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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 12, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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. right now at 11:00, love is
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in the air. the iconic love sculpture is set to return to its original location and philadelphia is throwing a party. >> alarming new numbers on the flu. why health officials are about the growing concern about the impact. >> abducted, held for ransom and set fire. details emerge on the attack of a man who was walking home from work. i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. police believe the victim was targeted. it all began in wissinoming. the victim was then taken to olney where he was badly burned. david spunt is at temple university hospital tonight where that victim is being treated. david? >> reporter: hi, jessica. it is a tragic store, that victim 34 years old, fighting for his life. police are on the hunt for three suspects. neighbors on westford road in olney woke up just after 5:30
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this morning to loud screams. screams from a man on fire inside his burning car. >> i can tell you it's a horrific crime and it seems very personal. >> reporter: the capital tan with philadelphia police special victims unit. he said the victim left work late sunday night when he was abducted at gunpoint by three men. they drove him around for hours. >> i can't tell you a motive. at this point we're not sure. we're interviewing family members. >> reporter: authorities say the men zip tied the victim, poured gasoline on him and left him for dead. authorities then say they used the victim's cell phone to call his family and demand a $10,000 ransom. >> they communicated with them for several hours and i believe they may have called the police at some point in time. >> reporter: the ransom was never paid. and it wasn't until after 5:30 in the morning when the official call came into authorities. they were on scene in minutes to rescue this man from his burning
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car. >> i don't believe it's a random act at all. >> reporter: they may have known each other, but in this case authorities say this is a serious crime, it's a gruesome crime. if you have any information, give philadelphia police a call. reporting live tonight from temple university hospital, david spunt, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> all right, david thank you. a burglary ring is busted in wildwood crest after cops catch the crooks by following a trail of drugs. investigators say the pennsylvania couple targeted empty shore homes. it wasn't until they attempted to burglarize a third home that neighbors noticed something unusual and called 911. >> they were noticed in the backyard acting suspicious and they weren't supposed to be there. it wasn't their property. >> officers say they were able to link the couple to the other burglaries on the block because of a trail of heroin and meth
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found at the properties. they have warrants in pennsylvania both are being held without bail at the cape may county jail. >> president trump's $4.4 trillion budget proposal for next year has been extended full filling many of his campaign promises. $5 trillion for infrastructure spending over a decade. much of the money would come from state and local gomplets and the private -- governments and the private sector. the president's budget also includes millions for the military, border security and programs to fight the opioid crisis. both the house and senate will hold hearings this week to examine the president's 2019 budget request. donald trump junior's wife was sent to the hospital after opening an envelope that contained white powder. the envelope was addressed to her husband and contained a letter that made threats of a parallel nature. authorities say after the president's daughter-in-law opened the envelope, she called
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911 complaining of being nauseous and she had a cough. police say a preliminary test show it was not dangerous. the trump family was unharmed. donald trump junior thanked law enforcement on twitter this afternoon saying a special thanks today to the great men and women of the nypd, fdny, secret service, new york fbi and the joint terrorism task force for their decisive action and incredible words of support to my wife and family. >> congress is now turning its attention to immigration reform in the fate of so-called dreamers. the move follows a key vote today in the senate and a promise from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to take up immigration policy in exchange for an end of a 3-day grosmt shutdown last month. >> reporter: senate lawmakers voted 97-1 monday night on a motion to proceed on a bill they'll now use as a vehicle for immigration reform. >> now is the time to back up the talk with the hard work of
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finding a workable solution. >> reporter: with the debate now under way, returns and democrats are expected to introduce their own amendments on the issue throughout the week. >> this is a rare opportunity to fix a real problem. >> reporter: republican is a group of senators already offering one. >> this bill is the only senate bill that has any chance of becoming law. >> reporter: democrats are demanding any immigration solution include protections for nearly 700,000 immigrants who were brought to the u.s. illegally as children. >> democrats are fully committed to protecting dreamers and we have long supported effective border security. >> reporter: their status was put in limbo after president trump moved to put an end to the deferred action for childhood arrivals policy by march 5th. >> if the democrats want to make a deal, it's really up to them.
