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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 5, 2018 12:05am-1:06am EST

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crowd there, joe. >> hi, guys, no sign of party letting up here in fact the crowd is just remains. >> eagles! >> i'll scott out. here they come. this have been no issues according to philadelphia police. this is a happy event. they continue to shoot fireworks into the street from the intersection of cottman and frankford. but, again, no injuries. no sear quus problems here or arrests. just a lot of fun an a lot of people having a good time. they nod a chapter. >> fly eagles fly♪
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on the road to victory♪ fly eagles fly♪ score a touchdown one, two, three♪ hit them low snit♪ hit them high♪ fly, eagles, fwri, on the road to victory♪ to victory♪ e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> we started learning that song at years old. >> we saw them learning it at elementary schools and nursey schools. >> let's check in with tornad vittoria woodill. >> here we go baby. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles!. >> hey, house it going, everybody, guess what, eagles
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are number one, bade. we are live from 15 and samsung and guess what i'm with my sister and i found friends. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> the energy in the city is out of control. have there been out of control moments. absolutely. we did see a car flipped over. that was not g i'll tell you one thing the passion in city is absolutely contagious. you can see it on the faces of every single person here how did it feel when you saw that we were the champions and we clenched that touch down. >> my birthday was february 3 this is the best present ever. >> happy birthday. happy bairnl day. coal, coal, come in here colie. this is my sister i thought i would never see you tonight. how did you feel when the game was played. >> unreal, unreal.
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>> where were you watching the game. >> south philly. >> south philly. >> yes. >> after the crowd let out tell me how to felt in the street. >> unbelievable. happy. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles!. >> there's no doubt about it there's one city that loves the birds and it's philadelphia. >> and it it's philadelphia. i love. it. >> i'm here guys don't worry. >> there she is. >> apologize for that. there's always one in the crowd. but everyone else is good. be careful tonight, everybody, be careful. you happy birthdayment give me some love. eagles embrace. give me love. eagles embrace. this is what we do. we embrace. we're embracing this moments. we're feeling this for the first time, everyone. they're feeling. it they're feeling it. >> we won, we won.
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>> we won. >> we won. >> we won. >> we won. >> she was there. she has seen the eagles baby. >> hey, hey, hey, give me a moment. want you. i want you. >> andrew. >> andrew where are you from, andrew. >> king of prussia. >> andrew have you been a birds fan your whole life. >> all my life. go birds. go birds. go birds. >> we're all feeling this moment for the fist time. guys, i don't know hoyng this will last but it feels like it will last all night. >> i'm glad. it ori has a good grasp on the mic. >> i hope she has a good grasp on her voice tomorrow. >> a lot of voices will be lost tomorrow. you're watching live coverage here on cbs3. after the eagles win super bowl lii. >> are they singing?
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>> we're the champions. >> i was waiting for that. i was waiting for that. the queen song. we are the champions sneet we are the champions♪ no time for losers♪ >> ukee, jess, if you can hear me, we're here and this is where the party is. we are the champions. everyone here singing thoss an thousands of people sl operating the victory against new england. tom brady and new england patriots. it is packed here. everyone is having a great time there are drinks and flags and there is a lot of fun here in south philadelphia the crowd honestly has not come down. it has not gotten smaller at
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all. the game ended. and boy, is it a lot of fun right now. who let the dogs out♪ who let the dogs out♪ philadelphia eagles were underdogs going into the super bowl. new england was expect todd win. guess what? that did not happen as we all know. as all you philadelphians kno know, we are the champions. that's what happened. a lot of excitement now. this is going to continue throughout the night. everyone having a lot of few. there's been no arrests tonight here in south philadelphia. the party is just growing and guys i wish i could hear you. but the music is so loud and the excitement is palpable. i don't know if you can tell.
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but -- >> all right. greg ar fw os in the mix of people. >> we'll bet back to you, gre greg. >> i like they have tape to the next level with music. >> i'm looking online at the front page of philadelphia up choirer tomorrow it says "at last." >> once again you see us ther there. hi, everybody. when did the game end 9:20. >> closer to so. >> we've been on the road since 10 the moment aft game. confetti coming down. this is jake elliot. what a story he had this year. the moment after the game ended and celebration began for eagles. guys with phone out. >> i think we have video to show you of nick foles with his daughter. look at the little mini headphones.
