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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 9, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> a party for the ages, now it is time to clean up. live with a look at the mess left behind by millions of eagles fans. >> and breaking news on capitol hill. the government shutdown, although brief; almost over. just moments ago, the house narrowly passed a 400 billion-dollar budget. that the president will now have to sign. >> cool dry end to the work week. but that's all about to change we have a wet weekend ahead. >> and tgif everyone, it is friday, february 9th, i'm jim donovan. >> we barely made it, i'm jan carabeo in for rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning. >> happy friday, everyone will be coming off this huge high of course from yesterday, coming into today. actually the roads are looking all right. we do have some problem spots, the good thing mass transit, back to normal. more on that coming up. >> good news as far as the weather. yesterday you guys all know it was brutally cold with the wind. won't be dealing with as much winds today. even though chill at this won't feel as brutal. so looking at the live neighborhood network here,
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showing our beautiful city from across the river, you can see it still lit up in green, people still celebrating, and exciting, excited about those eagles. storm scan3 showing we do have some clouds starting to make their way and build their way into the region. we do anticipate that we will see mostly cloudy skies as we head into the afternoon. drawing your attention located out west, we do have some snow that's going to be pushing to our north. it is just a weak disturbance. and that is going to bring the chance for a little bit of snow, some snow showers, some flurries, possible, up into the lehigh valley as well as the poconos. not much as far as accumulations is concerned, coating to inch can be expected. and it is about 25 degrees right now in philadelphia. getting your day started in wilmington, new castle county, delaware, right around 21 degrees, kind of chill any allentown at two; poconos, this morning, at 13. but your daily plan letter get you to around 34 degrees by the noon hour. then by 3:00, 39 degrees, you will notice those clouds on the increase throughout the day turning mostly cloudy. and that's all out ahead of some rain headed our way this
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weekend, we will talk all about that coming up. meisha? >> we had a lot of weather lately, i feel like, from the rain, to the snow, hammy friday. looking outside. we do have this accident here. schuylkill eastbound at girard , tapping your brakes little bit as you travel on by here. if i were you headed out the door maybe pushing over the next 15, 20 minute here, if this doesn't get cleared out of our way i would start to give yourself couple every extra minutes in the area. a lot of flashing lights will start to give us little gaper delay. another accident backing out the way so you can read this, looking at that time from home , limekiln pike between beechwood avenue, jenkintown road is your best bet around here. and then also looking at disable vehicle, pulled off to the far right. and 59 north near bridge street. this area is actually looking pretty good. just heads up, but you can see how many headlights are starting to hit the roadways around 95. now, 59 south, really where i am keeping my eye as you push into center city. looking okay there. we will be talking about this ramp closure coming up in
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about ten minute or so. jim, jan, back to you. >> meisha, millions of fans packed the parade route yesterday to celebrate their super bowl champs. but all every those fans left behind a huge mess. >> right. "eyewitness news" reporter chantee lans is live at the art new see thumb morning, chantee, how does it look? >> just like jim said, huge mess. let me show you some of it. we have beer cans, bottles, all over the place, walking with me here to show you, someone's book bag, someone decided to leave a tent behind behind the tent are blankets, i don't even know how many that is, and then without tripping and killing myself, there is even a bunch. chairs that people left behind now, you know, the funny thing about all of this, is that clean up crews were working around the clock. so it probably looked even worse than this. we saw blowers, leaf blowers were being used to move the trash. we also saw sweepers. now, the funny thing, also,
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fans, this is all about the fans, and they totally loved every minute of it. i mean, they stood outside for hours, i stood out there with them wait to go see the team, but back here at the art museum many people appreciated everything that happened here, we were initially told between two to 3 million people showed up. we think that number actually surfaced because here at the art museum, alone, it was cents a million, so sure just to see how many people in fact arrived at this parade. as far as the trash, back out live here at the art museum, we are hoping that crews are able to, in fact, clean everything up in this area today. that is the very latest live at the art museum, chantee lans, cbs-3, "eyewitness news ," jim, jan, back to you. >> thank you, chan tee. one of the most unforgettable
