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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  February 17, 2018 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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have a safety shot to get it close. peter: he needs to keep it close to the line. nick: that is 54 feet. and put that line out. six feet of break. go would extend that line over there. that's what they do. jim: good-looking putt. it's in, for the birdie! nick: 9-iron for this. that's brilliant. jim: the local boy will be in the final grouping tomorrow. raised in long beach, educated just down the road at ucla, two
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-three miles away. nick: he is thinking, i have to do everything right. and he did. gave extra focus. jim: perfection. jim: don't count your chickens until it disappears. jim: you have to face stress.
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peter: see how far that went by at the pace he hit it and cantlay took it 10, 12-footer. >> 54 feet, 7 inches. nick: puts you in the last group, one back. that's what it's all about. on a great golf course. he's going to learn. jim: so tough to win out here. and just had a victory, his first in the fall in las vegas. difficulties of finding the winning ways as he has been and
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set, two years time at this event. >> good second putt pfment mcdowell, in a tie for third at 8 under. a little chant going on. and ryan completes the up-and-down. we are complete through three rounds. bubba watson goes out in 30. home in 3, to take the lead by one. patrick cantlay with the 5 -foot birdie putt at the 18th, to move into second alone.
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he's going to have a following tomorrow. there's a the lineup, for sir nick faldo and all the crew, lance and screw crew in the truck. we'll see you tomorrow.
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. live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs3 "eyewitness news."
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tonight on "eyewitness news," a winter weather advisory is now in effect for our area, as a snowy system moves through the region. but not everyone is going to see flakes falling. sky cams have been rolling throughout the day. it's been a much rainier situation across philadelphia and down the shore. good evening i'm natasha brown, thank you for joining us. all eyes are on the skies right now as the mild weather we've been experiencing gets disrupted by this storm rolling through, here's a live look from the spring garden cram from center city, where roads are slick and wet. a live look in bethlehem where snow began falling earlier this afternoon. >> powder up in the poconos, there's a live look here at jack frost, big boulder at this hour, we have team three weather coverage tonight. alicia nieves is in center city. we'll get to her.
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we begin with lauren casey, who is track this system as it move throughs the region, what can we expect with this? >> as we head through rest of the night, we're going to go see this event rapping up as we push towards midnight but we're in the main event of the system. stormscan 3 packed in with a precipitation and has mainly been snowfall across a large portion of the area and heavy snowfall at that, far north and west of the city. at the shore, seeing much more in the way of returns of sleet and some snowfall, especially in the last 30 minutes or so, and the radar is reflecting that. we see bright colors. that's not heavy rainfall, it's called bright banding where the range is changing over to snow. we will see a brief period down the shore where we will see rain mixing with snow and mixing with sleet and even some time of straight up snow and sleet around the coast in or around philadelphia, south jersey seeing more returns in the way of snowfall previously over the last hour and two it's been a snow rain mix now more transitioning over to a wet snow
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and north and west of the city, dealing with all snow over the last couple of hours, me it's this hour from the far northwestern suburbs montgomery county in the lehigh valley and poconos where the snow is coming down heavy at times and we still have do quite a bit of moisture to deal with as we head to the next couple of hours, starting to push into the washington, dc area, this will rap up but some of us will have to break out the snow shovels, picking up four inches of snowfall, alan down about four and a half. what to expect in the poconos all snow, some heavy at times, same case lehigh valley northwestern suburbs and the city and suburbs we'll see snow and a wintery mix and changing to all rain over the next couple of hours and at the shore, rain and some snow now mixing in as we head throughout the next couple of hours, we will start to rap this precipitation up, mainly if you head into midnight but we could see transition back at a snow briefly so we'll talk
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more about the winter weather and a winter weather advisory in effect in your full "eyewitness news" coming up in just a bit. the wintery mix gun all over the reason in philadelphia, that mix has just started to fall. "eyewitness news" reporter alicia nieves is live in center city a short amount of time, penndot trucks were lining up for duty for the rest of the evening, alicia? >> reporter: natasha right now, we're seeing a little bit of a wintery mix, minute-by-minute, that's shifting kind of going from rain to this wintery mix. more of a wintery mix, we still haven't seen the fall-on snow that we're expecting. the plow trucks are ready standing by, and as you mentioned we did catch up with pod plow truck as little while ago lined up outside the hunting park section of the city. penndot crews there for the first time in a but of awhile where loading up the salt's getting ready to treat the roads and follow whatever may soon
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fall here in the philadelphia area. again, right now in center city, we're seeing more of a wintery mix and snow, but certainly expecting snow soon, northwest we have footage of flakes falling and starting to accumulate causing that blanket of white. as i mentioned this the first time in weeks that we have seen kind of the blanket of white, oddly enough after a few weeks or few days of relatively warm weather, for winter, back out here live the good news is, most of this snow especially in the philadelphia area, it's not expected to stick around long. i was talking to lauren and she was explaining likely here in the philadelphia area, a lot of the snow that we will see will likely melt within a few hour, so this time tomorrow morning, there's a good chance it won't even look like it's even snowed in this area and i'll take that. of live in center city, alicia nieves cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thank you very much. now we're following this winter weather all evening long, remember when we're not on the air, you can get the latest on
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our website, just head over to, to watch lauren's winter weather updates. track at the snow as well as it moves through your area and next week's warmup on your smart phone, just download the free cbsphilly weather ap available on itunes and google play as well. medical help meantime is here for patients dealing with pain in the chester county area coming in the form of medical marijuana. chante was at the grant opening. >> reporter: dozens of patients lined up outside of keystone shops in devon hours ahead of its grand opening. this is one of multiple medical marijuana dispensaries opening for the first time in pennsylvania. >> that's how happy i am >> jean knee, like many others is looking for an alternative to using prescribed narcotics.
