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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  March 3, 2018 2:07am-2:38am EST

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right now at 11, downed trees and power lines leaving hundreds of thousands of homes in the dark and myth the daunting task of getting the lights back on. this march noreaster also leaving its mark down the shore. the strong wind is the reel throat here. here ' a live look at the current conditions in center city. for the most part the snow has stopped falling, but travel remains somewhat slow.
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we're not out of the woods yet. the relentless wind will continue. good evening, everyone i'm jessica dean and i'm nicole brewer. ukee has the night off. natasha brown is monitoring power outages. we begin this evening with more. thanks so much guys, the continues to fall. especially if you look at the street lights we have the accumulating snow and slush. roadways are wet at this time but you still see a white on the ground with the snow continuing to fall and continuing to fall in a sideways manner. the no has wrapped up mostly for a lot of us across the delaware valley but we still still have this one concentrated snow ban. we'll show you it's positioned right over philadelphia right now stretching northward p up into portions of bucks and montgomery county. this one lingering snow shower that doesn't want to let up right now. washington township still seeing
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the flakes flying, lower providence still seeing some snow and snowfall totals, oh, my goodness, in the poconos, monroe county, 22.5 inches, almost two feet of snow, media picking up . hammonton over three inches of snowfall and philadelphia international one and a half inches of snow. and yes, of course we had those intense, insane winds today. cape may gusting to 71 miles per hour. for reference hurricane force is 74 miles per hour. washington township gusting to 65, 626 in dover and gusting to 56 miles per hour today in pennsauken and we still, still have these elevated winds gust ing to 54 miles per hour in allentown, 46 in philadelphia, d we'll still see these strong intense and potentially damaging winds as we head throughout the overnight. the snow is mainly going to wrap up with a few lingering snow showers, but wind gusts possibly
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to 50 miles per hour and unfortunately we still could see more power outages as we heavy wet snow sitting on tree branch es, sitting on the wires and of course hazardous conditions throughout the overnight period p but when will the winds give us a break-in we'll check the full i witness forecast coming up in just a few minutes. the clean up is underway across the region tonight in addition to the damage. the tomorrow caused a the look of power outage as. -eco has 347,000 customers without power. 32,000 for delmarva. 30,000 for atlantic city electric and 19,000 for pse&g. natasha brown is live in bala cynwyd. >>reporter: we can tell you you at this hour that governor wolf has activated the pennsylvania national guard to help with the storm response throughout the region and there was certainly a lot of work to be done.
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the trek around montgomery county was literred with downed trees many blocking our path from tom trees to dark houses from power outages. these sites have become the norm during this nor ease definitely i'm in the overbrook area and my wife told me that the lights flickered out for a moment and then the power came back on. so we haven't experienced that where we are. robber earth packer is lucky to have power. in bucks, chester and delaware philadelphia counties. we're at the highest level we're taking extreme precaution, trying to make sure we have the necessary apartment of crews on the treat. drivers had to battle dark roadways where kelly drive where lights were out. it made for a difficult friday evening commute. a lot of downed trees. the roads have been slippery. and i'm sitting in a lot of traffic. so just patients patience. certainly a lot of patience
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today is needing. driving was no easy task just trying to get around. there are thousands and thousands of peco customers here in publicity without power on this very cold night. we know the peco crews will be working all throughout the night to restore power as quickly as possible but the winds are still fears at this point. so gusting here. i have my hat objection to the form it will be no easy task for the crews to get to tonight and throughout the morning as well. be patient and throughout the morning as well. natasha brown. cbs 3. it could be a rough commute at 30th street in the morning as amtrak and septa work to recover from severe service disruptions. rack tram canceled service on the northeast corridor and the keystone until tomorrow due to the hazardous conditions. there are also hazardous delays forcep that. they are suspend ped for most on the regional rail lines. the wind was also a threat for drivers. you see a tree fell on this septa bus this afternoon as it
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was headed west on the schuylkill expressway. this happened near the gladwyne exit. there were passengers on the bus , but no reports of any injuries. the westbound lanes were closed for an hour until the tree could be cut up and hauled away. american airlines suspended all flights out of philadelphia international tonight. the noreaster hammered the airport with snow and strong winds. officials say more than 400 flights to and two philadelphia were canceled today. some airlines are offering free waivers to change travel plans due to the severe weather. check with your airlines for de tails. this storm raised fears of flooding and erosion down the shore. our alexandria hovnanian is live in atlantic city with a look at where things stand there tonight alex. >>reporter: well, yeah, we're here at the waters edge at the bay in atlantic city and it's truly the waters edge. we have been here as high tide came and wet and this water didn't go much of anywhere just barely keeping over the sidewalk at one point.