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he talked earlier this week of what keeps him going talking about his daughter, wife, family and how important they are to him and keeping him grounded. and something to the effect no matter what happens tonight he gets to go home to them. it's a grounding things. what a moment to celebrate that. >> coach pederson says we will let nick be nick he didn't try to be carson or anyone else. give props to carson wentz. he probably would have been mvp of league if he didn't go down. tom brady got that. speaking of which there he is there carson wentz pass is it to nick foles giving him rub on the head. they're not only teammates but brothers. >> i give them credit for their relationship and what it did to steady the ship in terms of passing that leadership role on to nick and giving him confidence and
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letting it not stop them from where they were going. >> they were dedicated to their position. nick foles was in carson wentz ear in the sidelines and vice-versa. there's howie long with son chris. howie long, of course, great player for villanova university now a national broadcaster and i know he's so proudz. i know he's so proud. >> don and pat are on the field there live with brandon graham. >> welcome to philly that's what i'm talking about. >> you know what it is. >> live with brandon graham. how are you feeling buddy. >> i'm feeling good. i can't wait to see these tweets and all these people tearing it up in philly right now. >> you know what it is. listen, did you notice all the fans that came out here. >> oh, yeah we can see green all through there even though they're purple seats. i'm happy they brought it out
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here to minnesota and i'm happy we didn't leave them empty handed. >> it almost felt like home game at times for you guys, which is pretty incredible because new england pate treats won five titles. >> and we talked about us having our green jerseys on. it's a home game for us. they talked about wearing white jerseys because they have not lost with white jerseys on and it was like those guys fought hard. i'm tired. i gave everything i had and nick foles played best game ever. people that didn't give him a chance. i told you he keeps working and he didn't get the reps and when he got his feet up under him he showed what he could do. i'm thankful he got hot when we needed him. >> you said you could go another 60 minutes you were lying about that. >> i was yelling this whole
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time yelling and screaming and like i say when i'm on the field sometimes i yell and scream and reel it in especially when i have to go back out there. >> tell me about the strip sack. that was huge. that was game-changer. >> i got the one-on-one match-up they slid and i made sure that i went in there and one my match-up and like i say it was all about getting ball out and trip stripping it and i swung my arm and next thing you know fumble. i didn't know it was a fumble until i seen him with the ball in his hands and i was like many hope it sticks and everybody was celebrating it was no question i stripped the ball. >> let me tell you a story we're back in the tunnel as the clock goes 0:00 your wife is next to me i look at her and she's crying her eyes out she's so happy i interviewed her and she said you guys don't realize when he gets up
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5:00 in the morning to good to the practice facility you don't know what he puts into this. she was so happy for you. what does that mean to you to share it with your family. >> it's nice everybody plays a part. when i come home i'm home. i don't bring work home. she knows how i grind every morning i may not want to get up but i try to be the first one in every morning but you know agoular he gets in early but i'm in 7:50 i have grown a lot. for him, for them i wanted to show those guys what it looks like. you know what it looks like every day on the grind. you have to keep believing and working no matter what. and it's -- we had a good chemistry of guys that took it serious and when it was time to work, we worked. and when it was time to play, we played hard.
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and now man everything is so much worth. it especially because we have to be back in april. we only have a month and half and we're back at. it we'll enjoy this one. >> talk about your personal journey this is your eight pl year in the league. you're able to be a world champion from all that hard work. what does that mean to you. >> it's so big. i never won a championship in my cir period. little league to now. and super bowl me dreaming of playing in super bowl and then to have a big play in a game like this, man, it's humbling experience to know that you know it dreams do come true no matter how long it takes. keep believing and working hard and you know stay at it and grow with whatever happened. >> how much fun well you have on parade down broad street. >> just tell me what will that feel like. >> i can't way to feel the
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chapter of 6 million people i'm hoping it's record breaking. >> invite them. >> come on down baby even if you ain't a fan. come down and party with us and have fun. i'm happy to be able to bring if back home. like i say people doubted us all year and now, you know, hey forget everything. let's have a party. we won. we're world champs. >> i'm ready world champs. >> congratulations to you, brother, appreciate the time. >> thank you. >> bg. >> eight years into career. as i said, did it not start off i don't think the way he wanted. a lot of eagles' fans were upset that they took brandon graham over earl thomas and in the end it works out. you get your championship trophy and that guy there is one of the hardest workers that maybe we've ever seen on eagles' team. he said it, he gets up 5 a.m.
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>> he's a pro. >> professional. >> app i mentioned i talked to his wife as the game ended. she was really emotional. i believe we have that interview is let's listen to that. >> i'm so happy. he get up 5:00 every morning and in the facility three hours before everybody. i've seen this man so dedicated to this game. i'm so happy for him! it means everything. this is her birthday. it's her birthday. >> happy birthday! >> how about that. it's also his daughter's birthday. pretty incredible. >> how about that? >> i think we'll remember this sdmrait those tears are shared by millions of friends across the world. i had friends that took the drive from philadelphia to minneapolis. i know for a fact he was in tears. they're all sharing that moment. >> no doubt about it.
