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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  February 11, 2018 8:00am-9:01am EST

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we are starting day two of drenching rain all across the delaware valley, keep those umbrellas handy folks our region remains under a flood watch for second half of the weekend. today is sunday february the 11th, good morning, everyone i'm jan carabao lets start off with that forecast here's meteorologist chelsea ingram with eyewitness weather good sunday morning, kelce it is raining cats and dogs out there. >> it is, and some areas picked up easily over 2 inches have rain since yesterday and there is more to come. we will be dealing with rain throughout the entire day, totally different store friday yesterday where first half was dry and then we brought in the rain after lunchtime. today it is rain from start to finish, sunrise to sunset, heaviest rain will be around during the first half of the day and we could see an additional one to 2 inches possible on top of what we received yesterday. so, flooding is going to be a issue throughout the day, and
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poor drainage area living in the flood prone area you will be dealing with flooding throughout the day-to-day and could see flooding on area creeks, streams, as well as rivers, so keeping an eye on everything, flood watch remains in effect through midnight tonight for counties that you see there in green. so lets just talk about how expansive this system is, it drapes all the way from new england down into portions of the panhandle of florida, and it is just a soaker, we have a soaking rain, currently moving right into philadelphia, and we are dealing with extremely heavy downpours right along i-95, 76, portions of gloucester camden county right around clayton we are dealing with extremely heavy rain and that will continue through the day-to-day. trade off is temperatures on the rise to around 59 degrees, more coming up in your full forecast for now, back to you. chelsea, thank you. we will begin with new, a news story this morning an accident that killed two people is
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under investigation in chester county this catch happened around 11:45 last night at grove road and pottstown pike in west goshen township. there is no word on how many people died, actually we do have word on that at least two people have died, we don't know how many cars have been involved in this accident, of course, we will keep you up to date. west goshen township police were on the scene for several hours, the road has reopened to traffic. tragedy in the grand can john as well a tour helicopter has crashed, killing three people and injuring four others, police say the euro helicopter ec-130 was carrying a pilot and six passengers when it crashed yesterday afternoon. rugged terrain and windy conditions are making it difficult to rescue those four survivors, and the national transportation safety board is investigating the crash. double decker bus has overturn in hong kong killing at least 18 and injuring dozens more, some passengers there claim the bus was
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speeding, police arrested the driver, cause of this crash is under investigation. in other news today u.s. has nabbed its first gold medal of the winter olympics in south korea more about that shortly but first 80 miles away from the olympic village there was a possible diplomatic break through between south and north korea, holy williams, explains. >> reporter: in the presidential palace in sole, another sign of the thaw between north and south korea. president moon jay in of south korea welcomed this woman, kim yo jong, the sister of north korea's dictator kim jong u.n. and first member of the north korea's ruling dynasty to step foot in south korea since the two went to war in 1950. after a space of north korean missle and nuclear tests and a war of words between the regime and u.s., president moon wants to kick start talks
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today he was rewarded with an invitation to the north for a summit meeting. another sign of the warming came on the ice, as the unified korean woman's hockey team with prepares from both north and south competed against switzerland, some hearsay the olympic have been hijack by politics. >> we're very upset, said this man, south korea organize the pyeongchang olympics but new they have been come north korea's olympics. there is in specific word on when president moon jay in will visit the north but it would be first summit meeting between leaders of the two koreas in more than a decade. unified korean women's hockey team lost their game eight to zero. holy williams, cbs news, sole. now, for more about this young man named red, who has struck gold at the olympics at just 17 years old red girard has become youngest american
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to win a medal in mens slope style snow boarding, canadiens took silver and bronze medal. while growing up girard and his brothers built their own snow boarding features park in the backyard of their colorado home, congratulations to him. back here at home now in the delaware valley an estimated tens of thousands of people are in town for philadelphia tattoo arts convention and this is your last day to check out the show eyewitness nice reporter anita oh is live at the pennsylvania convention sent they are morning where the doors opened , later today and anita, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jan for everybody who wants to come down here today is the last day of the tattoo arts convention. there was a line going out the door yesterday, and around three blocks around pennsylvania convention center , and all of these people here are for other performances as well it is not just tattoos to find here. jim me here is al miller the human knot originally from
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australia but joining us in the great philadelphia al, you have been part of this for several years now what do you think this does for the city and what kind of crowd do you see here. >> definitely my type of crowd these people are cool, philly 's cool and i visit all these awesome artist from his all over the country here tattooing and myself, enigma and cool, side show acts on the stage, so, i feel like sitting down being entertained , you can do that hain a bunch of jokes and see bunch of cool tricks. >> reporter: yesterday you had a large crowd for your performance. you have another one in the afternoon today. what do you want people to know burr act and how do you even get started. >> i'm a comedy contortionist so i bend my body in quite extreme ways and tell jokes while i'm doing it and get the crowd hyped up, i'm there australia and i have a funny accent, for being in america.
