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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  February 7, 2018 2:07am-2:37am EST

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ahhh, ten times the bucks. it's one of the new times the bucks games from the pennsylvania lottery. with millions in prizes! hot diggity dog! keep on scratchin'! a >> right now at 11 :00 what you need to know about getting in and out of the city. >> and he traveled to the super bowl with one request. how a few strangers helped make his wish a reality. >> get ready for a messy
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morning commute, winlty mix of rain, ice and snow is headed for our region. good evening i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. >> the mix of wintry weather is coming at inconvene time at the start of the morning commute. we have several school closings and delays at the bottom of your screen. >> right to meteorologist kate bilo now and she has more on the storm. >> dry outside rights now and temperatures have really dropped certainly cold enough for snow and that's how it starts with the vast mathtivity region. temperatures now 31 in philadelphia and 29 wilmington and 25 reading and 12 mount pocono and though it's dry now as prescription starts it comes at coldest part of the day first things in the morning and that means it could start as snow, slush, freezing rain, all depending where you are. here's what the system looks like now. two pieces notice how it's all coming together into one larg larger system. there's a lot of moisture
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being shunted in from the gulf of mexico and pink here indicating ice coming down and freezing rain over portions of kentucky and snow he to the north of chicago moving east at a pretty good clip. starting as snow and changing to heavy rain as we head through the afternoon hours. so both commutes impacted by the system. a wintry mix for the morning commute switching to heavy rain for evening commute and this system will bring significant snow in the poconos. it's a pretty drastic gradient from the pocono region to the shore. you may not see any snow at the shore and heavy snow in poconos and that's where winter storm warning will number effect. the rest of the region excluding shore and southern delaware under winter weather advisory. m coming up timing out the prescription hour by hour and i'll tell what you to expect where you live and we'll also of course have the parade forecast, ukee. >> with conditions on the way our morning team is on extra early tomorrow. join jim, rahel, katie, meisha starting 4 a.m. they'll track the storm and have the lateet easton the
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xhument as you i get ready to head out the door. >> i can't wait for this. this will be i celebration fit for super bowl alcohol peen. >> how perfect. >> preparations are underway for eagles victory parade. millions are expected to line the parade route thursday morning. >> eyewitness news reporter david spunt is along the parkway. crews are getting ready and what you need to know if you plan to attend the historic celebration. david. >> uk see it is a huge party the last time you saw crowds like this when appropriate francis stood on the art museum steps a live look in front of the art museum. very early stages no pun intend of the stage going up you can seat columns, eagles symbol and several million people expected and officials want everybody to have fun and be safe.
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>> that fumble happened at the end. i was not on the couch anymore i was jumping up and down in the living room. >> it will begin broad and pattison 11 a.m. making north on broad city hall and down the parkway where 14 jumbo reason toes will be strategically place todd experience history. >> this is a celebration. that's what we're calling. it it's not merely a parade. >> a celebration ceremony take place in the art museum fuxt plan to come to town, plan no now. don't wait according to septa officials. >> we can carry about 500 to 550,000 to the parade ft. ceremony. >> frankford and broad line will be free and other lines will see changings. on the region nal service will be unbound in the morning and outbound after the parade. regional rail riders will need to buy a special $10 pass available $50,000 people.
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patco will also have ajusted schedules and additional trains. >> do not bring back packs of beer with you they'll be taken from you. >> and no antics like sunday nights after the win. smashed windows, knocked over traffic lights and climbed on awning until it collapsed. >> this is a crowd like we've never seen not for a celebration anyway t. morphed philly celebration in a week. >> this could be a bigger crowd expected thursday. no magnotometers but a big police presence and undercover officers making sure people stay sufficient and have fun. david spunt, cbs eyewitness news. >> business as long the parade route are gearing up for the super celebration. own or of parkway corner deli near the art the museum 22 and spring garden cancelled vacation and ordering another 200 cases of beer to
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supplement the 100 stacked up inside. 90 year old owner near broad and portner south philly is getting ready. she's hopeing for a great parade. >> as long as they don't do disinstruction i'm happy. other than that i would like to he sa the players and the parade. >> home grown coffee is planning a big production. everybody will be outside serving hot bevr rams and hot dogs. >> everything you need to know about the super bowl victory parade on our web sixt you can see the route, road closures and how to get to the parade using mass transit. all this for you at >> and watch the parade from comfort of your own home on thursday and cbs3 is the place to be. live coverage begins 9 a.m. as the city gets ready to celebrate. we'll track crowd and traffic. and around 11 a.m. the par add gits underway.
