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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 10, 2018 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> he was starting to climb over again within minutes of being released. >> breaking news, a man just release from the jail is hospitalized after being shot by an off-duty corrections officer. the crime police say that man tried to pull off within minutes of regaining his freedom. plus if you have outdoor plans today, better get them done soon. this is a live look from our parkway central library camera we'll tell when you to expect some drenching rain. >> and city officials are discussing how the eagles parade of champions went. just how many arrests were made, and how big the crowds were according to early unofficial estimates. today is saturday, february 10th. good morning, i'm jan carabeo.
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we start you off with a forecast, here is meteorologist, chelsey ingram with eyewitness weather. good saturday morning, chelsey >> very mild, south winds, we also have the cloud cover, so that allows temperatures not drop as much as they did the past couple every nights, but it will come at a cost. now is the time to go out, walk the dog, grab the newspaper, this morning, if you have any outdoor plans, you want to accomplish, i would do it as soon as possible, because we have quite a bit of rain that's going to be headed our way. a look at the cloud cover right any -- cloud cover right now. we have lots of cloud cover across the region. 33 degrees right now in philadelphia. not too bad. thirty-one in wilmington, 35 in millville, down the shore temperatures are in the 40's, 42 atlantic city, four in wildwood. above freezing up in the poconos right around 33 degrees. now hearings' the temperature difference over the past 24
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hours, 9 degrees warm nerve philadelphia, 12 degrees warm nerve allentown, and 10 degrees warm nerve wilmington. so quite a difference. notice, we are dry here on storm scan3, but you can see quite a bit of cloud cover out there. might get peak or two of sunshine as we start out the morning, that is all going to change later today. just look for south and west. quite a bit of moisture that's going to be headed our way, that breeze, flood watch has been issued, it goes into effect starting at 6:00 tonight. lasting all the way through sunday night. pretty much encompasses the entire delaware valley of the exclusion of the southern poconos, close eye on things, we track this rain, i'll let you know it arrives, how long it will stick around coming up in just a few minutes, jan. >> sounds good, thanks you, chelsey. 5:02, we begin with breaking news this morning, police say newly-released inmate attempt to carjacking and shot after a correctional facility officer stepped in. now take a look at the video, philadelphia police say a 26 year old man had just been released late last night, from
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the curran fromhold correctional facility in holmesburg. they believe the man tried to steel the correctional officer 's car, during a struggle that officer pulled out his private off-duty weapon and shot the man in the chest. >> seems like he was starting to the crime over again within minute of being released attempting to carjack this off duty correctional officer. so it is somewhat bizarre. >> now that man is currently in critical condition. police do expect him to survive. the correctional officer suffered injuries to his head, face, neck, and also expected to recover. >> philadelphia officials report no major problems during thursday's eagles parade. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos tells us, the clean up after the party is still going on. >> the party which capped off philadelphia's sports history is now just a fond memory. >> it was a special parade,
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special day, that we will all remember for a very long time. >> though there is still plenty of evidence of the parade left behind. >> the cleaning operation continues. we are detailing around the eakin's oval area where there was large majority of the crowd. >> friday afternoon the mayor and city officials gave details of the event, there were two total arrests, one for assaulting a police officer. >> no real injuries to speak of. >> two people were stabbed, one near the art museum, both expected to be okay. and there were five citations for disorderly conduct. >> we are able to have that type of event with those numbers, and to have, as the mayor said, some small hiccups , you know, is remarkable in my estimation. >> so what were the numbers? one crowd estimate 700,000 people attended, the head of the city's office of emergency management, though, believes it is much higher.
