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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 26, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> reporter: ukee and jessica because this is a personnel matter the school district just can't comment, teachers union is staying silent but voices of outraged parents and students are being heard, loud and clear. cell phone video sent to "eyewitness news" shows cherry hill high school east students protest continuing on monday after school district reportedly placed an ap history teacher on administrative leave. in class last week timothy lock raised security concerns at new jersey school in the wake of the parkland, florida mar kerr says senior gabe ritter. >> apparently what he had said was stating, statements, concerning a shoot agent east being sooner. >> reporter: he escorted an emotional student to the principal's office to voice her concerns which later led to the teacher's leave. >> i think it is absolutely an over step. mr. lock is a extremely good guy, very good heart and if he were to do anything to hurt people it would have been done inadvertently.
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>> reporter: he calls for lock 's return that gathered more than five hub signatures in one day mr. lock is my favorite teaches, bar none, of all time, and, you know, i just felt like an in justice was done so i decided instead of being quiet i stepped up. >> reporter: eric who says he has been speaking with mr. lock, as fellow parents want him back in the classroom >> this is asanine. >> parents that i have communicated with are, unequivocally out raged. >> reporter: now is there a previously scheduled meeting tonight with the superintendent, at cherry hill high school west and east parents and student say they plan to be there to voice their concerns. they also plan to show up in large numbers tomorrow night, at a board of education meeting. live, from cherry hill, anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" one of the wounded students who survived a florida high school shooting is sharing her story to day. meanwhile more questions surrounding the sheriff department's initial response to the rampage and if law enforcement did enough to
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combat the violence. stoneman douglas student mad die will forward became emotional as she talk about the emotional first responders and doctors who saved her. >> would i just like to say that, i'm so grateful to be here. >> reporter: high school senior underwent three surgeries for multiple gunshot wounds. >> i was sitting on my couch thinking about the letters and gifts everyone has given and just like all of the love that has been passed around, i definitely wouldn't be here without it. >> reporter: while willford continues her recovery her classmates are preparing to return to school on wednesday, on sunday, students and parents, visited the campus for the first time since the shooting. at 17 people, dressed as angels, gathered nearby. >> i'm scared to go back. >> reporter: this senior, says returning will be difficult. >> the hardest part will be, remembering the 17 victims. >> reporter: broward county's sheriff department is under scrutiny for how they responded to the attack deputy scott peterson resigned after failing to enter the building
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during the rampage, there are reports that at least, three other deputies did not confront the gun man, sheriff scotties rail said he will not resign. >> i can only take responsibility for what i knew about. i exercised as my due diligence. >> reporter: florida governor rick scott announced a state investigation into law enforcement's response to the shooting. >> the broward sheriff says his office will cooperate with the state investigation, more than zero seven republican state makers demand governor scott suspend israel. president trump hosted a group of governors from across the country at the white house today to talk about school safety and guns. coming up 59:30 how governors are reacting to the president 's proposals and what florida governor rick scotties already doing to make sure schools in his state are secured. a loaded gun makes its inside a philadelphia high school but didn't get far, security measures already in place, alerted schools officials to that threat. "eyewitness news" report's leash a nieves is live outside fels high school in lawncrest with what we're learning about the gun scare, alycia.
