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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  February 28, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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at least one person has been shot minutes ago a standoff at a home came to a end in edge water park. live update in just a moments. stones at marjory stoneman douglas high school will be back in class for first time since a former student killed 17 people, i'm hena doba in parkland flashings with more on what the gun man had planned to do. here at home february is wrapping up with a mild day looking live at the parkway in center city but a big storm is brewing and will be here for a few days, it is wednesday, february 28th, good morgue, i'm jim donovan. aim rahel solomon. katie and meisha are keeping an eye on things. >> doesn't this seem like it is flying by.
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>> no. >> okay. looking really good we have a lot of construction. >> things are quiet. maybe because it is so nice, yesterday. >> yes. >> it feels like it is going so fast. >> on thursday i will, agree with you. >> okay. >> everyone of us, wait, it is wednesday, i thought it was friday. >> it ace long week. >> we are all over the place, and now, we're all on the same page, and i think today is still going to be a pretty nice day, for you out there we have clouds building in already but fear not, we will stay dry today. eventually rain does work its way in as anchors mentioned there is a large storm brewing , to bring in march, wrap up this week and bring in some pretty drenching precipitation which we will get to. storm scan quiet say for satellite lah layer bringing in cloud cover but still dry and stays that way all day and night. thirty-nine current value at airport and last check you dropped off a degree in trenton as well as wilmington but we are still technically
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above average for what is normal for this morning, of the year, but we will eventually rebound as well to pretty well above average levels too. thirty-nine seems like magic number from pottstown, west chester, media, here in philadelphia but we will eventually rebound nicely, into the upper 50's, yeah, there is not as much sunshine as yesterday but i wouldn't say this is a bad day we have more cloud. nice afternoon. still mild. good good excuse to get in outdoor plans while you have the chance because is there a large storm brewing and we will talk bit, later. thanks, katie get outside, we have one more day to enjoy it sounds like. ninety-five south at cottman looking nice, quiet, looking just as it should, but we will move right long and talk about construction on the ben franklin bridge on the eastbound side. ben franklin bridge eastbound at base in camden you can see cones, roadway blocking far right lane. westbound side heading in to center city looking good, great. construction here we have it in new jersey magnolia route 30 white horse pike westbound at evesham avenue that right
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lane will be compromised until right around 6:00 a.m. i will confirm when they that move out of the of the way. we have construction in mag knoll, yeah both of these points of construction will be lingering until 6:00 a.m. 175 closed between route 27 and upper ferry road and 95 route 29 we have ramp and lane closures this will be one of those areas that will get busy as we push more toward 6:00 o'clock hour. more in a little bit. jim and rahel back over to you updating breaking news in burlington county. >> a person is hospitalized after a shooting and barricade situation. "eyewitness news" reporter reporter frank does here and there are still questions about what unfolded. what do we know right now. >> reporter: absolutely remarks hell and jim. what we do know is barricade situation thawn folded here overnight has been since ended and threat is over but take a look here police remain on the scene, they have this deadened street taped off where this home is and you can see, the home they are focusing on has
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that bright light above the, garage and officer stationed at the door. these officers have been coming in and out of that home throughout the night. here's video of the scene from overnight. officers responded to a home on the 200 block of roosevelt avenue in edge water park just after 1:00 a.m. paramedics transported one gunshot victim to cooper hospital and then police set up a two block perimeter around the home. state swat team was brought into try to communicate with the person believed to be inside but that swat team and a handful of other police cars left the scene without incident, at just around 3:30 this morning, but again, investigators remain on the scene here, as we work to get confirmation as to how and why this shooting unfolded here. police tell us they will update us later on this morning but for now we are live in edge water park burlington county i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back to you. in other news this morning a man is shot and killed in front of his girlfriend in philadelphia's wynfield section this happened on the 5200 block of heston street
