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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  February 26, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the for long, more wet weather is in the forecast, and i will tell you when it arrives all right now on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. hopefully by end of the week we have got everybody, investigators in there and we will be able to, give us a belter picture of what is going on. still trying to get inside , more than a week after fire ripped through an olde city building investigators remain on the outside looking in, as they try to piece together what sparked the flames. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. tonight plenty of questions remain, "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live in olde city. greg, you spoke exclusively with the man in charge of thin investigation today. >> reporter: jessica, i did and right now atf says this is an investigation that is happening from the outside, as you mentioned, agents are combing over surveillance video they are looking and
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speaking with witnesses but right now they are waiting to get inside, 239 chestnut street when they will be able to figure out, exactly how this fire started. it has been one week and one day since a four alarm fire, tore through this olde city block. the philadelphia fire marshall 's office and agents with the bureau of the alcohol firearms and explosives still has not been able to get inside 239 chestnut where the fire is believed to have started. >> we're a little delayed on the scene work just because of safety issues involved, as you know, it is a five story building and unfortunately during the fire all five floors collapsed. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with cbs-3 atf special agent in charge donald robinson says his department is looking into all possibilities of what may have started the fire, including arson. >> nothing have been ruled out >> reporter: but priority is right now stabilizing adjacent
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buildings and insuring investigators are safe when they are finally able to enter by the end of this week. >> it is a lot harder f those floors had stayed intact we would get in there agents are conducting interviews and surveillance video. >> would i say there air lot of people we have talk to we have received information on tips, and, through those interviews and we are checking them all out. >> key to finding out what happened, will hopefully happen when agents, step food inside. >> all of the interviews all that is very important but until we get into the scene we cannot put the whole picture together. >> reporter: let's talk about those road closures chestnut street between south bank and fourth street and walnut between south third and elbow lane will remain closed until this investigation is complete and 239 chestnut is demolish, atf special agent in charge said he does not have a compact time line as to when that will happen but says it could possibly happen, next week.
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we're live from olde city, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> greg, thank you. coming up at 11:00 this is not just another good looking dog this girl has a big job one that bought her to olde city because her nose knows is what dangerous. meet the pup that is making us all safer tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. off-duty philadelphia police office ever and man found dead inside a home. "eyewitness news" in the 2900 block of mercer street in port richmond, no word on the identities of the female officer or the male, police are investigating. a 15 year-old fels high school freshman is facing charges for allegedly bringing a loaded handgun to school today. security measures already in place, at the school in lawncrest alerted school officials to the threat, district officials say school police spotted this 40 caliber gun in the backpack when he put it through a security scanner. the gun or school was placed on lock down, and the teen was taken into custody without incident. >> if you believe your child might be, you know, having
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some issues at school or being pick honor even if they are not it is never a bad idea to do a spot-check. >> authorities tell "eyewitness news" the student admitted to stealing the gun from a neighbor's car, police are investigating why he allegedly took tonight to the school. park land flashings today one of the wounded students who survived the high school shooting shared her story, high school junior maddie will ford underwent three surgeries for multiple gunshot wounds. >> i was laying on my couch today thinking about the letters, gifts, everyone has given and just like all of the love that has been passed around. i definitely wouldn't be here without it. >> well, willford continued her recovery her classmates are preparing to return to school on wednesday, on sunday students, parents visited campus for the first time since the shooting, since returning to class these week will be difficult. be sure to tune in for "cbs evening news" for very latest on the deadly florida school shooting, that is happening tonight at 6:30
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right here after "eyewitness news". ten animals are in the care of the brandywine valley spca following a seizure by stay state police. six dogs and four rabbits are getting the chair that they need, their former owner is facing animal cruelty charges as well as drug and weapons charges. spca says the dogs were used for dog fighting, there are signs. >> animals have scars and ago i have wounds that are medical team identified as consistent with dog fighting. what you tend to find are scars and wounds around the face and inside of the legs. >> animals received some coatsville police were lead to them after an alert officer conducting a traffic stop in the november time frame came in contact with a dog with extensive wounds. philadelphia police are asking for public's help identifying two suspects wanted for smash and grab burglary in center city. take a look at this surveillance video from early sunday morning one suspect
