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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 6, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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guys. >> happy tuesday. so we're actually looking pretty good this morning, i don't want to jinx it, but right now, no accidents to speak of. yes, i know, that's why thank you very much, overall things are looking good. site being set on the parade at this point on thursday, so we'll have those update coming up. >> i'm sure there will be a lot of closures, a lot of issues for anybody trying to maneuver through that, if you're not going to the parade but what we will fine for now at least pretty quiet weather, obviously though you do have snow showers falling here, across the pocono legion. so, might even be modest accumulation that takes place up that way, if that's where your travels are taking you, little extra fresh powder for the slopes. that's not going it reach us, how much, here in fill. let alone the rest of the region. we will sit just with clouds overhead for the majority of the day here, even few breaks every sunday before said and done, all part of the disturbance, very minor disturbance that's moving through. so that's where that is coming f yes, we do have much larger much more potent storm that's going to impact everyone come
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tomorrow. which we will get to. for now, however, currently sitting in the 20's, cold start granted but at least wind has eased up, and wind flow turned more southerly with the wind barbs moving in from the south. we do warm up nicely as the day goes on, so back where we should be frankly, back to the low 40's here with some clouds , turning over to at least a few breaks every sunday, as the day progresses. but, a look ahead, well, there is again new storm system that will be moving in, and that's going to mess with us, for the morning commute, lit zero let alone the rest of the commute, all day event, that we've got to discuss and it has whole mixed bag, too, meisha, snow, ice and rain with this one. we will get to that a little later. >> disaster, when you get the rain mixed when ice, that can real lead to so many problems. so, heed that warning, and set the alarm earlier than normal, and if it lingers out there for our evening commuters is as well. but so far so good. ninety-five south at cottman, looking pretty good here. yes, we are actually looking pretty good. some brake light going off,
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but overall still traveling at posted speeds and 95, ben franklin bridge, gorgeous shot here, starting to heat up a little bit traveling westbound into center city but overall, looks good there. freeway at creeping road, approaching 295, really starting to heat up here. so you are still traveling at posted speeds, for our friends in jersey you might start tapping your brakes now that we just cracked into the 6:00 hour. factor in couple of extra minute in the next 15, 20 minutes or so. we're having wire problems, chestnut hill west, that's now back to normal. but trenton outbound, still running about 20 minute delays , so just to make sure to check the schedules on line , jim, rahel, back to you. >> eagles are finally getting their victory parade. >> right at broad street to the art museum, where we find "eyewitness news" reporter trang do, liver this morning, and trang, what do we know right now? we know we'll get more details in a little bit.
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but what do we know right now? >> rahel, jim, we know that this will be the place to be, to see the grand finale of the eagles victory parade here at the art museum. already had those eagles banners set up, and now you can see, they have that stage set up, but if you can't get down here, there is going to be plenty of opportunity to take it all in along the route . >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles! >> the eagles got little taste of what their parade will be like when they touchdown in philly monday afternoon. hundreds of fans gathered at atlantic aviation, to greet the super bowl champs and get a glimpse of the vince lombardi trophy. >> i'm trying to just be around all eagles players, fans, everything. >> fans will get another chance to do just that as the eagles victory parade at 11:00 . crews work throughout the day monday, setting up stage on the art museum steps, special seating and of course hundreds of portapotties for the
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projected 3 million people expected to attend. >> ill keel for the eagles. >> parade will start at broad and pattison outside lincoln financial field. head north on broad, spring around city hall, then up the ben franklin parkway ending in front of the art museum. >> it is going to be unbelievable. >> that's what we absolutely cannot wait. later on this, more coming up at 9:00 the city, eagles, septa will hold joint press conference because it is more details about thursday's parade. but for now, live from the art museum, i'm trang do, cbs-3, " eyewitness news," jim, rahel, back to you. >> we've been waiting decades for this, so we better do it right. thanks, trang. >> eagles fans in our area and beyond making plans to attend the parade. tour company in lack ban a county is setting up bus rides for those who want to attend the parade in philadelphia. >> first of all to have cried
