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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  February 13, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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valentine day photo ops with your sweety. phillies famous love statue return to it rightful place. >> and the flu season rages on signs that we still haven't seen the worse of it yet. >> scientists cents are working on new drugs and technology to prevent future outbreaks. >> president trump's daughter in law was taken to a manhattan hospital after opening a letter that contained a white powder. >> police say the it shows the powder was not hazardous. >> portraits of michelle anbar ac obama going on display at the national portrait gallery. >> i tried to negotiate less gray hair. >> there are lots of tail wagging here at the westminster dog show. >> 2800 dogs are competing this year. >> winter is an english massive. hoping for shot of the best in show title.
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>> today's morning minute is sponsored by pen medicine's abramson cancer center, the number one cancer center in the region. >> you better get crack withing your dogs, haven't you put in their application yet. >> you know, every year i feel like, god, rahel there is would have been the year they would have won. >> i think so. prancing along there. >> yes prancing along center city. >> hype, katie. >> i feel like you know, proud dog mama. >> little teddy would be, well , big teddy now. little boy got big. >> yes. but i feel like a proud dog mama much like parent always feel like their kids are the smartest and most beautiful. >> you're a fur mommy. >> yes. >> well, okay. so, i would suggest maybe wearing your fauxfur lined coat walking out the door today, very chilly outside by comparison. temperature has dropped from the same time yesterday. anywhere from 20 to as many as 30 degrees, so very noticable palpable chill in the air, luckily not quite so windy. tad breezy out here on the cbs-3 skydeck, not too bad.
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nice clear sky overhead, nothing more than few residual clouds, but minus the blanket of cloud cover to trap in the heat. you're really going to feel that difference. plus of course we had cold front passage yesterday. so here is where we actually stand. actual air temperatures for the most part, stuck in the 20 's, you're in the teens though up in the mountains right now. so, it is so chilly outside, but it is mid february folks, of course this is what we're used to. the problem is you can't get used to anyone pattern over the next couple of days because it keeps changing. we did just have some drenching rain, some april like conditions with the temperatures that we saw, and looking ahead to more of that in the days ahead. but today, this is sort of your par for the course, sense of normalcy, before things go hey wire again. so up to 42 degrees this afternoon. that is 1 degrees shy of where we should be. so basically spot on for what is seasonable and with full sunshine, very light wind, meisha, just nice day, but still chilly, so you still have to bundle up. >> have to wear the coat like you said, katie, thank you so much. i can't wait to see that
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sunshine, i'm sure you're right there with me. looking outside right now, the vine starting to heat up little bit. push in the westbound direction toward the schuylkill. actually starting to see little brake light go off. westbound side certainly starting to heat up eastbound side is kind of following suit so i would just maybe you don't have to give yourselves extra time yet but moving in the 6:00 hour might be not bad idea to add in extra meant him schuylkill at the blue route, actually looking good on this stretch of the schuylkill. around the blue route. blue route looking good if you are jumping on there, 42 starting to heat up little bit my friends in jersey, two northbound at creek road. take this to 295. that's what you are working with. so lot of headlight out there. but you're still traveling at posted speeds. now this accident in coatesville, that had entrapment, that's now since been cleared. so looking good there. in thorndale, route 30 bypass eastbound near route 340, we still do have that accident out here. but still smoke a lot of green so, i would always say avoid the area if you can. if you cannot, i would maybe just factor in couple every extra minute as you travel on by and take it easy, rahel,
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over to you. >> meisha, thank you. philadelphia famous love sculpture will be back at love park just in time for valentine day. the iconic 1976 sculpture by robert indianna returning to it home today. first will make a number of stops as is it parades around town. removed a year ago while love park underwent renovations, now restored and ready for it close up. >> the color will be a little different than what people remember a year ago. originally, we know love as being red, green, and blue. and people will see the new love sculpture, that will be red, green and purple. and it looks amazing. >> also new, rectangular pedestal was also designed in keeping with how the sculpture other works are displayed. >> well, in other news this morning, trail of drugs leads police to pennsylvania couple linked to a burglary spree at the jersey shore. investigators say gregory julie anno and kristen apple mel adder targeted empty shore homes. wasn't until they attempt topped burglarize a third home