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>> based on our experience, larger event on the parkway, we feel it was well above 700, certainly, below some of the higher numbers we've seen circumstance late dollars through social media. >> the eagles expect between two to $3 million for the parade. does not factor over time cost for police or any city related cost. the mayor's office says they are compiling those numbers and could have them as early as next week. reporting here at eakin's oval , greg argos, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> so many memorable moments, but one that stands out from the celebration of champions is eagles center, jason kelce 's victory speech, and his mummers outfit. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff sat down with him to run through those memorable moments. >> eagles! >> main it was his mummers style and strut. >> the parade in the middle of the offensive line. >> or perhaps i am passionate
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words every vengeance. >> hungry dogs run faster. >> that has catapulted eagles center jason kelce to the immediate status of philly icon. >> he is going to be very famous. his speech was really right on >> at assigning at carl's cards in havertown, the owner said that he sold 150 tickets to the event overnight, a direct response to kelce's parade performance. alongside teammate beau allen, kelce reference that art museum speech. >> i didn't write anything down, but for some reason the night before the parade i couldn't sleep. i was really, really excited. and like kind of running through your head just, you know, the path of getting to the super bowl. then it started hitting me about like how much, you know, i had overcome from last season, and start thinking about that, you think how much other guys have overcome. >> approached the mike, i got my phone out, i knew something good was coming. >> something good came all
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right. kelce's sudden post parade fame has been illustrated in many creative ways. >> on top of william penn at city hall, are you taking all of this superstar dom craziness? >> pretty hilarious what it is >> from the brains of the offensive line to the voice of philadelphia. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> after kelce's big moment people on social media were begging him to run for mayor on president. but kelce told us that he's in the about a career in politics , in fact, he's still hungry for another super bowl and another parade. reporting in center city, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> and guess what? the eagles road to victory was very good for local businesses data from three philadelphia hospitality agencies shows philadelphia hotels sold about 12,000 more rooms between january 13th and february 8th compared to the same time last year. that generated an additional
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estimated $3.3 million in hotel revenue. the birds success also translated into strong hotel occupancy on weekends during the playoffs. >> if you missed the eagles parade of champions, or if you just want to relive all of those special moments, you can watch it from start to finish today. it will air at 2:00 this afternoon on our sister station the "cw philly." >> in other news today, the stage is set for philly theater week in philadelphia. >> the next week or so. audiences get the chance to see sample of what the theater community has to offer on stage. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live in center city this morning with a look, anita, good morning. >> good morning, jan. as you know we have very exciting art team here in philadelphia. and for the very first time philadelphia theater week is debuting, so joining me now is bobby, the artistic director of tongue and group spontaneous theatresment thank you so much for being with us this morning. now, you're been part of
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theater your whole life. what's it mean for you to see this come to philadelphia? >> so exciting for all of these theater companies to come together, from the smallest, to the largest company, all offering special prices, special events, just to make theater an exciting thing for people to come out and do in the middle of cold february, to celebrate the great diversity that we have in philadelphia. >> and you guys had very exciting show yesterday. >> we did. tongue and groove spontaneous these her our valentine show. and we had a great crowd. it was a wonderful show. and i'm grateful to theater week because that allowed us to have the publicity and the feel of excitement that brought people in to see our show. >> and it sold out. so must have been a fantastic show. also today you guys are very cool -- can you explain what
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you can expected to? >> absolutely. actually it is next saturday. the 17th, yes, and the panel is called improve the future of theater. and that's a panel discussion with these terrific participants. you have got scott greer who is a veteran philly actor, everybody loves. we've got dave jadico who works, and we have participants from comedy supports, from philly improve theater, from breitbart invention theater, and from tongue and groove. and all of us will be talking about the intersection between improve theater and scripted theater. and the unique qualities that unscripted theater bridges to an audience as post scripted theater. so just sort of to educate our audience about the communal artistic experience of knack audience and helping the actors create something on the spot, on the fly.
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>> thank you so much, bobby, so there is just a lot to expect during philadelphia theater week. ticket range between three-15- $30. you can find that information on our website for now live in center city, anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> all right, anita, thank you still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news," president trump is blocking the release of yet another memo about the russia investigation. the deem contradict rebuttal, that republican memo accusing the fbi of political bias. still ahead hear why the president says he's concerned about the document and what he's now asking lawmakers to do about it. plus: a new video shows a fire break out on a chicago transit authority train. and get this, police say, it was intensely set. we'll tell you what led up to this fiery scene after the break.
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>> president trump refuses to let the public see a democratic memo related to the russia investigation. he's choosing not to declassify it just yet. as mola lenghi reports, the ranking democrats on the intelligence committee says the memo contains information that the american public needs to see. >> thank you very much. >> president trump blocked the classified democratic memos release after a white house review siting national security concerns. a letter sent to the house intelligence committee says that the president is inclined to de-classify the memo but suggested lawmakers take another crack at it with help from the justice department.
