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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 10, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> the key was starting and the crime over begin within minute every being released. >> breaking news overnight. a corrections officer opens fire after being attacked by a recently released inmate. what the inmate was trying to do when the shots rang out. >> plus flood watch issued for the entire delaware valley. this is live look from our parkway central camera. dry
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right now, drenching rain is expected to arrive soon. city officials releasing details how things went through the eagles parade of champion. we'll tell you just how many people were arrested and how big the crowds were, according to early unofficial estimates. today is saturday february , i'm jan carabeo, let's start off with the forecast, here is chelsey ingram with eyewitness weather. good saturday morning, chelsey how are you? pretty nice out there right now. >> even feels extremely mild out there, especially for february standards. so it is feeling like spring this weekend, that's the trade off we will get some rain headed our way very, very soon jan. dry for now. if you have anything you need to get done outside, any errands you need to do, do them now, first part of the day, because rain will be moving on in later today. this is actually tonight. so looking at weekends soaker headed our way. going to be milder as i mentioned. but wet. high temperatures will be in the 50's.
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showers developing today. and then the heaviest rain moves in tonight through sunday. flood watch has been issued because of that threat, very heavy rain on the way, goes into effect starting 6:00 this evening. lasting all the way through sunday evening, and it includes all of the areas there highlighted on your screen in green. so, reading, allentown, trenton, philly, wilmington, millville, all of the locations included within this flood watch. storm scan3, showing, we are dry for now. but let me show you the moisture headed our way, located down to the south and west, that is going to be streaming and pouring on in, as we head into the overnight hours tonight. you can see, dry for now, we look at the live neighborhood network cam. checking out the city from across the river, but his will be changing very soon. 34 degrees in philadelphia. courtesy every winds out of the south. and also those clouds, about 9 s time yesterday. i'll let you know how much rain will fall and whether it all arrives coming up in just a few minutes, jan? >> chelsey, sounds good. it is now 6:00 # two.
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time to check the roads, we go over to matthew in the cbs-3 traffic center. morning, matthew. >> good morning, jan, today we start off in new jersey with a accident on the walt whitman bridge new jersey side. off ramp to new jersey 168 south closed and all traffic must continue to i76 east. add extra time on your travel if this is the exit you take. turning to philadelphia, weaver some construction, here is a live look at 95 northbound at pa413. the road closed. all traffic is being detoured off at pa13 off ramp. they should open up the lanes soon just in time for to you avoid the school closure when you leave for your travels this morning. live from the cbs-3 traffic this morning, jan, back to you >> matthew, thank you. we begin this morning with breaking news. police say a newly-released inmate attempts a carjacking, and is shot after a confrontation with a correctional officer. take a look at this, philadelphia police say a 26 year old man had just been released late last night from the curran-fromhold correctional facility in holmesburg. investigators believe the man tried to steel the correctional officer's car,
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and during a struggle, the officer pulled out his private off-duty weapon and shot the man in the chest. >> it seems like he was starting to let the crime over again within minutes of being released. attempt to go carjack this off duty correctional officer. so it is somewhat bizarre. >> now, that inmate is currently in critical condition. police expect him to survive. the correctional officer suffered injuries to his head, face, neck, also expected to be okay. meantime philadelphia officials report no major problems during thursday's eagles parade. but as "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos tells us, the clean up after the party is still happening. >> the party which capped off philadelphia sports history is now just a fond memory. >> it was a special parade. special day. we will all remember for a very long time.
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>> though there is still plenty of evidence of the parade left behind. >> the cleaning operation continues. we are detailing around the eakin's oval area where there was large majority of the crowd. >> friday afternoon the mayor and city officials gave details of the event. there were two total arrests, one for assaulting a police officer. >> no real injuries to speak of. >> two people were stabbed, one near the art museum, both expected to be okay. and there were five citations for disorderly conduct. >> to be able to have that type every event, with those numbers, and to have as the mayor said some small hiccups, you know, is remarkable, in my estimation. >> so what were the numbers? one crowd say the expert estimates 700,000 people attends dollars, ahead of the city of office of emergency ma'am andment believes it is much higher. >> based on our experience with other large events on the parkway, fee feel that it was
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well above the 700, certainly below some of the higher numbers we've seen circulated through social media. >> now, as you heard, the eagles said between two to $3 million for the parade. that does not factor in over time costs for police or any city related cost. the mayor's office says they're compiling those numbers and could have them as early as next week. reporting here at eakin's oval , greg argos, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." and there were a lot of memorable moments, from that parade. one that stands out is eagles center, jason kelce's victory speech and his mummers outfit. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff sat down with that athlete to run through those memorable moments. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles! >> maybe it was his mummers style and strut? >> the parade is in the middle of the offensive line. >> or perhaps his passionate words of vengeance. >> hungry dogs run faster.
