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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 16, 2018 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> in christopher hick son. >> the vigil for the victims every wednesday's deadly scoot shooting and we've learn that one of them has touched our area. >> and i'm laura in park land, florida,, where high school remains closed off crime scene , we'll tell you why authority believe the death toll could have been much higher. here at home off to soggy start, parts of the area also seeing some fog, and you have have to leave yourselves extra time to get where you're going , katie here to tell lust winter storm watch goes into effect. >> and today is friday, february 16th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha are keeping
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an eye on things this morning on this friday morning, good morning. >> hey, guys. so, yes, when it is wet, we know we will factor in some extra time, especially on a friday. friday one of the lighter travel days, even with the rain we know it will get slow, already is, already have an accident this morning. >> oh, man, well, hopefully not from the rain but regardless you will need the extra space, the visibility as you heard, fog something that you're going to find, too, and most every russ in fact getting hit or have been hit in the last few hours with at least light if not moderate rainfallment looks like the heaviest of the rain for now strictly confined to the northern tier of our area, regardless, i don't feel like it really matters how heavy or intense the rainfall s you have rain on morning commute. you will be slowed down. so, expect that you'll need the spare time, hit the road sooner if you must. meantime here's where we stands, very warm start to the morning here, you're still in the 60s in dover look likely to stay level, do you still
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have it moving through, not much sun to warm things up too much. this is cold front passage, so eventually colder air is going to catch up to us, but yet not going to see a lot of movement on any of the valleys around the region, palmyra still 58 degrees, 57 in willow grove , you get the idea, so mild beginning to the day but a day that still requires the umbrella looking a though you will need it for the majority of the day with off and on rounds of the rain coming through at any time, but winter storm watch going into effect tomorrow, much more on that later. >> all over the place, happy morning, hammy friday, whatever you want to say, 42, so 42 freeway northbound at creek road, take this toward 295, an area where we're keeping an eye on because every how many headlight and how wet it is out there. you can just see the glare from the headlights, splash splashing up, this will force you to put on your brakes, where we have some problems. so heads up, accident this
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morn ing,aljust a moment. casino. same story here with the schuylkill, schuylkill at girard, tame lights moving in the eastbound direction, headlights westbound direction , very, very wet, you get some pooling on the shoulders, not paying attention just for second kind of go over the line, gs when we get some hydroplane problems, boulevard at wissahickon, tail light southbound direction, same story here, very, very wet. netl lane block there seeing green, still traveling at posted speeds for now. judge rules no bail for the alleged gunman who opened fire in a florida high school. >> policeheough the gun legally confess today killing topeople, in parkland where deal with the tragedy. >> emotions cents were raw at the pine trails park in park land florida where massive vigil was held overnight for those killed in wednesday's high school massacre. >> at one point, the crowd
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chanted in unicent, no more guns. >> this makes no sense. impossible. my girl, my 14 year old babe. >> i earlier in the day the suspect 19 year old nicholas cruz was brought handcuffed into court. >> you are charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. >> cruz was ordered held without bond. a broward county sheriff's offers reports he confessed to details of the shooting. cruz's attorney say their client had mounting problems and fell through the cracks. >> he is a broken human being. he is a broken child. >> he is on suicide watch. the child is deeply troubled. and he has endured significant trauma that stems from the loss of his mother. >> as more details emerge on how the attack unfolded, there are signs the loss of life as bad as it was could have been worse. a state senator says authorities told him it appeared cruz tried to fire out of the third floor window
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at student as they were fleeing, thankfully though the windows made of safety glasses did not shatter: cbs-3, " eyewitness news." authorities have now identified all 17 victims one of whom has ties to pennsylvania. chris was at let he can director in parkland, also work with campus security, was a navy veteran. originally from easton, pa graduated from pleasant valley high school in monday low count any 86 and and teachers and friends from his high school days remember him as caring and friendly. >> he was a real type of kid. all right? mean by that he? was real. there wasn't fake, anything about him, you know, you respected him for the way he was, the way he interacted when faculty and staff. >> i was new to the school, he was one of the first people to come to up me, introduce himself, made me feel like part of the team. >> he was 49, he was married with two children. >> and a team of cbs news correspondent is on the grounds in parkland florida, look for live report on cbs this morning, that's at 7:00
