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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 6, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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. this championship was hard for the and well deserve and for millions of fans this was the game, the season, and the team we have always dreamed of >> and now we're setting the stage for a party we have always dreamed of, some parade fans have been waiting decade for, in just two days. tonight we're learning more about the historic event. >> good evening, i'm ukee washington. hi everybody i'm jessica dean. we have two weeks away from the big celebration and as you can imagine security will be tight up and down the parade route. you can expect officers, in uniforms and under cover to be out in full force. officials say just about every spot along the parade route will offer great views. the whole team will be riding in open air vehicles so you can see players and that trophy held high. city launched a free service to keep you in the route for
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parade updates, text ready eagles to 888777. we have got team three coverage of the parade plan tonight as we start with "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden, live at the art museum , joe. >> jessica and ukee good evening, magnitude will be something to take in, these are the days that we in the delaware valley and eagles nation will remember. so what does 3 million people look like. let's just tell thaw would be one chicago, just shy of the population of the chicago, actually, two philadelphia, would make up 3 million people , three states of delaware and it would take 42 capacity crowds at lincoln financial field to rival what is expected to be here, come thursday. with the victory parade on our doorstep a gathering that could command a crowd of 3 million, officials and police want to us put our best foot forward. >> the parade is a chance to
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say thank you to philadelphia for everything. >> reporter: this comes on the heels of massive partying in the streets, following the super bowl. >> we work hard to make this city safe. city didn't burn down. >> reporter: that is commissioner ross taking exception to reports claiming that philly totally burned down, after some revellers lost control. >> i think on the scale of things certainly it is unfortunate and regrettable, i don't think it rose to the level of any real serious concern. >> reporter: for the parade police will use median on broad street like a portal unlike sunday when they could barely move. >> i don't know how many people i told to get off poles and it was driving me crazy. >> reporter: thursday is expect to cruz by attendance figures by 2008 phillies parade and papal visit. as for negative current following sunday nate commissioner ross threw boston a little shade. >> as regrettable as it is, it could have been far worse and look new england they had their own thing and they lost. in the grand scheme of things, you know, so i'm just, by no
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means just trying to justify but i'm just being honest, all right. >> reporter: wow. so after sunday there were a total of three arrests and at some point today a man whom police say was in part flipping a prius was supposed to surrender as well. coming forward to thursday again sights set on good behavior. that is story reporting live outside of the art museum tonight i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks for. that septa could be a good way to get to the parade on thursday but bad way to get to work. transit system will be consolidating stops on rail lines anyone taking market frankford and broad street lines will ride for free while septa's regional rail lines will operate inbound only in the morning, and outbound only after the parade. >> and really understand that we can carry about 500 to 550,000 people to the parade in the ceremony. so if we have a 2 million
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people at the parade that means we can carry one in four >> if you are thinking of using septa's regional rail lines on thursday you will need to buy one of 50,000 special independence passes that are available, patco and nj transit will be running on modified schedules that day get details for all of your thursday transportation need on our web site at cbs philly .com. business as long the parade route are also gearing up for the super bowl celebration. >> many of the store owners are eagles fans just like us. >> um-hmm. >> "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins us from fairmount with how some are getting ready for this historic parade, greg. >> reporter: ukee and jessica business owners say they are thrilled about this opportunity. as you just heard from joe holden some 3 million eagles fans expected to a send here all throughout the city especially along this parade route and many say they are gearing up they are getting ready, others say they are going to close for a few hours
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and let everything soak in. this thursday world champion philadelphia eagles will start near broad street and pass a business that opened before the nfl was even in existence. >> this year it was 100 years. >> reporter: ninety year-old carmella owns john lero candy near broad and porter. for the parade she will take a break closing up shop to watch the historic sports moment. >> i would like to see the players, and the parade. >> reporter: it could meaningless in business that day but she figures most of the 3 million expected to gather won't be in the market for a valentines day gift. >> everything bagels, cream cheese on them. >> reporter: just up the street uncle nephew owners of home grown coffee are planning quite the production. >> outside we have some full coffee we will keep loading them up, hot chocolate, and
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then hot dogs, we have a nice warmer we will have outside, hot dogs, grilling them upright back here. >> reporter: same with the corner parkway deli near the end, at art museum steps. all staff scheduled to work. beer stack halfway to the ceiling. >> dilly, dilly budd light ready for everyone. >> reporter: everyone prepared and like carmella hoping for a great, great day. >> i'm happy. >> reporter: that is key, of course, everyone talking about safety especially for all of these business owners, after all, some 3 million people in the city could get a little bit hectic. to give you perspective the owner here at this deli tells me on a normal thursday she has about five employees working but of course this coming thursday, he is going to have 15. i'm live near art museum steps , greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> stack up. >> yes, indeed. you can always watch the parade from the comfort of your own home thursday, cbs-3 is place to be for. that our live coverage begins at 9:00 a.m. as city gets ready to celebrate. then at 11:00 parade gets underway. we will be there every step as team makes its way up broad street and art museum. watch our coverage live on cbs and cbs philly facebook page. it is "eyewitness news" and eagles as the celebration continues. >> that logo behind the art museum pillars did that look great or what. >> get them while they are hot >> super bowl gear flying off store shelves, but you should probably pack your patients if you are going shopping. we found long lines at sporting goods stores in willow grove, montgomery county but everyone we talk to didn't mind waiting for winning gear and they just can't wait to show it off during the parade. >> i figure there will be a lot of well to do fans out there on the streets so i have
