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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 4, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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so aggressive as a team and we wanted to stay aggressive and we didn't want to take our foot off the guess pedal we did that. we're the underdogs perhaps. in our mind we believe who we are and what we can do and i think that showed tonight. there was no doubt we knew on offense they could not stop us tonight. whatever we were going do we were going to execute it. >> and you talk about what a contribution he came from the second he came to the season middle of the program. it was a hard fought game. >> nick foles -- >> one of the greatest quarterbacks in all time and just for us the team all year despite to the eptd keep waiting on each other.
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that's what the season has been about, you know, that locker room is special locker room and you can see it throughout the day. we he have kev sticking together and ai mazeing it with each other and just to number this moments with each other and just to number this moments unbelievable. >> that's something what ben working on and doug and i were talking and he said run. it it was a good time and the end was wider than i thought and i was like i really need to sell i'm not doing anything. train made amazing throw on the many looked at him and yeah i mean we reped it for a while vrming i was excited to get a run in it in the super bowl. >> good how are you
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>> we talked this last week about the soup iser bowl and the time i was thinking about hanging up the cleats. we deal with struggles and that was a moment in my leafy thought about it and i prayed about it and you know, i'm grateful i made the decision to come back and play. i would not be out here without god and without jesus in my life i can tell you that first and foremost. don't have the strength to come out and play the game like that. that's an every day walk. we have struggles as people and that's been my rock and family. i deposit goat see tom. i was looking for tom.
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it got caezy really fast. he's one of greatest of all times. guys does it right and he was unbelievable, unbelievable tonight and you know can't say enough about him. >> yeah i mean i felt good. you never really know what it will be like when you go to the super bowl. i've never been here before. there's normal nerves you you have butterflies it's a big game -- the big things that help me is knowing i don't have to be superman. i have amazing people around me. i wanted to play and not look at the score board or time just go out and play. don't worry about it. came away with a victory.
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>> we're just clicking in the second half. >> that was nick foles you just heard and here's the play where he made the catch that was critical point in the game a little trickration as we put it it was beautiful, beautifu beautiful. >> dylan said remember that? >> you could tell they were talking and it was like -- you. get to see that knowing nod. and i love how he said i told him. let's do it. >> i love how he said i didn't have to be super mad. we have amazing team around h he. he can do a great job or come up with a we, the eagles came out with a super win. there's no gout that. >> we heard really hard. i don't know we can cop tribute at all to athleticism.
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>> i was pacing aro it was up believable. what a whine. you're philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions. >> what a story for nick foles to be at the point two years ago write think i'm done and can hang up the cleats and retire. and know two years lights are you could play best football and could be in the best position and you couldn't help but want to write this ending when it was almost so close and interesting too i can't wait to hear more about the dynamics of what was carson wentz pros roll in all of these. and you can see him on the side line tonight. you wonder how much was he in his ear. was he talking to coach pederson that sort of things. >> here's a liter on the defense malcolm jenkins.
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>> we don't care how many yards we give up. we're trying to win. and we obviously have a lot of respect for brady in the offense which i have is -- the game wept and it came down to whoever had the stop the. we knew they would come when they went down the last grave like this is the moment eave been waiting for the opportunity to get one last stop and we're able to come up with it. at the beginning of year how this all would have went and un sprouted before and without a doubt we continue to breathe in. every time adversity came we
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honkerred down we loved hard and fought harder and flores ept be able to stand at the top. that mound just smildz. >> all right. let go to don bell with vinny curry on the field now. sorry to interrupt. malcolm jenkins we have don bell on the fuchbility. >> okay. we're hear with vinny curry. this shirt looks good on you, man. >> man, thank you. thank you. it's for the city. >> super bowl champions. >> man it's for the city. you know? and that look. we were. i was with you all week. >> what are you going to do to brady. you did it. this is patriots had a great
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plan for. we had to keep coming, keep coming, keep coming, you know, look, we have confetti everywhere and bet you're broad. >> let me he ask you liz we were not able to see the entire game. he was hatled a little bit. we got to him at the end what does that say about you guys and better receive eerps and of course, b g with nice play. >> virginia beach you know like i said, man, dion, man, is plague super bowl with third on the table and were just sitting here at world champions. >> you lot so many player to injury throughout the 17, 1
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13-3. it's only aproperty that nick would play the way he played. look what you can say about the quarterback. >> nick is -- nick performs at a high level so many different guys he put on wall performance my hat goes up with him. >> you can't see the picture that in the city right now. we've been showing them all night long. tell me, broad street, parade, how does that sound? what does that look like? feel like for you? >> it's like jr smith. >> tell me, yes appreciate it. >> enjoy. >> we'll see you back in the 215. >> okay. >> he's going jr smith, they just took off this year and
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any -- you're looking live over the city of philadelphia. philadelphia eagles yeah soup iser bowl champions. let go back to the podium and the big center with the beard jack and kelce. >> you have rains and goals in when them and golds would get on time to make oral. >> and then you have goals of playing in the nfl. getting drafted and making nfl roster. getting drafted and making nfl roster. backing nfl starter there's a lot of steps along the way when you think about it. and it's really hard xd i've about waiting seven years for this jason pederson has been with two organization and unfortunately we were not able to have the number with us and who made the lot in this organization.