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right after "eyewitness news" this morning right here on cbs-3. >> in other news this morning, former new york school teach ever and his twin brother are facing charges this morning, authorities allege that the pair were trying to make bombs inside of their bronx apartment and paying student to help them. investigators are trying to figure out what the former teacher, christian toro, and his brother, tyler, had planned. officials say their apartment was pack with bomb making materials including 30-pound of chemicals that were stashed in the closet. staffers at the school where christian used to work helped investigators make the arrest. >> the staff at the school did something very important. their work was crucial here, as well. >> i want to thank them for their vigilance, and their diligence, and the smart work they did in immediately alerting law enforcement. >> school officials alerted authority after discovering a book about explosives on a laptop that christian toro had returned after he resigned. >> well, closer to home,
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authorities investigating a crash that killed little girl in camden. chopper three over the scene on north fifth and state street, just before 430 yesterday afternoon. police say 84 year old man lost control of his suv, jumped the curb and hit the eight year old while she was riding her bike. forty year old plan was also struck, he's in stable condition. police say the community is devastated. >> unfortunately, you have these incidents that happen. the loss of any life, of course, is a poinent one, the loss to a community, tune have a child lose his life at such a young age makes you think the loss of a promise, the future for the city. >> the driver. suv is in the hospital with unspecified injuries. >> one teenager in critical condition, two others injured, following triple shooting in the point breeze section of south philadelphia. the shooting happened on the 2100 block of educating terrace just after 6:00 last night. one teenager was shot in the face. the two other were shot in the legs. investigators have no motive for the violence, and they
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hope neighborhoods hood security cameras can help them track down the gunman. >> and search continues for gunman in a deadly shooting in lawncrest, police say man was shot once in the face near rising sun and rosalie street around 7:00 last night. he was later pronounced dead. the victim's identity has not been released and investigators have no motive yet for the shooting. >> well, the governor of puerto rico will be in philadelphia today. >> governor ricardo row seo will meet with leaders at a community breakfast at 8:30 this morning, the college of eastern university is toasting the meeting. puerto rico of course still recovering after hurricane maria ripped through the island last september. >> well, he grew up in park planned florida attended the school where wednesday's massacre unfolded, still ahead , major league baseball player's emotional remarks to his community. >> also ahead: pothole pain watch makes extra time and what takes extra time to fill some of philadelphia's worth craters?
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>> chantee? >> reporter: we'll get to chantee in a moment. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i don't know if you heard, but a little movie coming out this weekend, black panther, and later in the show we'll go behind the scenes of the movie and also hear from some of the cast members. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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>> movie has many people talking, much anticipated black panther officially hit theatres today. today is the day our chantee lans is live at united artist river view theater we caught one some folks coming out of the midnight show. sean tee, what did they say? >> good morning, rahel, jim, many in the black community calling this move a movement. i caught an early screening, so did a punch of folks we talked with last night. who caught early screening right here. >> black panther highly anticipated and marvel comics movie is here.
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early movie-goers caught late night screening at river view united artifice south fill. >> i movie was amazing, i absolutely loved it. >> easily one if not one of the best movies i've ever seen >> all black cast, all black producers, makes me proud. >> black panther may be part of the universe, but takes place in a very different world, isolated tech logically advanced african nation. >> protesters of nation that's untouched by colonization and slavery. >> they're in control of their nation, their wealth their he had action. >> runs and coffee house in kensington is the only african-american woman to own a comic book shop on the east coast. this weekend she'll hossa discussion panel and premiere party for black panther which she says can be groundbreaking
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>> black people, african people, on our terms, which that is a new concept. specially in the superhero genre, we've not seen that before. >> everyone needs a hero. >> rob armstrong one of the only black car tunists syndicated nationally with his comic strip jump start. he shows at a time when racism is at the front of the national conscious the spirit the country and, particularly, the black community is craving >> this movie is huge, not even a movie, it is a movement the right thing, at the right time. >> along with all of the buzz, the movie also breaking barriers it, ranks number four in top five of movie's retail tickets. that's the very latest live in south philadelphia, chantee lans, cbs-3, "eyewitness news ." >> jim, rahel, back to you.