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>> reporter: now you have multiple tattoos. you got one of them here at the convention previously. >> yes. >> reporter: what do you want people to know about the convention on the last day to day. >> they should get their butts down here because it is the coolest thing happening in town since the zoomer bowl. >> reporter: very large crowd. >> absolutely. >> reporter: we are seeing a lot of people coming in with eagles-related tattoos as well , so today what kind of things are you going to be performing i can show you a couple little tricks. >> reporter: so he has bunch of different cool acts, going than his performance will be later on in the afternoon today, they also have multiple booth is here american 800 booths last year they increased that by 5 percent this year in the pennsylvania convention center so they have been expecting about 30,000 people through the weekend, doors open up at 11, tickets can be found or information for tickets can be fund at cbs
8:08 am, live from the pennsylvania convention center anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> eagles fans are wearing their loyalty on their sleeves these days and as you can see there with anita on their arms too. yesterday the line there at philadelphia tattoo arts convention was three blocks around the convention center. many of these people wanted to show their pride for super bowl champions, according to the found are of this annual event the heavy theme this year is eagles or eagles related tattoos. >> definitely the flavor of the weekend super bowl tattoos , you know, hey eagles won. >> i was hoping to get one back in zero five but it didn't work out and here i am today getting it done. >> life long eagles fans have a permanent momento of the their willty to their favorite team the super bell champions. eagles teammates continue to meet and greet their fans and rain did in the keep fans from seeing running back corry clement in delaware county yesterday. he had an autograph signing
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there at karl ease cardness havertown. the glassboro native had 100 receiving yards and a touchdown in last weeks 41-33 victory over the new england patriots. another eagle met fans last night as well defensive tackle beau allen stopped by maggie's waterfront cafe in northeast philadelphia allen and sports radio 94 wip hosted a super bowl victory party and , of course, everyone there had i great time. still to come this morning on cbs-3 eyewitness initiation keeping athletes warm, and looking good at the owe limb picks. >> this is team u.s.a. jacket designed to keep the americans warm i'm dana jacobson and find out how it is working and if you can get your hands on one too. plus a high tech treatment that seems to stop trembling hand that is could help millions of people, stephanie stahl explains how it works when "eyewitness news"
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back now on "eyewitness news" and now to the latest on the flu epidemic, every state but hawaii and oregon is reporting widespread flu activity and 63 children have died so far this season. brooks silver brag has more on the out break. >> reporter: she was just 24, type of healthy young adult who can usually ride out the fully but instead this week she died from the las vegas hospital. cdc reports that this flu season now matches intensity of the swine flu epidemic of 2009. >> we have in the seen the peak just yet and we don't know when that will occur. >> reporter: doctor ann, acting director of the cdc says immediate treatment is important not only for children but for also the older and less resilient patients who died from the flu in shockingly high numbers. >> in a bad sees than like 2014/15, 56,000 americans died from the flu, we're on track right new to likely reach that
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level, and potentially exceed it. >> reporter: she urges people to get their flu shot and stay home if they are sick but at doctor's offices like this one at dallas they have used up their entire stock of the wrapped flu tests. >> it was just, running through them, like water. >> reporter: the flood of flu has also out paced the supply of the anti viral flu treatment, so pharmacies have run out. in an effort to prevent more people from getting sick researchers from columbia university are suggesting public spaces install special ultraviolet light bulbs that kill virus but safe for humans like this one in arkansas already used sterilizing uv robots, some sought timeless remedies, orange juice sales are up for first time in nearly five years, the flu is getting credit. last week, one out of every 13 doctors visits was for flu symptoms according to the cdc and here in new york city
