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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 14, 2018 11:00pm-11:33pm EST

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at 11:00, horror fills the halls of a high school in south florida, a gunman opened fire sending scores of students fleeing into the streets seeking safety. >> we heard shots and not a lot of us knew what they were from. i had seen someone good down >> kids were freaking out. some kids were on their phones. >> tonight be what we're learning about the shooter and his connection to the school. >> good evening everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. >> the deadly attack at marjorie douglas high school happened in parkland florida, about 45 miles north of miami. as of tonight here's what we know, according to the broward county sheriff. the gunman killed 17 people. it's not clear how many of the victims are students or teachers.15 survivors are currently in the hospital. the 19-year-old is under arrest and authorities say he's an expelled student, was
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wielding a rifle, wearing a gas make and carrying grenades >> we're learning more and more about the shooting and the alleged shooter in this case. broward counter sheriff said the alleged gunman was heavily armed with countless magazines and an arr 15 style rifle. while he's in custody the piercing images do linger on. we also want to warn you that some of the video you're about to see and hear is disturbing. >> this cell phone video from inside a classroom gives ace disturbing glimpse at the fear and chaos. the blood screams of students trapped by a gunman opening fire right outside of their classroom door. >> coming out to the east side side i the with casualty. site of students running out in periodic burst, hand raised
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trying to escape the nightmare that began at the end of the school day. police stormed the high school at about 2:30 wednesday afternoon, emergency crews began working the injured on scene >> coming out with one injured person shot >> we've had approximately 14 people transported to area hospitals with varying degrees of injuries. >> thehite male wearing a burgundy shirt >> the alleged gunman was taken about an hour after the shooting. in coral spring ndentified as 19-year-old nicholas cruise, a former student at douglas h say law enforcement officials say as school was fire alarm, shortly after the students began hearing kn how we were --
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we were 30 -- it was just like praying and crying and then the police came and we just got out >> situation. it's at horrible day for us. >> authorities do believe nicolas deadly mass shooting alone at this point. however, they will be examining and any electronic devices for clues as to a possible he posted pictures of guns on his now, liveaccount. in the stat center, natasha brown cbs3 president trump addressed the deadly school shooting on twitter. he tweeted. my prayers ando the families of the victims of the terrible florida shooting. no teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an american t o today's shooting could be seen in the
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faces of those parentsai the fas reunited and the friends comforting friends. stories of happened inside that school. and over and over students said, we can't believe this >> it was the stuff of nightmares. >> you read about it. yo happens in other places. when it's yourd that's hiding,e. it's a very sad day >> honestly, i'm still in shock. i don't know wheher tonight or tomorrow. it's surreal. like myy aunt crying waiting >> stuntrents from their hiding inside the school >> it's not a drill. just got a code red notification, give me
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school, hell someone died,eo re. luckily they were ineaf inside the school on lockdown, so obviously feeling a but it's >> we were in on the the gunsho >> we in the tennis courts then we went to the locker room three hours then out in the gym, evacuated us >> so many people try to process the horror >> life is precious, anything can happen, weea other with lovt and kindness, whatever caused this it wasmy sympathy i guess individual there you obviously . that shows you we have to care for each other. >>s th 18th school shooting this year.
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there were seven at this time last an stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the deadly school shooting in florida whenotere o latest >> kate little guy may have been on to something >> would he do have winter weather in the forecast, even though it will not feel like it as temperatures surge into the 60's, wesnowld by the weekend. this is just rain. stormscan 3 showingn through m state of pennsylvania tracking to the carolinas and georgia. you can see the steadiestwnpourg through eastern berks andcounti rgh at the ghtly, it will get next hour or so as this rain stores to move east.
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the systemnd should be out quickly but some of the steadiest will come down around the burst of rain, midnight it's right around the city, a also a of showers moving through delaware and south jersey, by 2 3:00 a.m. this will to a few showers, tomorrow afternoon, see sun break through tmost of until our next rain maker comes in and that's tomorre's 9:00 wi of rain and that will continue to friday. tonight, wh t amounts are generally light. we're talking really less than should come to an end by 4:00 a.m.ow spots. we'll tell you about when temperatures reach the mid 60's and time out when the make it into your weekend forecast. ukee, back over to you. >>e fbi says shots fired
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outside the national security agency do not terror related. investigators say an officer fired at a vehicle a crh right security gate and on to the nsa campus at fortn were arrested. the driver was wounded. now, there's no word on his a 78-year-old woman whoougast her west philadelphia on january 13th, the woman had her purse hood of attacker's car, he back up and she fell wanot seriously hurt. >> jumped. ridiculous, bad must have in hindsight. buever was mine, which is normal for anybody to purse wa cash. surprise for somedit cards but of the children at her church.
