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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  February 4, 2018 11:35pm-12:06am EST

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cover me up that's all that happens. i may not let them step up and happy to trust -- and reflecting and being disruptive and get off the field. like we say we made the play and came through and look i say i'm happy to be able to stop and everybody knows tom brady and i'm happy it was not -- >> you have thought of tk maybe one of biggest plays in the history of philadelphia sports. >> i have not. that boy nick foles carried us all game and he made big foles that boy nick foles carried us all game and he made big foles and the face one take t
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obviously that course and we he move the place and you didn't know i was going owe it make it. somebody knew. i knew we is khaim that way i was on mission. you came that way aim happy to mack a play. >> last week we talked how could they be sporp how freesh would you feel end of game. >> i feel good now. i strained my hamstring in the first half. that was one thing that i'm happy to be able to play through of a while i didn't feel it. but overall, i think like i feel it. but overall, i think like i say i was happy it kept coming
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. >> are you ready to go back out there. >> i have to go. >> talking with brandon graham telling one of his teammates hey we're legendary for life. >> that's true. >> that reminded me of fred shiro tell flares back in and we talking to forever. >> uh-huh. >> same thing apply to you. >> he'll talk about this team for a long, long time. >> miss laury, brand dom graham. >> let's listen we want to win this year can we come back next year and do it again but even small weeks this mrav group in that particular motion. >> yeah. yeah. >> it's culture that man
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that's not winning culture he's family culture. he built a. >> i can't wait to see them holding it upcoming off the. >> maybe wednesday we're not sure yet. having that in front of par a as they go down broad street. >> that parade will be something to be hold. we have to look ahead. i'm interested to see i have not paid close attention to the forecast. >> to the warm this week. >> it won't matter these fans are coming out no matter what. again you see chopper 3 live above the streets of philadelphia. as apeople continue to celebrate up and down the streets of philly wherever they may be. they want to be together and celebrate and have a good time. and it certainly look like they're doing that. they're achieving goals ukee. >> without questions and look like they'll be working on the school for quite a long time
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but. >> what everybody was waitsing for, underdogs or not, the eagles as doug pederson called his crew, world champions, world wham peens. they got it done. >> people are milling about a little bit more. you know, you spend all thatle energy in the moment of jub ulens and you're like oh, that took a lot of energy. let's go to doug pederson and see what he has to say. >> well deserved for them and we're bringing lombardi trophy back and we're so excited. hopefully these guys understand what it takes to win one of these games. we'll see you at the break. >> doug pederson of the world champion flz. >> well, as that gentleman
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fipp bdished his report that was great. look at daily won for the age ages. >> that's fantastic. doug and nick foles there. i don't know what was up. nick's situation i certainly hope he stays with this team. carson are quite a team. >> it was emotional moment i'm happy for the players. it is a dream come true for a lot of guys. for myself. lot of guys. for myself. i won
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that player how he works and that player how he works and studies and prepares -- >> studies and prepares -- . >> sometimes you do that you know? but we put ourselves in a position at the end of the season to whip the nfc east obviously and get into the postseason and really that's what you want. you want to get your team into the tournament end of year and anything is possible. we found a way to win atlanta gang defense at the end checked it out and next week
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in minnesota and everybody to win this football. >> two minute left on the clock. >> too much time sfwlm too much time. you know. and then justler defense. whatever you got. everything it takes. they got the job done. >> everything you got. that's what the eagles gained tonight. doug pederson talking to pat galen as they look at the crowds there. a moment after the interview you saw the running coach give due sale lump a candidate in this league, very, very, film. he's me talented by command. he had a great job with the kitty crew knowing who she be in the game and what time. they worked as a units and police unit stale tailly inth aof that and sduing allows
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them to make the rotations. there's new jersey's own mr. mr. clemens he had a big play tonight. big play. >> grew up watching this football team and now he's super bowl champion. >> i think it was cleve bryan that talked to ol eachers and everything this week and it's just fun for the hometown guy to fwet that win and extra sweet for the team you philadelphia you can see i was trying to see what they're walking a round. they're in the millle of where all these people are and they're wiped ago around. if you can rye iting to drive that car you are not getting anywhere right now. >> lauren, casey as we watch the clouds quell we don't know what parade will be. we heard tuesday, wednesday, as lis as wednesday what's a quick look on the forecast.