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to dress up. >> i like how you keep it classy. pope eighth, that is me. >> my son lives in pittsburgh. he can't wait to wear this down south side to show steelers fans hot real champions of par. >> we also met a woman who is mailing eagles gear to her daughter, who lives in boston. many thought parade would be tomorrow? well, wintry weather spoiled that plan but we are still in store for tricky, dicey morning. meteorologist kate bilo is on the sky deck tracking it all for you, kate. >> cold air settling in tonight so sun has gone down and tomorrow morning when snow moves in generally we will hit our low temperature of the day right around sunrise and that is also when precipitation will arrive. it will start as snow for most of us but then changes over depending where you are. lets talk about temperatures right around freezing in many spots, freezing in millville, wilmington, reading, 31 lancaster and 36 in philadelphia definitely feeling chill now that the sun
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has gone down. storm scan three not showing much of anything happening just yet a few cloud moving from the west but here is our storm, cold air to the north lots of warm moist air to the south and that is all converg ing on our region, through the day tomorrow and this is really an all day event, more than 12 hours of precipitation expect from the system. here it goes starts as a brief shot further north and west longer snow and ice will last but wintry mix in the morning commute heavy rain in the afternoon commute and significant snow fall in the poconos, that is area under a winter storm warning, most of the rest of the area, enter a winter weather advisory and just depends on your location. i will tell what you to expect , and we will have that parade forecast coming up when i join you inside. back to you. it could be a messy morning commute we have you covered right here on cbs-3. we will get on the air 30 minutes early tomorrow morning join jim, rahel, katie, meisha at 4:00 a.m. tracking wintry mix and get you out the door.
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we showed you how fans celebrations got out offhanded sunday night and police need your help tracking down a large group of looters. and, and southbound, and, suspect, and, they are accused of causing a hole in the rear wall of the business. if you recognize any of the suspects police want to hear from you. engineer, and, in philadelphia facing charges again, a judge today ordered brandon bostian to stand trial on involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment charges they were thrown out last year by a judge who found evidence pointed to an accident, and, the derailment killed eight people. still to come on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 what you probably didn't know about the now famous, philly special play in the super bowl. and a home grown sports hero, cleve.
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glassboro's corry clement is now a super bowl, champion and i'm cleve bryan, find out how his family and best friend s reacted to that amazing super bowl win. >> what was your reaction when the eagles won and were you on live tv? see what happens when a sportscaster watches his favorite team win it all a priceless moment later in sports.
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good job, in the end zone, and it is, caught by corry clement, yes. touchdown. >> just one of the many plays eagles fans will remember forever, corry clement, reeling in one of nick foles many beautiful throws, and, eagles scored in super bowl 52 clement scoring the ball 2 feet and, stepping in the back of the end zone. >> wow. >> i know. >> i can watch it over and
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over. corry clement and his family super bowl win is extra sweet. >> like most eagles fans they grew up around here south jersey and "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan spoke with his mom and some friends, like all of us are really enjoying this big win. >> we held each other and he cried. >> reporter: mrs. clement says amazing journey like she shared with her son eagles running back corry clement are mark by moments, some are not so easy like last spring when nfl draft passed him over. >> how did he not get selected how did he get looked over. as a mom, it was very heart wrenching. >> reporter: in a way it was a bless fog former glass before he high school star he sign with his hometown eagles and in the only made the team but became a major part of their offense. >> i looked at him as a different young man coming to his own. >> we watched brian westbrook and i was mcnabb and he was westbrook. >> reporter: stephen clement, said he knew his brot war as great athlete but seeing him go for 100 receiving yards a
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catch a touchdown during super bowl. >> that is my boy, lot of that >> reporter: corry's childhood friends as teammate, say this season has been a dream, come true and thursday their former high school will celebrate first ever corry clement eagles super bowl champion day >> fairy tail ending. i cannot really believe it. >> philadelphia eagles, hometown team, super bowl champion, rookie year, i never would have thought in a million years but it is a blessing. >> he said mom, i can't believe it, it is so surreal. i hug him, i cried with him and i said you earned this. you deserve it. >> reporter: corry clement joins another glassboro bull dog gary bracket as a super bowl champion. as you can imagine his family and friends, whole town can't wait to have corry home to celebrate together n glassboro cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> great story. just when you thought it could not get better. >> we have inside into what happened before the eagles ran