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health officials confirm a third pediatric death linc to the virus. brooks silva-braga for cbs news, new york. well, this morning chicago is still dealing with snowfall , they got 10 inches on friday alone and snow is expected to continue to fall there through this morning by the time it is done chicago will have another 5 inches of snow on its street and winter weather advisory in effect until noon and as of last night chicago o'hare had cancelled more than 100 flights to day will be the ninth day in a row with measurable snow in chicago. meantime strong wind gusts forced olympic officials to postpone the mens's downhill in pyeongchang, this could also go down as the coldest olympics in american 20 years, but as dana jacobson reports, team u.s.a. is ready to handle frigid temperatures while being fashion forward. >> reporter: team u.s.a.'s opening ceremony tire was design for both fashion, function, and featured the first heated parka worn by u.s. athletes. >> this jacket came in clutch
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at the opening ceremonies. >> you are a winter limb yan anyway to stay warm do you this. >> reporter: asia evans is a bob sledder making her second winter experience in pyeongchang. she said shack it is a hot ticket item. >> how did this jacket people were trying to say the jacket at opening ceremony just hilarious. >> reporter: you could see team u.s.a. jacket is symbolic of the america's melting pot, ralph lauren partnered with design companies around the country to create the perfect park a battery pack, half of the mary high tech engineering , with the design, in order to allow our athletes to be able to use the battery pack while they have gloves on >> reporter: battery pack used to heat the jacket was designed by baltimore base cod detect, and two buttons control the temperatures setting. >> we wanted the athletes to be warm for an entire day if they wanted it to be and we wanted it to be fit in the palm of their hand. >> reporter: heating panel is an american flag made with conducted ink.
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fewer then 100 were released to stores and fashion combination was so popular, it sold out in under 20 minutes n pyeongchang, south cover re, dana jacobson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". i like a heated jacket for work purposes but we do not need to it day today will be really mild, well above average for this time of the year. it wouldn't surprise me in some locations they made it in the lower 60's, but, we have to deal with the rain, throughout pretty much the entire day. let me show you right now, a live look at center city, really hard to see those sky scraper tops right there, doesn't look too much like center city, we have low cloud , we are dealing with the rain, as well, we will also show you storm scan three, and here's what is going on, we remember earlier this morning i showed thaw batch of heavier rain pushing through baltimore , portions of maryland. new that has arrived right along the i-95 corridor moved from wilmington and new pushing into portions of philadelphia and causing extreme downpours, and many
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locations especially east of philadelphia, near mount laurel, i mean things are just a mess right along 295, very difficult driving conditions as of right now. zooming down further new to the south and east to some of our shore points in atlantic city, it is pouring right now because it is red color, orange color, yellow, all of that extremely moderate to heavy rain coming down near egg harbor, near mystic island , all of those locations tapping into some of those heavy downpours this morning. and there is more to come, but some spots have picked up 2 inches of rain including millville just over two and a half inches and we have more that is on the way, throughout the day-to-day, and in dover, 2.35, most recently reported at airport there and atlantic city just under 2 inches and wilmington right around 1.36 in philadelphia, just over an inch and notice these numbers have continued to go up throughout the morning, hours, and it is because of that rain that flood advisory has been
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issued potentially dealing with a little urban flooding right around philadelphia, surrounding area sounding counties low lying poor drainage areas are an issue through noon time hour and i would say throughout the day-to-day because a flood watch remains in effect through midnight. that is where these locations highlight in the green, allentown, reading, wilmington , wildwood, toms river, trenton, philadelphia also included in that and also into delaware we are dealing with that flood watch until midnight. lets talk about how things play out through rest of the day. again dealing with the heavier batch of rain will slightly shift off to the north up toward reading, allentown as we head in the tenor 11:00 o'clock hour this morning. still pockets of the heavier rain can be expect just after lunchtime here we are at 1:00 along i-95 corridor from wilmington, philadelphia and trenton. we head toward new york city and things really don't taper off until later this evening. so we are still going to be dealing with that steady rain