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>> reporter: jessica, first we are learning that there is just relief from students, parents, school officials, and to police, the ladder of whom are praising the security measures, they were inside this high school this morning, also praising school police for taking, swift action. all because at the end on of the day there is no really telling what would have happened, had that gun had gone undetect here this morning. a lock down situation, and high alert at a northeast philadelphia high school, as students are arriving to samuel fels high 7:45 this morning, it is discovered that one of them has entered the building with a gun. this 40 caliber smith and wes son louded with 12 rounds load todd capacity. >> a student came in, went to the normal procedures of signing in, and running his bag through a scanner going through metal detector. >> school police personnel that are up there detect something suspicious so they scanned it a second time. they repositioned the bag and scanned it second time and they detect what they were
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reasonably certain to be a firearm. >> reporter: school police immediately took the bag out of the student's possession and took that student into custody. >> i was really surprised. our school is not like that. >> reporter: samuel fels sophomore where is startled by this morning's start to school but not surprised when they learned who the student was who brought the gun into the building. they say that the 15 year-old freshman had been in a fight recently. >> multiple people, just beat him up, i don't know what the reason was for but yeah, multiple people, on one person >> reporter: police are still trying to determine the motive for bringing loaded gun to school but in the meantime have this advice, for parents. >> if you are the parent and you believe your child might be having some issues at school or being pick honor something like that, it is never bad idea to do a spot-check. >> reporter: police here are saying do random spot checks of your student or child's backpack or their belongings, also saying to you, this incident as an opportunity to see something, say something
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conversation with your child, and a conversation about the severity of bringing a weapon to a school building. the freshman who brought a gun here today is facing at least two felony charges one for bringing the gun inside the school, the other for allegedly stealing the gun out of his nab or's car. reporting live from northeast philadelphia, alycia nieves for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you. pennsylvania state police have come up with this sketch in hopes it will help them identify, some remains found in january 2016. the remains were those of a 25 to 45 year-old white female about 5 feet, 10 inches tall and they were found long trail in ridley creek state park. three ring where is found with those remains. if you have any information you are asked to contact the pennsylvania state police. breaking news into your our news room off-duty philadelphia police officer and another man are found dead inside of a home, "eyewitness news" in the 2900 block of mercer street in port richmond there is no word right now on
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the identities of the female officer or the male, police are investigating and we're working to get more information. more than a week after a four alarm fire gutted a historically significant building in olde city philadelphia crews are working on the next phase. while there are plans to save the cast iron fisod of the building at third and chestnut department of licenses and inspections says the rest has to come down but when will that happen? coming up at 6:00 a closer look at the fire investigation and why law enforcement is not ruling anything out. we are getting a break from the rain but you may want to keep that umbrella close by kate's on the sky deck to tell you how lock of a break we are having will last, kate? >> ukee, the sky has been really slow to clear today, very, very gradual now that it is just about time for the sun to set we are seeing sunshine, blue sky here in the city. more on the way tomorrow but again by the end of the week we will need the rain gear, once again, lets take a look at storm scan three for now we will show you a front clearing
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the coast and we can see rain over virginia, north carolina for us the clouds are clearing and the sunnies out. it all depends where you are, north and western suburbs in the lehigh veil full sun, beautiful evening, the cloud still pretty socked in down the shore but as far as showers they are mainly missing us to the south, and things are definitely improving. today's high was only 51 thanks to the cloud cover, still above average 47 degrees we have been spoiled. i say only 51 but in february that is great and that is what the temperature is right now in, philadelphia, 50 in reading, 50 in lancaster. 49 degrees in wilmington. no cold on the way, through the rest of the week we have got temperatures averaging above normal, today, tomorrow, and right through, week's end but not all of to mild numbers are couples with sunshine. we have more rain moving in heavier at times and i'll tell you when to plan coming up when i join you inside, back over to you. special basketball players in philadelphia received quite a surprise today. >> the harlem globetrottersite
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stopped by widener memorial school to play hoops. wheelchair basketball players were treated to a visit from swish, and they played basketball with the kids and showed them a few tricks. they talk about the importance of teamwork and congratulated them all for participating in sports. globetrotters will play several games in the philadelphia area starting this friday night. love the globeys, still bringing smiles to so many. >> that is great. >> yep. >> coming up on "eyewitness news" it is a step doctors have not taken in more than a decade new guidelines in effect to diagnosis and treat teenagers with depression, find out when doctors want to start screening all young men and women and why they think early diagnosis can prevent many problems later in life. it can trans plant four languages on the fly so what else can new samsung even if do? jim donovan shows us all next, tori. >> reporter: as you wander through mutter museum you will find something hair raising and coming up there is one
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exhibit that will do exactly that as you will see hair art, like you have never seen before. there is a live look down the shore, finally in, rain but for how long, kate has your updated forecast in about five minutes.