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the house intelligence committee voted unanimously monday to release the democrat 's ten-page point-by-point rebuttal to republican memo that accused the fbi of political bias whether it requested warrants to spy on former trump campaign aid carter page. the president trump said the g op document vindicated him in the russian investigation. and seemed to celebrate it earlier this week. >> did we catch them in the act or what? oh, did we catch them in the act. they're very embarrased. >> the house committee sent the democrats version of events to the white house monday. president trump had five days to decide whether to authorize its release. earlier this week, the president targeted the author of the democratic memo on twitter calling him little adam shif, one of the biggest liars and leak ers in washington. >> there is a rising sense of panic clearly within the white house, and as well on the hill >> congressman schiff said his committees' investigation, and council robert mueller's probe are closing in on the president. mola lenghi, for cbs-3 "
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eyewitness news." check this one out. newly released video shows a fire on a chicago transit authority train, the scuffle, the fire, happened on the tta red lion on january 18th there. police say david ferguson threatened to light himself on fire using the paint thinner in the can there, security video shows the first officer trying to kick the cane way. then the struggle you see, then officers and ferguson seem to rush from a wall of flames. >> the injured, on the platform, doing okay, but definitely need an officer. >> so ferguson now charged with aggravated arson and aggravated battery to an officer in tran it employee. luckily there no passengers were injured. >> all right, back here at home now, turning to weather, dry and mild at least for now. >> for now. it will turn into very mild and very wet weekends, jan. we have drenching sunday on tap. so, enjoy today. >> that's right.
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if you have anything you need to get accomplished, you need to run any errands, do it outside, do it today, because by this afternoon we'll start to see the rain develop across the region, really picking up as we head into the overnight hours tonight. you can even see the low clouds already here in center city philadelphia. we have overcast skies, it is possible, that we could get peak or two of sunshine this morning, but clouds are really going to dominate the skies throughout the day today. then the rain moves in, and you bet, it will turn very, very wet out there. 33 degrees right now in philadelphia. that's not bad, right, as we start out the morning. it is certainly milder compared to the past two mornings. it is 31 degrees in wilmington , about 32 in millville. even above freezing currently in the poconos right around 33 . if you're waking up in pottstown, it is cents 34, where you live, 33 in media, 33 degrees also in mullica hill. in cherry hill little bit cooler at 30 degrees, and 32 degrees right around freezing, in palmyra.
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notice that we're dry here on storm scan3. now, as i mentioned, you can pick out couple of spots where we have some thinning of the clouds. so it is possible to get a peak or two of sunshine, but really the clouds dominate. look at all of this moisture. located to our south and west. it is going to be streaming right into the mid-atlantic, as we head into the overnight hours tonight, and throughout the day on sunday. so, this weekend, as i told you, it is going to be mild, it is going to be wet. afternoon rain develops today. rain really picking up, really ramp up as we move into the overnight hours tonight. we will see downpours throughout the day on sunday. and this all bridges back concerns of flooding. so, a flood watch has been issued for pretty much all of the delaware vale, with the exception of the southern poconos, that's the only portion in our area that is not under a flood watch. but we could see several inches of rain moving into the region starting today, all the way through sunday, and even sunday night.
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soap, let's talk about this here on future weather. notice, dry today, isolated shower early in the morning, but overall, the majority of the morning is going to end up being dry and just very cloudy now, as we head into the afternoon, we start to see some of the showers developing , overnight, look what happens, just fire hose of rain setting upright along the i95 corridor including philadelphia. this is going to continue into sunday morning, sunday morning is looking extremely wet. but the downpours throughout the day, this continues through sunday afternoon, maybe a brief break, then another round of rain, sunday evening, before we really start to see a trend of drying out. but, man oh, man, is it going to be a wet weekend. so far for the month of february, we've already seen just under 2 inches every rain that's 1 inch above average for the month. you add more rain on top of that, talking about that potential for flooding. so you can see anywhere two, 3 e this weekend, waterways are already running high.