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>> and you were listening to jake and kelce center for philadelphia eagles and i'm still hearing in the background let's listen anywa anyway. >> we have chip devante. >> that's chris long you're waking up. >> he sells is one of the best ends of the league. he's great understand rusher and eventually when they had to more ovrp than not. where's the philly rush. that's where it was and we came through. oh, my god i forgot that last pass. it was eight seconds ape thought they caught it for a split second and saw everybody running on the filed. but i have a chance to gist sigh this group is aphasing and specialest group i played.
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>> how about with scholarship. >> we lost hall of fame left tackle and linebacker aspecial teams kicker and i'm probably forgetting a few other guys. nobody believed in us and said you were number one seed and can't be ipt pew. people disrespected doug all year and disrespected mic and bringing. >> that's it. family attitude. family attitude. >> all right. let's go to greg argos in center city -- south philly to see that yet. this will be first look. greg argo looking in south philly. >> any way
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people right now. we're at [ cheers and applause ]. >> the fans are thrilled. there's fireworks. there's challenges of eagles fans. >> eagles pellet. >>. >> in spiteable over drinking with new england patriots. as you can see same of the sir >> that's of people in south philly left their home they koochd the eagles okay stone tom brady and patriots boys if we come through a lot of excitement right now a lot of thrills. people eagles cheer in south philly and how many cities. we are champion
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>> there's a big space there. hook at how many 90 people. all that shake you see is coming from fireworks or launchings here and celebrating his 12 and twice mark seed. everyone is exciteded about be out and celebrate this win. you can hear folks cheering here and it will go on for showers as i can tell you at the main office the crowd more than. >> proper way to take a chicken apart. >> new england pate reece with more normal i wouldn't cheek
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that wu. now there's findings of flower what did you thoi thought. >> that's got a lot going on. eagles swag. eeingings fans son of exitment i don't want a lot of hours. we're actually start adds easy i'll give you a little space. i want to show the crowd here. sew joe he they with the crowd. >> we'll let gabbing ra you set by crew anticipating light because there's no eight. >> gress i don't know if with you hear you us. >> gress i don't know if with you hear you us. >> he'll get am pats pass things like that that lap ep fraxing ford and cottman now and frankford to
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west coleman is great northeast suburbs just is what it's about. celebrate that is not throw back skersy i didn't grab late, late, jerome brown. this is for guys that passed and guides that played for this team over the years. they're all celebrating as one and this is sgruingt a fult full night. >> it's 'generational thing certainly you look at the kids out there with perpts as witnessing with grabbed month and grandpa and people have been so excited to get together. this is one of those moments you want to share with your communicate tivrment you don't want to sit home necessarily and you want to be out in the streets sometimes. this is what people are feeding nooxt it's a few thing to celebrate togethers as city and sevrps place and all america that contact sit with philadelphia eagles over the new england patriots tonight.