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>> what amazing night, guys. we're having a good time. we'll continue to cover the thing. >> we're partying. >> they're in philly partying. >> don't worry you'll get here and be here for the par sglid we'll share the love no doubt. >> one quick footnote on bg he and his wife are involved in graham foundation and they help upper city youth in detroit and philly. he's getting it done on and off the field. >> all right. we'll take you outside. there's pretty big lines lining up outside dig's sporting goods in preliminary only meeting. people want to get their hands oop gear. >> they will be open early tomorrow morning or i should say today aroyvrnd 6 a.m. >> few hours. >> five an a half hours. >> yeah, it's get while it's
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hot. >> ready to go. i was talking about this now. we can show you. take a look at monday front page of philadelphia inquire. >> at last. >> at last. >> we have done it. >> philadelphia eagles super bowl cham peeps. >> let's go to the cigarettes and check in with auto leashia nieves in west chester. >> hey, ukee, jess, this is a crowd of eagle fans out here surrounded by. it's awesome to be an eagles fan in philadelphia. people here in west chester representing. and this is just south of the crowd out here. a little while ago we got footage just a half block away from where we're at now and that footage was well over 1,000 fans out in middle of the street blocking intersection there and i think, jess, you mentioned something about the fans climbing poles and in fact
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that is what we saw. we saw people on top of polls and though the crowd dispersed -- >> we apologize. >> it's so exciting out here right now. so many of these fans say they have waited for this for search a long time like all eagles fans and it's unbelievable it's here. underdogs are underdogs no more. they're super bowl champions. i wanted to try to get fans out there who has been a long time eagle fan but this crowd i lost him somewhere in the crowd. >> we get the message. >> these are dedicated fans we get that loud and clear.
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>> thank you. >> thank you. >> we've gone from under dog to top dog. >> that feels pretty good. >> it does. >> greg argos is waiting for us now in south philly. every time we go to greg he's in a sea of people. >> fly eagles fly♪ on the road to victory♪ people have bruingt out pots, pans, everyone is exciting and philadelphia police in this area making. >> you may not be able to see me. so many folks have left their homes after this incaed i believe victory against new england. they come here to south
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philadelphia and it's a win against new england philadelphia eagles are lii champions and this city will continue to party all throughout the night. the lombardi trophy coming to philadelphia. and this is where the party is guys. you see fireworks. and people with flags and dog masks and people on people's shoulders. older folks. everybody in between. the entire stadium comes together tonight to celebrate this party throughout the night. and a lot of people as you can imagine fireworks are going off here in south philadelphia. ukee, jess, it really is a
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party here in south philly. this party will go throughout the night. philadelphia eagles are the champions of super bowl lii and check out this guy right here. we were the under dog. guess what, we're not the under dog any jp more we're the champion. >> you get that right, greg. >> when he i see the dog mask no big deal. toyt alley become accustomed to it. >> sufficient sufficient, the super bowl lii we'll take it. >> we have three people standing on awning of ritz carl ton hotel on broad street. one of them jumping off. >> right there into -- okay like what do you call it the pit things they do. >> mosh pit. >> let's hope somebody is holding him my goodness. >> i don't know that -- just
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be careful throughout. >> clearly people have taken things. >> to different heights. >> new levels. >> let's give you another loo look. people are -- >> same thing closer answering. >> closer view. >> we believe this person is fine. hopefully that's the case. >> they're doing that surfing things they jump in and push him all around. >> that's a lot of faith in humanity that they catch you. >> oh, my goodness. >> you're looking at video ritz carl ton on broad by city hall. we he have spontaneous parties braeinging out all across the philadelphia area. i was looking online and patco was saying they have a lot of west inbound trains slowing down people are pouring into the city of philadelphia now. heads up on that. >> there's a look at people earlier this evening main an hour or so ago. crowds dissipate now.
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this was at height of it all from chopper three in the air >> and it gets toughen and tough to overcome. >> i don't think we saw it like that. there was no point in the year we felt we were in emergency situation. we kept plugging through it and kept moving on and focu focusing on getting better week in and out and competing and believing in each other. there was never a doubt for u us. and the last holds through the last 60 minutes great evingt all times. we have tom brady and patriots and they were moving ball as well. it came back to one last stop and we had confidence in the defense to stop that. we were searching for it all game and got it. >> when you're on defense and
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see doug pull a play out of his hat i'll say like the one he did on fourth down what are you thinking on the sidelines. >> we are bringing it back to you philly. >> that's nice to here. >> come on back. >> we're waiting for you. >> come on back. >> we'll go out to joe holden in a little bit. he's orchestrating all the time. >> let's do it, chapter, now, chant. >> and to the conductor there. >> in the meantime if you happen to turn on your tv you're joining eyewitness news continuing coverage of super bowl lii champions philadelphia eagles and we'll get you some interview now with michael ken drix.
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get you some interview now with michael ken drix. take a listen not about one person. it takes a team to do this. it takes a real team to do this. what better way to beat, you know what time it is, man. that's how you want to win. against the best. final question to you. >> look in that camera, what do you want to say to the city of philadelphia tonight?
