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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 8, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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and a sweet moment for fans, for that team, and, for this city. >> what a wonderful time to be live. >> yes. >> isn't it?
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>> this is something that everyone who is here, who witnessed this, and, you know, you will never forget it. never forget it. and, we cannot wait to hear what the you take a look at these pictures, look at these images back in 2008 the phillies for their parade there was an estimated 2 million. i have got to think that we're looking at 3 million plus. >> there is no question, i think so i can't wait for those numbers to come out city will provide that for us. we will it on the cw10 and "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock but numbers will be incredibly, incredible and we have all of eagles nation to thank, for. that. >> yes, we do. >> all right. >> let's go out to our friend pat gallen, and he is standing by live, for us, pat, you had a day t. you really took this in. you had great observations about how the day hit you. >> reporter: yes, it was a
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fascinating day, and one of the most fascinating parts of the day was, obviously seeing, broad street, and then parkway and then art museum fill up the way it did from the time we woke up at 4:00 a.m. i got up and saw social media and saw people filing in, get their chairs ready, just prepare for the long day ahead and then as we got toward art museum that continued, and it was really neat to see that and as you can see things are starting to break down as there was a party here and now there is one no mor when there was a party here it was a ruckus one. we have some of the best sight s and sounds of the entire parade. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> we have waited so long, for our train has finally come through. >> for millions of eagles fans here in philadelphia, this super bowl championship is for you. together, we brought philly this world championship. >> we are in the done just yet
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, we have more to go. more to prove, this is our new normal. >> good part of the philadelphia eagles to be part of the guys one of the greatest things i have ever done in my life. >> y'all beef in each other and we are world champs super bowl lii, baby. >> center of the football universe, let me hear you, bar k. >> hungry dogs run faster. >> we wanted it more. you want to talk about under dog. you want to talk about under dog. we have been starving for a championship. everybody wonder why philadelphia eagles aren't t nicest fans. if i don't eat breakfast i'm hungry. >> we could easily gave it away, you know, gave up on each other but we didn't, we stayed together and that is our brotherly love we talk about in philadelphia they doubted us as players. they doubted us as a team. all we ever did was step up.
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and have more fun then anybody in the league, and believe in at this point in the city of philadelphia. >> one of the best days of my life, i love you guys. hey, we're world champions and i promise this ain't going to be the last time we're partying on broad street. >> we have the best fans in the world and you make it a joy, pleasure to play for you. i knew it wouldn't take long before we're standing up here. here we are today as world chapel beyonds. >> that was just a snip it, two minute snip it of the best sights and sounds of the day, long broad street and the parkway. i think we could make it a little bit longer then that and i'm sure we will relive moments here has been absolutely fantastic. and just from start to finish, it has been amazing from jon kelce in his mummers outfit and that epic five minute speech that he put together to
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hear from jeffery lurie, to hear from the fans, the chants , of fly eagles fly and e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles, it has been quite a day, jessica and ukee, back over to you. >> patrick, thank you, thank you so much. i have been doing this quite a long time. i have been back home now 32 years, in the business 40 but this is the greatest sports city, in general, in the world i'm so proud to say that. so proud to say that. it showed today. it showed today. there is no doubt about it. loved it. >> yes, it did, some of the greatest fans no doubt about that. they were praised over and over again today. >> yes, dedicated and without question, and, they were out here, sometimes at 8:00 p.m. last night, they were all hearing eagles chants at 4:00 in the morning and reports all over city they were gathering. incredible. our vittoria woodill was hanging out with them all day long. >> even the ones on horse back >> reporter: i was going to