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>> that has catapulted eagles center jason kelce to the immediate status every philly icon. >> he will be very famous. his speech was really right on >> at assigning at carl's cards in havertown, the owner said that he sold 150 tickets to the event overnight, a direct response to kelce's parade performance. alongside teammate beau allen, kelce referenced that art museum speech. >> i didn't write anything down. but for some reason the night before the parade like i couldn't sleep. i was really really excited. and like kind running through your head just, you know, the path of getting to the super bowl, then it really started hitting me about like how much i had compromised and you start thinking about other guys, how much they've overcome. >> and how to approach the mike, i got my phone out. something good was coming. >> something good came all right. his sudden post parade fame had been illustrate in the many creative ways.
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>> police department, on top of william penn, on top of city hall. how are you taking all of this superstar dom craziness. >> pretty hilarious of what it is. >> from the brains of the offensive line to the voice of philadelphia. >> eagles! >> after kelce's big moment, people on social media were begging him to run for mayor on president. but kelce told us that he is not about a career in politics in fact, he's still hungry for another super bowl and another parade. reporting in center city, alexandria hoff, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." and we like the sound of that. well the eagles road to victory was very good for local businesses, as well. data from three philadelphia hospitality agencies show philadelphia hotels sold about 12,000 more rooms between january 13th and february 8th compared to the same time last year. that generated an additional estimated $3.3 million in hotel revenue. the birds success also
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translated into strong hotel occupancy, on weekends, during their playoffs. and if you missed any of that eagles championship parade, or if you just want to relive all of the special moments, you can catch it from start to finish today, it will air at 2:00 this afternoon on our sister station the "cw philly ." >> so, also happening this weekend, the stage is set for philly theater week right here in philadelphia. for the next week or so, audiences get the chance to see a sample of what the theater community has to offer on stage. "eyewitness news" reporter, anita oh, live in center city with a look. anita, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jan well, if you love game of thrones, you will love what is coming to the theater today with, also here yesterday, with a full house, and joining me now are two of the actors that were part of the show and will be part of it today again , this is christopher and jay thomas, thanks so much guys for being with us, for the first time since la. christopher, explain what the show is and what it means for you to be part of it?
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>> sure. so it is a loving homage, also a parody or of game of thrones so trying to do all of the greatest hits for as many seasons as we could get in. and for me, that is great chance to go around part of the us, places i've never seen , places like and to have a lot of fun with the show. >> welcome to fill. apparently your people had fly eagles fly chant going on, we love. that will now you earned character as a star. >> that's correct. yes, i thought winter is coming. that's how i start the show. and one of the crazy things about this is we each play like i got around 15 chargers, and those understand tape just changes, you are running around, have to do all of those things. >> you guys change in like 15 seconds from costume to costume. jay you're also here today. which character will you be playing today? actually you're playing a lot, but which up? >> my main charger, talk to
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the people sometimes. and i also play everything from rob star to the hound, to the this right here, and fun one. so i don't know if you want to hear the puppet speak? >> i have something to say to the people of philly. i would love for to you come to the show today. >> and this is area star. >> hi, deer. >> so what does it mean to you to be touring the us, to be part of this company but to be part of the show. >> for me a blast. i lover getting in the city spaces and just finds a little local flare that we can pick up in the city i know a lot of the time from the van to the hotel room to the theater but any time inbetween i love to go do things. when we were in orlando we got to go to the parks, that was really fun, here i plan to go up the rocky steps today. little hodge a.m. to one of my
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favorite movies? yes, amazing, today you guys will have to check out a philadelphia cheese steak. if you would love to check out philadelphia theater week it runs through february 18th. all kind of different price, from three to 13 positive $30, all found on our website, but for now live in center city, anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> and eat a always thought we had a lot of responsibility here at cbs-3 but 15 characters? quite the fe each t. >> and changing in 15 seconds. >> i could never do that. that's for sure. thanks, anita. we will get back to you in about three minutes. >> well it appears we won't be seeing the content of the democratic memo on the russia investigation very soon. still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news," this come after president trump blocks the documents release. hear why he made that decision , and what he want law makers to do next. plus: surveillance cameras, capture the moment a fire breaks out on chicago mass transit train. we will tell you why a man is now facing charges.