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>> be safe. you guys deserve it. we did it. make a statue. put some murals up do something because we got it, we did i be safe, baby. let's go. >> put some murals up. >> indeed. there might be one of those in the future. >> mychal kendricks wearing his emotions right on his jersey. i love i. >> let's go out to joe holden out in frankford in mayfair. joe? >> reporter: jess and ukee, we are out here the party is still going strong. they still want to sing -- they still want to cheer. >> all right, all right, all right. hold it, hold it. we'll sing, right? we're going to sing. >> here we go. three, two, one and -- note fly eagles fly on the road to victory ♪ >> ♪ fly, eagles, fly, score a touchdown one, two, three ♪ >> ♪ hit em low, hit em high,
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and watch our eagles fly ♪ >> ♪ fly, eagles, fly, on the road to victory ♪ >> ♪ e-a-g-l-e-s. , eagles! ♪ >> reporter: it never gets old that song we can hear it the rest of the night. police tell me right now they are working on clearing out the crowds. the captain telling me other parts of the city are kind of a mess right now. they're going to take the pressure off this district and start clearing people out of here according to the captain of police. so police are preparing for that right now. >> joe holden there at cottman and frankford. >> it's getting late and folks -- >> yeah. getting a little anxious. >> may be time to wrap it up for some people. >> it is indeed. everyone celebrating showing their emotions. your philadelphia eagles once again world champions, super
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bowl champions for 2017, 2018. >> little something now from legarrette blount. let's take listen. >> this is special, man. this is special. this is special for me. this is special for my familiar much this is special for our team. you know, just got to give all the glory to god, man. it's impossible without him. nobody can do it without him. it was already destined for us. he had already written it in the books, man. we just executed the plan and followed suit. >> to go through this team, one of the greatest ever, you know all about them, how much sweeter does that make it? >> it's all about the philadelphia eagles right now, man. i can't speak on, you know, the new england patriots. it's all about us. you know, um, i don't think anybody deserves it more than this team. >> legarrette blount back to back rings with the patriots last year. had contractual issues. >> heavy on your hands. >> had contractual issues but we
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ended up with him. as a matter of fact, donny wahlberg of blue bloods sent him a tweet last year saying, hey, good luck to you, we're going to miss you, perhaps we'll meet in you the super bowl and he called it. he call it. >> and here we are. >> here we are right here, but legarrette got the ring this time. >> legarrette got the ring. >> it is 12:34 monday morning and philadelphia is pulsing with energy this morning. >> i can feel the beat. >> thrilled, jubilant to be world champions, super bowl champions philadelphia eagles the first time in franchise hit reach let's go out to greg argos in south philly. greg? >> reporter: hey there, ukee and jess. we are in south philadelphia, and we are seeing the crowds right now -- if you guys can hear me and see me. you can actually notice the crowds are sort of -- they're getting a little bit thinner. i do have new information to report from the philadelphia police. we just heard from some of the
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officers here you can see they are actually in this area right now guarding the area. here in south philadelphia they're haven't been any major issues but i did hear from the officers here on scene there have been two phone poles -- in center near broad and arch. two phone poles have fallen by some of the fans there has been one person seriously injured in one of those falls. sad news to report tonight. here in south philly, it's just a party. everyone is still gathered as you can notice over the past few life shots we've had there are fewer people. we are now pushing 1:00 o'clock in the morning here in south philly there have not been any major incidents here in this area, but once again, two phone poles falls confirmed by the philadelphia police toppled. one person seriously injured we're told. here in south philly, lots of bring drinking much lots of singing.
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lots of partying but no major issues to report. there are folks of course who have fireworks out. who are drinking but police not making any arrests in this immediate vicinity. this is what it's all about right here. the vince lombardi trophy coming to philadelphia. everyone is excited. this is what this is about. about that fun, about that excitement. the philadelphia eagles are the super bowl lii champions and everyone here at least in south philadelphia is having a good time but once again that information we've confirmed with philadelphia police, two poles toppled in center city and one person injured. so some issues going non center city but here in south philadelphia, really just a party atmosphere right now, guys. i can tell i was lot of fun but the crowds are getting smaller. ukee and jess here in south philadelphia, that's the latest. it is getting quieter. back to you guys there in the studio. >> we can hully see greg now.
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>> i know we can. that's good thing. >> thank you greg. we knew there were going to be issues right now it sounds like they're smaller issues. >> yeah. >> we'll get more updates on the injured people as we can. let's go now to the phones. we've got bill and cole fitzgerald our friends from south jersey. cole, of course, our alex cancer hero who got surprised with tickets. >> yes, did he. >> gentlemen, how was it? tell us how it was. hey, cole. >> talk loud buddy. >> it was very emotional. very overwhelming. it was very crazy. everybody went. everybody went nuts. cole long-time wish for the eagles to win the super bowl every year at alex's lemonade stand lemon ball finally came true. >> cole, i've seen that wish i think every year for the last four years. you also spent time with that -- with that team, you work as their equipment manager for one game. what do you think makes this team so special?
