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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 21, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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emotion inside the white house as victims of mass shootings have a frank conversation about gun control that america >> let's be strong. for the fallen. who don't have a straws speak anymore. and let's never let this happen again. what president trump said should be done to make school safer. another day of record warmth. spring like weather to only last so long before winter make as return. good evening, i'm ukee washington >> i'm jessica dean. we are in for drastic drop in temperatures. >> let's head out to meteorologist kate bilo, she's on the sky deck where i'm sure it's mild. kate, we'll be feeling the difference >> it will be a such a drastic difference, temps made it into the 70s and some the 80's. it will be when we head back to february weather, not only will it be colder but it will be
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damp. temperatures runner, 61 still in philadelphia. not feeling too bad out here on the sky deck, just a couple of rain drop. 65 in wilmington, 53 in wind gust, 53 in allentown, those spots starting to see temps drop as we await colder air tomorrow. but let's quickly recap our records. temperatures well above average. we broke the record in philadelphia after 70. atlantic city airport is 76, reading up to 82. and look at allentown, 81 was the high today, the previous record was 67. talk about a smash record there by 14 degrees. stormscan 3 showing the rain starting to lift in. it's back to the south and west starting right now, light showers. now more rain on the way tomorrow into the weekend. coming up i'll tell you how much colder it will be tomorrow than
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it was and when to plan outside time this weekend. a lot of people probably came up with excuse to get outside. david spunt is enjoying warmth and joins us from washington square. >> wind starting to pick set up a little bit like kate said a big change, good things have to come to an end. people wanted to enjoy it while they could >> as the temperatures hit the mid 70's in center city,bry january walker skated through the slush in front of city hall >> it was like a big giant puddle >> those puddles didn't seem to bother a handful skater, others just enjoyed the sun and warm temperatures in the middle of the city. >> ready for temperature. it's a tease. i hate the cold >> others hanging on to winter as long as possible
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>> i'd rather it be cold. it's winter time still. >> kelly drive as expected was packed. some enjoy add run, others time to spend with family >> i joy the schuylkill river, just the weather >> india washington and her husband joins her two kids, they plan spend a lot of time on this trail. >> glad we're getting this moment to be able to relax and enjoy the sites. >> reporter: skating in 75 degree weather, you saw it here, people looking forward to spring as soon as it can come. david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news" >> thanks. >> philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting tonight that sent a van crash ongoing a building. on scene at broad street near grange in fernrock, a 23-year-old woman behind the wheel was shot dead and lost
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control. there were five other people in the van including three children, they were all taken to einstein medical center. police are reviewing surveillance video from the area, they're looking for a dark-colored vehicle. president trump is getting to work on gun control after hosting a listening session. it was attended by school shooting survivors and those affected by the tragedy at stone man high school. alexandria hoff joins us >> the listening session included not only student survivors from parkland florida but parents who continue to suffer the loss of children killed in a columbine and sandy hook school shootings >> i was on the second floor in that building: texting my mom, texts my dad. texting three of my brothers.
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i was never going to go see them again. >> that the sound of a rare pain and deep desperation. relatable to so many of those in the cove president trump. >> some school, and some of my other classmates and teacher >> i was actually in the second classroom that was shot at. in my mind as a kid, nothing ever that horrible should ever have to happen to you. >> should have been one school shooting and we should have fixed it. my daughter i'm not going to go see again. she was she was in north lauderdale, whatever it is, king david cemetery. that's where i go now >> she was killed alongside other times last wednesday inside of marjorie stoneman douglas high school. >> how many children have to get shot? it stops here with this administration and me, i'm not
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going to sleep until it's physicianed. and mr. president, we're going to fix it >> the listening session included students and parents from park land florida, educators and parents who lost children at the columbine and sandy hook massacres >> i've been in this building many times ringing their hands, pleading what can we do >> you don't want to be me. no parent does. you have the ability to make a difference >> president trump ended the hour long conversation with this message, all i can say is we're fighting hard and we will not stop >> the president said he's dedicated to increased background check for firearms purchases and explore the topic of arming teachers and school administrators. reporting live, alexandria hoff cbs3 >> thank you.