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in 1908, to have cried in 2004 and to be riddick justly happy right now. so ya, long time coming. and city deserves it. >> long time coming and yet right on time. you can see the parade of champions live right here on cbs-3 thursday. we will be there every step of the way. as the team makes their way up broad street to the art museum , "eyewitness news" and the eagles, celebrating continues, don't miss it. >> meanwhile, quarterback nick foles is waking up in the happiest place on earth, super bowl mvp keeping up with tradition, went to disney world yesterday. he was hon orders as the grand marshal during the super bowl parade there. >> a lot of emotions cents, all in one, like you said, going from the super bowl to instantly being in disney world, you can't ask for better day. it feels like we're in philadelphia. i mean the fans, i mean, it is green everywhere, fans everywhere, excited about the super bowl win. >> now, after the parade foles spent time enjoying disney world. will return on thursday for the victory parade down broad street. >> and eagles nation is flying
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home, fans lucky enough to be in minnesota to see the super bowl in person, for now headed back home. "eyewitness news" at philadelphia international airport yesterday where eagles fans getting off the plane were still riding emotional high. everyone who talk to our vittoria woodill said being there was the experience after live time. >> we beat tom brady and the patriots, we beat referees, we beat all of the latest. >> it was great. everybody was happy. we're number one. we won the super bowl. con getting coming down. >> my dad has season tickets, he's zero seven years old. he was with us, out, there he was throughout with his grandson, made my brother-in-law my other, my nephew, had is two grandsons, it was great. >> the family affair. first flight from minneapolis to philadelphia international airport is expected to land 9:43 a.m., yes, we're number one. while the celebrations also just getting started here in philly clean up time in minneapolis. the elaborate set up on nicolet mall that was super bowl live, will be disappearing, big purple ban that's once red super bowl lii
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were first to go, and the stage used for live performance during the ten day festival also no more, crews aim to go have clean up complete by friday. >> in other news this morning, no word on whether a driver will be charged after hitting and killing a woman in northeast philadelphia. >> police say the driver struck the victim just after 11:00 last night while walking across roosevelt boulevard near large street. the 22 year old driver stayed on scene and is cooperating with officers. the victim died of her injuries just before midnight. >> she was hit with such force . >> also some damage to the front of the striking vehicle. >> now, investigators say cents the driver didn't appear to be impaired, how much, did he not have a driver license. so far, police have in the identified the victim. all eyes on wall street this morning, after yesterday 's sell-off. >> (cheers). >> the closing bell, the dow jones industrials had its worse single day point drop ever. it lost almost 1200 points
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erasing its gains for the year so far. do you finished the day 24,345 the nasdaq composite and the s&p 500 kings cents also cents ended yesterday sharply lower. >> looking ahead to trading today, asian market dropped overnight after the dow historic free-fall. hong kong market fell more than 5%, european markets also down, but rebounding from their lows. explains what triggered the wall street sell off. >> in a volatile day on wall street the dow jones industrial average fell by about 1600 points monday before rebounding some. >> the case where the market has gotten an little ahead of itself. needed to see a little correction. >> plunge came on the heals of steep sell off friday during which the dow closed more than 600 points lower. the economists say investors nervous bin nation, and possible interest rate hikes. >> there is a fear that inflation will kick up it ugly head or in this case it wanted head by many people. but it may do so in a ex pen
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den shale fashion which would force the fed to act very quickly. response, the white house issued statement saying president trump's phoning us is quite on our long-term funds mentales, which remained except lonnie strong. the president touted the recently passed gop tax cuts in ohio, something that will further boost the us economy. >> your paychecks are going way up. >> your taxes cents are going way down. >> despite the 4.6% decline monday, financial experts say, now is not the time to panic. >> this is part of the game plan that you have to live with. i want to be in it, so market go up, but i have to be in it on the way down also. >> diplons dollars about 7% at the height of the global financial crisis. mickey batiste, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." welcoming up in our next half hour, cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger will have much more on the mark
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plunge and what's behind it. >> plus 73 words. that's how long former us gym that is innings doctor larry nasar apology was cents with victims, hear what he says. >> hot tee isn't for everybody find out why it poses a higher cancer risk for some people. >> and, ice and frozen feet. why winter surfers say actually the best time of year to ride the waves. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> speaking every cold walter i think we'll have a wintery mixon our hands tomorrow morning. none of that thursday. >> sleet, mess -- >> little parade out there happening. have you heard about it? >> no, no. >> what's going on here? >> yes, yes. >> we will be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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for switching to progressive?