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say yeah, we had fans of all kinds out here including some party animals. i don't know if you saw our coverage earlier but take a look i saw pretty much like a troop, if you will of horses and i'm lying, wow, what is that thing right now? only in philadelphia but, come to find outlet me give a shout out to joseph marron from west philadelphia and he says all of you guys are wondering about the kids riding horses through crowds of the eagles parade, and i'm like yeah we have been wondering about that he says a huge urban horse back riding culture in west philly, and aim like wait a minute, no way. then i go on instagram, shout out to at nerak54, they sent meehan instagram message saying it is probably the fletcher street cowboy, are urban cowboys their stables are in strawberry mansion and they involve the use in riding and taking care of horses. i mean the things you see here
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at the parade. and quite an incredible sight to see those horses, absolutely gorgeous but now knowing it is a community, involved organization, that not only respects and takes care of animals but encourages others to dot same thing. i am like this is like the coolest thing ever. that was cool. for anyone wondering the urban cowboys, yeah, that was really amazing. but that was only one of the sites here, that we saw, on the parkway, because we saw everyone, coming from every where, on the parkway and i talk to some fans, earlier and guess what, they said this day is for everyone. check it out. >> they didn't just do it for us but they did it for everybody we lost in the past and here today, this team knows, what philly really means and we're a family and they won for us. >> philly fans are connected, we're all family, we're all friends and we all love each
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other. this means something to everyone here. we get to see it. we are luckiest fans on the face of the earth. go eagles. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. there have been so many people that i have met that have said to me, tori this person was a huge eagles fan. unfortunately they are no longer with us but they would love it. my dad a huge eagles fan no longer with us but i'm wearing his jacket. i mean they were countless stories of the constant coverage that we have been bringing to you ever since that nfc championship game of the people that could not be with us but i will tell you today there was a spirit in philadelphia and i don't know where it was coming from but it truly did feel like everyone was here, and this day truly was for every single person. and ukee and jessica i'm sure you could feel it too.
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>> no question bit especially after yesterday and weather we had yesterday, today the vibe was here. it was just opening up, sun was shining and you could feel what tori was talking about you could feel it all day long it was so special. >> it was a day a lot of people will never, ever forget , our greg argos was along the parade route in south philadelphia at broad and reed which is where he is right now, greg. >> reporter: hi there, guys still some excitement from the folks driving by now but what a difference just a few hours makes. this really was when the party was this afternoon just about four blocks where we were there were hundreds of thousands of people throwing the football cheering, listening to music and just having a great time. cleaning crews preparing south broad and reed streets for regular traffic. minute earlier hosting a special motorcade, carrying the world champion philadelphia eagles, and a
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sparkling vince lombardi trophy toward center city. >> i have been waiting 36 years for this. this is best thing going on right now. >> reporter: few hundred thousand fans pack sidewalk of this section alone barely an inch of space to be seen. some on rooftops to catch a glimpse of the eagles, crowd rival the number pope francis to the city a few years back. >> he came and gave us divine intervention, he blessed the city and now we have a super bowl. >> wow. >> reporter: family, some with multiple generations, gathered as early as 4:00 in the morning to get a spot, passing their time tossing a football across broad and waiting for their sports heroes. >> we have been dreaming about this a long time. >> oh, yeah. when they get their rings i will put it on my chest. report report there are still some folks, leaving the parkway there celebrating the
5:11 pm
eagles that one gentlemen with the tattoo talk about commitment and everyone here feeling excited about this incredible win. live from south philadelphia, greg air guess for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". okay, greg, thank you, but the party continues. >> greg and friends. >> yes, anks my friend. we will get back to you. we will get back to you. ladies and gentlemen this just in i cannot feel my nose. >> lets talk about that. >> after what that team went through for me and all of us, i cannot complain. >> i'll take it. >> i'll take it. >> okay. >> that is good. >> it is all good. >> yes. >> hang tough, team, hang tough, indeed. it has been a special day here on cbs-3. and i don't know, i would like to seehem repeat but i want to enjoy this for now. >> you just got to soak this in. >> yes, this moment wash over you. >> yes. >> and i think once this day is over, we will wake up tomorrow you will say, did
5:12 pm