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just after 8:30 last night. police say two men approached the 26 year-old victim and opened fire just as the couple was parking their car. officers rushed the victim to the hospital, where he died, no word, on a motive. police are hoping nearby cameras can help them fine the gun man. two weeks after 17 people lost their lives in the deadly school shooting, students at marjory stoneman douglas high school will return to class today. >> cbs news correspondent, hen a doba joins us life from parkland florida, good morning , hena. >> reporter: good morning jim and rahel it will be an emotional return for these students that will be welcomed by a massive makeshift memorial and extra police security this comes one day after the florida house committee voted to put armed teachers, in classrooms the doors of the marjory stoneman douglas high school reopened to students, and teachers today, many still haunted by deadly shooting that claimed 17 lives. >> our friends are harder a
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harder time then others. i'm doing okay right now. >> reporter: just two weeks ago car looks rodriguez was in the school and took cover as shots rang out. >> it is not going to be the same hallways, not the same smiles. >> reporter: today extra security and grief counselors will be on campus, some parents are concerned that their kids aren't ready to go back. >> some of those kids that are broken that are not processing this presently will be put back in this school. >> reporter: freshman building where shooting occurred here in parkland will remain close today, investigators say suspect gunman nikolas cruz left nearly 180 rounds of ammunition unfired, when he fled the scene. sources also tell cbs news cruz attempted to create a snipper's nest at the building by shooting out of a third floor window but his bullets did not shatter the hurricane glass. >> my plan, to spend 500 million-dollar to make our schools safe. >> reporter: florida governor rick scott has proposed making school buildings in his state
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more secure, by installing bullet-proof glass, he has also called for increased law enforcement presence in every school. sources also say images of swastikas were found on ammunition magazines used by this suspected gunman. jim and rahel. >> very disturbing details, hena. tell us more about the florida vote. >> reporter: well, many people here in florida are calling this a game changer just a few details, it was a bill sent to the house floor, 23-six bipartisan vote. this would allow teach tours get certified and training, by the local sheriff's office and then carry weapons inside the classroom if the school district approved. >> very controversial, all right, hena doba live in park land, florida we appreciate it , thank you. cbs this morning has a team of correspondentness parkland flashings as classes resume. you can look for their live reports beginning at 7:00
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o'clock right here after "eyewitness news" this morning right here after cbs-3. in cherry hill parents and students sound off about school safety and fate of the beloved teachers. hundreds packed a school board meeting last night. it came on the heels of the massive student walk up on the at cherry hille high school. they are protesting the suspension of history teacher timothy locke, after voicing concerns about lack of security at the school. >> you will not find a more passionate or talented teachers in the whole country beside mrs. locke. >> this was a human resources matter and i cannot speak to the facts related to the case. as such, and i want to be clear, there are no facts, everything related to this matter is conjecture. >> meeting also outlines district's plans to create safer schools, students urged district to take more immediate action to assure student safety. one person is dead after flames tear through two row homes in west philadelphia the flames broke out on the 5300 block of race street around 8:45 last night.
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"eyewitness news" was there as crews battled that blaze, fire fighters found one person dead , inside one of the homes after putting the fire out. fire commissioner adam tiehl told us that it was a difficult day for the fire department. >> hercules effort by fire fighters and medics but it looks like a negative outcome for us. this is second fire death today we have had in the city of philadelphia this has been a very challenging day. >> it is unclear if the homes had working smoke detectors, fire officials are still trying to figure out what caused the deadly fire. president trump's son in law jared kushner loses top security clearance at the white house, kushner, a senior advisor, had been operating with a interim clearance for top secret information for more than a year. he is now only authorized to access information at lower secret level. decision to downgrade clearance was made by chief of staff john kelly and president deferred to him on the matter. also a u.s. district judge sided with president trump on building a border wall with mexico. judge is same indiana born
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judge with mexican heritage whom president in the past accused of being bias over his handling of fraud allegations against his now defunct trump university. a pennsylvania prison guard is dead after being attack by an inmate now changes are coming to the state's jails, we will have details just ahead. then what went wrong? we have early results of the ntsb investigation into last weeks deadly freak accident inside lehigh tunnel. car chase end in dramatic fashion with the narrow escape for one bystander we will show you heart stopping video coming up next. view do child, we will tell you why a cops were called involved accusations of view do against a woman's daughter we will explain coming up.