5:20 am
that is just going to lead to some poor drainage flooding even ponding on the roadways, all things, that we have to keep a close eye on. for today high temperature at least mild, 51 degrees, afternoon showers developing, in the 40's down the shore, and also in the poconos. your eyewitness weather seven day forecast, 57 on sunday, 49 on monday, for valentine day, jan, looking at 52 degrees. we will talk about how much rain you can expect in your neighborhood coming up in just a bit. >> thank you. 5:20 now. saw wide range every emotions after the eagles super bowl victory, right, from excitement to tears to rowdy behavior. our nicole brewer spoke with a expert about the psychology of the sports fan. >> when the clock ran out in super bowl lii, eagles nation exploded. >> the eagles have won the super bowl. oh, my goodness. >> amazing, we just all errupted. >> in shock. >> one of the most incredible months in my life. >> from shouts to elation,
5:21 am
quiet moments of remembrance. >> people were literally looking to the sky like besieged relatives blessed them with that. >> some broke in tears. >> they're crying, man, crying >> while others broke the law. >> there are always a few bad apples will spoil it. >> you think of philadelphia and one patient, and they're on the couch dike psycho therapy, well, the psycho therapy is over. >> psychology professor and director of athletics at drexel university said the elusive vince lombardi statue serve as therapy to a sit book ended by new york and dc. >> this is what we've been waited for. we've been lib rate dollars. >> while the casual fan will jump and scream the diehard is more likely to show emotion. >> think of themself as part of the football team. and they actually feel that they can control it. >> what about those who act out? >> emotional release. for some people when they release this emotion, instead of joy, it becomes anger, and it makes little sense to the rest of the worlds, but in the
5:22 am
psychology world they're somewhat elated. >> see the knuckleheads climbing the polls, jumping on awnings. that's not the city of philadelphia. >> nicole brewer, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> and still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this saturday morning: we take you behind the scenes of what's new this theatres this weekend. >> i'm kevin frazier, coming up the final chapter in jamie, and dakota johnson red hot romance, 50 shades tonight, get your longhorn favorites. like our outlaw ribeye,
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>> welcome back, it is the wedding many people have been waiting for. but, vows don't necessarily mean happily ever after. here is a preview of 50 shades green. >> in theatres this week jamie , dakota johnson, heating
5:25 am
things up in 50 shades green. but told us prepping for those steamy love scenes is a lot of hard work. >> you insist on defying me, mrs. gray. what should dow about that. >> i'm in so much better shape in those movies than i am in daily life. and you put the work in to get there. you know like the guy it, impress, whatever, because you do look better when do you it. >> i just can't believe this is my life that i get to live with you. >> shooting the scenes, the more inched mat ones, and over the course it never got easier luckily jamie and i were so comfortable with each other. >> the thirds and final install of the 50 shades saga finally delivers that wedding everyone has been waiting for, and saying i do was almost as challenging as shooting those bedroom scenes. >> we kept giggeling, because when we were actually saying
5:26 am
the vows, i looked in those -- one of the actresses in the front row of our wedding, was also in the scene in the elevator when i took my hand from her pretty private -- >> i'm tacking you away for the weekends you. >> own this? >> we then. >> but christian and anna's wedded bliss short lived when a shadowy figure from the past threatens her happiness. >> i'm so proud of these project. and i feel like we did it. and it was really difficult. and i feel -- i feel just proud. >> for entertainment tonight, kevin frazier. >> still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news," we continue to follow breaking news out of holmesburg this morning, a corrections officer and a former inmate are both hospitalized after police say the inmate tried to carjack the officer.
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good morning, everyone, today is saturday february 10th. i'm jan carabeo. dry for now but drenching rain is headed our way. meteorologist, chelsey ingram, live out on the cbs-3 skydeck
5:30 am
with eyewitness weather. good morning, chelsey. >> good morning, jan, good morning to you at home. let's start out by looking at this flood watch that has been issued t goes into effect starting out at about 6:00 later tonight. we'll show you the graphics. you can see, it encompasses the majority of the region with the exception of the southern poconos. so, places like wilmington, mill develop, atlantic city, trenton, allentown, reading, all of you folks are include in the this flood watch. this is going to last all the way through sunday night. so, here's a look at storm scan three we're quiet for now in fact, some areas are seeing some spinning of the clouds. that's not going to last very long. the majority of the day is going to be pretty cloudy, and then we start to see some rain moving in later on this afternoon. i can zoom out for you now on storm scan3 to show you the rain that's going to be heading our way. and it is a stream of moisture that's going to be pushing in, especially, overnight, with the rain situation picking up, and that's going to continue all the way through sunday. so today not ideal as far as
5:31 am