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in the ladder part of the afternoon and then things taper off later on this evening, maybe even some lingering rain for areas south and east of philadelphia tonight. so temperatures right now, mild, that is the trade off 50 5 in millville, 49 atlantic city , right around 55 in wildwood. waking up in media to 50 degrees, 50 in mullica, 50 in palmyra and 50 in cherry hill. throughout the day today we will see those numbers climb, climb, climb, 59 degrees by 3:00 o'clock. still dealing with that rain. eyewitness weather seven day forecast some sunshine returns on monday but chillier with a high of 48, january. >> thank you. time to check the road. lets go to matthew work miss ter in the cbs-3 traffic center, hi there matthew. >> road are covered with rain all over the delaware valley, here's 492 freeway in new jersey. lots of standing water and definitely want to allow yourself extra time heading out this morning. this just in we are looking
8:20 am
live at a spin out on i-95 north bound approaching the airport, on the shoulder but may need little clean up. moving to west norriton watch for a crash at egypt road at south troop are road, crews working to clear the scene. live from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm matthew workmister jan, back to you. >> little bit of water can create a lot of problems, be careful. new high tech treatment for tremor disorder that strikes millions, and has the potential to help many more perhaps even though with parkinson's disease. on the healthwatch health reporter stephanie stahl follows one of the first patientness philadelphia. >> reporter: simple task of drinking water was an ordeal for jim nyheart a common movement disorder called essential trum or that causes his hand to shake uncontrollably. >> you cannot do a lot of things thaw want to do. >> reporter: tremor started 10 years ago not known what cause is it, for jim it it it especially debilitating
8:21 am
because his other hand is prosthetic, he who it in vietnam when he he was gravely wounded by mortar fire. >> i'm limited. i have learned to work around limitations my whole life but this within really celeste you down quite a bit. >> reporter: hoping to get his life back delaware grandfather turned to penn medicine for treatment with a new non- invasive technology. >> i think it is magic. it is absolutely fabulous. >> reporter: doctor gordon is using high frequency ultrasound to zap part of the brain that causes tremors. >> creating a thermal lesion which is irreversible but however it is huge, huge promise. >> reporter: mri is used to pinpoint the ultrasound to make sure it hits right spot with the correct dose, jim's writing and movement ability is monitored, as the treatment progresses. >> you have to be careful with it because there is no eraser on the pencil. >> reporter: right after the treatment jim says it is not painful he is put through a series of tests and able to use his hand without shaking.
8:22 am
week later he is back for a checkup. did you notice it got better right after the procedure. >> right after. >> wow report report now after first time in the decade he is able to write three important words for his wife: i love you. what does it feel like to be able to write that. >> very nice. >> reporter: still getting used to using his hand again but tremor gone. week before it was this, and new this. >> it is incredible, incredible. >> reporter: so he can get back tone joying soup signing his name and fishing his other love. jim chose new therapy instead of the surgery after the drugs stopped working, and his tremor is now expect to be gone for good. i'm stephanie stahl for cbs-3 "eyewitness
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breaking news a passenger plane with dozens of people on board has crashed near moscow, the jet disappeared shortly after taking off from moscow today, it had 65 passengers and six crew members on board, emergency officials recovered fragments from that plane, 25 miles from the airport. we will update you both on air and on line as we learn more. in other news this morning , former white house aid omarosa has temporarily left celebrity big brother, several cast mates on the hit reality show say that omarosa was taken to the hospital after an asthma attack, and they say it didn't seem serious but was unclear whether she would return to the show, celebrity big brother airs right here on cbs-3 on wednesday at 8:00 p.m. office romances have been commonplace well, since the office and these days they can lead to a trip toll alter or a date with hr. cbs's tony decopel offers
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sweet sour tail in the preview of what you will see later on, cbs this sunday morning. >> reporter: in hershey, pennsylvania the rush is on. those are all hershey kisses, and close to a billion will be made just for this valentines day. >> okay. less's go get them. >> reporter: if you need a even bigger dose of something sweet watch their hand. when did you develop your sign language. >> that has been -- >> is that. >> this means i love you. >> when we walk into work together and he goes to go out the door we just go like that to each other. >> reporter: kay and rob wagner met on their first day at work. >> we were sitting in orientation, and i looked back and say pretty girl back there and rest is hi try.
