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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 6, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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super bowl and still soak nothing for fans. >> now we will wait for the parade. we have you cover with everything you need to know about the parade and we will tell you some exciting off the field news about eagles quarterback carson wentz and doug pederson is opening up about the game even more and he has come home to these amazing fans. we have got live team three coverage for you and it all starts with joe holden and all of the parade details, joe >> reporter: good evening to you. you can feel the excitement out here, even 48 hours, now and counting, before the parade kicks off down at the linc. there is still a lot of work, in fact they are cramming here to put up, 14 jumbotrons that will be up and down the parkway behind me. considering that tomorrow the weather will be a little rough , work is in high gear. okay, parade day thursday bun will up it will be a cold one with temperatures in the lower 30's. center city will be jam up, so plan accordingly. >> we anticipate tremendous
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crowd potentially topping number that turnout for 2008 phillies world series parade. >> reporter: remember that warm sunny october day. well, this time around parade will end at art museum to avoid travel overload that happened in zero eight. what dawn expect from your perch, somewhere along broad and par way. >> we will go nice and slow to give people the opportunity to see everyone. >> reporter: we are told there will be plenty of foods but as for drinks keep it simple. >> do not bring backpacks of beer with you because they will be taken from you. >> reporter: security, of course will be tight, there will be no metal detectors. >> we will have officers in both assignment and outside uniform so we will be able to detect anything that seems like it is out of ordinary. >> reporter: side i launch service to keep you in the know text eagles ready one word to triple a triple seven. >> that will allow everyone attending the event to share information about mass transit , parade details, weather, detours.
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>> reporter: officials are hoping for a joyful celebration with everybody on their best behavior. unlike some who got out offhanded on sunday night, but no doubt, had too much to drink. >> i doubt even the most hearty partyers will be drink ago this move at 10:45. >> reporter: we shall see. so the time line for you, the parade 10:45 to 11:00, gets here an estimation of 12:10 and then at 1:00 o'clock the celebration, the ceremony, will take off, honoring the eagles, the city, thanking them and eagles thanking the city. coming up on "eyewitness news" at have there was turbulence after the super bowl game on the streets of philadelphia but police say it is not as bad as you may think with a hundred thousand people got together. i'll see you for that part of our continuing coverage, in an hour live at the art museum joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, joe. as you can see it is a long parade route so millions can pack into see their champions. how can you get there as
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quickly and painlessly as possible? our alycia nieves is on the story at septa headquarters in center city to tell you about the options, you have. >> reporter: ukee for one septa, may be best bet because some of its lines will be free or discounted come thursday. that is willing go to be the quickest way to get to the parade or anywhere near parade route and then, parking is going to be pretty tough come thursday, in fact, in part because some of the stadium lots that people traditionally park in those lots will not be available, this thursday for parking. millions of philadelphia eagles fans are expected to officially celebrate the team 's super bowl victory, by piling into the city for thursday's parade. >> make sure you really put a good solid travel plan together. >> reporter: septa in a news conference today advising all potential parade goers to start planning, now, how they are going to get to that parade route. >> really understand we can car bye 500 to 550,000 people
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to the parade in the ceremony. >> reporter: septa has serious issues in 2008 transporting people to the phillies world series celebration, parade, and it is trying to avoid similar troubles this time around. today laying out its transportation plan in what hundreds of thousands of people will need to know if they are going to be using septa services on thursday. first septa will be consolidating stops on rail lines, market frankford and broad street lines will be free, thanks to independent blue cross. >> this parade will bring together generations of fans, that really are thrilled to make that happen. >> reporter: for generations of eagles fans thinking about using septa's regional rail line, services will operate inbound only in the morning and outbound, only after the parade. you will also need to purchase a ten-dollar special independence pass for service on thursday that will be limited to 50,000 people. >> somewhere between 10,150,000 riders may be able
