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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 13, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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oh! there's one.a "the sea cow"" manatees in novelty ts? surprising. what's "come at me bro?" it's something you say to a friend. what's not surprising? how much money matt saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. right now at is 11:00 over run by birds and it is not
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just their noise bothering people why new jersey's capitol city is doing to bring the out of control crow population, under control. and, a scare in the air what happened after a plane's engine covering comes off, mid flight. but first tonight the search intensifies philadelphia police released new images of the vandals who wreak havoc after eagles super bowl win. good evening i'm jessica dean. i'm ukee washington. over whelming majority of the eagles fans who hit the streets celebrated responsibly but for the few who did not, police have a message for them >> david spunt is at police headquarters with the very latest video that police want everyone to see, david. >> reporter: some may think authorities are moving on from what happened last week but that is not the case. authorities want to get the message out they have not forgot been these vandals. they are angry, upset and they hope to make many more arrests a handful of vandals decided to repeatedly, jump on a
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stranger's corvette during an eagles victory parade last thursday, a few days before a group caused chaos inside of this sunoco station on south broad street just after the super bowl win, and dozens ransacked the place, and stole whatever they could. >> it is a big deal. we will find you. >> reporter: philadelphia police detectives promised last week that they would not forget those who climbed on this awning, flipped over a car, and broke these windows outside of macy's. >> they are putting it not only in our face police officers but the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: list goes on, just today authorities released new videos, including this woman, pulling down part of a light pole. >> i'm stealing it, i'm stealing it. i'm stealing it. >> what she is saying i just took this. >> reporter: man car thinking traffic sign, also, has the attention of police. >> last week mayor jim kenney called vandals knuckle heads. >> what i don't understand is how dumb people can really be, these days, everything is
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videotaped, and not only is it videotaped from security cameras but videotaped and then they post it on social media you put your own wanted poster for all to see. >> reporter: plenty difficult that just after the super bowl win, authorities have yet to make an arrest in this sunoco looting and they have a message for this woman and this man, who decided to vandalized and then steel public property. >> you look at the camera when you bragged about the fact thaw damaged equipment or property, this will be a time for you, to look at us and come on in. >> if you think you recognize any of these people, give philadelphia police a call, reporting live tonight, at police headquarters david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". david, thank you. new tonight police are questioning a person of interest in the death of a 68 year-old woman in burholme. woman was found dead in the bedroom in a home on oxford avenue this evening. person of interest is a male acquaintance of the victim who suffered a head injury. the woman had also been
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stabbed, police recovered three knives at the scene, there is no word wouldn't victim's identity. a massive drug bustt in feltonville land two suspected dealers behind bars. authorities announced they have found 2.6 million-dollar worth of heroin laced with fentanyl, the philadelphia police department and home land security arrested, the sanchez rosario and caesar, on the 4300 block of fourth street over the weekend. >> we had the highest number of overdose deaths of any big city in the united states of america. that is why this seizure, that is why this operation was so significant, because we saved lives in the city of philadelphia. >> authorities also seized a loaded handgun, drug bags mark demolition man, $6,500 and cash and other drug paraphernalia. attorney general shapiro is against philadelphia's plan to allow supervised drug injection sites as a way to combat open opioid epidemics.
