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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 23, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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monday (closed captioning is being provided as a public service by cn8.) a high school basketball player who said she was benched for wearing her hajob, aim's neat a oh and the rules that she wants moved back. dreary friday, and we are in store for a wet weekend, but i'll tell but the good news waiting this weekend and into next week as well all right now on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. trying to preserve history , days after fire, destroyed an olde city building, crews will work to preserve, a piece of the past. that story coming up, in just a moment. good evening, i'm ukee washington. hi everyone i'm jessica dean. class necessary one lehigh county school district were cans told day, after a massive fire there destroyed part of its fleet of school buses.
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overnight fire ripped through the parkland school district bus garage in orefield and "eyewitness news" reporter alycia nieves spoke to school official about how they plan to get students back in the classroom. >> reporter: early morning inferno in lehigh county, this explosive 3:00 a.m. blaze raged right next to the middle school and inside parkland school district school bus garage. >> the explosion that is everybody is reporting was tires popping off the buses, as the fire was going on. >> reporter: sixty newly purchased buses and the garage itself were burned to the ground. another dozens or so buses parked outside the garage were also damaged, the authorities say from either debris flying from the fire or the heat given off by these flames. >> we lost some windshields, some mirrors, headlights. >> reporter: despite roughly two million-dollar in damage and 25 percent of the district 's fleet destroyed, no one was hurt. >> i fell and it said no school due to a fire here.
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>> reporter: school for brook and thousands of students in the district had to be cancelled today, the district is working to get borrowed buses by monday. >> many neighbors school districts have offered us surplus bus that he is they may have. we feel pretty good that we will have school monday i'm pretty optimistic. >> reporter: there is no official cause for the fire that raged here. we are told it could take days to find that cause, in part, because investigators to have sift through every inch of the garage here and we're told it is well over 10,000 square feet. in lehigh county, alycia nieves, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and an update to another fire we told but earlier this week, that destroyed six ambulanceness woodtown, salem county, new jersey. officials continued to investigate its cause, the fire burned the wood town american legion ambulance association to the ground, the association is now back in operation using donated or borrowed equipment, go fund me page has raised more than
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$3,900 and that money will help non-profit group rebuild and replace the lost equipment violence is on the minds of many in the wake of the florida school students. threats of several schools in pennsylvania and new jersey have led to arrest this is week. west deptford police arrested a 15 year-old resident today who allegedly threatened on social media to quote shoot up west deptford high school. a 12 year-old was arrested by vineland police at rossi middle school on wednesday. police say the child caused a false public alarm. philadelphia police have tracked down the suspect accused of posting a message threatening roman catholic high school, and deptford high school and gloucester county institute of technology were targets of the alleged school shooting threat made last week deptford township police said they have identified the source of that threat. upper dash police warned local churches to be on alert after two churches were burglarize at the same night.
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on someone broke in the the two churches late wednesday night. money from donation boxes for the poor, was reported missing from st. lawrence. and police say that the thief or thieves, may have been looking to steel, computers, from the former calvary church but the items were never replaced, after a burglary last year. >> it is just unfortunate, that nothing is sacred anymore , you know. >> police say former calvary church did not have any security alarms or cameras, st. lawrence had both but were told they were not working at the time of the break in. please take a look at this surveillance photo, police say this man groped a 13 year-old girl at a target store on rock hill drive-in bensalem. it happened wednesday night around 9:00. if you have any information, on the man's identity, please contact the bend salem police. police released a sketch of the wanted suspect accused of exposing himself to two children in new castle county. the most recent incident happened at clifton and rosel