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>> back on "eyewitness news" this morning with the wild end to a police chase, where else but in los angeles, as you saw the stolen car struck another vehicle and then went skidding toward a news photograph who barely ran out of the way, no one was hurt and suspect was taken in custody. three people hospitalized after a suspicious package was opened at a virginia military base, now this happened yesterday, at joint base myers henderson hall near arlington. eleven people reported feeling sick after the package was opened. the building was evacuated immediately. three people are hospitalized in stable condition, the fbi is now helping with that investigation. pennsylvania's in longer letting inmates buy work boots at least temporarily after an inmate killed a prison guard by kicking him in the head with a boot. paul kendricks attacked the sergeant february 15th at a prison in somerset. he died on monday. he had confiscate aid towel from kendricks and they are
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considering a permanent ban on boot sales to inmates. southbound lanes of the lehigh tunnel are now back opened, crews closed them after metal fell from the tunnel ceiling last wednesday killing a truck driver. ntsb says preliminary report will come in two to four weeks investigators are looking at conduit and conduit support system in the tunnel ceiling. happening today anchor drops the atlantic city boat show. >> more than 500 boats will be on display inside atlantic city convention center. this is file video from last year, luxury yachts, jet skis, there is something for every lifestyle and budget. the she runs through sunday. >> nice. >> break out the yacht rock radio, baby. >> weather last couple of days has been nice enough to break out boats. >> absolutely if you have a boat in the marina you may want to think about securing it, because we have a substantial coastal storm that is brewing, it is still not expected to even start bringing in any rain until at least tomorrow afternoon, so
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we will get through this, the next and tomorrow morning's commute without any hitches at least not weather related won anyway but you can see a big batch of rain through tennessee, just very beginning , one piece of the overall puzzle here and eventually we will start to see this turning into, more substantial storm system. as it moves, however, out near coastline it sort of transfers energy, turns into a coastal low, and we will end up, with some pretty substantial rain and went out of it, and for some of you, the potential remains you will see some snow lets walk through pattern here , so, we will take new to thursday afternoon is when rain starts to over spread our area, and so, that is when we will need to break out umbrella, you know, getaway without it for first half of the day but tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow night that rain starts to intensify as does the wind, don't discount that, it is a big impact with this but colder air starts to wrap in i cannot say how i love this takes this into
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account but with the cold air, there could be a burst of snow that reaches as far south as philadelphia it is possible. i wouldn't expect much out of that snow, in terms of accumulation but it is still something we want to allow for for philadelphia it is a mainly a rain, wind event but could be a burst of snow that leaves an inch or two behind in the farther north and western counties. so, with the timing on this, lingering in to friday, you're left with gusty winds even into saturday, but the precipitation is done by then. that is why it says until saturday morning. that is really for the wind, as the storm begins to pull away. low impacts with any snow that would fall in south jersey, southern delaware, this is again mainly rain, wind and gusts as high as 50 miles an hour at the shore. that is why i worry about those who may have a boat docked there, you want to make sure that is, secure. looking ahead it is cool but seasonably so. we will see some sun return. monday looks good up to 50 degrees, once more with sunshine, meisha.
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>> katie, thank you very much. >> it looks like we have one more day to get out there, enjoy, looking outside right now schuylkill at montgomery drive looking good, maybe heating up volume levels ever so slightly but typical. this is when we will see things make a minor change, minor shifts in the morning, accident, here we do have it, let me back out, it is hard to see from my vantage .95 south at route 413 on ramp from route 413 it is, was pulled off to that shoulder, looking good though around that area right now. hopefully they are getting that cleared out of the way. construction on the ben franklin bridge eastbound at the base in camden we were looking at that earlier and new we are looking at 95 south at cottman looking good coming around that s curve there. we do still have construction crews in mag magnolia. that right lane compromised that will hold out there until 6:00 a.m. i will confirm when they move that out of the way. we have some construction in ewing township, new jersey, times two. they will be out there until 6:00 a.m.