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philadelphia d.a. larry krasner does not appear to be concerned about the legal hurdles that plan faces. >> the d.a.'s office is not going to stop a good people from saving lives. that is bottom line. we have three or four people dying a day in philadelphia. we need to create a situation in which they can survive long enough to get their lives together and get rehabilitation. >> krasner was here at our cbs-3 studios to speak with the philadelphia association of black journalists. a merck chemist is out on bail after being arrested after dumb continuing potassium cyanide into a storm drain. authorities say richard o'rourke of warrington stole toxic chemical from his employer back in december, but dumped it when he learned he was under investigation for that theft. officials say local water supply was tested for two weeks and they found no evidence of any toxic impact. dodging droppings, tonight officials are taking action to get rid of crowness trenton. the birds are making life very
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uncomfortable for people in new jersey's capitol. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff shows you how the state is addressing the problem. >> reporter: scene is like something out of a hitchcock film, as tens of thousands of birds, specifically crows, laid their claim on and around new jersey's department of labor building in trenton. >> it is nasty. when you walk by it is just like ahh, you know, you just hold your breath. >> reporter: those who work nearby tell us that the crow defecation situation started about two years ago and has intensified over the past few months. >> everything is waste covered , the car, the sidewalk , shoes. >> reporter: after a years worth of complaints, enter the u.s. department of agriculture 's wild life service. >> generally in the winter months they do group up in these areas. >> reporter: crows do this to preserve warmth but on this evening they won't be getting a warm reception as usda officials begin to urge crows
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departure from the area using non-lethal scare tactics. >> we are using pyrotechnics, we are using lasers, we will be using crow distress callers , and spotlights, as well. >> reporter: first up the flares... and then something happened. the whole of the lot flew out of site. >> it worked pretty well. the goal now is to kind of move out and figure out where those crows have gone and continue to harass them into smaller more tolerable groups that aren't going to pose such an issue. >> reporter: crows have flown the coupe as it seems for now there is a chance they could return and get right back to their dirty work so usda officials will continue with their scare tactics from four to 9:00 p.m. for no more than four consecutive nights through february 23rd. reporting from trenton, alexandria hoff for cbs-3
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"eyewitness news". it is another chilly night but things are warming up in time for valentines day, meteorologist lauren casey has more on the up and down temperatures, lauren. >> thanks, ukee, cupid is close and he will warm things up as we head into our valentines day but today seasonably chilly and we're hanging out right around freezing. 34 degrees in cape may county, hatboro, 34 degrees, and we had moisture working in throughout the evening hours. we did have some reports of light freezing rain, and light sleet across south jersey over last couple of hours, that moisture has moved off to thee but watching this batch of moisture pulling out of northwestern, pennsylvania it is making a beeline eastbound so we could still see a chance for, patchy light, wintry mix throughout the overnight period north and west of the cities. our future precipitation is showing us. we could see flakes, a few sleet pellets but area very dry at the surface. this will be evaporating before hitting the surface and then things clearing out as we head into early tomorrow
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morning so mainly tonight we have a chance for some patchy freezing drizzle, north and west, and low temperatures falling back to 32 degrees. we will be dry in the daytime hours for our valentines day rain, moving in at night and where temperatures will top coming up in a few minutes. >> lauren, thank you. man convicted offsetting off bombs in new jersey and insuring has been sentenced to multiple terms of life in prison. a mad can ra home i injured 30 people when a pressure cooker bombs exploded in manhattan in 2016. second bomb did not explode. he also set a pipe bomb that went off hours earlier in a charity race in seaside heights, new jersey no one was hurt in that blast. the white house is facing new questions tonight about its handling of the domestic abuse allegations against top aid rob porter. today fbi director chris wray told congress his agency closed its background check on porter last year, this appears to conn trach dick white house claim that the investigation into allegations port's boost
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ed both his ex-wife's was still ongoing when he resigned last week. chief of staff john kelly says they have done everything right. israeli police are recommending prime minister netanyahu be indicted on bribe ry and breach of trust charges in a pair of corruption cases. the prime minister today angrily reject the accusations , they include accepting $300,000 in gifts from a pair of billion airs, the prime minister accused police of going on a witch hunt and vowed to remain in office and even seek reelect. pennsylvania governor tom wolf reject a map proposal by republican leaders that redraw s the commonwealth's congressional district. wolf, a democrat says this new map is still not fair, and uses jerry manneddering to benefit republicans. the governor could submit his own map to the state supreme court for consideration. the court ruled that the state 's current congressional lines, as unconstitutional, last month. the court could impose new boundaries next week.
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"eyewitness news" was in sellersville bucks county today outside this holistic center an approved marijuana dispense which that will have medical marijuana for patient as veilable on thursday. so far 10 dispensaries and 10 grower processor locations have been approved statewide. philadelphia's iconic love sculpture is back where it belongs just in time for valentines day. >> before making its long awaited return the famous robert indiana artwork was center piece of the short welcome home parade today. it is now back at jfk placer better known as love park. it spent a year getting a make over. they have been restored to their original colors of red, green and purple. >> it is so exciting, definitely, i live across the street. i just wish more people came out, it is beautiful. >> moved here in 83. it is quiessential philadelphia you don't get a shot of the love sculpture then what is the pint of being in philadelphia. >> love sculpture received a $55,000 paint job and other
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enhancements, and it now sits on a new stainless steel, pedestal. your debt or diet, if you had to prioritize had one which would you choose. >> straight ahead what americans say they would be more willing to sacrifice. nicole brewer has the surprising results, from a brand new survey. plus race against time we will tell you where rescue crews battling roxanne falling ice and helped climbers stranded on a mountain. a new warning about the flu epidemic gripping the nation why health officials say that this record breaking season could still get worse, and what they are urging, everyone to do.