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to get close enough to the parade riding our buses. >> reporter: as for other regional transportation systems, patco announced a plan for this thursday, later honor earlier this afternoon, and part of that plan is to run its rail lines starting on thursday at 3:00 o'clock in the morning. between patco and septa is there so much information on the details, modified schedules, those modified lines that are running. we will have all those details on our web site at cbs philly .com. recommendation, start planning now if you are trying to get close, to that parade route. live, i'm alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". eagles fans are excited, about the parade, means a super opportunity for businesses along the route. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live near the art museum with more on how or preparing for that, greg. >> reporter: exactly right, jessica very long parade route as you mentioned, and in south
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philadelphia and ends right here near art museum steps. there are dozens if in the hundreds of businesses all along that route including parkway corner deli right here owner is staffing it with extra employees come thursday, and he is also by a love of extra beer. >> i went to made in america, i went to the pope. >> thank you. >> and, nfl draft but i think this will be bigger then everything i ever experienced. >> reporter: he owns parkway corner deli, feet from the art museum steps, and says he is ready for eagles super bowl champion parade. >> he cancelled his vacation, instead of ordering another 200 cases of beer. supplement 100 already stacked inside. >> dilly, tilly ready for everybody, dilly dilly. >> reporter: he is tripling number of employees normally on staff for a thursday, focusing on the deli's
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specialty for what he thinks will be a hungry crowd. >> philadelphia cheese stake, some of our favorite parkway burgers and some of the cooked sandwiches. >> reporter: in the beginning have the route these eagles fans turn coffee shop owners. >> we're fans were anything. >> reporter: are planning to turn their business. >> home ground coffee. >> reporter: into a perfect place for eagles fans, to calf nate. >> outside, we have some pots set up full of coffee. >> reporter: christian and his uncle jimmy plan to have a hot dog cart stationed outside. some grub for the 3 million people expect to witness sports history this thursday. >> we opened up five blocks from our house and here we are , getting ready to put on a eagles parade right there in the heart of our neighborhood. >> reporter: so many business owners, excited, so many business owners preparing for this crush of folks, upwards of 3 million people we're hearing come thursday. coming up tonight at 6:00 on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" you
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will hear from one local business that is older than ms l itself and why owner of that business is decide to go close-up shop for a few hours, during the parade, that is coming up in one hour. i'm live near the art museum steps, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> we will see new a bit greg, thank you. you can watch parade from the comfort of your own home on thursday, cbs-3 is place to be for. that our live coverage will begin at 9:00 a.m. as city gets ready to celebrate and then at 11:00 a.m. parade gets underway. we will be there every step of the way as the team makes its way at broad street, art museum, you can also watch coverage live on cbs philly .com and our cbs philly facebook page. it is "eyewitness news" and the eagles as the celebration continues, don't miss it. he gets a ring, now she gets a ring. >> this afternoon eagles quarterback carson wentz announced his engagement to his long time girlfriend. wentz took to twit tore say she said yes and now manny and
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i both got us a ring, can't wait to marry my best friend, god is doing amazing things and i cannot thank him enough. congratulation the to the happy couple. that is great. well, it is a good thing parade isn't happening tomorrow. not a good day weather-wise. winter weather advisory has been issued for much of the philadelphia area meteorologist kate bilo/the sky deck to tell us about the wintry mix heading our way, kate. >> it is almost tough to believe because even though we started the day with cloud, flurries, such a beautiful evening, sunsetting, blue skies in time for sunset and even though it is chilly, it is seasonal but tomorrow will be a mess from start to finish lets look at temperatures here we're in the 30's. thirty-seven in philadelphia right now. thirty-five in allentown. thirty-four in reading. chilly 26 in mount pocono. as this system comes in overnight temperatures will be dropping down, below freezing, so it will start as snow, and sleet, for most of the area
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right now just clouds moving through. we saw thinning of the clouds this afternoon but as we widen out we will see moisture. notice cold section to the north where you see light snow over iowa and rain the two south over gulf coast. those two pieces jim forces as this storm moves in tomorrow a lieutenant of moisture and energy. very strong storm moving through. it will start as a wintry mix for morning commute, sleet, snow, and ice, heavy rain for the afternoon commute and we're significant snow in the poconos where a winter storm warning is in effect. storm impact for your wednesday, moderate snowfall north and west of snowfall, high risk of ice from the city north and west, and then heavy rain will be focus as we head in the afternoon as warm air works its way in the system. le risk of wind but that is just about the only thing, we have got going for us here coming up we will show you winter weather advisory and winter storm warning and time out that precipitation and have your parade forecast, back to you.