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we will be right
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you've worked hard. busted tail. and impressed the boss. maybe it's time to be your own? transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it. >> president trump refuses to see the public see a democratic memo related to the russia investigation. he's choosing not to de- classify it just yet. as mola lenghi reports, the ranking democrats on the intelligence committee says the memo contains information that the american public needs to see. >> thank you very much. >> president trump blocked the classified democratic memos release, after a white house
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review siting national security concerns. a letter sent to the house intelligence committee says that the president is inclined to declassify the memo but suggested lawmakers take another crack at it, with help from the justice department. the house intelligence committee voted unanimously monday to release the democrats ten-page point-by-point rebuttal to republican memo, that accused the fbi of political bias, when it requested warrant to spy on former trump campaign aid carter page. president trump said the gop documents vindicated him in the russia investigation. and seemed to celebrate it earlier this week. >> did we catch them in the act or what? you know, oh, did we catch them in the act. they're very embarrased. >> the house committee sent the democrats version every events to the white house, monday, president trump has five days to decide whether to authorize its release. earlier this week, the president targeted the author of the democratic memo on twitter calling him little adam shif, one of the biggest lie ers and leak ers in washington.
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>> there is a rising sense of panic clearly within the white house, and as well on the hill >> congressman shif said he believes his committee's investigation, and special council robert mueller's probe , are closing in on the president. mola lenghi, for cbs-3, " eyewitness news." well wall street ended a turbulent week with a late day rally yesterday at the closing bell. the dow jones industrial average gain more than 300 points. earlier in the day, it was down by 500 points. now, the up and down trading came just one day after the market entered it first correction in two years. the latest record high major indexes were set two weeks ago the dow finished up 230-point at 24,190. the nasdaq gained 97-point. and the s&p 500 closed up 38 points. >> well, newly-released video shows fire on a chicago transit authority train, take a look at this, this all happened back on january 18th. police say david ferguson there threatened to light himself on fire using paint
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thinner in a can. security video shows the first officer trying to kick that cane way. and then there is a struggle. then officers and ferguson seemed to wish from a wall of flames. >> platform ... doing okay. but definitely need an officer >> now ferguson charged with aggravated arson and aggravated battery to an officer and transit employees. no injuries to any passengers there. back here at home now, turning to weather. got to get in those activities early today. the rain is coming. >> that's right, tomorrow will be the kind of day to stay inside. make you watch a movie, things like, that because we saw quite a bit of rain that's going to be headed our way. let's start out with a couple every nice pictures, sent in from our weather watch ers. this is allen stanley, look how beautiful they are. of course some wearing short sleeves. now, this weekend specially by tomorrow, it will be feeling like spring. some areas may even near 6
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degrees with a high temperature, but instead of short sleeves you'll n wearing the rain jacket. here is another image sent in, this one by phil out every chestnut hill. if i can pull that up. notice it is dry right now. this is taken right about 6:00 . so, dry conditions for now. we will be dry during the first part of the day. then it is all going to change kind of progressively go downhill, throughout the day, and also tonight. weather watcher temperatures checking in in the 30's, we have ken net willingboro right around freezing, allen in delran, 29 degrees in his backyard, and jen any cherry hill hill. temperatures are miler compared to what we dealt with about 24 hours ago. we will show raw live look right now. center city, you can see it is dry here as well. do you have couple of low clouds out there. but some areas dealing with some breaks in the clouds. they start out the day with a little sunshine before conditions deteriorate, especially later on this afternoon. and tonight.
