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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 17, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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>> ♪ >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this
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is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> tonight at 11 o'clock an evening of snow, rain and sleet across the region is leaving roads slick with slush across philadelphia but further north the inches have accumulated pretty quickly. allentown got more than 8-inches of heavy snow while flakes blanketed bethlehem. "eyewitness news" viewer also shared this treacherous commute along route 45 near sewell, new jersey, with us where the roads quickly became a slippery mess. and we are tracking this system as it moves out tonight. a look at storm scan3 at this hour shows where some moisture is still lingering. good evening everyone, i'm natasha brown. thank you so much for joining us. we have been following the flakes for you all evening long as the storm made its way through our area. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is live on the ben franklin parkway. but we'll start with meteorologist lauren casey. >> we're dealing with things
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wrapping up. that's good news but boy what a mess of a night. check out some of these snowfall totals. all snow north and west of the city, ally allentown picking up 8.3, hamburg 7-inches, green lane and hainesport 2.2 and in philadelphia 1 inch of fresh snow. storm scan3 showing us the trend of this moisture scooting out, still lingering light rain showers right now down the shore but most of that energy and moisture is exiting off to the east so still couple of drips coming down in and around atlantic city up into coastal ocean county. we still have a couple of flakes flying up towards the poconos. secondary snow, little snow band working through carbon and monroe county will that continue to move off to the east but for the most part this event is over. future precipitation showing us a few lingering snow showers towards the poconos, maybe lehigh valley for the next couple hours. into early tomorrow morning and the overnight period no wet weather in storm or snowy
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weather and we're scaling back the winter storm warnings, the winter weather advisories. the national weather service has dropped those in many places. still in effect a winter storm warning for the lehigh valley, poconos and also upper bucks county. i imagine over the next couple hours they'll drop those winter weather advisories still in effect right now for portions of burlington county but we'll talk more about those snowfall accumulations, where temperatures are headed as we head into the morning, so there is some concern for some slippery roadways and then a big rebound. i got days, not just one, two days in the 70's and i'll let you know when to look forward to those in your full "eyewitness news" forecast in a few natasha. >> thank you so much lauren. well, there are slick spots in many parts of the area due to our wintry mix from just a little bit ago. "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves is live on the ben franklin park with with a closer look at conditions at this hour. alycia. >> reporter: natasha as the snow this evening turned back into rain, this stuff has been forming on the ground. it's slushy certainly causing
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concerns and dangerous conditions on the roads here but also throughout the region. just standing here you can see it's quite a bit slippery just for me. now, imagine 2-ton vehicle driving 50, 60 miles an hour. i also want to show you kind of some of the accumulation that's still out here, maybe an inch, inch and a half on the ground and it's just weird almost looking at this snow now given the week that we had of relatively warm temperatures. temperatures that at one point was in the 60's. we haven't seen in it awhile. but it's back. >> it's weird that we're get snowing all of a sudden. [laughter] >> you really don't know what to expect anymore. >> reporter: for the first time in weeks snow fell throughout the region, two to 4 inches in center city philadelphia, even more snow coated other areas like exton, allentown and even the poconos. those more northern parts of the region seeing up to a half a foot of snow. >> i want some spring. it's time for the sun to be out. >> reporter: are you kind of over this snowy weather. >> yeah. >> reporter: many people in
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the elements were not a fan of these flakes, some saying this snow surprised them since this saturday started out sunny with mild temperatures. >> it was gorgeous. like honestly. >> reporter: and then ended cold and snowy. >> i wasn't expecting it to just turn so quickly but, yeah, no, it's philly weather. >> we are over winter, let me tell you. >> reporter: and the good news for those who are over winter and not big fans of the snow is that a lot of this is expected to melt within hours, certainly melt within a day or so because as lauren said in a few days we are expecting temperatures possibly in the 70's. i know i can't wait. i'm a big fan of that. live in center city alycia nieves cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> all right, sounds good to me, too. thank you so much alicia. when we aren't on the air you can always get the latest information on our web site. just head over to to watch lauren's winter weather updates. also track the snow as it moves through the area. next week's warmup you can do
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that on your smartphone. download the free cbsphilly weather app available on i tunes and google play. flames ripped through a house in fox chase tonight killing one person and injuring at least two firefighters. crews arrived to find fire shooting from the roof of a two-story house at vary street. authorities say the two firefighters are being treated for minor injuries at torresdale hospital. the cause of the blaze is under investigation. medical help has arrived now for patients dealing with pain in the chester county area. and it's all coming in the form of medical marijuana. "eyewitness news" reporter chantee lans was at the grand opening of a dispensary today where many are finding hope in its products. >> i took two trains. >> i got here at 9 o'clock this morning. >> reporter: dozens of patients lined up outside of keystone shops in devon hours ahead of its grand opening. this site is one of multiple medical marijuana dispensaries