8:27 am
>> reporter: they fell in love on the factory floor. >> i was always goofing off, yes. >> wow make me laugh. >> reporter: what would he do. >> he would pull his hair net down his face, and, i just had to see funny stuff like that. >> reporter: they have been co-workers for 22 years for 21 of those years they have been husband and wife. they are not alone at hershey where love and work mix as well as milk and cocoa. do you think it is still possible in this day and age to have a romance like yours at work. >> i do. >> if you believe in it, yes. >> reporter: lesson in boys affairs and all aboard the love train with the o.j.'s, this sunday morning right here on cbs-3 at 9:00 a.m. well, head of valentines day this week crowds of brides to be participated in an annual tradition in maple shade, new jersey, the running of the brides that goodwill's pennsauken store brought out
8:28 am
dozens of people trying to get their hand on the wedding discount. 350 brand new dresses were up to grabs there on the jewelry and other wedding accessories, the annual event raises money for job training programs. still ahead right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this sunday morning another dreary start to the day, meteorologist chelsea ingram's back with the latest on this rain and when things finally will dry out, we will be right
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good morning i'm jan carabao, lets start off with this rainy forecast with meteorologist chelsea ingram here with the eyewitness weather center with more, good morning, chelsea. >> we are dealing with that rain, this morning, throughout the rest of the day, and it is ayuky day good day to spend time inside maybe watch a
8:31 am
movie or a good afternoon for a nap, as well. let me take you now to our graphic, flood watch remains in effect through midnight many locations picked up 2 inches of rain especially south and east of philadelphia , and more rain on the way and flood watch in effect through midnight knit we have heavy rain through philadelphia we're dealing with light rain at this point in time but it is burlington county, look at that, mess, that is going on right now. right along 206 in pemberton we have extremely heavy downpours pushing through there. looking live at kutztown area, you can see another issue, very low cloud, locally dense fog as well so that is an issue for much of the reason through the morning hours today and ton of the rain here's your forecast. trade off. we will deal with the rain but temperatures are going to be significantly mild for this time of the year, high temperature right around 59
8:32 am
degrees, i will let you know when this rain clears out coming up in a few minutes, jan. >> all right. thanks very much, chelsea. 8:32 now. president trump is tweet ago this lives are being destroyed without due process. did he not specify any individual in that tweet but as laura podesta reports it comes after two white house aids resign amid spousal abuse allegations. >> reporter: in the middle of upheaval over white house over allegations of domestic abuse involving his staff president trump tweeted saturday peoples lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation , there is no recovery for someone falsely accused. former white house secretary rob porter, resigned when his two ex-wife's came forward and accused him of abuse. porter has denied their accusations. on friday the president only wished porter well. >> as you probably know he says he is innocent, and i think you have to remember that. >> reporter: cbs news has learned that porter told white
8:33 am
house council don mcgahn more than a year ago that his background check might reveal unflattering information. then in in porter informed chief of staff john kelly that his ex-wife's had made accusation that is porter denies but it wasn't until wednesday when this photo surfaced that the white house took action. kelly said he did not know full severity of the claims until just recently. >> there a lot going on behind the scenes at the white house and a big scrapple em to cover this up or try to mitigate the situation because they necessity it is a mess right now. >> reporter: friday a second aid david sorenson resigned after a former wife said he abused her during their marriage. sorenson denies those allegations. laura podesta for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back here at home now, pennsylvania governor tom wolf is reviewing and redrawn map of the congressional districts , house speaker and senate president, both republicans, say that their version splits far fewer municipalities and keeps 70
8:34 am