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it is 34 degrees right now in philadelphia. right around freezing in wilmington. 36 degrees in dover. at 35 up in allentown, 34 in the poconos. how about that? starting the day out above freezing. even up there, waking up in media this morning, it is 34 degrees, 36 in pottstown. thirty-two in willow grove. it is 33 degrees, that's starting out your day in doylestown. storm scan3 shows dry for now, look at the breaks in the clouds, down into portions every south jersey, near vineland, near atlantic city, often near dover, maybe even in wilmington couple every breaks in the cloud cover. but again, that's when going to change very quickly. look at this moisture that's going to be surging into the mid-atlantic. later on today, especially tonight, and also tomorrow. so, flood watch has been issued, starts, goes into effect starting 6:00 tonight. lasting through sunday evening and it includes places like reading, allentown, trenton, atlantic city, millville, wilmington, you get the picture, all of the counties highlighted in green include in the this, as it does exclude however the southern poconos, carbon monroe county
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not include in the that flood watch. here is how things play out. couple every sprinkles possible early this morning, isolated shower, but the bulk of the first half of the day is going to be dry, then by the afternoon we start to see some of the rain developing across the region, it really ramps up as we head into the overnight hours tonight. just hose of rain, surging moisture across the region into sunday morning, talking about drenching downpours. this is going to continue with the heaviest access setting upright along the i95 corridor even, we might get little break sunday evening, but then another round of rain going to head our way sunday night. so we've already received just under 2 inches every rain so far this february. that's 1 inch above average for the month. and we can very easily add one , two, maybe even upward of 3 inches on top of that number by the time this is all said and done. model projection, anywhere from about an inch and a quarter to three and a quarter inches. so, it is pretty safe to say. specially right along the i95
6:22 am
corridor. and we can see anywhere from two, 3 inches of rain as a possibility, so that's going to present some flooding concerns, hence, the flood watch that has been issued, some of the low-lying areas, specially a concern. so, for your day today, 51 degrees for the high temperature in philadelphia. forty-eight down the shore. rain, areas of fog, then up in the poconos, some afternoon showers, high temperature even up there very mild, for the day today. right around 42 degrees. your seven day forecast, 58 degrees on sunday. believe it or not. we're at 49 monday. forty-two on tuesday with another shower chance. jan? >> chelsey, thank you. >> still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news": the 2018 winter olympics are now underway. we will take you to south korea after the break where the spectacular opening ceremonies kicked off the game
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>> welcome back, the winter olympics in south korea are underway, it kicked off yesterday with much fanfare. the sites and sounds of the big event: >> reporter: the united states athlete delegation to the winter olympics, gang ham style as they enters the olympic stadium in pyeongchang south korea. flag bearer for team us. >> korea. >> for the first time in more than a decade athletes from north and south korea marched together, under a blue and white unification flag. >> happen to live in the united state, and also, it is really emotional moment for me , athlete least, to see korea come together. >> north korea leader kim jong
6:26 am
un's younger sister attended the ceremony and hook sands, seated feet from mike penned in the vip box. the two did not speak. and the vice president did not stand for the korean team's introduction. >> the opening ceremony kicked off two and a half books every competition in 15 disciplines, at 13 venues, here in south korea. the olympian getting the most buzz, the shirtless flag bearer from tonga, the same outfit he wore at rio opening ceremony, he changed his sport from tie kwang dough to cross country skiing. south korean figure skater kim was the final torch bearer who ignited the olympic called ren friday broadcast featured 1200 drones flying together, new world record. and a huge pyrotecnic dis zero display lit up the sky above the stadium. apply laid to the fireworks to come between some of the world 's best athletes. dana jake son son, pining chang south korea. >> still ahead here on cbs-3
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we continue to follow breaking news out of holmesburg overnight. and off duty corrections officer shoots a man outside after local jail. and police say it is all the result after failed carjacking the new details police are now releasing about this bizarre crime. that's after the bre
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. get ready, drenching rain is on the way this weekend. meteorologist, chelsey ingram live out there on the cbs-3 skydeck with eyewitness weather. chelsey, good morning. >> good morning, jan, good morning to you at homement as you can see, dry out here right now. let me give you another view of the city, courtesy of our live neighborhood network camera. looking at the skyline from palmyra cove nature park in new jersey, dry conditions, we do have some low clouds out there, but also some breaks in the clouds that i'm seeing, so some areas will start out the day with at least a little bit of sunshine before things begin to change. and it will change very fast, throughout the day today. and specially tonight. a flood watch has been issued for the delaware valley. all of the counties there highlighted in green, including places like wilmington, philadelphia, trenton, reading, allentown, all of those folks included within this flood watch. goes into effect starting at 6:00 tonight. the silver lining, temperatures are mild. starting out the day warmer compared to just 24 hours ago. 34 degrees right now in philadelphia. right around 32 degrees in
6:31 am
wilmington. here is the temperature change , 9 degrees warmer in the city. 22 degrees warmer believe it or not up in the poconos. you can see that we're dry now on storm scan3, also, picking up on some of the breaks in the cloud cover, that's not going to last too long throughout the day today. as i zoom out, i can show you, a look at why, i'm keeping very close eye on a batch of rain located over kentucky, tennessee, that's going to be pushing in. as we head into the afternoon hours tonight. and it is all downhill from there. i'll let you know how much rain will fall, in your neighborhood, and when you can expect the bulk of the rain to move on in. in just a few minutes, jan. >> we will check back in with you, chelsey, thank you. it is now 6:31, time to check the roads. let's go over to matthew in the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning, matthew. >> good morning, jan, we're billion following an accident in new jersey on the walt whitman bridge eastbound on the new jersey side, off ramp to new jersey 168 south still closed and all traffic must continue to i76 east. your travel time might be affected by this detour.