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>> i was a little concerned because the rain was coming down hard pretty hard. i'm looking at lauren right now and looking at the radar and rain is here it moved out. >> mother night tour is eagles fans. >> when it's winning. >> i felt like it yeah. >> it would be the same number of people now. he know this with my hole harass. back again, joe i know the situation has not placed eddie time i step right in front of camera they all comma long. hundred red of voice if my ear. let's do a check. let's do a check. hold up, let lold. >> eagles spelling. >> eagles when he's
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[ cheers ]. >> that's the new cout troll. you know the kid and you're outrage us to somebody does. it is trup route compared to a surface. ordinarily practice having a great timed and enjoying bass poll in super bowl. hop engly i could tem you i have not about able to mind my buddy cap tap luke ain the crowd and giving an estimate. but i mean there's families out here they're having a grate time and set operating in fact mom. >> where are you from. >> philadelphia. >> about part. >> 23409 see that. >> special exam liingtd won.
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>> 4:3 3 with we has a dermatologist appointment. why not the best days of his life. >> ukee washington wans to hear that chapter again. good morning owe talks about what, one, two, three, eagles it is loud andp say it pout. >> you said come up here. >> i love to and only what i depicted i don't know. they may ng will longer this morning. if we fiptd out when the teams come back the city wasn't. >> i can't hear anything.
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it sounds like you're saying good things. >> always. >> i have chance falling in and out of myself. >> it is brother record. and well done nerve app the crowd? kos tip and that look to be city hall on left sidep scene. for the dog up around city hall and is going all the way south to maim there. these fans kids love their football team. they have the best record at home. this year that is the because of selfth man. if the and senate their sheet with the two more reenz. >> cake it sent vice ers.
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>> he i beat a lot it sounded like the home team. and you know u.s. bank stadiu stadium. they traveled with them and they were there and were loud anden gamed and then here's the other things. we have not even seen this teen come back here yet. and i think it's a part now. >> sure. >> what the a little smile on his face. >> mayor kenney was making history fliers didn't go well. we're were not going do represent that. he has -- >> look at that. >> should feel proud over city and city brother line get excited and this is joy visi visiting out of every you know street here that people wonder what she was only by doing what has been missed a lot
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time come coming. >> this is not. >> the immediate vibe or euphoria you sense tops have them there all time. >> that's merrill reece. to, 42 years. 32 years to sea disstrivrpingttive. auto knock understand are. former all pro wide rereceive iser they do a best after school three days a week. this is fantastic. eye been taking tomorrow will not be real pro ducttive in the delaware river valley. sob kind to employees and we'll all get through this together as we celebrate and with we know more about the par aitd and route we'll be there with you. that's been few.
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we've about with the fan the whole way through. and they have been in the team. we heard people like chris long talking about that's what got them through the ray blov blovs. >> they knew they would get into front of the door and outside on in order to make them go out sglont chris long dedicating salary and the whole yearlong. doing well on and off the field. they're the people's champion. >> you saw a lot of people that toob -- jeffery lure we out philadelphia an he support the players that want to step up and speak out on causes. and they made sure two weekends ga to when they had undergoing the nfl promoted him to the philadelphia school district. there's our friend jake ellio elliot. i interviewed him earlier this year after he kicked that
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first three cheers recipient. >> i kicked a 61 yard gal. >> today a moment something post and clin you would she we we he were talking to myself i got the bad kick and i don't know because the guy in front of him wept down to injury write and this is where the sim say long. >> was county. i don't know whose kid that is but they're pretty cute. >> fantastic. this is right after the grime obviously and you are watching beautiful moment right here in the space and time. this is fan tas take. i was a little nerve us because you go we were all
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pace ago around here. >> we were. >> i'm sure in the streets of philadelphia by all sokts far have a peaceful joyful celebration together as a cit city. as an area. enjoying our moment our moment in time. philadelphia nup yeses 35 it's a long time coming. >> it is. >> usually we sawk about two other teams. this is all about the eagles. >> let go to south philly now with greg argos with his warrant len. you you if you get the greaseest part. >> hi, guys, it's like i'm here with 100 of my closest
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friend and behind me are extra 30 or 40 thousand people. it truly is eagles nation. everyone here thrilled to be partying. philadelphia eagles. are to super bowl 65. and fight song♪ ♪ fly, eagles fly♪ >> this is what this city has been waiting for for decades. so what amazing game. every one of these guys and girls that with watching it, and to have the philadelphia eagles wing incredible victory against tom brady and new england patriots. it's just icing on the 6 we're in south philly. this is potter an broad stree street.