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it could be dicey tomorrow morning so we are going on the air 30 minutes earlier, join jim remarks hell, katie and meisha, they will track wintry mix from all angles as we head out the door. we have learn charges have been reinstated against brandon bostian the engineer in the, deadly 2015 amtrak derailment in philadelphia judge ordered bostian to stand trial on involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment charges. those charges were thrown out last year by a judge who found the evidence pointed to an accident not negligence. bostian is free, on bail tonight, and that derailment killed eight people and injured dozens and dozens more well, after a dramatic drop yesterday what would wall street do today? that is what many people were wondering? coming up after opening down, hundreds of points where did the roller coaster take us, find out next. high tech treatment that seems to stop trembling hand it could soon help millions of people and stephanie stahl explains how it works at 5:30.
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tori. >> go eagles. >> go eagles. >> the eagles apparel, coming up, we're two places that are winning with good stuff but you have to wait in line. where is my
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trading ended on a high note after another volatile day on wall street, dow jones closed up 560.1 day after the biggest percentage drop in more than six years. dow jones gain back half of the 1100. plunge it took yesterday, and financial markets spent mess of today's session wavering between negative and positive territory. the stock market was like a bouncing ball, dropping and rebounding all day. after several dramatic ups and downs the president of the new york stock exchange came out to suit investor nerves. >> market are volatile at times, smooth at times, there is nothing new under the sun. that has been the case for 225 years since this exchange was founded right here on this corner. >> reporter: still last few trading sessions have not felt routine, dow jones industrial average plunge more than four and a half percent machine,
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largest drop since 2011. with the long uphill climb, investors began to forget what volatility feels like. >> people have been lulled into sense of maybe it is new normal but it is not the new normal. >> reporter: as economy grows federal reserve may raise interest rates to try to control inflation, that could effect corporate profits and push stocks lower but trader jonathan corpinassay it is healthy trend. >> markets cannot go straight up or straight down. >> reporter: question that remains for, investors is whether wall street has seen a long overdue pause or the bull market is going bear. turbulence on wall street follows nine years of stock market growth which began with the even of the great recession. in the past year stocks shattered one record after another. fill fire department was back on the scene of deadly fire today too prevent strategy from striking again. group of fire fighters and volunteers installed smoke alarms on the 7,000 block of clear view street in mt. airy
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today, that is where, a fatal fire happened last month. the group also distributed fire prevention materials, to neighbors, on that block. all right. meteorologist kate bilo's here to get us ready for is what coming tomorrow. it sounds like a little bit of everything. >> yes, it could either be all rain, all snow, rain, snow, sleet, ice. for us in the city we will see a little bit of all of the above but a little bit of the snow and ice part in the city. further are north and west you have a better chance to see heavier snow and more significant icing. further south and east from i-95 better chance you have to see just plane rain. lets get into it. we will start off with a beautiful sunset scene here, this is from place one apartments in plymouth meeting , just a gorgeous shot of the western sky tonight and sunni merged, and it is doing so in a breathtaking manner. can see a few more cloud with kutztown area middle school where they still have light snow on the grass and likely will be getting more before