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[ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> welcome back everyone, for those every just philadelphia, winning the super bowl beat the winter blues. >> for some other people, something little more. check out, 29 degrees weather on lake michigan. water 34 degrees, and snow falling, so they say no place for beginners and you must also have the proper equipment for your own safety. winter surfers say it is all worth it. >> the waves are much stronger in the wintertime. because we get a stronger north wind.
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and the waves have a chance to build over the long set of the lakes. >> if you say so. one man said it is actually coal her he gets sledding than surfing on lake michigan. >> i don't understanded these people. >> good for them. like polar bear people. >> adventure seekers. >> you know, could you take that out of any context, and it would still make total sense. >> physical discomfort. >> yes, yes. >> so we try to keep them as comfortable as possible, kate. >> i indeed, the benefit of having climate controlled studios, yes, we have little disturb and the working its way east, and expect to go bypass most of us, we have, however, seen light snow showers falling far outlying counties to the north and west , won't see it in philly let alone the immediate vicinity. this will move in, and bring with it some pretty substantial impact, through
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most of tomorrow. so, today, is that quiet, calm before the storm, winter storm watches will be going into effect early tomorrow morning, up across the poconos, lehigh valley not included here, winter weather advisory in lancaster county. so really is the skirts of our area that get hit the hard what's it comes to wintery weather. here are the bullet points. the snow will begin around daybreak. and i would say, about this time is when things are over spreading the delaware valley. it will eventually as temperatures climb, winds change over from the wintery mix of snow and ice to plane rain. but the temperature needs to climb. it will do that through the day. the highest snow totals out of this, to the north and west most counties, but we will likely start off with a little bit of snow that does accumulate, quick coating to inch or two along this pink shaded area before the change overtakes place. but this is primarily going to be a winter weather event, for these north and western counties here. mainly a rain issue, the further south and east you travel. so, i would expect that you will need extra time for your morning drive tomorrow. need to take it slow. but if you get a jump start on
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the commute extra early, you may completely avoid it, again , i would say between about 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. when this is starting to move in. and maybe there is a break along the way mid-morning. but the majority of the day will feature wet weather, heavy rainout of this, too. now by thursday, well, good news, all gone. but it is a lot colder than might not feel any better than the 20's during the parade. >> we will have to bundle up for the parade indeed. thank youment looking outside right now, we are looking good , just volume levels starting to build. one accident to report as well so vine near 95, this is going to kind of be birdseye shot hereof what you will be working with, still traveling at posted speeds. some brake light just starting to get tapped now. 422 at route 23, you can see, starting to become little busy around this area in valley forge, as well. so i would say, give yourselves maybe couple every extra minutes on 422, as well. blue route, near route one, kind of the same thing. seeing more and more vehicles start to hit the roadway around this time. but we can expect that, as we push toward around the half
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hour mark. 6:30 or so whether we typically start to see a tuesday morning commute start to make that shift. we do have this accident. and this accident by the way is involving injuries, fuel spill, lansdowne, union avenue at baltimore avenue. if you are headed out there right now, certainly give yourselves couple of extra minute or avoid the area if you k back to you. >> in other news this morning, we will know in five days if president trump will green light the release of second memo that details the investigation into russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election, house intelligence committee voted unanimously to release democratic rebuttal to last week's gop memo. the republican memo accuse the justice department and f.b.i. of abusing surveillance powers the department of justice and the fbi are reviewing the democratic memo before the president decides whether to release it. >> another long prison sentence for former doctor larry that is cents ar. michigan judge sentenced him to 40-125 years in prison for
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abusing patient at a gymnasic club. he made brief apology to his victims. >> it is impossible to convey the depth and breaths of how sorry i am to each and everyone involved. your testimony will be forever in my thoughts. >> very brief indeed. nasar has been sense sentenced already to 40-175 years in prison for separate case. starting hads time behind bars with a 60 year federal term for top important if i crimes. bill cosby defense team admitting they wrongly accuse pros cents cute ers of hiding evidence in the cosby sexual assault case. cosby's lawyers say his previous legal team who cast doubt on andrea constand's claims of sexual assault. reportedly told a lawyer constand admitted she was knott assault the but made p out claims for money. cosby's lasts trial ended in a hung jury retrial set for april. >> in this morning's health watch. why certain people may want to avoid drinking hot tea. >> researchers in china found drinking hot tea is linked to sub stanley increased risk
6:20 am
every developing esophagus cancer but only in people who drink alcohol excessively and smoke cigarettes. researchers fund the risk was five times greater for that popular lakes. >> also in the health watch. flu season still going strong, and many people taking quick test to find out if they have it. a rapid flu test requires a swab to go deep into the nose for proper sample. the results are turned around in about five minute. but they can produce false negative's, c dc says only about 50 to 75% accurate. doctors say they're trained to know the signs of the flu. >> looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, got to be a duck. i may not proof that it is a duck. so somebody comes in, fever, aches, a lot of people sick in the house, or at the school, sounds like the flu, we know the flu is everywhere, it is the flu. >> now the difference in the cost of the two tests, can also be a factor for patients. rapid test costs between five and $10, a lab test can cost upward of to hundreds cents of dollars. big difference there.
