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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 22, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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i'm jessica dean. victim's family tells "eyewitness news" he was just months from retirement. it happened just after 6:00, in the lehigh tunnel on the northeast extension. "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden has tragic details. >> reporter: a freak accident inside lehigh valley tunnel piece of equipment failed and came crashing down through a man's windshield. exactly 24 hours ago traffic was flowing through southbound tube of the lehigh valley tunnel when out of no where police say electrical conduit fell from the tunnel's ceiling , driving below a zero seven year-old howard sexton of middleton gloucester county it smashed through the windshield of sexton's ray more and flannigan furniture truck hitting him in the head. investigators say he coasted for about a mile after impact. state police discovered his truck along the highway, sex ton had died behind the wheel. all day turnpike workers examined the interior of the tunnel, a commission spokesmen told cbs-3 in a statement
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their investigation is continuing, and it was too early to pinpoint why the conduit detached from the ceiling. mid thursday afternoon the southbound lanes were reopened to traffic. >> went a little faster then i normally would. >> reporter: sierra martini drives it frequently, she has concerned about what have factors contributed to the deadly crash. >> i actually looked for another way to come home so i wouldn't to have go through there at first but then just put it out of your mind. >> reporter: turnpike said this tunnel was last inspected five months ago and due for an inspection in september. meanwhile, the company that howard sexton drove for released a statement saying he has been with raymore and flannigan since 2001 and he will be missed terribly. in the lehigh valley, gentlemen holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". chester county father is charged with killing his five month-old daughter after allegedly losing his tamper. chester county district attorney say zion shockly was
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angry over a video game. investigators say he shook, dropped the infant inside a coatsville home two weeks ago but may not been the first time. police say baby showed clear signs of abuse. shockly's grandfather says he doesn't believe his grandson could commit such a crime. >> she was just a baby. he loved his daughter. he loved her to death. he didn't let nobody touch her he loved her. he is not guilty. >> reporter: do you think it was an accident then. >> an accident. >> reporter: authorities say shockly admitted to dropping and shaking his daughter. he is facing a first degree murder charge. trip to get gas end with the woman getting gas after her van was riddled with bullets. five other passengers including three young children survived the ordeal. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos i is live in fernrock just feet from where the van crashed moments after that shooting. greg. >> reporter: and jessica, family members of that 23 year-old woman are mourning tonight a senseless killing,
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police investigators tell thaws with man was driving that van to get fuel as you mentioned with at least two men started firing at it, shooting it at least five times. surveillance video shows the moment of impact, around 8:30 wednesday night near grange and broad, within minutes police surround this white van , inside a 23 year-old woman is dead, five others are injured. >> the van struck in the driver's side by gunfire. we believe the van was struck up to five times. >> reporter: homicide captain jack ryan says those in the van may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> we don't believe they were targeted or there was aid robbery. >> reporter: as homicide detectives go over large scene collecting evidence from storefronts also hit by gunfire, police have not released the victim's name but they are uncle says the 23 year-old is tisha timons. >> it is a tragedy because it didn't to have happen like that. >> reporter: she was on her
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way to get gas when she drove into gunfire and now they are dealing with her whose but he is glad that the other five family members inside the van were not hit by other bullets. >> it is only good thing bit, you know, i'm blessed the are owes have the family was not hurt. >> reporter: so, jessica and ukee a little silver lining in this horrible tragedy for that family. as for those suspects police do not have much of a description. they are described as two male s wearing hoodies. live from the fernrock section of the philadelphia, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, greg, thank you. a suspect is facing charges tonight for impersonating a police officer and detaining two women in bucks county. authorities say eric miller stopped two women for a motor vehicle violation, padded them down and took cell phones and other property this happened wednesday night on street road in warminster. miller is now behind bars, at the bucks county prison. a grand jury indicts former radnor board of commissioner president philip ahr on child pornography
