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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 13, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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for vandals police want to crackdown on those who took those eagles celebrations too far, more of the new video they are releasing tonight. also this... >> when it happened i didn't think i was going to have a chance to be here right now. i didn't know if i was going to have my legs or my life. >> reporter: just in time for valentines day a special visit for a local couple to celebrate the life, and the love that we save and people that made it possible lauren. speaking of valentines day i'll have what to expect as you take your honey bunny out to dinner tomorrow. we are tracking light wintry precipitation on storm an three and winter warm up in store all that coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starting right now. not even in the grass you cannot avoid it. pretty good. the cows, need to go, so some residents in trenton who are being forced to die the
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droppings. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. officials are taking action to get rid of the unwanted guest "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is live in trenton what are they doing about this problem cleve. >> reporter: well, i don't know if you can hear that just moments ago we had flares that go off they shoot up in the air and whistle. right around 5:30 this was bird central i put on this outer coat and i had my hood up because the splats were happening all around me. but those flares seem to be working, and we found out today as we looked around this area what a severe problem they are having, with what these crows leave behind. >> it is green it is white. >> reporter: terrible tap industry is covering sidewalks cars, bus stops and pretty much everything below theresa long south warren street in trenton. that is right it is bird poop it is epically awful. >> when you walk by it is just like ahh walk up courthouse
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steps it is every where. >> it is nasty. then when it rains it gets all over your shoes it is gross. >> reporter: culprit for all of the crowd is a mass of bird or flock of crows while many people plow through the poop going to and from work nearby resident samir a says living with the droppings is unbearable. >> you can barely keep up witt wash your car every single day and every single night i'm completely covered. >> reporter: for more than a year she and neighbors implored local officials for help with little relief and now it is time for real crow combat. that screaming flare is one of the several tools that the u.s. department of agriculture 's wild life service is using starting on tuesday night to scare off the birds. >> our goal it is to not allow them to settle into the but to harass them before they get in the area. >> reporter: they will use laser pointers which look like light savers to crows and amplify crow distress calls. are all these methods safe for
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the birds. >> yes they are all non-lethal all approved methods, and you know they are all safe. >> reporter: for anyone who doubts that this is really necessary. >> it clearly have not had to live in it. >> reporter: you want to talk about disgusting how would you like to take a seat on this bench right here, outside the work force labor development office here in new jersey. that gives you an idea of just how intense the dropping situation is but i got to say at least for time being since they started shooting off those flares, in the a crow in the sky that i can see. live from trenton cleve bryan cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> oh, my, watch your step, thanks, we will get back to you. >> wow. philadelphia police are looking for vandals who caused disruption in the city during eagles victory celebrations. this surveillance video shows people standing and jumping on top of a car park at justin street during the parade on thursday. this surveillance video shows
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people at june fur per and market street after the super bowl win holding stolen traffic control devices. if you recognize anyone in the video you are asked to contact the police. roughly 2.6 million-dollar worth of heroin and tenth until are now off of the streets of philadelphia authorities have announced a massive drug bust that landed two men behind bars. "eyewitness news" reporter greg air guess joins us new from police headquarters with those details greg, good evening. >> reporter: good evening ukee. attorney general says that this bust happened this past weekend as you mentioned those two men are behind bars for selling drugs ag describes as danger laced with death. just last year alone 600 people died in philadelphia, because of heroin laced with fentanyl. >> that is why attorney general josh shapiro's announcement on tuesday is so very important. >> it is a major drug seizure. >> reporter: 2.6 million-dollar of heroin off the streets enough to allow a
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quarter million people to get high, two drug kingpins in handcuffs and potentially thousands of lives saved. >> one dose of this poison right here can kill you. >> reporter: philadelphia police department and home land security arresting the two men on the 4300 block of north fourth street, across the street from this high school and they will likely spend decade behind bars. >> these dealers face very lengthy jail terms. >> it is a great deal making bust that big saves lives. >> reporter: roseline, always carries this bag with her. >> when you give them the narcan it brings them back. >> reporter: victim advocate to works in kensington she has reversed many overdoses but heroin laced with fentanyl is usually too potent. >> you cannot even reverse a overdose with fentanyl. >> reporter: she's glad to see these men arrested and while their product is gone she knows it will soon be replaced which is why she would like to see another happen real soon.