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seen throwing a large being through front window, of the jewelry store on south 13th street. police say suspect and another man got away with about $5,000 worth of jewelry. if you recognize them give police a call. pennsylvania state police have come up with this sketch in the hopes it will help them identified some remain found january 2016. remains were that of the 25 to 45 years old white female about 5 feet 10 inches tall they were found on a trail in ridley creek state park, three rings were found on the remains, if you have any information you are asked to contact pennsylvania state police. spokesmen for bill cosby as comedy yan's 44 year-old daughter, ensa cosby died friday in massachusetts. spokesperson confirmed she suffered from renal condition a condition that impairs kidney function. ensa cosby led a life away from the spot late she was a strong defender of her father during his sexual assault trial saying she believed he
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was innocent. after a rough weekend weather-wise we have a break from the rain but don't get used to it, meteorologist kate bilo's outside on the sky deck some relief for right now, kate. >> that is right, pretty nice night not all that cold for at lee february and not raining which is great news we have not seen many days like that lately a lot have rain over weekend but we have got some sunshine on the way, lets look at is what happening, storm scan three front clearing coast right now cloud are thin ago cross our area but still seeing some showers over portions of virginia and through north caroline, depending on where you are, it is either a clear evening north and west or you are seeing more cloud still hanging around looking east. it looks great to the west, still looks overcast to the east. our high today was 51. even with the cloud we got above average by 4 degrees and temperatures across across the map right now are in the upper 40's in most locations, 50 here in philadelphia, and quick burst of sun on the way with high pressure moving
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through but then more rain arrives as we head through end of the week our next storm by thursday and friday. we will time out rain and tell you more impact that system may bring as we start off month of march. now back inside to you. well, according to king sixers fans have been dreaming of landing lebron james in the upcoming off season. >> the quest for superstar is, stretching all the way to ohio but you cannot help but notice "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden is live at sixth prepares facility in camden to explain is what popping up in cleveland, joe. >> reporter: jessica and ukee, i guess it takes a certain kind of swag tore go ahead and purchase, put up billboards trying to wow the king to come to philadelphia. the guy behind it, says now is the time but die hard sixers fan question if this is all part of the procedures zest. the road to philadelphia shoots down i480 in cleveland that is what a chester company
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believes in its high profile pitch, to get the attention of lebron james. >> we have to get lebron, how do we get lebron's attention. lets take out billboard. at first we were going to do tonight philadelphia then we said lets put them in cleveland because we know he will see them. >> reporter: power home remodeling strategically planted three billboard from the quicken loans arena hopes to wow king james to come here and win a championship with the sixers. hungry for reaction, we strategically posted autopsy long phillies cheese stake corner at ninth and passyunk. >> that within a great fit for lebron, they have i great young nucleus you bring his veteran lead are ship. >> what do you think about that that would be great. >> i like his dedication to the game. >> reporter: billboards will be up for three months, james becomes a free agent july 1st. >> sure, throw money at billboard. it isn't our money. >> reporter: still a break down over what else but the
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process, some believe this would be messing with the formula that seems to be working well. >> sixers will do it, they will do it with the brotherly love, that they have, behind them, we don't need to bring outsiders in. we want to do it hard earned way just like conditions dogs was bay built, that is how sixers want it. we like to do things hard way here in philadelphia we should add tonight, no immediate reaction from lebron james, or the sixers organization. live from camden, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, joe. >> no immediate reaction. >> yes. >> by the way the fact that we have gone out and they have put billboardness cleveland, whole other town that is philly out doing philly. that is next level bold. >> it is. >> can you imagine somebody did that to us, like, the steelers put something up saying we want carson wentz. we would lose our minds. >> do you think it can happen. >> yes, i think it can happen because you've got ben and joe
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joe and bet of those guys going to be transformational players. >> you two are -- >> they have the same agent too. >> he and ben. >> yes, ben and lebron, okay, all right. >> now that we have plant that had seed infer one's mine. >> #complete the processy like that. >> we will talk about sports from billboard material to trade deadline deals, coming up later in sportser what what the flyers had in mind during a wild day in the nhl. also the penn state university nittany lion damage latest the investigation into the broken sculpture. and film maker born in the garden state and tonight kevin smith says he is lucky to be alive. our stephanie stahl explains what happened and reason that says he is
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longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. joking he is still above ground, popular new jersey film maker and comedian kevin
