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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  February 16, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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to get your day started. >> i don't always get to say i love you. >> raw emotion and heart break-in park land, florida. >> i don't remember if i said that to jamie yesterday morning. >> the school is still a crime scene. >> a car slams into a child and a man in camden. >> fortunately, she kuk coupled to her injuries. >> bipartisan bill on immigration fails in the senate. >> emotion is not agreed. >> i don't know where we go from here. >> a lombardi trophy is back home, returned by none others than it the real lombardi trophy. >> superheros can be anyone, doesn't matter what race. >> black panther roars into theatres overnight.
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>> it was dope. wasn't a second of it that wasn't dope. >> today's morning minute made possible by penn medicine. >> sure getting rave reviews, black panther setting all kind of box office records, coming up in about 15 minutes, hear from the stars including michael b jordan, laurence whitaker, angela bassett. >> certainly is a star studded cast, now turning to our star, katie has the forecast. >> well, thank you, appreciate that, i don't know if you are going to like what i have to tell you, though. >> brace ourselves. >> i o because there are a lot of ups and downs, quite the roller coaster continuing, but there is no real consistency or steadiness throughout this forecast. we continue to go up and down and different kind of precipitation from way day to the next. couple every breaks inbetween. right now, though, storm scan still very active, light to moderate rain falling almost everywhere. the only exception, is through portions of south jersey,
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southern delaware, where you're at least getting a lit of relief. looking at the temperatures, still very mild, only rain, in the 50's in the poconos, no way it would be cold enough to support any kind of change- over to icing or snow. so don't expect that. but, that will obviously help melt away some of the snow that is currently up in the mountains right now. showers, though, continue off and on for the rest of the day , certainly not as warm but still mild. you also likely encounter some patchy fog around the region just with light enough wind and the moisture content that's clearly in the atmosphere. also, note, in the lower left-hand corner of the screen little cbs-3 weather watcher bug, indicate the backgrounds photo on this glove sick actually a photo that one of our watchers took. nice shot of the fog over the falls bridge. how by hour, very much steady. so with the temperatures over the next couple of hours, but keep in mind, that that rain is going to continue to be a theme of this forecast, through the majority of the day. later tonight we do begin to dry out. and then, yes, eyes aren't
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deceiving. there is a winter storm watch that goes cents into effect. come off 60s, mid 50's, and then tomorrow evening, already seeing winter storm watch. talk you through this next system that's coming through. the rumors are true, meisha, there will be snow coming, and thankfully the forecast is becoming a lot more clear cut at this point. >> yes, mother nature, katie. >> got personality problems, thank youment looking outside right now, yes, very wet roadways out there. we have disable vehicle here, 95 north, commodore barry bridge, pull off to the far right. as you kind of come around here, sneak up on you little bit because it is so dark out, there and it is slick, too, very wet. just give yourselves couple every extra minutes, take it easy, 95, beautiful birdseye view of just the movement we're working, with certainly see vehicles heading out there right now, even if it is not a volume issue, even not bumper to bumper issue still factor in extra time because you'll be taking little less than posted speeds, because of how wet it is, schuylkill near belmont avenue headlights moving in the westbound direction, and you can just see how wet it is. and an accident, that we've
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had conshohocken, earlier this morning, still out there, but the her pike at ridge pike, one lane block here. then we just kind of look around to the blue route, 76, you can see, lots evergreen showing that you everyone still traveling around as they should which is good. hopefully we can keep you there until the 6:00 hour. construction walt whitman bridge eastbound two right lanes block until around 6:00 a.m. rahel, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. investigators say the suspect in that deadly high school shooting in florida has confessed, also relisting time line. it reveals that the gunman was only in the building for six minutes. they say he killed 17 people, last night hundreds of people gathered at candlelight vigil to mourn the victims every wednesday's deadly rampage. the chicago cubs first baseman anthony rizzo who attended the high school spoke out against gun violence. >> there is a cycle to it. we get horrified at this violence, inflict in the our kids, we get angry that there is nothing we can do and nothing is done about it. >> new jersey governor phil