dry conditions are concerned. but tomorrow is definitely going to be the worse day out of the weekend with that rain moving on in. a look at the live neighborhood network, shows the clouds across the region, also confirming we're dry for now, that's going to be changing, the only good thing about the cloud cover, helping to keep us on the mild side along with the south wind around 33 degrees, in philadelphia. we are warmer compared to just about 24 hours ago, about 9 degrees warmer in philadelphia. and as we led into the afternoon, looking at a high temperature around 51 degrees, so that's the silver lining of this system that's going to be moving in over the next two days or so. i'll let you know where the heaviest axis of rain sets up, how much rain you can expect in your neighborhood coming up in just a few minute, jan? >> chelsey, thanks. >> we begin this half hour with breaking news, fresh out of jail, in philadelphia police say he's already a repeat offender. investigators say, a 26 year
5:32 am
old man had just been freed from the curran-fromhold correctional facility in holmesburg when he tried to carjack a correctional officers car. there was a struggle, the off duty correctional officer shot the man in the chest with his off duty weapon. >> it seems like he was starting to let the crime over again within minute of being released. attempt to go carjack this off duty correctional officer. so, it is somewhat bizarre. >> yes, that inmate is now in critical condition. police do expect him to survive. the correctional officer was treated for injuries to his head, his face, his neck, he's also expected to be okay. >> meantime, philadelphia clean up crews spent another day on the job after the eagles parade of champions. "eyewitness news" found crews sweeping up the crash near the art museum yesterday. street sweep remembers out in force, too, now the eagles and city officials are both calling the parade a success with a price tag around two to
5:33 am
$3 million. fans who spent the day celebrating agree with the assessment. >> everybody was here to celebrate the eagles, and a lot of fawn. >> to be able to have that type of event with those numbers, and to have, as i mayor said, some small hiccups , you know, is remarkable in my estimation. >> so officers made two assault related arrests and handed out five citations for dis offered errly conduct. we're told four police cars and jumbo tron were damaged after people climbed on top of them. >> well, eagles center jason kelce's speech and his mummers outfit made the victory celebration even more memorable, right? but how did he get his hands on that outfit? "eyewitness news" reporter alicia has the answer. >> reporter: it is the speech. >> i want to take a second to talk to you about underdogs. >> and the outfit being talked about around the country. >> so here is the question. did he have that outfit in his closet or did he tell the
5:34 am
seamstress, start sewing on sunday night? >> reporter: actually an outfit from the avalon string bands, a suit they used in 2008, mummers parade. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> jason kelce simply borrowed it for the eagles celebration in philly the first ever parade of champions. >> it was just the stroke of genius, that's for absolute certainty. >> lynn i, and kelce's hairstylist, and the person who got him this iconic outfit >> he called me it was tuesday night 8:00 he said libby need a suit zero suit. i said my husband is over at the avalon string bands having practice, i called bob listen we need a suit for jason he said you got it hine. the rest is history. >> according to her the eagles center wanted a philly tradition to be the center of attention. during the parade. >> such a town of like tradition. and they love their mummers. they love their new years. so the idea that he was going to do that and just, you know, in a way, pay homage to the city. i knew he was going to steel some hearts with that one. >> he sure did, rocking this
5:35 am
outfit, even if it may have confused the rest of the world >> the confusion has been kind of entertaining to watch over the social media outlets, the news, and either way we're champions. so they can think whatever they want. >> alicia, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." it was a great idea. well, another e-a-g-l-e-s met with fans last night, this is linebacker nigel, he stopped by dick's sporting goods store at the king of prussia mall. he helped ten families from northern children's services cents pick out some eagles super bowl gear. each child received a 125-dollar gift card. to come out, the smile on the kids faces, give them motivation, help them do things, continue to have success in the classroom, stay focused, man, continue to work hard. >> he is a good example. his one tackle for change foundation also helps make this event possible. >> the eagles victory parade inspired one fan to recreate
5:36 am
an iconic moment in history from the greatest generation. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt explains how the viral picture came together. >> it was an eagles love fest on broad street thursday afternoon. not only for the players, but for two complete strangers who shared this kiss during the parade. >> came out perfectly. >> e-a-g-l-e-s fan seamus clancey decided sunday after the big game the to fire up his twitter app, and ask the women of the twitter verse if one would meet him for a kiss on broad to celebrate the win. >> i threw it out there just as a squeegie didn't obviously expect -- >> go with no expectation he received this promising response from a young lady named ashley suture, another eagles fan. >> you know it might be funny if i responds to this not expecting to get anything in return, then he responded back to me. >> the two metaphor the first time during the actual parade. seamus had a spot picked out at this pep boys at broad and federal in south philly.