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students from stone man douglas and thousands marched on the state capitol. roughly 100 student survivors met with lawmakers both sides over the aisle, questioned them on assault rifles background checks and whether or not to arm teachers. they profited outside the house chamber make sure their message would be heard inside's >> i think we need to see change. and very proud of how people are willing to protest and stand up. that's what we need is to stand up and say what we're thinking >> bipartisan legislation is in the works that would raise the minimum age for buying an assault weapon to 21 and provide more funding for mental health in schools. republicans are asking the u.s. supreme court to block a new congressional district map viewed as likely to help democrats. the presiding officer of the pa house and senate filed an emergency request over the revised map.
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which was issued by the pennsylvania supreme court monday. this request toed? r justice samuel oledo usurped legislative authority. the supreme court was the old map unconstitutional saying it was jerry man derred to benefit republicans. billy graham died today at the age 99. america's pastor had suffered from cancer pneumonia and other illness. he passed away in north carolina. over his lifetime graham reached millions arounded globe. credited with bringing the born again movement into the mainstream. pastor k marshal williams followed graham since had a teenager and hosted him on cheltenham avenue. williams see graham legacy as a gentle man of faith who practiced what he preached >> you need to see authenticity
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the message that we preach and teach they can see it in our every day lives. >> graham will lie in repost for two days in his library in charlotte and there will be a private funeral march 2nd. smart speakers growing in popularity. they do everything from turn on the light to turn on the music he >> but could be used to eavesdrop. jim donovan shows you how it can happen and what you need to know to protect privacy. did you have a pad day? turns out you're not alone. new numbers reveal how many bad days americans experience and what's really causing them. eagles player jaylen mills flying high from the super bowl victory. he helped raise money for tonight a live look at center city, showers moving through the region. kate tracking more steady rain for tomorrow. also, tumbling temperature, be ri
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i heard her screaming what the heck is going on >> drop-in allows for instant communication between devices no need to call you just drop in. >> that little beep and a green lighted rim around the top of device is the only way to be alerted someone is dropping in. >> you could be sitting reading a newspaper or watching a tv. you could be looking the other way. you might not notice or a hear >> a tech security expert and
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runs online security firm >> i can literally press a button and listen to whatever is going on. the positive is you have to say yes i will allow that individual. >> he cautions like all internet davises aalexa is susceptible to hacker >> if a hacker takes control, the can, in essence, do anything you can do. >> including dropping in on your family and friends. when you log into your alexa, anyone will show up if they have an echo. >> i got people from my work account on my contact list that show up as someone that has an echo >> in the case of his girlfriend, the devices were already linked. she never had to accept a request and he could just drop in >> you got to be aware of what this thing can do >> amazon defends the drop-in
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feature pointing out that the dr drop in ask automatically disabled. users can mute alex is by durn turning done not disturb >> they limit the information they disclose about security measures but they say they have taken measure, reporting for 5 on your side, jim donovan. >> if you could have seen our faces. all of us have bad days, research indicates that americans have a lot of them and leading to too much stress >> nicole brewer is here on what constitutes a bad day >> i have to say it's relative. but the poll mentions everything from illness to bad hair days. with 365 days in a year, you're bound to suffer through bad ones >> it can be physically heavy
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and physically heavy. did you know the average working american spend two months a year feeling unsatisfactory >> in a weak one of your days will be a bad day. >> a new poll by fitness and nutrition said we send 60 days a year, stressed upset cranky with stress related stress >> if he i don't get enough sleep >> stay up too late >> illness, finances and cancelled plans account ford less than stellar 24-hour stretches feeling disheveled did them a defense, one in four blame add bad bad hair day >> if i can't find my brush, that's one of the my biggest thing >> while many admitted to eating unhealthy foods, researchers found exercise was best defense >> exercise is very good. >> reporter: it's not the only thing. a psychology professor at temple university's former president of
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american psychological association >> the apa national stress survey also exercised in the top group that they also found music was almost as widely used and as effective in people's feeling >> dr. farley said religious affiliation and yoga with meditation were bin official >> i try to have a positive attitude >> a bad day could be a good day, learn from the bad day. going back to the working out, 95% said said working out said it help half said made them feel more motivated sighting increased level of dope means, serotonin. as a result of hitting the gym. >> half hour of golf i'm good. >> especially on a day like today >> i going to out and ran today, it was a rough three miles but i did it. you know what?