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on wednesday. first incident happened february sicked on harwin road , and detectives say in each case the suspect was driving a green car. anyone with any information is ask to contact the police. well, tonight we are learning when work will begin on the historic building damaged by fire on sunday and how it will affect people in that area. >> "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live in olde city with the very latest on that plan, greg. >> reporter: jessica, basically the plan right now toys remove and dismantle the entire 239 chestnut building behind me because it was too damaged in the fire from this past sunday but city officials say they are trying to at least remove that historic fi sod from the front of the building. five days a massive fire tore through an apartment building in olde city, a plan is now in place with what will happen to that damaged building. >> there air lot of moving pieces. >> reporter: karen with the
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cities department of licenses and inspections say crews have already started to stabilizing 237 chestnut street. 239, the building which suffered the most serious damage will starting demolished after that stabilization process is complete in a situation like it this takes a lot of thought , planning, and then it takes a very deliberate process. >> reporter: it also takes rose closures to how heavy equipment took brought in. chestnut between south bank and south fourth street and walnut between south third and elbow lanes will remain closed until that process is complete , whether it is expected to take american a week. >> we want to get those roads opened as soon as we can, we want to get people back, inside their buildings as soon as it is safe to do that. >> reporter: local store and business owners. >> out there in the morning time, probably it is a bit slow. >> reporter: they are glad the city is moving forward to reopen this area and hopes
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that this section of philadelphia is able to bounce back quickly. >> i hope in the short term and long term we will one of the major tourist attraction again here in philadelphia. >> reporter: back here live you can see there are many businesses on this block which were also affected, by that fire, in fact, the owners of the lit lyle on restaurant right there say there is pretty significant water damage inside and it should be two weeks. as for road closures in this area that will last at least another week. live from olde city, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> let's remind everybody that cbs philly has you cover. head to our web site if you need to see those road closures again as you plan the commute for next week. mother nature could be putting a bit of the damper on your plans this weekend, we are expecting wet weather, around the region. meteorologist kate bilo ills in our weather center, not i great weekend for outdoor
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plans, kate. >> that is right, a damp weekend putting a damper on your plans outside. lets take a look what is happening outside, we have a break, a few showers that pushed through the area, still a few spotty wonderful overnight still mist, drizzle and fog hanging on but not a ton of heavy rain at least until late tomorrow when this next system continues to lift into the region and it will first bring a warm front through here late tomorrow and then subsequent cold front passage will be sunday morning and that could bring the heaviest rain we have seen over the past couple of days. so showers have mainly cleared the area, tonight and you cannot really pick up up the on the mist and drizzle outside because rain drops, hydrometers too small to be pick up by most radars bit is out there mist and moisture just clicking in the air tonight. it will hit you when you step outside. forty-three right now in the city. forty-three in wilmington. forty-one in reading. temperatures are actually rising a bit overnight but watch out for that patchy fog and mist that can slow you down on the roads. temperatures do rise but we will stay in the 40's
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overnight. it warms up as we head in the weekend but it does stay soggy as this system moves through, again, first the cold front, first warm front and then cold front, several rounds of rainfall this weekend and it could add up to one to 3 inches in, spots, by late sunday. coming up we will time that out as we go through your weekend and i will tell you best shot to get outside and tell but a spring flirtation coming up as well. for now, back over to you. >> kate, thank you. high school basketball player who says that she was benched nor wearing her religious head scarves is bouncing back. >> it is sparking a religious rights debate. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh talks to the player and takes a lot at policy at issue. >> you should not have to ask for a waiver to be able to worship in the way thaw worship. >> reporter: but last week before high school basketball game, sophomore naea johnson told her to choose choose her hajob or her sport. >> it was outrageous and didn't make sense. >> i was upset.