6:32 am
across the river to philadelphia, we had some construction, live look at the 95 northbound pa413, all traffic detoured off at pa413. good news all lanes are open. there are noris its all delays , finally live look at the vine street expressway. traveling through center city philadelphia. nice view to start off your saturday, liver in the cbs-3 traffic center, jan, back to you. >> matthew, thank you. we begin this half hour with breaking news, fresh out of jail, and philadelphia police say he's already a repeat offer ender. investigators say, a 26 year old man has just been freed from the curran fromhold correctional fast ellie is in when he tried to steel a police officer car. there were struggles, the off duty correctional officer shot the man in the chest. >> so at this time it appears that this inmate has just been released the same time that the correctional officer reported off duty from the
6:33 am
same facility and their paths crossed in the parking lot. that's when the inmate approached the correctional officer. >> so, that inmate is now in critical condition. police do expect him to survive. the correctional officer was treated for injuries to his head, his neck, and his face, he's also expected to be okay. meantime philadelphia clean up crews spent another day on the job after the eagles parade of champions. "eyewitness news" found crews sweeping up the trash there yesterday near the art museum. the street sweepers were out in force, too. now the eagles and city officials are calling the parade a success, with a price tag around two-$3 million. fans and a lot of fans, spent the day celebrating, steam agree, with the assessment. >> three things everybody was here to celebrate the eagles, just a lot of fun. >> to be able to have that type of event, with those numbers, and to have as the mayor said some small hick
6:34 am
sups remarkable that my estimation. >> so officers only made two assault-related arrests and handed out five citations for disorderly conduct. we're told four police cars and jumbo tron were also damaged after people climbed on top every them. >> eagles center jason kelce's speech and his mummers outfit made the victory celebration even more memorable. but how did he get his hands on that outfit? "eyewitness news" reporter alicia has has the answer. >> reporter: it is the speech. >> i want to take a second to talk to you about underdogs and reporter and the outfit being talk about around the country. >> here is a question. did he have that outfit in his closet or did he tell the seamstress start sewing on sunday night? >> reporter: it is actually an outfit from the avalon string band, a suit they used in 2008 mummers parade. jason kelce simply borrowed it for the eagles super bowl celebration in philly the first ever parade of champions
6:35 am
>> it was a stroke every genius: that's for absolute certainty. >> lynn i, hairstylist, and actually the person who got him this now iconic outfit. he called me, it was tuesday night 8:00. he said libby need assume i said my husband is over at the avalon strong band having practice and he called me up. i called bob and i said listen we need a suit for jason, he said you got it, honey. the rest is history. >> according to her the eagles center wanted philly tradition to be the center every attention during the parade. >> such a a town of tradition. and they love their mummers. they love their new years. so the idea that he was going to do that and just, you know, in a way, pay hodge a.m. and to the city. i knew he would steel some hearts with that one. >> he sure did, even if it may have con fuels dollars the rest of the worlds. >> the confusion has been kinds of entertaining to watch over the social media outlets, the news, and jeannie, either way we're champions. so they can think whatever they want. >> alicia, cbs-3, "eyewitness
6:36 am
news". a moment we will not soon forget. well, another evening met with fans last night. linebacker nigel stopped by the dick's sporting goods store at the king of prussia mall. he helped ten families from northern children's services pick out some eagles super bowl gear. each child there received a $125 gift cards. >> yes,. >> smile on the kids faces, how they town have success in the classroom, and to stay focus -- focused, man n continue to work hard. >> also helped make that event possible. the eagles victory parade inspired one fan to recreate an iconic moment in the history of the some of the greatest generations. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt explains how the viral picture came together. >> report it was an eagles love fest friday afternoon. not only for the players, but