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crews are race to go reach a half dozen climbers strand and on mount hood in oregon, one fell about a thousand feet to his death today. climbers were stranded by, tumbling roxanne falling ice, and we do know that one of them is injured, but authorities are using a hell cooperate tore aid stranded drivers, heavy snow is in the forecast and that is expected to complicate rescue efforts even more. passengers on board a flight from san francisco to honolulu got a scare when an engine covering apparently
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came off mid flight. the passenger shot the city, you are looking at. 1175 united was able to safely land at honolulu's airport around 1:00, and there are no reports of any injuries and authorities are still investigating what went wrong. today we have learned a six year-old girl from hudson county in new jersey is the the second pediatric death related to the flu this comes as more health officials say we have not seen the war of this flu season just yet, in the u.s. one out of every 10 deaths right now is due to the flu or pneumonia and one in 13 doctor visits last week was for flu symptoms. centers for disease control says more than 70,000 people have been impact by the flu and health officials are urging those who are sick with it, to stay home, from work, or to school. and there are two things that most of us tried, to avoid, that being debt, and weight gain. >> um-hmm, if you had to choose one over the other which would you pick. nicole brewer is here with an eye opening survey.
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>> reporter: very difficult decision, difficult and financial fitness are both important, right but one survey set out to find which category really, comes out on top. if you had to prioritize had your life, what comes first, your wallet or your waste way line. >> wanted to do cardiovascular health, maintain it for healthy, long life. >> having a heavy wallet isn't going to help you if you don't live to see it. >> reporter: new survey by credit karma reveal two in five americans or 38 percent would rat's zoom $1,300 in debt then pack on 10 extra pound. >> it is all self-confidence how you want to feel and look. >> research reveal men were more likely to take on debt then women. >> it makes sense because women are now becoming more independent. >> reporter: but overall 45 percent would rather clean bathroom then wipe away their iou's. >> yep. >> it is easy. >> if you have a small debt. >> reporter: one in three would have stayed from alcohol or chocolate.
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>> i think i can do that. >> it would be easier than chocolate mostly on a friday or a saturday. >> reporter: only one in five were willing to give up sex for one year to ex-pounding their bills. >> i don't know if i feel comfortable talking about that on television. >> no. >> in addition to, gender, age , also made a difference millennials and generation x ers were more likely then baby boomers to say they would be willing to do specific task to erase their debt, bathroom being one example, so kind of interesting very. >> tough to think bit that way >> you don't to have choose, that is the nice thing in both , just do them both. >> well, it is fat tuesday which means one of the biggest , oldest mardi gras celebrations in the u.s. is underway in new orleans, bourbon street is jammed packed tonight as thousands catch bead, eat, drink, dance, and having a good old time. earlier revellers gathered to watch mardi gras parade in the french quarter. big event included colorful
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floats, they look great, holiday topped off the carnivale season. all right. lauren casey joins us now with a look at the forecast, valentines day is on the horizon, tomorrow. >> yes, a big day, hopefully everyone has their affairs in order, for tomorrow, yes. but it is a nice day in the daytime hours. we will watch for showers moving in during evening and overnight period but conditions are quiet as we look live at center city philadelphia we have some clouds hanging around after a sunny, seasonal tuesday. 35 degrees our current temperature. wind speeds are light, out of the south and southerly wind will bring in warmth as we head into our day but today was perfectly average, 43 degrees our high temperature today, hit average on the head and same case with our low temperature as well, 27 degrees and temperatures right now hanging around that freezing mark at most of our reporting sites, 33 in allentown. thirty-four in wilmington. thirty-four in atlantic city. thirty-four in dover.