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175 closed between route 289 and west upper ferry road and we also have this guy, i-95 north and south at route 29, as well, the ramp and lane closures around this area. this is probably going to get busy in the 6:00 o'clock hour as well and both of these places will be places i will let you know when they clear. but just a heads up moving outside the door this morning. then we see all green, exactly what we want to sianni what i'm hoping for, i'm hoping we can keep these levels traveling around at posted speeds until around i don't know 6:00 o'clock, 6:30 or so, jim and rahel, back over to you. now for a look at newspaper headlines across the region. >> in the times herald a lower providence man who beat and strangled his wife and tortured his children with dog shock collars is heading to prison. joseph myrie was sentenced to 20 to 40 years in jail after pleading guilty to more than two dozen charges of domestic abuse. reading eagle number of drug overdoses, death in
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pennsylvania is growing faster then anywhere else in the nation. new data released by cdc finds over a 12 month period pennsylvania saw a 43 percent increase in overdose deaths, florida ranked number two. trenton, police were called to a trenton beauty shop after a customer claimed a stylist threat is threatened a voodoo over her daughter this happened after she didn't like her braids and walked out without paying. cops could not do anything because casting a spell is not a crime. >> do i not like that black magic, that is a look at newspaper headlines around the delaware and lehigh valleys, we will be right back.
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welcome back every one. sixers are on the road in florida. >> game goes down to the buzzer here's's don bell with morning sports. >> no give me, free bye or hand out, from now until the end of the regular season and april every game counts for sixers playoff push. last night, they were facing my aim, in south florida. currently eighth in the east the sixers are tied at third, simmons to joe joe. joel had 23 points in the game also was in full trouble. game tied in the fourth, joe joe to dario saric, the three, sixers up by three. under 20 seconds left sixers trying to nurse a within point lead but dwayne wade with the deep two, it goodies, he had 15 points in the fourth
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quarter, finished with 27 overall. sixers with the final shot, jj reddick straight away, front rim, in good, and the sixers, losing to miami, 102-101. next up for those guys a match up against lebron james and cavilers tomorrow night in the land. that is all for sports i'm don bell, have a great day. we told but these billboards at a local company put up in cleveland trying to woo lebron james in philadelphia new we are hearing from the cavilers star about them and he sounds impressed. >> actually very flattering, i'm sitting here at 33, in my 15th year, and teams, or guys, i don't want to say teams because that comes to tampering, but people in their respective city want me to play for them, i mean that is cool, i think, that is dope. >> that is dope. does that mean he is coming, we will to have wait and see.
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they are giving back to flyers captain has a comedy show at beer hall in south philadelphia. proceeds will go toward his foundation's gel of helping local children in need. nicely done. well, coming up next half an her of "eyewitness news" macy's does something it has not done in three years. plus amazon is expanding we will have details in a live report from wall street. a ceremony at a church in the poconos is causing concern this morning, so much so a nearby school has closed its doors for the day, coming up, what church leaders are encouraging couples to bring as they rededicate themselves to each other and to god. we have more on this video that has three south jersey police officers under investigation, we will be right
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good morning i'm rahel solomon. aim jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in a moment but first here's what you need know to start your day in today's morning minute, wednesday, february
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28th. breaking news in burlington county authorities have a large scene block off. >> we do know one person who was shot was transported to cooper hospital, their injuries are unknown. >> hercules effort by our fire fighters and medics. >> a fire tragedy in west philadelphia, one person found dead after flames ripped through two row homes. >> going back is definitely hard for me. >> this morning, students at marjory stoneman douglas high school return to class for the first time since gunman killed 17 people. on the same day as students staged a walk out at cherry hill high school east hundreds packed a school board meeting demanding answers on school safety and, one teacher 's future. >> i want to be heard f we want to be heard we need to speak up.


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