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tomorrow is done. storm scan three shows not a whole lot happening right now but we have the seed zone for this next system. here it is with a lot of moisture across south and we have snow to the northeast, these join forces, plenty of moisture with this and heavy rain once the snow is down. winter weather alerts we have a winter storm warning that is the pink mount pocono goes from 6:00 a.m. all the way to midnight, woed night and thursday morning winter weather advisory has individual start times and for philadelphia winter weather advisory, until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. overnight temperatures drop below freezing, late, late really early tomorrow morning, light snow, and again, and we will start tomorrow morning with that wintry mix and change toss rain mid to lay morning and 44 degrees the day time high. this is how it plays out. by five or 6:00 a.m. snow creeping in we have steady snow over chester county and berks county, mainly rain
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south jersey and delaware. still snowing lightly in philadelphia at 6:00 a.m. sleet as well. darker shading here heavier snow north and west. 8:00 a.m. warm air starts to move in and we will see that change over. there may be a break come south, and late morning into early afternoon but still snowing pretty steadily here from allentown to mount pocono then as warm air moves in you can see rainy roads the cold air, 38 in philadelphia by 1:00, it is raining and it may make it up eventually but in the before hours of snow and ice, notice at 7:00 p.m. this system is still going. four to 8 inches could fall with this system. two to four for lehigh valley. only coating to an inch of best here in philadelphia that mix of snow, slush and this is mainly rain for shore points, much of atlantic county cumberland county and lower 23rds of delaware. taking a long the parade route we will finish at art museum
5:20 pm
and for the parade it will be blustery and cold, 30 degrees shall will be the temperature at, parade start. feeling like the teens. even though it is quieter then tomorrow make sure you bundle up, the high on thursday only 33, friday a rain or snow shower north and west, saturday and sunday start to warm up. warm up comes with some rain, and next week, looks pretty good, may be too soon to say but we could have mild days in our future which we do need. >> yes, we do. >> thanks, kate. they say you are what you eat so fellas with thinning hair listen up. >> why some say you might want to order some mcdonald's fries , very specific mcdonald's fries. we will explain, don. a band of brothers how eagles developed an unbreak able bond, doug pederson explains next in
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if you've had angioedema while taking an ace or arb medicine, don't take entresto. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. ♪ home grown heroes one of the players that led eagles to
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their first super bowl win and coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 here how corry clement 's mom, friends are holding up after history was made. don't miss it coming up at 6:00. >> a lot of our players are back in town, don bell included. >> you came back. >> well done. >> it is balmy here. >> it is like 40 degrees warmer then it was, on sunday in minneapolis. >> um, um. >> and guys, we're still talking about the head coach. seriously. >> well deserved. >> date was january 18th, 2016 , eagles held a press conference to introduce their new head coach. many questioned doug pederson 's credentials, two years later he is a legend. today the super bowl champ spoke with angelo cataldi on wip. >> i watched you come off the airplane yesterday and i'm sure very little sleep, you went over and greeted the fans that come up to you. how did that bond happen and how important was it to the
5:25 pm
success of the team this year. >> you know, the bond, it doesn't happen overnight. it happens with guys just being around each other every single day, and i start, i start talking about these moments back in otas when we are together for the first time and what we're building and trying to build and then you know, you get in the regular season and adversity start toss happen, some of the injuries, guys are just getting a little bit closer, and then another injury happens or something goes on and maybe something about a player or a teammate or something and then just continues to get closer and closer and closer, and next thing you have a team like this, a band of brothers, and that play together, love one another and enjoy coming to work every day and that is why when you do things like that