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samsung has officially launch its latest phone technology and it is expected to take on the iphone x. three on your side's jim donovan takes a closer look at new features of the company's latest smart phone. >> reporter: samsung's president of the mobile communications showed off his company's latest smart phones, the galaxy s9 and s the plus they run veiled in a event in spain. capable of 1.2 trillion photos , on this model. >> samsung made improvement to the camera including the ability to see more in low light, it comes equipped with
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super slow motion, and is there a program that allows to you superimpose different type of make up to see how they would look and device can visually translate foreign languages. new samsung was released at mobile world congress in barcelona, nokia unveiled two new devices including one that looks like a throw back but galaxy s9 is expect to make the biggest splash, at this years show. >> samsung galaxy s9 and s9 plus are top phones designed to go autopsy begins iphone 10 >> reporter: c-net jessica says galaxy's intelligent scan unlock device does not perform as well as apple face id but s 9 has something iphone does not. >> head phone jack a real rarity. >> reporter: s9's price starts at $720 about a hundred dollars more than the last galaxy but still less than the 1,000-dollar iphone 10. the phone also allows to you make your own emoji creating an avatar unique tour face, in response to all of your facial
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movements. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. residents in ohio are cleaning up damage left behind after storms brought severe flooding and spawned tornadoes over weekend, officials say one tornado touched down sunday in claire mount county west of cincinnati, there were no reports of injuries, now residents are waiting for flood waters, to recede. the ohio river surged over its banks after storms dumped heavy rain. well, some rare winter weather in rome prompted officials to call in the army. >> several inches of snow, covered italian city famous attractions, some seminarians had fun engaging in the snowball fight in st. peters square. snowfall has been first in six years, army had to be called into help clear the roads, school was also cancelled for the day. that same system is bringing record cold to other parts of the europe, thick layer, coated trees shrubs and statues near a lake in germany air temperature dropped to minus 16.6 degrees fahrenheit
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the low these winter, forecasters say worse of the freezing temperatures for that area will arrive wednesday. >> what is going on. how about that. in the meanwhile we had a rainy weekend. >> back home temperatures have been on average for the past week or so and staying there through next couple days but we have been dealing with a lot of rain. not a lot of snow but more rain is on the way. it is a toss up if you prefer it is february would you prefer winter weather, would you prefer the snow or is the rain okay with you? the eat least you do not have to shovel any rain. depending where you are it is a completely different day from north to south, beautiful evening in bethlehem, sunnies shining after a cloudy start to the day, clouds gradually cleared midday and it looks beautiful there up in northampton county no problems nice night to be out and about go for a jog, temperatures relatively mild for this time have the year but look at the difference as we head to the opposite side of the viewing area down in the delaware beaches and it is still cloudy , glummy looking at
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boardwalk plaza in rehoboth. looks dry but it is overcast with gray skies. you can see clouds are clearing from northwest to south east here tonight, we are seeing sun in the city right now and eventually it will clear out for all of us and we will have a mainly clear night. storm scan three shows us not a whole lot going on we have to zoom back to the west to see a system coming on shore that could impact us through the end of the week. nothing imminent but rain will pick up and we will finish workweek thursday, friday on another wet note. and, in the meantime, it is relatively mild, normal high are still in the upper 40's. we are only three or 4 degrees above average but 50's in february not bad. fifty-one in the sit. unless allentown. forty-four mount pocono. cooler with more cloud cover down in wildwood right now, 48 d as we zoom back to the west as well, 52 high in columbus. temperature in columbus. it is colder in raleigh-durham then here in philadelphia because they have been having more rain, a lot of cloud cover there as well. birmingham at 66.