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moments of the super bowl celebration the speech by eagles defensive lineman jason kelce. >> decked out like a mummer and cussing like a sailor, kelce took aims in fulfiller style. take a listen. >> for 52 years, you all have been waiting for this. you want to talk about underdogs? you want to talk about hungry dog? for 52 years we've been starved of this championship. you know everybody wanted wonders why we're so mean. everybody wonders why the philadelphia eagles aren't the nicest fans. if i don't eat breakfast i'm beep pissed off. (cheers). >> no one wanted us. no one liked this team. no analysts liked this team to win the super bowl. and nobody likes our fans. and you know what? i just heard one of the best chant this past day. and it is one of my favorite
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ment and it is new. i hope you all learn it, because i am bea to drop it right now. you know what i got to say to all every those people that doubted us, all every those people that coin dollars us out, all every those people who said we couldn't get it done? what my man jay ajayi just said. (beep). >> i'm so glad we were on seven-second delay yesterday. a lot of people were wondering where he got that colorful outfit. we did some digging t turns out it is authentic mummers costume. avalon string bands tweeted this, originally from the 2008 new years day parade. the theme was ireland land of leprochans. and a check out the sport headline in today's philadelphia inquirer, thunder dog, i say that is pretty accurate description of him as he delivered the boom. >> no doubt. kelce is the man right now in philly after that empassioned speech. the philadelphia police, well, they tweeted this pick, kelce in his mummers gear there atop city hall adding we're not
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sure this isn't photo shopped. and of course if you want to relive one of the craziest days in philly history you can catch special encore presentation of the parade tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 on our sister station the "cw philly". >> turning to some breaking news out of washington dc the federal government could reopen as soon as this morning , within the past half hour, the house joined the senate in approval a 400 balanced budget deal, which president trump has agreed sign. hena doba has the latest on the overnight drama on capitol hill. >> reporter: the house has passed the budget compromise that cleared the senate earlier this morning. >> this agreement accomplishes getting the resource that is we need to rebuild our military. but also, this excludes long delayed disaster funding, recovery from the hurricanes and the wild fires. money to fight opioid, something that knows no partisan boundaries. >> the yeah's, seven; the nay 's, 28.
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>> at about 2:00 a.m. today, the senate approved a budget deal. but it was not in time to avoid a second government shutdown this year. that deadline was midnight. >> i object. >> late last night, republicans can senator rand paul repeatedly object today calls for vote before 1:00 a.m. paul did protest what he called run away government spending. >> the hypocrisy is astounding everyone every these republicans complains about president obama's deficit. and yet now we have them out there bragging and pushing and doing everything they can to get their trillion dollar deficit through. >> fellow republican senator john cornyn trying to get the vote to the floor before midnight blamed paul for missing the deadline. >> the senator from kentucky by operating to the request will effectively shut down the federal government. for no real reason. the outcome will be exactly the same. >> the budget deal that passed bill only funds the government for another six weeks.
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meaning, if lawmakers can't work out a longer term deal, in that time, the government could face a third shutdown. hena doba, cbs news. >> well the dow and the other market have a lot of grounds to make up again this morning. the dow starts today down more than a thousand points from yesterday. the free-fall dragged the markets into official correction territory for the first time in two years. the market began falling right after the opening bell, and then the things got worse, as the day wore on, experts expected there would be a pull -back after recent record gains, just two weeks ago, the market was now at a record high. >> closer look at the numbers now, dow closed down a thousand 32-point, at 23,860. the nasdaq composite and the s&p 500 also closed sharply on the down side. >> well, coming up: the popular tech gadget used by millions that can detect diabetes. >> plus, the flu outbreak