6:37 am
for two complete strangers. who shared this kiss during the parade. >> came out perfectly. >> eagles fan seamus clancey decided on sunday after the big game to fire up his twitter app and ask the woman of the twitter verse if one would meet him for a kiss on broad to celebrate the win. >> i threw it out there just as is a joke, i wasn't expecting a girl to reply. >> with no expectations, he received this promising response from a young lady named ashley suture, another eagles fan. >> you know it, might be funny if i respond to this, not expecting to get anything in return. and then he responded back to me. >> the two metaphor the first time during the actual parade. seamus had a spot picked out, at this pep boys on broad and federal in south philly. >> i toll her when the parade passes cents by me i'll walk down toward federal and we can meet up. >> just like that they walked out into the middle of broad, locked limbs, and a friend captured this moment on his phone. >> was he a good kisser? >> absolutely. >> was ' gentleman? >> yes, absolutely.
6:38 am
>> asks about the picture looked a little familiar, it is because seamus wanted to recreate the famous 1945bj photograph taken by famed photographer, alfred ice endst at. >> people keep saying to us they're not exactly the same. we weren't going for it to be exactly the same. we wanted to put our own little twist on it, we were having fun. >> two love birds, specifically eagles, kissing during a moment in philadelphia history. on broad street, david spunt, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> does that one fall into the category of only in philly? i think it might. if you want to relive the eagles parade of champions, you can watch it from start to finish today. it will air at 2:00 this afternoon on our sister station the "cw philly." >> also happening here in philadelphia, local actors and stages alike are now in a spotlight for philly theater week. audiences get a chance to see boz dozens every shows, hundreds of perform answers cents at discounted price.
6:39 am
anita oh, live in center city to tell us all about it, hi, anita. >> reporter: good morning, jan we moved right down the street to the wilma theater and joining me now, james, who is the managing director here and also the stage manager pat adam. so you guys have a tony award winning musical going on. what is that like for to you bring the first ever philly theater week here? >> we are thrilled being in pa part of theater week. great coming on the heals of the eagles big win, and the celebration that we have had, it is great now to celebrate arts and culture here in philadelphia to celebrate, and the theater community we have in philadelphia, the wilma theater has been in this community for more than 40 years. and here on the avenue of the arts more than 20 years, and to be part part of it. >> and i think with a w with
6:40 am
the dis coin dollars price as lot of the audience, who may not be familiar with the scene , have a chance it view that. what do you hope to take away about the arts scene here in philly is. >> i certainly hope they take away arts in filicin yesterday bridge accessible, so much to experience, weaver rock musical playing, plenty of other things playing in our city. and i think if they just go to today tickets and find the experience that they want to find, that there is a lot that they can experience right here in philadelphia. >> lastly pat, you've seen this musical so many times every time you watch it but what do you want people to know about this musical? a a beautiful mutes call, beautiful show, the bands is awesome. so if you want a good time, if you want to feel good you want to come see the story about a young man trying to figure out what he is, who he is in his life, what he needs to do, and the things he want to accomplish, and the trip he goes cents on that journey that he has to take to learn who he is, and what happens to the people along the way, but the bottom line, the music, you want to come for the music
6:41 am
if you want to come someplace and feel good and leave singling, you want to come to the wilma theser. >> this is the place to be, two times, come on down to the wilma theater to check it out. anita oh, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> i love it. there is a show for everyone. anita, thank you. >> still to come right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news," health officials say the worse of this year's flu season may be yet to come. that's as the flu reaches pandemic levels. coming up we will take a look at just how serious the situation is here in the tri-state region. stay with
