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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 6, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> preparing for a parade. after sunday's super bowl win, now time to celebrate, liver with the parade route and the business that is are benefitting it from it all. >> market melt-down, investors preparing for another wild ride on wall street after the dow saw its largest one day drop ever yesterday. a live look from our center city studios from our spring garden cam, this time tomorrow morning, we could be dealing with a wintery mix. watches and advisories are already posted for parts of our area. let's begin with today, it is tuesday, february 6th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> first things first. i'm rahel solomon.
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katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> yes, really just construction out there right now. i think a lot of people are starting to talk about the parade. talking about this yesterday. i wonder if they'll wait and push out the parade because of weather. probably good thing considering it is busy sounds like. >> definitely a mess. we'll talk about it through the show. if you are just checking in, want it get out on the road right now, let me give you a sense how things are looking at this momentment frankly pretty calm, the proverbial calm before the storm right now. we have few snow showers and flurries flying through the poconos, but look at the three hour loop. see how they don't really progress past carbon, monroe counties? you won't see this continue with its trek southeast. just going to stay up in the zone. even there, not causing any major problems. but i would call on some of our folks in the eyewitness weather watcher network up and up that far if you've got the report of some flurries, love see pictures or get your reports in for 5:45. cloudy everywhere else. winds have eased up well. also turning more southerly. so this is one of several
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reasons that the temperatures are going to have the opportunity to rebound. now i'm not saying it will be balmy, but certainly is miler by comparison. currently in the two's, eventually rebounds back to the 40's, as the day progresses here, and that's where we should. so looking hour by hour, yesterday, you didn't have much movement on the thermometer. today you absolutely do. twenty's, to 30's, to eventually where we should be action zero, the four's, might even see a blake in the cloud deck cover for sunshine. do expect it will be a quiet day. here's my advice. just have the for thought right now to set the alarm little extra early for tomorrow. again storm brewing. we will talk much poor about that in the next hit. meisha? >> katie, thank you so much. and looking outside, like i said if the world of travel, some construction, vine looking good, westbound, jumping on the schuylkill, eastbound side looking quiet as well. hopefully we can keep up the levels a little bit. but where woe start to heat up not only because of construction but just volume as well is around the schuylkill westbound, now, it is closed, between south
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street and vine. however, that might be just opening right now. also, one eastbound lane also closed, that has cleared out of the way. so the westbound side, although starting to see some movement, but i can't get over , in the 5:00 hour, how many vehicles are already out there around this area. so in the next 30 minute, i would start to give yourselves maybe couple of extra minutes, hey just heads up, chestnut hill west is suspended due to some wire problems. so, again, make sure to check the schedules on line. construction crews in jersey 95 south between princeton pike and route 31, two left lanes block there, plus construction crews throughout in delaware. 202 north and south between the delaware state line, one lane blocked there, yellow, your little blinker letting you know traveling less than posted speeds. rahel, jim, back over to you. >> eagles nation taking over the town again on thursday. >> phillie is giving up for big old parade. guest of honor is the super bowl champs, and the vince lombardi trophy. always wanted to do.
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that will the parade ends at the art museum where " eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live. trang. >> hey, good morning, guys. so much excitement in the city in fact the school district of philadelphia actually canceled classes for thursday so that staff and student can enjoy this parade. meanwhile, here at the art museum there is eagles banner here, atop the stems, the perfect backdrop for a victory parade. >> eagles got a taste whatever their parade would be like when they touched down in philly yesterday afternoon. hundred cents of fans gathered at atlantic aviation to greet the super bowl champs and get a glimpse of the vin lombardi prove. >> i'm trying to be around all eagles players, fans, everything. >> fans will get another chance to do just that at the eagles victory parade at 11:00 . crews worked throughout the day monday setting up stage on
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of the art museum tens, special seating and of course hundreds of portapotties for the projected 3 million people expected to attend. >> so ill cheer for the eagles >> parade starts at broad and pattison outside lincoln financial field, head north on broad, around city hall, then up the ben franklin parkway ending in front of the art museum. it is going to be unbelievable. >> now, we just cannot wait. we are standing by for a news conference, cobble g up at 9:00 this morning, where officials discuss more about the parade, and also, septa will let us know the best way to get there. but for now, live from the art museum, trang do, cbs-3, " eyewitness news," jim and rahel, back to you. >> thank you so much, trang. and you can see the parade of champions live right here on cbs-3 thursday, we will be there every step of the way as the team makes their way up broad street, and then to the art museum. "eyewitness news" and the eagles, celebration continues.