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>> yes. still ahead: uproar after reports that dorito's was working on so-called lazy friendly chips. >> plus interesting reason foremen to eat french fries. how they could be the key to curing baltz necessary, that's coming up nex
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>> thankfully will also be a little more mild. guys? >> for a look at newspaper headlines from across the region. >> bodies of two murder victims found in a home in wilmington, brandywine village neighborhood, yesterday. a 29 year old woman was shot in the head, while 43 year old man was shot, stab, beaten, according to police, both appear to have been dead for few days. >> husband and wife pleaded
6:25 am
not guilty yesterday to murder related charges in connection with fatal stabbing after man, during botched deal. lawn a lane and austin arrested for the november death of pat of collingdale. >> from the times of the trenton, trenton police are asking for the public's help in identifying a young man, possibly a teenager, who tried to rob a bank of america last wednesday. the suspect walking into the bank of america on hamilton avenue and handed the tell area note asking for cash, but fled on foot before collecting any money. >> and that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware and lehigh valley. >> ingredient may have unexpected benefit. >> found way to regrow hair in mice icing same time of silicone used in fried foods, often add today french freeze. preliminary studies suggest the same method will be just as successful in humans, much more research needed so we have to let george know, and all will be well. >> coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news,"
6:26 am
more on the eagles victory parade and what fans can get for free if they attend. >> free is always good. plus, most powerful rocket in the world is set to blastoff into space, today, we will tell but the luxury item on board, that's raising few eyebrows. >> and this year flowers and candy aren't the most popular valentine day gift. find out what is topping the list, meisha? >> pretty good commute so far. but, we do have two again updates septa and few details coming up regarding the big parade thursday, all of the updates coming up first a quick break, stay where you are, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. just about 6:30, here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. today is february 6, 2018.
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>> here is he art museum, philly is gearing up for possibly the biggest parade in city history. >> of course, the guest of honor will be the super bowl champs, and of course the vince lombardi trophy. >> it will be unbelievable. >> get ready for another roller coaster day here on wall street after a nearly 1200. lost from the dow yesterday. >> first time something exciting has cents happened in rocket launch into very long time. >> this could become the world 's most powerful rocket. >> several babies born in our area during the super bowl. >> every time they scored or something good would happen, joe would start screaming at my stomach, whew! >> eagles fans have history after deem celebration during the first playoff win this year. one fan was arrested after punching a police horse. but the horse was fine.