6:42 am
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>> security is getting high marks, many analysts executed one of the best public safety plans in super bowl history. jennifer, from our sister station, claims how the plans have kept everyone safer. >> if you spent time downtown, you saw massive security presence. >> out here, they're going to make sure nothing is going on. >> more than 3,000 officers from 60 different agencies wormed around the clock to pull off the most complex public safety plan in super bowl history. wheel many officers were visible, others worked behind the scenes. >> we had number every plane clothes officers out that you didn't see, but they were out in venues, outside of the
6:45 am
hardened parameters of the stadium, outside of the hardened parameters of the convention center says 800 officers were inside the perimeter surrounding us bank stadium on game day. snipers on rooftops around the stadium. >> we did have the ability to spot and detect and prevent any hostile action that could have taken place. >> the fbi had headed the intelligence operation center and scoured local, national and international channels. >> i know they checked out number of things, but real now credible threat to the super bowl during the ten days. >> he believes the biggest risk was the people walking around, he says, the plan to keep people crossing nicolet mall safe worked flawlessly. there were no pedestrian accidents. people were pleased. >> doing great job with that. >> i'm totally safe. totally safe. no problem at all. >> our frigid wet her also posed a threat. reported four cases cents of frostbite over the ten day
6:46 am
stretch. >> /sister station reporting in minneapolis. >> lot coming up. anthony mason, alex wagner, joins us enough new york with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jan , coming up we will have all of this morning's headlines, plus, the olympic games are underway. we will go live to south korea for a wrap up of last night's opening ceremony, including the diplomatic dance, between the us and north korea. >> and learning how to be an u.s. citizen at an american museum. we will take you through a program that grown cardholders for their citizens ship exams by using historic artifacts. >> shattered box office records, and it isn't even out yet. we will explore why black panther already being called a cultural milestone. all of that plus your eye opener, the dish, and muse nick our saturday section. that's just ahead on cbs this morning, saturday. so guys, we will see you in about 14 minute, thank you.
6:47 am
>> well now that the eagles parade is over, it is time for some baseball. folks, phillies are getting ready for spring training. lesley van arsdall caught up with the crew and the phanatic as they loaded up the equipment truck for clearwater florida. >> first work out less than a week away. >> packed to the brim with everything the players will need. with a little help from the philly phanatic, thousands every items were carefully loaded into the 53-foot equipment truck. >> from there the truck will travel more than a thousand miles passing through eight states before arriving at spectrum field this weekend. >> we take everything, basically picking up our storage area here in philadelphia, taking it to clearwater. >> so what's on board?
6:48 am
10,000, 12-ounce pour aid cups , 2,400 baseballs, 2,000 short and long sleeve shirts, 1,200 bats, and 600 pairs every pants. >> just to name a few picks. >> right now we have 62 players in camp plus the coaches, so there is plenty of bodies to get dressed. >> and this year, the crew is bringing some smacks. >> this year bringing ice cream machine. >> lesley van arsdall, eyewitness sports. >> well some lucky pooches are getting pampered ahead of the westminster kennel club dog show, take a look at this, sort after doggy spa, if you will. the dogs you see there will compete at the show, the royal treatment inside pennsylvanian new york city, some dogs were given the chance to run on treadmills, to de-stress, i like, that westminster kennel club dog show start tomorrow ment and i don't know, chelsey, i think that one gives them a run for their money. >> you know, dow pamper him.