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>> eagles quarterback nick foles continues to live out his cinderella season, super bowl mvp took the traditional trip to disney world where he was honored as the grand marshall during the super bowl parade. >> a lot of emotions cents, all in one. like you said, going from the super bowl, to instantly being at disney world, i mean, you can't ask for a better day. it feels like we're in philadelphia. the fans, i mean, it is green everywhere, fans everywhere, excited about the super bowl win. >> i don't understands why mickey was wearing red, white and blue, should have been wearing a green jersey this. well after the parade foles spent some time enjoying disney world, mvp will return on thursday, the victory parade. >> tiegs nation flying home. fans lucky enough to be in minnesota are now headed back to fill. "eyewitness news" was at philadelphia international airport airport yesterday where eagles fans getting off the plane were still clearly riding emotional high. everyone who talk to our vittoria woodill say being there was an experience like no other.
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>> we beat tom brady and the patriots, beat the referees, beat all of the hitters? it was great. everybody was cents happy. we're number one. we won the super bowl. con getting coming down. >> my dad had season ticket, he is 70 years old, he was cents out there with my grandson, my brother-in-law, my nephew, his two grandsons, it was great. >> and i love it see the folks just sort of flapping their wings there. today's first flight to minneapolis to philadelphia international airport is expected to lands 9:43 a.m. >> minneapolis airport the birds literally. symbolic philadelphia eagle spotted there yesterday as eagles fans prepared to fly back to philly. and it was quite the greeting for folks still flying high off the big eagles bin sunday night. >> and while the celebration also just getting started in philadelphia, it is time to clean up in minneapolis, party officially over in the colds north. super bowl live on nicolet mall is slowly disappearing. the big purple ban that's red super bowl lii were the first to go, and the stage used for
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live performances during the ten day festival is no more. a lot of fun was had by all, but folks who live and work nearby are happen that i it is over. >> it is good to have the streets back. so we can all move around and have our own space again. >> the target date for the clean up to be complete is friday. and looking to relive the incredible moments leading up to, during and following the eagles historic super bowl lii , head over to your source for all things eagles. and in other news this morning, investigators are still trying trying filling out what caused a driver to hit and kill a woman in northeast philadelphia. police say the woman struck just after 11:00 p.m. last night while walking across cents roosevelt boulevard boulevard near large street. the driver stayed on the scene and cooperating with officers. the victim died of her injuries before midnight. >> she was hit with such force , that she came out of both of her sneakers. and there is also some damage to the front of the striking vehicle. >> investigators say the driver did not appear to be
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impaired, how much, did he not have a drivers license. so far, police have in the identified the victim. well, the sell-off has cents started on wall street, rattled asian markets this morning, but did not sends them into a panic. japan's nikkae index dropped more than 4% hong kong lost more than 5%. this follows the dow jones industrial average's largest one day drop in history. it lost more than 1100 points, wiping out gains for the entire year so far. but, as diane king hall reports, there is no sense of panic on wall street. >> a deeply down day on wall street led to much of the same on the other side of the globe asian markets continued the downward slide this morning, australia also felt the sting whatever many analysts cents are calling a looming correction. >> the stock market is has gone too far too fast. just appropriate to hit the reset button. >> markets slumped for a slew every reasons. among them, rising interest rates, still it has become the
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biggest global sell-off since 2016. the dow lost 1,175 points, by day's ends. big drop, but again, something market watchers saw coming. >> very quai net there. very orderly, no panic. so honestly don't think there is much to panic about. >> and that's the advice for you from financial planners. don't panic. if you had money in the market , view it as a long-term investment that over the longrun is expected to grow. >> what would happen if i put $10,000 into the stock market right after the president was elected, and even with this two day sell off, that $10,000 , it would be worth $13,280 today. >> president trump was often taking credit for the recent stock market rise, and also heed that advice. the white house spokesperson released a statement saying, quote, the president focus on our long-term economic funds mentales, which remain exceptionally strong. diane king hall, cbs news, wall street.