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continues to surge all across the us in the health watch. a look at just how easily the virus spreads. >> to be a part of the philadelphia eagles, to be a part of these guys, one of the greatest things i've ever done in my life. that is honor for us to bring you all to the super bowl. we finally did t we're super bowl champs. >> one by one the super bowl champs stepped to the podium with a message to eagles nation. we will hear more from the birds coming up next. >> ♪ >> ♪ i feel glorious ♪ >> got a chance ♪ >> it is glorious to be an eagles fan, isn't it, jim? >> it is, it is. >> and it will be quite some time before we come down from this high. we will be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> we want the loudest eagles chant, kick it off. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles! >> hear the echo there. welcome back, as the eagles cheer we all know and love in full throat dollars roar from the eagles super bowl party on the parkway. >> yes, it was easy to see the players were having just as much fun as the fans. and there was a message for eagles nation. >> i don't know that it get bigger than this. >> we are here. >> here we are, guys. >> leer we are. >> we made it. the sun is shining in philadelphia, guys. this may be the best day for swoop, as well. >> best day ever. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles! >> we have waited so long for
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our dream has finally come true. >> you are the most passionate and deserving sports fans on the planet. we couldn't have done it without you. >> together we brought philly this world championship. >> this is a group that i'll always remember for sticking together, and trusting, trusting in each other. we are not done yet, more to go, more to prove. this is our new norm. >> to be part of the philadelphia eagles, to be part every these guys, one of the greatest things i've ever done in my life. >> philly i love you. >> you all believed in each other. and that's why we're the world champs. super bowl lii, baby. >> let me hear you bark. >> they doubted us as players. they doubted us as a team. and all we ever did was step up, love each other more, and have more fun than anybody in the league. and believing in philadelphia. >> and we stayed together. that's our brotherly love we
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talk about in philadelphia. and we stayed together. and we made it happen. >> truely the best football fans in the world. you make it a joy and a pleasure to play for you. i knew this was a special placement and some seriously special fans. i knew it wouldn't take long until we were standing up here and here we are today as world champions. >> that was amazing, we are hearing so many great stories from the parade. also seeing some amazing pictures. >> one in particular is getting a whole lot of attention on social media. two complete strangers meeting in the middle every broad street to recreate one of the most famous pictures in us history. here's the original, of course , sailor and nurse kissing to celebrate bj day in times square back in 1945. well, back to yesterday, on the left, seamus clancey, e-a-g-l-e-s eggs blogger with ashley sutter, so the two have never met.
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but after the super bowl posted the picture on twitter antarly reached out and of the to recreate t so guess what, they d right in the middle of the parade yesterday. >> incredible stuff. >> making friends where ever they go. >> yes. >> love, that right? a lot of fun out there yesterday, just cold. >> just cold. we have the wind, of course it made it feel real un comfortable out there. won't be dealing with the winds today. in fact later today. winds direction will be shifting out of the south and that's going to warm us up as we led into the weekend. 25 degrees, right now in philadelphia. twenty-one in wilmington. nineteen in millville down the shore, upper teens atlantic city, 20 degrees this morning in wildwood. good morning to media. 25 degrees mullica hill, check ing in around 25, 18 for willow grove, 16 in pottstown, 23 in palmyra and doylestown right now. it is 18 degrees, so chilly morning, indeed. and your school, ride to school rather, will be in the upper 20's, with some sunshine but you will notice, those clouds really filtering none later on in the day.
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39 degrees, that's going to be our high temperature. in philadelphia. surrounding areas, looking at high of 29 in the poconos. some 40's out, there wilmington, four; 41 dover, and then 30's down the shore, upper 30's, wildwood and atlantic city. high pressure in control, that will keep us dry today. but it moves off shore. that's to make room of course for the clouds to move n then watching frontal boundary. couple of areas of low pressure traveling along that by the weekend. so we could be dealing with late day showers, on saturday, and then periods of rain on sunday, some of which could be very heavy. now, we've already received just under 2 inches every rain so far this month. and yes, there is more to come specially as we head into the time frame saturday night into sunday. some of the models are printing out over 2 inches of rain. the heaviest access rain could actually set upright over the i95 corridor. so keeping a close eye on that , as well, your eyewitness weather seven day forecast, at least we will be dealing with the 50's, as we head into the weekends, 53 saturday, 57 on sunday.