that really happen. >> yes. >> and all of the pictures and social media will come in. it is quite a thing to go back and reflect on. our natasha brownies also out there, she has been hanging out with the fans all day long , natasha. >> good evening, you guys, it has died down. i should go where greg argos is, party is hopping over there we are at 777 south broad street at broad and fitzpatrick we have been hovered above the crowd and they have been engaging us from down below, ukee, jessica and don. they have been giving us a cheer when we give a thumbs up they give us a fly eagles fly or eagles chant. been a great day. as you can see broad street is back opened, some fans are trickling behind us, here heading home or to other destinations at this point. party still going on somewhere anyway, every place along the parade, as we have mentioned throughout the entire day and as you have seen and chronicled throughout the day it has been a special spot
5:13 pm
special moments for everyone, lets take you back to our very special moment here as we were here on this third floor balcony the roar of the crowd, was unbelievable, as soon as you saw the eagles players coming through they finally made their way to our spot broad and fitzpatrick. they took a moment, jason kelce in a mummers outfit at the time i didn't recognize it at that moment and michael kendrick, he hopped off the bus as well, sipping champagne , popping bottles as they say hanging out, engaging the crowd and the crowd just loved every moment of it. they were absorbing this moment. it was history in the making. it was a long time coming for this philadelphia city, for this philadelphia team and you really could feel the spirit, people say they bleed green, that is absolutely what we saw today and what we felt. we saw emotion, we saw people hugging each other, we saw some folks in tears even as we were watching the coverage earlier today. that is emotion that this kind
5:14 pm
of historic day has really evoke from eagles fans and it has been a amazing day. we are of course seeing things wrapping up here in south philadelphia, the street sweepers have come through, like i said, road is reopened again but eagles spirit certainly, still in full force , still in high, as it has ever been, that is very latest for now here in south philadelphia, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". natasha, thank you very much. see a few people still on the streets, starting to make their way home. >> markedly quiet. >> we will check the entire traffic situation maybe you are waiting for someone to come home from the parade, we will do that and much more as this special addition championship addition of "eyewitness news" comes right back.
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we want to hear the loudest e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles chant of all time, lane, kick it off, baby. >> a one, two, three: e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles.
5:18 pm
>> that was the best. >> that was a big one. >> yes. >> that was huge, brandon graham said he wanted people to hear that cheer as far south as d.c. and as far north as new york. >> that is right. >> i'm sure he got his wish. >> we called for that, remember, earlier on our show i said this may be the day we hear and see the biggest eagles chant of all time, and there it was. >> no question, i'm sure folks are still doing it on their way home whether they are walking, taking the subway, anal ex-movies standing by at race and vine street station, how is it looking, alex. >> reporter: let me tell you something i don't know how people are keeping this energy up. i didn't to have come to work, until later so difficult get down, i walk, i was scared when it came to publish transportation which i should not have been because we talk to people had truly great experience, now we're dealing
5:19 pm
with for past couple hours a mass exodus of sorts. you can see what appears ton a desserted road, i don't know we're here at broad street line where things have died down, returning somewhat back to normal, people still partying, that is atmosphere, taking it all in stride but the massive crowds we saw led to jammed packed trains, so while everything, there we go, that is what i'm talking about the energy, i could never do. that we have been talking about how it is returning somewhat back to normal here. that has not been the case at 30th street station where bulk of this congestion really seemed to accumulate which is hundreds of people just all at ones going in similar directions getting out of centerity but for those, who had in the been scared off by the cold, earlier today, there was another method of transportation that you could try out and that was walking over ben franklin bridge. we also saw dozens, if not hundreds of people walking
5:20 pm
over ben franklin bridge to get back on the camden side of things. been fun for a lot of people, even though people are dealing with the cold. is there still some people out here right now. i have witnessed people inside restaurant, coffee shops and other kind of ways just to time it out right and make the best of it. we talked to two guys who said using public transportation was best choice they could have made today. >> getting down here was easy on september, we took a bus to the broad street line and had no problems getting on the subway, easy ride, it was pack , with eagles fans, lots of singing, chanting, easy ride to south philadelphia and so far we were able to take subway right backup here to center city and we will walk around and take thatome. >> septa did a terrific job today as did police, fire department, emts, everybody. i'm thrilled to be here. pleased to be honorary citizen of philadelphia. >> reporter: see it was all about timing. those guys making the best of