5:26 pm
coming off the plane and guys walking over to the fans, there had almost 2,000 fans there at the airport and at our facility, yesterday that is what it is all about, it is about the fans and being able to win a champion ship for them. >> um-hmm, wow. >> wasn't that powerful. >> so surreal and that was a great team. it may pale, it will pale in comparison to what we're about to see. >> get ready next level. >> thanks, buddy. >> good stuff. >> get your gear yet rush is on to get eagled up before thursday. tori takes you shopping next. super bowl player whose house was burglarized in minute so the a we will be
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in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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nick foles not only beat pate tree yachts, he defied the sports illustrated jinks. you will remember two weeks ago he was on the cover. >> new at 5:30 foles will be on it again, this time at super bowl mvp. here's cover title philly special, that is the name of the trick play where nick foles caught that key touchdown you see pictured in the end zone. sports illustrated calls it a play for the ages, that will live forever in nfl lure. >> i love that head line, that is great. >> fantastic. >> the moment birds beat patriots eagles gear flew off sports shelves. >> vittoria woodill is live in willow grove where fans are stocking up on super bowl merchandise for the victory parade, tori. >> reporter: that is right, everyone wants to be geared out head to toe for those parade plans on thursday, even myself, i finally got to score one of these items. people are in the parking lot waiting to get on tv for 15 minutes. it is awesome. i was hearing eagles chants
5:31 pm
and cheers and seeing that eagles merchandise fly out those doors behind me, take a look at the fun we had today, shopping. >> we're waiting. >> it is time to whistle while you wait. >> should i have gotten a sweat shirt? willow grove eagles apparel is flying off the shelf. whether you notice piles of t 's at dick's or go through every rack at rally house, she sums it up. >> good to be live. >> reporter: jordan can relate >> it feels like you are still trying to collect your thoughts. >> yep. >> yes. >> take it in. take a deep breath for me. >> it was really good. really good game. >> reporter: really everyone i expect to didn't mind waiting in line for winning gear that they just can't wait to show off. >> i figured there will be a lot of well to do fans out there on the streets so i will to have dress up.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: how you are keeping it classy. >> that is me. >> my son lives in pittsburgh. he can't wait to wear this, down south side, to all of the steelers fans to show who the real champions of pennsylvania are. >> my daughter's in boston. i'm hear to buy a shirt for her so she can wear a eagles shirt proudly in boston. >> i saw flyers, phillies and this is great you got your t-shirt to remember it all. >> yes. >> reporter: most likely if you weren't waiting in line you probably had someone else doing your dirty work like this mom. why are you back in line. >> because i got the wrong one >> reporter: who said you got the wrong one. >> my boys. >> reporter: and my sisters. i will flip you around and i will show you what they have. here's a hoodie. i'm work and you are kicking back eating doritos. >> going down nice, she said, nice. that is enough. i'm leaving now. >> reporter: sisters, you got to love it. but i have to say the lines weren't as bad as i thought. i think yesterday lines were
5:33 pm
like trailing out the window, or out the door but at rally house and this dick's in will he grove the lines were not that bad but i will say if you are trying to find one of those snow hats like an eagles snow hat they are completely sold out, and everyone is pretty much low on women's sizes. so, that is the late here's from willow grove, fortunately it is a very, very good day when i got to get some shopping in, but ukee and jessica didn't place your order with me so i have nothing for you, only this hat for me something subtle. >> you gave us some memories. >> i'm going over your sisters 's house and have some doretto. and legendary. and. and, congratulations to the super. >> and, eagles. >> and, championship.