percent of residents in their old districts, however, democratic vote hours successfully challenge the previous district map called the proposal a name partisan gerrymander, now the governor will tell path supreme court his decision by thursday. if he rejects the plan the court says it will develop its own. atlantic county man is charged in connection with the death of his four month-old son. doctors tell police they believe help say rojas severely beat his son on january 29th. the child was found unresponsive at his family's home on the 6,000 block of hoover drive-in hamilton township. he died from his injuries last week. rojas is now charged with aggravated manslaughter. well, a newly released inmate remains in critical condition today after a correctional officer shot him during an attempted carjacking , the scene unfolded in a parking lot near the cu ran fromhold correctional facility in holmesberg late friday night, investigators say 26 year-old jamal bennet
8:35 am
had been just freed when he tried to steel a correctional officer's car there. police say there was a struggle and the officer shot the man in the chest. he had just gotten off-duty and was heading home. >> at this time it a peers that this inmate had just been released the same time that the correctional officer reported off-duty from the same facility and the past in the parking lot and that is when the inmate approached the correctional officer. >> the correctional officer was treated for injuries to his head, face, nick and is expect to be okay. well, guard killed during an inmate upright rising at delaware correctional center will be honored today. memorial ceremony will be held for lieutenant stephen floyd, floyd was killed after being taken hostage at delaware's vaughn next nal center on february 1st last year, today, governor john carney will deliver remarks at the prison
8:36 am
in smyrna along with the officials from the department of corrections. and ohio town is heart broken this morning after two police officers were shot and killed there, this shooting happened in westerville outside columbus, 54 year-old anthony morley and 39 year-old eric during died yesterday afternoon, they were responding to a 911 hang up call. investigators say when they arrived at that scene a shooter opened fire. >> true american heroes. think gave their life today, responding to calls of assistance out of a potential domestic situation. both officers gave their life in the protection of others, those are true american heroes >> shooter was wounded when officers returned fire, he was taken the two hospital, his condition is not yet known and it is not yet clear what may have motivate that had
8:37 am
shooting. well, there is still so much more to come right here on "eyewitness news" this sunday morning and coming up next we will get live to washington for a preview what is ahead on cbs face the nation, stay with
8:38 am
8:39 am
cbs face the nation will be coming your way later this morning at 10:30 right here on cbs-3. joining us with a preview live in washington is cbs news chief white house correspondent major garrett. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, great show coming up today we have a budget deal in washington and budget director of the white house here to talk about that plus a very turbulent week in terms of the white house personnel. we have rand paul the kentucky republican who shut the g down because he hates this deal. clash between trump white house and house intelligence committee democrats over memorandum they wrote rebutting republican charge best secret surveillance in the 2016 campaign. the democratic who were that
8:40 am
memo adam shift will be on face the nation to tell the country what he will do about the president's decision. we have a huge debate coming up in washington on immigration, a house republican hard liner mark meadows will give us his thoughts about what the senate and can and cannot do that would be acceptable in the house on the key question of immigration, all coming up, on face the nation. >> lot to cover major, thank you, see you at 10:30. >> thank you. still to come on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", rainy, foggy conditions this morning, easy to see as we look live into center city and meteorologist chelsea ingram tell us about the wet weather and we can expect in the seven day forecast, that is up next. also mixing their passion for downward dog with mar juan , the latest, yoga craze when "eyewitness news"
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and setting tomorrow's standards by breaking today's, because we believe the lines that are drawn are meant to be crossed. that's where the future is born. and once you realize you're not limited to what's possible, guess what? you redefine all that will be. is there goat yoga, hot ohio abe new tree pose with the little hide.