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>> reporter: any immigration plan would need 60 votes in the senate to pass before going on to the house. house speaker paul ryan has already said ale take up any bill in the house as long as it has president trump's support. attorney general jeff sessions comes to philadelphia to receive an award from the union league. he accepted the abraham lincoln reward. in his remarks the attorney general expressed support for law enforcement. he also brought up immigration and the soon-to-end daca program and dreamers. sessions said he called the third injunction to end daca. >> we provided legal counsel to end the daca policy that was unlawful. we're being sued saying that changes in the daca policy that were blocked by the courts, that changed can be brought back to what it was for 40 years before. >> attorney general sessions
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also denounced sanctuary cities like philadelphia. >> health officialness delaware are reporting a record-breaking flu season. six flu-related deaths have occurred in delaware in the past week alone. for the week between january 28th and february 3rd, there were 995 confirmed cases of flu in delaware. that's the highest single week total since the state began keeping records. there have been nearly 3,000 confirmed flu cases in delaware so far this season. we have a lot more on the flu epidemic on our website. go to for the very latest for reported cases in our region as well as ways to protect yourself from the virus. the chill is back after an unusually warm end to the weekend. it's feeling more like winter again. meteorologist lauren casey is in tonight with a look just how cold it's going to get. >> thanks so much. we started off the day 61 degrees our high temperature that occurred at 2:00 in the morning and other low temperature occurred at around
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5:00 this afternoon. 42 degrees our normal high temperature 43 degrees. finally we moved all of that moisture out after a soaking sunday. clear sky conditions across the delaware valley and much of the region, the clouds continuing to move offshore but that chilly air is settling in. seasonably chilly as we head into the overnight period so we'll talk more about our tuesday morning lows feeling like february and valentine's day we start to warm things up. i'll have more details on that important forecast for you and your sweetheart and more winter warmth is on the way. coming up in your full eyewitness forecast in just a few. >> the eagles' incredible football season is now in the history books, but many of the players continue to use their star power to benefit the community. >> today eagles defensive tackle fletcher cox surprised the kids in wilmington. the super bowl champ said he knew it was a stop he could not miss before heading home to
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mississippi tomorrow. parents at the hospital agreed. >> i thought it was very touching. at the end of the day he's way bigger than me. >> to me as a mother that means more to me than whatever happens on the field and whatever plays are made. it's a time that they really take to care. >> reporter: in addition to the visit today, cox and concordville subaru also made a donation to the hospital based on the number of sacks cox made this season. >> a friendly football wager is paying off for philadelphia city counsel president. he bet the boston city council president that the eagles would beat the patriots so today he was rewarded with some boston canolis. >> thank you, council president. a bet well placed but unfortunately you came out on the tail end. and thank you philadelphia eagles. we love you. >> we do.
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and if council president clark lost the bet he promised cheesesteaks and pennsylvania made treats from reading terminal market which will all be staying right here. philly still has that winning feeling. the sixers and flyers have been on a roll. straight ahead tonight a sports psychologist explains how the success of the eagles could rub off on the other sports teams in town. >> plus going home, philadelphia's iconic love sculpture is finally returning to love park tomorrow. how the city plans to celebrate its home coming. also why the statue is going look different. >> new details emerge in the may wedding of prince harry and meghan markle. how the royal couple is breaking with tradition.
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>> the city has been celebrating since the eagles won the super bowl, but could the birds be influencing other philadelphia sports teams? >> a couple of winning streaks may have you believing. eyewitness news reporter alexandria hoff has a closer look. >> reporter: ukee, jessica, we are just one of about 12 cities nationwide with four major sports teams so philadelphia does not have an off season so we wanted to find out does that winning spirit carry over. the spirit of an eagles victory has its hold on this city. and that fight song still sounds as sweet as ever. but will all of that enthusiasm help to inspire our other local sports teams. >> champions breed champions and wins attract other wins.
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>> it gave everybody else the eye sight that there is hope for philadelphia. >> feeding off the energy of the city right now. >> whether it's the flyers, the sixers, the eagles, the phillies, the camaraderie that we learned about over the last few days is amazing. >> reporter: this is dr. wilson, she's a therapist in clinical training. she says following such a super bowl high philadelphia fans and our athletes must remain grounded. >> it is sort of like the game of life. if you think you're going to win every game, you can be let out for disappointment when you don't win. >> reporter: that kind of pressure can impact player performance. but there is a deeper super bowl takeaway according to dr. wilson that everyone can and should keep with them. >> we can take that into the classes or workplace and say no matter what, anybody who counts you out, just don't quit. >> because the super bowl is more encouraging, it lets me
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know i can make a difference. . >> reporter: we wanted to give a shout out to our new friend e-catchee and don bell will have more coming up in sports. reporting live in center city, alexandria hoff, cbs3. >> the steelers and the penguins won it one year, and the red sox and the patriots. why not us? >> philadelphia's famous love sculpture will be back in love park. >> the iconic sculpture is returning to its home tosmt it will make a number of stops around town to celebrate before arriving at its final destination. the sculpture was removed a year ago as love park under went renovation. it's been restored and repainted. >> the color will be a little