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murphy ordering flags at half staff tuesday to honor the victims also calling for what he calls common sense gun safety measures. >> local school district are reviewing how ready they are if a similar tragedy happens close to home. every school in delaware county, for instance, has a panic button. immediately alert law end foes ment just in case there is a dangerous intruder. >> when that button is pushed, there is a certain protocol here at our 911 center that our dispatchers follow. it is not just a call to the school. it is an immediate response where law enforcement is sent as best you can describe it, the call valerie is coming. >> philadelphia police work with the city's school police, officers respond to school lock-downs with a police presence. stay with "eyewitness news " as we stay up to date on the deadly school shooting in parkland florida. our coverage continues on line at >> time now, 5:35, in business news this morning, how a tv classic can spice up your next meal. >> good news, this morning, for the market, diane king
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hall joins us live from the new york stock exchange, diane , good morning. >> good morning, rahel, jim. well, wall street expands its winning streak to fifth day in a row yesterday. dow rallied 306-point, nasdaq jumped 112. mortgage rates jumped to their highest level in nearly four years, freddie mac says average on home line climbed to 3.48% this week, 15 year fixed home loan popular refinance option jumped 3.84%. >> facebook teaming up with for crisis response effort, partnership will allow people in crisis save from natural disaster or building fire to see if there are options for free lyft rides. other organizations have already joined ranks with facebook including international med cap corpse, et cetera. golden girls are still hot. so much so new hotline paying homage, among the four some there is dessert roads for
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betty white character, and each flavor costs ten bucks a bottle, get the whole set for $32. jim, a hell? >> hilarious. >> i like that idea. >> awesome. >> adorable. >> i'm always in for some spice. >> that blanch one -- >> i know you are, rahel, we know, rahel. >> everybody in the world knows, diane. >> the one chip salad rahel. >> have a good weekend, diane, see you next week. >> all right, thank you. >> in other news, authority are sorting out very bizarre incident at the franklin institute involving a very expensive missing singer. >> authority say 24 year old michael from delaware snapped a selfie and then snapped a thumb off a four and a half million dollars statue. now facing charges because of that. this happened december 21 while attending a party at the institute. best known as l calgary man, part of the terra could the a warriors, fbi says they tracked down the thumb, at his
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home in bear, delaware. >> well, a 911 dis patch err's response to a call is touching hearts in camden this morning. take a listen. >> my kids have not ate since yesterday. we are waiting for food stamps to come, they say 30 to 45 days. >> dispatch supervisor overhead that call last month from a desperate mother of four who had no food for her children. without thinking twice, she sprung into action, sending officer david hinton to the house with some food. she also dropped off food. >> just for me to hear, you know, four children hungry, hadn't eaten since the day before was very heart breaking for me, just wasn't going to be tolerated. i was going to get them food as soon as possible. >> she was among the officers and dispatchers hon orders for their actions cents. still ahead, actress jennifer aniston makes major announcement about her personal life. >> we will go behind the scenes of black panther, trang >> reporter: we are all red white and blue here at the f.o.p. lounge in the northeast
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as talk radio 1210 gets to kick offer its 12 hour uso radiothon, katie? >> trang, looking ahead to some wintery precipitation in this forecast. some snow set to fall by tomorrow night. even though we're currently still in some very mild air. so how this scenario is going to play out, first, your cure auto insurance traffic forecast.