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>> thank you, chantee. >> and we've got more black panther action coming up in the next half hour, when kevin frazier also takes us behind the scenes. hear from several of the stars >> serving up happiness, yesterday the royal groom to be spent the day serving lunch and playing games with his lucky kiddos in north london. >> lucky kiddos, yes, all part of the fed and fed campaign. it helps prevent hunger, isolation, and inch activity by offering free activity and lunch for kids during school holidays. >> have you been on i95 lately like driving on the moon. craters everywhere. "eyewitness news" caught up with the penndot crews that were out filling some of the potholes, workers say the process is pretty quick, but they have to wait for the asphalt before they can move on. that of course leads to traffic backups, penndot blames the recent weather. >> always keep up with the road, because we have the warm weather, we got cold weather. so we are going to be very busy for the next probably all
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the way through august. >> yikes. penndot says always patrolling the roads and highways looking for the potholes. and he's right, you know, hot cold, hot-cold. >> i think that's one explanation, but let's be real even when the weather is pretty consistent we still have our fair share every pothole problems. >> no kidding, remember how these forms, when there are at least cracks in the road surface, they fill up with water, then it freezes over, then that will expand, that's how you get a pothole, it just cracks, erodes away, the asphalt there. so they always have their hands full, this time of year. and kudos to the penndot crews yes, that leads to problems especially during the day when trying to get all of the work done. let's take a look at the wide zoom on storm scan, probably heard the rumor by now, there is some snow coming our way for the weekends. the initial concern is rain, which we will get to. but what i want to take your attention to here, is this little batch of light rain, that's moving across new mexico, over el paso. this innocent looking batch.
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precipitation blossoms into quick hitting storm but pretty potent one nonetheless. so good thing it is not going to be with us too long. but we are going to see a nice variety pack of impact from this. so the northwest half of our region goes into a winter storm watch as of 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. your final day today, you'll fine most of tomorrow, tomorrow night, into just before daybreak on sunday, that the bulk of any precipitation will come along. now, here's what you can expect. heavy snow could dump quickly in the poconos and in through the lehigh valley. so calling for three to 6 inches in general swat across the area, that is your winter storm watch. for city and immediate vicinity, talking neighboring towns next to philly, moderate snow of two, 4 inches, will again fall primarily overnight , it will be coal enough for that. but probably that slushy snow, starts to melt away even quickly, even more quickly, into sunday. don't you love adlib on live tv? rain showers are the primary concern down through delaware and new jersey, at least i
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caught myself. let's take a look at the travel forecast for today, not ideal. no snow. no ice. all rain, but going to have to deal with this through the majority of the day. toward evening wet weather should be making its full exit , wet roads left behind, and some ponding at well. not the easiest picture to view here, the sun hasn't come up, but you can tell there is a haze, damp road out here, at whitfield elementary and pretty much everywhere elsewhere the rain has been falling, looking forwards in the eyewitness weather seven day, yes, we bottom out quickly over the course of the weekends hence the snowfall, just as quickly rebounding, look at tuesday and wednesday. >> unreal. >> crazy. >> unbelievable. >> i'm so in love with that forecast coming up, 71 degrees , that he awesome. happy friday. tgif. what are you going to see what you walk out the door this morning? plenty every wet roadways. that means, you'll see a lot of brake lights going off as well. looking at 95 south at cottman , push in the southbound direction, 95, always going to be busy in the morning, particularly busy