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nashville 63. that is another day of rain to the california tar here yesterday on the 25th and then you can see a lot of green this month, these are all days with precipitation in the month of february. we had a few days with snow in the beginning of the month but most of the precipitation for the pennsylvania week or two has been in the form of rain and now over 6 inches, for precipitation, so far in february. and quick burst of sun, tonight into tomorrow, we have got dry conditions, sunny, pleasant for tomorrow, the cloud will increase as we head into your wednesday and then we will finish february in the upper 50's to around 60 degrees, which is well above average, for the time of the year. again our normal is only 47. so overnight mainly clear, little chilly, 35 degrees the overnight low. call it seasonably chilly. winds northwesterly at 5 miles an hour. it looks like a really nice day high near 60 degrees, full 10 degrees above average. right breeze at west five to 10 and full day of sunshine. you're witness weather seven day forecast brings books 60 on wednesday, sunshine to
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start the day. we will finish out month wednesday on a cloudy night and we will start march with rain, cloud increase, on wednesday, and cloudy thursday , rain will likely move in the afternoon after about two or 3:00 o'clock and then storm will intensify, we have got rain or win, thursday night, through friday, and, we will clear it out, over weekend, and while weekend is slightly cooler, we are seasonable, we have got sun returning saturday, sunny and nice saturday and sunday as well. we would rather have rain come during the workweek or weekend and we will finish it out on a wet note this week. >> still ahead this week philadelphia eagles show he is more than a hero on the field. >> heartfelt message he sent to a local kid fighting cancer and he is not the only one sending good thoughts his way, jon. month of february with all about the eagles then march will most likely belong to the wildcats, up next, how jay wright and villanova inspired by the madness, one on one with our leslie van arsdal,
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coming up tonight at 6:00 showing a little love to lebron james we will show you is what popping up in cleveland in hopes of luring lebron to philly. >> what? >> um-hmm, we will tell you who is behind it. >> look out. >> dream big. >> watch out. >> they are calling it complete the process. >> i can see it, complete the process, i can see that. >> idea of lebron coming to philadelphia to play not just to visit just so we're clear. >> not just to come say hi. >> to play, mind blowing. >> let's take it down the level to the collegiate ranks now. >> we are talking about really one of the best coaches in the country, right? one of the best in our area as well. let's talk about that. what is better than a championship parade? how about two championship parades. when eagles marched from south philadelphia to the art museum they inspired an entire city. they also invigorated a certain basketball coach who has already had a parade of his own.
5:24 pm
leslie van arsdal sits down with villanova's jay wright it has been two years since villanova won the national championship and after seeing the eagles, win the super bowl villanova coach jay wright is even hungrier. >> it does make you think about that special feeling of a group of guys sacrificing everything all of their individual accolades to do something together. >> reporter: growing up in bucks county jay knows what a win like this means for the city. >> it was just such a cool experience, the whole city, family and since then i just marveled at how everybody i think realized that we have all been doing the same thing forever, when we used to watch eagles game they were only on sunday so whole family, whole sunday would be around what time you went to church or what time you ate was based on the eagles game and then talk about the eagles rest of the
5:25 pm
night. then you find out when they win it, everybody was doing that. >> reporter: eagles been a inspiration to the team. >> we use the eagles as an example a lot during the season. especially when they hit adversity, you know, there is a strength of the team allows foles to come in there and with his talent and execute, because the team was so strong , in every other aspect. it was incredible to watch. it was just pure, team victory >> reporter: it is that eagles inspiration that could give villanova a shot, to be the next time parading down broad street. leslie van arsdal for "eyewitness sports". >> leslie, thank you. the strength of the team, when you have a team effort you can get it done when guys go out. by the way that shot from big smooth never gets old. >> i could watch that over and over again. >> selection sunday less than two weeks. >> how about the philly special watch that over and over again. >> thanks, buddy. coming up next identifying and helping teenagers
5:26 pm
depression, when doctors want to start screening all young men and women and why they think early diagnosis can help prevent many problems later in life, health reporter stephanie stahl has the answers up next. raging fire roars at an apartment building we will show you daring rescue as fire fighters pulled a family from their burning home, we will be right
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centers of america in philadelphia to have her breast cancer treated, she's coming for the expertise that we have, for the multimodal therapy where the specialists talk to each other and form a treatment plan together. we were looking for a cancer team that would help us decide the best course of action. amy met with our three specialties, radiation oncology and genetics-there are so many different options. rather than one treatment fitting all, it is a personalized approach to cancer therapy.