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>> they split, wanted to keep the news private but new it couldn't be possible. they gotten guage in the august of 2012, and married three years later. >> aniston and theroux. >> very busy man, yannick, will become the metropolitan opera music director next
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season, two years earlier than planned. the change comes after the conductor over sexual misconduct allegations cents. will keep the job in philly and/or chest is that says its contract with the philadelphia orchestra remains in place. >> so i have to tell you little earlier, we got the first reviews from marvel much anticipated black panther. now entertainment tonight kevin phrase is her taking us behind the scenes. >> in theatres this weekends, chadwick bows man marvel's newest superhero of black panther, until michael b jordan challenges his claim to the thrown. >> (movie clip). >> thwart reported to buy into being into this movie together he had to buy into the into playing a village. >> i'm going to burn it all. >> i had to buy into playing to having the weight of the hero and sometimes the village had fun. you know what i am saying. >> i get a phonecall from my director, he tells me hey,
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mike, you know want to play a village in black panter? from that moment i started growing my hair and getting in shape and training. >> what happens now determines what happens to the rest of the world. >> rounding out the cast of the action packed film, lupito , forest whitaker, angela bassett ... >> my son, it is your time. >> bassett told us keeping the script a secret during shooting was the hardest part of the job. >> i was so scared of doing something by accident. >> like you can't talk about this, don't talk about that. >> i didn't know what to talk. i was like don't ask me anything. i just a.m. not talking to anybody about anything. >> ♪ >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier. >> and i love this earlier in chantee's piece, not just a movie, a movement. so many pieces cents already about it, that hasn't even hit
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the nationwide theatres until today. imagine the buzz. should be really good movie. >> look forward to your reviews on monday. >> oh, you'll hear it. >> so let's hear about this forecast, it was raining when i came in. will it move snout. >> eventually it will, eventually. kind of stuck with it, always a but or a however that comes along with me, right? so -- >> i was going to say something you. >> said it, i know. i've been saying some bizarre things what was the last word i used last hour? quicklyier. >> i wouldn't have heards it if you didn't catch it. >> i was like as it is cents coming out, is this going to work? i need to catch myself. good grief. the important thing the information is accurate. that's exactly what we've got here. let me get you outside. pleasant said i and middle high school, looking damp. tough to tell. granted you won't find a lot of sun throughout the day here today. there will still be rain showers, basically any time, i think there could be a break along the way come around lunchtime or so. but i would still advise that
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you just keep your rain gear early -- ready to go at any point during the daylight hours, tonight things do dry out. meanwhile we check in quickly with our eyewitness weather watchers, they've got some decent consistency when it comes to temperatures, but certainly differing observations with the precipitation right now. take you a cents cross the new jersey border here, john carol in mullica hill, it is cents just overcast, at this house, but then back a county or two, peter out in avondale, he's got some rain currently falling at 58 degrees. so, again, you know you will find some varying conditions, further southeast you go, may still impact be dry. could even encounter maybe a little hint of fog out there, too, since so warm, so moisture laden with this air mass, take a look at future weather, future weather, the next few hours, do feature some additional showers, coming through in pockets. scattered in nature, but still light to moderate in intensity , enough that i would definitely keep your umbrella rid. notice the little break around lunchtime then come 2:00, 3:00
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this additional round pretty widespread too, we are rolling on through, but by 6:00 should be out of here, still have ponding left over on the area roadways nothing still falling from the sky to trip you up. wide zoom on storm scan, i immediately drawn obviously to the rain that's working it way through, right along the ohio valley. but, as we take a look back toward new mexico, this is where i would turn your focus it, looks very innocent. that little pocket of very light precipitation, doesn't it? that's what's going to eventually cross country pretty swiftly. by tomorrow night it is here. and encountering some colder air by that point, too. and that's where we ends up with some snow out of this, strictly saturday night issue, yes, two, 4 inches of slushy snow likely to fall overnight saturday. along i-95. so it doesn't -- your winter storm watcher in expect for the three to 6-inch zone here primarily just rain event the further south. solo case dependent forecast obviously, but it does fall, i guess with the best timing we can hope for, not going to impact you on a typical morning or evening commute here. it does common saturday night.
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so if you're out, you know, party animal like meisha maybe >> yes. >> look at the warm up though, meisha. i know you love. >> this flirting with or above 70 by next mid week. >> crazy. >> it literally, katie, changes your whole perspective it, doesn't matter what kind of morning you have when you see a forecast like that, 69, seven; will be coming it, almost goes, i don't care what happens, i'm loving this weather. we are blessed. mother nature loves this area. it is so nice. i can say that after, you know , the super bowl, those temperatures in minneapolis, i have to till, 69, seven; her end. disabling vehicle here, vine eastbound past the ben franklin parkway pulled off to the shoulder and it is very slick out there. so you'll walking out the door for very wet conditions, and we all no, i sound like broken record but all know there is you're going have to factor in extra time. even little wet roadways we typically slow down even if not bumper to bumper conditions. still going to travel a little bit less than posted speeds. now disabled vehicle shear, 95 north at the commodore barry bridge.