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we have a little bit of the land breeze right now down the shore, tomorrow we will have that southeasterly wind off the bay, water temperatures around 39 degrees. it will be chillier in cape may county tomorrow, upper 40 's with a mixture of sun and cloud for your valentines day. storm scan three showing you the last of the very light, patchy wintry mix moving off shore of the new jersey coastline but we have this area of precipitation, again pretty patchy in nature but moving ease and could impact lehigh valley heading in the overnight period but very light in intensity. in the so though as we head in the next couple of days we will see more in the way of widespread precipitation we are dry, mild tomorrow but rain does return as we head into tomorrow night, could see a lingering shower into thursday morning otherwise dry and cloudy and on friday the rain returns once again. it will not be pouring down like it was over the weekend but we will be fairly light to moderate but we will deal with that on and off throughout the day on friday probably best day to have umbrella but for tomorrow valentines day, you
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and your sweetheart getting to the town, not too bad, 51 dees were with that rain moving in at night. high temperatures tomorrow generally a little bit above average, 49 degrees in allentown. top out at 41 in mount pocono. fifty-two in atlantic city. fifty-three the high in dover. temperatures keep climbing, as we head into thursday, some more 60's in the forecast. 65 degrees, more than 20 degrees, above our average high temperature, we are still at 60 on friday but that will occur earlier in the day, and temperatures will be dropping like a rock friday our high of 60. by saturday morning we're at 29 degrees, and that will be a shock to the system, sunshine but right now, and sunday but our latest model runs indicating we could have to add in some flakes saturday night so stay tuned for that evolving forecast. >> isn't february like notorious for a lot of snow. >> it is climate logically,
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yes, most snowy month. >> but tomorrow is the 14th. >> we're getting close. >> yes. >> all right. >> don bell. >> i don't think i can say the word you just said, too many syllables i just can't get it right. >> exactly. >> talking about baseball tonight, phillies have a new blueprint what gabe kapler wants to see out of the fightins. plus flyers/devils fight to the finish in a shoot-out highlights next in sports.
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in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here. starting goalie is no go, brian elliott had abdominal surgery this morning and out five to six weeks. flyers hosting devils with michal neuvirth in net.
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the game tied in the second. >> they score. >> how about scott lawton making it happened, right there in the crease, ninth of the season flyers back in front. later on in the period the captain claude giroux continues his scoring tear, 19th of the year, flyers now up four-two. looking press give. under two minutes left, um, they are only up a goal and devils strike, taylor hall beating neuvirth to tie it up. jay voracek need to score to keep shoot-out alive, access denied, the flyers four game winning streak is over, and five-four is your final score. without much time, we go from super bowl hang over to phillies spring training. pitchers and catchers officially reporting tomorrow, the clearwater is already buzz ing with player arrivals. phillies haven't made playoffs in five years but they spent 95 million in contract during the off season. gabe kapler wants his team to
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be bold just like the birds. >> we talk, we were talking in this conversation about being bold. those guys are nothing if not bold. the play calling, the relentlessness on the field, across the board they played with boldness so that was an inspired game. >> be bold, bro. be bold. two teams in the nfl don't employ a offensive coordinator iain rapport is reporting that the birds may leave the position, vacant and instead, put more responsibility on assistants duce staley and mike grow. bird who frank reich to indianapolis, today he was introduced as the team's new head coach. that was the best video we have what do you want. frank spent two seasons in philly, he takes over a team, that hasn't made the playoffs since 2014. >> i really believe we will work together to do something special for this city, and for our organization, something that will be remembered for a
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long time. this is a great football city. i'm happy to be home to my coaching roots. this is where i got my start, my first coaching job. >> good for him. college hoops saint bonaventure at lasalle, bonnie ease senior guard matt mobley flat out balling, he had 30 points and grabbed nine board, they took care of the explorers 79-68. >> the madness start in two and a half weeks. >> it is all so close. >> yes. >> up next, adventure aquarium new penguin
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a group of birds took center stage today, not the eagles but we're talking about penguins at adventure aquarium >> these african penguin chicks made their public debut this morning. two males are named after carson and nick, wentz and foles respectively. but taco and shelley but they are names of the female hatch lincs, the aquarium has more african penguins then ever before. lauren? well, one day closer to the weekend. it will be chillier on the back side of the cold front especially on saturday. looking at upper 30's, breezy conditions but fair amount of sunshine for both days
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especially sunday during daytime hours but by sunday night we will watch out for another rain chance. we wil
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the winter of '77.uring i first met james in 5th grade. we got married after college. and had twin boys.
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but then one night, a truck didn't stop. but thanks to our forester, neither did our story. and that's why we'll always drive a subaru.
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and coming up next it is late show with stephen colbert followed by late, late show with james corden. morning crew back from 30:00 to 7:00. for lauren, don everyone aim ukee washington. aim jessica dean. we're always on cbs >> a good night family, sleep
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