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ten tickets to the museum. southwest detectives say this is the thief and he likely cased esing his car for a quick get away. >> new tonight, weeek mill will return to court in april for a hearing on his latest pae rapper contend andphladelphia p reginald graham lied on the stand surrounding mill's 2007 arrest. the lawyers also say they have back up the claims. mill remains in prison for violating month, apple announc it will build a second doing whats in the u.s. it can to catch the attention? straight ahead while the may wo perfect city for apple to call home. bad the workplace has hit a ten-year low, relationships between co workers is on the deor
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great museums, soon you can add another one to the list wheree celebrate phillies sports history and so much more.
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. we continue to follow the latest on the latest school shooting. gunman opened fire at marjorie stoneman douglas school around to:30 this afternoon, 17 people killed. authorities told us 12 of the victims have been identified, the gunfire wounded 15 others. officers arrested 19-year-old suspect nicholas cruz about two hours after the shooting, we're told the former students used a mask and was carrying smoke gr at chairman of t is launching an investigation into president trump's former staff sectaer. white house said repeatedly the porter investigation was still ongoing whene physically abused two ex-wives first surfaced last week. fbi testimony yesterdayt timeli
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president trump spoke out against domestic violence this afternoon. >> i'm totally opposed to be everyone knows that. and it almost wouldn't even have sato b. >> vice president pence said the white house could have handled the porter situation city of c headquarters, o to offer, some highlights are new jersey'sincentives, business expansion and camden's $2 billi development. apple announced its plan for a second campus last mion wl be ar this year. it's not uncommon to hear in workplace >> nowadays m from dating a co worker >> we spoke to an experthotheor
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that but the numbers seem to romance isn't happening quite as frequently as it used to. dated a co worker you know it can getery awkward. it doesn't end well>>ou would h >> which explains why so many shy away fro >> a new study found office romance is at a ten-year dating a co worker down from 41% >> wour employer and your job, it's ttorney joe marrone said k long while the me too movement created positive chang changed the dynamics of in office romance leadingons even their under investigations are good >>s to ask now how do her address look? answer.
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>> how do you protect yourself >> marrone said it starts witha relationship to hr, toract yes, they have those. >> they do >> as it turns out >> they have to knowhan the emp. meaning do they have a no datin? >> since romance often affects other employees marroneest to n with bosses ortes >> it will cause favoritism. it's never healthy >> and leave the drama at home. >> it's harder to doatou' -- bringing them to work with you eve you bring in the drama >> on this valentine's day i should mention it's not all swe the same study shows 31% of ended up getting married. >> how about that >> i
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someone today, as a matter of fact, and the context is the me too movement and the impact >> how it's been impacting >> dynamics, for people who are >> also >> don't forget that, can't forget that >> thanks nico sports fans in t city, a museum celebrating all things philadelphia. sports memorabilia was on sight the museum of sports. the $8 million sight 25,000 square feet at 700 pattison, the museum will celebrate all national sports but will focus big time on philadelphia's rich and diverse sports history. the chairman, ed rendell talks about why a museum like this is important. >> sports is the great leveller. brings people together. there's nothing in our society that brings all people together. doesn't matter your race, religion, doesn't matter how old
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you are, old, young, middle-aged. we can talk about our teams. and that shoe shine guy, his opinion about who should start as quarterback next year is relevant as the richest guy in town >> organizers are continuing to raise funds for the project, the museum set to open next spring. >> exciting something to look forward to and kate joins us now with what to look forward to in the next week of weather which sounds like whatever you might like. it will be in there >> you'll find it somewhere. if you like snow we may have a little bit. if you like rain, we got, if you like 65 and sunny, we got some of that. but we got kind of two warmups with a cool-down and the chance for snow in the middle, that's the seven-day forecast in had a nutshell. let's take a look what's gone right now. we're talking rain this evening, and you can see it's wet in bethlehem. roads damp.