6:31 am
he was listed in stable condition. >> oh, that stephen colbert, of course talng about some of the cloudy fans, of course law enforcement called them knuckleheads. >> i call them knuckleheads, too. looking ahead to thursday, nice celebration for the parade. >> but before that, wintery mix. >> yes. so we are going to be dealing with a pretty nasty wednesday forecast out there, guys. we'll talk much more, for now, it is pretty quiet too. ly another, separate disturbance working it way out to the northeast, lancaster county getting in on few flurries here and there, we'll let you know if we find any of our field cameras, spot outside next to reading pa in west lawn whereby tomorrow you'll ends up with the
6:32 am
combination of this next storm system first. this storm moving in, 24 the current temperature here, chilly, 20's across the board, little milder, little colder, depending on location, but as the day progress cents today, you don't have any wore which is wet weather just yet stay for the north and west most counties where only going to rebound to the 20's today. but here in the city probably even see little hint of some sunshine before it is all said and done with much more typical temperatures in the low four's. >> for tomorrow, little snowfall, even icing, potential for ice to accumulate in spot. rain the eventual outcome. warmer air moves, in big concern which we'll discuss, thankfully, wind not an issue but regardless, you know, this is going to have very substantial impact on travel here tomorrow, meisha, so we will walk you through much more of that detail and time it out later.
6:33 am
>> whenever dealing with ice, that can actually be very dangerous. all right, katie, thank you so much. looking outside right now, good morning, happy tuesday to you. ninety-five at girard, look how busy, starting to look now , so we can expect that right around 6:30 on tuesday morning. both directions actually looking pretty busy but really the southbound direction, i'm keeping my eye on. almost bumper to bumper conditions now. lot of brake light travel little less than posted speeds , so certainly want it give yourselves extra time. valley forge the same story here. 422 route 23. headlights moving in the eastbound direction. another area, start to factor in extra time, and of course our buddy the schuylkill you know jump off the boulevard at this point bumper to bumper here. so certainly have to give yourselves ex a frame, moving in the westbound direction on city avenue, pushing in the eastbound direction, see how bus tis looking over there, too. just look at the westbound side. not even moving there. couple of accident. this one with injuries and few lansdowne, union at baltimore avenue, another montgomery
6:34 am
township, lower state road, lanes block there, jim, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. all eyes are on space x today. it prepares to launch the worlds biggest rocket. >> "eyewitness news" reporter chantee lans joins us live from the cbs news center more on the historic lawn launch. >> good morning, space x founder and ' long musk says giddy with excitement. space phanatics are in from all over the world to see the lunch. if successful it can become the world's most powerful rocket. >> this is falcon heavy. and in less than ten hours, we will take flight. >> the biggest rocket in the world by far. like first time something exciting happened in rocket launch into very long time. >> nearly as strong as 20 boeing 747 jetliners, and could some day be able to take people to mars. exploring outer space has been long time goal of space x founder musk. >> about believing in the
6:35 am
future, thinking the future is better than the past. and i i can't think of anything more exciting than going out there, being among the stars. >> tuesday's test mission will carry one of musk personal test roadsters into space. when asked why he would sends $100,000 vehicle into outer space he tweeted he loved the thought of carstarphan drifting apparently endlessly through space. and if everything goes well on this launch, the falcon heavily start hauling satellites and other space items into orbit. >> it is going to be exciting. >> the price tag for each falcon heavy lawn such $90 million, which is considered inexpensive, for a rocket this size, musk says the reuseable parts will help keep the cost lower than his competition, and says if the launch is successful these rocket could be used by the us government. >> and musk says that he himself would like to be able to land on mars by the year 2022. very cool. jim? >> sean tee, i don't want to rain on his parade, what are the chances of this thing
6:36 am
actually blows up? he he says between 50 to 70% chance every being sus zero successful, pack equivalent of 4 million pounce of tn. it will either be a great rocket launch or the best fireworks display that we've ever seen. blastoff set to happen between 130 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. >> oh, all right, chantee, thank you. although i will say the best fireworks we've seen was the other night after the eagles win. >> i @ agree. stock continued lower yesterday following the worse week for investors in two years. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger joins us live from new york to tell us what's behind the drop. jill, good morning. >> good morning. >> jill, you nearly had to scrape me off the floor yesterday afternoon when that market dove. i know i'm supposed to remain calm, and it is long-term, but what's causing the sell off? >> i know when you see a dow down 1175 points, certainly catches you off guard. single worse point lost, but hey, only the 25th worse percentage lost.