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>> reporter: despite playing for master chicago charter she said, last week things took a turn. >> ultimately she was benched. she was not allowed to play. >> reporter: at a news conference chicago legislators and community leaders vowed to push back against the pennsylvania inter scholastic at let ache so, policy, they say allowed this to happen. >> the policy requires all athletes, to get prior approval for any head covering for religious or medical purposes, the philadelphia school district has formally requested a rule change. the student's mother says the policy is discriminatory and archaic. >> the waiver must go, we will leave no stones unturn, to make sure that that happened. >> reporter: melissa says those executive director of the piaa says at so, enacted a policy in 1928 for safety reasons but will consider necessary changes. >> these are all things that have to be discussed in an open forum and we are by all means opening to doing that and having that discussion and you know is there very likely
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that we might make some changes to it. >> reporter: in the meantime thompson king will be allowed to wear her hajob during mastery's championship game on sunday n west philadelphia, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come on "eyewitness news" treating teens way debilitating tradition, our stephanie stahl shows us the local hospital leading the way when it comes to new treatment for scoliosis >> state of the art studio and a philadelphia high school, it is showing off how it will help. phillies fans had this date marked on their calendar fightins started grapefruit league baseball in florida and hear from the starter nick paveta later in
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new advances helping teenagers with a curvature of the spine and, often hidden condition called scoliosis. >> health reporter stephanie stahl joins to us tell us more >> very exciting progress here people with scoliosis can look
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healthy but spinal curvature can be debilitating and dangerous. now children's hospital of philadelphia is leading the way in finding new better ways to treat the condition that usually strikes younger teenagers. >> actually my whole core is engaged. >> reporter: nineteen year-old lindsey gordon does planks every night. >> and then i can flip over to doing it on my side. >> reporter: this is how she keeps her core and back strong , penn freshman has scoliosis, a curvature of the spine. >> it holds your spine in place. >> reporter: after being diagnosed at 12 lindsey wore this brace for four years, 20 hours a day. >> what did that feel like. >> very uncomfortable. >> when to the left. >> reporter: doctor john flynn a chief of orthopedics say lindsey was able to avoid surgery because it was caught early. >> moist kids dent know they have it at all that is the problem, it is silent, you don't know you have but you can have a tremendous de deformity on x-ray. >> reporter: thinks what lindsey's spine looked like discovered on regular checkup. >> you didn't feel anything,
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see anything or have anything. >> reporter: no idea. >> she was able to be athletic , out of the brace for just a few hours. >> brace is only thing known to man that will halt progression of the scoliosis. >> reporter: doctor flynn case braces have become more sophisticated and have sensors to make sure they are being worn enough and other innovation is with low dose x-rays. >> we can still see, the spine , in the same detail that we need to make the precise measurements of the curvature and yet radiation dose to the patient is lower. >> reporter: lindsey is fine now and excited about all of the innovations to treat, scoliosis. >> i think it is amaze to go see that, development because they didn't have those technologies when i was first starting out. >> reporter: for more advanced cases of scoliosis, back surgery is usually only option , tomorrow is the annual cheers for chop event, that benefits division of orthopedics supporting patients like lindsey. she is terrific. she was so good about wearing that brace and she's just fine
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now. >> that and discipline of 20 hours a day. >> thanks, stephanie, appreciate it. overbrook high school media program is going high tech. >> today they were in the state of the art digital media production lab they include audio video recording studio complete with audio room and 26 computers. superintendent william hite said this will take the students hands on learning experience to a new level. >> children can put together music, can put together scripts, do their own filming and he had iting and production but also do their own research to solve real world problems and then talk about and present those problems to the greater community. >> students inn rolled in the media program can also, earn a doby certifications in photo shop, illustrator and design and premiere. >> how about that. >> kate joins us now, we have drearies, how long will we have this. >> at lee the next 48 hours or so.
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>> okay. >> and then things clear out just in time to go back to work, sun comes back out monday morning but until then we can end looking pretty soggy. we have rain on the way, on and off all weekend, let's time out when heaviest will fall to get your outdoor plans , on the calendar. here's some outdoor plans it doesn't matter it is rainy, glummy are folks outside on the slopes, jack frost big boulder, may have been inspired by watching our u.s. athletes. we have kids on the snow board rails. we saw a couple people fall, a couple people nail it. i like to watch them this time of the year. definitely snow on the slopes. heading out to jack frost big boulder, conditions look good, and it will be pretty mild over the next few days. storm scan three is looking relatively quiet right now, steady showers that moved through earlier this evening have since departed the area you can see a few showers off to the west, otherwise, just some clouds but mist, drizzle and fog will be with us all night as temperatures gradual ly rise.
