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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 5, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions. eagles fans everywhere. this is for you. >> and it is not a dream. your philadelphia eagles are the super bowl champions, the wait is over. the city is electric. >> emotional moment. so happy for these players and coaches, mr. lurie, our fans, and it is a dream come true for a lot of these guys, for myself. >> what a remarkable run for doug pederson how about this coaching high school football, not too long ago. we'll tell you more how the team celebrate dollars in the lockerroom. >> and celebrations in philadelphia, how much, turned violent at times with some
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knuckleheads flipping cars and shattering windows, we're live with more on the destruction that was left behind. >> let's focus on the good stuff. today is monday, february 5th, good morning, aim jim donovan. >> i'm rahel sole plan. how does it feel to be super bowl champs philadelphia? take it all in. >> yeah. >> katie and meisha, good morning, guys. >> i feel like we're at the stadium. ahh, everyone still all gases dollars up. because that far, you can only imagine how busy the roadways will be, multiple things going on, break it all down especially if center is he city. >> a lot of people trying to get home. >> really busy on the drive in for sure. never seen it that busy on the schuylkill, let alone anywhere else on a monday, but at least the weather is starting to cooperate. my advice, assume it could still be slick outside. storm scan is pretty quiet. any wet weather from yesterday , that's long since made its exist it. left with lingering clouds which will continue to clear as the day progresses, these are your air temperatures, low mid 30's, and you'll stay
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somewhat steady with these values throughout the course of the day. along with that, we still have puddling, still wed roads left over, again, assume outlying suburbs, likely little bit colder, that it could, in fact , be slick, and calling on the eyewitness weather watchers, but they're not, you know, sleeping from the game last night. if you do have we would love to see what you're finding and have that report at 5:45. 36 degrees in palmyra. warmest spot the bun. , close enough, it is to freezing dow worry about icing please keep that in mind if you travel. the wind also picks up with time though today. and that's going to make it feel that much colder. windchills likely stuck in the teens, 20's, at best as a region across the whole. expect it will be a cold day, but at least quieter by comparison, yesterday so dreary. but the weather could not put a dam perron the celebrations clearly. what a night. >> indeed. so many people, if you ever
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woke up in the morning and felt like an underdog, today you just embrace that feeling. this is city is so excited, so happy, and so proud. but we will have little travel issues because of the partying heads up. actually showing you video coming up in the next 15 minute or so. so hang with me right now live camera shot, broad street at spring garden street, this is looking a lot better than what it was earlier. beam now off the roadways, volume levels in terms every vehicles on the roadways, not an issue, there and the talcony area, cottman avenue, what we are working with there , seeing people walk across the street but overall things actually looking a lot better there, as well. fishtown, north philly, delaware avenue at columbia avenue looking pretty good. starting to heat up. these cones in the roadway from long standing construction, it has nothing to do with last night. lots, talking about some accidents this morning, new jersey turnpike southbound, before route 541, left lane still compromised there.
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downed pole and wires here in swenksville. skippack pike closed between planning road and luken road. use smaller streets around that to navigate yourselves. also, in trooper, we have an accident here, ridge pike at highland avenue. where ever we have accident, heads up. probably going to give yourselves extra time right now. be aware of that. for now the ben franklin bridge see how slick it is looking because it is very wet speed re slick sean of 25 miles per hour now left dollars. jim, back over to you. >> ♪ >> thank you, meisha, first victory, soon the parade. but for now, the celebration. >> since most were well behaved, but a few did get out of control. team coverage. trang do will be with us shortly, but first to " eyewitness news" reporter shantee lens, chantee lans, with more of the construction parade celebrations, good morning, chantee. >> good morning, rahel, jim. something that's happening behind me that i want to show you, macy's here at market street and juniper streets,
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the east side of city hall. see a worker there almost fully finished world g up the windows here, there is glass that's shattered all over the floor here. now, we are not sure, we don't believe that anyone was hurt there is store was not looted. that's according to the person who posted the video of the window being smashed up on social media. no word on any arrest. but i want to get you to some other video. it is of the ritz carlton. it is cents nearby on the other side of city hall. it was actually a collapse that happened. there were multiple eagles fans standing on that awning. i was actually down hire, when i saw the first guy out there. people were kind of just chanting and cheering, kind of little bit egging them ton do it. >> i guess later on after i had left more people had climbed up there than it had collapsed. something else i also cents want to show you, some video
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of near 17th and chest null streets, where old navy was among handful of dangled stores. you could see the doors were smashed, and several traffic lights down. now, speaking of traffic lights, that i want to slow you, back out live here, city crews actually just cleared the scene here, you don't see the traffic light on the ground any more. you see in place of where the lights were ripped out, holes, the holes where those traffic lights once stood. and so i guess from there, they were removed, then they actually have to pick it back up. another one right here that scott is showing, literally, there was entire pole that was here when i was cents down here among the thousands cents of crowds. people kept climbing up them until they, i guess, snapped. but the city has cents to work on row placing those and making sure it is cents safe for drivers out here. that's the very latest live in center city, chantee lans, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> chantee, thank you.