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we talk about when the rain arrives, time it out for you hour by hour in just a bit. >> all right, chelsey, thank you so much. big tgif for all every you at home. couple of things on the roadway this morning do, have an accident, schuylkill eastbound, pulled off to the far right. tap the brakes as we travel on by. but over things are good. i would say headed out the door sometime soon, maybe give yourselves couple every extra minute in the area. i certainly would. accident here with downed pole wires, limekiln pike closed between jenkintown road and beechwood avenue. you will have to use an alternate. jenkintown road is going to be your best bet there. and we have an accident, here, west vincent township, heads up on this, this is where a car hit a pole. started on fire. route 100 pottstown pike at cedar lane. you can avoid the area, certainly want to do so. but if you can't, it is to sound like you are still able to maneuver around that. disable vehicle here. ninety-five north, near bridge street, northbound side looking okay, really the southbound side keeping our eye on, ramp closure update, 422 eastbound ramp to route 23
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, closing monday until late summer. so you will have to use the alternate. new off ramp will be your best bet, jim, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha, on the health watch this morning, new research shows the flu can spread more leastly than prive previously thought. >> researchers at the university of maryland, have created a device that collected virus samples, from your breath. so they believe the flu can spread just by breathing and they're working to collect data to show how. >> the focus is always been on telling people, well, covering and sneeze something how it is transmitted. if we understand better how much of the infection is transmitted by air, and what the dose in the air is, we can then figure out how to reduce your exposure. >> important work, too, hard hitting season, so far more than 4500 flu related deaths this season, and the flu season is not over just yet. >> and a new study shows the apple watch can actually detect diabetes with a 85% accuracy rate. this is interesting.
6:21 am
group from the university of california san francisco teamed up with mobile health app cardiogram to conduct the study. the reportedly used 14,000 people to track results. they used the heart rate censors in the watch which they say pick up some -- pick up on some irregularity. that i find fascinating. coming up: a look at the next batch of emoji's being releas ed. >> you don't want to miss it, jim. also, checking out pennsylvania pottery. >> meisha johnson takes us on a dream drive to a place where the old continuing next are still being used today. and you can take some home, too. we're coming right back.
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your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here. >> heavy rain is headed our way. there is a silver lining. temperatures will be ushered up into the 50's with south
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winds, so dealing with milder weather. but rain will be moving in overnight saturday into sunday , it could be very heavy at times, some of the models printing out over 2 inches every rain as a possibility, so localized flooding could be an issue, as well. we will talk more about all every these things, coming up. sending it over to you. >> chelsey, thank you, for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> burlington county times air for staff sergeant stationed at joint base mcguire dicks lake hers facing important charges, donovan of pemberton township was taken into custody on the base after allegedly sharing an image on line. >> from the mercury now, 12% real estate tax hike in the 2018 pottstown budget is here to stay. a committee was form to review the budget to look for savings but the group found nothing that could be implemented quickly enough, to lower the tax increase. in the spirit from delaware county state representatives margo davidson , a democrat crack,
6:26 am
and nick mackreally are bipartisan action on gun safety, propose new legislation that would among other things ensure all firearm sales are conducted in front after licensed importer, manufacturer, deem error county sheriff. >> that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware and lehigh valley. >> well, the people have spoken and finally getting a red headed ' knowledge. >> i right. the the con sort yum, non- profit, sets the global sandanne for emojis is adding 157 new options, they include variety of new hairstyles, such as curly, bald, more hair color options such as red, white. also more animals. smart phone users can expect new emojis early as august. >> i can hardly wait. i like the peacocks. oh, i look the raccoon. all right, maybe i am interested. >> yes, you. >> all right. i refrain then from comment until i check them all out many coming up next, lot of activity on capitol hillment find out what is still needed to officially end the shutdown
6:27 am
>> horrified faces on wall street. as the dow plunged yesterday again this week, putting the stock market in correction territory. see how markets overseas are reacting. sean tee? >> big party means big mess. i'm chan tee lance live at the art museum as the clean up continues. >> that is right. the clean up after the victory parade has gun. but that's in the all. we are busy with a few accident out there, as well, plus a disable vehicle, and updates to mass transit. all of the updates coming up. but first a quick break, stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness
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>> it is 6:30, here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute, today is february 9th, 2018.