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we have so many tools available at cancer treatment centers of america. this is what attracted amy to our center all the way from new york. cancer is what they deal with every day. these were people who were experts in their field. and for us that was the best choice. learn more about our breast center at appointments available now. well, for the first time in a decade the american academy of pediatrics is issuing new guidelines on depression in teenagers. >> the hope to get early treatment to prevent problems at home or at school in the future. health reporter stephanie stahl has details on this. >> really important mission here. only 15 percent of adolescence with depression get diagnosed before reaching adulthood and experts say as many as two in three depressed teens do not
5:30 pm
get the care that could help them. twenty-five year-old stephanie cartermoan knows how crippling depression can than. >> now looking back thinking that was not normal. >> reporter: she was diagnosed in her early 20's but she recalls symptoms much earlier. >> it was there, in my teenage years i just didn't know what it was offer who to deal witt. >> reporter: now the american academy of pediatrics is un dating guidelines on depression, research shows by age 20, 20 percent of teens, say that they have experienced , some depression, which can effect them long term. >> it can lead to social problems, it can lead to family problems, school problems, a substance abuse problem. >> reporter: goal to help pediatricians to help identify depression early, new lied lines recommend doctors talk about mental health with adolescence and their parents and implement universal depression screening for children 12 and older. doctors say it is important to keep a close eye on at risk children. >> they have a family history
5:31 pm
of depression, and other, mental health issues, children who already had an episode of depression. >> reporter: stephanie, who works with the anxiety, depression association of america to raise awareness says sharing her story is therapeutic. >> i think it is really important no matter what someone is going through to make sure they do not feel isolated. >> reporter: such an important message. now the new recommendations also call for families with a depressed teen to develop a safety plan to restrict access to lethal weapons, suicide is a leading cause of death for teens and experts say adolescent suicide risk is strongly associated with firearm availability. coming up tonight at 6:00 o'clock a popular new jersey comedian and film maker is lucky to be alive today, kevin smith had a massive heart attack and doctors say he was minutes from death last night, what put him at risk and what he could have done to prevent the heart attack, that is coming up at 6:00 tonight.
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>> a lot of people are talking about this. >> thanks, stephanie. vinny curry's latest on the team to reach out to a delaware boy, battling cancer. >> tan i, what is going on man , i hope you are feeling better. i hope you are feeling better. this is vinny curry from the philadelphia eagles. love you man, man, keep hope. >> vinny made that video for nine year-old danny, hoist dealing with his second bout of non-whom kins lymphoma. he is a huge eagles fan and got video well wishes from carson wentz. president trump spent more than an hour speaking with the group of governors from across the country today at the white house. school safety, guns topped the agenda following latest mass shooting in florida president trump suggested toughening background checks increasing mental health services and raising age to buy most guns to 21. the president also suggested arming certified school personnel as a proposed to cause don't between the governors. >> just suggest we need a
5:33 pm
little less tweeting and little bit more listening and lets take that off the table and move for. >> we have licensed certain school districts and these who want to, be trained more significantly so that they can handle an active shooter situation. >> florida governor rick scott , spoke about his plans to harden schools in florida, governor scott says state is investing 500 million-dollar to bring security to all of the states public schools, the state also investing more dollars in mental health and making sure with mental health issues do not have access to weapons. meanwhile first lady melania trump hosted the governor wife's for lunch in the east room in the white house and she addressed opioid epidemic and recent shooting in florida. she commended student activist pressing lawmakers for change. >> i have been heartened to see children across this country giving their voices to speak out and to create change
5:34 pm
