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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  February 6, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news " this morning. well new this morning, a woman is struck and killed crossing the boulevard. we'll tell you what police are saying about the driver involved in the crash. market mayhem. investors will be keeping a close eye on wall street largest one day drop in history. and guess what? the city preparing to honor our super bowl champs. we're live with what you need to know if you plan ongoing to the victory parade. today is tuesday, february 6th , i just love saying victory, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> it is victorias. >> a lot of people are wondered what the weather will be like for thursday's parade and the best way to get there. >> yes, already, saying septa, septa, septa.
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we will be talking about the road closures coming up washings we know so far. of course it will be unveiled a little more tomorrow. we do know little bit more now >> sounds good. at least the weather quiet, little cold by then, and i have to wonder whether the weather for tomorrow played a role in the decision. because it looks like a mess tomorrow. a lot more on that a little later in the show. but for now, getting you out the door with a few flurries up across parts of the poconos , those won't survive much further southeast but we do still have a lot of clouds over the city of philadelphia. so, may not see as pretty after sunrise as we saw yesterday, certainly not as clear of sunrise, but it is a generally very quiet day. looking at the temperatures, though, even though the wind flow is now turning much more southerly, yes, eventually warming up, but still cold outside, and still only into the 20's, across the vast majority of the region here, mount pocono, 16 your current temperature, but, that winds flow of course could make it feel little bit chillier any time it does flow even despite the fact it is now coming out of milder place, as the day progresses maybe little sunshine, but for the most
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part, this is just a cloudy day, watch the flurries far to the north, here in philly not going to see that it is mainly just clouds, meisha, thankfully miler than yesterday. >> yes, that will be actually real nice, see real nice. thanks, katie. looking outside, really just construction to talk b so schuylkill west, closed between south street and the vine. one eastbound lane, also block , just heads up on, that but also take a look at how many vehicles are out there. see the cones in the roadway, i'll let you know it clears out of the way but earlier start today than what we saw yesterday. so many people had been probably sleeping in. ninety-five south at cottman pushing southbound direction looking very quiet there. blue route at mid-county, same story, 4:30 in the morning, what we can expect around the areas. do have construction crews in new jersey, 59 south between princeton pike and route three ; two left lanes blocked, there new crews in delaware, 202 north and south, pa delaware state line, one lane blocked, there then talking about the break coming up in a little bit. rahel, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. new this morning, woman dead after hit by car in northeast
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philadelphia. police say driver struck a woman just after 11:00 last night, as she was walking across the roosevelt boulevard , 22 year old driver stayed on the scene and is cooperating with officers, the victim died of her injuries before midnight. >> she was hit with such force that she came out of both of her sneakers, and there is also some damage to the front of the striking vehicle. >> no word yet on what caused the crash. investigators say the driver did not appear to be impaired, how much, did not have a drivers license. so far, police have not identified the victim. well the eagles will be the guests of honor for big parade on thursday. >> we'll finds more about it this morning. if you are trying to book a hotel room, may already be too late. trang do live at the art museum where the parade will ends, good morning, trang. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, jim, yell, told as of last night, sole 85% of hotel rooms in the city already booked. and many hotels along the
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parade route are completely sold out. here is the art museum, plenty of eagles pride as you can see , and also, signs of preparations for this victory parade are pretty much everywhere. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles! >> the eagles got a little taste whatever their parade will be like when they touchdown in philly monday afternoon. hundreds of fans gathered at atlantic aviation to greet the super bowl champs and get get get get a glam ups of the vince lombardi trophy. >> fans will get another chance to do just that, at the eagles victory parade at 11:00 . crews worked throughout the day monday, setting up a stage on of the art museum steps, special seating and of course hundreds of portapotties for the projected 3 million people expected to attend. >> the parade will start at
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broad and pattison outside lincoln financial field. head north on broad, around city hall, then up the ben franklin parkway, ending in front of the art museum. >> it is going to be unbelievable. >> and we as a city so pumped of course as eagles fans will learn more about what is going to happen. later on today, the news conference at 9:00 a.m. it will include city officials as well as septa, and eagles officials, but for now, live from the art museum, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> looking forward to it, thank you. of course you can see the parade of champions live on cbs-3 on thursday, we will be there every step of the way, as the team makes their way up broad street and to the art museum, as "eyewitness news," and the philadelphia eagles, don't miss it. >> meantime, quarterback nick foles was not with the team when they're playing touchdown in philly yesterday. instead the super bowl mvp took the traditional trip to disney world as he was honed order as the grand marshall during the super bowl parade.