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>> so what can investors expect when the market opens this morning? >> diane will join us again for money watch in just about 25 minute. >> meanwhile up next, the democrats draft their response to the controversial gop memo. we will tell how gets and can be released. >> comedian bill cosby defense team admits they were wrong about something, we'll tell you what they mistakenly accuse prosecutors of doing. >> we're live with more on massive rocket launch today, that could be a historic success, or a giant fail. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> fun fact for your thursday morning, katie fehlinger is a huge fan of the song. >> so good. >> pat gallen was there, too. >> morning show party. >> spate x, the man, behind the launch but hear what he's spending into space. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> press trump, the house inch ten genes committee voted unanimously to release a
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democratic memo. the they accuse the justice department and the fbi. abusing surveillance powers, both agencies are reviewing the democratic memo before the president decides whether to green light the release. and, a source says former white house chief strategist steve ban on will not appear before the house intelligence committee corks put him in contempt to failing to comply with the subpoena. it is cents because every dispute between the white house and the committee on the scope of questioning. last month told the panel he would only answer questions on top wicks he was cents chief executive of president trump's campaign. >> the pennsylvania congressional redistricting program will go ahead as planned, despite pleas to put it on hold. u.s. supreme court has refused to stop the plan to to re draw the state's 18 congressional district. the pennsylvania supreme court ruled last month, that the boundaries are un constitionally configured, to benefit the gop. the practice you may recall is called jerry manned erring. lawmakers have until friday to come up with the new district.
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happening today: pennsylvania governor tom wolf delivers his final first term budget address in harrisburg. administration officials say the address will not introduce any new policy initiatives, but rather, look back on the governor's accomplishments, his proposed budget will also include spending increases for education, childcare, and addiction treatment. >> bill cosby defense team is admitting it wrongly accused prosecutors of hiding evidence in his sexual assault case. they say they made the claim without realizing they informed cosby previous legal team. told former lawyer another woman had cashed out on cosby accuser andrea constand. the alabama told them that constand told them she wasn't assault you had but could make up the allegation toss get money. retrial set for april. >> meantime, 5:16. katie speaking of today, a lot of people are thinking about service day. >> calm before the storm. >> let's say it is chilly out there. >> definitely chilly out there then sandwiched inbetween a parade forecast as well as
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today, also got storm system to talk about. so lots to get to here. we start it off with thankfully that calm before the storm. now, we actually have disturbance working it way across the great lakes into western pa. this is also producing shower across parts of the poconos, it is in the going it reach us here in philly however. don't worry about it here. then we've got the beginning of the next storm system now breaking out, tweaking into kansas, moisture starting to pop a cross the deep south. these pieces all come together to create much larger and much more beautiful organized storm , but it usually means a lot stronger there is one will have impact. so let's jump you into wednesday here. high pressure makes its exit. here we go. that's what's going to slide on through here. see whole mixed bag here. you ends up with a whole mix of snow, some ice initially through the morning drive, no less, and that will eventually as temperatures climb turn over to rain. however, we've got to worry about even accumulation of ice out of this, as well as a snow accumulation, especially in the northern half of our area.