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not a ton of rain, but steadier downpours imbedded within this batch of rain, it will be here about the next four, five hours and move offshore to most of this coming through and most people are tucked snug in their beds but there could be slick spots if your heading out this evening, as we take a look at stormscan 3 you can see the rain moving through. it has not yet made it to the shore points be it's mainly over the city right now in the north and west suburbs. you can see it moving over philadelphia with the heaviest back over chester county starting to creep into chester and montgomery county so travel is on 76 here going to be slow down with the downpours moving through. the good news is hopefully most people have finished their valentine's day dinner plans, and everything is quieter now as everyone starts to head home, it is a school night. 46 in philadelphia right now, 46 in wilmington, 46 in dover, very warm air flooding in from the south, temperatures well above average, they were today, we got up to the 50's today, and tonight, not dropping much below 50, 46 will be the overnight
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low, cloudy and mild with periods of rain, but the rain moves out quickly tomorrow morning will start with fog. watch out for low visibility. 65 will feel like a spring fling. allentown will reach 62. 53 in mount pocono, 65 in philly, possibly making run close to 70 across portions of delaware. but before you settle in and start to unpack the spring gear, were he got changes on the way. we head into the weekend, there's a system over past couple days it looked like that was mainly going to stay to the south. there's a chance that could start to sneak north. here's what it looks like on european model. this is saturday night most of saturday is dry. saturday night, if this storm moves close enough to the coast and tucks in close enough to the coast could produce a can quick hitting batch of accumulating snow into saturday night. here's the other solution. the storm stays mostly to the
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south, clips us with a mix of rain and snow saturday. moves out not leaving much behind. what do we know? saturday is the timing we know that. it's cold enough for snow. what we don't know the exact storm track. if it stays suppressed to the south, could be less snow and if it's warm enough that it's a mix, if it doesn't come down heavily enough, the ground will be so warm after two days in the 60's, it will have a hard time accumulating. basically we got mild day tomorrow, rain friday, and saturday cold with a chance of accumulating snow, back to the 60's next week. it's all over the place. >> what to ware >> whatever you want >> layers. >> lesley up next with sports. >> sunshine we'll take you out to sunny clearwater, and we have number three villanova in action on the road taking on providence in a the big east match-up and the sixers came roaring back against the
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sixers hosting the heat at the wells fargo center looking for the fifth consecutive win, the sixers have two wins this season be time wind down in the first, nails the three, makes it 62-39, heat leading at the half. sixers dug themselves quite a hole because the back they come. gives them the lead, simmons triple don bell. sixers up by four marco gets the laps and he had 17 points in his sixers debut one last chance for the heat. misses the three.
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overcome the 24 deficit to win 104-102. >> i was looking to team, when i was -- you know, they want to win so bad, and that's why i think we won that you say game. >> villanova on the road taking on providence now, last time the wildcats rebounded from the loss at st. johns with allege point win over butler. to the game and second half. november down by two. has a nice move followed by a -- boy the, robbie, momentum starting to go providence, next time down the floor. bull lock again. drills the three right here. had he 14 points and it just was not meant to be for the wildcats as the providence fans storm the court after a 76-71 upset won't at home nova lost two out of the
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last three. st. joe's on the road pulling out the big won't, 71-55. tacked on 19. well phillies fans have had this date circled on the calendar not to remember to about flowers or candy but spring training got underway for the fightins, pictures and catchers got a work-out the full team will be working out for the first time monday. new manager said everyone seems ready to get things going >> a lot of what people miss is the preparation and i think these guys prepared very well. est in their batting practice, in their bull pen, these guys are ready to go, a lot of smiles out there today. >> i think he's ready to go. >> how about that >> won't be long >> up
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. first lady traveled to the national institutes of healthy where she decorate and made cookies and played with the young patients handing out valentine's day cards and coloring books. kate? . the weekend is creeping every closer but now we're tracking the threat for a system that may bring accumulating snow. this would be late saturday into saturday night.
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it's definitely colder over the weekend especially at nighttime for accumulating snow. we may wake up to fresh snow but the sun will return and mil
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getting an appointment to discuss your treatment options shouldn't be.
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. coming up next the late show with steven colbert followed by james cordon, the morning crew back from 4:30 to 7:00. i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean, we're always on at
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