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>> a lot of emotions, all in one, like you said, going from the super bowl, to instantly being at disney world, you can't ask for a better day. it feels like we're in philadelphia. i mean the fans, i mean, there is green everywhere, fans everywhere, excited about the super bowl win. >> eagles nation suffer where. after the parade, foles spent time enjoying disney world, he will return on thursday for the victory parade down broad street. >> meanwhile the party is officially over in minneapolis , and clean up is now underway. the elaborate set up on nicolet mall that was super bowl live is slowly disappears , the big purple ban that's red super bowl lii were the first to go and the stage used for live performances during the ten day festival is no more. >> crews are aim to go have the clean up completed by friday. >> meantime, the eagles nation is blocking home from minnesota. "eyewitness news" was at fly yesterday, where some eagles fans lucky enough to see the super bowl in person touched down. folks getting off the plane
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were still riding emotional high. talked with victoria woodill and said it was an experience that they'll never forget. >> we beat tom brady and the patriots, we beat all of the latest. >> everybody was happy, number one, won the super bowl. confetti coming down. >> my dad has season tickets, zero seven years old, he was with us out there. he was out there with his grandson, me, my brother-in-law, my nephew, his two grandsons, it was great. >> great to hear. well, today's first flight from minneapolis to philly international expected to land around 9:33 this morning. >> member of law enforcement used the words knuckleheads when describing the people that damaged part of the city on super bowl. now, three people have been arrested, and they expect many more. among the structures damaged was the awning at the ritz carlton hotel it, collapsed until it finally gave way. seriously injured here, more damage done elsewhere, not too far from, there the windows at
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macy's, they were shared, traffic polls knocked to the grounds, and gas station on south broad was looted: >> we are are all adults. we need to act your age. show respect. they're going to grow up, and they're watching this. >> using surveillance video to try to identify some of the vandals. >> in other news this morning, asian markets are tumbling after wall street sell-off with the dow jones industrials chalking up its biggest ever single day point lost. >> the the closing bell yesterday the dow dropped almost 1200. wiping out its gains for the entire year so far. at one point during the trading session, it plunged more than 1600 points. investors blame worries about higher inflation and rising interest rate. the dow finished the day at 24,345. the nasdaq composite and the s&p 500 were also sharply lower. >> it is now up to president trump to decide whether to release second memo on the
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rosh hashana an election investigation. the house intelligence committee has voted unanimously to release democratic rebut toll gop memo released last week. the gop memo accuses the department of justice and the fbi of abusing their surveillance powers. the justice department and the fbi are reviewing the democratic memo before the president decides whether to release it, he has five days. >> coming up. could curing baldness? surprising study coming up. >> taking flight today, one of the most powerful rockets to ever blastoff into space. we'll tell you about the special cargo on board coming up. >> and commemorating the super bowl win. one fan's permanent reminder of the most gutsy trick play from the eagles big win. back in two minute.
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>> welcome back, space x prepares to test out what could be become the worlds' most powerful rocket. falcon heavy will head off
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between florida space center this afternoon, will be testing from the collection into space. space fan at tricks all over the worlds are in floored to see the lunch, describing ago either great rocket launch or the best fireworks display ever seen. so i guess we'll see later today this afternoon. meantime 4:42. >> and katie is here for another check on the forecast. >> hey, guys. for now, we're just got a lot every clouds out there, some flurries flying in the poconos , and snow showers here and there. but the bulk of any of the snow that you're currently seeing is not going it reach our area. we're primarily stuck in the clouds here through the better part of the day. also miler here today. certainly not short and t-shirt weather but we will get in the 40's. new storm system getting its act together. few specs every gwen across the deeper south, moisture that eventually joins up with this, this next disturbance, that comes, in and it is a pretty potent one at that. it will just be warm and cold front passage.