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on east loath it is avenue in wildwood crest that neighbors noticed something unusual and called 911. >> they were noticing in the backyard, acting suspicious, and they were just not supposed to be there. they weren't supposed to be there. it wasn't their property. >> officers say they were able to link the couple to the two other burglaries on that block , because of a trail of heroin and methamphetamine found at the property. the couple also has active warrant in pennsylvania for multiple burglaries in hatfield, both are being held without bail at the cape may county jail. >> well the time now 5:35. in business news this morning, layoffs for workers at two well known businesses cents. >> plus, the morning numbers, money watch's diane king hall joins us from the new york torque stock exchange, diane, good morning. >> good morning, rahel, jim. let's start billion numbers. wall street rebounds continues for second trading session, rallied, and the nasdaq jumped 107. in a rare move from jobs headed to the chopping block adam son. according to the seattle times the layoff affect several hundred people of the 40,000 workers employed at it
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headquarters, it comes after years long hiring spree by the e commerce giant, and follows it best quarterly profit ever of nearly $2 billion. and the nation's largest book seller barnes and noble is also laying off workers, following a weak holiday shopping seasonment sales during the all-important holiday season dropped 6.4%, on line sales also dropped, the layoffs include cashiers, employees who work with digital products. >> and they say there is cents an app for that. and there is now one new one for hungry flyers. it let travelers order food from anywhere in the airport have it delivered to your gate four now the app available at baltimore, washington international airport and san diego international. rahel and jim? >> i think that's fantastic idea specially if you know you are cutting it close, maybe you put in a order and your food will meet you there, eat on the plane. fantastic. >> i i want better food choices at our airport. >> and i want jim to be the one to test drive this for us, because he is the globetrotter
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>> you see that's why, nothing against philly international, but i just don't they have the best food selections. >> and a very fine food pallet , diane. >> chick-fil-a. thanks, die answer, check in with you tomorrow. >> all right. >> happening today the first medical march juan dispensary in southeastern pennsylvania opens in bucks county. the hollis i can center will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony , located main street next-door to the sellersville fire department. medical marijuana advocate and former flyer coatee, will attend today's opening. >> well, the olympics in south core co-owe a bringing up member rest for american families. >> estimated 7700 soldiers and marines remain missing from the war that end in the 1953. cbs news correspondent dana jacobson in south korea with the story everyone soldier who is finally home. >> the remains of private first class walter piper arrived home in the u.s. last summer. more than 60 years after he
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was captured during the korean war. >> none of it really was that all inspiring until you see that casket come off the plane and everybody stops what they're doing. everybody stands at attention. >> sherrie's neice, never met her uncle, but the first relative located when his remains were positively identified. >> my office phone rings, and i pick it up, and there is a woman on the phone and she says to me, is this sherrie? >> i said yes. she said we've been looking for you. it was former marine ralph, who spear headed the drive to bring piper home. he grew up in the same new jersey town as piper. >> it means a lot to him. he is a war veteran. so they are area a tight band. that's all i can say. >> according to army records in february 1951 during the battle of hung sang, private first class piper went missing in this area. his regimen had been test
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pending the bridge before fleeing to the south. kelly runs the government agency dedicate today finding missing service members, he said the search to find mia's will never ends. >> we think this defines us as is a nation, that here we are, as the united state government , still ciarrocchi chipping for, still finding, still recovering. >> for walter piper's family the government's determination paid off. >> needs to be home. needs to be with his family. needs to be someplace where people can honor him and respect him. >> they now have a place to pay tribute a man who may be -- made the ultimate sacrifice for his nation. in south korea, dana jack on son, cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> and back here at home, celebrating fat tuesday with a philly tradition. >> so pat, what are you up to today? >> what do you think i'm up to i'm at a bake i i want to eat this morning, he at the bakery with all every my friends from northeast philly, hi, everyone , good morning. hey, so they are loading up on fashnaughts, because of course it is fat tuesday. when we come back we will jump
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>> the obama's had their portraits unveiled at the national port travel gallery in washington yesterday, former president chose artist whiley for his painting, the first african-american artist to paint a presidential portrait for l galley. stars of black panther applauded the portrait while on the red carpet last night. >> i need some of those in my house right now, it was killer >> so dope. looking at hirst girl, you know, saying that was amazing, i loved that. >> love that as well. former president obama called the painting every his likeness quote pretty sharp. and apparently it was cents a star studded event, joe biden was cents, there i think i saw stephen spielberg, gale king even posted pick a picture, quite the event. >> i will say at first glance i thought president obama's portrait immediately i knew who it was, michelle obama's, it took me a while, and i had to look at it in close up form from a distance i don't think that looks like her, but then the closer i got, you know? but i still think his is a