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different. originally we know love as being red, green and blue and people will see the new love sculpture that will be red, green and purple. and it looks amazing. >> a new rectangular pedestal was also designed in keeping with how the scumtors other work are displayed. we now know the nuptials will take place at st. george's chapel. it will be officiated by arch bishop of canterbury. a horse and carriage ride will take the couple through the main street and the so-called long walk before arriving back at windsor castle. don't expect a kiss on the balcony. >> portraits of the obamas
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be displayed. president obama shows an artist who becomes the first african-american artist to paint a presidential portrait for the gallery. the former president called the painting of his likeness, quote, pretty sharp. >> all right. lauren joins us now as we start a week, kind of going do this in terms of temperatures. >> when we have this going on, that means season of transition. so maybe we can get it and just keep it up there. a downward trend we started off early this morning as we talked about in the top of the show, in the 60s right now temperatures have fall been back down into the 30s. 37 degrees as we get a live look at center city philadelphia. drying out after that soaking weekend. north winds up around 8 miles per hour and that northerly component to our wind flow is ushering in this chillier air and that breeze is adding to the impact feeling like 31 right now. you need to break out those
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winter coats, at least early this morning we did not need them. a record high temperature in atlantic city overnight is when we achieved the record high. temperatures right now after those 60s, 32 in ac, we're 28 in millville, 31 in allentown, 20s in mount pocono. a breezy day with a cold front dropped through today with winds up to 30 miles per hour range but winds have relaxed and through the day tomorrow even though it will be chillier, those light winds are not going to add to that wind chill component a seasonable and lovely day in the poconos. 33 degrees sunshine with those light winds only around 5 miles per hour and those winds tomorrow will be seasonably chilly. 27 degrees, sunrise is now before the 7:00 hour. we're moving closer towards spring. the 9:00 hour sunshine we're up to 31 degrees. high pressure in control for the day tomorrow, much of the day on wednesday and then our next area of low pressure approaches as we
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head into thursday. so dry and seasonable tomorrow. we're back up into the 50s by wednesday and some middle 60s, more than 20 degrees above average once again as we head into thursday. but of course it's going to come with a side of showers. but light showers at that. but staying dry for all of your valentine's day plans. i'm sure you have a list of plans for your sweet heart, your honey. a mix of sun and clouds, a lovely day high temperature 52 degrees. overnight tonight down to 26 degrees at around average. for our day tomorrow, sunny and seasonable. high temperature of 41. our average high temperature for tomorrow's date, 43 degrees. so wednesday not looking too bad then we're in the middle 60s by thursday. you'll need the umbrella but not a huge gigantic umbrella on thursday. a few more showers on friday, that will occur early in the morning with temperatures dropping throughout the day and a cold start to next weekend. upper 30s but we're back up into the middle 50s by president's
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day. so just all over the place. >> luckily the golf umbrella in the bag. >> don't need the golf umbrella. just like this little cute umbrella. >> okay. >> busy night in sports tonight. some love for claude, nova takes a fall and tj did it all. a career night for mcconnell in south philly.
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why does fear feel so good? i fell in love three times -- once with a woman, once with a country, and finally... with myself. -so, do you have anything to declare or not? -isn't that what i'm doing? . >> the eagles win the super bowl and all of a sudden philly can't
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lose. sixers hosting the knicks tonight. the eastern conference player of the week p joel embiid for 3. he has 17. papa embiid approves. does he though? can't really tell. sixers up by 8. fourth quarter we go. mcconnell. tj with his first career triple double. ten points, ten boards, 11 assists and a shower. sixers win it 108-92. they're in the seven spot in the east. >> i just took the shots and they came to me. got some rebounds and my teammates did a good job of going to the basket and making shots. all credit to them and it
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wouldn't be possible without them. >> so ho-hum. the flyers host the devils tomorrow night. the orange and black looking for their fifth straight win. they're currently in third place in the metropolitan division. the team captain was named the number one star of the week. he picked up 6 points including three goals. he is tied for fourth in the nhl with 64 points. eight more points than all of last season. villanova and virginia both lost to unranked opponents. the wildcats lost 1 to 3 and uva goes from 2 to 1. the temple owls have won five in a row but they're still in the bubble. they say wichita state thursday a team they shocked during their current streak. >> at a team meeting a couple of
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weeks ago, right after the cincinnati loss, we talked about what we did in south carolina when we won the championship out there and we decided we should push the ball more. they have a good relationship. >> that's our guy. shiz. >> hallston, junior. >> thank you sir. >> up next we'll show
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>> it's covered with five flawless 3-carat diamonds. the designer is open to creating similar cakes for brides-to-be. so for all of you out there with a $1 million budget for your cake. lauren? >> it's tuesday we're always looking forward to that upcoming weekend. it looks like we have lots of sunshine in store especially if we head into saturday it will be the chillier day of the two with high temperatures likely only in the upper 30s to near 40
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degrees. temperatures jump up as we head into s the winter of '77.uring i first met james in 5th grade. we got married after college. and had twin boys. but then one night,
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