5:37 am
>> i toll her when the parade passes by me i'll walk down toward federal and we can meet up. >> just like that they walked out into the middle of broad, locked limbs, and a friends captured this moment on his phone. >> was ' good kisser? >> absolutely. >> was ' gentleman? >> yes, absolutely. >> something about the picture looked a little familiar, it is because seamus wanted to recreate the famous 1945 photograph taken by famed photographer, alfred ice end stat. >> people keep saying to us, you know, they're not exactly the same and we weren't going for it to be exactly the same. we wanted to put our own little twist on it, we were just having fun. >> two love birds, specifically eagles, kissing during a moment in philadelphia history. on broad street, david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." the magic of social media. now if you want to row live the eagles parade of champions , you can actually watch at any from start to finish today. it will air at 2:00 this afternoon on our sister station the "cw philly".
5:38 am
>> in other news today: local actors and stages earn the spotlight for philadelphia theater week. it is where audiences get a chance to see dozens of shows and hundreds of performances at a discounted price. just think every restaurant week but theater week now. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live in center city this morning, to tell us all about it. have dinner and then see a so. anita, good morning. >> reporter: absolutely, good morning, jan, well, here is a theater right now, that we're standing in, which is what you can come and enjoy during philadelphia theater week. it is the first ever time that they're doing there is and joining me now to talk more about this, a board member of theater philadelphia. so what does this mean to you as somebody who has been in this world your whole life? >> sure. i've been doing theater since i was six, right now i serve as the advice chair of philadelphia, marketing task with the mission of raising the profile of the theater done in our market in the
5:39 am
tri-state area. and so we're so excited about the celebration, ten day celebration of over 70 events, over 80 cops, over 200 performance that is we think represent the differs variety and vibrant sector every these their we produce in the sit. >> now you're actually perform ing in two different shows today. talk a little bit about that and what you've seen from the audiences a well >> i'm at the art and theater company in old city. and we have two shows, 2:00 matinee, then 8:00 evening show. you know, for a play that was written about 130 years ago, it shockingly relevant, especially in the wake of the me two movement. i think women's agents in our world is still such a big prominent issue that we haven't really figured out. and henry gibson was trying to tackle those kind of things, and so we produced the show in
5:40 am
the round, terry noland, our director, a great quote, don't judge a marriage until you have slept under the bed. so we try to put the audience under the bed, so to speak. by the end of the show the conversation that the audience is having with us is so vibrant, it is electric, i mean, it is an example of why actors want to do theater. >> yes, that's absolutely incredible. thank you so much for your time this morning, so, if you would like to come to philadelphia theater week it will be running until february . live in center city, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news." >> yes, and eat, a i really love it opens up the theater to so many more people. it is real a treat to go see a show. thank if you. see in you just about 30 minute. well, this morning, we are learning just how complex the public safety plan was at super bowl lii. still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" the incredible number of officer who patrolled the streets of minneapolis over ten days, and what police believe was the biggest threat to spectators there. plus this. >> so glassboro corey clement now a super bowl champion. i'm cleve bryan, coming up,
5:41 am
finds out how his family and as well as best friends'
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discover organic ancient grains, like barley or quinoa. just add protein and vegetables to create delicious new flavours. new knorr one skillet meals don't just eat, discover. >> security at super bowl lii is getting high marks, nfl says minneapolis executed one of the best public safety plans in super bowl histor iment jennifer, from our sister station, wcco tv explains how the plans kept everyone safe. >> if you spent time downtown during the ten days of super bowl events, you saw the
5:44 am
massive security presence. >> we are out here. going to make sure nothing is going on. >> more than 3,000 officers from 60 different agencies worked around the clock to pull off the most complex, public safety plan in super bowl history. while many officers were visible, others worked behind the scenes. >> we had a number of plane clothes officers out that you didn't see, but they were out in venues, outside of the parameters of the stadium, outside of the convention center scott said 800 officers were inside the perimeter surrounding us bank stadium on game day. and rooftop around the stadium >> we did have the ability to spot and detect and prevent any possible action that could have taken place. >> the fbi had the intelligence operations center and scoured local, national, international channels. >> you know they checked outnumber of things, but
5:45 am
really there was no credible threat to the super bowl during the ten days. >> he believes the biggest risk was the people walking around. he says the plan to keep people crossing the nicolet mall safe worked flawlessly, no pedestrian accidents. people were pleased. >> i think they're doing great job with that. >> totally safe. totally safe. no problem at all. >> our frigid wet her also posed a threat. reported four cases of frostbite over the ten day stretch. >> and that was jennifer mayor ly from sister takes wceo minneapolis reporting. let's look at the forecast, dry now nor but that's not going to last, kelly. >> look at the parkway central library camera, you can see, we are dry for now. that's going to be changing. starting later today, then tonight, it is really going to pick up as far as the rain is concerned, and last all the way through sunday. so, sunday is honestly looking like a complete soaker. now, some time to get outside, and it is actually miler compared to 24 hours ago.