6:37 am
4.6%. actually down now eight and a half% from the recent hi, and the reason is that there is a pervasive fear that faster than expected economic growth might lead to higher interest rate. now, the real catholic list on friday was this january jobs report, showed wages increasing by 2.9% from a year ago. that is the fastest pace since the recession. investors red that jump as an early warning that the economy is heating up. back that could lead to inflation. keep higher priceses in check, the fed would have to increase interest rate faster than currently anticipated, that would be the bad for the stock market, because, remember, companies would not be able to borough money cheaply, and investors may be tempted to cash out and secret tiff safety of bonds. >> so jill, we know you always say stick to the game plan. and do nothing, is that still your advice, even after yesterday? >> by the way my mother said to me that i am not allowed to say stay calm because she says when i say that seegris nervous. so don't stay calm.
6:38 am
go crazy. yes, look, if you're a long-term investor, the answer is absolutely stick to the game plan, right. >> but if you know that you need to act zest cash from your investment within the next year, maybe it is for a house down payment, a car purchase, a tuition bill, that money should never have been at risk in the first place. so get it out of the market just in case. now, if you are tempted to sell, remember, even if you're right in the short-term, how are you going to know when to get back in? market timing it, requires to you make precise decisions, something that's nervily impossible for more on what to do when the market plunges like now, you can go it jill on money. com. >> jill i want to point out, i'm listing you as my emergency contact if i get hospitalized over the next few days. >> jill, he's been talking about it all morning. >> all right, just take a deep breath, please. >> ill, thanks, jill. >> be calm. >> i will the eagles enjoying time off with their families before returning to the
6:39 am
spotlight. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles! >> the super bowl champs arrived at philadelphia international airport yesterday afternoon. hundreds cents of fans were there to greet them. the team walk over to the fence and passed the vince lombardi trophy from player to player. >> i want to greet my birds. i want to great them, welcome them home and say thank you for bringing this city a super bowl championship. >> the journey continued from the airport to the nova care complex, where fans lined the entrance and cheered the team as it arrived by bus. >> the 13 miles broad street is philadelphia's longest straight away, it runs north to south right through the heart of the city. and it just so happens to wind up down by lincoln financial field. it may only be a hundred feet wide but we will find a way to make room. for everyone. >> it is going to be epic,
6:40 am
epic. that's an invitation sure to get you out on broad street, that's what they posted on their facebook page, inviting everyone to come out to the super bowl parade f you are going, go early. you can probably guess a lot of eagles fans expected to line broad street. the parade kicks off at 11:00 goes from the sport complex to city hall and then turns toward the art museum. it will winds up being the biggest philly sport parade ever. philadelphia public and parochial schools are already closed for the day. and some say that up to 3 million people could fill the streets of center city thursday. this is why it could be help i can. many hotels along the parade route also sold out through wednesday night. people are expected to come from the suburbs and beyond. and some visitors even extended their vacations cents the minute the eagles became super bowl champs. >> wednesday night we're filling up. in fact, we were even right now, we have no rooms to sell. we've been getting calls all day, when is the parade, what is the best time to come. where should we stay, that kind of thing, all day long the phones have been ringing. >> people have questions. crews on the parkway busy
6:41 am
preparing for the big day, building stage on of the art museum steps where the parade will come to an end. >> and, you can see the parade of champions live right here on cbs-3 on thursday. we will be there. as the team makes their way up broad street to the art museum , that's "eyewitness news" and the eagles don't miss it. >> well the eagles came through for their fans in one more, one more way. >> yes, bud light celebrating the birds win by giving out free beer. yes, you heard that right. free alcohol. after the victory bud light tweeted 25 bars along thursday 's parade route will offer free bud light. last summer you may recall lane johnson said woe give free beers to fans if the eagles won the super bowl. that's when bud light tweeted: johnson saying let's make a bet the party is on us. important note, it is one free beer per person. and of course do you have to be 21. >> still pretty good offer. >> i don't know how that will work out. >> very good, very fast. we'll see. >> nick foles went from back up quarterback to mvp as a super bowl. but what does his future hold? coming up hear what the eagles star has cents to say when
6:42 am
asked that question. >> and the internet went crazy over reports that dorito's could be developing a lady friendly chip? because, you know, you should never hear a woman crunch. more on the controversial plan next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> apparently so much to say, but not so much to hear. ladies apparently don't want to hear the crunch of chips. that's why. >> when do you that chip challenge, i didn't hear a chip. i was gagging myself. so i didn't hear anything as i was -- >> i wish you had. clobbering me in the one chill challenge. >> memories. >> yes. >> oh, the fond memories. we will be back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> >> ♪ >> valentine's day is next week, on track for near record spng com men plan to spend on average $200 on their eeay, twice as much as women. most popular, jewelry, second mo popular, flowers. hum. i feel like that's not much nora gift. >> i mean, any gift is nice for val end type day, but i just file like for valentine day, $200? what do you think, katie? >> i'm impartial. so i feel like i kind of have little bit of more of an impartial at this, because we don't really celebrate valentine day in my house because we have anniversary week or two later.