they are our future and they deserve a voice. >> the first lady also made a call to action regarding teens and technology, she asked all to encourage positive habits, even limiting time on line, and understanding the content that they are being exposed to on a daily basis. today pennsylvania attorney general josh shapiro join democratic attorneys jena so, shares his thought on guns and school safety. president of the national education association, also shared her views, explaining teachers she knows, do not want guns in their schools. >> i am so proud of the creative, caring educators who are saying to politicians who haven't spent a day in their classroom #army with, resources. >> it does not have to be this way. that together we should rise up, above the politics and heed the word of these young people and meet their courage
5:35 pm
head on and do more. >> attorney general shapiro says that the group was hoping to meet with president trum top talk about legal issues in person but their request to meet with him was reject. supreme court has reject trump administration highly unusual bid to get justices to intervene in the controversy over daca program. just advertise zest refused to take up the administration's appeal of a lower court order that requires the administration to continue accepting renewal applications under daca. what made at peel unusual is unusual sought to bypass the federal appeals court in san francisco, and go directly to the supreme court. a dramatic rescue caught on video in houston texas as her mother and three children escape their burning apartment building. fire fighters managed to bring them all down to safety as flames raged in the background
5:36 pm
there, fire destroyed one building last night with 16 apartments, fire officials say in within was hurt and everyone was, accounted for. thousands today filed past casket of the late reverend billy graham to pay their respects. famous evangelist died wednesday at the age of 99. former president george w. bush and laura bush were among mourners today, the public viewing will continue, tomorrow. reverend graham's body will then be taken to the u.s. capitol where he will be the first private citizen to lie in repose since rosa parks in 2005. reverend graham's funeral is set for friday. >> as we continue tonight it seems americans do a lot of impulse buying, crazy amount being spent and is what being bought next. wasn't exactly the way bible says premise of the new cbs comet i, we will have a preview. jennifer lawrence coming to television passion project she's working on which shines an important issue on women in
5:37 pm
hollywood, kate? with your weekend watch we are tracking comfortable conditions, weekend seems like it is far away but it will be here before we necessity it. we finish out workweek with rain weekend looks quiet, we have seasonal highs in the 40 's, not a warm spring-like weekend like some weather we have been enjoying but plenty of sunshine is expect both saturday and sunday so n
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well, impulse purchases can really add up. >> average american spend about $5,400 on impulse purchases every year, thinks all according to a new study by slick survey shows we buy on impulse about three times a week, seven in 10 people polled say
5:41 pm
most of their impulse purchases are food. well dunkin' donuts has struck what you might call a really sweet deal with the girl scouts, starting to day participating restaurants will offer coffee and three famous girl scout cookie flavors, thin mints, coconut carmel and peanut butter cookie. the new flavors will be available through may. i saw that today. >> yeah. >> my eyes gravitated, went right for that peanut butter cookie, not to try it but i said when did that start. >> i know. artwork made out of hair, we're not talking hair styles but real artwork, using strand s of hair, something you have to
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trolleys. the individual and independent pass is just $13 and we will also offer a family independent pass for $30. >> the philadelphia flower show kicks off, this saturday march 3rd at pennsylvania convention center and runs through, march 11th. well, it is hair style that coin the phrase, business in the front party in the back >> you know it, mulet, popular in the 80's but some proudly sport to it day enthusiast gathered for inaugural mulet fest. look at that guy. over 150 contestant compete todd win the award for greatest mulet of all. >> i feel like for me personally just to add my two cents you need that feathery bit on the back. >> the way his was bouncing. >> people have the feathery and then, yeah, that is the real deal. >> that is the real deal. >> it looks lick they had some mulet juice to go with their festivities. >> that is a mow hawk mulet.