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>> they doubted us as players, they doubted us as a team. all we ever did was step up, love each other more, and have more fun than anybody in the league. >> truely are the best football fans in the world. you make it a joy and pleasure to play for you. >> god knows whether we'll do this again but hopefully next year. >> a big party means a big mess, i'm chan tee lance at the art museum as the clean up continues. >> the house joined the senate in approving a $400 billion budget deal, which president trump has agreed sign. >> the tiny ski resort city of pyeongchang is finally seeing its dream host the olympics come to light. >> you know what i got to say to all of the people that doubt us, to all of the people that counted us, everybody who said that we couldn't get it
6:32 am
done? what my man jay ajayi just said. (beep). >> today's morning minute is sponsored by pen medicine ... >> that was eagles center jason kelce. dawn his mummers regular al ya , delivering fiery speech yesterday. >> clearly he held nothing back. and probably a good choice for an attire since it was so cold , he was all covered up, everybody was bundle up out there, chelsey, it was cold yesterday. >> it was cold. and the winds made it feel even colder. now this morning, it is chilly , as well, but we aren't dealing the winds, so the win chill factor in the real a issue today. let me start you out with a look at storm scan3, notice, starting to see some clouds filtering into the region, the trends throughout the day. we will see increase in clouds right now around 25 degrees in philadelphia, good morning to you, wilmington, at 21. it is 18 in reading right around 21 degrees in the allentown area. so yes, it is cents a chilly start to the day. twenty-eight greets, some
6:33 am
areas will see some sunshine to start. quickly increase in clouds. 34 degrees by noontime. looking at high temperature this afternoon, right around 39 degrees. touching on what's happening over the weekend. silver lining, it will be mild high temperatures cruising into the 50's, however, clouds really thicken up on saturday. we will deal with some late day showers, and overnight showers, saturday, saturday night. and then some very heavy downpours are a possibility on sunday, even localized flooding could be an issue. i'll be talking about all of this many coming up in my full forecast for now we send it over to meisha. >> all right, chelsey, thank you so muchment and a big tgif to all of you on this early friday morning. looking outside right now, so looking at an accident here, schuylkill headlights moving in the eastbound direction at girard, the accident cleared, but another vehicle kind of lingering out there, pulled off to the left. doesn't look like it is slowing you down much. maybe tapping your brakes traveling on by. but overall looking okay there we do have another accident still out here downed polls
6:34 am
with wires with on this one, limekiln pike closed you will have to use alternate. jenkintown road here your best bet. another accident also out there, west vincent township, this is where a car went into a pole and then caught on fire route 100 pottstown pike at cedar lane. taking a peak at 95, keeping our eye on 95, take a look how busy 95 south is. if you jump on interstate 95, southbound, moving toward center city, lot of brake light going off. no longer traveling at posted speeds there. jim, jan, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. yesterday's historic parade drew millions of eagles fans to philadelphia. but all of them, left behind a monumental mess. >> "eyewitness news" reporter chantee lans live where trash is scattered throughout the street, chan tee, i keep thinking we'll see progress there but it is slow going. >> funny you say progress, two big street sweepers just passed by us there behind the camera here. but they didn't get to this section clearly.
6:35 am
we've just kind of been literally kicking the cans and looking at the damage, and the trash down here. bottles, plastic cups, tent left behind right here, and as you mention, they have their work cut out for them for one heck of a party yesterday. >> sweepers and leaf blowers, used to break up the layers of beer cans, confetti bags, plastic bottles from the parkway, a massive clean clean up effort from a party like no other. fans witnessed the city's first ever philadelphia eagles super bowl victory parade. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles! >> over at the art museum, a million descend today hear from their super bowl champ. >> we're not done yet. we have more to go, more to proof. this is our new norm. >> to be a part of the philadelphia eagles, be a part of these guys, one of the greatest things i've ever done in my life. >> better from the football
6:36 am
universe the let me hear you bark. >> hungry dogs run faster. we wanted it more. >> you want to talk about underdogs? you want to talk about hungry dogs? for 52 years we've been starved for this championship. everybody wonders why the philadelphia eagles aren't the nicest fans. if i don't eat breakfast i'm ( beep) pissed off. >> and jason kelce a definite favorite. we actually finds these pile of chairs here. so a lot more work for them to do. like i mentioned, they're out here now, hoe fumuli all of this will be cleared by the ends of the day today. live at the art museum, chantee lans, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." jim, jan, back to you. >> slowly but surely making progress, thank you, chantee. >> readers waking to up this morning's inquirer seeing this picture every eagles nation cheering the team on with the headlines philly special. coverage also covers the resiliency after team despite injuries, that kept going on