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smith says he is lucky to be live after a massive heart attack. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on how this could have been prevented. this is a very scary situation >> very scary and he is very lucky. smith's alive because he received quick medical attention in california last night. he has been public about his struggles with weight which can increase risk of heart disease but doctors say there was another big red flag. on social media film maker kevin smith says he is still aboveground after surviving a massive heart attack. doctors told him there was a 100 percent blockage of an artery often referred to as the widow maker. >> it is called widow maker because when that artery close s patients tend to die from the closure. >> reporter: lankenau cardiologist i've hurling say it is a partner killer because block age in the left anterior descending artery happens to both men and women. >> unfortunately in the world we live in today it is not unusual. >> reporter: this is what the artery should look like but
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blockage stops blood from circulating, it is traditionally fixed with the s tent which is what smith had, on facebook he said he was taping a stan up special when he felt nauseous and then classic signs of sweating and chest pain. on twitter he said if i hadn't cancelled show two, to go to the happy would have died tonight. >> his risk is his family history. >> reporter: smith, hoist 47 revealed his father died of a massive heart attack. doctor hurling says while smoking and being overweight increase risk for heart disease family history is a primary indication. >> i believe that in people who have a family history of heart disease as kevin does, there are test that is we can do to identify the presence of this disease, early in its course and prevent these heart attacks from happening. >> reporter: that test is called coronary calcium scoring, stress test can also find heart disease and once diagnosed patients are often treated with statins and aspirin to prevent blood clots on facebook smith also said he
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probably would be facing some lifestyle changing joking maybe time to go vegan. doctor hurling says diet, exercise and medications could have prevented this heart attack if they had been diagnosed early, but doctors say that smith appears like he will be okay, make a full recovery. >> listen to your body, indeed >> thanks, stephanie. police in state college say someone may have intentionally, damaged the famed nittany lions statue. >> police are investigating four people. after finding a missing ear. police were called. this is the fourth time that the statue's ear has been broken off in its seven five-year history. well, kate bilo. >> she will launch that personal investigation. >> my jaw almost dropped on that one. >> that is my school. >> yes. >> they will be caught, don't war i haven't kate has your forecast here on this monday.
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>> yes. >> little bit of sun. >> rain stopped. >> that is good. we have one good thing we would like to see more sunshine but tomorrow looks like a beautiful day. tomorrow no rain and sun with us all day licensing and temperatures about 10 degrees above average. don't get to used to the sunshine we have more rain in the forecast, by the end of the week. lets look outside we will take to you cape may. reason why i show you this even though it looks dark if you look in the corner there you can see edge of that included deck, thinning out. very glummy over cape may right now as sun goes down up but it is a really well define edge of the frontal boundary showing us where cloud cleared if you look about here included deck is clearing, some brighter skies, and ahead , but still looking glummy overhead in cape may. lets show thaw on, satellite radar imagery you can see in the satellite seeing that included deck start to clear, mostly north and west of the city seeing a fully clear sky right now but slow to clear
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through the area of our south east and still some rain clicking to the coast through virginia and north carolina big area have on high pressure , right about here, and that is when shift over our area tomorrow and into wednesday. that is good news. our next system will follow on its heels and looks like a decent rain maker once again, thursday, into friday. so march coming in like a lion as it often does. temperatures right now 50 in philadelphia. forty-eight in allentown. forty-seven in reading. forty in mount pocono. again, above average today, by a couple degrees, pretty seasonal for february but can see we have had a lot of rain this month, monthly total precipitation 6.02 inches. lots count up quiet day, one, two, 34, five, six today seven days so far without any sort of precipitation but it has been a mild month. look at red. today one more day added to that total. we have averaged 9 degrees above normal when we factor in the morning low and afternoon high. overnight 35, mainly clear, chilly, tomorrow beautiful
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nice day sunny, mild but that will change, tomorrow, sunny, beautiful, wednesday, sunshine in the morning, and then included will increase as we head into your thursday this next system approaches by thursday afternoon rain starts to fall, heavy rain thursday night, rain, win, continuing into friday morning and then even into friday afternoon and then that system will move on out, coastal low will bring win, rain and also even the threat for some coastal flooding and then again the most severe impacts from that system will be felt thursday night in the first half of friday so we will start march on a wet net but we will get that out, during workweek and then we can even looks good seasonal with sun both saturday and sunday. >> good news, thanks, kate. >> don's up next with sports. >> sun any florida and we are talking about spring training, be in gets a vote of confidence quite like gabe kapler hear what he is saying about his opening day starter. plus flyers make a move but it has nothing to do with the trade deadline sports coming up next.