5:34 pm
you know how many, and, working hard, for the phillies , and, and -- un audible. >> it was about being a champion, and two stanley cups with the flyers, back in the 70's. >> um, um, thanks for that message. >> this eagles fan sent us a picture that tells us what we are thinking and that headlines, at last, isaac sending out this photo on twit ter using #cbs-3 and that issue of the inquirer is sure to be a collector's item. you can show the world, your eagles pride, just share your fan photos on facebook, twit ter, instagram, use the # cbs-3. new england patriots quarterback tom brady's favorite target was targeted by burglars, while the team was away for the super bowl. police in foxboro massachusetts are investigating burglary of the home of the rob gronkowski and investigators won't say when the burglary took place, or
5:35 pm
what was taken but they are, searching for suspects. >> this is kind of a tough combination, you know, to have suffered this unfortunate loss , and then, to get home and be a victim of this kind of crime which really has, a profound effect on everybody who is a victim of this crime personal space is breached like that. >> police were called to investigate burglary yesterday after gronkowski returned home , in minnesota. president trump is using the dui crash that killed an nfl player to fueled the fight for immigration reform. manual valvalo was in court after he cause that had deadly accident. he was accused of hitting 26 year-old colts linebacker edward jackson and 54 year-old uber driver with his truck early sunday morning. police say he, was intoxicated and driving without a license. >> they are killed by a person who is an illegal immigrant who has a history of illegal,
5:36 pm
reentry into this country, who fled the scene. >> reporter: president trump tweet today quote it is so disgraceful a person illegally in our country killed edward jackson. this is just one of the many such preventable tragedies. we must get the democrats to get tough on the border and will legal immigration, fast. prosecutors have not yet filed charges in the case. the white house is reviewing the democratic rebuttal to a republican memo that allegeds fbi misconduct in the russia investigation. house intelligence committee voted unominously to release democrat's 10 page document. from that point it rebuts accusations of political bias at fbi when it requested warrants to spy on former trump campaign aid carter page >> he decide toss keep democratic memo under wraps, the american people will be forced to wonder what is the president, trying to hide. >> republicans are forletting all this fur out there provided that we scrub for
5:37 pm
sources and methods. >> the house intelligence committee has rescheduled steve ban on's interview in the russia probe for next week british judge today upheld an arrest warrant for wikileaks founder julian assange, move means assange will remain a want man in the country where he has spent more than five years inside of the ecuador embassy. judge rejected a call from assange lawyers to revoke lawyer because he is no longer wanted for questioning in sweden, over alleged sex crimes. the most powerful rocket in the world blasts off, coming up for what scientists hope this spaceship can do and where it can take humans up next. do you want fries with that? some men might say yes, please what is in these fries that some researchers say can help regrow hair, kate? well, by the weekend the adrenaline, from the super bowl and parade and we have a pretty seasonal weekend but it will be a little damp, great
5:38 pm
for snugging up on the couch and watching rain outside your window mess of saturday is quiet but few sprinkles could develop in the afternoon and seasonal milder sunday but rain looks likely so plan your weekend
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amazon is worth more than microsoft, the on line retailer's market value of $685 billion makes it third largest corporation in america , behind google and apple. amazon is planning to build a second headquarters in philadelphia, in one of the 25 finalists to host the new site popular fast food item could help grow a healthier head of hair. >> it sounding strange but new study says chemical that mcdonald's uses to cook its frenchfries can generate hair growth, type of the silicone that reduces oil splatter while fries are cooking japanese researchers say silicone can produce new hair follicles but more research is
5:42 pm
needed. barber shops might be surprise on the side. >> maybe, i don't know, eating things to make you grow hair. i have a lot of questions. >> more research is needed. >> yes. >> it could be but more research is needed. >> high tech treatment that seems to stop trembling hands. >> high tech treatment that seems to stop trembling hands. >> stephanie s ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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spacex launched the falcon heavy, now in space poised to pay load cherry red road star on a orbit around the sun. cbs reporter manual has more from the kennedy space center in florida. >> twenty-seven rocket engines fired at won sending fall come we have any to space and space x crew into applause. >> applause. >> fall come. >> mega rocket combined power of the three space x rockets into one generating over 5 million-pounds of thrust, and enough to launch a 737. >> very big step forward we have not seen a rocket this powerful since space shuttle retired back in 2011.