6:47 am
>> so how about anniversary. >> i i think that's fair. >> jim is like i'm not getting involved. >> i'm not getting involved. >> we can all agree on the werth. tomorrow will be pretty crumb. >> i there you go. we can all agree tomorrow is terrible. we do have a very -- the eyewitness weather watchers something we have to touch on a lot of variety going on with conditions right now, far to the north and west, had some icing and some snow, charles in bath where he reported 20 degrees, he primarily has some clouds, but he does still have about an inch of ice still on the ground. snow showers flying up that way. from another disturbance. that is moving through. into the western most suburbs, not getting in toward farm territory here, rick out in bethel. primarily has clouds, mentioned some frozen yards being back roads, you got to watch for melted ice, did have chance to refreeze out in this area. he's encountered that. the one more, we take you all the way south here, actually i go into new castle county here
6:48 am
, 26 degrees comes in from greg this morning, in marshall ton, also cents with just a lot of cloud. but there is quite the chill in the air helping, catch this on this out in kansas, will turn into much more organized looking storm. here is what you need to know t already a mixed batch. starting off at it coldest obviously as it comes early in the morning, and that means, it is cents a whole mix, snow, sleet, freezing rain eventually turning to rain. here in philly, and depending where go. you will hit the jackpot with snow and ice so far to the north and west. here is 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. wake up with us at that time, you may see this if you have relatively commodore barry quick commute. come six, 7:00 a.m., looking at the entire region covered in snow, save for the southern delmarva. the snow will continue to pile up couple every inches at least through the northern counties before the change overtakes place. so we'll have to worry about icing initially, hovey rain second half of the day, mess for both commutes for
6:49 am
different reasons. thankfully, eagles game day, a a lot colder. >> thank you. look at the gorgeous sky. looking at 95, at girard, just absolutely pink, little bit of yellow. traveling in the southbound reger tveling at posted speeds there. going pretty slow, same story here, schuylkille. bumper to bumper conditions here. after you jump off the boulev be beyond the trees, public g in the eastbound direction, factor inttle better than the o extra time on the eastbound side coming ino westbound give yourselves extra time most definitely. take a look at this gorgeous isl eastboundenr city, beautiful, sun just starting to push up out there. not traveling at posted speeds and an accident, lansdowne, still out there, uni avenue, ra,
6:50 am
back over to you. >> check out the sign, offering congratulations to the super bowl champions. several members of the philly 2008 world champions also tweeted their congrats to birds. >> well, public works crews are seen pulling carson wentz jersey off statue in lancaster pen square, it happened after the eagles beat the patriots in the super bowl. they say they took the jersey off even those most passersby encourage them to leave it on. carson wentz back up also known as super bowl mmvp nick foles celebrated at disney worlds, also thinking about his future. >> i mean, what could be next? the man with the super bowl trophy and the love of an entire city. >> i can't wait to be a father , go on walks, the little things, that's what i look forward to, as it pertains to philadelphia, i
6:51 am
was fortunate to come back and sign with the eagles. i have no clue what my future holt but i'm not worried about it, i'm just living in the present. >> could we love him any snore >> very well grounded. >> meanwhile, assistant tooth ball coach thrilled with the eagles super bowl win and mick 's mvp awards, west lake high school took them to the state title game. steve ramsey said he recognize add lot of the old nick. >> has the ability to throw a deep ball, find defense ers, makes him do that for long long time. we have someone like nick who played here, he dressed in the same exact longer room. he was out here on the same field 105, put the time and never, good things will work out for you. >> i think even peterson says that nick has always been the same nick foles. ramsey was foles' assistant football coach back in the day now ramsey is school principal , so how far they've come. >> that was cents one heck of a haircut. coming up: john john
6:52 am