6:37 am
the road to victory. and if you missed any of the parade or celebration at the art museum yesterday, just check out our website. we have it all covered for you right there at >> well, breaking news this morning, from capitol hill, the government shutdown is almost over. within the hour, the house narrowly passed a sweeping bipartisan budget of course ending hours of government shutdown. the vote clears a path for huge spending increases for both pentagon and domestic program. $400 billion spending plan to president trump who has promised to sign it. >> well this morning, stocks in asia are react to go yesterday's plunge on wall street. japan's nikkae average lost almost 3% of its value yesterday. experts say the us dollar is weakening against the japanese yen. stocks on the taiwan and australian exchanges also dropped. correspondent andy rose shows us while the us economy is strong, invest remembers worried about inflation, and interest rate. >> for the second time in a
6:38 am
week the stock market took a nosedive with the dow losing 1,033 points thursday. the drop followed monday's loss of almost 1,175 points, and officially put the three largest markets indicators, the dow, s&p 500, and nasdaq, all into the red for the year. now the stock market is in a correction, or reverse trends. 10% off its record high just two weeks ago, and some investors and traders are starting to worry. >> i would say until proven otherwise, at the moment, you have to be defensive. when we get these reversals it sharpens steep and very painful. >> one possible reason for the loss thursday was the bond market, treasury yield rates pick up, then back down again. traders on wall street fear the federal reserve will starting a degrees i havely raising interest rates in order to fight off inflation. but the white house doesn't seem to share the concern with historically low unemployment rates, and rising wages, they're certain the economy is
6:39 am
still enjoying an upswing. the president like the rest of the white house is concerned about long-term economic indicators and factors, and the fundamentals in terms of long-term are very strong. andy rose, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> well still ahead on " eyewitness news" this morning , pat gallen is switching gears from football to baseball. patrick? >> yes, sadly, football season is over. the parade is over. but hope bridges eternal. it is 08 degrees by the way in clearwater florida. they, the phillies, are packing up the truck and heading south. we'll show you all of the fun stuff that is heading to florida. in just a couple of minute. stay tuned. >> and check this out. a dog actually plowing the snow? this family's yard could it be good boy. i think we could watch this all day. chelsey, over to you. >> loving that, loving that. well guys i am tracking some rain that's going to be moving
6:40 am
in this weekend. i'll let you know when it arrives, when the best day is to get outside, and how much rain you can expect in your neighborhood. but first, here's your cure auto insurance travel forecast
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>> ♪ fly like an eagle ♪ >> no official crowd estimate just yet. but check out this satellite image from yesterday's parade. a sea of eagles fans, digital globe supplied this picture from the art museum area, incredible area look at what was an incredible day here in philadelphia.
6:44 am
so very impressive. well, football is definitely still at the front of everyone's mind after that super bowl victory. parade, but before you know it , baseball will be back. pitchers and catchers, first work out is this wednesday. >> and today the phillies are packing up and headed to spring training. "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen live at citizens bank park, where the preparations are underway. good morning, patrick! >> good morning, jim and jan. not used to this. because in a normal football season, for the eagles, maybe they play one game into the playoffs, then long stretch of about four, five weeks, before baseball season starts. but, this year, it is rolling right into baseball season. we're here in the phillies clubhouse, where they are preparing to head south. they are going to clearwater. yes, football season ends, baseball season begins, you got to love it. check out the stuff. fanatic headed down as well with a bunch of stuff. 2400 baseballs in all. they have 2,000 short and long
6:45 am
sleeve shirts. 1200 bats will be taking the trip to florida along with 600 batting practice hats, 450 pairs of socks and 300 batting gloves. also they've got the jackets, about 200 of them for the players and coaches. 140 batting helmet. spikes, turf shoes, they've to go, too, the heavy jackets. and of course, six bikes, one fanatic hotdog launcher, and 12 sets of golf clubs, of course, got to be golf clubs, because you can't go to florida and not play golf. this is all happening later on this morning. i know the people have a little bit of parade fatigue i'm sure waking up today. but 80 degrees and in clearwater. i know baseball fans are looking forward to getting down there, and seeing spring training when the games begin. and what's better than just rolling one season over right into the next? i don't think there is anything better than that. but today is the day.
