more
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difficult shot than what chez has. nick: nice to sometimes get to use the bounce on a pitching wedge. it's a little bit more forgiving than the sharper edges of your 54-degree or something. peter: chez had 148 in regulation. he has 145 now. lightly -- slight little different angle and stance but he'll know how hard to hit this one. nick: the first one he knew was going to go left so it's scary and try and hold it off a tad too much. but this is a nice aim.
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tiniest of draws and put it in the same spot. maybe instead of 20 feet get it to 10 feet. peter: pitching wedge again. jim: same side of the green. longer distance. nick: yeah, it's going to fall off. he won't be happy with that. yeah, that's -- that will be a nervy chip up the hill and down the other side. jim: what'd you see there, peter? peter: i don't think he slerkt haved and turned -- accelerated and turned through that one quite as aggressively as he had been. gary woodland now, 113 to the hole. no problem getting in provided he clears the hip. nick: came back and out of the
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plug. jim: is it heavy? nick: yeah, just clunked it the tiniest of bits. jim: anywhere -- not anywhere as close as difficult as what reavie has. nick: no, he's got a real tough shot. and see how well he keeps his right knee. that's so important. you have to keep your right knee still and that gives you half a chance to catch the sand right. as you said, everything was awkward about that. you have to release it a fraction more to get it higher. looks very relaxed about things. we're doing well. we still have a couple thousand
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people ringing the 18th. jim: oh, yeah. still a huge turnout. as reavie gets a first look at, as you said, one shot that will truly test your nerve. if it gets going beyond the hole, we got a preview with what can happen with mickelson before. it can roll on and off if you're not careful. nick: that would be 10 feet past or more. but he's uphill all the way. peter: it's actually a longer version of the chip he had back on 17 in regulation. nick: ok, yeah. peter: very, very similar. nick: yeah, just got a bit of steepness. you can see that browning just through there. just lob it over that. just drive it over that and get it to get on the ground and run. i wouldn't use too much loft on
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this one in case it -- under nerves you mis-hit it a fraction and it overbites. good technique. lifted his head. jim: uh-oh. nick: and that's what you get. peter: he was a little steam with that and got a little extra spin. nick: yeah, that's -- have to say sometimes under that sort of pressure, old school, a little less loft. the old chip and run. that seems to be a mistake prose make, they overstrike it and it bites and you don't get your yardage. jim: how much is that par putt going to be on a similar line to the one that chez made in regulation, peter? peter: it's very similar.
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i don't think the read or knowing what the putt is going to do is going to be the issue. going to be the moment. nick: yeah, exactly now. jim: it could end right here at this next stroke. nick: that's a long putt thaw but that's good flag's on 13 yards. he's off or pretty close to the front edge. uphill right-to-lefter all the way. peter: this one is about solid contact and getting it through the fringe. nick: yeah. jim: he took that putter out as he stepped out of the bunker 100 yards back. nick: well, the fringe is just -- it's mown to perfection this golf course is all it's going to affect is the pace, not the
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direction of the ball. just keep things moving. he's going to -- yeah, he's cozied it up for his 4. throws the pressure arealy over to reavie's shoulders now. jim: can he do it again on this green? he's already made one that sent this place into a frenzy and now will try to do it again to extend it. peter: he might be a foot or two further right on the green than he was in regulation. so this putt may not break as much right as it did in regulation. nick: plus it's like match play. has to go. this to stay alive. we all saw it. it broke two or three inches left to right. cut that by half. put it just above left edge and
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solid putt. jim: follow the end of the shadow. oh! how did that stay out? ends up on the other side of the cup. he lit a good putt. nick: the wedge is going to hurt him, though. the wedge and the chip. jim: and now woodland just foot away from victory. gary woodland! is the champion here in phoenix.