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>> still partying over on broad and important err streets. tens of thousands of joyful fans say their passion after the historic victory, a lot of excitement with music, dancing , lots of screaming, city wide celebrations cents had been decades in the making >> can you sing that again? >> not well. but i would gladly do it. >> now, once the game was over , we do mean the moment it was over, neighbors gathered on street corn tears celebrate with other neighbors. >> our coverage continues now with "eyewitness news" reporter trang do, live in center city. good morning again, trang. >> reporter: hey, good morning , guys, and i was among , and chantee among all of the crazy rebelers last night, working on very few hours of sleep at this moment. but good news for you guys, modell's here, 16th and chestnut, they are open for
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those super fans who want to get their hands on this championship merchandise immediately. just as soon as they get out of bed this morning, we've seen handful of people go in there so far. they just opened up again at 5:00. see them milling about, all of the championship gear is right in the front of the store. you can't miss it. there is stuff for kids. stuff for adults, hats, all kind of things. but, people are really going to need it. this will be in high demand. as we saw last night, take a look, this is video at frankford and cottman mayfair. that's the iconic intersection , where the people in the northeast gather any time there is a huge sports win. and they certainly did that last night. police were expecting some 30,000 fans to gather at that point. and they got that. and then some. so it was really a jovial atmosphere, very family friendly, police did not report any major issues up at frankford and cottman. but take a look here, some people could not even wait until this morning to get
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their hands on the super bowl championship merchandise. this is video from the dick's sporting goods over in plymouth meeting. people were just snatching up all kind of things, hats, t-shirt, bean east. as you can imagine, so many excitement in the city with this win. even the youngest fans shared their how pumped they were with us, take listen. >> it was amazing. >> could you believe it was happening? >> no. >> neither could we. >> it is amazing. >> we finally win a super bowl >> that's a lot of very sleepy children this morning. parent kind of giving little leeway, allowed them to stay up. you guys, ill ends this live shot and jump on in, because i need to get my hand on some of this gear. but i send it back to you guys in the studio. >> we won't hold you back, trang. >> for the folks who couldn't wait, they want to sleep in their eagles gear, you know? not good enough to want in it. >> thanks, trang. and the fans were celebrating amazing win in the nfl's
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biggest. >> i am what a game it was it, will go down as one of the greatest symms ever, nick foles and the eagles traded field goals with defending champion patriots. then the birds got moving. foles to alshon jeffrey for his first touchdown pass of the day. after the patriots missed a field goal, the birds struck again. this time legarrett blount and 15 to three eagles. the patriots made it 50 to 12 on 25-yard run by james and birds made it to 22 to 12 at the half on the play of the game when tight-end tray burton hit quarterback nick foles with a touchdown. that's usually the other way around, of course, patriots came back in the second half, took one point lead. but the birds would not give up. zach ertz makes a diving touchdown to put the eagles back in the lead. and the eagles defense, the birds beat the patriots of course 41 to 33 to win the
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team's first ever super bowl. >> oh, i better see you all on broad street. i better see you all on broad street. that's just what it is, we did our part, you all do your part , now, stay together. >> not many people believe we can get the job done south side of this lockerroom. and, you know, these guys finds a way to do it. and hats offer to every single one every them. >> we have to stay aggressive. we can't play to lose. and we made the play at the end of the day to win the game >> listen, we've already been out on on broad street. we can't wait to see them on broad street. president trump congratulated our birds on the historic victory. short and sweet, saying congratulations to the philadelphia eagles on great super bowl victory. that is had his differences cents after he said the team owner should fire players who kneel during the national anthem. >> still ahead, we will take a look at some of the ads that played during the super bowl. >> also ahead carson wentz was huge part of the eagles success this season. coming up we'll hear from the
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franchise qb about his team and their impressive super bowl win. >> ♪ we are the champions ♪ ♪ my friend ♪ and we'll keep on fighting to the end ♪ >> okay, now, maybe i'm just a big whoos, but does this song give you chills? >> well, how long have we waited to play this. >> oh, tearing up. i think jeffrey lurie said it last night when asked what doses this mean to the city of philadelphia? he simply said: everything. it sure does. we will see in you about two minutes. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> alshon jeff rip for for a touchdown. >> the voice of merrill reese with the call last night. >> mir he will -- america he will has been calling for decades. he tweeted i'm so happy for eagles fans, that's what i feel more than anything else it, has cents been the most re remarkable season i've ever been around. once again magnificant coaching and excellent quarterbacking. >> the support for wentz never wave evidence. sent out this tweet after the game. god is so good. world champions. so proud of this team! told you all my boy nick foles was cents going to shine tonight! well deserved my bro. hashtag fly eagles fly. >> even on the side lines still a leader. >> i'm telling you. new england patriots are paying tribute to the victors. >> the pads of course have a lot of experience in super bowl sunday, they know what it takes to win it. >> the eagles played great offensively.