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fire on ice, flyers won five straight and nine out of 10, that is one of the reason yes this were quite before it today's nhl trade deadline. general manager ron hextall likes where they are headed. >> you get a chemistry in the room, so to make a deal, it has got to be the right player , right price, and it has got to be a clear upgrade, otherwise you are affecting the chemistry in your room. so, for a number of reasons, we had some conversations and nothing made sense for us. >> the flyers didn't make any trades but they did sign veteran off waiver wire 36 year-old johnny odoyu will join the team for playoff run, released by ottawa but won two stanley cup titles with the chicago black hawks. nba playoffs start april 14th, we don't know what
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seed sixers will have but we do know that they are loading up for it. hawks completed their buy out of ill receive use who reportedly wants to come back to philadelphia he averaged nearly 15 points per game for sixers, last season. they just keep adding guys here. meanwhile their seven game winning streak was snapped last night in washington, loss puts them in seventh place in the eastern conference, that is a half game behind milwaukee and just two games behind fourth place washington , the sixers visit miami tomorrow night. spring training rolls on, phillies taking on yankees tonight, ben lively gets the start. meanwhile gabe kapler has named aaron nola phillies opening day starter. the first game, march 29th in atlanta and at 24 years old, nola will be the youngest phil s pitcher on opening day, since 1964. >> he has earn it. he is unequivocally the right choice and he is an absolute
6:26 pm
gamer, grinder, and stud and we are proud to have him on our roster. >> it is exciting, honor to be named that, and, it is one game and we have got a lot of other games i want to pitch, throughout the season. >> when the manager talks you up like that. >> gamer, grinder, and stud. >> we're lucky to have him. >> wow. >> you to have feel good about yourself. >> you know what they got my back it is on. >> can't wait, thanks, buddy celebrating on season. >> the philadelphia students were commemorating chinese cultur
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or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. and help make more tomorrows possible. ♪ students at creighton charter school in philadelphia spent the afternoon celebrating the lunar new year . >> ♪ >> after watching a traditional chinese new year dragon dance students put on their own musical and dance performance, school officials say students learned about new cultures while having some fun thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at 10 on our sister station cw philly. back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. we are always on cbs, up next, cbs evening news, from new york here's jeff glor, take care family we will see you tonight
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: deadly storms strike the heart of the country. homes swallowed up by floodwaters were knocked down by a tornado. >> oh, my goodness. >> glor: also tonight, a former deputy defends his actions during the florida school shooting. the president escalates his criticism. >> i really believe i'd run in even if i didn't have a weapon. >> glor: what monica lewinsky is now saying about her relationship with president clinton. an employee of the c.d.c. disappears without a trace. every public schoolteacher in an entire state on strike and no end in sight. and toneman douglas scores an upset win when it's needed most. >> this wasn't for us. this was for the 17 victims. we played for them.


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