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reavie had to make -- nick: see, that tiny little wave . it was breaking and then just paused and then it didn't. jim: and this made it final. his he and his wife gaby welcomed a little boy jackson last june and peter, it's all yours and there is little baby jackson. peter: that's baby jackson and proud papa here too with his w. after all you and gaby have been through in the past little bit, holding this little bundle of
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joy and getting back in the winner's circle has got to feel incredibly special, i would think. >> he's a miracle and puts this in perspective. it was a long year for us but i'm very happy to be holding him and to be where i'm at right now. peter: you played a terrific round of golf from the get-go. >> i put a lot of work in this off-season. short game needed some adjustment. i spent some time with pete cow owen. he got me to be confident in hi -- my short game and that allows me and butch to do what we do. play aggressive off the tee and with the irons. peter: how are you approaching the rest of the year? >> we're just going to keep building. i still have to get more comfortable with the little things i'm working on but i'm excited about where we're at. peter: go enjoy your time with this guy. >> thanks, appreciate it. amanda: this is your second
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runner-up finish in your career. what positives can you take from this? >> i played really well. i didn't make many bogeys this week. amanda: that shot to force the playoff. talk about where that ranks. >> it's right up there with the putt i made to win in canada. it was a lot of fun. fortunately i walked up and got a good read right away. amanda: what can you take pressure-wise. i know you thought that one putt was going to go in you have a quick turnaround. how can you apply that to next week? >> it's great. hitting the ball where i'm looking and litting a lot of greats pufments. i'm excited about what's coming. amanda: good luck and back to you gentlemen. jim: that close. the thunderbirds have written another beautiful script. our thanks to the chairman. the big cheerful. all those amazing vonings, the
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civic leaders who pump so much life into this amazing event. we'll have a final word from the waste management phoenix open after this word from your local station.
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jim: again, next sunday at noon eastern, the at&t pebble beach pro-am million-dollar hole in one for charity. someone knocks it in for a hole at one at the seventh, a million dollars for their charity. mark wahlberg, he'll be in attendance. stellar field coming to pebble beach that includes, by the way, gary woodland. along with the likes of spieth and mcilroy and dustin johnson, jason day. you can see woodland, who's
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fifth in the fedexcup standings and reavie is 13th off the runner-up finish here. gary woodland's final-round 64. that was one off the tournament record for best final-round score by an eventual champion. that includes the likes of mark calcavecchia and vijay singh. fowler, rahm, berger, all disappointing sundays, finishing outside the top 10. brandt snedeker, who's won at pebble beach twice. he'll be there next week looking for a third. kizzire, fedexcup leader and two-time winner already on this season. 31st this week.
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bubba, tied for 40th. you see colt knost. colt ford is the defending champion at the $1 million hole in one for charity. knocked it 13 inches. he'll be there to defend that. leadoff show sunday at noon eastern. we'll be back to wrap it up. gary woodland has his third tour victory. winner in a playoff.
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fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. jim: and so here at the waste management phoenix open in scottsdale, arizona, the winner is gary woodland. he shoots 64, nick. he was the best player on the course today and he ended up winning it in the playoff. nick: he most definitely was. he made 10 birdies today and i'm going to harp on all year about my proximity to hole.
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nine times he feels inside 18 feet and obviously way better than that on many of them, like this one. his iron play was phenomenal. this was a really great shot. he obviously controlled his nerves and determination. taking this one down the left of the flag, that was a first, irked think, for anybody intentionally. sets up a birdie and he knew every time he was hitting a putt he was really shutting the number of guys out who could run at him. bombed it down 18. just hit it halfway and had a great opportunities there to go to 19 under. jim: didn't make the putt. which left things open for a mickelson desperation eagle that never materialized and reavie to birdie the last two holes, which he did, to force it.
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and then the par won it for woodland. so, nick, before we kick this thing off, i think this might be a great time. you've often mentioned you met with ben hogan one time and the secret? nick: i thought i would give everybody for the secret if you stay tuned for the last 15 seconds before we live. ben hogan said to me it was all in -- jim: "60 minutes" is coming off to -- coming up to lead off the lineup tonight. that's really interesting. that's what it was, huh? we'll see you all from pebble beach. from all the crew, so long from scottsdale. congratulations to gary woodland.
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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". right now on "eyewitness news", it's game day. lines formed around the corner to get the best seat in the house at mc guillen's today. as the eagles and new england patriots take to the field in minneapolis for super bowl lii. ♪ fly, eagles, fly, on the road to victory ♪ >> ♪ fly, eagles, fly, score a touchdown one, two, three ♪ >> ♪ >> and it is sunday after all. so choir members at saint lawrence parish in upper darby got the congregation pumped up. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thank you so much for joining us. millions of living rooms and


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