5:21 pm
the situation and if you are still traveling outside or out of center cit at this hour stay tuned to septa's twit error web site on what stops are not in service or which won are congested and bypass at this hour. reporting live i'm alexandria hoff now back to you guys. >> okay, alex, thanks very much. i have enjoyed this ride known as philadelphia eagles championship this has been a hell of a ride and certainly enjoyed it. it has been so much fun. >> yes, it has. >> lets go inside to our kate bilo who has a look at your forecast. kate. >> your mouth doesn't seem as frozen as dit in minneapolis. >> that is true but it is little cold. glad you bundled up. not quite minneapolis cold but still, pretty darn coldest specially for this time of the year, it is february but temperatures still, more than 10 degrees below average today with that said what a beautiful day. look at this shot you can see reflection of the sun as it sets here over plymouth meet
5:22 pm
ing from our camera high a president to place one apartments, and just a birds eye view look at those colors a gorgeous sunset capping off what has been a beautiful day. quick look at storm scan three not a lot going on so we will not linger too long just a few snow showers across central pennsylvania but still looking at sunshine in time for sun to set this evening. it is cold though 31 degrees in philadelphia, 28 in allentown, 29 degrees in reading and 33 in atlantic city. twenty-eight in doyletown. thirty-one mullica and cherry hill. thirty-one media. twenty-seven in ptstown. future weather shows rain moving in for the weekend. tomorrow that system off to the north warm front that will start lifting through could bring a stray snow showers to the poconos but only spot gets clipped back this cloud will hang on through much of the day, further south more sun you will see tomorrow. saturday same story starts off with clouds a few breaks of sun here and there and then our next system approaches. by saturday evening and night we will develop light rain and
5:23 pm
here comes our next storm bringing pockets of heavy rain through the day sunday, snow stays off to the north as warm air flood in there could be heavier rain on sunday. some models printing out 2 inches of rain through sunday, others about an inch and some with less than a inch it does look like a good slug of moisture for part two of the weekend. overnight mainly clear, not as windy 24. tomorrow's high 40. more clo then sun, but not a bad day saturday starts off dry, and rain comes in, on sunday and another chance for rain late monday into tuesday and possibly even a shower for . good news guys it is going to warm up a little bit as we he in the weekend and thaw on you a rainy finish to the weekend part two sunday looks wet, now back to you. okay kate thanks very much i just looked, we are going to break, it is like nothing happening, the workers, they are doing an incredible job. >> they are moving. >> wow. >> we will move too.
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welcome back into our continuing coverage of the parade, of champions, on this thursday, we want to get to our leslie van arsdal who is talk about brent celek, leslie , the longest tenured athlete in philadelphia. >> i loved his jersey, harold carmichael number 17, honoring the past, that was great, leslie. >> reporter: it was great, you know, he has been waiting for this a long time along with jason peters. these are two guys that really get what this means for the city, of course, they wanted to win a super bowl for themselves and the team but they wanted it for the fans and bring that trophy home to the fans, and talked about it today. >> i mean it is the greatest day ever because i know how the philly fans feel about
5:28 pm
this. they deserved this. they wanted it. and they got it. >> they believe in you so much >> they believed in us, and thank god, we brought it to them. we know what this means to them. >> this means so much, you just look around, man, and ever since i got here i have been chasing it, and for it to come true this year it is unbelievable. >> have you ever seen anything like this. >> i never seen nothing like this. i definitely want to see it again. this is almost like a dream. >> you know for these players they have been kind of wandering around in the dream- like state, so much has happened in just a few days, so it was nice to get on that bus, look around, see all of the fans, and just kind of feel the love out here today, ukee and jessica, back to you. >> yeah, soaking in as we have been saying, thanks very much. >> i love it when jason said
5:29 pm
i'd love to see it again. that tells me he will fight to be able to get back. he is i major part of this team on and off field. we will take a short break. it has been a special day. you have been watching special coverage of the parade of you have been watching special coverage of the parade of champions right here on small business, internet providers promise you a lot. let's see who delivers more. comcast business offers fast gig-speeds across our network. verizon doesn't. we offer more complete reliability with up to 8 hours of 4g wireless network backup. verizon, no way. we offer 35 voice features and solutions that grow with your business. verizon, not so much. get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call 1-800-501-6000.