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>> my pain management and my neurologist, i live in pain and i also have multiple sclerosis said this should help me up to 50% or more >> it's been a long time coming. i lived 18 plus years in pain. >> reporter: ridge powell is a for the purposer firefighter who injured on the job. out of work, his concern is money. >> when you've paid on average 200 to $250 for consultation fee. to to not know what you're walking into. >> those are capsules, that will be different formulations for patients. >> ingestible oils and vape pen also for sale, ranging from $50 to 120. many opposed to legalizing medical marijuana saying there isn't enough scientific evidence about its benefits or safety but a doctor said opioid prescription is a bigger risk. >> those medications clearly
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suppress breathing to the point of death. so opioids are the gateway to death is what i say those people. as we caught up with patients, they were carrying bags sealed with the products in them. told by doctors not to owe them until they reach their home. as far as keystone shops, they're hoping to bring more products to help these patients. that's the latest in devon, shanta lamp, cbs3 "eyewitness news" neighbors escaped injury when a vacant row home collapses in north philadelphia. most of row house collapsed and rubble into the street. crews are cleaning up. fortunately we're told there were no injuries. there's now renewed debate over guns and the ar 15 rifle used by the suspect in the deadly shooting. calls for reform grew louder and
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louder. more from kenneth craig. >> reporter: hundreds took to the steps of a federal courthouse saturday demanding change after a gunman went on the shooting. the tragedy is still surreal for students like dill lane knee tar >> our life is changed from this point on, there's no going back to the way things used to be. >> reporter: this community is voweling to honor the memories of the victims by calling on lawmakers to take actions. >> if all our lawmakers and president can do is send thoughts and prayers, we need a change >> many demonstrators are calling for a band on assault weapons including the ar 15, the weapon nikolas cruz allegedly used to carry out the massacre >> they belong with the army or military action, they do not belong in the regular citizens hands >> there's a lot of pist off moms were i a lot of power.
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>> reporter: investigators say cruz confessed to killing 19 people. he will plead guilty to the crimes if prosecutors take the death penalty off the table. but the state attorney's office hasn't announced the position yet. friends and family are saying their final good-byes to another victim. oliver, the teen had just become a u.s. citizen last year. kenneth craig cbs3 "eyewitness news." stay with us, still ahead another large earthquake struck mexico yesterday. a closer look on some of the damage still recovering from the last quake. hundreds of people take the plunge in see aisle city. >> we're going to take you to the incredible ice and snow sculptur
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"eyewitness news" from video inside an office building during yesterday's earthquake in mexico city, a man's voice can be heard saying stay calm. it's already over, you can see the lamp swinging violently because of a 7.2 magnitude quake that hit in the area, damage could be seen on local roadways as well. the earthquake also caused at least one traffic accident. and for philadelphia firemen killed battling the great fire of 1899 are being remembered. the annual firefighters memorial mass was held at st. john's near
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market today. firefighters hugh duffy william chance, george steinly and james shay were mourned and they gave their lives battling flames in st. john's and several other buildings. flowers were placed for memorial. for sea aisle city, today, it was mind over matter for the 24th annual medicare bear plunge, hundreds of folks stripped down to their swim wear to take a dip in the icy atlantic. proceeds benefit various events hosted by the chamber of commerce. the community work doesn't end with the chill of this. the 10th annual michael's seafood run walk for autism kicks off tomorrow morning from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. pretty chill today. >> people out now in philadelphia will be doing that because the intensity of this method is falling increased, so if your out doing this now.