12:38 am
>> speak louder. >> how nice the players are. how, like, the chemistry and how they do work on and off the field. it's pretty special. now we're champions. >> great people. there was no controversy. they came together as a team. overcame adversity. true philadelphia spirit true and true. we're bringing it home. >> bringing it home. cole s your dad there? is bill there? >> yeah, this is his dad. i just don't have much of a voice left. [ laughter ] >> for obvious reasons. we're the 12th man and then some. >> that's awesome. you guys. fitzgeralds you come home tomorrow? >> bill and cole are you still with jus. >> we may have lost them on the phone. >> that was them on the flight here and again just to recap, you saw cole here. he was the equipment manager for one of the games. he really has such a heart for
12:39 am
football. >> no question. >> really his passion. and so it was great to see him get to see that come to fruiti fruition. >> we watched him grow up and we're watching these guys go down the pole. they're in mayfair. >> yeah. >> that's -- they put motor oil on the poles this year. >> didn't work. >> didn't look like it worked too well. there's joe. hey, joe? i see crowds are -- >> reporter: hey guys. >> little light now. >> reporter: i can hear you. so we just saw our first pair of pole climbers over on a cross walk sign in fact, they made it practically to the top and came down on their own. that's the first that's happened here. now when we saw you last, police said they were going to be giving the signal to go ahead and move this crowd out of here. they've been going strong since the clock wound down to zero and of course the eagles taking the title champions in the super bowl. still feels so surreal to be
12:40 am
saying that. but i got to tell you, aside from that pole climb that something they do in philadelphia, this has been peaceful there. have been no incidents. i spoke to the captain win the last ten minutes. and people are having a good time. it is a celebration for sure. now, when we spoke last there was a concentration of people right in this area. that has kind of died down. you know, people just leaving in groups of three, four, five he heading east so that would be in the direction behind the camera. east down cottman, and it was interesting what the captain told me and i had a very loud crowd the last time i was talking with you, but essentially, there are other parties and scenes erupting across the city of philadelphia and they figured it would be while they have a good handle on this and, you know, it's been more than three hours out here or just about three hours that
12:41 am
it would be time to call it an evening. what do we have here? >> people are rushing to the center of the gathering which is basically the most intense area for all of this. i'm trying to make out what's going on. just stay with me here. yeah f my vantage point it's not clear what's going on. but whatever it is, it has the crowd's attention. because people have essentially stopped talking in the middle of the crowd to figure out what's going on. i'm not sure -- i'm not sure what my distance s it's a pole climber. let's see, he's down. all of this intersection, ukee and jess, police have eyes. they are on the high grounds on tops of buildings, in front of
12:42 am
storefronts, plane clothes and the bike unit. when we were here two weeks ago, they broke this party down in 11 minutes. members of the philadelphia bike unit essentially started fencing off frankford avenue both north and south and cottman east and west and sent them east down toward udrick street. i'm told that's going to be the same plan of exit for this par party, and that should be happening in the next five to ten minutes. any way, so it's calm. people seem to be focused in again on the center of the cro crowd. three people climb poles what is exactly going on other than possibly that. guys? >> i'm kind of looking at the crowd, joe. i don't know if you can probably see, too, i don't think it's too serious because a lot of the authorities are basically their
12:43 am
body language just talking and waiting walking around. >> and watching. >> watching. hopefully it doesn't appear to be too serious. some of philly's finest right there doing their thing. it won't be long now. it won't be long. >> you know what's been interesting -- >> reporter: as you pointed out, guys, people certainly having a great time. under scoring that the last time we were here, it went off smoothly. there were zero incidents. in fact, my recollection there were a total of four incidents citywide over a span of 48 hou hours. this is -- this is a party unlike anything perhaps we've seen. yes the phillies have gone to the world series. but the super bowl title in this city is amazing. there's a guy climbing a pole over there. i'm trying to make out. he's on top of the street sign as you can see. >> it looks like -- >> police told me earlier in the day they used is called hydraulic or gear oil to greece
12:44 am
these poles. that's, you know, an audible from the crisco they used two weeks ago. i was told that it didn't hold up. now, it seems that the gear oil is not holding up either though what did we have an inch of rain? so that may have played a factor. >> yeah. it may stain your clothes a little bit. >> just a bit. just a bit. once again the pole climbing -- pole climbing is symbolic of reaching the summit and shouting at the top of your lungs in this case smoking at the top of your lungs. my goodness, he is smoking. >> he is doing many things all at once. >> all right. well, we'll see how this fan fares right there literally at cottman and frankford. >> exactly. >> once again the authorities are on the scene. so they are watching this very very carefully. so far so good.
12:45 am
>> on the right side of your screen the bigger picture you are i believe are looking at the center city camera that we have above broad street there, and still a giant crowd. a little thinner. you can tell it's getting later. but still a large crowd out there tonight, um, we're working to get updates and confirmations on some reports. did you see, you know n ritz carlton is right there where that crowd would be and we saw earlier people jumping off that >> did you hear something about the awning? >> we're told that that awning fell down. >> oh my. >> unclear if anyone was injur injured. but we do know that piece of structure was broken. >> that will happen when you have four or five people on top of that thing. >> right. >> oh, my. >> little things like that are definitely happening. so be careful out there, and, you know, as police have said many times, listen, the bulk of people are peaceful and having great time. it's these pocks of people that are causing problems. >> no doubt. >> and wreaking havoc like knocking down this awning at the
12:46 am
hotel. >> 10 seconds you saw shadow people walking in south philadelphia. folks are starting to dissipate now and go home and a lot of people were walking casual toll celebrate. just about over for now. >> right. >> in certain parts. >> it doesn't have to end permanently. >> right. >> it's just -- >> you don't have to go but you can't stay here. >> that's what mayor nutter used to always say. >> exactly. >> exactly. >> yeah. >> but what they'll start to do is probably start to drive through police vehicles and kind of, you know, gently remind the crowd it's time to break it up. >> it is sunday night. 12:46am. the morning after the philadelphia eagles won the super bowl championship over the new england patriots. the tenth time the patriots organization has gone there. third time for us. we've come up empty handed until now. >> not any more. >> not any more. >> that's a great thing. >> what a night this has been. one that philadelphia is going to remember for a very long time. it will go down in sports lure.