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we'll thereby as the team makes its way to broad and art museum. you can watch the coverage live on and cbs philly facebook page. it's eyewitness news and eagles do not miss. it the celebration continues. >> and get them while they're hot eagles super bowl gear is flying off the shelves and you can pack your patience. we found long lines at sporting good stores and willow grove montgomery country, everyone we spoke to did not mind waiting for the gear and could not wait the to show it off at the parade. >> minneapolis for the super bol a local eagles fan had a mission to experience the eagles end zone with his father. alexandria hof sees how strangerers lead taken to credible moment. >> it was dlik he catch, it, did he catch it? >> i was at eagles winner super bowl something i'll
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chair itch iish forever. >> he took the trip to watch the win and there was something else he wanted to bring his dad frank on to the field with him into the eagles' end zone with tight security prior to kickoff he knew that that would be no simple task. >> i don't know if i'll be allowed to but i'll try my best. >> kevin and group of six got to the stadium early and first security guard he 34e9 was not bunling. >> i really can't did that. i really can't do that. i can't let you go by. i was like i understand everybody else i can talk to. >> after hearing the situation -- >> just be fast i said are you serious he said yes he. >> he's kevrp posing with a bud why you on his field and with his dad close at hand they made it to the end zone. >> when i texted everyone he was on the field it was emotion i'll never forget. like i got him here. we got him here. he was on the fieldment i'll never get over it. >> the chair frank used to watch eagles' games has been
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empty since september when he pass away suddenly never getting witness the birds try up at that point season. what kevin brought to the end zone were his ashes. >> i sprinkles his ashes in the end people were staring at me i did not care. i sprinkled them in the end zone and he's on the field where the eagles won the super bowl. >> as for the original security guard who denied request. >> i came back up she gave me the biggest hug. >> it was a game full of hugs including the ones snared spirit. >> i know he he would be hugging and kissing me eagles are superbowl alcoholps. >> delaware county, alexandria hof, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> that's what it's all about right. there. >> special moment for that family. >> no doubt. >> declaring thursday inclement day. >> it's a former high school star. the nfl draft passed him over and he ended up signing as eagles and became a major pat
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of offense. we talked with his family and friends who are over joyed by the super bowl win. >> he's like mommy cannot believe it it's surreal and i hugged and cried with him an i said you know, what you earned this you deserve it. >> look fairy tale ending. >> korey's family and friend say they cannot wait to have him home to celebrate sunday night amazing victory. >> he get a wriping and she gets a ring. carson wasn't announced engagement to long term girlfriend on twitter today. wentz wrote she said yes and now made and i both got us a ring. can't wait to marry my best friend. god is doing amazing things and i cannot thank him enough. we all say congratulations. >> stephen colbert is getting in on the win by a huge fan of the birds. >> hey, everybody, join me on the late show tonight joined by lovely wanda psych an we talk eagles victory.