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temperatures rising ahead of our next system as we have been talking about all week a parade of storms along this same boundary and this is next one that will impact us over weekend. temperatures right now lock in the lower 40's all across the region. not changing much tonight. temperatures will rise. you can see the warm front or at lee boundary where warm air is, over western pennsylvania, back into the ohio valley where temperatures in the 60's sixty-three in raleigh-durham but this cold bubble over northeast we will start to permeate that by the weekend. it does warm up. not as chilly as today that said some showers to contend w 8:00 a.m., cloudy, glummy, raining lightly, 10:00 a.m. we will see clouds a few breaks have blue skies through the first part of the saturday and then by evening another round of steady rain 6:00 p.m. that continues overnight. here's heavy downpours 2:00 a.m. sunday and cold front passage looks to be sunday mid-morning between eight and 10 with again rain
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and probably a rumble of thunder. that will gradually take its time clearing out and sun returns early monday morning. through sunday rounds of rain, damp, dreary, heaviest sunday morning. highest rainfall totals over 2 d west up towards lehigh valley and northwestern suburbs. for your saturday a few showers, steady rain late in the day or night, high near 60 tomorrow, full 15 or 16 degrees warmer then today, not too bad, sunday milder but wet, good news is the warmth stays, the rain goes and next week starts off on a nice spring-like note with highs in the 60's and some sun, monday, tuesday, wednesday. >> warmest days. >> thanks very much. >> leslie up next in sports sixers and flyers, bet of these teams are on a roll since super bowl, spring training baseball started to day for all 30 teams and we will show how major league baseball is honoring victims of last
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phillies start with the blue jays all 30 major league team wore the marjory stoneman baseball caps. nick paveta got start today, first batter he saved curtis grander-sons, jumpond this hanging braking pitch and hits it over the wall in right field. toronto took the early lead right there still in the first more trouble for paveta giving up rbi single, to diaz. 's loud four runs on two hits in two innings of the work. then danny ortiz, connected with the solo shot to right. blue jays went on to beat the phillies two-one. >> just kind of a strike zone, you know, little bit more of a ride out of the fast ball a key point i want to work on this year just getting a head of guys. base hitters in the game again
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>> flyers started a two game road trip in canada begins senators. orange and black are on a role winning eight of nine games after last night come back with the blue jackets. game tied up in the third flyers with the puck, ghost shoots over sergei bobrovsky to make the save and noland patrick knocks home rebound his fifth goal in the last 12 games. peter mrazek had 19 saves in his flyers debut, flyers win two-one. coach says that 10 game losing streak has actually helped shape the team. >> is there a certain level of confidence and a certain level of, calmness, whether it is under fire or things are going well, there is a certain level of focus that our leaders have carried. >> sixers are also red hot last night with the bulls ben simmons unstoppable. drives, and contact here, simmons had a career high 32 points, 11 assists for for the
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23rd double double of the season. 's have have after hitting two freees there bulls have one chance and they cannot do it. sixers win 116-115, sixers will hoe orlando tomorrow night go for their seventh win in a row, and winning is contagious. >> wow. >> our winter sports playing in late spring, early summer. look at that. >> thanks, leslie. >> when we come back history on display in a unique way. >> way they are celebrating black history month in
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seventy students at saint james episcopal school presented a living wax museum featuring prominent african americans. >> i bet you know why... un audible. >> nikkei who portrayed philadelphia sports legend wilt chamberlain. many noteworthy figures including, simon biles and janet jackson were brought to life by the students. >> great project, nicely done. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back on the cw philly. we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. remember we are always on cbs up next, "cbs evening news", tonight, a young man on the mission to meet and record stories of real life heroes, world war two veterans, steve harvey's on the road with his story, from new york, here now is jeff glor, take care family we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: a driver rams a security barrier at the white house. the building goes into lockdown with the president inside. also tonight... >> 911 emergency, how can i help you? >> glor: specific details on warning signs missed by the police and f.b.i. before a school shooting. a former n.f.l. player is taken into custody in connection with a threatening instagram post that references a school. >> i looked at that twitter and thought, "wow, that's gross." >> glor: a beauty chain accused of selling used products as new. when burglars break in, rex the wonder dog springs into action. >> if it wasn't for him i feel like i wouldn't be standing here right now. >> glor: and steve hartman, long after the war, one


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