12:47 am
the year of the underdog. >> still hugs. hugs and high fives. >> i don't know if you saw the bit that was floating around social media this weekend the year of the dog. >> no question. it is. >> it is. >> it truly is. >> they were loving that and they loved maybe it was all in the signs, you know, the year of the dog. >> so many signs. >> i think it was lucky number nine. >> and the late jerome brown was 52 eagles made -- he would have been 52. eagles made super bowl lii and today was jerome's birthday as it was carly's graham's daughter birthday. >> you see they're doing what i was telling you about. >> here we go. >> going down broad street with the police vehicles witness lights on. this is their first attempt to kind of break it up. >> right. >> and hopefully, you know, the bulk of people will get message it's probably time to winder down for the evening. >> you see the people on your left doing just that. >> don't worry, they'll reconvene later this week for a parade.
12:48 am
if we'll get together again no doubt. >> this is how philadelphia police are going to start to break the crowd of. because, again, what they want is just maintain control over the situation. they don't want to get out of control which by all accounts it has not -- on the whole it has been very controlled tonight. as people celebrate this victo victory. >> i think it's been handled very well tonight. thus far. reports that we have. we have reporters all over the area. cameras all over the area. we've seen very little. we have some minor issues to deal with but on the whole, it's ban great night for eagles nation, for the tri-state area. >> that's absolutely right. so again you are looking right there on the right side down broad in center city. they're just starting to break up that crowd there. then on your left, i believe -- >> the bike cops are out. >> you're looking i mayfair you see the bike cops kind of doing the same thing. >> right. >> which is just starting to break everybody up and kind of
12:49 am
remind everybody you've had your fun. >> our city has had great practice with large crowds. >> that's right. >> we've had the dnc, we've had the pope. we had the nfl draft. we've had of course the 2,000 phillies parade and we'll have another parade now. >> it will be interesting to see once we get this parade altogether and again there's broad street right now with police going all the way down starting to break up that crowd. it will be interesting to see once we have this parade how that crowd kind of compares, i mean, to the pope was really big. how it compares to 2008. you know -- >> jessica dean, this is going to be the grand daddy, the mother of all parades. >> the biggest. i think that's right. >> i was in college when the sixers -- i was working in florida in '83 when the sixers had their parade when they won. and i saw video of that. that was huge. but that's not even going to compare to what's going to happen this week. of course, 2008 was huge when the phillies won. but this one, everyone is tal talking about one of the
12:50 am
broadcasters for the network that televised the game tonight al michaels said he's going to even have fly in to see it. >> yeah. >> he knows how long we have suffered. >> i think people do want to see it. i bumped into similar situation in minneapolis. yeah we're probably coming to philly if there's a parade. we want to see that in person. >> no doubt. >> philly police have a fair amount of overtime in their future, as they prepare for what is come this week as they bring the vince lombardi trophy back to philadelphia, back to the delaware river valley and all the eagles fans who are still mighty happy. >> mighty pleased. >> they've leaving and going home to their apartments to their homes. >> i think authorities will be pleased with that as well. >> yes, indeed. yes indeed. we hope you've had great time. we certainly have and so have those folks you're looking at right now live in center city. wow! this is something they'll talk about for ages. they'll talk about it tonight. talk about with their friends. do the mummers strut while they're talking about it.