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>> she looks serious there. serious about that victory. find out what wapd apsychs was doing the night of the super bowl and she has a lot to say about the eagles. the late show coming your way 1:35 after eyewitness news sglai giant step for private space industry. today space x launched world's most powerful rock sfwlet that's not all straight ahead tonight we'll tell you about the payload that was sent into space and where it is headed. >> and plus doritos debaulkle. social media erupts after ceo suggested making a chip just for women. could lady dorito end up on store shelves for you. what they are saying about that idea now. >> main street in bethlehem, lehigh valley, one area expected to get accumulating snow and ice from tomorrow's morning. what you can expect where you live and also how you dress if you go to the eagles'
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sfwlv we showed you how fan celebration got out of hand sunday night we need help tracking luders. surveillance from the sunoco on south broad. a group of people grabbing items off the shelves and getting into a food fight. if you recognize any of these suspects police want to hear from you. >> and charges have been reinstated against brandon bostian engineer in the 2015 amtrak derailment if philadelphia. a jng ordered him to stand trial on involuntary manslaughter and reckless and incorporated dangerment charges. the charge were thrown out last year by a judge that felt the evidence pointed to an accident. not negligence. and eight people were killed more than 200 others hurt in derail mment and he is free on bail. >> stocks rebounding after whip saw day of training.
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forly hitting 25,000 mark. composite and s&p 500 follow add long posting strong gains and however many investors worry about inflation and higher interest rates. >> and a successful launch of hev by dr. rocket. >> falcon blainged off from florida. is is most powerful in use today and in a remarkable feat two of three boosters came back to cape can after ral and landed simultaneously side by side. a third boingter supposed to land on pad in atlantic ocean crashed into the water. what the rocket was carrying has everyone talking tonight. that's a cherry red tes la road stir belonging to musk and it's now orbiting in spac space. on board is dummy named star man and on screen of dash it
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says don't panic. goal is to have the car in the convenientty of mars in six months. >> doritos became the talk of internet this week and it had nothing to do with sunday super bowl commercial. >> social media erupted after head of pep si co suggested a chip be made by women. >> in an interview this week ceo female ceo said the company was getting ready to launch snacks designed and packaged differly for women. it didn't sit well with the internet or ladies that want to snack as they wish. >> when we opened up the bag of doritos we opened up the floor asking them what they like about the chip. >> xheezyness. >> nice crunch. >> how would you feel it less cheese and little cun. >> and it's a chip? i don't think wow have the zest. >> i think having a snack chip
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not crunchy is pointless. >> lady doritos. >> a term trending on social media after the company female ceo suggested women don't like chewing loudly or licking their finger while heating the chips they make. >> i'm not that lady. >> former crunchier and proud of it. >> cust crowd in half. >> this is another example of unnecessarily gepderred products. >> amanda social professor it reinforcing stereotypes about women. >> namely they should be queue et cetera. clean and daipty. >> and while some accuse us ladies of having a chip on our shoulder. >> we deserve the crunch and earned the right to crunch. >> other let the chips fall where they may. >> you ladies want your own chip i'm hadn't you 100%. >> crunch, crunch, crunch. >> crunch away. >> pepsico was inaccurate
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saying we have door eats owes for women, they're call doritos. and i'm fine with this versio version. >> get your crunch on. >> i'm fine with the loudness of chip. >> i think serve. >> right. >> but i feel they could work on loudness of the bag. it's always drawing attention to me as i eat it. >> that's right. >> the rest i'm fine with. >> it's like having pink shaving cream when it's same as men's. >> you enjoy that. >> what do we have coming in the morning. >> not doritos probably you enjoy those. they do this to me every time. let's talk about show and ice and rape depending where you are. it could be a little bit of each or all three at the same time. just a wintry mess tomorrow morning. let's take you right into what is happening outside roads getting prepared and brooip out there and good news they're taking care of the area everything brined up and ready to go. nothing happening now.
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tomorrow morning the roads could be slick. and the further north and west you go the more problems you'll run into. hooves a live look at the gray skies around the city and eagles green out there and storm scan 3 looking fine for now. back to the west it's a ditch story. here's our system. notice it's kind of -- two pieces this area of snow to north and this area of rain and gulf moisture south coless into one large storm system and it's all headed or way. we'll get into everything. really this will be more of rain maker than snow maker here for us in philadelphia. poconos different story. we coupled future radar temperatures 5 a.m. you can see the flakes start to fall across the region and then 6, 7, it gets underway and first flakes falling 6 and 7:00 as morning commute gets underway that's steady know north and west and raining all right and temperatures around freezing.