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charges. he was arrested last year. indictment says ahr used screen names like daddy x and daddy exhibition to visit chat rooms where he up loaded and shared images of child pornography. investigators say his collection was mainly comprised of girls under the age of 10 and dated back to 2013. a man operating a front end loader died after rolling off a pier and in the delaware river. police say victim is a six two-year old worker at ocean port llc in claymont new castle county. authorities were called to the work site at fill pike just before 10:00 o'clock this morning. medics pronounced the man dead shortly after crews recovered his body. police are investigating how he ended up in the water. smoke from the three alarm fire in the southwest philadelphia recycling plant forced evacuation of the delaware county elementary school. fire erupted at passco metal recycling around 9:30 this morning. it sent so much smoke in the air that some of the entered colwyn elementary school through the ventilation system
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and the students were bused to another school in darby until their parents could pick them up, we're told there were no injuries in the fire, investigators are still looking into what spark it. philadelphia utility workers spent hours at the scene of two manhole explosions in olde city. the explosions happened just after 9:00 a.m. on market street near third, crews from philadelphia gas works and peco energy responded, and temporarily closing the street peco says that while no customers were impacted by the blast they are still in the sure what caused them. well, back to reality after two terrific days, of weather reminded us, it is still february, and meteorologist kate bilo's tracking more rain in the weather center, kate. >> jessica, we've got a soggy pattern setting up into the weekend and today feels just so much colder, and more damp then yesterday, hard to believe that just yesterday at this time people were outside, in flip-flops, in burgers on the grill sitting out on the grass at temple university as we showed you yesterday enjoying near 80-degree temperatures.
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now in the 30's and 40's and damp and dreary. you can see most of the rain has pushed down to the south jersey down toward the shore points and central delaware, drying out for now to the northwest but we are not done by a long shot. even as rain pushes south we have left over sprinkles, mist and drizzle in the city and here comes next round. showers lifting in from the south and west, and a couple batches will get here tomorrow with heavier rain on the dock it for the weekend. temperatures right now 40 degrees in philadelphia, chilly 40 in trenton. thirty-eight in allentown, it was in the 80's in allentown just yesterday. 39 degrees in reading. it is 40 right now in lancaster. temperatures have drastically tumbled, more than 35 to 40 degrees, and now we're talking about a winter weather advisory from a broken record to a winter weather advisory in the poconos. mount pocono, toby hand, east stroudberg, are under advisory until 1:00 in the afternoon because we will have chance for some freezing, rain, so, as the rain comes through tomorrow especially in the morning and then again in the
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afternoon temperatures will be at or below freezing that could lead to ice on the roads , bridges, overpasses will ice, first, and then if you are traveling this weekend up to the mountains watch out for that icing. coming up we will tell you hutch rain to expect for the weekend and we will time it out as far as weekend plans are concerned and we will tell you when sun returns and then temperatures go backup above average, back over to you. unveiled a new mural to honor octavius b catto in south philadelphia. we received the first look at how five story mural of catto will look at the wall of the universal institute charter school, located near 15th and catherine from where catto lived and was assassinated in 1871. mural is expect to be complete this summer. philadelphia's reading terminal market went back in time today to celebrate its 125th anniversary. market marked occasion with 1893 day hosting the grand opening, that never happened were. the celebration were victorian
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era costumes, live musical performances and entertainment , pennsylvania governor tom wolf was among those taking part in the festivities. >> it is more than just a farmers market but a true example of what is best about philadelphia. it is a location for tourist to see what philadelphia has to offer, in fact, i think i'm reading it is most visited tourist site in philadelphia. >> some market merchants rolled their prices back to 1893 levels. people like that. they were in to it. >> that is great. >> still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight high fashion in philadelphia a local designer is on the rise the reason why there is a new national demand for her bold outfits. speaking of fashion mummers never go out of style even after new years day the announcement they made today and where you can see them strut very soon. >> reporter: for the first time in nhl career peter mrazek will wear another jersey hear what the flyers brand new goalie's saying
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about his debut later in