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it all comes through the span of one day. so tomorrow, is go time. that's when things get underway. and actually about this same time is with we will see the leading edge of the precipitation coming in. because this comes un the cover of darkness, l the chill to work with, it primarily start off as snow. all right? so we are our morning drive is likely to feature some slick travel whether from accumulating snow of inch an or two, easier higher totals up to the north with the coldest air in place, by the time this round of snow turns over to rain with time, there even maybe be three to 6 inches that fall up in the poconos specifically here in the city maybe inch or two and then there could be break before a turn over to plane rain. when this lane comes through, any snow that will have fall send going to easily get washed away in the city. but talking about drenching rain that comes through through the middle part of the day. then the main line of the cold front comes through. that will be another quick rounds of very heavy rain that rumbles through and then we're
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out of it by the time we hit tomorrow night. so again, basically all day event, tomorrow you'll need umbrella, need some patience, right now, i would just have the for thought to set your alarm extra early for tomorrow's drive. by thursday for the eagles parade looking a lot better but very, very chilly with the winds also picking up. meisha? >> very good to know about tomorrow morning, so all of you take note. yes, leave your homes little early for sure. good news so far this morning, things actually looking real good out there. although it looks like maybe getting a little bit earlier of a start than what we saw yesterday. so many people were sleeping. sleeping in little bit for good reason. so we do have construction still out here schuylkill west closed between south street and the vine, one eastbound lane also blocked. i'll let you know when the cones move out of the roadway. look at the vehicles out there on the schuylkill. beautiful shot here of the ben franklin bridge, for my friends in jersey and over the bridge, westbound into center city looking just as it should about quarter to 5:00 or so. then some construction in new jersey, 59 south between princeton pike and route 31, two left lanes blocked there. in delaware, 202 north and
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south, pa delaware state line one lane blocked there. take look, traveling little less than posted speeds. now, get this. the parade early estimate are saying we could have attendance upward of around 3 million people or so. and of of course the stadium broad street to the art museum no set plan yet for septa. however, they are saying of course septa will be your best bet. we will be talking more about this coming up. but quickly, no parking on the ben franklin parkway starting tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. jim, back over to you. >> thank you so much, meisha. well in other news this morning, here is a interesting new study. french fries might cure hair lost. re searches in japan found a way to regrow hair in mice using the same type of silicon used by some fast-food restaurants, it is often add today french fries to reduce oil spat err, while cooking. preliminary studies suggest the same method would be just as successful in humans, but more research obviously is
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needed. >> where was this when george cast stanza -- >> exactly. still ahead: free beer for the eagles parade, where you can grab a beverage on thursday. >> one condition's super bowl bundle of joy. when their baby decided to enter the world and did they miami him after an eagles player?
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4:49 am
morning with a press conference at 9:30. >> and put it on their tab. >> free beer, now that the eagles are super bowl champs after the victory bud light tweeted 25 bars along thursday parade route will offer flea bud light to pay tons, remember last summer lane johnson said woe give free beer to fans if the eagles won the super bowl. that's when bud light tweeted johnson saying let's make a bet. put it on, the party is on us, by winning it all, the birds have made that bet a reality come true on thursday. >> i don't know if this is a good idea. maybe i'm the only one. i like free stuff all the time , but just like okay? >> philly, i love you, but do we need more? >> exactly. >> 4:49. time for check on business news. >> diane king hall joins us from the new york stock exchange, diane, good morning, so the brick and mortar retail industry continues to struggle yet another retailer is meeting its demise. who is it this time? >> good morning, rahel, and
4:50 am
jim. bonn done stores have filed for bankruptcy and is looking for a buyer. one hundred year old retail chain is deep in debt, its sales have tumble, the company also cents plans to close 42 stores. rahel, jim? >> one up nearby cabin, i like it, always quiet there. but that's not a good thing from retail. >> it will be very quiet. >> so diane, there is a hubbub on social media with some people scratching their head about ooh dorito for women. what's this all about? >> all right, so, in was a report that dorito's was working on lady friendly version because i guess we can't deal with how noisy and messy, but it is not true, in a statement emailed yesterday, said spokeswoman said the reporting on a specific dorito product for females mail consumers inaccurate. she sent this out monday evening. and that it already has the dorito's for women, they're calling, quote, dorito's. >> i'm sitting next to the world championship challenge person of the world here.