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that's what it can be a mexy mixed back of snow, sleet and freezing rape. >> as we go throughout morning the snow shifts north. temperatures rise. there may be a break in the action from city on south between 10 and noon. notice the snow keeps falling north. and then the rain phils in. around noon and through the rest of the afternoon. we're dealing with heavy rape. i'm concerned about ice across the northern lehigh valley and poconos and that will continue into the afternoon hours. by finally 3:00 mount pocono above freezing and we spike to the 50s in some spots and it just keeps on raining, 5 p.m., afternoon commute, rain continues to fall. so snowfall-wise we're not talking much of anything at the shore and half inch in the city at beast and 4" in the lehigh valley and near 6" in the poconos. it's a tight grade yept. coating, possibly inch, 2 to 4 in lehigh valley and manly rain south jersey and delawar
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delaware. on roads a slippery icy commutes from the city north west. same story through the day and afternoon rush will be wet and rain. not snow and certainly could be dealing with spray and popingd and slow downs out. there. >> your parade forecast. we get the storm out of here, cold, bluingtsry, dry, the sun will shine 30 is parade start temperatures and high on thursday 33. let's be honest it won't feel different than teens and but electricity and sun an body type help. it's stillen -- >> don is up next with sports. >> busy night tonight. sixers and flyers play sports too. we have a reminder. and philly dillly. how the philly special came who be him the scenes look at one of the greatest places in super bowl histy coming up
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>> philly is center of sports universe.
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forget about puvrpingz ludeing stores and focus on the team. eagles represent the city well and doug pederson knows it. >> this is great reflection of city of philadelphia this team this come together hard working blue collar team that there's not a not of flashy big name players that just on would the super bowl. >> it what the philly special. it goes down as one of most iconic in super bowl history nick foles with first career catch on fourth down. courtsey of show time here's how it wept down. >> going for right here going for it right here. >> philly dillly. >> yeah, let's do it. >> dlots it. >> hold on, hold on, hold on. >> philly special. ready. >> go. >> foles in the gun. clem enter goes right and now lines up behind foles, foles moves to the right and goes
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directly to clem enter and reverse it's and the pass goes into the end zone and it's a touchdown by nick foles. >> doug pederson reaction, okay, yeah, okay that. that might sglork super bowl shuffle is rest enterser th 500 record andoverall and guys g wizards and look at that eagles rg in the bell before the game. >> third quarter we go. sixers upo for three. the homey. drilling it and dar yo with final seconds of the third. joel emweekend jojo put it on the floor going to the hole withnd 27 points and sixers beating wiza6-102. >> daveaxal are here. flyers done 1ive 40 rebounding d
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scoring and 18or. game goes into over time jordan wheel with three point one seconds remaining and is that the clutch. flyers snapping four game losing streak with a 2-1 win. >> college hoops battle of the brilliant. brilliant. 239 meeting between penn and princeton. darnell had a career high gam game. 82-65 beat down of tigers. battle of the brilliant. i want to be involved in that. >> me too. >> i know. >> i would not have said battle of the brilliant. >> up next a local rider eating his own words after the
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snrv a lot of people counseled eagles out including long time inquire and "daily news" columnist. >> he's literally eating his words truly.
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last week he wrote it's nice to dream oom a realist. if eagles win and underdogs eat i'll theater column and has a man of word. today he put pieces of column into turkey hoagie and ate it. >> with or without. >> with a lot of ink. >> he made it clear though he >> yes, he is. >> through and through. >> yes, he is >> well by the weekend the adrenalin may be be fading from the super bowl and parade we have a seasonable weekend and it will be d great to snuggle up on the couch and watching rain outside the window. most of saturday sinkles could n the afternoon an seasonable. milder sunday, rain plan your weekend accordingly
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>> and reminder morning team is back tomorrow dark and early starting 4 a.m. with the latest own weather and road conditions. for all of us ear i'm ukee washington. >> i'm sques jess the late show is next. >> sleep well, good nights, show is next. >> sleep well, good nights, family. - [narrator] if you wanna make more money, and take control of your financial future,


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