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manayunk is preparing to celebrate all things, mummers, and mardi gras style. >> ♪ >> ahh, yeah, get your strut on. mummers string band performers in their full costumes gave us a taste of what fans will see as fifth annual mummers mardi gras parade this sunday along main street in manayunk, 16 mummer string bands are set to perform. >> we have been fortunate enough through this effort to raise $75,000 for the philadelphia mummers string band association, we're trying this year to get over that hundred thousand dollars mark, so, as you attend the parade, please drop some money in those buckets. all that money 100 percent goes right to the string band association. it is the bucket. >> the golden slippers. love it. parade runs from 1:00 to o'clock sunday afternoon. well, it is fashion week
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in philadelphia and tonight we want to introduce to you a local designer making waves after her work appeared in the super bowl commercial. >> natasha brownies live in center city with her story, natasha. >> reporter: good evening to you both. philly fashion week did kick off, yesterday, and full swing right now as fashion show is underway right here at century 21 store in center city. there is a local designer who will be head lining her fashions tonight and she's not only feeling love locally but nationally as well. >> mt. airy native iris boner may be shy but her fashion designs are extremely bold. >> this was just working, you know, i felt it was a little bit more edgey. >> reporter: boner's expressive clothing line has messages of girl power and strong women is getting attention after cardi-b wore a deiron in this alexa commercial during the super bowl. >> what am i supposed to do. >> jacket, crazy. >> reporter: bone ernest rapper's stylist and made the
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jacket for the occasion, she recalls the moment she saw it on the big screen. >> i was like my god, in the commercial, i was like, i don't know, real quiet, real observe an, i can't believe that is my design. i was real proud. i'm quiet, lay back, i don't show mye motions but inside i was going crazy. i went home, i was like oh, god i cannot believe that. >> reporter: three three-year old designer went from painting on t-shirts to her new collection, mary j. blige has recently worn her clothing on stage and she says other celebrities are looking to sport exclusive use of color and graphic artwork that has come to define her brand and the person who wears it. >> they are real bold, colorful, real confident, and or risque but some are saying it is just for everyone i feel >> she tells us she's absorbing the moment. she's happy to be head lining at the fashion show here at
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century 21 tonight but her hope, eventually, are to show at insuring fashion week. we're live from center city, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that is awesome. >> very cool. >> kate joins us now. we say good bye to june and february's back. >> february's back. >> it is every bit of february outside today. it is cold, damp and we have a winter weather advisory that we talk about earlier for poconos that goes right through tomorrow afternoon for ice, freezing rain, and we will be dealing with soggy conditions right through the weekend but chill will in the last as long as wet weather threat will. we will look outside, looking damp, glummy, in center city. we have cloud and dark included and fog, and you saw natasha bundled up in her coat even fog when you breathe out there tonight, it is very chilly compared to yesterday when everybody was outside in short leaves and flip-flops enjoying temperatures near 80 degrees. we we all knew that could not last. rain is in the lasting much longer either. storm scan three showing
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showers that impacted the area for the afternoon are starting to move away, still seeing, a few showers, cross south jersey and delaware, even some more intense downpours over kent county right now, these are moving out and what we will be looking for as we head through tomorrow is, another round of it. couple round as long this same boundary, the moisture conveyor belt as we will talk about, coming up, the waves of low pressure tracking in the same area within wave tomorrow another heavier wave have rain will impact us late saturday into sunday morning and that is what you see across deep south. temperatures far cry from yesterday, 35 degrees colder then this time yesterday. forty in philadelphia. thirty-eight in allentown. forty-one in reading. temperatures just bottomed out and didn't go anywhere through this afternoon, tonight we will drop once again into the 30's. not as cold as it could be on a february night, lieutenant of cloud cover and then still some spotty rain, drizzle overnight. timing this out as we head through next couple of days
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showers clear the companies tonight, break in the action overnight and then tomorrow morning another band of showers comes n you can see the pink here over the poconos it is an indication of freezing rain impacting pocono region tomorrow morning and possibly again tomorrow afternoon as another round of showers comes through. it is not heavy, steady, pouring rain all day but a few bans of showers coming through on and off during the day. same story for saturday. saturday is not a total wash out but mostly cloudy with scattered showers. heaviest rain we will see over this stretch comes here, saturday night into early sunday morning. here's midnight. waking up sunday morning it is pouring around 8:00 a.m. g day to sleep if if you don't have young kid that get you up at crack of dawn. we will try to gradually dry it out in the afternoon but clouds will stay with us. cumulatively over next four days or so we will end up with over two or 3 inches have rain , purple shading you see there one and a half to two and a half inches and by