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great like. >> yes. i think it was meant to be con tomorrow poor area, different. >> it is different. >> reflect the two of them, also different from other presidential portraits that we've seen in the past. >> and i am dating live. >> i want to be painted looking like i'm just sitting amongst a flower bed, too. >> within the hour someone will tweet that out, photo shop. >> oh, just saying, the magic of technology, very true. today is your one day that's normal. of the seven day, it only get well much warmer and colder all over again. we have couple of of friends that will move through. additional showers -- rain showers, breitbart sunshine for you today, thankfully the win not so harsh, so nice february day for you. certainly for the love parade, that's going on out there today, too, love statue, right now all is calm. really quiet beginning to the morning here. looks like there is barely any traffic out there, too, so hit the road. if you're trying to beat the traffic here at least around logan circle, logan square, we've got nice clear sky
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overhead. >> this goes for the entire region. our eyewitness weather watchers also reporting chill in the air with the temperatures dropping anywhere from 20, 30 degrees, from this same time yesterday. yes, doing the math it really does mean that it is a much, much chillier start to the morning, so if we can check in with them we will do that now. let's look at the eyewitness weather watch ers in the 20's, across, well, pretty much the whole board here. not one observation that is miler than that. one of the coldest spots of course will be up in the poconos, where steve is in sailors berg, totally clear sky overhead. modest wind flow 9 miles per hour but more importantly, because of the chill, if there is any left over ponding, from yesterday's rain, or the melting that may be had a chance to take place, there could be some black ice. and he has seen that, so he's reporting it, make sure that if you see anything, that looks like it is just wet, it will have, in fact, been iced over, taking it easy out there let me zoom in, actually, i take you right here 25 degrees comes in this morning from lou rue. he has nice clear sky overhead
5:46 am
, modest wind flow, somewhat noticeable at 11 miles per hour here until one more we go, we take you super hyper local. into cherry hill. we've got two very loyal watchers that live near blocks from one another. lynn is in cherry hill reporting 27 degrees. but factor to go in a modest breeze, at only 9 miles per hour it, feels almost 10 degrees colder. so, you do need to make sure that you have that heavy coat packed. all clear overhead today. that means nice and breitbart sunshine for you. once more just watch out for those temperatures to be below freezing, leading to spotty black icing issues. and quick check on the seven day. what did i tell you? we're everywhere. local 40's, typical today, 50's, 60s, then 30's, 40's, i mean, take your pick meisha. which day do you want? we have the whole variety pack available to you. >> all over the place. all right, katie, thank you so much. the one good thing, we will see the beautiful sunshine today. so excited about that, ben franklin bridge looking good for my friends in jersey. traveling westbound over the bridge, into center city, you can see starting to heat up a
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little bit. but still traveling around at posted speeds, just want to show that you shot. fifty-nine south at girard, kind of the same story here. as we push in the southbound direction, the closer we get to center city, clearly the busier that we are starting to get. you can just see how many tail light are out there. so it is get going busy for sure. boulevard at wissahickon however looking okay. so if you are headed throughout right now, actually looking all right there. now we do have accident that popped up in douglas ville, route 422 eastbound past route 662. the right lane compromised. traveling little bit less than supposed speeds now jim back over to you. >> meisha, the annual celebration of mardi gras reaches its pinacle later today but the party has been going on for days, dozens every braves that worked their way through the street of new orleans, revelers call for mardi gras beads to be tossed from hundreds cents of brightly decorated floats. the partying comes it an end at midnight tonight. tomorrow is ash wednesday the first day of the christian season of sacrifice known as lent. >> tradition continues at haegele bakery in mayfair
5:48 am
today, working around the the clock to create traditional fasnachts. >> the treat are for many, pat gallen live at the bakery this morning, hi, pat. >> reporter: hey, guys. yes, well, they're showing me how to cut the dough. we were in the middle of a lesson and you so rudly interrupted. >> so sore. >> i we have fashnaughts to make today. kidding, kidding. we bring you back some. don't worry, we will make it up to you. glenn, richard, the whole gang is here, they're p.m. g out fashnaughts all day. glenn, good morning my friends >> good morning, how are you? >> i can't believe i'm bat and fat tuesday again. give them the low down on on the fashnaughts? >> it is cents a special donut we make once a year just before lent starts. so the whole idea is it is cents a very rich donut. clearing out our cubards of all of our rich foods. using them up. before the fasting of the len ton season. >> so how much of these do you think you macon fat tuesday.