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>> wednesday looks a little bet. i don't know timing will be so great as it was today where skies part ed to stick to the streets. mention you wept went and all streets. mention you wept went and all day rain . >> that right it won't matter good and it could hit the streets mitching in the morning and i'm not sure how far it was scheduled for. >> got you. >> and it could be a wet one unfortunately and wednesday. you know it's not going to dampen our spirits. >> not at all, thank you lauren. thank you so much. look at brandon doing the selfie video. >> he's getting everybody. >> i think was going down the line. >> i think was going down the line. there again here we are for down sit and had they pylons and down to south. >> and chopper three.
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>> they're going to pay him back to minnesota. >> things are starting to slow down and break up and players starring in the mowing. a lot of local friends in town. jay and brandon doing their thing. >> are they making a boom rang i think they might. >> how did you gets, yes, this is tan pass ittic. you get a home luckily and the locker room us bank stadium site of 2530. >> welcome back this is here we are. can we he do it. >> we have not done it yet. >> make it official now. >> it's official. >> we've been waiting to sut knew sick on. >>. >> is i'm obviously the coming up. >> oh, hey!
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>> with this great team we have here to help all of you at home to experience the joy? it's about search a joy and so fun to share it with all of you all along the way whether witness us in minneapolis or out at all the games this year or just watching it on tv it's been fun to share it. >> we've about on the air since the clock hit zero. zeros, we bought you the celebration in minneapolis and all around the tri-state. if you have pictures home please we have a lot of while to take those pictures up. talk about it. >>. >> let's go to don bell on his seed and he's you guys i'm pretty sure have all the you can't see it by my feet are in confetti and shoes, are in confetti andic it kicking all
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this stuff here. it's a beautiful things. we hoped we would seasoning you know. i'm trying to find the words. one other bro douseers i say literally crying tears were running down from his face as the clock hit 0:00 here. it's amazing experience. eagles fans cam out strong to see the guys celebrate with their friend and family. it's something really special. and you see the human side of sports. the side that we don't often get to see. you get to watch them really from a lens and watch them own tv pray with with helmet on and you see the children run out and wives, girl frenz, hug daddy.
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it's are a cool things to xeerps, buys. >> there's no question about that you bring up a good poin point. there's this human side to it and i when nick foles comes out you don't have to be superman. these guys feel these pressures and it's incredible at of future and as we were talking about sacrifice on families and we can watch them take it in and it's a human that akhoovrd a life long dream and it's app amazing moment. >> what was the trophy presentation like. we have not seep that dwret. and that must have been out of this world it was out this world, crazy, guys, the interesting thing is these guys all believed. you can tell it was genuine. they felt from the bottom of their heart they were going to accomplish this. yet wow watch them look at the
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comish and have this child like emotion on their face. like the way you imagine a kid in pop warper or high school player whipping a championship you forget in the moment some of these guys are mrult eye millionaires and get played to play the game. aljoy there is no substitute for it this is not. it's incredible. >> i don't know if you heard or not throughout what their travel perhaps are i'm throwing out there to see if you heard anything. are they m coulding back lights tonight or early tomorrow. >> they're going to ukee party all night long. i deposit think -- i deposit think that we were going back to the mall of america. but apparently that's where we're going. we're going back to mall of america. i know, jess, you know how much time we spent at the mal mall. it's amazing i felt like i was a kid again going back to the
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mall. they're going to mall of america and they have amusement park in the middle of that thing and family, friends, kovrps obviously ail people associated with the front office and organization really because there's a loft eagles and former players here they're going to party. and presumably get on roller coasters. i had no ideaed what else they will do but they're going have a hard time. as far as back to philadelphia i understand they take off in the morning. i don't expect anybody to get any sleep by the way leap is not on option for tonight. >> that's where we're at now. >> the kind of steel a song from prince they're going to party like it's 20 999 much love to them. we'll get back to you. >> all right. let's go to greg argos now. greg. >> greg do you hear us. >> jess, ukee i don't know if you can hear me. i won't be able to answer many
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questions from you but the party is is south philadelphi philadelphia. someone brought out their jukebox. and they're blainging music. here. tens of thousands of people. flags are out and fans are out and people having a great time and certain celebrating this week. i cannot really describe this other than everyone is happy. you can guess it is simply up smae right here me south philadelphia we're near broad and porter. certain having a great time and the philadelphia eagles are the champions. the vips lodge barredy trophy is coming to our city after that incredible win against
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new england patriots and certain interesting a great time in south philadelphia. >> yes, we are. >> i cannot even tell you how many thousands of people are out here right now. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles!. >> tens of thousands of people everyone is having a great time. people are celebrating. the second they say fly eagles fly♪ >> sorry for the cursing we'll accepted it back to you guys. >> all right. >> we'll apologize for that. we certainly don't want profanity across the airwaves tonight. ut but people no doubt sell operating across the city of philadelphia as the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions. >> are you ready to take it to the streets one more time or a few more times. joe holden in mayfair, joe.