5:46 pm
>> okay. >> okay, love it. love it. >> kate has your forecast and in rain, right now. i saw before the show started a little peak of sun. >> it has been slow, in coming , skies have not wanted to clear but they are, just in time for the sun to set unfortunately but sun will be with us tomorrow and then we will see march, start off with another round of rain, lets take a look outside right now we will show you what it is looking like as skies try to clear, seeing blue skies, as we look toward plymouth meeting looking toward some cloud in the sky, hanging out through the afternoon here, beautiful shot of the sky, nice panoramic view from the place one apartments, not a whole lot to see as far as beautiful sunset outside right now but further north and west we will go, more sunshine we will see across the area this afternoon. lets take a check on our weather watchers and see how they are enjoying this day. temperatures slightly above average but skies have been slow to clear. we have had photos from our weather watchers coming down the pike and see phil showing
5:47 pm
us a few breaks in the blue skies, break in the cloud from noon from peace valley park in bucks county. phil sent this one and said what is that yellow thing in the sky. finally seeing sun. just in time for sunset like this one from walter showing two ducks, mallard making friends at the park, enjoying the day even though it was on the cloudy side and not wet and greg mccoy sent this shot over the sky barely starting to clear to the north and west we're not seeing much in the way of sunshine, glummy day that kept temperatures slightly below the expected highs but right now 46 at phil 's house with sun peeking through and we're in the 50's in new jersey as we check in here at 54 with kennett martin in willingboro. all together not a terrible day but i think you'll like tomorrow better. lets look to the west, out toward whitefield elementary school in reading where we are seeing cloud, but a few breaks in that cloud cover as the day winding down. 49 degrees is current temperature in reading. storm scan three shows us cloud is still hanging on,
5:48 pm
trying to clear, but by the time entire region clears we will probably be under cover of the darkness here later tonight so more sunshine to finish out north and west but rain has been off to the south and as we widen out you can see clear skies, nice big area of high pressure centered over midwest and that is shift nothing to our region tomorrow and then into wednesday. we have got sun to look forward to our next system, a joint system as i will show you by the end of the week. temperatures right now 49 in wilmington. fifty-one in philadelphia. fifty-one in allentown. forty-three in mount pocono. quiet conditions through tonight and tomorrow. seasonal, our low tonight down to 35 degrees, mainly clear, little bit of the chilly night but it is february, it is supposed to be. tomorrow nice day sunny mild, 10 degrees above average with a high of 58 for your tuesday. high pressure departs into wednesday and then thursday and friday we will watch this next system approach. march coming in like a lion as it is known to do we have a
5:49 pm
system moving from the west rain arrives late thursday but then that will pass in the certainty and give us coastal low intensifying thursday night and friday morning and that is when i expect steady rain to be and strongest of the wins period of rain gusty wins throughout thursday night and into friday. coastal flooding threat will be an issue, periods of heavy rain as we see our next storm, but good news once march does arrive we have milder day to look forward to normal highs in the 50's. spring begins on the 20th and daylight savings time starts on the 11th that means the days will be getting longer more daylight always a good thing. mild conditions throughout the rest of the week rain thursday and friday and weekend looks seasonal and sunny, ukee and jessica back to you. tonight on cbs-3 it is premiere of the new comedy series living biblically. >> mother day bride to be fine s his wife at cross roads and decide to live life strictly by the bible. >> look, you know for the most part i'm a good man but i want
5:50 pm
to be great and i know it sounds crazy but real reason i'm here is because i decided to live my life 100 percent by the bible. >> you mean in general, right. >> oh, no father to the >> to the letter. >> jr ferguson and lindsey craft star in the series and they set up the show for us. >> you know, our show starts when chip has this confluence of things that really scare him, happen, and it is his best friend passing away un expectly, he thinks he will lose his job and he and his wife find out they are pregnant with their first child and he feels completely ill prepared for father hood. in an effort to change that he to a book store to find some parenting books and here's where our story begins and he
5:51 pm
finds his bible and decides for duration of his wife's pregnancy in an effort to be a more prepared father and better person he will strictly live according to the rules of the bible. >> catch the series premiere of living biblically tonight at 9:30 p.m. right here on cbs-3. now 2018 kids choice award nominees plus what jennifer lawrence is working on. >> reese weatherspoon introduces the world to her new friend, bex has it in all her hot minute. >> thanks, ukee and jessica nominees are in for 2018 kids choice awards celebrating favorites across movies, music , tv. beyonce, demi lovato, selena gomez and pink and taylor swift, lead the way for best female artists category. others include bruno mars and ed sheeran for favorite male artist and wwe super star and actor john cena is set to return as host of the show on march 24th. jennifer lawrence will be
5:52 pm
dodging the slime at this years awards show she has been busy promoting her new film red sparrow n a recent interview she revealed that she has signed on to executive produce a new tv series saying it is perfect to start getting behind the camera producing so i can have more control over who gets hired. the 27 year-old actress is teaming up with former e news host cat sadler on the process inspired by the times up movement and gender wage gap ness hollywood no release date has yet been confirmed. from one of the hollywood's leading ladies to the next reese witherspoon introduced her 12-pint 3 million fans on social media to one of her close friends. >> my friend is really close so i want to meet her real quick and i want to you meet her too. >> that is reese's recent star on hollywood walk of fame and as a friend does she made sure to spruce it up and give it a pep talk. >> don't you let people walk over over you.