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philly, i would expect that you would ends up with maybe an inch or two of snow before that turn-over to rain. then all pretty much gets washed away. far north you could not only ends with a few inches every snow, maybe even three to upward of 6 inches out of this , but also some icing too. so the poconos, really ends up getting hit the hardest out of this, that's why you'll have winter storm watch takes effect tomorrow morning, lasts all day long, winter weather advisory posted out to lancaster county. so really the outer lying counties, that ends up with the biggest impact out of this , that's going to require clean up, but certainly again, no picnic here in the city. so we ends one pretty drenching rain through the midday as the temperature climbs to the 40's, not without those problems early on, as the temperatures cold enough. looking forward, however, well the eagles parade looks a lot brighter but a lot colder too. so you're only at 33 for high anyway meisha, then you have to factor in the windchill, too. >> that's going it really feel chilly. thirty-three with the sun, all right, well, katie, thank you for tomorrow. like katie said, set those alarms, definitely need to do. that will as far as today's
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commute. so far so good. delaware county 95 north at 452. do take that all the way up there, that's what you are looking at, looking good, all the way up at the airport really what it looks like. construction here, we had it, schuylkill west, closed between south street and the vine. one eastbound lane also blocked. and that's now cleared out of our way. we can see the flash being lights but that's not pertaining to the construction , that's all removed. so looking good, also easing some of the tension, that we were starting to see build as they were get that cleared out of your way. heads up mass transit. we have some wires problems going on, because of it you might need to check the schedules on line. chestnut hill west right now suspended, trenton out bound, running about mint delays, just heads up on that if i were you, like i said, make sure it check the schedules on line right now though that's what we have. then construction in new jersey, 95, still out there southbound between princeton pike and route 31, two left lanes are block there, rahel, jim, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. now for look at newspaper headlines from across the region. >> from the trentonian,
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arrested inside a prison. three men already serving sentencing cents for child pornography were arrested yesterday at the federal correctional institution in fort dix. the three charged with using contraband cell phones and micro sd cards to distribute. >> paulsboro man who pleaded guilty to making bomb threats to south jersey high school robbing a van and poe testing crack cocaine is shed today prison. twenty-seven year old travis every paulsboro was sentenced yesterday to ten years behind bars. >> in the news journal the university of delaware announced yesterday it will begin charging business engineering and nursing students between $1,004,000 more than the standards undergraduate tuition rates. administration straight ores also announce that they want to hire 500-600 new faculty members in the next five to seven years. >> that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware and lehigh valley. >> and, the eagles win is a win for everyone today. find out what you can get from free because of the super bowl
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championship. >> also ahead we will tell you how a bet against the eagles led to some free cheese steaks stay with us. we will be right back.
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>> bud light is placing good on a prom tis made several months ago. >> celebrating the eagles big win by giving out free beer, yes, after the victory bud light tweeted 25 bars on thursday's parade route will offer free bud light. last summer you may recall, lane johnson said he would give pre beer to fans if the eagles won the super bowl. so, that's when bud light tweeted back saying: let's make it a bet. the party is on us.
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important note: it is one free beer per person and, yes, must be 21. >> and more free stuff, boston markets, call themselves philly market, will give away 52 rose tis are you birds for free today. we're showing you the participating locations on your screen, they include pennsylvania, and new jersey, to qualify, you have to be one of the first 52 customers line when they open up at 10:30. and even people up in patriots country getting free stuff. >> yesterday the five spot in portland main gave away cheese steaks, the owners the philadelphia native and eagles native. decided few months ago his shot all free steaks in the eagles won it all. >> i said back in february, or back in november, if the eagles take the super bowl, there would be free cheese steaks all day until we run out. and as is it happens, we're serving everybody today eagles and paths fans alike, fantastic game, and we just really enjoyed it. >> he's definately one of ours eagles fever going on there, and before the lunch rush the
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owner said he had already made about 160 sandwiches. and almost bomb -- lombardi trophy isn't the only what they're getting, the wwe sending the birds, executive vice president of talent and wrestler himself triple a the, zach ertz you're the world champion, so you need a world title. congratulations eagles, fly eagles fly. >> coming up in the next half hour of/witness news, after dismal day on wall street, we'll check in on how the markets are doing overnight. meanwhile, chan tee? >> they prepare to test out what could be the world's most powerful rocket, ahead the details behind today's launch, of falcon heavy. >> and a permanent play, we're hearing from a fan who got this reminder that far fantastic foles play tatooed on himself when we come back.
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>> from the doctor. bs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". >> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in just an employment. first what you need to start your day in the morning minute today is tuesday, february 6th celebrating the super bowl champs. >> philly is gearing up for a parade, honoring the philadelphia eagles. so much excitement in the
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city, in fact, the school district every philadelphia actually cancelled classes cents for thursday. >> get ready for another roller coaster day here on wall street after nearly 1200. lost for the dow yesterday. >> set to blastoff into space. >> the biggest rocket in the world by far. >> with one big unusual item on board, a 100,000-dollar car . >> fans are rushing to this fence here as the players, the coaches, the entire team came over here. >> to share the most beautiful moment with us. >> going from the super bowl to instantlying in disney world, you can't ask for a better day. >> i have no clue what my fight your holds, but i'm not worrying about it, i'll just live in the present.


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