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>> guys, i'm trying to do crowd control here. they are listening believe it or not. we're going to seasoning a song. hold on. we're going to sing eagles fight song. how about it one, two, three, fly eagles fly♪ on the road to victory♪ >> fight, fight, fight♪ >> fly eagles fly, going to touch down one, two, three♪ hit them low, hit them high and watch those eagles fly♪ fly eagles fly♪ on the road to victory♪ e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. high five for everyone.
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>> is >> is that a bear. >> sorry about that we got photo bombed by a bear. >> sorry guys let's accepted it back to you. . >> thanks joe. >> i love every time we go to joe he gets them to chant or sing. >> that works ev snrim this i can get tovrp focus on. >> the crowds are excited. >> that works ev time. >> wow it's been a special night. special game and i'm happy we all had the chance to share this together. >> shout it outright. >> we were talking to don bell and he says the eagles and front office everybody in the organization is partying tonight back at the mall of america. that's been a critical place. they're coming back tomorrow morning sometime. >> of course when we get a time we'll shoot that maybe across the bottom of your
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screen or we'll have it and 94 wip you know we'll get the time to you. so many people look like they would want to treat them when they come back. >> we have doug pederson's locker room speech. let's listen to it. >> ka you hear me? i'm so happy for every single one of you coaches, players, this organization for everything you guys have put yourselves through from day one to the injuries, battling through the season, guys, i cannot tell you how happy i a am. i really am. you're world dham peeps map. >> world champions. >> and just look around. okay? hey. this is what you guys have done right this is what you
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accomplished and you care about dress code and practice and doing things guess what it's for this moment right here. >> it was worth it. >> it's the discipline it takes day? in is a team game. we said before an individual can make a difference, but a team makes a miracle. >> you did it against a fine football team. when asked you're complimentary at the same time we're going party. i don't know how or where we're going dillly dillly, philly philly.
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>> take the shot. >> it's all happenening tonight. >> here's a player's coach the definition of a player's coac coach. gist ten years ago he was coaching high school. coaching high school. . >> you never know where you will end up. we know where pat and don are. they're on the field, guys. >> yeah, j.d., here with pat galen. last knight brian dpawk inz got into hall of fame. he was elected. i had a chance to talk to him one-on-one and he told me he was holding emotions back because he had a feeling that weekend had more in store. this guy you got a chance to catch up with him. >> ge after the whip let's set it up for you. let let brian talk inz do the talking. >> every team says. it but do you really believe it. the believe happened on the team. whoever went down we hate to have you go down my brother
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but this team find a way to go an and win whxt do you that you're not just sdeechbility or okay guys you're potential hall of fame guys and potential mvp quarterback goes down and you still find a way. how can you not believe. how you can listen to any negativity from the out. >> that's what it's all about. it's just finding a way to get it done eyes emotion is always so raw and amazing. >> it really is. >> to number front of and you can see him i almost got him to tears. almost happened. almost happened this meant so much to him because he worked so diligently with players i'm liing a big brother and noling what he wept to as a player in 20000s so many times coming close against it team. he may not be on the field but
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hi is on the field almost in spirit because of how close he is with the 34r5eurz. he is the players. >> this is greatest in history of eagles philadelphia football. >> is it not. >> brian talkens and to and the confetti falls from the sky. i want to talk about this team for a moment. you were looking at stats. brady throws for 505 yard. >> 505 and three yep rob saturdays his thing. they're both going to be hall of fameers. >> no doubt. >> they find a way. >> that is the map from for entire season they find a way. tom brady threw for 525 yard and three touch downs he was great and outstanding. if you told us before the game he would put up those numbers there's no way. they find a way.