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50,000 people. and it's fireworks are going off. people are haveing a lot of fun right now. >> let's go eagles. >> and you can -- maybe they had a few drinks. no fighting. no violent. just take a look at how large this crowd looks. this has been crawling the second -- the philadelphia eagles won 58 we're city of cham peep and lombardi trophy and now coming back or coming i should say for the first time philadelphia and every one of the guys and girls here they're excited and they are going to celebrate. philadelphia police closed down south broad street and you can see people are moving around
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>> the sight song is cheering butfy have -- >> this guy here especially. this is going on for hours ukee and jess. >> great, what do you think -- >> fly eagles fly♪ ♪ >> he's all in the mix now luckily. he has to it go with us. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> i love. it i love it. >> we have doug period. son in the locker room, take a listen. >> i'm so happy for every ever wondering it everything you you yut it who knows. >> badle add vaers it go i can at the.
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>> you're world champions. >> just look around. >> to mav r mavry phones. you can print it and the way we do things guess what it's this roment. >> we said before an individual can make a difference. but a team makes a miracle >> when you're asked you're complimentary at the time time time it's -- >> you know that [ laughter ] sghi no dot where
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they have them. >> dilly, dilly, philly, philly. [ indiscernible laughter ] [ indiscernible laughter ]. >> amen. >> amen. [ prayer ]. >> finishing up with the lor lord's player with his team. >> i have nothing for you allman. >> i'm so proud to be part of this team, man, i'm tell you i have been in the league for [ bleep ] nine years. >> we apologize. we apologize. >> in philly man. >> we said a few weeks going
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be legendary. be ledge dare. bring this up here. hey, every single person in this room is on this man. it took every drop of every one of you and we need. it despite what anybody did we believed in each other every time something came we fought harder and loved more and we had more fun doing it than anyone in the league. one, two, three, family. >> that locker room is excited. again we apologize for the language. they're just very excited crew and they're celebrating tonight with the vince lombardi trophy which will make another round. >> they're in the moment now. and the coach addressing team when they finished with lord's prayer. the coach also sedan individual can make a difference but the team makes a miracle. someone sent doug a picture of that slogan.
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he was in the picture with brett favsh and that was in the background. these used that term throughout the entire year to help motivate his team. >> brett fravsh talking it to them last night. >> it's full circumstance sfwll indeed, indeed. >> special moment malcolm jenkins with the lombardi coffee. let's just watch: wonderful. >> it's nice to be able toll stop an take that in. >> all the work you know we heard from brandon graham's wife with don bell and the family and sacrifices professional athletes deal with exciting life. people think it's incredibly glamorous it's all those things but you don't get there unless you work tremendously and sacrifice a lot in both your personal time and time with your family and all of the things. holidays, weekends. >> and there are the architects of it all. coach pederson, jeffery lurie,
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howie roseman, howie roseman took a chance and got carson wentz in the second pick. he took a chance and told doug pederson jay ajayi is available and they groomed all the players and how they would be look at jeffery lurie. >> that is life dream coming through there. that's what you're watching. it's incredible. owe to see that come true for people. even people like jeffery lurie you think has so much to have a dream like that come through, it means the same to them, that would for everybod everybody. great to be inside that locker room and see behind the seen on now. >> he went with -- >> and other persons of the media. >> and pat galen there. we'll check in with him in a
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moment. >> brandon graham, big g. >> reload it. >> there's guys and see what was coming pe had to stay aggressive. we cannot play to lose we come out together. we made the blay at the end of the day to win the game. >> i love you. >> i love you too. >> thank you, man. >> i love you bro. >> i love you. >> we got that ring baby we him dairy for life, we'll always coming back to philly, always. >> is that pressure worst than before. yeah but i mean i used to play inside move outside and wherever they want me i know it's about matching them up and i feel like me to get the guard i'll win that battle.
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and i'm the person that if you cover me up that's all that happens. i may not let them step up and happy to trust -- and reflecting and being disruptive and get off the field. like we say we made the play and came through and look i say i'm happy to be able to stop and everybody knows tom brady and i'm happy it was not -- >> you have thought of tk maybe one of biggest plays in the history of philadelphia sports. >> i have not. that boy nick foles carried us all game and he made big foles that boy nick foles carried us all game and he made big foles and the face one take t


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