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the good news we haven't seen a whole lot in the way of flooding in the roadways. the real story down here and most about every where is exactly what you're seeing right now. all this wind if you're getting seasick from any of this the too age that a completely makes sense. it seems to me it only increased as the evening went on. as for the flooding we may not be in the clear just yet. the one place more brutal understanding outside would have been to be in one of these. wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour took no prisoners along the jersey shore line even prompting the area along colombia and missouri areas to be shut down do to a falling facade at the former trump plaza. they spent the day bracing for the possibility of flooding. the army corpse left over vehicle also that we use to get to residents that may be strand ed with high water. bay areas being the most vulnerable. all the water is pushed up into
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the bay and it can't get out and the tied comes in and pushes it up higher. while high tides brought spillage to the waters edge, the heaviest hit has been from the winds as stop signs struggled and then eventually snapped. again we are not in the clear just yet when it comes to the possibility of flooding as high tide will return again tomorrow morning. reporting live in a very windy atlantic city, alexandria hot, service on the cape may fair is ferrous expected to shutdown. service was shutdown after conditions became too rough. bill barger sent us this video much the ferry rocking and rol ing in the rough surf. slick conditions may have contributed to this crash involving a school bus and a car in chester delaware county. it happened near second and cure line streets around 1:30 this afternoon. students were heading home because of the weather. there were no injuries. areas to the north of
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philadelphia got the brunt of the snowfall. take a look at the scene lower in lower nazareth township north hamilton county. the snow on the road turned to slush making conditions slick with winds blowing in all directions. this storm packed a strong punch it broad flooding to the boston area. several ventured into flood waters had to be rescued. things were especially rough for the massachusetts coast. waves crashed into the see walls creating a mess there. that coupled with high winds sent water in all directions. straight ahead this friday night we're tking love and money. yes, we are. a successful career or a lasting relationship? what is more important for younger americans. a new survey reveals what people value most and at what price. police tonight we're giving three cheers to a group of people. how their honest conversation has given us all some hope. and our coverage of the march research continues.
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this is a live look from the mobile weather watcher on this raw blustery night, the storm is moving out, but concerns still linger. lauren casey has the full forecast you including what to expect this weekend when we come back. join me on the late snow tonight the late show with steven could he bear is coming your way at 11
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a live look from our cbs mobile weather watcher. the foe has subsided but roads are still wet and the wind is whipping. if you're out tonight please take it easy. meteorologist lauren casey will have more on what comes next as we head into the weekend.
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this week we brought together a group of ate local tacrs to tell us what they thought about school safety and we were hoping for a good dialogue, from thoughtful people who were in schools. what we got was more than that. in those 45 minutes they proved what it was possible to speak your mind and truly listen to someone else's pin and that gave us all hope. tonight we give those 8 local teachers some cheers. 8 teachers from across the delaware valley gathered at the cbs studios. they were here to talk about school safe time i wanted to show off with a show of hands, who here wants to be armed in their classroom. race your hand yes you you never know how an interview is going to go, much less one with 8 people on a subject as complex as how to prevent school shoot ings. the world we live in makes it easy to think it's impossible to have a calm, thoughtful
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conversation under those circumstances. but here's what we heard, but for 45 minutes of back and forth i respect my colleague than a i faux he's well trained. there's so many sides to this. there's a lot to consider. law enforcement as well as a teacher. the teachers didn't agree on everything but they made a point to listen, to hear the other side, to respect each other. those small but powerful gestures al conversation. no yelling, no high perp lees, just thoughts and ideas and it should come as no surprise. we learn in school how to debate , question and form answers to solve problems.ú3 these teachers remained us that equation works just as well in the real world and for that we give these 8 local teachers three cheers. in case you missed we got the full conversation with those teachers on school safety on our website at a final farewell to the man
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known as america's pastor. today funeral services were held for the reverend billy gram who died last week at 99. president trump was among the 2,000 people paying their final respect in charlotte. it. his song franklin delivered the eulogy. gram was buried beside his wife in their prayer garden. prince harry and meaghan mark l are inviting more than 26 people from the uk to their wedding. they will be chosen from random and others from charities around members of royal households. the big wedding will be at st. george's chapel may 19. how with your relationship versus a race, a new survey reveals what young people are willing to give up for their career. stay single is just fine if it means more success at work. what's more important, love or
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money? love. i would have to say love. definitely love. not for some millenials at least to a new service by comment. it found 41 percent of working millenials without a spouse or children would end a relation ship if it meant getting a promotion. love. that's sad to me. it's hard when you you don't have it to know how to value. to get a response between the ages of 0 and 36 and stay single for # # years, delay marriage for seven and put off having kids for 8. that's not surprising. if i had an opportunity to go to a grad school in a different story would be more important than staying with someone that didn't want to move with me. if everyone had their price this group is no different. a $37,000 pay bump was enough to end a relationship. they shouldn't be in the relationship at all. that's greedy. while postponing marriages children required nearly double that. where does that leave us in i