5:49 am
>> we're weary. we're -- when we can't go any more then it is time to some. >> twenty-four hour process? >> started sunday night at 10:00. we haven't stopped. once the process starts, it just keeps ongoing. as long as we can keep going, it keeps going along with us. >> and your dad richard? >> my dad has been doing this. >> how long have you been doing this for, richard? >> how long? >> since 1955. >> 1955. is that right? >> yes. >> what's that, 66 years? >> so if i remember, if i remember correctly, you were born here? >> that's right. i was born upstairs in this building, yes. >> so this is in your blood? >> this is my life, yes. >> still doing it. still doing t and still doing it. >> love it, love it. >> this is great stuff. so the next round of dough in a comes out, i'll try my hands i didn't want to screw this up on live television because
5:50 am
then they would make fun of me and i would never hear the end of it. >> so obviously you're knott on right now? >> i am on right now. >> so what's happening now? >> the dough is mixed in the mixer over here. all right? then it sit for awhile, relaxes. right? it is broken down in large pieces cents, which is sort of behind you in the rack, right? some pieces cents back here. those large pieces cents are taken to the bench with that my dad just rolled out. cut into smaller pieces cents. they're proved again. and then they go into the friday err, straight back, my youngest son is frying donut in the back right now. >> nice. >> and after that they go over to my next youngest son, my middle son, who is sugar and donuts. and then from there they go in the pans and make it their way into the store. >> beautiful. we've got -- >> so three hours from the beginning to the store. >> awesome. >> when he says proving, that
5:51 am
is the yeast heating on the carbohydrates. that is what rises it up, that makes it light. but it is a process of chemistry really. >> no doubt about it. >> all right, guys, we're going to throw it back to you, and i'm going to get myself some fresh fast nats. i'll prove. i'll relax. >> yes, you be our taste tester. pat gallen also has cents a very fine alert. >> had i known chemistry hads to do with fashnaughts, i would have paid more attention science class. thanks, patrick, appreciate it >> up next, we will show you some of the breeds competing in this year's westminster dog show. >> also pretty sure this is not the way you make orange juice, we will show you more of this epic food fight with oranges when we come back.
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you? >> two new penguins checks at the after calm in camden. >> they sent us carson and nick, those are the print, the african penguin brother will make their official public debut today. i think we'll see a lot of
5:55 am
human babies named carson and nick around the same time. >> those won't be the only animals getting rounds every a place. dog will win best in show at the westminster kennel club show. the beauty pageant includes olympic like event to compete in, too, the show kick off in new york city madison square garden last night there is year 2800k9's are competing and have been separate into about 200 breed categories. so what's in store for the best in show? there is no prize money, but they'll receive a trophy, and of course, bragging rights. >> well, the race for governor in kansas includes a true underdog. >> meet angus p whooley, one of his owners say reading through by last and requires for kansas governor he realized his dog could actually run for offers. feels angus has a quality and traits to make a good governor . >> he cares about all
5:56 am
creatures other than squirrels >> he makes a point. the secretary every state's offers says man's best friends is not capable of the responsibility required of the governor. too bad. >> some may debate that. >> well, they are holding nothing back in the annual battle of the orange ankles. >> and headed to the emergency room, three day carnival consist of two teams one on foot, and one in carriages, throwing oranges at each other about 500 tons of oranges used to re-enact a stand by commoners. the oranges aren't light either. oh, oh. katie walking over here with a orange. katie, what are you doing? >> eighteen people were injured and in just the first day of the battle. katie can be quite vicious when she needs to be. >> got it! coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news," valentine day is tomorrow. did you go shopping yet? if not we'll tell you what your sweetheart really want, and flowers or chocolates? plus the midwest is frozen, see how some people are having
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little fun in the icy conditions next.
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6:00 am
we'll have an update on the numbers. >> and, it is cents sunny and seasonable, as you head out the door this morning, but katie is tracking another chance of rain in the forecasts. >> i never know how to dress any more. today is fat tuesday, february , i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things, we just have to listen very end tently. >> make sure to wear your stretch i pants. >> my big pants. >> i had to think about that, you didn't know how to dress ment oh, ya, i totally get the roller coaster. looking outside, everything looking really good. i think a lot of people have mardi gras on the brain. >> understandably so. those nationals look -- >> oh, yes, they do. >> hopefully pat will bring several dozen, because when i get to the news room, all gone , every single year. >> let's look at storm scan, you guys mentioned it sunshine expected here today. and very seasonable, we've got the chill really settling in, but it is mid february. nothing atypical about that. you are going to see sunny skies with that nice clear sky


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