4:51 am
>> oh, i know. >> i mean -- >> i that you. >> she can eat fire. >> i can eat all of the spicy dorito's in the world, diane. and they don't have to be for women. >> oh, my gosh. rahel could be on fear factor. >> true. >> don't give me any ideas. >> i'll sign her up right now. we'll check in with you in the next hour. thanks, diane. >> thank you. >> some people have said they would give their arm for an eagles super bowl victory. and this south jersey man has. from depford, now the so-called philly special play tatooed on his arm, the play where eagles tightened tray burton took a toss from corey clement and scored touchdown pass, quarterback nick foles in sunday super bowl win over the patriots. morgan said it was football history. >> it was the greatest play i've ever seen in my entire life. it means a lot to me that corey clement was involved in it, because he's from glassboro, went to college in glassboro, so i love corey clement. >> hometown hero. >> and morgan says the super bowl win was a sentimental
4:52 am
moment. he lost his step dad who started his eagles fan about ten years ago, hasn't missed an eagles game since. he called the win a bucket list moment. >> and katie will tell us about the wintery mix that is headed our way. >> back in just a moment.
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>> today is the day proverbial calm before the storm. we have a lot of clouds out there, no re precipitation issues. you might see few flurries or snow shower, far north and west, into the poconos, most specially. the rest of us are not going to see that, not going to reach us here in philly certainly. just the clouds overhead. also, nice little turn around on the thermometer. let's talk about tomorrow. already, pre-emptively the national weather service set to issue winter storm watch. that is going to start tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m. the clearly the morning drive will be impacted by this, i think by the time we're on the air, at least the leading edge approaching our area. and we will also here in the city start off with some snow.
4:55 am
but it is a totally different story depending where you are. this is going to be a mixed bag after storm. but, specific to snow, here in the city, coating maybe upward of an inch, locally two at absolute max before things turn over. but you could really hit a jackpot up in the poconos. look at that, projecting upward at least on this model of as much as 7 inches plus. so this really could be a heavy hitter for that area, not in the sit when it comes to snow. we're going to, how much, have our fair share of snow, some icing, and eventually turn over to rain. that will rain will be heavy through the second half of the day, meisha. >> going to be busy, that is going to be a very busy commute tomorrow morning, so heads up on that. thanks so much, katie. looking outside right now, still casino every looking at this construction area, schuylkill west closed right now between south street and the vine. good news is one eastbound lane, also closed, then moved out of the way, kind of good indicator this is starting to hopefully move out of our way sometime very shortly. usually does light around 5:00 so we'll see what happens right now. forty-two, 42 freeway northbound at creek road, take it toward 295.
4:56 am
a lot of early risers already up, you can see how many headlights are out there, not even in the 5:00 hour. close, but in the quite yet. then we have this, just heads up mass transit. we have suspension for wire problems here, chestnut hill west suspended right now, so just make sure to check the schedules on line, and some construction crews still out there 95 south between princeton pike and route 31. two left lanes blocked there. also cents some construction crews in delaware as well, 202 north and south, pa delaware state line. one lane blocked there. take a look, traveling little less than supposed speeds, jim , back over to you. >> thank you, meisha. super bowl baby two. parent celebrated their son's birth during one of the most historic moments in philadelphia sports. >> maureen and joseph only made it through the first half of sunday's game before their son decided to make his grand entrance into the world. the super bowl baby born at 7:50 sunday night at einstein medical center in philadelphia his parent did miss the half time show but still lot of excitement in the delivery room. >> really intense contractions
4:57 am
, and every time they would score or something good would happen, joe would just start screaming at my son , wow, really you need to back away, i'm having contractions, but symptom screaming at my stomach. >> back away from the baby. maureen said her husband wanted the to name the baby doug p after head coach but went with matthew james instead. both nice names. >> indeed. coming up: live on wall street with a look at how markets overseas are doing after the dow nosedive yesterday. >> also ahead, live at the art museum where the eagles victory parade will ends on thursday. we'll have a look. >> and we'll tell you why bill cosby's defense attorneys say they were wrong. we're back at the top of the hour.
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>> preparing for a parade. after sunday's super bowl win, now time to celebrate, liver with the parade route and the business that is are benefitting it from it all. >> market melt-down, investors preparing for another wild ride on wall street after the dow saw its largest one day drop ever yesterday. a live look from our center city studios from our spring garden cam, this time tomorrow morning, we could be dealing with a wintery mix. watches and advisories are already posted for parts of our area. let's begin with today, it is tuesday, february 6th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> first things first.


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