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>> sweet sound. >> yes you know it well. >> today, i think we heard the largest fight song and eagles chant ever been done to the tune of several million people >> i kid you not, guess kay woke up this morning singing that. >> sing ago this. >> i know. >> singing that i was so fired up for today. >> i loved every bit of it. ukee washington with jessica dean, thinks our special ampionship addition of "eyewitness news" parade of champions went off today without a hitch, started at 11:00 almost right on the dot, ended shortly after three, what a day it has been, just to celebrate the champs. >> what a day. >> we want to go to pat gallen right here, all day as well, right along with us, and pat, you were here for the fans, you were here for all of it.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: that is correct. i was also in minneapolis with the team in the super bowl. let me take you back to my flight home because one of the things i heard many people talking about on that flight which was hundred percent eagles fans coming back from minneapolis was what do we do next year? they were looking ahead? it is what we do, we look ahead to next year and we are so used to that and with the quote unquote i won't call it a controversy but some might because nick foles is super bowl mvp, carson wentz was arguablably the mvp of the season. so many people talking about what we do next year? jeffery lurie the eagles owner also talk about that on the stage behind me. he says it is just beginning. >> this eagles team won a world championship because it epitomizes what this great city and this great country can be at its best when you
5:34 pm
treasure self lessness, compassion, teamwork, trust and love of each other and incredible resilience through all of the adversity and combine it with great focus and strategy you become a world championship family. philly, you are super bowl champions and i have one final message for you: we are just beginning. >> mvp quarterback carson wentz alluded to the same and seeing him in minneapolis, seeing what he has gone through after torn acl trying to get himself ready for next year but also during this super bowl run having to sit on the sidelines, yet do his best to help nick foles prepare for each game, it had to be hard on him and he pretty much said the same thing. aim looking forward to next year. this is just the beginning of
5:35 pm
what could be a special not only this year but it could be a special decade for this eagles team. lets not get too far ahead, jessica and ukee. we were loving today. everybody in philadelphia was. there is no doubt about that. >> great time. >> no doubt bit. not too ahead. patty, be careful is there a convoy of those party rental trucks behind you, they are cleaning up. >> they will take you with them. >> indeed. >> we are heard from jeffery l urie, doug pederson, orchestrated a brilliant masterful year and when you think of the orchestration you think of the kimmel cente here in town. >> music our cleve bryan was standing by there all day long , let's hear it from cleve >> with horns blaring, confetti flying, and crowds cheering. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> reporter: the philadelphia eagles brought lombardi troy to the people on thursday, super bowl mvp nick foles led victory parade alongside
5:36 pm
quarterback carson wentz and eagles owner jeffery lurie, behind them a cast of characters including mr. free beer for all lane johnson and jason kelce. >> fans pack every square inch along and above broad street, and enjoying every moment on the face-to-face player interactions. >> seeing carson wentz up there even though he wasn't in the game was a nation. everyone looked so happy you can see smiles on their faces, looking at us and them and just like true happiness. >> what were you saying. >> fly eagles fly. >> reporter: megan and her six year-old daughter from phoenixville shared a moment many families have only dreamed of a victory celebration for super bowl champion eagles. >> amazing, long time philadelphia resident witnessing this was an amazing experience and the fact that all she knows as a six year-old is we are world champion is amazing. >> reporter: cleve bryan for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
5:37 pm
people have been talking about a young child, philadelphia eagles are great. >> that is right, that is right. >> that they win super bowl. great way to be raised, right. >> i'm telling you, these kid, they know the song because we did many stories, two-year old , singing the song. >> so little. >> beautiful. i said it earlier i don't want to it end but it has to and we have to go in the off season. these guys need a break. we all need a break but it has been, just incredible and we thank you for ago long and sharing the ride with us. been a fun day. >> that we have. speaking of incredible there were great views during this day and alycia nieves had one of the best views high up above the parkway. let's check with her right now , alycia. >> reporter: ukee and jessica we are were 18 floors high all morning long just seeing the sea of eagles fans compiling into the parkway, hanging out here for hours this was the
5:38 pm
crowd that hung out with us in the balcony just enjoying the view and this, you said seconds ago looking down on the parkway and realizing it is over, parade is over but for everyone to celebrate eagles as champions but it is weird looking at this view and then just thinking two or three hours it was such a different view. i want to give you a glimpse of what that was like here just a few hours ago for this amazing eagles championship parade. our vantage point in the sky, 18 floors high for the first time ever eagles parade of champs. hundreds of thus office people , maybe more than a million excited eagles fan pack the parkway for this celebration. we were in seattle a few years ago for parade there and then here today for this parade, how does it compare. >> seattle has nothing on us, eagles all the way, fly eagles
5:39 pm
fly. >> wow. >> reporter: for so many this wasn't just a celebration of a football team accomplishment, the celebration today was deeper then that, it is about a city in the spotlight, a city so proud. >> more than anything it is just a big thank you to the team for your hard work, your dedication, and you have made a city so proud and we're just thrilled for you, for the city , for everyone, thank you so much. >> reporter: this was one of the bigge eagles partyers, eagles guy celebrating here along with this amazing crowd we had. last time i saw you on tv i said i would end on a great note, you guys, ready, we will end on a good note. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> just one more of the amazing chants we have heard non-stop all day and really want to end this night here,
5:40 pm
back to you guys. >> that was great. >> i love that pup. >> i want two more like that it is a three dog night. >> all right. >> we will take a quick break we will be right back.