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sunday evening the area will have wrapped up that much rain we are talking about conveyor belt of moisture, damp, dreary conditions, heavy downpours possible and high totals look to be to the north and west. showers around early tonight and then cloudy, tomorrow band of showers, seasonably chilly at 47. you're witness weather seven day forecast at lee the chill goes away, temperatures back in the 60's saturday and sunday but wet weather both days. next week looks nice, 50 monday. fifty-four tuesday. not 77 but we can deal. >> not 27. >> yes, we can. >> not 27, right. >> glass half full. >> indeed, don. >> in the quite baseball weather but we are talking about baseball, the phillies work their exist exhibition game in clearwater, we will talk about that and greed is good why the sixers are looking for more than their fair share sports
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don joins us now and the sixers make their way through a season. >> um-hmm. >> and now -- >> your preseason prediction you had them cruising in the powe season in the playoffs. >> yes, i did. >> yesy didn't want to say it out loud. >> you had them at a number four seed. >> yes. >> we will find out. >> playoff push begins tonight , sixers visit chicago bulls, and they have 27 games left in the season and 17 of them are against teams with losing record. right now sixers are in seventh place in the east, jj reddick says the sixers need to aim high. >> one of the things for our group is just having high expectations, we're no where out of the clear in terms of the making the playoffs but we have a chance with our schedule over the last 27 games to position ourselves to maybe get home court advantage i like our team in the playoffs. i think we will be a tough
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team, tough out, and we need to be greedy here. >> that is exactly what jessica dean says. >> yes. >> peter mrazek calls it a new chapter and a new life, tonight, it all gets started when flyers host columbus blue jackets, earlier this week flyers traded a conditional fourth round pick to detroit for 26 year-old goalie, peter has spent his entire six year career in detroit. in fact, he has still been wearing the red wings pads he came with, he is excited about his debut. >> i'm really excited to be honest. i'm really excited. i hepp i play well. i want to help the team win. >> we got off to a good start here just in terms of getting into the dressing room and, you know, becoming part of the group. first opportunity tonight, now to see him come out and do his part and help us win a game. >> the phillies open up their
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spring training schedule today against university of tampa. my producer any told me quote, honestly they better win this game or it will be a licensing year unquote. and there is new skipper gabe kapler in his first game as phillies manager. he said you guys better win, get it done good day for jared eickoff, two innings, two strike out, in hits, no runs. tommy joseph at the dish. this is pretty much only run they would need first inning double. phillies win six to nothing. after the game kapler said he loved what he saw from the arms. >> i mean across the board, guy for guy, our guys attack the strike zone, and fairly unusual in a spring training game. one hit by pitch. but outside of that it was just command city and we didn't work a lot of three
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ball counts. >> command city. >> how about that. >> put that on a, t-shirt. >> student athletes too who played the pros. >> yes. >> all right, thanks very much >> when we come back between a rock and wet place. >> see what you could be seeing on the beach when the hard rock casino opens up at the old taj mahal this
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tonight on "eyewitness news" a new spot that is sure to make you feel good about food that is good for you. taste with tori takes to us a paoli juicery and kitchen that puts a twist on comfort food tonight at 11:00 right here on cbs-3. well, you dip your toes in the sand in atlantic city think summer you might be able to do it enjoying a new beach bar. >> former trump taj mahal is transformed in the new hard rock hotel and casino. yesterday the company won approval from atlantic city officials to build a beach bar at the property located between the steel pier and maryland avenue. summer will be here soon. thanks for watching. we will be back at 10 on our sister station cw philly and back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", from new york here now is jeff glor, take care family , we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> but what i saw was a deputy arrive, take up a position, and he never went in. >> glor: the armed deputy on duty at stoneman douglas high school during the shooting has resigned. the sheriff says he could have taken out the killer and did not. also tonight... >> you come into our schools, you're going to be dead. >> glor: the president says some teachers should be armed. we talked to some who already are. >> if somebody points a gun at me or my students, yes, i'm not going to hesitate. >> glor: we continue following a story of two young girls trapped in syria's civil war. the u.s. military invites cameras along for war games, featuring the newest generation of fighter jets.


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