5:46 pm
>> space x founder and ceoe lon musk spoke to bill harwood monday at the launch pad. >> why does the country need this rocket. >> this rocket is great for a lot of reasons. it is something that i think inspiring the public and could be sent to the moon, and refueling, send people to mars >> reporter: this launch is midnight cherry roadster with a dummy named starman it is headed for a orbit around the sun that extends as far out as mars and could remain in orbit for hundreds of millions of years. the side boosters that got falcon we have any space musk got them back intact. they stuck their landings at cape canaveral airport station , manual, cbs news, kennedy space station. number of children affect by their mother's alcohol consumption during pregnancy may be higher then previously thought. all according to a new study
5:47 pm
published today in the journal of the american medical association. the research, suggest up to one in 20 american children may suffer from fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. experts say earlier research found only one in 100 children has been affected by maternal drinking. there is a new treatment for a tremor disorder that strikes millions and it has potential to help many more perhaps even those with parkinson's disease. on the healthwatch health reporter stephanie stahl follows one of the first patients in philadelphia. >> reporter: simple task of drinking water was an ordeal for jim, a common movement disorder called essential tremor that causes his hands to shake uncontrollably. >> you cannot do a lot of things thaw want to to. >> reporter: tremors started 10 years ago, not known what causes it, for jim, a especially debilitating because his other hand is prosthetic, he who it in vietnam when he was wounded by fire. >> i'm very limited, i have
5:48 pm
learned to work around limitations my whole life, but this one really slows you down quite a bit. >> reporter: hoping to get his life back delaware grandfather turned to penn medicine for treatment with a new non- invasive technology. >> i think it is magic, i think it is just absolutely fabulous. >> reporter: doctor gordon baltic is using high frequency result sound to sap part of the brain that causes tremors. >> we are creating a thermal lesion which is irreversible, however, it has huge, huge promise. >> reporter: mri is used to pinpoint the ultrasound. >> how are we doing. >> reporter: to make sure it is hitting right spot with the correct dose jim's writing, movement ability is monitored as treatment progresses. >> you have to be careful with it because there is no eraser on the pencil. >> reporter: right after treatment that jim says is not painful he is put through series of tests and able to use his hand without shaking. week later he is back for a checkup. did you notice it got better
5:49 pm
right away after the procedure >> right after. >> wow. >> reporter: for the first time in a decade he is able to write three important word for his wife: i love you. what does it feel like to write that. >> very nice. >> reporter: still getting used to using his hand again but tremor's gone a week before it was this, and then now this. >> it is incredible. incredible. >> reporter: so he can go back tone joying, soup, signing his name and fishing, his other love. now jim chose this new therapy instead of the surgery after the drugs stopped working, and his tremor is now expect to be , gone, for good. it is really remarkable we were there, watched it happened, and in a non- invasive way. it is terrific. potential for other things including parkinson's. >> indeed, thanks, stephanie. kate bilo joins with us a look at a wintry mix. >> this system looks messy for tomorrow morning and both commutes impact morning with the snow, ice, afternoon with
5:50 pm
some heavy rain, this is an all day event, maybe a break in the action but i'll show you coming up but mess of the wednesday from start to finish and where you live determines what you will see. we will break it dunn region by region but lets first start with the good news and it is a beautiful sunset across the area taking a look at ocean city you can see cloud, pastel colors that have even faded in the past five minutes and more brilliant then this maybe saw it on cbs but looking beautiful there and looks great looking live toward the sky line from the palmyra cove nature park on the live neighborhood network, pinks and purples, nice looking end to an ugly gray day but sun came out in time to provide some really nice looking stuff in the afternoon storm scan three showing clear conditions across portions of the east coast but cloud are moving back in with our next storm approach and here it is this moisture moving quickly across tennessee, you can see ice, freezing rain, northern
5:51 pm
arkansas and southern missouri and snow to the north all coming together, turn into one larger system impacting us starting overnight and tomorrow morning. we have got winter weather alerts, winter storm warning, for poconos only and points north and you can see our area under a winter weather advisory that includes camden, gloucester county, northern burlington salem and northern delaware as well and all of southeastern pennsylvania. so future weather will time this out cloud increasing overnight, snow begins to get hear between four and 5:00 a.m. to the south and west and starts to move in at 6:00 a.m. already steady snow here in our north and western suburbs and brief batch in philadelphia before we start to see that change over. by seven or 8:00 a.m. we are seeing a transition in the city to mixture of snow, sleet , freezing rain as warm air lifts in and then pushes north and break in the action midday for south jersey and delaware but still snowing