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opening for the first time in pennsylvania. >> like i'm so excited i want to cry that's how happy i am. i'm looking forward to trying this. >> reporter: jeannie dee silva is looking for an alternative to using prescribed narcotics. >> my pain management and my neurologist, i live in pain and i also have multiple sclerosis said that this should help me up to 50 percent or more. >> it's been a long time coming. i mean, i lived 18 plus years in pain. >> reporter: richard powell is a former firefighter who injured himself while on the job. >> when you've paid $200 for the consultation fee and $50 to the department of health to get your card to not know what you're walking into. >> what are those there on the counter. >> those are capsules that will be different formulations for patients. >> reporter: injectable oils and vape pens are also for sale. the cost ranges from $50 to $120. many opposed to legalizing
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medical marijuana say there isn't enough scientific evidence about its benefits or safety. dr. louis vanderbeak says opioid subscription is a bigger. >> opioids are the gateway to death is a i say to those people. >> reporter: we caught up with patients carrying bags that were sealed with the products in them. they were told by doctors not to open them until they reached their homes. keystone shops are hoping to bring more products to help these patients heel. chantee lans cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> neighbors meantime escaped injury when a vacant row house collapsed in north philadelphia. firefighters were called to 23rd and sebert around 1:30 this morning. most of the row house did collapse and the rubble spilled out onto the street. now, crews are cleaning up the property. fortunately, again, we're told that no one was injured.
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and a burlington county pastor has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting five children. we first told you about the arrest of 74-year-old harry thomas back in december. he was the pastor at come alive new testament church in medford but has since resigned. he was also the co-founder of the nation's largest christian music festival. prosecutors say the assaults happened in medford township between 1999 and 2015. thomas faces up to 20 years in prison with no possibility of parole. also tonight, calls for action. there is renewed debate over gun laws after the deadly florida high school shooting and today at a rally in fort lauderdale the demand for reform grew louder and louder as parkland mourns the 17 victims. hundreds took to the steps of the federal courthouse, many of the demonstrators are calling for a ban on assault rifles including the ar-15. that's the weapon authorities say suspect nikolas cruz used to carry out the massacre.
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>> they belong with the army or military action, they do not belong in the regular citizens' hands. there's no reason for it. >> they don't call a truck an assault truck when someone runs over a whole bunch of people on the west side highway, try to ban all trucks. >> a lawyer for cruz says he will plead guilty to the crime if prosecutors take the death penalty off the table. vice president pence is vowing action from the white house in the wake of the shooting. today in dallas he spoke to a group promoting president trump's agenda. >> when president trump meets with our nation's governors in just a few short weeks, he will make the safety of our nation's schools our top administration priority. >> vice president pence also said the administration wants to give law enforcement the tools they need to interact with people struggling with mental illness. >> ♪ >> stay with us everyone. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight another large earthquake struck mexico yesterday, a closer look now at some of the damage done to
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a city still recovering from the last deadly quake. plus, president trump defends his election. what he's saying on social media about the surprise indictment against 13 russians and three russian companies for meddling in the 2016 elections. hundreds of folks take the plunge in sea isle city. what motivated many to brave the cold for a very
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>> ♪ [speaking foreign language] >> well, we are back now on "eyewitness news" with video here from inside an office building during yesterday's earthquake in mexico city. a man's voice can be heard saying stay calm. it's already over. you can see the lamp swinging there violently. the 7.2 magnitude quake hit and damage could be seen on local roadways as well. the earthquake also caused at least one traffic accident. and 13 people are dead after a mexican military helicopter crashed while surveying the damage from the quake. the aircraft was carrying top
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officials when it flipped in an attempt to land. 13 people on the ground were killed. 16 others were injured. now on twitter today, president trump attacked media coverage of the indictment against 13 russians. they are charged with using social media to meddle in the 2016 presidential election. the president says news outlets have not highlighted the ways he believes the charges exonerate him and his campaign from any allegations of collusion with russia. he points out that russian effort began in 2014 long before he ever entered the race for president. >> this is -- this is more evidence in terms of details as to what in fact occurred and, yes, i think the fact that russia meddled with our elections, we've known that for quite some time but i think you're starting to see the political ramifications of that come into play here. >> well, yesterday's indictment under cut the president's longstanding claims that russian election meddling was a hoax. now here locally four