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philly special. >> going for it right here. >> philly special. >> let's do it. >> hold on, hold on. >> philly special, ready go. >> in the gun. clement, to his right. move to the right goes directly to clement and passings into the end. >> isn't that great. >> isn't that great. >> love it. >> i can watch that four more times. >> inside nfl tweeted out that fantastic moment and it looks like nick foles wanted to run trick play and doug pederson was all for it. quarterback and coach working together for one of the most memorable plays in philadelphia sports history. you can see more of this on inside nfl tonight at 9:00 over on show time. >> he goes over, do you want
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to do philly. >> doug hit that pause. >> why not. >> yeah, you want to do that, let's do it. >> that is exciting. >> that is awesome. >> i watched the game three more times now on nfl network. >> i got it. >> it is like i never saw it before. >> wow. >> from cool to what cold, wintry mix coming up. >> we are, tomorrow will be a mess from top to bottom start to finish. we have both commutes impacted by this system. first one with snow and ice, the second commute afternoon commute tomorrow will be impact by heavy rain. this is an all day event. we will start off with a look outside with the area that is most impacted tomorrow. this is jack frost big boulder in the poconos, under a winter storm warning mother nature could dump 6 inches of fresh powder on these slopes. may not need snow makers because mother nature will do work for them. few people enjoying a quiet night before the storm. storm scan three doesn't show a whole lot of anything at all
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, we have clouds building in. notice moisture lifting from the south, coming from the gulf of mexico. very similar to sunday's storm starts as snow changes over to rain but more ice threat with this one especially because it is hitting early in the morning rather than middle of the afternoon. see cold air to the north there. here are your alerts, winter storm warning for poconos region. that goes from 6:00 tomorrow morning all the way into midnight tomorrow night, winter weather advisory for rest of the area down the shore and southern delaware, nothing because it is a generally all rain for those area. we will take through it minute by minute, her by hour and heading in to 6:00 a.m. we can see snow creeping in. down the shore southern delaware, south jersey it is already above freezing. we may start as snow, sleet, very quick change over. thirty-two at 6:00 a.m. in philly. snowing here for a brief period of time. gradually that warm air will flood in ape start to see that
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change over. by 8:00 a.m. snow in the north and western suburbs, rain to the south and that wintry mix still in philadelphia. by nine or 10 we will get a break, temperatures above freezing in the city, still snowing in the lehigh valley and poconos at 10:00 a.m. then we will see ice in the far north and western suburbs around noon time as we see change over between warm and cooler air, rain in philadelphia, through the rest of the afternoon after that it is mostly rain for all of us but at 3:00 still sub freezing in the poconos with the threat for more ice, sleet up that way could spike briefly to the 50's here in philadelphia and that will lead to rain. brief coating to than a much this in the city, change over to rain two to four for lehigh valley and far north and western suburbs, four to eight for poconos. mainly rain south jersey and delaware. both commutes impact. morning commute more impact then afternoon commute and for your parade it will be cold temperatures in the 30's, dry though with the sunshine and
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feeling like teens and 20's inn it does warm up this upcoming
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for us, it's time to get tested. it's the only way to know for sure. most gutsy play calling in super bowl history is what espn is saying about doug pederson just two years in the job he out coached, the great owes of all time, and here's doug with angelo cataldi on wip. >> doug, did you ever think this would happen to you? >> i did. >> i did, difficult. i didn't think would it happen in year two but, you know, angelo, listen if i don't get in this business not wanting to win this super bowl, i will go do something else. that is just why i coach. this is why i teach. this is why i lead this team. it is for moments like this. if i don't have that confidence, how am i going to show that to the team that we can win the super bowl. you know, obviously now the
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challenge is, trying to repeat >> did he say repeat. >> let's do it. >> i can't wait. >> um-hmm. >> on saturday night eagles offensive line won an award for being the best in the game on sunday they went out and proved it. tonight, instead of moving the chains they are ringing the ceremonial bell before the sixers host wizard. tj mcconnell is expect to be an electric night. >> it is going to be like every atmosphere we have experienced, the people here are special and they are passionate about all of their sports teams, so we're lucky enough to play in front of them. we have to give them something to cheer for. >> before we were sportscasters we were diehard fans. the challenge, in a lot of cases is separating the two. harold coons is an anchor, in oklahoma city. i know him personally. he is a life long eagles fan, dude bleed green. he was on the air when birds won it all, and then this
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happened. >> here's sports with harold coons. >> the eagles won it, yes. yes. yes. >> oh, man. >> oh, harold. >> that is fantastic. >> i feel you, man. >> his daddies from camden. >> that is great. >> real tough. >> remind people when you are walking out to the studio you might get a glance, you do not know until they put the score up, wow. >> exactly. >> yes.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back on the 10 on the cw fill a and back here at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news" tonight a rook it launch makes history and paves way for the future of space travel , the latest, from the scene, from new york, here now is jeff glor, thanks for watching, family, i can get over harold, that was great. we will see you tonight, take
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care. captioning sponsored by cbs >> three, two, one... >> glor: the most powerful rocket in the world puts the first car in orbit. the star of the amtrak fleet breaks apart on the rails. another wild swing on the street. now the dow up more than 500. immigration at the center of another shutdown countdown. >> i'd love to see a shutdown if we don't get this stuff taken care of. >> nobody wants another, maybe except him. >> glor: and girl scouts make a sweet appeal to legislators to rename a bridge. >> it's hard to turn down your granddaughters. it's not a fair fight, though. this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor.


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