5:46 am
so showing awe look at temperatures across the region , take a look at this, actually above freezing in philadelphia, how about that? 33 degrees, same thing goes for the poconos, where it is 33 degrees, as well. right around freezing in wilmington, 32 in dover, around the 40's down the shore , so very mild start to the day. courtesy of some win coming out of the south and southwest today. we are going to stay mild with temperatures on the rise to about 51 degrees in philadelphia. how does that sound? good morning, media. at 33 degrees, mullica hill, around 33, as well, palmyra 32 and doylestown, starting the morning right around freezing, as well. notice, that we are cloudy across the region, looking at storm scan3, couple of brakes breaks, thinning of the clouds in some spots. not going to last for long though. here is moisture that's going to be headed our way, starting later today, and especially as we head into the overnight hours tonight. still looking at a soaking rain on the way for that reason. and this time of year a flood watch has been issued. it goes starting 6:00 tonight,
5:47 am
includes all of the cities like trenton, wilmington, millville, ac, millville include in the this, also delaware, reading and allentown, it does in the include though the southern poconos, so mount pocono not included in the flood watch for now. i'm not specking as much rain to fall up in the poconos but we'll show you a look at the forecast rainfall projections, in just a minute. starting you out with a look at future weather, as far as the projection on how things will play out throughout the day today. possible to see an isolated shower early, but we start to see wall of rain pushing through as we head into the afternoon. so, the day is going to get progressively more wet. and that's going to continue as we head into the overnight hours tonight. look what sets up. pockets of extremely heavy rainfall into the overnight hours. this continues through the morning, a very soaking morning, on tap, as we head into the start of the day on sunday. this continues into the afternoon. the heaviest access of rain setting up along the i95
5:48 am
corridor, philadelphia include in the that, last batch of rain sunday night before we actually begin to dry out. so how about how much rain you can expect in your neighborhood? well, this is just one model projection. but we're looking at anywhere generally from two to 3 inches as a possibility, with the heaviest ac he is right over philadelphia. so, even in philadelphia, we could get about two to 3 inches every rain as possibility. the rain rasi mentioned, that's going to pick up overnight. two, 3 inches every rain possible. flooding concerns, especially in those low-lying areas, poor drainage areas, also, creeks, streams, rivers, things like that, could deal with some flooding as well. so keeping a very close eye on things as the flood watch goes into effect starting 6:00 tonight. plenty of cloud around to start the day. the morning to time to get outside. get whatever you need to get done. do telly in the day. chance for shower possible by noon. better chance for little rain as we head into the afternoon. looking at high temperature around 51 degrees. on sunday, 58. forty-nine on monday.
5:49 am
42 degrees on tuesday, with another shower chance. jan? >> chelsey, thank you. 5:48. for glassboro native corey clement and his family the super bowl win is extra sweet. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan spoke with clemente's mom and some family and friends, and like all of us, they're relishing in the big win. >> we held each other, he cried. >> latonya said amaze macing journey like she shared with her son corey clement are marked by moments, some of them aren't so easy. like last spring when the nfl draft passed him over. >> how did he not get selected how did he get looked over? as a mom, it was very heart wrenching. >> yet in a way she says it was a blessing for the former glassboro high school star. he signed with his hometown eagles, and not only made the team, but became a major part of their offense. >> it is overwhelming. i looked at him like a different young man coming into his own. >> we watched a lot of brian westbrook, mcnabb.