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exactly. a great night to hang in. but it's saturday night. don't go on the roads, it is froze. check out our spring garden camera, gross is a term and that's what's happening right now on sky cam 3. professional. high intensity. heavy intensity, rainfall and snow mixed together, pouring down right now in center city, philadelphia on spring garden street. and visibility is reduced right now. we'll switch it over and try to show you the skyline, but you can't see it because of the falling precipitation. temperatures right at 32 degrees. north easterly wind around 6 miles per hour, feeling more like mid 20's at this hour, winter has returned with a vengeance and getting a live look at the neighborhood network snow coming down in broads headsville towards the poconos, the snow settled in and we're seeing accumulations on the order of about three, four inches pushing on five inches, and some places up towards the
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lehigh valley and poconos stormscan 3 we are packed in right now. with this precipitation down the shore you're seeing a little bit of everything. rain, snow mix, sleet mixing in, times of rain, times of snow, and that will continue likely the next hour, starting to see the rain, snow line pushing slowly north and that's going to be the trend over the next couple of hour, but intensity of that wintery mix has picked up in or around center city philadelphia. seeing more on the way of straight snowfall across south jersey right now, but i95 a dividing line between wintery mix and north of i95 you're seeing all snowfall likely heavy snow coming down right now. portions of northern chester county, montgomery county bucks county and lehigh valley soggy steady and heavy snow in and around the city. and suburbs. some heavy at time and 8:00 to 10:00 we'll see change over to rain from southerly to north as the snow line moves north and
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10:00 to about midnight, a little after mainly all rain, we could see brief snow but it won't be as widespread or heavy, future weather will showing what's in store the next could believe of hour, there goes the rain snow line of. potentially spreading north of i95 but i believe we see mainly all snow. by midnight starting to rap up. by 2:00 a.m. all the moisture is out and skies start to clear out but a winter weather advisory is in effect much of the area, save the shore until 4:00 a.m. as we head late into early tomorrow morning, as far as snowfall accumulations, a latest putting a bit of a coating in. in or around the city about an inch or two, slushy conditions. lehigh valley you could put on six inches of all snowfall as we head to the next several hours and potentially more than six inches towards the poconos, temperatures right now hanging at or just around that freezing mark, 33 in allentown, we're sub
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freezing in the poconos, and in the low to mid 30's down the shore. we're seeing ary of precipitation. that will continue over the next could believe of hours and things rapping up tonight. slow clearing as we head into the early morning hours and then for the day tomorrow, a lot of that stuff going to melt straightaway. mostly sunny, breezy at times, high temperature, quickly rebounding up to 49 degrees. and those temperatures will be con do as if melting across the area. 43 in reading, temperatures climbing into the mid to upper 40's at the shore. we continue to warm things up into president's day, 52 with late rain be after the snow falling right now, we are going to be in the 70's, ladies. as we head to to us and wednesday, 71 on tuesday, and 74 on wednesday will both be record breaking days. >> how do you dress anymore?
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>> i don't know what to do. >> thank you, lauren. lesley has sport highlights >> it's hard to believe but we're 22 days away from selection sunday, third rank villanova will definitely hear their name called but the cats in a bit of a fog, they lost two out of the last three and went into cincinnati to face the fourth rank must ka tears. 15 point half time lead, it was a strong come back. heads up a six, they blew it and jumpers took the lead to four and the crowd is pumped they're hoping for an upset. villanova they're not going to have it. check out bridges. and cats are up by ten, bridges with the team high, 25 points. then later in the second half, freshman collin glees me making its way to give villanova a nine poi
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point. 95-79 be now 24 and three for the innocent. >> the phillies added another left-handed to the staff, fernando abad. he had a 3.0 era in 48 games, the full squad will report on monday. first carlos santana, he's had a three-year $60 million deal from cleveland. last year he had a 363 home base percentage. through an interpreter, carlos explained why he decided to join the phils >> he was a young guy, that did it for me. reminded me of cleveland a lot because, i like guys here like franco, herrera, crawford, hopkins, you know, like those are a group of good group of guys. >> the all-star weekend is
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underway, joel embiid, dario saric led the world team to a 31 point win. it's a busy weekend it will take part in the skills competition. and start for staff curry tomorrow night. he's enjoying his time in la. >> it's my first time. i'm looking to have fun the flyers will take on the rangers at a mat knee at the gardens, the ghost head add 12-year drought in columbus, this game goes no over time. couturier, team leading 29 goals of season. the orange and black over the blue jackets, they're now two points behind the penguins for second place in the division. pretty good. >> still ahead on "eyewitness
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