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philadelphia firemen killed battling the great fire of 1899 are being remembered. the annual firefighters memorial mass was held at saint john the evangelist church near 13th and market today. firefighters hugh duffy william chance george steinly and james shea were mourned. they gave their lives battling flames that burned saint john's and several other buildings. flowers were placed on their memorial plaques. >> ♪ and students at penn state they're showing us their moves to raise money for pediatric cancer. thon kicked off last night. thousands are dancing nonstop for 46 straight hours. money raised benefits pediatric cancer patients and also their families at the penn state milton s. hershey medical center. last year the event raised more than $10 million. now for sea isle city visitors today was also about putting mind over matter for the 24th annual polar bear
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plunge. little chilly dip today. hundreds of brave souls stripped down to their swim wear to take a dip in the icy atlantic today. proceeds from the event benefit various community events hosted by the sea isle city chamber of commerce and revitalization. the commute work is not done yet. the tenth annual mike's seafood run walk for autism that kicks off tomorrow morning from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. so i'm glad we got the weather out of the out of the way. >> 60's, thursday and friday. 30 degrees. i was crying as i was breaking my mittens back out. >> you were breaking your mittens back out. >> i like the way she says mittens. >> mittens. >> we had such a mess today after those mild days. >> yeah. >> check this out. precipitation has come to an end but that fog has settled in. 33 degrees right now. we do have a lot of moisture forming that fog and also some milder air, though, trying to
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move to the mid levels of the atmosphere. winds around 6 miles per hour, that feels-like temperature down to 28 degrees. some additional snowfall totals bush kill township northampton county over 6-inches of snow. newark, delaware, 3-inches, perkasie bucks county close to 3-inches, two and a half inches in cherry hill an case of snowfall in cape may and atlantic city as well but this event is now wrapping up. that moisture that energy moving off to our north and east up into new england where it's probably bothering tom brady right now . >> [laughter] as we head through the rest of the overnight period, conditions clearing on out, maybe a lingering flake or a drip, then clearing skies. 32 trees degrees our overnight low. as we head into the day tomorrow we'll do a lot of melting mostly sunny breezy at times up to 49 degrees so temperatures rebounding fast after this snow event but overnight tonight feeling with slick and snow covered roads especially to the north and west. tomorrow morning with temperatures around freezing, we could see some icy
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conditions, slippery early on so just sleep in as we head into the second half of the day though do watch out for wet roads especially to the north and west as we're going to see a lot of melting of that snowfall where we had five, six -- seven, 8-inches. we're around the freezing mark at many our reporting sites. 33 degrees in millville. watch out for slick conditions. temperatures right around the freezing mark especially around day break tomorrow morning but then as we hit the 9 o'clock hour a lot of these numbers pushing up and above that freezing mark so conditions on the roadways will start to improve. as we head throughout the day the second half temperatures soaring up into the middle 40's so we'll see a lot of melting as we head into the second half of the day. then we'll warm things up fast with a big ridge and a jet stream on its way that will allow all this warmth to move in from the south. check that out. as we head into wednesday, all of that warm air settling in across the northeast and delaware valley with record warmth on the way but not record warmth right now as we
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take a live look at brodheadsville, the snow has come to an end but the snow is on the ground in the poconos where we saw some of the highest totals but all that of fresh powder will make for good skiing, snowboarding day in the poconos tomorrow, nice conditions 42 degrees, sunshine, just a little bit breezy at times with northwesterly winds around five to 15 miles per hour. president's day maybe you got the day off, 52 degrees, sunshine to start but then some light rain moving in as we head into the second half of the day. tuesday check that out, 71 degrees would break a record high temperature, 74 on wednesday would be another record breaker before we cool things down closer to average with some showers as we head into thursday. so, yeah, snow and then 70's. >> that is amazing. >> wow. >> not just any 70's, but 74. >> 74. >> 74 no less. >> my goodness. thank you lauren, appreciate. all right lesley what's happening in sports. >> we got the all-star break going on. big weekend on the court for joel embiid and nova is fighting out of ah you off a
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contender and the newest philly arrives in spring training. besides the money why did carlos santana sign with the fightans? he's going to te
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>> all-star weekend. >> all-star week. the best of the nba out in l.a. for the weekend and the sixers joel embiid part of the fun. last night jo-jo dario saric and ben simmons played in the rising stars game. tonight he played in the skills challenge. he did advance to the semifinals where he lost on the final three-point shot. after the contest he talked about his performance. >> i was actually extremely nervous. i don't know why. my heart was beating so fast. i have no idea why but i thought it was fun. i was just trying to chill, just go through and i'm glad i did that.