12:51 am
oh, yes, indeed. >> you know what also has been fun seeing all the gear that people have that has eagles on it like that man's umbrella. >> sure. >> you know or, um, pants or whatever. fill in the blank. >> all the jerseys. >> all the stuff. donovan mcnabb jerseys. carson wentz. >> the gear and everything. >> if you're a fan of this team, even if you're not, you're learning about the love this team has spread and causes there's no doubt about it. i was 18 months -- 18 months old when they won the world championship that's what they call it back then in 1960. the super bowl era started in '67. and this is our first trophy. sweet. >> i'm looking here, to your right the ritz carlton would be further back down, yup, that direction. >> there's a union league. >> it would be this building down here. that's where the awning was ripped down by the people standing on top of it. >> and here are some
12:52 am
fireworks. >> that happened earlier. >> yeah n happened earlier tonight. >> you are looking live at the left of your screen in the smaller bock. this is a sampling of what has gone on in our city tonight. i'm sure probably in your neighborhood in the suburbs, in the city in west philly, north philly, the great northeast, i'm sure there's some celebrations out there as well and well deserved. we wait add long time for this family and we finally have it >> philadelphia philadelphia pace yours. >> we've got to get through their return, the parade through all of us. as don bell and pat gallen report to do us the eagles while this is going on life in philly right here and you're looking at what's happening in downtown philadelphia the eagles are still in minneapolis tonight. they're going to all get together and party at the mall of america. they actually had a party there two nights ago. they're returning to that spot. and then they will get on flight tomorrow and bring that trophy
12:53 am
home. >> while have the opportunity you returned yesterday from minneapolis, kudos to you don, pat, meisha our crews behind the scenes for bringing at mott fears. >> thank you. >> wonderful job. >> we had a great team there. >> who was committed to making sure everybody could be there if they couldn't travel. hats off to our entire crew that was on the ground there they work very hard. it was little chillily. >> yes, it was. >> but like i told you, by thursday when the eagles fans started arriving there, they were pumped, you just started to get this feeling i think to be fair the national media just was not getting a hold of. >> they weren't. not at all. >> there was just a feeling that this was their year. >> i watched from the beginning of the play off season the national media they couldn't grasp it. they were doing the bev you can but you have to be here. >> right. >> you have to know what this team is all about. i think don and pat would agree. let's go back to them in
12:54 am
minneapolis in u.s. bank stadi stadium. gentlemen. >> guys, it sounds so corny to say but we really did get a feel for what this team is and what they have been spending so much -- you spend so much time with them. >> sure. >> we've been covering these guys this current group this august or before training camp in july. >> sure. >> you start to get a rhythm. you start to get a flow or what they are. >> they're a family. they use that word over and over again. doug pederson said it in the locker room with that amazing speech that we had live on cbs3. family and that's what brandon graham talked about, so that family atmosphere has led to this. now, i got a chance to catch up with lane johnson, talk about a familiar much those five guys across the front. >> yeah. >> they were outstanding. >> great performance from you guys and of course nick. got a little dicey at the end. what does it mean for you guys as team to finish the way did you? >> the fun nest team i've ever been on with all the injuries.
12:55 am
a lot of it has to do with the friendships that we have, the bonds we have off the field. get in the game, there's no egos involved it's all brotherhood. >> when you were hit with injuries the way you were hit with them this year, is there ever a time you step back and say, you know what, maybe this isn't our year because of the accumulation of them? >> so hard to be positive. in situations like you saw with green bay. but i feel like with the help of the front office with what we had i knew we were going that be in a good situation. >> talk bout performance of nick foles. >> speaks for itself. the biggest stage, the biggest game possible he goes out and dropping dimes. staying poised. that's the way it's been throughout the playoffs. >> how about spreading the wealth, the run game was on. corey clement catching passes out back field. it's just a full team effort on offense.
12:56 am
>> hard to do. >> it sounds cliche this is the best team i've ever been a part of. it doesn't matter who make makee plays. we got guys who are willing to make them. >> give philly a message. >> get ready for this parade because it will be something you'll never forget. >> nick foles had an outstanding game dropping dimes. >> dropping dimes as they say. >> but a lot of the success that he had was because of that offensive line. lane johnson had an outstanding game. a lot of people don't look at what the guards do because you always focused on the receivers and the backs. brandon brooks was an all pro and deservedly so. he had an mazing go. you go back and watch that game take a look what the offensive line did because they were outstanding from start to finish. >> last night, eagles offensive line was given an award as a group as being the best offensive line in football, and you mentioned it. today, they played that way. what a team win. >> unbelievable. >> epic day and i started the day off by saying this in our
12:57 am
pre-game show. what a time to be a life. >> feels good, doesn't it. >> feels so good. back to you guys in the studio. >> i'm sad to see it end to tell you the truth. this has been so much fun. >> don't worry. we got a little more. >> yeah, we do. gentlemen, thank you very much. >> let's go to joe holden in mayfair now. joe, we understand that bike cops are clearing that area out. >> reporter: they've done a heck of a job here. took them all of about ten minutes to sweep through the entire intersection and move the party goers on. congratulations. any way, so you see down beyond me is this is east on cottman. that is where they moved the crowd, and police will follow along with them. cottman is closed i think beyond urdrick the next light after that. i can hear distant chants of
12:58 am
e-a-g-l-e-s. still trying to tend to this area. i check in with the captain really quickly before we got live here, and still saying there were no incidents. we saw the pole climbers, and that was it. you know, they've gotten this down to a science. all of the perimeter here that is blocked by trash trucks and there were no bottles allowed in businesses were asked to serve only solo cups and cans. so it look likes for the most part things were absolutely according to plan. let's go this way and take you into the intersection. nothing but members of the philadelphia police department an whole lot of trash. you can see through the streets litter the all about this intersection here, and it is just you get the scent of beer through the intersection right now as this is what's left of what has been an amazing historic and memorable celebration here in mayfair.