6:49 am
>> love it. >> well, as far as taking the dog out for a walk, this morning, do it this morning, conditions will deteriorate throughout the day. and specially later on this evening, tonight, and into the overnight hours, with some rain, that's going to be headed our way. now, out ahead of the rain, we have had a flow coming in out of the south, also had the cloud cover overnight. so starting out the day with temperatures, a lot milder, compared to the past two mornings. we're in the 30's, for a lot of the weather watchers, jen any cherry hill, right around 30 degrees, in her backyard, phil in philadelphia right around 34. and we have john in pennsylvania at 33, lou in e-a-g-l-e-s ill ville, 36 degrees, yes, temperatures running a little bit above average, as far as our normal lowe's are concerned. so we take you now to the other graphic, what's going on , what we can expect. here are temperatures across the region, too, 31 degrees in millville. down the shore, temperatures are in the 40's. i mean, this is a very mild
6:50 am
start to atlantic city, from wildwood, 39 in reading, right around 34 degrees in the poconos. zoom in you little closer, to philadelphia, and some of the surrounding suburbs, mt. holly , around 30 degrees. how about that? thirty-four in palmyra. good morning to you, doylestown, at 33 degrees. pottstown right around 36, 34 degrees this morning, as we are starting out your saturday in media. now, we have couple of breaks in the clouds here and there. so, some areas will start out the day with at least little bit of sunshine. but it is not going to last too long. so let me show you what i'm monitoring very closely on storm scan3. we have this batch of rain. that's what's going to be push ing in later on this afternoon, through the early evening, another batch, down here to the south over places like eastern texas, into louisianna, that's what's going to be moving in as we head to the overnight hours tonight. so as you can see, basically, a stream of rain, going to be heading our way. and i'll show you how it all plays out here on future weather. other than isolated shower during the late morning hours, we will be dealing with the
6:51 am
clouds, as we start out saturday. so again the first part of the day is the time to get stuff done. if you have to spend any time outside. then later on this afternoon, start to see chance for rain on the increase. in fact it, looks like this afternoon, rain is going to be likely around 3:00, 4:00. there could be brief break, and then overnight, is when the situation really ramps up from extremely heavy rainfall setting upright along the i95 corridor. this continues into sunday morning. sunday looks like a complete wash out to be honest with you tons of rain headed our way. this continues into sunday afternoon. maybe even one more brief break before another round of rain moves in. sunday evening. as far as rainfall amount, look at these numbersment some of the models printing out over 2 inches every rain, other models printing out over 3 inches every rain, possibility, of course, this is just one model projection, but does show you the heaviest axis every rain setting up along the i95 corridor, less into cape may county, less into the poconos. but the bulk of the rain will
6:52 am
be setting upright over philadelphia. so that's why we have a flood watch that has been issued, goes into effect starting at 6:00 tonight. all of the counties there highlight in the that green color. we've already received just under 2 inches every rain so far this month. this february that put us at about inch or so above the average for the month. and we are already seeing those waterways running hi, as a result, so, we will be concerned with low-lying flooding as we head into the overnight hours tonight, also flooding on area creeks, streams, even rivers. just a very close eye on this weekend. for today, showers develop this afternoon. then add afternoon rain, moves in, around 3:00, 4:00 high temperature of 51 degrees. your seven day forecast, 58 on sunday, nearly 60 degrees, jan , but we are all going to be wearing the rain gear, unfortunately. >> wow, okay, chelsey, thank you. >> government health officials say this flu season continues to intensify and has now reached pandemic levels. health reporter stephanie stahl has the latest in this einstein healthcare science
6:53 am
center report. >> this flu season is the worst in nearly a decade. and it is not getting any better. according to the newest report from the cdc. >> it looks like we're on track to break some recent records. >> the latest health report from the tri-state region show pennsylvania has had 47,752 lab confirmed flu cases, in new jersey, 10,418. , 1900 with flu in delaware. latest report from the cdc shows one out of every 13 doctor visit last week was for flu-like illnesses. the highest rate seen since 2009 when the h1n1 swine flu virus hit the usa. flu remains widespread in every state but hawaii and oregon, and hospitalizations are increasing. >> as of this week, we have more hospitalizations than we've seen in any recent season including the severe 2014-15 season.
6:54 am
>> pediatric deaths and flu related causes this season are now 63. and the worse could be yet to come. health officials say we've not seen the peak of the flu season yet, it is unclear when that will happen. >> we're in week 11 of increased influenza activity. some seasons can last as long as 20 weeks. >> health officials say the flu vaccine this year didn't do a very good job of preventing influenza. they say if you do develop symptoms, it is important to get tamiflu as soon as possible, when it is most effective. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, " eyewitness news". a final check on your forecast is just moments away. stay with us.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
>> a weekends soaker, it will be wet, showers developing later this afternoon, the heaviest rain tonight and sunday, and jan a flood watch issued goes into effect at 6:00. >> we have to watch that for tomorrow. thank you. that's it for cbs-3 " eyewitness news" for now. we may be signing off on tv but always on line at cbs this morning saturday is next. have a great weekends, everyone.
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's february 10th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." the worlds unites and so may two koreas. diplomacy was on display at the winter olympics opening ceremony. plus increasing pressure for president trump's chief of staff. new reports say john kelly is willing to step down over the mishandling of a domestic abuse scandal involving a white house staff member.


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