5:52 pm
heavily in the poconos and lehigh valley here. the pink, dangerous icing as well, this is 11:00 a.m. cities like allentown reading could see dangerous icing through mid morning time frame and then, early afternoon really is all rain for most of us in the poconos may see a switch over to some sleet and freezing rain and then just plane rain, yellow shading, it is pouring here at three and that will continue in the afternoon. even 7:00 he clock we will deal with heavy rain pushing toward shore and in the clearing until 9:00 o'clock tomorrow night. we will break it down region by region shore likely to see snow snow at all, in the city coat to go an inch in the north and western suburbs but heading up lehigh valley up to 4 inches around allentown, bethlehem, poconos over 6 inches may come down. so general four to eight in the poconos, two to four for lehigh valley and far north and western suburbs just a coat to go an inch around city and mainly rain for south jersey and delaware but i'm concerned about this icing, to
5:53 pm
the northwest where over a tenth of an inch of ice could lead to slick conditions in the poconos, reading, lancaster and slippery morning for many of us here in the afternoon to the north and west, it will be slick and icy , and, and puddles and pond ing, for the ponding afternoon commute so busy day no matter which way you slice it. thursday eagles parade cold, dry and blustery, friday watch for stray rain or snow and milder over weekend with rain likely by sunday. back to you guys. >> kate, thank you. the lengths one person went to to make sure she got in the 2018 oscar nominee class photo. why philly's own kobe bryant was part of it, kobe brian oscar nominee details in the hot minute with bex up
5:54 pm
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an attende of the oscar nominees lunch was looking stiff. >> everyone at lunch in was looking at kobe bryant, bex from today's 96.5 has those stories in the hot minute. >> ninetieth annual oscars are less than one month away and other nominee attended oscar lunch in yesterday. well, with the exception of the french film maker, who was unable to attend but was there in cardboard cut out form. her co director of the nominated film base place, said she was part of the action traveling from france even go through security, preparing with award robe and making her way on stage to join the rest of the nominees for oscar class photo. she mingled with the stars including kobe bryant, who was in attendance for his contributions to the animated film dear basketball.
5:58 pm
starring timothy was, thrilled to see kobe as well as heavy hitters like meryl streep, laura dern and stephen steel berg. he shared his excitement saying while that was even more crazy, and expect, that is rightfully so. margot ronnie was present for his nomination in i, tanya but she stepped into a different, character with james corden, late show host gave us inside look of the making of this upcoming film peter rabbit. >> i had no idea he was that dedicated an anchor. >> when you hire me i will go all in. >> i'm a rabbit. >> reporter: that film hits theaters on friday and we will hear, not see james, inanimat ed form, that is your hot minute i'm bex from today 's 96.5. >> james makes me smile. >> me too. >> wow. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 details emerg ing about the parade this city has waited decade for, with millions expected to descend on the city to honor the eagles how officials are
5:59 pm
preparing for the party. it is arguablably the most memorable play of the super bowl with the name eagles fans will never forget, now we are learning about what happened on the side line before philly special and you don't want to miss it. also this. >> i have to say one thing about corry, he does work hard at what he wants to do and is consistent. he eat, sleeps, breathe, football. >> all that hard work has made corry clement a world champion hear from his mother and his friend about what this super bowl win means to him and them , kate? and it is quiet outside tonight but that is not the case tomorrow, we're in for a messy morning and that is not all, it will continue into the afternoon i'll break down which areas will see snow, which areas see rain and which will see a mixture of the two plus your super bowl parade forecast all right now at 6:00
6:00 pm
. this championship was hard for the and well deserve and for millions of fans this was the game, the season, and the team we have always dreamed of >> and now we're setting the stage for a party we have always dreamed of, some parade fans have been waiting decade for, in just two days. tonight we're learning more about the historic event. >> good evening, i'm ukee washington. hi everybody i'm jessica dean. we have two weeks away from the big celebration and as you can imagine security will be tight up and down the parade route. you can expect officers, in uniforms and under cover to be out in full force. officials say just about every spot along the parade route will offer great views. the whole team will be riding in open air vehicles so you can see players and that trophy held high. city launched a free service to keep yn


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