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it's something special. >> maurice cheeks is a finalist for the basketball hall of fame. he was a member of the 1983 championship team. he was a four time all-star and nba all defensive team member. his number 10 hangs in the rafters of the wells fargo center. phillies added another left-hander reliever to the staff signing fernando abbad to a minor league deal. the full squad will be reporting on the and monday. some of the vets already there in clearwater. today the phillies big off season signing arrived to camp first baseman carlos santana who signed a three year 60 million-dollar year. through an interpreter carlos explained why he joined the phils. >> it was the young guys, the young group of guys, that did it for me. it remind me of cleveland a lot because, you know, i like guys here like franco,
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herrera, crawford, you know, hawkins, you know, like those are a group -- good group of guys that are ready to win some games. >> villanova and xavier. musketeers. just a with school district a strong xavier comeback. the crowd was pumped. hoping for an upset but villanova not going to have it. bridges with the pump fake and hits the jumper. cats up by 10. bridges had a team high 25 points. later in the second half freshman colin gillespie drives and makes the layup. that gives villanova a nine-point cushion. then dante divincenzo with the dagger. dante almost had a triple-double, 21 points nine boards and assists as nova
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beat xavier 95-75. they've now 24 and three over the season and saint joe's facing duquesne. hawks led by newkirk. hawks win their third straight 82 to 75. ivy league action. the conference leading penn quakers looking for their 11th straight win over cornell. ryan bently matching his career high scoring 23 points. penn moves to 19 and seven on the season with a 79-71 win over cornell. just rolling at this point. >> thank you so much lesley. stay with us. still ahead on "eyewitness news" tonight a winter wonderland in south korea. a look at how the country is celebrating the chilly weather and also showcasing showcase soe incredible ice carving skills for thousands of th
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. while the olympic games are the talk of the town in pyeongcheng this year there is a stunning winter event as well that is certainly wowing south korean tourists and it does every year. it's part of the 26th annual snowflake festival which show cases amazing works of art made from ice and snow. 60,000 tons of snow had to be made for this event. this year the festival features chilly representations of characters from children's stories.
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>> beautiful. yeah, we just got here so we're really excited to walk through which this is a nice break, go eat, come back out here kind of a nice break to see something different. >> all of the snow needed for the event took about two months to create. >> ♪ and take a look at this amazing, amazing scene here from ice to fire in south korea, dozens of olympic visitors braved wind and chilly temperatures to watch the sparks fly this weekend as a group of fire artists showed off their amazing talents. artists say they were invited to the beach to be a part of the olympic games celebration. we'll be right
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>> one final check on the forecast. >> all right, storm scan3 is looking a lot better. see you later, rain, sleet and snow. >> bye buy. >> clearing out. gradually clearing. we could start out with fog and low clouds otherwise turning over to sunshine and let the melting begin. high temperatures generally in the 40's across much of the area. 43 in allentown, we'll top at 49 in philadelphia. and the warmth continues as we head into the next several days. 52 degrees on president's day and then how about a pair of 70's as we head into tuesday and wednesday. >> sounds good to me. lauren couldn't be more excited about that forecast. >> she was so excited. >> thank you so much lauren and thank you for joining us everyone. i'm natasha brown for lesley lauren, all of us here we
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appreciate you being with us lauren, all of us here we appreciate you being with us and we'll see you (knocking on door) jamie: hello, police. anybody home? hello, police. anybody here? hello. hey, police. anybody here? ma'am, are you okay? hey, ma'am. hello. did you inject this? any sign of ems? janko: they're coming up now. hey, back here. hey, hey. what do we got? i don't know. she's not responsive. get her off the couch. get her down. maybe an allergic reaction. watch her head. ma'am, can you hear us? found epinephrine lying next to her. ma'am, can you hear me? she's in arrest. shouldn't it be making her better? sure should be. got to get her on the bus. get the door.


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