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everybody. >> tight ends, receiver, good oven i have team. played well. scored point. did a really good job. they made a lot of good plays today. and we battled competitive but obviously didn't get the job done. >> obviously: patriots fans were so disappointed at the end of the game, but they have a few tile unless their trophy case. so let us have it, we have no tears for you. dry me a river. >> i have my family up in new england, booing because they lost a best. yes, my aunt, zero eight year old aunt was sending me nasty messages yesterday. >> apparently a blunt object must have hit her in the head. i said to my cousin call your mother and layoff. we're going to win this thing. and we won. >> it is amazing. and, you know, i'll say it again.
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>> showed the entire city and the entire world to show them they're team players and to come together as a group and work together. >> it meals a lot to us certainly to us in the room. the weather will be interesting feature here this week, especially if they plan that parade for wednesday. i have to wonder how much weather will play a role in their decision on the parade a nasty mess to deal with on wednesday. we do have lingering clouds, more than anything we start to break out sunshine. batch of snow and ice, for that matter, working it way just east of the rockies here. this is going to join us eventually with some moisture, coming in from the gulf, turn into pretty decent storm system. so let me jump awe all the way to overnight tuesday into early wednesday morning, just starting to move in at this point. but yes it, will likely start offer as a wintery mix and snow, probably some ice, too, and specially for the northern counties there is poses an issue. now, the temperature will
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climb, so eventually here in philly and most everywhere else it will turn over to rain this is already 1:00 p.m. again, parade socking -- soaking rain, primarily rain event, but travel at the onset that morning, with temperature climbing. as we look forwards in the eyewitness weather seven day, beyond that point, thursday looking a a heck of a lot brighter but also cents a lot colder. so certainly still looking and feeling like winter in the seven day, meisha, eventually we do rebounds to the 50's by the weekend. >> all right. that sounds good to me. anything feels better than it did in minneapolis, freezing colds there. outside we are happy happy bunch this morning. taking a peak outside. i will say, just headed out the door any time soon, especially around the center city area. downed light, downed pole, and still a lot of people out side on the roadways, lot of
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flashing lights and the squad cars n and around the center city area i would say give yourselves extra time. it is looking a lot better now than it was cents a handful of hours ago, the neighborhood areas really the areas you want to give yourselves extra time around. the boulevard pushing in the southbound direction, starting to heat up just a little bit. you can see how many headlights are out there. same story, my friends in jersey, 42 freeway northbound creek road, take this to 295 see just a stream, just steady stream of headlights starting to hit the roadways, plus accident out there, we are talking more about these coming up in the next ten minutes or so. rahel and jim back over to you >> inquirer headlines say at lace, the front page shows quarterback nick foles holding up singes lombardi trophy which the eagles have fought for over half century, eagles owner jeffrey lurie looks on at the bottom left hands corn er.
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>> headline is one for the ages. the photo captures the moment eagles coach doug pederson and foles congratulate each other. also under lines the hard work that got the team to their first super bowl championship. >> and the reading eagles reads vince homing the lombardi trophy. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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>> welcome back, so not everybody tunes in to watch the super bowl for the actual game. some watch for the half tie show. other watch for the commercials. >> last year's ads were more political in nature, but companies decided to take different approach. this year, here is hen a doba to break down the year's most talk about commercial. >> inside the ten. >> millions tuned in and watched the philadelphia eagles beat the new england patriots sunday night. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> but giant quarterback, eli manning, and receiver odel beckham, jr., may have stolen the show, with a nfl ad. where the two were seen from the movie dirt g dancing complete, and they responded with resounding, and receipt whitherspoon, made my night. advertisers stayed away from making political statement, most banking on humor or star power. >> lost her voice this morning >> like alexa commercial. >> stepping in for the cyber personal assistant. >> let's do this. anything i can help you with. >> yes, just typical super bowl carried. >> and tide taking home a lot of buzz, stranger things actor david harbor seemed to be in ads from everything, from cars , to beer, and insurance companies. >> turns out, they were all ads for the laundry detergent. advertising aids say according to marketing company, as of the third quarter, tide was
5:26 am
tweeting more than any super bowl ad that wasn't a movie trailer. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and if it was cents a rap ad were you looking for, look no further than joint soup ad promoting door eat owes and mountain dew. >> greatest among you shall -- >> critics say there were a few fumbles. including a ram truck ad using a speech by martin luther king , jr. and some say using the inspiring worse to spell trucks crossed the line, with tweets like not sure mlk's dream was cents it drive a ram ram truck defended the ad releasing on twitter, ram worked closely with the estate of martin luther king, jr., to celebrate those words during the largest tv viewing event annually. hena doba for cbs-3 " eyewitness news". >> i don't know about that. >> a lot of people not happy about that ad. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news,"
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what was it that pink got rid of just before she perform the the the a national anthem. >> shawnee? >> reporter: eagles fans got little too rowdy after big super bowl win, standing live outside of the macy where the window was smashed, and even more images around the city. trang? >> celebrating -- celebrations cents are continuing. live outside the models sporting goods, people are snatching up championship gear
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." good morning, i'm are rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in just a moment. first what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. today is monday, february 5th. >> throwing it deep for the ends zone. incomplete. >> the game is over. the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions. >> we're world champ johns. >> for eagles fans everywhere, this is for them. >> at last. the eagles finally win the super bowl. >> we are going to party. >> they're popping champagne bottles in the middlef


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