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don't think there's a monetary value for love. life is not promised. tomorrow is not a guarantee. i think we have too remember they are millenials. they're in this face of life where sometimes love relation ships it takes a backseat because they're establishing themselves. exactly. it doesn't really feel like what we would typically feel like spring like. we got all excited i think it was wednesday i was sitting in the park with my dogs. i couldn't have done that today. no. you you would have blown away. we still have those elevated wind speeds across the area today. what a storm. what a system. meteorological spring began yesterday, but spring is definitely not right now in the delaware valley and check out our seen right new as we get a live look in the poconos, jack frost and big bolder on sky scam
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3. that's not falling snow, that is blowing snow because we received nearly two feet of snow in portions of the poconos and now we have windthat are still per n top of that. check out some of our snowfall totals from across the region. chalfont in bucks county over five and a half. down incorporate ton, # inches toss chase in philadelphia county close to 2 inches of snowfall. we talked about last night about the prolonged snowfall not mixing with rain we would see the higher end totals and that's the scenario that did play out today and getting a live look in center city, improved visibilities but we're still dealing with some flakes. the wind still whipping north westerly at around 31 miles per hour feeling like 2 # right now and temperatures pretty stable and pretty chilly, 35-degrees in philadelphia. 35 in allentown, 25 in mount poke ohio. pack forking in the winds and
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it's feel like 3020s. and most of our reporting sites feeling like single digits. check out our noreaster looking like the monster that it is on our imagery. it continues to stall out offshore, all the moisture wrapping in as we saw throughout the day, but now some dryer air starting to finally billed in. we have the one lonely snow band that's keeping on. it's shimming it's way, starting to work back in to parts of chester county, northern delaware starting some flakes flying in and around philadelphia. in and around the chester area, media after you you already picked up six inches of snowfall it will wind down and then overnight tonight all of the snow moving on outs as we head into tomorrow morning. a mix of sun and clouds looking good waking up on saturday. it's saturday so you're not going toic what up not early than 10:00.
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these are constant winds. so constantly we have a 31-mile per hour wind hitting us in the face in philadelphia. we have stronger gusts on top of that. high wind warning has been dropped for counties west of i95 but still in place until 6:00 in the morning at south jersey at the shore and all of delaware. the elevated wind gusts, the 60 miles per hour. it's still very windy, a chance of a snow shower early. otherwise mostly cloudy and for our saturday, windy conditions with a high temperature at 40- degrees. pretty seasonable after a brutal day at cape may county with numerous donned trees and wires even some transformer fires reporting. on the order of 35 to 40 miles tomorrow in cape may county. we still have a concern for some coastal flooding. it remains until 2:00 a.m. on sunday. things are going to slowly wind down now as we move into the rest of the even.
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seasonable tomorrow, seasonable on sunday, a much better day mostly sunny with less winds, looking good on monday, 50- degrees and sunshine before we start watching our next system on wednesday. all right. lauren, thank you. guy is up next with sports. big night for hoops, back to back we're at it again. see you how the sixers handled the hornets in south philadelphia sports coming up.
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there was ability in excuse, the sixers playing their fifth game in seven nights. that's a pretty good reason to come up s, but they're in the hunt for home court advantage in the playoffs so you you got to give it your all. the sixers down by seven. how about. >> mr. guzzardo: rocking the red. at 24 points and 14 boards. fourth quarter sixes down by one drills the three, the sixers take the lead. later in the fourth, the hornets defense following. >> mr. guzzardo: that's a problem. a board and six fifth. next possession, joe ethanol with el. he had 18 off the bench. the sixes win 110-99. switching gears, the flyers will spend the weekend in florida. tomorrow afternoon they will on the light evening with the best record in the league and on
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sunday night they hook up with the panthers. going to florida means that it's a home coming for shane got bear he went to parkry stone hand high school for two years. as you know 17 people were killed by a shooter there. he was impressed by the hockey team who won a state champion ship and he plans to meet with them after the game. the nice play right there. gave up two runs and three incorporate incorporation of work. this is a two-run shot. the phillies snapping a five- game losing streak 9 to 4 your final score. ivy league hoops. penn began the day in order to win the regular season title they hap to win their final two games. the quake others taking on yale in new haven. the quakes up by one.
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nice ball movement and darnell foreman with three of his 2 # points. the final seconds of the game penn up by one. yale had the ball they're doing some damage. at the buzzer it's paul at in son and it's a heart breaker for the quake others they fall 80 to 79. they're now tied with harvard with one game left in the regular season. former penn state running back barkley set the running backs on fire. he ran a 4.4-yard -- for .4 seconds. he's going to be rich. the cleveland browns had the number one pick and barkley is looking like the best prospect in the land. people loved that performance. a pretty athletic guy. a little bit. up next, a good reason to think spring where you can go to
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>> well, what better time to think spring than on a day where we've had such terrible weather that's a good interest and perhaps this will help. the philadelphia flower show is all set. we got a sneak peak at the annual floral spectacular. this year's theme is wonders of waterment it celebrate the under plays of water and horticulture it opens tomorrow and runs until sunday, march 11. lauren. conditions slowly settling down
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as we head into the upcoming weekend still dealing with some winds into the day tomorrow, but not damaging winds, wind gusts only to 35 miles per hour even less wind as we head into sunday and dry conditions after all of the heavy wet snow showing more sunshine increasing
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coming up next the late snow by steven colbert followed by the late late snow. our morning you crew is back tomorrow with 5 to 7 on the
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