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>> saving somebody's daughter, son, uncle somebody's mother. >> reporter: now investigators also seized some $6,500 in cash and one handgun during that bust if of those men could face between 59 and 74 years behind bars. i'm live from police headquarters i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg thank you. a merck chemist is out on bail after ago rested for allegedly dumping potassium cyanide into a storm drain authorities say richard o'rourke stole the chemical from his employer in december but disposed of it when he learned he was under investigation from the theft. warrington resident faces charges including risking a catastrophe and reckless local water supply was tested for two weeks and they found no evidence of the toxic impact. northeast philadelphia family is pleading for help after thieves got away with some very sentimental items this quilt is made of t-shirts
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belonging to the late frances adare who passed away in may. family says quilt was taken from the home of his widow with a jewelry box that included a rosery and dog tags family says they just want items back, no questions asked police do not have any suspects. family and friends are remembering a fallen philadelphia police officer tonight vigil honoring the memory of, john pawlowski is underway. this is a live picture from broad and olney where officer pawlowski was killed in the line of duty, nine years ago tonight. officer pawlowski was shot to death responding to a dispute between a cabdriver and another man the 25 year-old officer left behind his wife and at the time she was expecting their first child where the man was quick of the murder and sentenced to life in prison. police spent the day mentoring young students as part of the black history month program. it included a panel discussion
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at the anderson school in cobbs creek this years theme is growing together, black history, black youth and black police officers. students and officers, tackled, several topics. >> well children are very concerned about what to do when they get stopped because that is a relative thing right now in our society modern day children growing up are being pulled over, stopped, they are having more interactions with police officers so we have to be conscious and understanding that is something that is a concern for them. >> the program was hosted by the philadelphia chapter of the national black police association. well region is getting ready for another winter warm up meteorologist lauren casey joins us now. another wild swing in the temperatures. >> yes we had wild swing in temperatures from this weekend to today temperatures back to seasonal and new we have chillier air in place storm scan three picking up on wintry precipitation. this is more ominous then is what in the ground, it is very
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dry but we are seeing returns right now of potentially freezing drizzle across southern delaware, and i have in the seen any surface observations of this hitting the ground but in southern delaware sleet pellet drizzle let me know, tweet me, cape may county seeing returns moving in and again most of this hitting the ground if anything it will be in the form of the liquid precipitation right now we have that colder air just above the surface but right at surface temperatures are above freezing, we have had some reports of sleet mixed with rain mixed with a few flurries and baltimore area this batch of moisture trying to work itself in the i-95 corridor and then again temperatures at 32 degrees in cape may county, 34 in hatboro thirty-eight in philadelphia as we head in the next couple of hours. we will keep an eye on that chance of a light wintry mix and we are talking about a big warm up for everyone in the next couple of days, we will have details in a few. >> see you then, thank you. welshing showing some love philadelphia's iconic love sculpture back where it
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belongs just in time for valentines day but before making its long awaited return the famous piece of art was center peers of the short welcome home parade today small crowds gathered to get a glimpse or a selfie with the sculp door when they stopped at other display is a long the way. >> it is new back at jfk plaza better men as love park, spent a year getting a make over giant love letters have been restore to the original comers of red, green purple and fans are glad to see it back home. >> so exciting, i live across the street and just wish more people had come out it is beautiful. >> moved here in 83, it is quiessential philadelphia. you don't get a shot of the love sculpture then is what point of being in philadelphia >> reporter: iconic sculpture received a $55,000 paint job with other enhancements and sits on a new stainless steel pedestal. >> love park. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight speaking of showing love just in time for valentines day ane
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motional reunion reason behind the spend bond between a local couple and a hospital staff that kept the love going. keeping party going we will show you how they were celebrating mardi gras today in delaware county, don. black and blue for orange and black a major injury for the flyers, and one word that gabe kept letter can't stop saying we will hear from him coming upç!