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faces are lighting up, some people are adding pot to their work out. cbs news correspondent danielle nottingham looks at this special fitness class in san francisco. >> back to center. >> reporter: in a studio in san francisco yogis are mixing their passion for downward dog with marijuana. it is called, yoga. >> the awareness. >> reporter: new students are flock to go these classes new that recreational marijuana is legal in california. >> so people have the luxury of arriving whenever they want in this first half an her of what we call stoner's social. >> reporter: she believes that the combination of the mindful ness and marijuana can improve her student's help. >> there is anti inflammatory benefits to cannabis and cdc products can have pain relieving benefits and anti anxiety, anti depression benefits. >> reporter: class opens with students sampling cannabis products. >> we hang out, talk, break the ice. >> reporter: then an hour of ohio begins with breaks for a
8:44 am
quick puff. while critics question the health benefits of using marijuana tiffany mark essays it relieves her migraines and puts her body at ease. >> it helps loosen your muscles, it helps to lower your inhibitions so you are more likely to try different move that maybe before you might have been a little apprehensive of. >> reporter: students play feel a little loopy after class so deso has them stick around for 30 minutes to sober up. >> last one. >> reporter: she's expanding her classes in more cities to help others take their yoga practice to new highs. danielle nottingham for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> well, back here in philadelphia check out this run that included packs of pantless people, this is an event known as cupid's undy run they strip down for their annual event which raises money for children's tumor foundation. within mile run started and ended with a party at world cafe live, for some runners
8:45 am
there even more valentines day theme costumes. all right. we have marijuana yoga we have pantless people running through the streets. >> what is next. >> talking about rain. some areas have already pick up over 2 inches of rain. i'm astonished by these rainfall totals so far. very impressive but right with what we were forecasting. william in levittown, pennsylvania says he has had an inch of rain, in his rain gauge since yesterday, jenny in cherry hill just over an inch as well, same thing for john in mullica. we have some higher numbers that i think been keeping tabs on too. ken net willingboro one of the lower numbers though about a half inch of rain but i wouldn't be surprised if that was taken maybe earlier and there is more that has happened on top of. that just under a inch for lynn in cherry hill and newark , half inch but i'm sure we have already added some rain on top of that total. let me take you to a live look , at center city where we are like what sit i what am i
8:46 am
looking at you? cannot even see the sky line, that is because we have dealing with reduced visability across the region. locally dense fog can be expected through parts of the delaware valley, through about mid-morning or so today, and not only are we dealing with low cloud but we are dealing with the rain, of course, but here's those visability we are reduced in philadelphia, allentown, poconos, reading, pretty much every where but we are seeing improvement in dover thanks to some very heavy rain that moved through not too long ago and also seeing some improvement in places like millville. look at how expansive this storm system is, it is picking up almost the entire eastern see board. we have had heavy downpours all the way into portions of the panhandle of florida, that is all the way up in to portions of new england seeing light rain all the way up in massachusetts. so storm scan three showing a bought of very heavy rain that pushed through philadelphia we are now dealing with that steady light rain but areas just east of philadelphia dealing with those extremely
8:47 am
heavy downpours. so these shore points into places like toms river, north of galloway dealing with the heavy downpours this morning. also a couple of pockets we are keeping an eye on one located just east of dover, also right around the maurice river area do you see that yellow expect there pockets of moderate downpours as there keeping an eye on those. that will continue through the day, today. look at these rainfall totals that i have seen, been updating these all morning, it is interesting to go see them rise, rise, rise as that bought of heavy rain pushed right through, in millville right around two and a half inches of rain reported in, dover just under that. just over 2 inches in atlantic city, right around 1 pint 39 in wilmington and right in philadelphia, about a inch and a quarter, so far, again, that is just so far. we will see more as far as that is concerned, as we head throughout the day-to-day, and because of the rain that we have seen dealing with a little urban flooding, flooding in low lying area, minor flooding mainly, flood
8:48 am
advisory issued for these counties highlighted in the green, that includes philadelphia, winslow, vineland, same one, wilmington , middleton, smyrna, dover and those locations in the included in the flood advisory and then everyone in our viewing area included in the flood watch. because we have had more rain on top of what we have already seen that flood watch remains in effect through midnight tonight. lets t about how things play out, heading in to the next couple of hours, again, some areas dealing with steady light rain, mainly into delaware around 11:00 o'clock but we could she have year downpours making their way in to reading, allentown, poconos , later this afternoon we will see it tapering off of things but that is not going to happen until later on this evening. note that is rain pushing off toward thee a little bit with linger showers left over later on tonight. so this front is pushing off the coast, and we will see couple breaks of sunshine monday afternoon high pressure buildness sunshine returns
8:49 am
nicely as we head into tuesday so everybody looking forward to. that 50 degrees right now in philadelphia, we have 50 in media, 50 in mullica, 44 degrees in pottstown and 45 right now in willow grove. heading in the afternoon we will make to it 59 degrees, so , that is kind of the trade off here we will deal with the rain but mild temperature, as we head to tuesday, sunshine returns and a high of 43 degrees. 60 degrees on tap by thursday january with the rain chance. >> loving that even though is there a rain chance, thanks, chelsea. 8:49. time to check the road lets get to matthew workmister in the cbs-3 traffic center. >> good morning, rain continues to cause problems on the roadway this morning how yourself extra time and slow down, with the standing water, double trouble in philadelphia on i-95 first we are looking at the spin out on i-95 north bound approaching airport on the shoulder and police are on the scene. secondly on i-95 south past enterprise avenue an accident and that is off to the shoulder crews are on the scene, reduced speed, in area bridges due to the weather.