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if you got outside today, i hope you enjoyed it. because you're not going to want to be outside tomorrow, unfortunately we got big changes headed as we go through it's next couple of days. let's take a look. we'll take a peak at bethlehem looking a liquid soggy, you can see bethlehem, you got a little bit of damp conditions out there tonight. showers rolling through, for the most part, the thunderstorm threat passed. there could be a rumble. as temperatures are still above average, there's a lot of moisture but first and foremost we're seeing a few scattered showers. the front will hang out. the system moving in you can see where it is, pretty steady downpours here, some flood risks portions of the mississippi valley, the ice and snow on the back edge and few spots in our area, possibly the poconos may pick up sleet or freezing rain tomorrow, cold air arrives at
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the same time as the system arrives. right now it's just rain, light showers here there and from the poconos into berks county and towards the philadelphia area, as we zoom in, not a lot in the city. our high today, again a record 77 look at the morning lows, 46. that was above what our average high should be this time of year, 45 is our average high. 61. it's 53 in allentown, this is headed our way tomorrow. it's going to feel much, much different in fact today at 4:00 in the afternoon, it was 77 degrees. tomorrow at 4:00 in the afternoon, it will be 41, at best. that's a 36 degree drop in 24 hours. you can see now that showers are in, temperatures will be gradually dropping overnight and anthony temps going nowhere. 7:00 a.m. 44 with showers, around 42 at 10:00.
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notice the pink sleet possibly freezing rain in the poconos, late tomorrow afternoon, we could be in the upper 30's few spots tomorrow fairness 3. s another round, generally light rain and drizzle. it's another cold day with highs only in the 40's. so again, just a very unsettled pattern that one wave tomorrow a second wave friday and another wave of low pressure comes along the same boundary over the westbound. while thursday and friday are chilly, raw, and damp, the weekend is warmer but still rain in the forecast and it could add up to as much as one to three plus inches from tomorrow through late in the day sunday. overnight. scattered showers, possible a rumble of thunder, 55 overnight low, and that's actually going to end up also being the high for tomorrow. light rain and drizzle on and off 40's through the day, possibly even 30's bay afternoon. friday, is chilly, raw and wet
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again, the weekend is not quite as cold, at least in the 60's but another round of rain saturday and sunday, the sun comes back monday next week looks pretty nice, not as warm as the past two days, 55 and sunny in february. >> excellent day. >> don up next with sports >> this is a tough one, bad news just got worse, alshon jeffery had surgery and now we know how much time he could miss. update on the eagles next. in sports.
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alshon jeffery will miss six months. that means no preseason action and week one is a toss-up. alshon jeffery tore the shoulder but played 16 games anyway. eagles rewarded him with a contract extension worth 27 million guaranteed and of course, he was a beast in the pro sooner the touchdown in the super bowl. the phillies spring training, out fielder nick wheels on point, he drilled gabe cap lar with a home run. 12 home runs last season and is already in the swing of things >> breeze coming in did not stop nick william from bringing in the baseball. if he's stroking cars and it happens to be mine
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>> they told me originally what's wrong because i just missed it. and hey, that's my car, then i go, the dallas cowboys over there. when i hit it i knew whose car it was. >> he didn't hate the idea. depaul is dead last. the chances of villanova overlooking them at home, 0 and the wildcats are fully focused after being upset by st. joe's two weeks ago. south philly we go, taking it up. eric check out the drive. making them pay, two hands at 16 points, second half. great defense. maikel bridges give me that. he had 27 points and nova win huge, huge, 93-62. final score. george mason visiting hawk hill. newkirk with a drive. 23 points. and you know phil martelli loves
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it but he doesn't love this, final seconds. literally iian boyd at the buzzer. and that's how st. joe's loses a at home. george mason, 79-76 final score, a heartbreaker. >> eagles star hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater?
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♪ . a member of super bowl champion philadelphia eagles took part in great event >> "eyewitness news" at afc fitness in bala-cynwyd, jaylen mills met with fans and signed autographs for a $5 donation going straight to children's hospital. 1060 paid tribute to those who are making a difference in the african-american community. it was held at the cbs broadcast center in spring garden, cherri gregg is featuring the story on cbs3 and all month long. hope to you get to chance to see them all. we're creeping ever so slowly towards the weekend and looks like unfortunately the rainy pattern is going to continue into the weekend.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> president donald trump's older son is promoting an indian luxury apartment complex but he's also cefling into international politics while he's there. >> i think there is something about the spirit of indian people that are unique here to other parts of emerging worlds. you go through a town-- and i don't mean to be glib but it-- but you can see the poorest of the poor, and there's still a smile on a face. you say hello-- it's a different spirit that you don't see in other parts of the world. ♪ ♪


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