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again, pulled off to the shoulder. see the droplet on the camera lens. see how wet the roadways are. see the kind of wet stuff splashing up on the will shield hine you. just overall kind after mess i , icky, dark, crumby morning commute so far. that was the blue route kind of hazy shot there. we do still have this accident throughout on conshohocken. so butler pike at ridge pike, one lane is blocked here. the good news is still snowing lot of green as we maneuver around the area, jim, back over to you. >> happening today: talk radio 1210wpht hosting special radiothon. twelve hour event will benefit programs at the liberty uso of pennsylvania, and southern new jersey. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live now in northeast philadelphia, for the radiothon will get underway soon. good morning, trang. >> hey, good morning, guys, yes, getting ready for marathon after day, as you mentioned, 12 hours of broadcasting all for a wonderful cause. and joining me now, to talk radio 1210, chris, good morning, chris. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. give me a preview of today's
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event. >> exciting, the first we've ever done but we hope the first in a long line every these, hopefully annual event. liberty uso as most people know a lot of people associate it with the air force, probably seen their sign and in the airport. what many people may not know about the liberty uso, i am privileged enough to serve on their board and learned this over the years footprint is extensive, for military families across all of pennsylvania, and when i say all, i mean, every corner every pennsylvanian southern new jersey, huge footprint, one of the largest. so chapters in the country. our active service personnel and their families benefit in ways i'm not sure everybody totally knows from the liberty uso. and so our goal today is to not just raise funds but also hopefully tell people what the liberty uso does a lot more than the concert you hear about the troops overseas. part of it, and an important part, but so much more. and that's our goal today. >> so throughout the 12 hours of broadcast you are telling the stories, local stories, your neighbors, people you may not even know.
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>> yes. >> who will benefit from today's radiothon. >> trang, one of the most emotional things i learned in my time with the uso, i didn't know this, maybe many don't, dover just to our south the air force base where our fallen are received when they come home. families from all over the country have to fly through ph l to make their way to dover to retrieve the remains of their loved ones. that is volunteer-led. if you can believe it. uso volunteers meet these families at the airport in a tremendously painful time in their lives and usher them through the entire process, that's one of the more meaningful things people may not know. yes, their friends and neighbors volunteer their time to do. of course stationed at the airport for those shipping out , get a place of comfort, rest, food, and hopefully some relaxation time before what can be pretty stressful assignment. so it is a big task and its volunteer run, and without the volunteers and obviously generous donation that is we
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hope to get today, the liberty uso can't do what it does. >> so many special people a part of this in making this happening. you can be a part of it, too, tune in to 1210, also you can donate at cbs philly/u so. back to you giles in the studio. >> trang, thank you. >> i have a friend that works at the uso at the airport, very valuable service she provides. still ahead celebrating the year of the dog. plus this. >> ♪ greenacres is the place for me ♪ >> and we'll introduce you to a man who left it all behind, gave it all up, to live with a zebra and goat. producers tell knee is a serious stories, the
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>> this is shown on the eve of lunar new year. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> wow. >> pretty cool. featuring long list every chinese entertainment superstars, the show broadcast live from beijing and some satellite locations across the country. it features musical entertainment, dancing, comedy sketches, actually stage own
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lunar new year celebration right here on cbs-3 in the next half hour. >> looks like our show every morning. >> stay tuned for that. >> so, a farm in oregon getting a lot of attention because of the unusual bonds between two different teens of animals. >> nora raises goats, got 110 of them. also owns a zebra named sin fen del. waist so fascinating sin fen del guards them like a guard dog. the owner said extremely protective of them. drivers passing by can't get over there. they sometimes stop to take pictures these are her babies over here with us, she keeping an eye on you guys. >> and she has grown up with the goats. and just adopted the goats as though they were hers. >> the owner says the zebra will kick, fight and ram anyone that threatens the goats. some serious protection there. >> who needs a guards dog when you have a zebra? >> coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news," could be some unhappy customers to mcdonald when they see the happy meal menu,
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>> this makes no sense, my 14 year old baby. i sent her to school. she was supposed to be safe. my job is to protect my children. and i send my kids to school. >> remember the victims. deadly high school shootings. these lives take teen soon there is morning, also learning why the death toll could have been much higher. >> this latest school shoot something renewing calls for changes to gun control legislation, will it lead to anything? we'll hear both sides of the debate. >> and heavy rain fell overnight and we will see more showers today, then talking about snow. so, yes, little bit of everything in the weekend forecast. >> well today is friday february 16th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning, good morning, guys. >> good morning, we are sure are, tgif, roadways looking all right. just very, very wet. when they look wet like this, little problem areas, seeing construction crews out there, still out


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