8:50 am
live from the cbs-3 traffic center i'm matthew workmister back to you. it is a great day if you have a sweet tooth, today is national peppermint pad i day, first commercially made mint pad i in the 1840's on the aisle of man between england and ireland, the most famous is york pepper hint pad i originally produced by pennsylvania's yorko company, the york pad i became fame news part because it was firm, crisp while others produced treats that were soft. i have some at home i will to have indulge today. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this sunday morning pennsylvania pottery. >> meisha johnson takes us on one of her dream drives to a place where the old techniques are still being used today, and you can see it too we will be back in a moment stay with
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
welcome back. there are plenty of placeness our area to check out pottery if you are interested in that but i don't know about this living museum in this weeks dream drive meisha johnson head to bucks county today we're following the sound of the clay. to the moravian pottery and tile works in doyletown old factory founded by henry chapman mercer in the late 1800's, it is now a working museum, modern day potters are still using mercer's original technique. >> i live in the area i have never been here. she had heard bit. >> reporter: charles, has been working here for more than 40 years and has met thousands of visitors. >> they are so shocked by seeing a spanish mansion in the middle of bucks county completely made offhanded mixed concrete. >> reporter: but when you look around there are hundreds of
8:54 am
tiles. >> these tiles are decorating fireplaces, back splashes, flooring. >> reporter: your eyes goes to different places. every time you look at something new it is a different story. >> reporter: this art lives on >> 99 percent of what we are doggies authentic to the way they were made over a hundred years ago. i'll form tonight to a new block to cut my sheets of clay from. >> the mold, made out of the plaster face dunn on the clay sheet and form tonight to the clay with a small pulley can begin to separate the two parts and then, round out edge s of the design. >> reporter: morer's designs ended up in high places. these are really cool what are these. >> these were founded in the harrisburg state capitol and they depict vegetation, animal life, of the commonwealth and it was these tiles that were given to the pope a couple
8:55 am
years ago during the trip. >> reporter: is there so many i find so fascinating right here. what are these larger won for. >> these maine say i cans can be installed as flooring or as wall hanging ornaments. >> reporter: what is back here >> unaudible. >> that was going to be my guess that is what i love about these. >> for me having been here many years there are new discoveries, just now if you asked me that was a discovery for me. >> if you missed the aaron more van tile buy them here, design your own or take a class. >> that actually seems like something that would be so much fun because looking around here your imagination, artistic side is immediately exposed. so me and a couple girl friend s came can we have wine in there? cbs-3 "eyewitness news", meisha johnson. so apparently they told her no, you can. >> i was just saying can you.
8:56 am
>> no, unfortunately but you can find inside activity today for sure. >> anything inside will do honestly because we are dealing with rain, start to finish this sunday, we will show you your forecast for today across the region. here's the trade off, yes we are dealing with the rain but a big push of mild air is moving in today as well. forecasting a high of 59 degrees in philadelphia, and we are around 58 degrees down the shore and even in the poconos steady rain, widespread fog, and high temperature of 46 degrees. your seven day forecast looks like this we will make see a lingering shower south and east monday morning but then clouds, couple breaks of sunshine by monday afternoon and we will see nice sunshine on tuesday, and then for valentines day partly sunny skies, not too bad but by thursday another rain chance returns however we will have mild's once again temperatures well above average with a forecast of 60 degrees. heading in to next friday and
8:57 am
saturday we are looking at temperatures in the 40's, on friday, includeds around maybe a shower and then saturday some sunshine but overall not a bad seven day forecast, we have to get through today. >> not bad at all we're talking about february and probably reaching 60 degrees. >> incredible. >> and then flood watch remains in effect through midday. >> keep an eye on that. thanks, chelsea. that is "eyewitness news" for now. we may be signing off on tv but we are always on line at cbs sunday morning is next, have a great day, everyone.
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