6:46 am
they load the trucks and head on south, jim, jan, i know, again, yesterday was a big day but let's roll it over. let's give the phillies some of that eagles energy and hopefully they'll have a season where, look, we didn't think the eagles are or a lot of people didn't think the eagles would go as far as they d so anything is possible, my friends. >> i have a question. what's the deal with the old fashion the boom box in there? >> that is the phanatic's old boom box. he is an old-fashioned kind of guy. kind of mascot. he's been around a long time. and i don't think he needs an upgrade. he just likes an old boom box. >> let the good times rollie say. let's keep it going. >> i've got some eight tracks at home still. thanks, patrick. enjoy your weekend. >> you have got it. >> of course do you. >> speaking of sports, the opening ceremony tonight. but the 2018 olympics are already underway in south korea. the ski resort town the smallest city to host olympics
6:47 am
since norway, 24 years ago. >> so crowd control is a big concern there, local businesses are very worried they can't keep up with the demand, security of course is also top priority with more than 70,000 police and security personnel throughout the olympic areas, to make sure everyone stays safe. >> well, chick check is expecting a major snowstorm this weekend, officials are warning people not to under estimate it. >> the winter storm warning went into effect last night. the city is expecting six to 12 inches of snow. officials say over 300 salt trucks were out there in the streets as crews geared up for that storm. meantime, people were out stocking up on groceries, shovels, and salt. all of the necessary things. >> check this out. look at this dog. have you ever seen one use a snow plow before? morgan from british columbia, a purebred new fin lands, owners say she lovers learning new tricks, they say morgan started pushing, started out pushing a shovel with her mouth, but quickly advanced to
6:48 am
pushing the snow blower. >> i love that. >> that gives another name to working dog. >> yes. >> working dog out there. >> that's so cool. >> focus on safety, too, there was another dog there, waited for that dog to leave. >> right. >> and moving right along. we don't have to worry about that, chelsey? >> no, we don't. we could see some snow showers , poconos, maybe some flurries up that way. we're dry here at home. let's show you some of the weather watcher temperatures, a lot of folks checking in this morning, certainly always appreciate that. it is a chilly start to the day. no doubt about that. a lot of the weather watch ers saying it is in the teens, where we live. eileen in gilbertsville, 15 degrees. john in tabernacle, dealing with temperatures, also, in the teens. weaver nick chester springs, at 18. denise in west chester around 16. jen any cherry hill right around 19 degrees. so some very chilly air out there indeed. chilly air across the entire region, coldest spot on the
6:49 am
map which makes sense at the poconos, right around 12 degrees there, down the shore, upper teens to right around 20 degrees, in wildwood , it is 25 right now, in philadelphia. so, let me show you some of the numbers, little closer to home, if you are waking up this morning in pottstown, 16 degrees, willow grove, 18. twenty-three in palmyra. right around 20 degrees this morning in cherry hill. forecasting high temperature today to about 39ment we will see increase in clouds throughout the day. so if you do see little sunshine to start the day that's whether we filled it with mostly cloudy skies, very quickly. here is a look at future weather, disturbance could bring snow showers up into the poconos, points well north. clouds stay around as we head into saturday morning. couple of showers pushing through late in the day saturday, sat saturday night. rain picks up overnight saturday. look what happens by sunday morning. we are talking about a big swat of rain that's going to be moving in. we've already received this month, just under 2 inches every rainfall, philadelphia international. looks like we could actually add more than 2-inch on top of
6:50 am
that will a look at one particular model printing out quite a bit of rain as we head into sunday. so localized flooding done issue. quick check of your eyewitness weather seven day forecast, here is the silver lining, meisha. looking at 50's as we head into the weekends with rain. >> you're right, chelsey, silver lining, right, 50's, but then ah, the toss up, we have the rain too. thank you so much. tgif everyone. looking outside. do have disable vehicle, schuylkill westbound at girard pulled all the way off. see the volume level right there has actually kind of tapered off little bit. looking okay. accident not too far away from that, schuylkill eastbound, actually before girard, pulled off to the far right. little busier moving in the eastbound direction as you can see. accident downed pole and wires limekiln pike closed between jenkintown road and beechwood avenue. your alternate ken kin town road will be your best bet there. and an accident, with a car fire, west vincent township route 100 pottstown pike at cedar lane there. plus volume, pure volume on 95 south at girard headed out there given yourselves extra time there. jan, jim, back over to you.