5:50 am
>> older brother said he knew his brother was an athlete, amazing seeing him going for 100 receiving yards and get a touchdown during the super bowl. >> you better go, that's my boy. >> cory's childhood friends and team maids mates, say this season has been a dream come true. thursday their former high school will celebrate the first ever corey clement eagles super bowl champion day >> i can't really see anything better than. >> philadelphia eagles hometown team rookie year, never would have thought in a million years, but it is a blessing. >> like, mom, i can't believe it, this is so is her eel. i hugged him, i cried with him , you know, what you earned this, you de is her of it. >> cleve bryan, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> hard work pays off. well, still ahead, joel embiid listed as questionable ahead of the sixers pelicans game. but much to the pelicans disappointment, he did not miss that game after all. see how he led his team to a win. that's coming up next in
5:51 am
5:52 am
oh! there's one.a "the sea cow"" manatees in novelty ts? surprising. what's "come at me bro?" it's something you say to a friend. what's not surprising? how much money matt saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
5:53 am
>> the sixers host the clippers tonight. will joel embiid be available? another side liner, will take the court, played 24 minute last night, as the sixers beat the pelicans. >> and two time super bowl champ cory smith checking out the action down at the center. sixers never trailed in the game here in the first ben simmons with the ally-oop pass jo-jo dunks the ball, to teammate robert cover inning tongue, sixers up 17. simmons with the miss, joel thereto clean up the mess, another dunk. joel, he's not finished. final play of the first half, check him out with a monster block, joel had double-double in the first half. finished 24-point, and 16
5:54 am
boards. the sixers win their sixth strahle home game 182 the final. and shoot around sixers president brian coangelo spoke to the media about markelle fultz, number one pick played in just four games this sees son because every shoulder injury. coangelo says markle has to relearn his shot because of the injury and he's not sure if he'll play again this season. >> long recovery, longer than anyone imagined but he's making progress, headway, and i fully anticipate that he'll be out there doing what he does so well, which is scoring the basketball, impacting our team in a positive way. you know, hopefully in the near future. >> sixers unveiled statue of bobby jones. bobby was a key member of the sixers, 83 championship team. jones was a four-time all-star , and wouldn't the first nba6 man of the year award. >> now to the world champion
5:55 am
eagles, doug pederson has lost one every his assistants. another may be on his way out. viking hired john de philip owe as offensive cards or, frank write expects the to interview for the colt head coaching job. stay tuned. hard to believe but baseball season is just around the corner. the phillies packing up the equipment truck for spring training yesterday. so what's inside? 2400 baseballs, 2,000 short and long sleeve shirts, 1200 bats, of course the phanatic's hotdog launcher and ice cream machine. >> we take everything, we're basically picking up our storage area here in philadelphia, and taking it to clearwater. >> the truck is expected to arrive at the spectrum field in clearwater tomorrow. pitchers and catchers will report on wednesday. >> that's all for sportment i'm lesley van arsdall. have a great day. >> well, for decades, through thick and thin, eagles fans have faced the birds there is year definitely no exception. proving that dead cake really does pay off.
5:56 am
so that's why in today's three cheers we're joining with the eagles and saying thank you to you. eagles nation, for a job well done. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> the philadelphia eagles are super bowl champions. >> this means the worlds me, my dad, my grandfather who passed away. this is a great feeling for philadelphia. >> ♪ >> this is what we've been living for. >> we finally won the super bowl. >> bring the lombardi trophy this town and watch our birds win super bowl. amazing. >> connection in three ways, all family, all friends, we all love each other. >> philly green. philly green. >> i'm hanging with my people. the green people. we bleed green. where ever we are. >> we bleed green out here. >> and it is just like true happiness. >> we've been waiting for this forever. >> this is a new era. >> they've been working hard
5:57 am
all year and they deserve it, the city deserves it. >> we wouldn't have missed this for nothing in the world. >> let's go birds. >> eagles! >> i stand here today and i look out here, i think all are more than craze, truly the best football fans in the worlds and you make it a joy and a pleasure to play for you . >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles! >> the excitement was contagious out there, really was a great time. still ahead, the eagles winning season was also a big win for philadelphia hotels. straight ahead we will tell you how much extra money they made over the last several weeks as the eagles flew to super bowl stardom. if you can believe it this year's flu season is still intensifying. how officials say the worse may be yet to come. stay with us. we are back at the top of
5:58 am
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> the key was starting and the crime over begin within minute every being released. >> breaking news overnight. a corrections officer opens fire after being attacked by a recently released inmate. what the inmate was trying to do when the shots rang out. >> plus flood watch issued for the entire delaware valley. this is live look from our parkwaen


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