5:53 pm
>> i'm bx from today's nine have 30 interest five. >> philadelphia museum of medical oddities but right now it houses unique art. >> artwork made of up of hair, hair, vittoria woodill will show you when we come
5:54 pm
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well, some hair raising heirlooms from the past are on display for special exhibition in philadelphia that is right vittoria woodill takes you inside mudder museum for a closer look at variety tore yan era craft. >> pronounced mudder. >> it makes a smooth sound.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: mudder museum since 1863 has had a reputation for being disturbingly informative housing more than 25,000 objects haphazardly hair raising about the hood man body. but there has never been a exhibit as hair raising as this. woven strands, the art of human hair work. >> this hair that grows out of our heads is so personal, it is so intimate, that this is probably one of the most intimate art forms you could look at or ever see. >> reporter: it is a collection of 60 piece that he is trick your eyes from believing these works of art are not made from human hair but they are. you will see hair styles in many ways, wrapped with a meaning behind it, from morning, to love, and family. >> this is a total family history of the will yams family. >> reporter: art form that collector and joe curator john whitenight displays proudly at times on his wrist. >> there i am with my initial
5:58 pm
j and my hair behind there. >> reporter: at the museum where many pieces of his personal collection of hair art are on display. >> our earlier piece from 1681 and that ace piece of jewelry small piece of jewelry from the 19th century where the at home form, art form, really, really was par mound. what a momento to have of someone, you know, that is a keep sake, it is part of their organic self that you still have with you, take a closer look, look at it, take that. >> reporter: you really do have to take a closer look, and you get a chance to do that because exhibit goes on until september 16th, so plenty of time to check it out it was actually extended because it has been so popular so kudos to the creators for heading what may be the revival of hair art. >> oh, no you didn't. >> i forgot about it. >> amazing. >> you think locks of hair as
5:59 pm
a sign of love but this is taking things to next level. >> that mudder museum is something else. just gone over there. >> yes. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00. >> what caused a massive fire which gutted this olde city building? i'm greg argos with an exclusive interview with what the atf says they need to do first before they can answer that question. also nearly a dozen animals seized from a chester county home tonight why officials took them in and charges one man is facing because of it. >> we think he would be perfect fit for sixers and wow complete the process that has been going on here for years and philly ready for him. >> reporter: a local company is calling on lebron james to join the sixers, the creative way that they are hoping to catch the superstar's attention, kate. finally skies clearing this evening, after a cloudy day we have got a nice little break from the rain, in store
6:00 pm
for the next few days but in the for long, more wet weather is in the forecast, and i will tell you when it arrives all right now on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. hopefully by end of the week we have got everybody, investigators in there and we will be able to, give us a belter picture of what is going on. still trying to get inside , more than a week after fire ripped through an olde city building investigators remain on the outside looking in, as they try to piece together what sparked the flames. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. tonight plenty of questions remain, "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live in olde city. greg, you spoke exclusively with the man in charge of thin investigation today. >> reporter: jessica, i did and right now atf says this is an investigation that is happening from the outside, as you mentioned, agents are cog


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