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now a story of love and gratitude on this valentines day eve. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here to share. >> reporter: this eve of valentines day special story for you guys staff at jefferson's burn center has sweet treats to celebrate valentines day tomorrow. they come from a patient and his wife who feel like they have an extended family, at the hospital. >> hi guys, how are you. >> reporter: nicky's back for a visit to jefferson's new burn unit with a special
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valentines day thank you. >> i brought check late chip cookies, brownies. >> reporter: nick and his wife kate spent months here and have a special been with the medical team. >> they took such good care of nick and such good care of me and we wanted to share appreciation. >> reporter: unimaginable happened to nick a construction worker in october a load of asphalt was accidentally dumped on him. he was buried in it up to his waist. >> excruciating pain, i was screaming like crazy crying, i didn't know what was going to happen, it was unbelievable pain. >> reporter: it happened just as newlywed where is about to celebrate their first anniversary. >> not the honeymoon we expect to have. >> reporter: instead of enjoying their new marriage nick was being treated for burns mainly on his legs. >> skin graft is good down here. >> reporter: doctor william hughes head of the jeff son burn center took skin from his stomach, back and grafted it on to his legs. >> when you cover someone with skin or you have a burn that has heels on, and very tight it hurts to move and it feels
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almost like it is tearing. >> reporter: hard to say is what war being in pain or watching someone you love, in agony. >> it rips your heart out he inspires me every day the things he was accomplishing and able to do was amazing. >> reporter: finally able to walk nick still has stiffness in his legs. >> it hurts to walk. >> it does hurt to walk. >> reporter: thankful to be alive nick wants to headache sure to share his gratitude with his life savers. >> when the accident happened i didn't think i would have a chance to be here right now i didn't know if i would have my legs or if i would have my life and i just can't thank them enough. >> reporter: how about that. nick says he eventually hopes to return to his construction job, but the burn team at jefferson that is leading his recovery includes surgeons, nurses and occupational and physical therapist what a team that is great. >> reporter: what a team, what a couple and giving back saying thank to you people whom t life, really is something. >> wonderful8] story.
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>> thanks stephan we are in delaware county celebrating mardi gras. >> festive atmosphere in media where residents took part in the mardi gras party there was new orleans theme food with a masquerade dance and you have to have your beads on mardi gras. >> oh, yeah. >> look at that smile that is great. >> i like it. >> lauren joins us again with those temperatures swings. >> wild temperatures swings, season of transition and right now we're watching precipitation rolling in the area but otherwise focusing on that warm up on the way but right now lets get you over to a live look at northampton county pennsylvania under cover of darkness. we have a beautiful sunny day seasonal but cloud have rolled in and they are trying to make a little bit of drizzlal cross the area but getting a live look at center city philadel temperatures right now 38 degrees, we were seasonally chill toy day south winds at 8 miles per hour, that southerly win will warm us up as we head in the day
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tomorrow but right now feeling chilly feeling like 32 degrees factoring in the bit have the breeze but today we were perfectly average. our high temperature 43. normal high 43. started out 27. also our normal low temperature for the day in philadelphia. checking in on wintertime stats we also have a perfectly average, high temperature so far this winter, 43 degrees our warmest day. sixty-five on february 11th in recent memory. snowfall 13.4 inches. we have had 17 days, of snowfall reported at philly international. most of those days we have pick up a trace but still quite a few days. most snowy winter 2009/ 201078.7 inches. may want to think back to that don't think we will get there this year. temperatures right new we are chilly. thirty-seven in allentown. thirty-five in wilmington. thirty-five in dover. as we head into tonight we will fall back around freezing sub freezing in suburbs so we have that chance for patchy drizzle or patchy freezing drizzle tonight and