dickerson, john king, join because pro view. good morning, guys. >> good morning, rahel and jim ahead melody is in studio 57 with the dow historic plunge, and it impact on your 401k. she is talking to her sources about how investment firms are reacting. >> melody has sources. plus at the kennedy space center with a lot of the most anticipated lunch? years: musk tells us successful test flight of the world's most powerful rocket could change space travel. >> we will reveal oprah's newest collection, and author here with me, gale and moore at the table. all of that plus the eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. we will see you at 7:00. rahel, i couldn't agree with you more, can't love that nick foles guy any more. >> right? >> everything you hear about him, just get better and better and better. >> agreed. >> all right, gale, thanks, we will be watching, guys. >> well, there is a rumor swirling around the snack industry, got a lot of people fired up. >> chips made specifically for women. sound kind of ridiculous,
6:53 am
right? could it and roll thing? here is stays you butler from our sister station in los angeles. >> reporter: missy chandler loves eating crunchy dorito's so cheesey she has cents it lick her fingers. >> i think they're very delicious. >> but there are now room has to a new dorito would take the crunch and the extra powdery treats out of each bag. ceo of pepsico said in a recent pod casket g ready to launch a bun soon. the target buyers, women, who don't want to chew too loud or lick their fingers in public. >> it create more discrimination between women and men for no reason. >> if you want to lick your fingers? public, go for it, male or female. >> twitter blowing up with comments like this might be one of the worst marketing strategist i've ever heard of. so women should be seen and not heard eating. congrats on the massive sexist and incredible dumb sale for lady dorito's sending woman a message that still don't deserve to occupy space in the world. >> this is a mitt that all
6:54 am
publicity is good publicity, we can see a company today can take a hit and being hurt in social media. >> social media professor and author, doctor nicholas mirror may be right since the on line backlash, pepsico said they never planned on making the lady dorito, the roar g was inaccurate. >> i mean, it wasn't ideal time, given the context of me two, it, to come out with something that could be misconstrued as such. >> that was stacey butler. we've just been having very active conversation about that dorito tweeted they already have dorito for women. they're called dorito's, and loved by women. >> so strange. we will be right back, three to go.
6:55 am
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>> this morning philadelphia officials will release more details about thursday's eagles parade, septa holding separate news conference on how the parade will affect service. >> space x's new rocket is scheduled for lift off at 1:30 n board the rocket is a roadster which tezsla and space xceo musk wants to put in orbit around mars. >> and investors return to wall street one day after the dow fell more than 1100., and
6:59 am
that's three to go. >> let's get last check on weather and traffic. >> we have a lot of clouds out there, little sliver every sunday trying, trying to peak through right now, outside cut town area middle school. but again primarily clouds, cold here today. as we look ahead to tomorrow, though, set your alarm early. we have messy day with rent are you mix and rain. >> absolutely, also, looking really busy this morning, as well, schuylkill at the boulevard, taillights moving in the westbound direction, bumper per to bumper conditions here, give yourselves extra time. >> imagine sitting down for dinner in the tiny chef appears on your plate? >> not scary at all. that's the petite chef, starve dinnertime stories, it is an animated show that takes diner through 3d projection, it cost $155, the producers in nashville plan to expand it in other cities in the u.s. >> love it. i want to go. >> i don't like things moving around on my plate. next on cbs this morning, next from allentown where food tents are being set up outside
7:00 am
of hospitals. >> have a great day. >> you want something on your plate. >> i'm going to captioning funded by cbs good morning, it's tuesday, february 6th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." stock markets are falling around the world after the dow jones industrials saw its biggest one-day plunge in history. falling more than 1,100 points. mellody hobson is here with what this sell-off means for your investments and 401(k). in a speech touting the economy, president trump accused democrats of treason for not applauding economic gains mentioned in his state of the union address. quentin tarantino says the driving stunt that injured uma thurman is the biggest regret of his life. the director talks about claims of a cover-up and his response to harvey weinstein over alleged


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