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little bit earlier, all week long, so it will be interesting to see how friday usually one of the lighter travel days how it ends up being because of the wet roadways, i would say headed out the door right now just give yourself couple of extra minutes just because when is when it is this wet out you will be traveling less than posted speeds. because it is still wet out. 422 at 29, lots of headlights out there pushing in the eastbound direction, as well, ben franklin bridge, gorgeous shot. very, very wet. very slick. sometimes we get some of the flowing more off to the shoulder, those bridges, underneath the bridge decks, sidewalks, side streets, be careful on those, when we do get pooling we could get hydroplaning, butler pike at ridge pike. one lane is blocked there. we've got some construction to talk about when we come back in the next ten minutes, rahel , jim, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. now for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> delaware county daily times , former employee of the william penn school district is facing criminal charges after allegedly stealing more than $210,000 to support her
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gambling habit. authority say 52 year old rosemary lions tuning the money from among other places, her union's bank accounts where she served as president. reading eagle, nine district attorneys including those from berks, chester chester counties, representatives from federal agencies panel dollars together in new task force to fight the opioid drug crisis. >> firefighters found makeshift methamphetamine lab in a tropical can a hotel room the lab on the 44 tower of the west tower, 44 year old michael of manchester township ocean county was taken into custody. >> that's a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware and lehigh valley. >> and up next, the cherry and white faces big test on the road as they looking to dancing in march, highlights from the temple game. plus this. >> my first response was a real one. >> police officer comes into contact with a kangaroo. yes, a kangaroo. we'll explain how it all went down when we come back.
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>> welcome back, we're glad you're with us. >> college hoops are heating up and here's pat gallen with sport. >> we're moving ever closer to march madness, others like temple will scratching and clawing. hoping to make a late push. the owls had one of their biggest tests of the season last night, on the road, at number 19 wichita state. first, temple, feeling it early. quinton with the steel and the dunk. he had 16. temple put up 56 in the first half, and led by 14.
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but to no one's surprise back come the shocker. shaquile morris with the slam off the ally-oop. he had 23-point and 13 rebounds. later, it is darryl willis, jr., four-three, he had 24 off the bench. the shocker, dropped 51 in the second half. they out last the owls, temple is now 15 and 11 on season, they fall 93 to 86. >> penn state hosting eighth ranked ohio state, first half, chef garn fresh way downtown. penn state was up 45-21, at the break. second half. off the inbound pass. another three. this time, tony car, he had 30 on the night. and when you beat a ranked team that means you get to storm the court. penn state with a huge big win seventy-nine-56 is the final. >> in other action action, northeastern beat drexel 75-69 del delaware fawn to townsend on the road 67-65. >> the flyers will be on the
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road tonight in columbus, taking on the blue jacket. that's all for sports. i'm pat gallen. have a great day. >> virginia police officer said he's shocked when he found in the pass encamacion -- passenger seat after car. >> chase bennett said he was just check to go make sure everything was okay with the driver, she told him yes. she was just taking her kangaroo home. well, that remark obviously prompted a second look, from officer bennett. >> my first response was a real one? who is going to say no to seeing a kangaroo? >> officer bennett snapped this picture with the little one, the kangaroo's owner works at educational ranch in the area. >> oh, the things you don't see every day. >> coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news," the golden girls, well may have loved cheese cake, but inch spired a whole different food product. we'll tell you all about it. >> hear from the camden county emergency office here went above and beyond to help a
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♪ insurance. that's kind of what we do here.
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news." >> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> katie and meisha will be along in just a moment. i'm jim donovan. here's what you need to know
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to get your day started. >> i don't always get to say i love you. >> raw emotion and heart break-in park land, florida. >> i don't remember if i said that to jamie yesterday morning. >> the school is still a crime scene. >> a car slams into a child and a man in camden. >> fortunately, she kuk coupled to her injuries. >> bipartisan bill on immigration fails in the senate. >> emotion is not agreed. >> i don't know where we go from here. >> a lombardi trophy is back home, returned by none others than it the real lombardi trophy. >> superheros can be anyone, doesn't matter what race. >> black panther roars into theatres


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