12:59 am
ukee and jess, the estimates were 30,000 people may have come out to this. the rain really put that number back down considerably. but taking a things into consideration, the rain let up just as that clock wound down and the game ended, so people got to have their party, they got to see what was an amazing nail biter of a game. we've been talking about the good times we've been having all night out here but they've just watched that game haven't taken into account everything. the story line behind the season, and what has been a remarkable evening to celebrate with the folks from northeast philadelphia and they come from all points here. this is a big celebration but it has right off the bat from what i'm being told it has ended peacefully and now the sanitation department and philadelphia streets department will come in here in earnest we saw them do it two weeks ago and have this place back to normal i
1:00 am
would say win about an hour. we just saw it when the nfc championship game was won. that is the latest reporting live in mayfair, i'll joe holden cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> joe, real quick before you go. i know you're a local guy like many of us are here local people when it comes to championships and parades and things of that sort. you were in pittsburgh i believe before you came home. were you in pittsburgh for any of the celebrations up there and if so can you compare the two? >> reporter: you know, ukee, when you ask about, you know, something like that, it was neat to see how they celebrated out there. but i think you pulled my heart strings. this is home for me, and i just -- i couldn't believe it. a tear rolled out of my eye when the game was over, and i'm trying to be professional as much as possible but as a boy from upper darby to be able to
1:01 am
cover this and talk about a super bowl win there's nothing more humbling and more honorable than to talk about all of this. >> we have some stragglers here. revelers still making their way through the intersection. >> i'm with you, my friend. i'm definitely with you. i'm west philly and dover, delaware. i know what you're going through. hey, man, feel free. let that tear drop. this is -- you won't forget this. i know i won't. no doubt about i thank you buddy. >> let's go to greg argos now in south philadelphia. greg, how is the crowd there? >> reporter: well, i have about 75 of them right here. >> they just gathered with me. realized we were about to go live. if we pan off to the right here you can see it really has dwindled down. philadelphia police and the philadelphia fire department they've actually drove one or two of their vehicles down at south broad. we're at south...
1:02 am
>> looks like we're having technical difficulty with greg. most folks are starting to make with way home. some are still standing around enjoying the moment. time is winding down. 1:02 in the morning and some folks are going home but here's life picture once again downtown a lot of folks are still in the center city area. >> i feel like the game was over just after 10:00 o'clock or so. so 11, 12, 1:00 we're into hour two or three at this point of the celebrations throughout the city of philadelphia. what you're looking at right now is downtown center city. where the crowd is still -- they're still a little -- nice little pack there. >> yes. >> philadelphia police drove down the middle of broad and kind of -- with their vehicles with the lights on to kind of start to remind people encourage people that maybe it was time to wrap it up for the evening. as they did, up where joe holden was in mayfair they did that with the bike cops. >> right. >> so they're just going along their way and we're continuing to get reports of kind of how
1:03 am
the evening is going. we did hear about some damage and destruction at the ritz carlton hotel. but other than that, right there in that area that's what our roars have been able to tell glues that looks like a tight shot right that. i don't know whoever is on camera if we can pull out little bit that is a tight shot. looks like a lot of people are still there. folks are starting to go back to their apartments, their homes, back to where they were as the night grows even later. here's a good shot here of the authorities downtown and in the area making sure things stay calm. keep the peace and they look like they're in riot gear. that's not even close to happening. but it's a precaution. >> right. >> philadelphia police have had several goes at these very large crowds in terms of all of these events that we've had in the past couple of years here in philadelphia. if right. >> and they've learned they told us a lot from the crowds at the dnc, the crowds with the pope, the crowds at the draft all these big events we've hosted in
1:04 am
the city. they're ready to deal with the large crowds and they have a good plan in place and certainly by the looks of this a lot of officers on the streets. >> you can see some of the officers there hugging as well giving high fives and they're part of this as well but they have a job to do and they will do that job. but they're happy just like everyone else. the men and women of the police department, the fire department, everyone, outside tonight enjoying the moment. philadelphia eagles super bowl champions. wow! can't say it enough. >> it sounds so good. >> um-hmm. >> rolling right off the tongue. also you're just glad for everybody that it's not absolutely frigid outside it's cold but not like, you know, face burning cold. so it's nice that people could be outside and certainly for people who are going to clean -- the sanitation workers shout out to them who are now going to clean the streets of philadelphia. the officers people like that working to night out there. to get the city all prepped up for tomorrow. >> all prepped up. >> and the coming parade.
1:05 am
>> oh, man. can't wait. >> probably early to midweek. we can expect that. the city will certainly give us more information and we'll pass it on to you as we get it. >> and before we get to that's correct let's take another look. take a look back. an amazing and of course memorable night. >> let's do it >> e-a-g-l-e-s. >> we did it. the eagles, ladies and gentlemen, super bowl champions. >> we wouldn't! >> what did you think of that game buddy. >> it was amazing. >> everyone is celebrating tonight. a lot of excitement right now. this is what we've been waiting for. and guess what, everyone is going to take the streets because philadelphia is represented tonight. >> it's so fun we're obviously taking to all different parts of the city. >> broad and walnut, chestnut, all the way down south broad


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