5:41 pm
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♪ fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. fly eagles fly, score a touchdown 123. hit them low, hit them high, and watch our eagles fly. fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. ♪. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles.
5:44 pm
super bowl champions, we hope you are enjoying this special addition of "eyewitness news" here in front of the art museum. i'm enjoying show so much i had to break out some peanuts, some snacks. >> peanuts. >> ukee has not eat men many hours so we started to get concern about a blood sugar level. >> i'm starting to pass out a little bit. >> it hats been fun. >> it has been fun. >> speaking of fun lets go out to our anita oh. >> hey, you key, i can use some of those snacks as well, things have cleared out quite a bit, clean up is beginning after hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets of philadelphia to cheer on their beloved birds. i met people who traveled a very long way to get here from vancouver, california, even as far away as thailand and it is just proof once you bleed green, you do so for life. >> it is a dream come true, i love this, it is an amazing win. >> reporter: fresh off that super bell victory birds
5:45 pm
paraded through streets of philadelphia as loyal fans cheered them on. >> i have been a philly fan since i was a kid, it was amazing. >> reporter: many fans worked, in school crowded near city hall. >> it has been phenomenal. >> reporter: fifteenth and jfk fans climbed bus shelters and trees to get a better view. williams shows up early. >> when i saw nick, carson coming down the way i was excited. i could not believe it. >> reporter: it became a history lesson. >> i'm on my third generation out here. migrate nephew from five years old last week, migrate knee and my daughter. >> now a lot of people had day off from school, and from work but for those who didn't, they came up with a creative excuse , i will have more coming up tonight at 6:00 but for now, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". anita oh, thanks very much , appreciate it, it has been fun. >> lets take a break we will
5:46 pm
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♪ we are the champion >> that they are. >> ahh, we are the champions in the world,. >> amazing. >> everybody was swaying back and forth i loved it.