6:51 am
>> actually no i keep it going here for a second. i want to talk to you about the schuylkill as well. not only 59 with shear volume but the schuylkill headed throughout coming off the boulevard southbound, jumping on the westbound side around the boulevard and city avenue looking at some camera shots, couple of minute ago, guys, headed out there, give yourselves extra time for sure and the talcony palmyra bridge also going up at around 7:00 a.m. kind of busy out there. >> sure is busy as always. plenty of places too in our area to check out pottery. >> but not many like this one. >> no, special. the place i visited is so much more than just a store. it is a little museum. this place will fire up your imagination for sure. and might even inspire you to make some art of your own. so are you guys ready for the ride of your life? >> buckle up. >> today we're following the sounds of the clay. to the moravian pottery and tile works in doylestown, old factory founded by help are you chapman mercer in late 1800s, now working museum.
6:52 am
modern day potters are still using mercer's original techniques. >> i live in the area. and i've never been here. and she had heard about it. >> charles has been working here for more than 40 years, and asomugha has met thousands of visitors. >> they're sort of shocked why seeing a spanish mission in the middle of bucks county completely made of hands mixed concrete. >> but then when you look around, there are hundreds of tiles. >> these tiles were for decorating fireplaces, backsplashes, flooring. >> your eye goes to different places every time you look at something new it is like a different story. >> this art lives on. >> 99% of what we're doing is authentic to the way that they were made over 100 years ago. >> i'll form it into a new block to cut my sheets of clay from. we put the mold which is made
6:53 am
out of plaster face down on to the clay sheet. and then press it into the clay. with a small pole i can begin to separate the two parts. and then round out the edges of the design. >> mercer's designs ended up in some high places. so these are really cool watch are these? >> these were all found in harrisburg state capitol floor and they de ticket ventage -- vegetation, animal life of the commonwealth. these were given to the pope couple of years ago. >> oh, wow. >> during his trip. >> there are so many that i find so fascinating right here so where are these largest ones for? >> these mow a i can can be installed as flooring, or as wall hanging ornamentation. >> what's back here? >> well, you got me on that. city of jerusalem. >> that's my guess. that's what i love so much about these. >> even for me, having been here many years, there are new
6:54 am
discoveries, just now, you ask me that, the discovery. >> right. if you miss the original era of moravian tiles, you can buy them here even design your own or take a class. >> that actually seems like that would be so much fun, because looking around here, your imagination, your artistic side is immediately exposed. so, me and couple of girlfriends came, can we wine in there? >> i had to ask. he said no. but i do have to say, you guys , what that made me realize is so many times when we decorate our homes, you want those little details that mean something to you. i have so much stuff motel- look i can pretty but those are like the details that mean so much. so big thank to you our host, the more avenue jane pottery and tile works. if you have that artistic side , get out there. it was really cool. >> i think i will ' swing by there.
6:55 am
6:56 am
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>> a billing to end the government shutdown is heading to president trump's desk, he has agreed sign the budget he will deal clearing a path for huge spending increases for military and domestic programs >> philadelphia officials hold briefing this morning on the eagles parade. we should know about how many fans showed up for yesterday's celebration. >> and the 20th annual philadelphia tatoo art convention gets underway at the pennsylvania convention center it, starts at 2:00 this afternoon and runs through sunday night. that's three to go.
6:59 am
>> let's get last check on weather and traffic. >> all right, a look at the seven day forecast, obviously saturday looks like the better day out of the weekends. but by sunday, we are dealing with some rain heavy at times some of the models printing out over 2-inch of rain. >> yikes. that's a lot. all right, hems i, thank you. accident route 30 bypass eastbound at route 322 pulled off to the left. just reminder, talcony palmyra bridge scheduled to go up in the next couple every minutes. >> thank you shall meisha. it appears that big isn't good enough, mcdonald's coming out with three new big mac size z- they are the grand, the big and the mack junior. but wait. there is more. actually $12,000.07-layer stack recall ring called the bling max, mcdonald giving away 18 karat gold of its plastic sandwich, for a chance to win it tweet out using harm tag bling mack contest. >> right. that's something i can get behind. >> have a great day. and a wonderful weekend.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's friday, february 9th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news. a government deal that ended the shutdown. it started at midnight. how one senator kept capitol hill up all night fro test spending that will lead to a $1 trillion deficit. the white house admits senior staff mishandled abuse allegations to one of president trump's top aides, and former trum aide and "celebrity big brother" contestant omarosa said she was haunted by president trump's tweets every day. a snowy wintry blast. we're in chicago where more than a foot could


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