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and i asked pretty much every defensive player i spoke to brandon graham, malcolm jenkins it's been bend and braekt don't defense completely i gave up 60 minutes. three receivers aover 100 yards for new eng lands patriot. >> it's it's hard to whim that way it's mike roy kax they he have done it all year. we knew it would be this way. unbelievable. unbelievable. >> absolutely ridiculous. i understand that we have more players down for you. was that jason kelce. >> listen to the pro bowl center. >> nobody counted us in all year. the media, i mean the whole entire nation nobody thought this would happen. i'm just so happy for every single one of these guys and this organization and it's been a long time coming and
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i'm so happy for the city of philadelphia and our fans. because you guys deserved this for a long time and the fact that i have been able to provide that, it's awesome, man. awesome. in get. >> get the parade down broad street ready baby, underdogs. . >> that sin credible. >> there were a lot of curse words and f words we folgizing for those. it's that raw e motion what would you do. >> it's what people are saying at home when they watch tvs too less be hop sgleingt yep. >> deep clean, guys, please. >> always, always. jason talked about the need needsia. of course national media did not show much love to the time at all i'm anxious i'm sure how you are too how they explain this win who do you think. >> okay. so you know it's funny you should mention this pat and i had pregame lunch and be were
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watching national media i won't say who there were six or seven picks name and i think only one maybe one. >> or two. >> had eagles an we believed this we will win today. >> what was saw some all week and before that after the vikings game every single eagles fan we talked to whether here, there, back in philly not one person thought they were going to lose this game. it never even entered the philadelphia eagles''s fans mind. >> i want to bring up how unusual that s you're from philly, northeast through and through. when does that ever happen when everybody believes. >> it's ingrained in us for let down. it happened so many times i was born in 1984. i got one championship against philadelphia fullys through early 000 with all the eagle team let downs it watches all that away achb he know how
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much this means to the people i know and family and friends. this mean the world to them. they've been waiting for this for a long time. >> unbelievable. back owe it you guys. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> the 64 philly. those days are over. we're back. >> we're ending those days. >> thank you so much. >> we'll go to alicia nieves. she's with a group of fans in west chester, alearnia. >> yeah, guys, ukee and jess we've been out in west chester all night and here are some of the die hard eagles' fans e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> we'll toss it is back to you guys quickly.
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that campus will be sdwrumping tonight. >> it's officially february 5 now. february 5. and let's see who closes their office or starts -- who has to go to school tomorrow. >> i think most schools are on ep but there's always -- i'll use the older folks. >> indeed, indeed. >> things are calming down. they are. they are. >> both getting tired. some folks do it. >> it's sunday night actual and it's major city that has to run at some point too. >> at some point this week we'll have that parade in those streets will be jammed packment i was here 200 with philly and it was amazing. that was amazing. i'm feeling you. this will be something else. >> let's go to joe hold anyone mayfair and check in with the
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crowd there, joe. >> hi, guys, no sign of party letting up here in fact the crowd is just remains. >> eagles! >> i'll scott out. here they come. this have been no issues according to philadelphia police. this is a happy event. they continue to shoot fireworks into the street from the intersection of cottman and frankford. but, again, no injuries. no sear quus problems here or arrests. just a lot of fun an a lot of people having a good time. they nod a chapter


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