5:50 pm
if you catch t memorable moments from todays party on the parkway and today's parade , you can always check out our web site, at cbs, it will be there just for you. >> and in the meantime lets go inside to kate bilo and get a look at your forecast, let us not forget on your thursday we're staring at a week even, kate. people want to know what their weekend is looking like. >> i wand fur people are making this a four day weekend , so much excitement today and maybe taking tomorrow and heading in the weekend. the weather is warming up a little bit, beautiful finish, just a stunning sunset, happening outside, right now this is cape may looking fantastic and lets look at the city sky line, kind of back lit in purple here as day draws to a close, an amazing day for our city, it was and the weather, held up, it has been cold, sure for our collogues ukee and jessica sitting out there all day long nice and bundled up but that only gets you so far. you can see right now storm
5:51 pm
scan three there is not a whole lot going on but as i widen out here's something to look at, frontal boundary moving through portions of the northern plains and into the midwest, mostly missing us to the north could touch off a few snow showers in the poconos tomorrow. that will help temperatures rise, warm front lifting north across our area, trade nothing milder air for weekend. thirty-one in philadelphia. twenty-nine in reading. twenty-eight in allentown, chilly night but pretty nice, friday eve as we prepare for that weekend and won't need the snow shovel for this weekend, that is good news, probably won't need a heavy coat as you did today, temperatures feel like the area. and, up in mount pocono. and, and warm front north in between systems saturday. for the mos part saturday is quiet, may be increasing cloud s and light rain developing, late in the afternoon or in the evening but then we have got steady rain along the area of low
5:52 pm
pressure trapped along a stalled front gets in sunday. breaking down increasing cloud tomorrow, late day showers saturday and sunday is wet day and recover from this super bowl excitement. light rain developing late, period of steady rain, active pattern next week though another system could bring light rain, mixed with snow monday night into tuesday. so, overnight, cold but dry and not as windy as today has been, 24 overnht low, mainly cloudy, chilly, 40 degrees, pretty seasonal, we will see blue skies further south you go clearer it will be heading the two north and more cloud a snow shower in the poconos. late day showers here saturday but we're up to 52 and good news about sunday even though it rains, it is all rain. we are in the dealing with the icy, messy mix this week. monday 49, clearing, got dunn, and, and, looks nice, seasonal
5:53 pm
, 48 degrees, with some sunshine. back to you in the parkway. all right, kate, thanks. kate said it feels like lower 20's right now. that goodies to know because i can't feel a thing. >> we will be right back in just a
5:54 pm
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this is for y'all, philly. believe everybody in here man, they doubted us as players, they doubted us as a team and all we ever did was step up, love each other more, flying more and have more fun then anybody in the league and believing in the city of philadelphia straight up. >> we talk about the players, the fans, embracing each other today, this w a special moment in time for eagles nation, every where. >> that is right, we talk
5:57 pm
about this today this was like the moment where the players, could bask in their moment where the fans could bask in their moment that we needed to have the parade, that we needed to have this moment on the art museum steps so everybody could get it out and let it be, right? really embrace the fact that this team has arrived, that this city as a football city has a super bowl championship and we're not under dogs any more we're on top of the pile. >> we are top dogs. >> no doubt about it. >> this is what celebrating and partying and embracing your team, is all about, and they gave us a great year. they gave us a fantastic moments. they gave us some chilling moments, edge of our seat moments and they all showed up >> can they show up. we saw, just an incredible show of support, for this eagles team, and as we said many times throughout the day if you have been here
5:58 pm
throughout our continuing coverage this was a multi generational event for so many , families, and they were here to celebrate to celebrate this team and these players who made it so special. let's listen to some of the players. >> when i was drafted here in 2007, there was one thing that all of the fans that they wanted and that was a world championship. and today, we celebrate the fact that philly has a world champion ship. >> we brought you guys a world champion ship and just lick mr. lurie said we're not done yet, we have more to go. more to prove, thinks our new normal. this is our new normal to be playing in football in february. aim so proud to represent this group, this city, and this organization, thank you very much. >> no, thank you. thank you. thank you so much. it has been such a special day , we want you to show it to
5:59 pm
you, again you might want to get reportings going if you didn't get to it day but you can see redemption parade of champions encore presentation saturday at 2:00 o'clock on the cw philly, but we have much more, to come, from in front of the art museum steps the celebration continues as "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. >> it is this time this town this team, were perfect together. this is our new normal. this is our new normal. >> and then in the end we all believed in each other, and that is great we are the world champs, super bowl lii, baby. >> philly, philly. >> i stand here today and look out here i think y'all the
6:00 pm
best fans in the world and you make it a joy, and pleasure to play for you. >> this is one of the best days have my life, i love you guys. hey, we're world champions a promise this ain't the last time we're partying on broad street, let's go. >> and, this isn't going to be the last time we party on broad street that was the prom toys day during this super bowl champion parade, good eving, everyone i'm jessica dean with ukee washington, in front of the art museum steps, where it all, ended up to day where we had all of the big speeches and some memorable moments where millions of fans who showed up out here to cheer on their 2018 super bowl champions. >> mark the date down, day so many people including myself will never forget, so many people were here, they came from all around the tri-state area they came from all around the country, around the globe as a matter of fact to see the super bowl champion eagles


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