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for our day tomorrow just a mixture of sun cloud milder conditions temperatures running 10 degrees above our average up to 51. storm scan three keeping an eye on this area of precipitation working its way to the east with a northerly component, mostly evaporating before hitting the surface we are very dry at the surface and our best chance to see falling precipitation will be we head into the next couple hours, southern chester county this could fall in the form have light sleet but mostly i think we will see it liquid, drizzle but we have that potential of seeing freezing drizzle, even overnight tonight wintry mix far to the north and west but this will be patchy in nature, and very light in intensity and and as we head in the next couple of days, winter warm up, and rain returns tomorrow night and after all this these day plans as we head to to friday time, we will need umbrella, and very sturdy umbrella we needed over weekend. high temperatures tomorrow
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topping generally near 50 degrees. lower 50 he's a cross much of the area we are up in the middle 60's by thursday with a chance of the morning shower that left over from wednesday night our best chance of daytime rain will be on friday with periods of reign. chillier sunny. 39 degrees, looking like a nice winter day, 48 and sunshine. >> yes you were talking about plans at cbs earlier you could see crush of people trying to get card at the last minute. >> yes. >> give me that card, i need it. >> it could getting youly. >> last minute. >> i know. >> what is going on in sports. >> how about that maybe the eagles still need that help wanted sign we will explain. and find out what kind of problem frank reich wants more of talking football next in
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without much time, we go from super bowl hang over to philly spring training. pitchers and catchers, officially report tomorrow but clearwater is already buzz es with players arrival. the phillies haven't made playoffs in five years but they spent 95 nil in contracts and hired a new manager in gabe kapler and he is already trying to challenge his players. >> one of the questions i have been asking our players is what does it mean, to play, boldly. what does it mean to deliver a pitch, boldly, what does it mean to take a swing in the batters box boldly. what does it mean to communicate boldly. and what i have gotten in return is with convictions with fearlessness, and courageously with intent. >> be bold, bro, be bold. two teams in the nfl don't employ a offensive coordinator eagles also could be the their
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iain rapaport is reporting the birds may leave it vacant and instead put more responsibilities on assistant duce staley and mike grow. bird loss coordinator frank reich to indianapolis to day he was introduced as the teams new head coach. frank spent two seasons in philadelphia he takes over a team that hasn't made the playoffs since 2014. because of the super bowl he gets a late start with his new squad and he was asked, if that is a problem. >> actually, i was kind of hoping we get used to the timing off this, just coming off the super bowl and playing quote unquote catch up with the rest of the league, right? i mean, i like this, right. we want to indoctrinate this timing all the time. >> good luck to frank. philly philly teams in the city are undefeated since super bowl sunday. flyers will try to make it nine-zero with the win over devils tonight brian elliott will miss action. he is out five to six weeks after having abdominal surgery michal neuvirth is now main
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guy between the pipes. tj messing around got a triple double. sixers guard tj mcconwell his first career triple double in last night's over the knicks, 10 points, 10 boards, 11 assists he also had six steals. tj is a beast. the sixers looker for their fifth straight win tomorrow night when they hoe the miami heat. >> i guess they have had more fun. >> yes. >> when we come up next, we know they cannot fly penguins have a connection to the debut,
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group of bird in the spotlight but not eagles but penguins. these african penguin chicks made their public debut at adventure aquarium in camden. twenty-nine males are made carson and nick, and you get it. i don't even to have explain it to anybody. they are the names of the female hatch lincs and the aquarium has more african penguins then ever before. >> all right. >> talk to shelley nick and carson. >> that is right. >> what a four some. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at the cw at 10 and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", from new york here now is jeff glor. see you later tonight family. captioning sponsored by cbs
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>> glor: high drama near the top of mt. hood. desperate rescue operationses under way to save the lives of climbers and we're on the scene. also tonight... >> we need to inform the american public that this is real. >> glor: ...a warning that the kremlin is already meddling in another u.s. election. carter evans exposes a loophole in gun laws. >> reporter: how did i do? >> it looks like you did pretty well for a novice. >> glor: he's gone from new york to florida, player to owner-- not without challenges. the narrative has been derek is out of the team, they have no chance this year nobody's going to show up, what's he doing? >> is that it. >> chloe kim reigns supreme in south korea. >> glor: and american chloe kim strikes gold.


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